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"Quickdraw" D. Neal is a skilled swordsman, having trained for most of his childhood until the destruction of his island. The West Blue island where Neal was born and raised (name and location unknown) was led by Neal's family, who protected the powerful sword Taiyō. In order to protect it, members of the family began learning swordsmanship from a young age. While nowhere near the level of the Greatest Swordsman in the World, Neal is able to hold his own against many master swordsmen.


Although he is more proficient with a sword, Neal is also a capable marksman. As a result, he has two guns that act as his secondary weapons to fight from long range. His greatest feat as a marksman is shooting a bottle from 500 meters with his rifle. This can be considered his accurate range.

Hand to Hand Combat

Neal knows no formal martial arts but has developed his own form of hand-to-hand combat that couples with his devil fruit. His reflexes are keen enough to allow him to either avoid, deflect, or store most physical attacks in hand-to-hand combat. Against a true master of martial arts or freestyle fighting, the results would be uncertain.

Physical Abilities


While not using his devil fruit, Neal's strength is on par with that of the average athletic person. However, Neal is able to increase his strength with his devil fruit to superhuman levels. His greatest feat of strength with his increased power is picking up a Navy battleship and flipping it, meaning he has strength equal to that of a giant.


Neal is exceptionally good at dodging his opponents' attacks with his whip-like speed and reflexes. His speed can be further boosted by using his devil fruit power to superhuman levels. If he has stored enough energy, Neal is even able to run on water for a few seconds.


Neal's endurance is slightly above that of the average person, however, he is able to absorb the energy from blunt attacks and collisions with his devil fruit power which gives him the appearance of having superhuman endurance. As a result, Neal is forced to dodge or use Busōshoku Haki to block attacks that are able to go through his devil fruit powers.


Taiyō (太陽)

This is Neal's primary weapon when dealing with powerful foes. It had been guarded by his family for generations until their village was destroyed by a band of pirates. The name of the blade is Sun in English due to its ability to absorb high levels of heat, allowing it to sometimes glow as if on fire and to reach temperatures as hot as magma. This blade was made by imbuing Busōshoku Haki into the metal as it was forged making it far more durable than the average sword. Additionally, Taiyō is made of segments that can pull slightly apart to transform the blade into a steel whip, making it longer and more flexible but less sturdy and harder to block with. Using his own devil fruit power and Busōshoku Haki, Neal is able to increase the blade's temperature without an external source and even light it on fire.

Gin (銀) and Gōrudo (ゴールド)

These two guns are sister weapons and Neal's secondary weapons. Gin (銀), meaning Silver, is a powerful long-range rifle. Unfortunately, it takes a longer time to reload than its sister due to its complicated mechanisms. Gōrudo (ゴールド), meaning Gold, is an ornate pistol with a six-barrel chamber. Both guns can have their bullets' power increased with Busōshoku Haki.


Neal is also able to summon multiple weapons using his devil fruit power, however, these are usually weapons that he has taken from pirate groups and usually replaced or disregarded after use.

Devil Fruit

Name: Soko Soko no Mi (Store-Store Fruit)

Summary: The Soko Soko no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that enables the user the ability to store inanimate objects in a pocket dimension and some physical attributes within themselves, thus making the user a Storage Human (ストレージ人間 Sutorēji Ningen).

Type: Paramecia

Usage: In battle, Neal is known to withdraw weapons such as swords and guns in order to fight his enemies. He also tends to deposit the weapons of his enemies within the storage space if they get too close to him, rendering them unarmed. He is also able to store the kinetic energy from melee attacks such as punches as soon as they make contact with his body in order to render the attacks completely ineffectual and storing the energy for later use. His many uses with energy storage have also allowed him to gain superhuman strength and speed by withdrawing energy that he has stored over the day as well as send cannonballs flying towards enemies by withdrawing them with added kinetic energy. The storing of excess energy does cause Neal to eat more and move slower than the average person while out of combat.

Outside of battle, Neal has used this ability to store food and water for long trips as well as store his entire ship when he goes on land. This allows him to prevent thieves from stealing his ship or treasure. He has also been known to fix structures and items in the aftermath of his fights by storing and manipulating the broken pieces back together with stored building supplies. For entertainment, Neal has sometimes been seen summoning coins and other items from his storage as parlor tricks during celebrations.


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

"Quickdraw" Neal is proficient in the basic use of Kenbunshoku Haki. Although he is not yet as capable with this variation as he is with armament Haki, Neal is able to sense people within a large radius and can use Kenbunshoku Haki to improve his marksmanship.

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

"Quickdraw" Neal is proficient in the use of Busōshoku Haki, having been taught the basics by his family at a young age and then honing those skills during his years of training after his island was destroyed. Neal is able to use this technique to power up his attacks by activating Busōshoku Haki on his fists or summoned objects.

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