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A Blizzard of Love and Chivalry
Date Started: August 7th, 2020

Date Finished: August 20th, 2020

Setting: Chau Kingdom,New World

Characters Involved:

This is the origins of the Stone Fox London Dane,the son of the White Fang London Jack. This is the story of how he gotten in the Chau Kingdom,how he became one of the best knights in the kingdom,and how he meets his lover and wife,Thăng Long D. Yin.


Two Miracles??

25 Years Ago

On that same fateful night as Thăng Long D. Pangu found his two children,Thăng Long D. Yin and Thăng Long D. Yang,another strange miracle was found on the other side of the island.

There was a couple that went by the names of Gawain and Ragnell lived in the Liaoning Province of the chau kingdom. Gawain was one of the most powerful knights in the kingdom,belonging to a special forces called Alpha Knights. The Alpha Knights are the twelve strongest knights in the Chau Kingdom,ready to be called upon by their king,Thăng Long D. Pangu. Ragnell is a noblewoman since she is married to Gawain. They both live on a nice mini-castle in the Liaoning Province,as they both liked the beauty of the forest.

That day Pangu found his successors,Gawain and Ragnell were walking together in the forest. Enjoying themselves the presence of the forest. When suddenly,they heard crying.

"Did you hear that honey?" Ragnell would say.

"Yes,and it sounded like it came from there." Gawain would say as he pulls a few large leaves out of the way. He sees a wolf mink baby lying in a basket made of leaves. There was also a note in the basket as long with a couple other things.

"Look at this honey." Gawain says as he grabs the baby,"A wolf mink baby.."

"It looks like it wants it's mommy." Ragnell says as she carefully takes the baby away from Gawain's arms,"What else was there?"

"Looks like a note and some garments and....swords?" Gawain says. Gawain picks up the note and reads it,

"Whoever finds this baby should now take care of it for us. We can no longer take care of the baby,or else it might be in imminent danger with us. We want whoever finds this basket and baby to take care of it. The baby is a boy wolf mink,his name is London Dane. His birthday is on August 19,His favorite food so far is sweet potatoes. As per request,we are leaving a few garments and two swords for him when he is older. He is not to get a hold of these till he gets a natural calling to a pirate. We pray and hope he is taken good care of by his new parents. And I hope we get to see our actual child again,however old he is."

"That it?" Ragnell says.

"Yeah,that's what the note says." Gawain answers.

"Well,I hope he doesn't become a pirate unlike what that note says." Ragnell says,"What should we do with him."

"We take care of him like the note says." Gawain answers,"You wanted to have a baby don't you?"

"One that has the same genes as his father." Ragnell answers,"Though he does look like you if you were grey and furry."

"Very funny,now how about I go to King Pangu and see what to do. Ok?" Gawain asks.

"Ok.Let's get going now,It looks like we found him in time before a nasty looking storm comes." Ragnell says as she looks at the clouds.

So Gawain and Ragnell walk back to their small castle with baby Dane on Ragnell's arms before the storm came to their place.

The Next Day

Gawain and Ragnell walk over to the castle that the ruler Pangu lives in. It had the royal guards in the front as usual. So Gawain and Ragnell walked to the guards and asked."Is Pangu in the castle at the moment,me and my wife want to speak with him."

"Indeed, he is inside. What business do you have with him now." said Augustus Axel who, naturally, was the leader of the guards who came to see what they would want. "Gawain and Ragnell. Didn't noticed you two at first from afar." said Axel.

"Look at what we found!" Ragnell was saying cheerfully as he holds the baby wolf mink,"Or should I say who we found."

"We found him nearby our castle in the forests of the Liaoning Province. We even found this letter and these garments and these two strange looking swords." Gawain explained to Axel,giving Axel the letter and showing Axel the garments and swords.

"By Gods...and around the same time as... Nevermind, I digress. The king is inside attending to some business of his own so I believe it will be fine to visit him." said Axel giving them permission to enter inside.

Gawain and Ragnell enter the castle and find Pangu in the main royal hallways of the castle. They both find two baskets nearby Pangu.

"Hey,Lord Pangu." Gawain says. He then halts himself and Ragnell and bow to Pangu."We found a baby wolf mink boy yesterday in the forest....and what is with the basket?"

Pangu greets them with a big smile on his face. "Gawain and Ragnell! How are you two? And you found a wolf baby?! By Gods..." said Pangu and he also shows them the infants of Yang and Yin. "I found these two on the shores just last night during a violent storm! It was fate they came here in such a weather and survived! I decided to adopt them as my own!" said Pangu who was still excited.

"That is so sweet...yet weird that we found these babies around the same time." Ragnell says,"We found the baby when we saw the dark clouds forming from that violent storm."

"Anyways," Gawain says,"We found the baby in a leaf basket along with this note and garments and these two strange looking swords." Gawain says as he shows the letter and the garments and swords,"The letter even shows personal information about the baby. It even says to take care of the baby."

"I see... Fate has definitely been kind to Chau lately!" said Pangu as he laughed before continuing. "But, neverless, you two should definitely take care of that baby. And those swords imply that this kid should be raised as a fighter I take it. He may be even one of the guards or knights one day!" said Pangu.

"Yes lord Pangu." Gawain says."Though we are still young,we will be ready to take on parenting. Have a good day sir." Gawain and Ragnell bow then leave with baby Dane in their arms.

Dane's becoming of a knight


7 Years Later

"I wanna be like papa and go on adventures like him." says a 7 year old Dane to his mother Ragnell.

"I know that little Dane." Ragnell would answer,"But today is the great Pangu's birthday. And papa ain't here because he's going on a mission that would help the lives of the kingdom,not just me and you."

"Even brother Gingy and sisters Joan and Becky?" Dane asks.

"Yes,even them." Ragnell answers.

Gingalain was born about a year after Dane was found. Dane liked to call him Gingy because he thought Gingalain was a very long name and just shortened it. Joan was a skunk mink that Gawain and Ragnell would adopt about 4 years after Dane was found. Becky was a daughter born of Gawain and Ragnell and was the latest child for the couple. Gawain and Ragnell's family had quickly grown over the years.

"Now let's go to the festival." Ragnell says as she holds baby Becky and holding Gingy's hand. Dane holds Joan's hand while Ragnell was busy with the other two. The four then enter the festival.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the plaza where festivals are held, Pangu can be seen with Yin and Yang having a celebration with the other citizens of Chau with Axel standing close by.

"Whoo hoo! This is indeed a joyous occasion! Have fun my children and everyone else! Hah hah!" said Pangu who was holding a glass of wine in his hand.

Yang, meanwhile can be seen eating his full. "Don't have to tell me twice daddy! I'm goin' full speed here!" said Yang who was eating fast. "Calm down bro, you're going to choke on that if you keep eating that fast." said Yin who was pacing herself with her own food.

"Come on Axel! Why not try to have fun with us?" said Pangu beckoning Axel over. Axel does take his advice but only grabs a small drink before looking around. "Sorry, I wish I could relax but you never someone would try to take advantage of this. Especially how unruly the thugs have been lately." said Axel.

"Hello Lord Pangu and Axel. It is a nice day for a birthday festival." Ragnell says to Pangu and Axel as she finds them in the middle of the plaza.

"Hi King Pangu!" Dane says to Pangu,"What type of mission is papa doing?"

"Dane has been a curious child lately wondering where his dad is. I told him he was on a mission with with his uncle Gareth." Ragnell tells Pangu.

"Can I be a knight like Papa and Uncle Gareth?" Dane asks Pangu.

"Well, anything is possible and I can see that happening!" said Pangu with a smile before continuing. "Of course, you have to get through this guy's intense training regimens!" said Pangu while looking over at Axel.

"Being a knight is of the highest order for a warrior. Naturally, the training must be vigorous." said Axel.

"I will be the best knight in the kingdom like my father!" Dane says with a grin and determination.

"I'm sure you will be one Dane." Ragnell says,"How about you now go and play with Joan while I take Gingalain and Becky on one of the rides."

"Ok mamma,come on Joan." Dane says as he takes his little mink sister along with him.

Dane soon sees Yang eating tons of food which gave Dane an idea. Dane then hides in the pile of food nearby and Yang walks over to the pile of food there to eat. Dane then jumps out of the food pile and pounces right on Yang saying,"HELLO YANG!!" Dane unintentionally uses electro and makes Yang fuzzy.

"AH!!!" said Yang who was surprised by both Dane and his fur becoming fuzzier. Yin, meanwhile, is laughing to herself. "You look like a giant plush toy bro!" said Yin!

"NO I"M NOT! Hey! Wolf guy! Why you in my food?!" said Yang. Pangu is also laughing. "Aw, he just as playful as you son!" said Pangu.

