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'5 Gods of the New World'
Japanese Name: Goshin
Romanized Name: ごしん
English Name: Five Gods of the New World
Main Ship: none
First Appearance: ???
Captain: none
Total Bounty: Bsymbol104,607,000,000

This article, 5 Gods of the New World, is an article only to be used by Kure S. Akira.

The 5 Gods (Japanese: Goshin) are the supernate versions of the 4 emperors of the New World in the future. The most powerful of New World pirates fight for the glory of becoming part of the 5 Gods. The current heads of the Gods meet once a year to discuss matters involving threats to them, territorial disputes, disagreements, or adding or replacing a fellow Goshin. This meeting is known as the Celestial Summit. Many powerful pirates in the New World are invited to this event to witness changes in the New World.

Becoming a God

In order to qualify as a God, a pirate must be a captain of his/her own crew, have a bounty of over 400,000,000, and have a unique or special trait and/or epithet(such as a devil fruit, use of a certain weapon, appearance, etc.). If all the spots are filled, it will be up to the current gods to decide, 1: if the applicant is eligible, and, 2: if they want to kick someone out of the gods. A god is removed from his/her title when he/she is voted out.

Current Members



Devil Fruit/Unique Trait

Epithet Current Bounty

Akira 12 Kure S. Akira

  • "Akira the Monkey King" (猿王の彰, Saru'ō no Akira)

Riku TriedRiku Di Cielo

  • "Demon Eye Riku" (荒れ狂うドラゴンりく, Oni no Me no Riku)

Alucard HellsingAdrian Faust

  • "Deal Breaker Faust"

Ryuu New LookRyuu Tsubasa

  • Ittoryu specialist
  • Know as the third best swordsman in the World (Being Zoro the First and Akira the Second)
  • "Red Eyes Ryuu" (赤目の流 , akame no Ryuu)

ImagesCAX8S91BRaiken Montizuma

  • "Spawn of Satan" (サタンの産卵, Satan no Sanran)

Territorial Control

Territorial Control 9

Posthumous Members



Devil Fruit/Unique Trait

Epithet Current Bounty

Monkey D. Luffy Post Timeskip PortraitMonkey D. Luffy

  • Straw Hat Luffy

4540369c384846b34d3b624e11b6e586Thompson D. Row

  • Zero of the White Frost


  • In rememberance to his captain, Akira named Monkey D. Luffy a Goshin, posthumously. After his death, Thompson D. Row was named by Akira as the second posthumous Goshin.
  • The members are ranked by the time that they became a Goshin
  • Due to constant mocking about his bounty from Kure S. Akira, Riku Di Cielo vowed to get a higher bounty than him. Now they are competing for highest bounty.
  • Riku Di Cielo is the only Logia-type Devil Fruit users in the Goshin.
  • Raiken Montizuma is the youngest Goshin & the only one not to have his name in his epithet
  • Kure S. Akira has the highest bounty of all the Goshin.
  • Adrian Faust is the only Goshin not to be a part of any pirate crew & is the only Paramecia-type Devil Fruit user in the Goshin.
  • Ryuu Tsubasa is the only Goshin not to have Devil Fruit powers.
  • Kure S. Akira is believed to be the strongest out of the Goshin, due to his skill level and experience.
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