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Goburin-shaku (translates to goblin shark) is the Savage Pirates chef he is a rare Goblin shark fishman who uses fish man karate and foods to beat his enemies. Unlike most fisherman he can increase his strength by becoming more beastly (Almost like a hybrid zoan form).


He has no visible pupils so he wears shades he is the only one who only wears his pants. His fighting form gives him a goblin shark head with a bigger build.


He is a little lazy often getting up to only cook. He has a vicious hunter personality being docile until he sees prey.


He was born in the fishman district and is one of the squadrons former marines he quit the marines due to how they would talk behind his back and never give him any real credit. He met Droy and wouldnt join unless Droy could beat him so Droy blasted him unconcious and he joined soon after.


He is a master of fishman karate and often uses different techniques with foods. His main weapon is a giant drumstick which he uses with buso to make it as hard as any metal.

Fishman Flambe

He uses friction like sanji uses to make a arm like version of Diamble Jamble he then makes water boil using the heat and flings it at the enemy.

Jumbo Drumstick

He infuses his giant drumstick with buso haki before smashing the enemy.

Trench Smasher

He moves the water into the air before forcing it onto the enemy with water pressure as heavy as the deepest ocean depths.

Goblin Shark Grapple

The shark appears super quickly biting the enemy in an attempt to either drown or tear them apart.

Abyss Combat

He surrounds the area in a water dome making everything dark. In this darkness he hits from multiple angles

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