"Sorry Yang,thought you would love a funny prank. The name is Dane if you don't remember." Dane said with a smile on his face,"But maybe you'll like this!" Dane then tackles Yang and starts wrestling Yang and biting his ears and whatnot.

"Oi! You can't beat me in a fight! I'm plenty strong!" said Yang who was wrestling Dane back.

"So is this normal between them papa?" asked Yin toward Pangu who nods. "Indeed! Mink children often play like this by wrestling each other that way! It's also a good way for them to toughen up!" said Pangu.

The two just keep wrestling each other for a while till both of them were tired.

"Heh...that was a good fight." Dane says,"I would like to do that again some other time and maybe we can..." Dane then realizes his sister Joan ain't where she was,"Where did Joan go?"

"Oh look at this tail." An older looking human kid saying to other human kids about Joan,"She even smells like one." The kid says making fun of the little Skunk toddler.

"HEY LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!!" Dane says to the older children.

"What is this,a fox that is protecting a skunk. Ain't that cute.." another says making other kids laugh.

"I AIN'T A FOX!!! I'M A WOLF!!" Dane yells.

"You look like one to me,a grey fox that is." the leading kid says.

"A Stone Fox" a kid says,"He has the color of stone,unusual for a fox."

The kids laugh at both Joan and Dane. Joan was just crying and wailing,while Dane was just standing there taking in the laughs and insults at him. Something then clicks inside his head and he then yells,"LEAVE US ALONE!!!" Dane then pounces and tackles the leading bully,he attacks him like he was another mink,but with more ferocity than normal,like there was a feral instinct that was passed within him.

"AHH,HE'S ON ME!!! SOMEONE GET THIS MONSTER OFF OF ME!!!" the bully would say. The other children were surrounding watching Dane beating up the kid with anger in his face.

It looked like Dane was about to hurt the kid seriously until Axel and Pangu came in.

Axel simply picks up Dane to get him off of the bully to calm him down. "I think that's enough. He has clearly submitted by that point." said Axel. "Gods, I know Minks tend to act pretty feral at times but this is the first time I seen it up close. Even Yang is a lot more docile." said Pangu as he looks over at Yang who is still eating.

"I think it's best you kids leave for now. We have this handled." said Axel to the other kids.

"What happened here?" Ragnell asks as she sees the bully pretty bruised up in the face and Dane being holded by Axel."Did my son do something terrible to him?"

"HE MADE FUN OF ME AND JOAN!!!" Dane says trying to release himself from Axel's tight grip,"I WANNA PUNISH HIM MORE!!!" Dane seems to be in a more feral attitude still.

"What is with Dane?" Ragnell asks worriedly.

Axel is keeping a firm grip over him. "Your son appears to have gone into a feral state and would've killed that kid if I haven't stepped in. Hey! Get that kid some help already!" shouted Axel toward one of the guards who was tending to the kid that got beaten up.

"Is this behavior normal for him?" asked Pangu to Ragnell.

"No,not at all,though I understand he likes to wrestle his dad every once in a while when he gets the chance. But he doesn't wrestle like he's intentionally trying to kill. And mostly he's a nice older brother to his siblings,helping especially little Joan while I take care of Gingalain and Becky." Ragnell explains to Pangu."Gawain is soo gonna ground that kid." Ragnell says to herself.

Axel is still holding onto the feral Dane. "Though his savagery reminds me of my own back then. He said he wanted to be a knight so maybe I can train him to contain that savagely and use it toward his foes. I've whipped so many others into shape that way." said Axel.

"Train a kid that young huh? That's classic Axel! He doesn't care for ages if he sees potential in you, he'll want to train you!" said Pangu laughing.

"But he's still a page Axel." Ragnell says,"He's still learning to be a noble. He doesn't become a squire till 14 like other kids that are chasing to be a knight." Ragnell then still sees the feral anger in Dane,"You got anything that'll calm his nerves?"

"Two things that'll calm him. Either fighting it out with someone to calm him over giving him some food. One or the other usually causes that tyke bomb over there to calm down." said Axel looking over at Yang who is right back to eating.

"Well do whatever you can to calm him beside someone fighting him. I don't want anyone else to be hurt anymore." Ragnell then says to Axel,"I will talk to Gawain on what to do if he does something like this again."

"Indeed. Sounds like a plan." said Axel who gave Dave a piece of meat hoping to calm him down by feeding him.

"He is a kid after all! Yang gets that way sometimes if he doesn't have his food so I make sure he is always eating." said Pangu.

Turns out as Axel was handing the meat to Dane,Dane just falls right asleep.

"Let me hold now that he's asleep." Ragnell says as she gets Dane onto her shoulders,"Mind if you escort me back home,my hands are now full and I don't know what to do if he wakes up in a savage mood." Ragnell asks Axel.

"Will that be fine sir?" Axel asked Pangu. "But of course! I never object to others helping each other!" said Pangu with a smile.

Axel then turns back to Ragnell. "I will then be of assistance." said Axel.

Axel then escorts Ragnell and the kids back home safely to the mini-castle at the Liaoning Province. Dane stayed right asleep as they walked back safely.

1 Week later

"This is too hard.." A tired Dane says to Axel,Dane was panting and sweating all over from running around in a nearby field in the liaoning province."First papa grounds me for something I don't remember and he also made me be trained by you for some time." Dane says to himself,"What did I even do?" He asks Axel.

Axel jabs his spear into the ground before speaking. "To put it very bluntly, you almost killed someone in a blind rage. It's only natural if you don't remember but it's a dangerous trait to have if not controlled. You could end up hurting someone you love and you wouldn't even know why. This is the reason you are being trained by me." Axel sternly said.

"Yes sir." Dane says with respect,"I know papa has deep respect for ya. He tells me you even trained him,Lancelot,and Percival together when they were nearly my age." Dane says. His dad,Lancelot,and Percival are known to be the most powerful knights in the Chau Kingdom.

"Indeed. They were very gifted and actually gave me some scars during sparring sessions. They've done well to have earned their titles and you may end up that way as well." Axel said.

"Hopefully I will." Dane says,"But first I must train,which means I'm back to running." Dane says as he goes back running in the distance.


7 Years Later

So obviously Dane had 7 years of training before he officially became a squire. When he became 14,he was one of the most powerful squires in Chau. Some said he rivalled his father Gawain in strength. When he became 14,like with every squires he taught,he placed them in a group of 3 squires each based on their skills. And Axel decided to place Dane with his other most powerful squires,those he also trained when they were pages.

"It true that I am one of the most powerful?" A now 14,year old and more mature Dane asks Axel.

"Your skills have been very impressive and even I'm shocked how quick you've developed over the years. I can say that you are considered one of the strongest squires around." Axel said.

"So what does that mean when it comes to me being trained like groups?" Dane asks,"Who are going to be my sparring partners with you as my teacher?"

Axel jabs his spear into the ground. "That will be Lamorak and Galahad. You two please come here at once!" as Axel said this Lamorak and Galahad appeared. "These will be your partners."

"Sup Dane,we heard a lot about you." Galahad says,"I'm Galahad,son of Lancelot."

"Name's Lamorak,brother of Percival." Lamorak then says.

"You're Percival's brother?" Dane asks.

"I am definitely old enough to be her son." Lamorak says.

"You wish." Galahad says teasing Lamorak.

"Shut up." Lamorak laughing.

"So were you trained by Axel here before squire before we all were squires?" Galahad asks Dane.

"Yes,and you guys too?" Dane asks.

"Yup,it seems Axel found the same potential in us as our father or siblings." Lamorak says.

"It is surprising to find this many gifted squires. Naturally, that isn't a bad thing as we could use more strong forces around here. Pirates have been a bit too damn eager lately with all of the plundering and whatnot... Not all of them are like that but's annoying when we do encounter those kinds." said Axel.

"Makes sense." Galahad says,"Not all pirates are courteous of the islands they are on."

"Hey,if they see us 3,the next generation of Alpha knights,they will be fearing us." Lamorak says,"Fearing as in a respectful fear."

"That's if Axel here promotes us to Alpha." Dane says."And he looks like he wants us to spar him." Dane saying looking at Axel.

"Of course you'll have to your worth to be promoted. That usually takes more years however. And yes, I do must test to see how you fair in battle against a tough opponent." said Axel.

"Yeah,I thought so." Dane says,"Well,I am ready to fight." Dane says as he pulls out his sword.

"Right with you." Galahad said.

"Imma bet I get the first touch." Lamorak says as he pulls out his twin swords.

And after a couple hours of the three sparring Axel. It was soon about time for their break.

"Whoof,this sparring makes me hungry," Dane says.

"Of course a mink is the first one hungry." Galahad says,"No offense."

