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"Quickdraw" D. Neal currently has no crew as he is a solo bounty hunter.


  • Father (Deceased)
  • Mother (Deceased)


"Quickdraw" D. Neal currently has no known allies or friends.


  • The Wild Boar Pirates are Neal's main enemies. They destroyed his home island and are the reason that he holds a grudge towards evildoers. He has a goal to one day track them down and defeat them. He particularly holds a grudge against their captain, Corinthus G. Yama.
  • Most pirates on the sea consider Neal their enemy since he is a bounty hunter.
  • Most members of the Navy consider Neal their enemy due to his own bounty.


  • Sea Storm is the ship of "Quickdraw" Neal. It is a small caravel sailing ship with a red dragon as the figurehead. It is able to house between four and six people comfortably and is extremely fast on the open water.
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