Fisher Edmund, or Ed for short, is a distant relative of Fisher Tiger, a former member of the Sunny Pirates and captain of the Sea Storm Pirates.


Edmund is an Electric eel Fishman. He is quite muscular, has dark blue skin, a long, but thick neck and and dark curly hair in dreadlocks.

He wears a Rastafarian hat, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts with a lightning pattern on them and sandals.


Edmund is very laid back and easy going. Like Tiger, he loves to go exploring and finds humans fascinating creatures. He is known to become infuriated when his nephew, Eliot, is picked on by others.

He is a user of "Seaweed" and wants to get it legalized on Fishman Island. He rarely ever loses his temper but may get angry if his seaweed is tampered with.

Abilities and Powers

As a Fishman, Edmund is at least ten times stronger than the average human and twice that underwater, however he appears to be much stronger, being able to knock out a Sea King in one punch.

As an electric eel Fishman, he is able to generate high amounts of electricity in his body to shock opponents with, he is also able to manipulate the electricity to an extent.


  • Thunder Knuckle: Edmund channels electricity into his fist and delivers a powerful punch that electrocutes his opponent.
  • Fisher Spark: Edmund launches a bolt of electricity from his hand to electrocute his opponent at long range.

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