"None taken." Dane says.

"Does that mean we can get some lunch?" Lamorak asks Axel.

"You've all done good work in sparring today so of course. Food is essential in keeping your strength up." said Axel.

"Say how about lunch at the trade center?" Galahad says.

"I'll race ya." Dane says running for it already.

"I'll fly then." Lamorak says as he gets in his hawk form from his zoan devil fruit.

"I don't have a devil fruit nor am I a mink." Galahad says,"Looks like I'm running then." Galahad says as he runs quickly.

After each of them grabbing lunch from one of the restaurants. They were talking to themselves.

"So how are your feathers green if your a hawk zoan?" Dane asks.

"I got them recolored permanently a couple years back." Lamorak says,"Nothing beats the color green if you ask me."

"That's because your hair is green too." Galahad says,"Leafy-Hair."

"Very funny." Lamorak says.

"Anyone tell you you were tall Dane?" Galahad asks.

"My dad said that was to be expected for me to be tall." says Dane,"Dad did say if I keep my growth up,I should be at least 10 feet tall."

"Incredible." Lamorak says.

"So how's the Stone Fox doing?" the bully from seven years ago comes back and says.

"What now Agravain?" Galahad says,"Go back and pick on someone else."

"What?" Agravain says,"Now you guys aren't welcoming me anymore. I used to be your sparring partners till Old Axel switched me to some other punks."

"He saw better potential in Dane than he saw in you." Lamorak says.

"Hey Stone Fox,remember me?" Agravain asks,ignoring Lamorak. Agravain has a scar that goes across his right eye as a result of Dane's rage.

"Yeah,and I don't want to talk about it." Dane says.

"You afraid to speak to your past." Agravain asks,"I'm sure you got some anger in ya still." He then annoys Dane with,"When your sister is old enough,I am sure to clap her."

That ticked it for Dane. Dane gets up and tries to attack him. Lamorak immediately halts Dane from doing so,"Not now Dane,remember your training."

At the same time as Lamorak halted Dane,Galahad pulls his sword out and has it at Agravain's neck."I think you've done quite enough." Galahad says to Agravain.

Everyone's eyes in the restaurant is now at the four teenage knights.

"I recommend you go before this becomes extra awkward." Lamorak says to Agravain.

Agravain then walks away and says,"See you three around punks."

"Come on,We're late for our next session with Axel." Galahad says.

"You guys sparred with him?" Dane asks.

"Didn't necessarily enjoyed it." Galahad says,"He keeps praising himself as the best knight in the island,and he keeps saying how he will be the best alpha in the island."

"In shorter words,he's a douche." Lamorak replies.

"Come on,let's get going back to practice." Galahad says.

Galahad,Dane,and Lamorak walk back to where they left Axel at. Axel there was standing there disappointed that they were late to be back in training.

"Sorry Axel,We had a run in with Agravain during our lunch." Galahad says.

"He was instigating Dane as always." Lamorak says.

"You didn't tell me that bitch was a squire being trained by you!" Dane says,but is immediately slapped by Galahad.

"We don't talk like that to Axel." Galahad says.

Axel was resting against his spear when he came back. "Sigh... He was but he always like to cause trouble. He's gifted as well but his attitude isn't in the right place. I think he was trying too hard to act like me but not be more.. polite toward others." said Axel.

"Well,to be honest. I'm glad I gave him that eye scar." Dane says.

Galahad then slaps Dane again then says,"Do not be glad,the code of Chivalry does not allow taking pleasure of wounding others."

"But he deserves it." Dane says.

"Even if one deserves it,we must give the same respect to him as we want to be respected by,ain't that right Sir Axel?" Galahad asks.

Axel takes a quick moment to think over what Dane said as he reminded himself of his younger self that used to violently lash out at others and not care if he hurt them badly or not. He then speaks up again. "All I can say in this case is that you never want to stoop down to their level. That'll just make you as bad as they are. Of course, it really does depend on the type of situation." said Axel.

"Yes sir." Dane says,"I will try my best to not be annoyed by Agravain anymore."

"We really need to work on your chivalry." Galahad says,"A good knight is at the least chivalrous."

"Did your dad teach you that?" Lamorak asks Galahad.

"Father made sure I follow the code strictly,though he says Gawain was a bit less strict than he was. And for Percival,she wasn't loose,but she liked to do her own thing sometimes is what my dad says." Galahad talks about his father Lancelot,Gawain,and Percival.

"Any of this true?" Dane asks Axel.

"Indeed. They had their own ways of following it. I, of course, am one of the more stricter ones." said Axel.

"Well I'm tired of talking." Dane says getting out of his kneel,"Let's spar some more."

"I like your attitude Dane." Lamorak says.

Galahad sighs then says,"Perhaps it'll get rid of some of that anger."

Axel takes back out his spear and spins it around. "Well then, let's resume." said Axel taking back his attacking stance.

3 Years Later

Dane,Lamorak,and Galahad are now having their lunch somewhere nearby a lake where is a popular bathing site. The three there were looking on the women's side of the lake.

"Man,look at her." Lamorak says staring towards the lake.

"What happened to the code of chivalry?" Dane says,staring away from the lake,daring not to look towards the women at the bathing site."Especially with you Galahad."

"Hey,I'm a man of chivalry,it's just that I like women also." Galahad answers.

"I hear Yin comes by to this lake every now and then and bathes in it." Lamorak says,"I hope she comes today!!" He says with an imaginative mind.

"You better pray that Axel doesn't find us here." Dane says,"Man,how am I the chivalrous one here?'" Dane then thinks to himself.

Yin suddenly appears near the lake covered in ketchup. "I really hate it when Yang and Knights go overboard with their stupid pranks...now I need to get washed up in peace..." she said as she started to take her clothes off.

Suddenly, Axel appeared behind the three as they were spying. "What the HELL are you three doing here?!" Axel said very sternly.

"OHHHH Shitttt...." Lamorak says.

"I warned you three." Dane says,"I have nothing to do with this." Dane says honestly to Axel.

"Uhhhh,hey Axel. We're just....enjoying our peaceful lunch nearby the lake." Galahad says.

"How are you here anyway?" Dane says.

"Princess Yin wanted me to accomply her for a short time as she watches herself off after a recent prank by Prince Yang.Also to keep any unwanted guests from spying." said Axel with a squint in his eyes toward them.

"Well,uhhhhh,does that mean you want us out of here?" Galahad asks sheepishly.

"Aww man,I wanted to see her." Lamorak says.

"Are us 3 really the relatives of the great Alphas?" Dane asks.

"Hey,your father was a bit of a pervert himself before he got married." Galahad says."My dad was a man who never looked at another woman unless it was his wife."

"My sister just likes to fuck." Lamorak says.

Axel swings his lance around and jams it violently on the ground. "OUT NOW!!!" he shouted.

"Huh? What was that?" said Yin.

"OK OK I'M OUTTA HERE!!!" Lamorak says as he goes into his hawk form and flies away.

"I'M RUNNING,I'M RUNNING!!!!" Galahad says.

Dane just looks at Axel then says,"Sorry about them two,it's that those two like to do this every now and then during lunch. Kinda ironic for a son of Lancelot to be a perv."

Axel takes a deep sigh as he looks up. "Kids will be kids I guess. They will have a ways to go if they want to be full on knights. They're getting there but need more discipline in their life. Good thing you seem to get the message Dane." said Axel.

"Yes sir,and thank you." Dane says,"I'm off then."

A First Star Meeting

A couple hours later,the three meetup again in the early evening after their final sparring session for the day. They're in the main part of the Qingjai Province walking around.

"Man,Axel did not seem so happy with us." Lamorak says.

"Yeah...He seemed to challenged us even further today. I can feel myself being sore after that last sparring session." Galahad says.

"Well,It ain't my fault." Dane says,"To be honest,I liked that he challenged us more today."

"You do,but I didn't." Galahad says.

Meanwhile,Yin is being busy herself in the Qingjai Province.

"Ugh...where did Yang ran off too? Bro is so impatient these days..." said Yin to herself.

Suddenly, a bunch of pirates jumped from the bushes and is lead by their captain, Braidbeard.

"Wah-hohoho! Lookey here boys! Got ourselves a princess! I reckon we can take her in and hold her for ransom! Get biiiiig bucks for her!" said Braidbeard as he and his crew cheer at his decision.

Yin, meanwhile, looks at them with annoyance. "These pirates are so annoying lately.."

While the three were walking. They hear the sound of pirates attacking the princess.

"What was that?" Lamorak says.

"I'll go check it out." Dane says,"I'll meet you guys up at one of the restaurants later."

Dane runs over to where the commotion is taking place. He notices Yin being surrounded by captain Braidbeard and his crew. He immediately jumps in and fires a sword beam from his tail,knocking out some of the crew members. He then pulls out his sword and takes down most of the pirates before they were given the chance to fight back.

In a heap of dust,Dane stands victorious among the pile of pirates.

"There ya go princess." Dane says,"I heard these pirates attacking you and acted quickly for your sake."

"Oh, uh, thanks? I could've taken them with my powers though." said Yin.

"D-Damn...beaten by a damned mutt..." said Braidbeard as he passed out.

"Well,I wanted to make sure of your safety despite if you could've taken them on or not." Dane says,"The code of chivalry would say so."

"Chivalry huh? Heh, I like that. You must be one of those students trained by Axel. At least you don't seem like you are part of my brother's prank gang...who are you anyway may I ask?" said Yin.

"The name is London Dane. I am son of Gawain,one of the Alpha Knights of the Royal Guard. I'm sure you heard of him." Dane says,"I was also that one that had an anger issue during your dad's birthday ten years ago based on what my mom says."

"Ah, I see. And I remember father talking about that. You had quite the anger problem back then but you seem a lot calmer now." said Yin.

Dane laughs then says,"Nothing like Axel hammering ya to control your own anger."

"HEY DANE!!!" Lamorak says,"WE'RE EATING AT THE APPlE DUMPLING RESTAURANT. WANNA COME?" Lamorak asks Dane from a far distance.

"You need an escort or anything?" Dane asks,"Or would you like something to eat?"

"I was about to eat before my brother and Knights decided to derail my plans and of course the stupid pirates..." said Yin as she looked over at the beatened pirates. "I'm sure the other guards will round them up soon."

"I'll pay for ya." Dane says,"Follow me then."

Dane then leads Yin to the Apple Dumpling Restaurant where Galahad and Lamorak were waiting for him.

"Hey Dane,WOAH!! Is that the princess?" Lamorak says.

"A pleasure to meet you princess." Galahad says.

"That's Galahad and that's Lamorak." Dane says,"They seem to be quite fans of you."

"Of course I am,I was about to ---" Lamorak says then gets slapped by Galahad,telling him not to mention the incident at the lake.

"Well, it does seem so. Then again, I do have a lot of fans being who I am after all." Yin said while chuckling. Yin then suddenly notices Yang and Knights who were also ordering from the same restaurant. "Oh no..."

"Whoooah! Looky Yangy! It's your sister!" said Knights pointing over to Yin.

"Heya sis! I was wondering where you went!" said Yang with an innocent smile.

"Away from you two Prank Busters..." Yin said.

"Hey Yang." Dane says,"How have you been doing? And if you mind giving your sister some space,your sis seems to want to be away from the boths of you."

"Whoa! This wolf guy told you off Yang! And me too! He's so mean! WAHHH!!!" said Knights who was fake crying.

"Hey...forgot your name but we and Knights were here first after all! We were just eating after a day of play!" said Yang.

"And I bet you mean pranking the citizens over and over again..." said Yin.

"But it wasn't my fault that pudding exploded in your face! It was meant for that mean shopkeeper but you ended up getting in the way!" said Yang.

"Sigh, I know but I kinda do wanna have some space for today. You know how you can get bro." said Yin.

"Do you guys no nothing about chivalry?" Dane asks,"When a woman asks for space from someone you give it." Dane says.

"Yeah,back off or I'll swipe you with my sword and wings." Lamorak says,trying to be cool by helping Dane.

"That doesn't help." Dane says with a deadpan tone.

"It doesn't?" Lamorak asks. Galahad and Dane just facepalm themselves.

Yang stares at the three of them for a few seconds before speaking. "Naaaah. I'd kick all of your asses! You're trained by Axie sure but you won't even hurt me with my powers!" said Yang with another innocent smile.

"Nee-heehee! You can't match my army! They will rip ya to shreds and serve you as the main course! That's a lie but I'm not lying about them being strong!" said Knights.

Yin then steps in between the groups trying to calm them down. "Calm down everyone. Listen Dane and his friends, you may have been trained by Sir Axel but these two dolts have powers that are strong. One is a dragon and one can make a near limitless army of suits of armor...please you two I don't want an altercation like earlier." said Yin toward Yang and Knights.

"Sorry about that sis! We really just came by to eat. We'll be going back to our pranks! Dane, when you get stronger, maybe we could fight!" said Yang.

"Nee-heehee! I'll be keeping an eye on you two. You seem like you'll be fun to mess with..." said Knights with a mischievous smile as he was referring to Lamorak and Galahad. He and Yang then walk off.

"Ooooh if i can get my hands on him I'll..." Lamorak says as he gets shut up'ed by Dane,"Taunting doesn't help." Dane would say in a calm tone.

"Maybe if you do fight them Dane,maybe they'll shut up." Galahad says.

"No,I wouldn't,a knight doesn't challenge,he is challenged." Dane says reminding Lamorak and Galahad,"They didn't challenge me,so we don't need to fight. Capisce?"

"Yes Dane." Galahad and Lamorak says.

"Now,anyways,I'm hungry. Dinner is on me,lady's first." Dane says as he directs Yin to the order counter of the Apple Dumpling Restaurant,"How big is your appetite princess?"

"It's big but nothing compares to my brother's...I swear he ate an entire month's worth of food before and was still afterwards. But I give you credit for not giving in to Knights' taunts. He's the type of guy that likes to bring out the worst in people but he has a reason for that." said Yin but is more focused on eating at the moment.

"Here ya go dane,one mink-sized and one Yang-sized apple dumpling." The waiter says,bringing in two large sized apple dumplings.

"Jeezus Dane," Galahad says noticing the sizes of the dumplings,"You eat that much?"

"I do sometimes but some other times I'll bring back leftovers for later or give it to my family." Dane says. Dane was eating his dumpling like he was....a wolf.

"You sure do got one appetite." Galahad says.

"Let me see if I can do that as a hawk." Lamorak says as he turns into his hawk form and tries to eat it,only to realize he can't chew his food."This doesn't seem to be working." Lamorak says as he tries to eat it.

"You are such a dummy." Galahad says with a facepalm.

Yin has a deadpan look on her face at them eating. "You guys are no different than my brother and his friends." she said with a small chuckle while eating her food at a slower pace.

After dinner,they all exit out of the restaurant with smiles on their faces from laughing at each other. Dane looks at the time and then says.

"Sheez,it's getting late. Would you like us to escort you?" Dane asks Yin

"We'll have you ride on our horses." Lamorak says.

"We don't have horses yet." Galahad says,"We're still squires,not knights yet."

"But one more year for me and you Galahad,then we will be." Lamorak says,"Sorry you have to wait another 4 years Dane."

"It's no problem,but yeah,we can escort you." Dane says first to Lamorak then turns himself to Yin.

"Sure, I don't mind. I hope father isn't too worried about me being gone too long. Usually he'll have Yang or Axel go get me if I'm out late. Of course to make sure I'm fine thanks to all these stupid pirates lately." said Yin.

"Yeah,definitely." Dane says,"Let's go then."

Dane,Lamorak,and Galahad escort Yin back to the castle with no issue at all. They made it to the front of the castle where the royal guards were protecting it.

"This seems to be your stop miss." Dane says.

"Indeed so. Thank you for your help today! It was fun!" said Yin.

Suddenly, Yang showed up half dressed. "Hey Yinny! I was about to come find ya but your here!" said Yin.

"Um, why are you here half dressed Yang?" she asked.

"Playing tag with Axie! Oop! There he is!" said Yang dashing off.

Axel is trying to keep up with Yang. "DAMMIT YANG! GET BACK HERE! YOUR FATHER WANTS YOU BATHE BEFORE BED!" he yelled out at Yang while still chasing after him.

"Uhhh,yeah no problem Yin." Dane said after noticing Yang and Axel,"I'll see you around later. Come on guys,time to get back to our homes."

"OK,I'm flying home." Lamorak says as he just goes into zoan form and flies away.

"My father should be inside doing something so I'll go to him." Galahad says,"See you around."

"See you later Yin." Dane says walking away towards his home.

"Hope to see you later as well." she said heading inside.

Axel, meanwhile, grabbed a suddenly sleeping Yang also heading inside as well. "He has too much energy for his own good sometimes..." he said to himself.

What is Love?

1 Year Later

It's been a year since that last moment Yin and Dane were together. They would see each other every now and then and say hello to each other. Slowly,throughout each day,Dane would start to have a heart for Yin.

One day,Dane was by himself listening to his favorite band walking along the beach of the island. Today was a day off of training for the three because Axel was feeling nice to give them a hard-earned break. And Dane was just relaxing in the sun,walking along to his favorite band in his ears.

Off in the distance, Pangu, Yin, and Yang can be seen entering to have some fun at the beach.

"You two know what our objective today is?" asked Pangu in a excited tone.

"TO HAVE FUN!!!" shouted Yang.

"It is a nice take away from the usual castle stuff huh?" said Yin.

"Of course! Even royalty deserves to have a little break every now and again!" said Pangu.

Meanwhile,off in the other distance,a crew of pirates can be seen scheming as they saw the royal family.

"What do you think we should do?" the one says.

"I have this little ring." The captain says,"The stone is seastone,and maybe we get one of them three to grab a hold of the ring and they would be weakened and we can kidnap one of them for ransom."

"Lemme throw it." the one pirate says,grabbing it from the captain and throwing it towards the three. It lands just nearby the water,with Yin being the closest to the ring.

"That wasn't what I planned." the captain says.

Yin notices the ring at her feet. "Huh? What is that?" said Yin.

"Looks like some sort of ring? Beh, I thought it was an onion ring..." said Yang.

Pangu starts to look around. "Hmm...I felt like it came from somewhere but strange things have happened on this beach." said Pangu.

"Well, I'm going to grab it. Can't leave it alone like this." said Yin as she picks up the ring and puts it on but immediately feels weaken from it. "H-Huh...? W-Why I feel so weak?"

"H-Hey sis! You just woke up from a nap earlier! How are you tired already?" asked Yang.

"Don't tell me... seastone?!" said Pangu.

"RUN AT HER!!!" The Captain commands to his crew,"If my name isn't LockBeard I'll put y'all in your sleep."

"But Lockbeard is your name captain." the one crewmember says.

Lockbeard just sighs then says,"I know..."

"I got the girl!" The one pirate says grabbing her.

"No I got her." The other pirate says.

"No I do"

"No I do"

The two pirates tug on sleepy Yin and they accidently push her into the water.

"Whoops..." The two say.

Over at the distance,Dane smelled something that wasn't good,"Smells like someone is in trouble." He then runs towards where the smell of danger was at.

"YINNY!!" said Yang as he rushed toward the end of the water.

"STOP IT SON! YOU'LL DROWN AS WELL! Dammit you pirates!" said Pangu who hardens both is arms upw with Haki and punches down all of the pirates and then rushes toward the water. "Of all the times I'm a Devil Fruit user as well! Dammit I would quickly risk my life to save her if not for that instant drowning effect! Need to call Sae!" said Pangu.

"YINNY HANG ON!!!" said Yang who was running back and forth.

"G-Gah...too much water..." Yin said as she was struggling to stay afloat.

Dane runs to Yang and Pangu and sees Yin in the water drowning. Within instinct he jumps into the water since he doesn't have a devil fruit. As a wolf,he's an excellent swimmer. He grabs Yin and pulls her back into shore.

When Dane gets Yin back in shore,he immediately puts his hands on her chest to get her breathing again.

"Come on Princess." Dane says,"Wake Up!"

Yin coughs up a lot of water and slowly starts to wake up. "U-Uh what happened?"

"YOU ALMOST DIED!!! YOU OKAY?!?" shouted a concerned Yang who was in tears.

"Thank the Gods she is safe...Dane you save her! You have my eternal gratitude!" said a please Pangu who bows in gratitude.

"Y-Yeah, you can say that again!" said Yin who was smiling.

"The hell what happened over here!?" said Axel who came running.

"It's fine now Axel. Your student there just save my daughter from drowning by the hands of those pirates over there." said Pangu pointing to the knocked out pirates.

"I see. We have a special place for those idiots that dare try to lay harm on the princess' head." said Axel as he jams his spear into the ground.

"I am glad to be of your services." Dane says. Dane then notices he still has his hands on her chest. He jumps out in fright then says,"I AM SORRY MY PRINCESS,IF I MUST,I WILL SLICE MY STOMACH FOR YOUR HAPPINESS!!"

After a brief pause, everyone even Axel burst out into laughter after what Dane said.

"Well well! Someone has good eyes huh?" said Pangu.'

"Hah! He totally has a thing for sis! Even as a knight he cannot stop his urges!" said Yang.

"Well, at least he still keeps his form of chivalry though it is damaged a small bit by the eyes of a girl." said Axel who was chuckling.

Yin, meanwhile, was blushing extremely heavily before speaking. "I-It's fine! You don't need to go that far Dane!" she said.

"Oh. Well then." Dane says as he's blushing himself."Say uhh...since it's my day off...I uhh..mind if I uhh..."

"Hm? You what?" said Yin with her head tilted.

"A date? A stroll in the beach? A swim party? An eating party? OH CRAB!!!" said Yang picking up a nearby crab.

Yin was blushing slightly what Yang said. "I would say quiet bro but you already went on to something else." Yin said.

"I would say the first thing Yang said." Dane says,"A date...Mind If you can go on a date with me?" Dane says this really shyly with his tails and ears down.

"O-Oh?" said a surprised Yin who was blushing and she quickly looks over at her family and Axel.

"Go on! You two are cute together!" said Pangu who as smiling brightly.

"Yeah! Wolf Guy kicks ass he saved ya after all!" said Yang who suddenly had two crabs hanging from his ears like earrings.

"Trust me, he's a lot more reserved compared to the others I've trained recently." said Axel.

"Well then sure! I'd love to go with a date with you Dane." said Yin.

"YES!!" Dane says with his tail now wagging crazily. He's now running around like a happy dog like he's heard treats from his master. Dane then immediately smacks himself out of his happiness and tries to recomposure himself to being chivalrous,"I can do a stroll with ya for now,but I was thinking of tomorrow evening at one of the nice restaurants. Though I couldn't decide,maybe your dad could have an idea."

"There are a lot! My personal favorite is Anhui Cuisine located right in the heart of the upper class estate!" said Pangu.

"My...that place has all of those super exotic foods. Some that are even imported from other places!" said Yin.

"I heard they serve the best teryikai in all of Chau!" said Yang.

"Indeed. It is my personal place of dining. They serve a specific type of meat that I enjoy quite a lot." said Pangu.

"Is that where you would like to go to Yin?" Dane asks,"You're the princess,your call."

"Indeed! We shall go there!" said Yin.

"Say hi to Dia for me!" said Yang.

"Cool." Dane says,"But before that,wanna enjoy a walk along the beachside with me?"

"What about us?" The crew of pirates say being roped up.

Dane forgotten about the crew,his feral instincts told him to go into his rage mode and kill them,but thanks to Axel's training,Dane was able to resist the rage and says,"You'll be trialled and sentenced fairly like every common criminal."

When Dane said that,Axel noticed the struggle Dane had with dealing with his anger.

"Hmm...he still has some kinks to work out with that rage..." said Axel to himself. He then speaks up. "Don't worry I'll take them to their sentences. Just focus on having fun." Axel said to Dane.

"Well come with me then." Dane says as he offers his arm like a gentleman. He and Yin then walk along the beach for the rest of the nice morning.

As they were walking,Dane was thinking to himself,Why am I still feeling that rage? I thought I taken care of that problem,maybe I should put on my music,but that'll mean I'm ignoring the princess,I know,I wonder if she likes Dragonoid Rock.

"Hey Yin,would you like to listen to music with me?" Dane asks then,"I only have Dragonoid Rock on this snail,but if you don't wanna that's fine." He says as he offers one of his shells.

"Sure! I pretty much listen to anything." she said taking one of the snails to listen as well.

Dane suddenly felt calmer with the music in his ears. To keep it from it be silent as they're walking he asks,"You seen my sister Joan lately. My sister is to be a noblewoman like my mother when she gets older." Dane asks Yin,referencing to Dane's skunk sister.

"Oh, I see her sometimes but not too often lately." Yin said while listening to the music.

"Yeah,I remember when I first met her,I was scared that she'll stink up the place. I mean she did every now and then,but I learned that if you scare her,she will not only stink the place up,she will stink you up." Dane says,"Trust me I've done that."

"Oh right... I do remember Axel warning me to stay from her in case that happens. So where is she now?" asked Yin.

"Right now she's with mother talking to the other noblewomen." Dane says,"Say what's it like being a princess and also having a devil fruit?"

"Well, being a princess does have it's benefits I'll admit and my Devil Fruit powers are pretty cool. Being able to turn into this large horse creature capable of flight and other skills like regeneration. People say my brother is lucker being able to turn into a massive dragon but I honestly wouldn't have like that." said Yin with a slight chuckle.

"Ahh that makes sense." Dane says. They continue walking together along the shoreline,they soon come across an oyster nearby. Dane picks up the oyster and opens the oyster out to find a very smooth pearl. "Want this?" Dane asks,"It ain't seastone trust me."

"Sure! I love pearls! Thank you!" said Yin who happily takes it. "You got good eyes for these huh?" said Yin.

Dane just shrugs then says,"I'm a wolf,I have good vision,I can just see things that some humans or huminks can't see. Say,how about we go back to your group and I'll walk with you guys back to the castle so then we can prepare for tomorrow."

"Right that is true. Let's go back then." said Yin.

They walk back together to where Axel,Yang,and Pangu were at.

"Hey guys,we're back from our walk." Dane says,"I'm about to head out before lunch,what are you guys doing?"

"Playing with these crabs!" said Yang who still had the crabs on his ears.

"Glad to see you two are having fun! We were going to get something to eat ourselves." said Pangu.

"I am getting famished myself lately. Rounding up all those stupid pirates all day allowed me to get this hungry." said Axel.

"Well I will get going now." Dane says,"I promised my mother that I would pick up some coconuts for what mother planned for lunches. And thank you Lord Pangu for allowing me to take Yin out for a date."

"It was my pleasure! Anything for my daughter's happiness!" said Pangu with a bow.

"I really had fun Dane. Thanks for the time today!" said Yin.

"See you tomorrow then." Dane says as he runs off into the island.

The First Big Date

The Next Day

We are at Pangu's castle in the afternoon where the Alpha Knights were talking to each other. After awhile,there was a break among the knights since it was lunch time. Gawain was talking to Pangu amidst the lunch.

"Hey Lord,how have things been doing for you?" Gawain asks Pangu.

"They've been going pretty well! Yin has been focusing more on her studies and Yang has been playing with his new pet crabs lately. Heh the amount of pets he has brought home over the years is pretty grand but he takes care of them! Yin's been smiling a lot more lately as well so I'm definitely happy for them both!" said Pangu.

"Same here." Gawain says,"My son Dane has been having a smile on his face since yesterday,saying that he gotten a date with someone. Though he didn't say who it was yet."

"Oh? He didn't say? Well he went on a splendid date with my daughter Yin!" said Pangu in an excited tone.

Gawain blows out the water in his mouth then says,"WHAT!!!" "My son has a date with your daughter?!!!" "And where are they going?"

"I believe they're still going to Anhui Cuisine! I contacted Sir Anastasia to see if his daughter had any openings there and she was able to reserve a couple of seats just for them! That place is always packed you know!" said Pangu.

"Sheez man,don't spit your water on me." says Gawain's brother Gareth.

"Sorry Gary." Gawain says.

Meanwhile,it is after practice for Lamorak,Galahad and Dane. Dane is now heading off to get ready for his date tonight.

"Man you seem to be in a rush." Galahad says,"What's going on?"

"I got a date." Dane says,"And Axel is letting me off of practice after lunch."

"Woah woah woah," Lamorak says,"Axel doesn't just let anyone leave practice unless it is something important. Tell me,does she got the boobs?"

"Don't say stuff like that to Princess Yin." Dane says.

"Oh,so you're dating Princess Yin." Galahad says. Him and Lamorak then clicked after a second and yell,


"Yup,that is why Axel is letting me go for the day." Dane says.

"You better not have sex with that poor girl." Galahad says.


"YOU IDIOTS!!!!!" Dane says as he smacks both of them,"I ain't doing any of that weird stuff yet."

"I'd should say not. If you did, I'd have to kill you on the spot..." said Axel suddenly in a serious tone but then breathes out. "Just a joke there don't worry. You better be off it is rude to keep a lady waiting." said Axel.

"Thanks Axel." Dane says as he runs off.

An hour passes and Dane is now in his best formal uniform. It isn't much but he had his formal outfit that is worn at parties for his squire rank.

He walks to the castle and waits at the gate for Yin to enter.

Do I look good? Does my breath smell? Am I too tall for her? What if she doesn't show up? These thoughts go through Dane's mind as he's waiting for Yin.

"Come on! You still have a smudge there!" said Pangu from behind the door.

"FATHER! It's not that bad! You can barely see it! Dane is waiting!" said Yin as she hurries out of the door and greets Dane. "Sorry about that! You know how fathers can be. Anywho, you look very lovely! That outfit suits you!"

"Thanks." Dane says,"You look lovely as well in that dress."

"Thank you! I guess we better get going before our seats are taken huh? I doubt that will happen though." she said with a chuckle.

"Yeah,sure." Dane says. He offers his arm out and Yin takes it and they walk along the sides to the restaurant.

"So,what is this exotic restaurant all about?" Dane asks.

"Well, it's basically the best restaurant in all of Chau. It has the highest quality of foods that can be found and some of the best chefs in the world. Only the richest of the rich are even able to dine here." said Yin.

"I remember my dad talking about one but he says that would waste our money." Dane says,"Even Knights don't get paid much even if they are powerful,but it's enough to have a nice mini-castle and everything."

"Yeah...you basically have to be as rich as the royal family or one of the higher estate members to even be able to set food in there. Fortunately we not only can pay for it easily but are personal friends of the owners here. Even the owner's daughter is one of Yang's personal friends." said Yin.

"That's cool." Dane says,"Nice to know people in expensive businesses."

They then make it to the restaurant among the city. Dane notices the massive size of the restaurant."Wow...the place is massive."

"Indeed...I heard if you wanted to walk from the entrance to the back where the chefs cook at, it'll take you 10 minutes. Maybe even longer... Anywho, we better go inside. We just simply need to tell the clerk that we had a reserved seat and they will walk us to our seats." said Yin.

"Ok." Dane says as he enters the restaurant with Yin.

As they were waiting for a clerk to come,Dane noticed the giant ice rink in the middle.

"OOOOOOOOh" Dane says,"This place has an ice rink? Cool! Though the last time I was on Ice,my dad had to pull me out with me encased in ice since it was that cold."

"That's right! It was installed here awhile ago to help keep the guests entertained if they get bored sense the wait times are pretty lengthily at times." said Yin.

"I see your friend there is admiring the accommodations of this restaurant." said a familiar voice to Yin.

"Cordelia? There you are I was wondering when you will get here!" said Yin who hugged her friend.

"Nice to see you two as well Yin! It's rather rare to see you without Yang or Lord Pangu. I'm glad about the former because we just finished getting our supplies back in after his last visit. I see that's your date who is a Wolf Mink. He...doesn't eat as much as your brother does he?" said Cordelia who whispered that to Yin.

"One, definitely not as much as Yang and two, I'm sure he can hear you. His ears are quite sharp." said Yin.

Dane just sharply turns his head then says,"Yeah I can,and I am a big eater,but definitely not as big as Yangs. The name is Dane,miss?"

"Greetings. My name is Anastasia von Cordelia of the Anastasia family. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." said Cordelia who bowed in respect.

"I still can't believe someone as polite as you hang around with Yang and Knights heh..." said Yin with a chuckle.

"Well, I was personally introduced to Yang by Lord Pangu to give him company whenever he's bored and Knights was happened to be following us around. Then we met the others and it lead up to this." said Cordelia.

"That is cool." Dane says,then Dane's stomach starts growling,"Sorry,hadn't had anything to eat since the morning pancakes I had. So I guess that means I'm hungry."

"Oh yeah I tried not to fill up as well so I can eat well." said Yin.

"Alright. I will take you over to your seats. There is a reserved table over by the window that is away from the larger crowd." said Yin as she walks the two over to the table.

"Thank you Cordelia! I was glad father was able to get a window seat." said Yin.

"My pleasure. Being the king of an entire kingdom does have it's advantages huh?" said Cordelia with a chuckle.

"I'm sure it does." Dane says,"I wonder what the view is like from the windows."

Cordelia then leads Dane and Yin to their reserved spot. Dane pulls out Yin's chair for her as part of his code. While he was,he noticed the beautiful view from the windows.

"The view looks outstanding." Dane says.

"Indeed. Just look at all of the people here today! Then again it is always this packed." said Yin.

"The waiter will be over in a few moments. I have some business to attend to the back so just call me if you need me." said Cordelia as she placed a Baby Den Den Mushi on the table and walked to the back.

"So, you like this place already Dane?" asked Yin.

Dane is just on his seat looking like a happy,curious dog."The place is amazing Yin,thanks for your dad suggesting it."

"Heh heh, you're welcome!" Yin said in an excited tone.

The waiter then walks on by ready to take orders for drinks.

"May I start you two with any drinks?" said the waiter.

"Green tea for me please! What you will be having Dane?" asked Yin.

"Uhhhh" Dane says as he looks through the list of drinks,"So many exotic drinks...I'll take that berry forest smoothie. The one with Blueberries,ash berries,blackberries,i think you get it."

"Very well! I will be right back with the drinks." said the waiter as he walked off to get the drinks.

Yin was also chuckling. "I can see that fancy eating isn't common with you huh?" said Yin in a playful teasing matter.

"Well....my mother would cook some fancy meals on holidays,but besides that no,I never really done fancy eating." Dane responds blushing.

"It is rather difficult to get in this place. Even if you have a lot of money, just trying to find a few good seats is a task of it's own." said Yin.

The waiter then returns with the two drinks. "There you go you two. Your requested drinks." said the waiter as he placed the drinks on the table.

"Thank you sir!" said Yin as she grabbed her drink.

"Yes,thank you." Dane says as he grabs his drink and starts drinking. Since Dane is a wolf,he naturally loved the taste of berries in his tongue,"This tastes really good! Even sweeter than the stuff I make at home. Though I use the wild berries when making those."

"Indeed, they use all of the best fruits! Everything is naturally grown!" said Yin.

"Are you two ready to order?" said the waiter.

"Well, I know I want but Dane...you may wanna be a bit." said Yin as she showed him the menu with a very large amount of food.

"Oh wow..." Dane says as he sees the very large list,"Yup...gonna take me awhile. Let's see...Frog Eyes?....Crispy Tarantula?.....oooh here's one. I'll take this....Large Dragon Scale Meat Loaf,man that sounds like a rare delicacy." Dane says ordering it.

Yin snickers a bit before going on with her order. "And I'll have the Roasted Clam Bites with a side of salad." said Yin.

"Very well you two! I will be back later with your food!" said the waiter as he takes the menus and leave.

"I chuckled earlier because you just so happened to order the same thing Yang loves to order here." said Yin.

"Oh...I did?" Dane says,"I didn't know." Dane says as he chuckles a bit himself,"Sorry If I remind you of him." He says as he scratches his head and blushes.

"That is fine! I actually like that you ordered it. I know he can be pretty annoying but he is a good brother. I remember back when I was younger, I accidentally got shot on the shoulder by a pretty mean Marine commander and Yang got so mad that day he attacked him and all of the other Marines at the time. And we were really young at the time. Not to mention that he always make sure I'm not bullied or anything. One guy kept calling me "Nine Tails Bitch" and when Yang heard about him, he punched the guy through like 3 buildings. Annoying he may be at times but he is a loving brother." said Yin who is also blushing embarrassed to be talking personal like this but, at the same time, isn't.

"Funny...Cause that what I'm like to my sister,Joan. When that stork from the SAS came in one day giving away a baby skunk mink no one wanted,my family took her and took care of Joan every step of the way. I always had a special connection with her,probably because she's a mink like me,but I always made sure she was best cared for. That was what my mother told me why I nearly killed that Agravain when I was 7. Cause Joan was being made fun of by him,and I was angry that he was bullying her. Excuse me but Agravain is a bitch if you don't know him." Dane says.

"I've heard trust me. Axel would always says that his skills are good but his attitude was terrible. I met him a few times and....yeah he's a jerk. Of course he knows not to even say anything to me or else Axel will tear him a new one!" said Yin.

Dane chuckles then says,"Yeah,but enough of me using the language,but nothing else fits his description if you ask me. But Axel does say to us to keep giving him the same respect we want to be respected by. Not gonna lie it's hard,especially when he throws your face into a pile of spaghetti."

"Ouch...that sounds pretty tough there... Although, now you say spaghetti..." said Yin who was looking over at the waiter coming by with the food.

"Here you are you two! Your requested meals!" said the waiter.

"That was fast! You guys are really pumping the orders out today huh?" said Yin.

"Actually, Miss Cordelia herself requested that both of your orders be handled first before the others!" said the waiter.

"Heh heh..I had a feeling Cordelia had a hand in this." said Yin.

"Thank you waiter." Dane says as he looks at his meal. He looks at his meal and tries to cut it with his knife,but the knife wouldn't cut through the scales. Dane then tries to bite through the scales,he does do it but it tastes rough and scaly."I feel like I'm to remove the scales before eating it." He says looking dumbly.

Yin chuckles as Dane struggles to eat the food. "Hee hee it is one of those things you have to get through to eat the best parts. Much like a crab where you have to crack the outer shell to get to the meat parts inside. Yang, on the other hand, just eats it as is..." said Yin.

"AAAAAH, That makes sense." Dane says. He then removes the scales of the dragon meat one by one. When all of the scales were off. He takes a bite out of the dragon with his fork. It had a firm texture and was chewy,the taste was like spicy chicken."Man,it's hot!" He says,but when he said that,fire was coming out of his mouth,and when he realized this,"What's....hap-pen-ing.....to....me?" He asks as fire keeps coming out of his mouth.

"Oh dear...I forgot to warn you it does literally have a burning sensation..." said Yin who was blushing in embarrassment for not telling him.

The other people couldn't help but chuckled knowing someone other than Yang ate that type of food.

"It has a mild taste." Dane says as the fire is still coming out,"It just has this weird effect. Tastes good though!" He says with a thumbs up and smile.

"My gosh you act so much like my brother you two will be best friends heh heh." said Yin as she chuckled. "Well, I guess it is in your more pure Mink nature huh?" said Yin who was also eating her food. "Ack! Spicy as well..."

Now it was Dane's turn to chuckle,"Say,I have an idea we can do after eating." Dane says as he cuts out more of his dragon meatloaf."Just might need to save some of this to do it."

"Oh lookie! It's the two lovebirds!" said Knights who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"W-What the!? Nights! What are you doing here?!" asked Yin.

"Nee-heehee! Of course, I'm on a super secret mission to sabotage your date! It's a lie! I'm just here with my family to eat!" said Knights.

"Ugh...I can't tell if you're lying nor not..." said Yin.

Dane was smelling the scent that Knight brought with him that humans wouldn't be able to detect,"He's telling the truth,I can smell him telling the truth."

"Oh? You can tell when I'm lying or not? You got some sort of super nose? Well, ya got me! I wasn't lying that time! Having someone who knows when I lie must die!" said Knights who sounded a little serious.

"W-what what?" said a concerned Yin.

"AAAAND you're bluffing." Dane says smelling that one out,"And even if you were,you have small reflexes compared to me,and by the time you attempted on my life. Your throat would've been sliced before ya know it. Do I make myself clear?" Dane said that question with some intimidation behind those words.

"Nee-heehee! Your fiesty! I like that! Of course if you killed me right here and now, all of my friends will be coming after your head. I may love my pranks but they do care for me! And of course I have my awesome Devil Fruit powers where I can easily take you out like that! You may be dating the princess but my best friend is the confirmed heir the throne which means he has more power than she does... So don't think you can order me around because if I can't kick your butt, Yang can for me!" said Knights being very serious.

"Please don't mess with this troll Dane. Can you just go away now? Yang isn't even here." said Yin.

"Welp, I was invited by my friend Cordelia and she did told me not to mess with you. But I'm not messing with you! I'm messing with fido over here!" said Knights.

Dane's wild instincts were telling him to get after Knights and have him pay. Dane was having a hard time to fight his instincts. Even Yin noticed a change of color from Dane's eyes,as it went from a soft blue to a bloody red for a second until it went back to blue. Dane then snaps himself out of it and says,"Best you get going Knights,If you want to fight me,now is not the time. Just please,you won't like me when I'm angry."

Knights pauses for a few seconds before doing is usual smile. "Nee-heehee! I can sense a lot of darkness in your heart. You're evil down inside aren't ya! Ready to snap and take a bite of anyone! But, being honest, you could probably kill me easily but I'm not lying when I said Yang would do the same to you. I'll be leaving now but just know this Danny Boy! Next time we meet it'll be a fight to the death..." said Knights as he could've been sounding serious or not. He takes a bow before leaving.

"You're alright Dane? I didn't expect Knights to be here today and to find us here and he appeared to be getting to you..." said Yin in a worried tone.

"I'm fine..." Dane says,"It's just I have to fight my instincts for some reason. Apparently according to the doctor,whoever I came from must've had some bad issues with anger,and it seems I am reaping the sins of my "father"."

"I-I see...I'm sorry to hear you carry such a burden...I'm also sorry we had to run into Knights of all people...Maybe we should at least talk with Yang about this or something?" said Yin.

"It's alright...It just seems ever since I've turned 18 my instincts have been fighting me at it's hardest. If you want to we can talk to Yang or Axel." says Dane,"Say,after we're done eating,I know somewhere in the Liaoning Province where there's a nice view of the valley,and I think you will like it."

"Sure! We can do that! Though Axel just probably say to just train off your instincts. Anywho, we can head on there if you want! Food is already paid for in advance anyway. Another perk to being royal." said Yin chuckling.

"You're most likely right about Axel." Dane says,"Yeah we can talk to Yang. But now,time for me to show you something about being a resident of Liaoning. Come on,I even have some money for us to get there by boat." Dane says as he gets up holding out his hand for Yin to get up."

"Sounds good! Maybe we'll meet another one of Yang's friends who lives there." said Yin who takes Dane's hand to get up.

"Who knows..." Dane says,"Unless you count Miss Ori Gami who patrols the area." Dane says as they walk to the outside,"Thank you Miss Cordelia!" Dane says as they walk away.

"Ah so you already know her huh? That makes things easier then! I swear everyone one of Yang's friends except for Knights are total sweethearts." said Yin who was following beside Dane.

"Yeah,she comes around nearby the house every now and then checking on how we are doing. She even one day found Joan playing with a large turtle nearby the river cause we couldn't find her all day. She wasn't really willing to go back home because she really left a stench when she was crying." Dane replies as they walk to the nearest river to get to a boat.

"Ah I see." Yin looks at the river and then starts to tense up remembering the incident with the pirates. "T-That boat is safe right?" said Yin who was visually afraid.

"Of course it is." Dane says jumping in before Yin. He then pays the man of the boat in advance then says,"Liaoning Province please,leave us just before the mountain."

"What business do you have with the princess?" the man asks knowing Yin is the princess.

"Just going to enjoy the nice view from the valley." Dane says,"I'm with the Royal Guard so she's fine."

"Very well."

"Come on Yin,I got you." Dane says as he hold his hands up for Yin to jump down to the boat.

"O-Okay..." said Yin as she jumps into the boat holding Dane's hands. "P-Phew...it is pretty rocky but hopefully it'll be fine."

"Yeah." Dane says as he chuckles."You're holding on to me pretty tight. You want me to keep your hand?" Dane says as he notices Yin is still holding his hand.

"O-Oh! I didn't realize! S-Sorry but sure! A-At least until the boat ride is over." said Yin who was blushing heavily.

Dane chuckles then says,"No problem princess. Shouldn't be too long,maybe at most a half an hour. I just asked cuz your nails were nearly piercing my hands,which sorta says to me you're nervous."

"O-Oops! Sorry about that! "said Yin as she eases up on her grip. "Your hands are furry in a good way." said Yin as she was a little embarrassed to let that out.

"Uhhh,thanks." Dane says chuckling while being a bit embarrassed,"Uhh,is this a good time to talk about feelings or should we wait when we get to the view? I would say view cause you probably don't want to talk when you're in a nervous situation."

"O-Oh! That's probably the better idea huh?" said Yin as she looked out at the clearing. "I think we are almost there."

"I see that." Dane says as they get closer to the bottom of the mountain.

They then make it to where the bottom of the mountain was. Dane jumps out first then says,"Doesn't the forest look nice at this time?" He asks as he notices the leaves falling among the evening sun. He then has his hands out for Yin to help her out.

"Thanks! And this does look nice! Gami will always tell me how good and peaceful it is to live out in the mountains. Living in a castle is fine but I always thought of living in a nice peaceful log cabin..." said Yin.

"Yup...the place is definitely peaceful. My dad and I would go hunting every now and then when he isn't busy. We don't live far from here. Come on,let's go see the view." Dane says as he leads Yin to the top of the mountain.

A Night to Remember

Dane and Yin make it to the top peacefully,it didn't take too long for them to make it. Dane and Yin then walk over to where Dane said about the view. The view consisted of looking at the valley with a waterfall running on the right of them.

"What do you think? I come here sometimes to meditate among the peace of the forest and the Waterfall." Dane says to Yin.

"Meditate in the forest huh? You're sounding like a little of Axel there." Yin said while chuckling. "But this is very beautiful! I love this sight!" said Yin.

"Thanks." Dane says as he looks off into the valley."Wanna sit down on the grass and talk Yin? You can ask me some questions first."

"Oh sure!" said Yin as she sat down beside him. "So, how is it like living out here when you're growing up? Like in the wilderness and whatnot?" she asked.

"Feels like I belong here." Dane says,"I guess since I'm a mink I have that natural love for nature despite my carnivorous looks." Dane then thinks about his question,"How often do you get to be with people like me instead of being cooped up in that castle?"

"Well, not too much honestly. I'm not as outdoorsy as Yang. My father tried to get me to hang with his personal friends but I often just rather do my own things because most of them rather like to cause trouble. Though, by this point, everyone of them except for Knights have matured but it's still in my mind to remain to myself with my studies at the castle. In short, I didn't have too much of my own friends growing up so I was often a shut in except for days when we go out...." said Yin with a sigh.

"So.....if I invite you sometime to my house sometimes maybe you can do your studies there for some different scenery. Or maybe that would be too much for me to do for you?" Dane then questions himself."Alright I have to ask. I don't know about you but I personally like you,or well...love you" Dane says as he blushes,"Ever since last year where we officially met. I have kept thoughts about you every day to myself. And when you were on the beach yesterday,I knew I couldn't hide it anymore. So I asked you out and took you here today to hear your thoughts about me." Dane then drops his ears in embarrassment for saying that.

"O-Oh..." said Yin who was blushing heavily. "W-Well I do feel the same...ever since you saving me from drowning and all. I-I never really hung around other boys before because most of them are often pranksters..." said Yin who was twirling her hair.

"heh heh,looks like we both are embarrassed." Dane says,"But at least that is why I picked here to talk. So we can both talk together." Dane then thinks for a second,"If you're not with anyone else at the moment. You think we can be together?" Dane is staring at Yin with his tail waggling slowly across the grass.

"S-Sure! Like I said I don't hang around too many other boys in my life. Aside from my brother naturally for obvious reasons." said Yin who was blushing and smiling.

Dane then chuckles then says,"Well...Yeah,If you want a change of scenery to do your studies,just come tell me anytime." He then is silent and sitting next to Yin,shoulder to shoulder (If Dane's shoulder was shorter),"Thank you Yin. I promise to take good care of you."

"Thank you Dane. I'd really like that." Yin said smiling.

Just in the distance, Yang could actually be seen and walks away smiling. "I'll just tell dad Yinny was finally having some fun!" said Yang as he walked off to not disturb them.

Off in the other side of the distance,Agravain is seen walking toward Yin and Dane with flowers in his hands,"Hello Princess,why are you here with the giant furball that calls himself a person? I have brought these nice flowers for you." Agravain says as he throws the flowers at Yin,"Get out of here Stone Fox. She's mine now."

Dane then stands up and says,"Who gives you the right to say that?" The height difference between them is great. Compared to Agravain 6' 2" size,he still is towered by Dane's 10' 11". But despite this, Agravain loves to poke his nose on Dane.

"Cuz why would a fox like you be loved by the princess?" Agravain pokes fun,"She likes the Alphas,not some betas. Does that speak your language better furry?" He says this with a nice smug on his face.

Yin looks visually unconformable around Agravain and hopes she could at least get him to leave. "P-Please just leave us be. It's my choice who I want to be with. I'm certainly old enough to choose who I want to be with." said Yin.

Agravain laughs then says,"You both are stupid as you look. Especially knowing this guy." He says as he kicks the man straight in the dingus.

"OWWWW!!!" Dane says as he falls on his knees.

"Much better." Agravain says,"Now can you two both tell me why you two are out together in what seems to be the full moon." He forces Dane's head to move toward the full moon.

Dane didn't want to look at the moon,but he had no choice as he was forced to. Suddenly the wild instinct demons took over him. He gotten taller and muscular and became even angrier.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!" Dane says as he throws his claws at Agravain.

Agravain just simply jumps away then says,"Don't worry princess,I'll save you from this wolven fiend." He says as he jumps back toward Dane and makes an attempt to stab him with his sword.

"G-GUYS!!! DANE!!! CALM DOWN! You two don't have to fight!" said Yin who was trying to stop both sides from fighting even trying to break them up.

The demons inside Dane have now fully awoken since he's in sulong form and simply ignored Yin by just pushing her over.

"You see that. You were dating a monster. A monster that what he's been the whole time! And I will slay the beast and definitely marry you after I become the best knight in Chau." Agravain says as he swings his sword at Dane.

The sword hits Dane on the side,having Dane leave out a large howl. Dane then smelled the leftover meatloaf Dane had. He eats it and breathes fire on Agravain. Agravain then couldn't see around him or anything. So he didn't expect a giant claw slap him across the face,sending him flying into the forests.

Dane was now breathing fire all over the forest,forcing some of the trees to go on fire. Dane then was jumping at Agravain and simply lifts him in the air.

"LET ME DOWN YOU MUTT!!!" Agravain would yell at the uncontrollable Dane.

Dane then is seen ripping the right arm off of Agravain. The arm and Agravain are then in separate hands of Dane.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Agravain says after getting his arm ripped off.

Dane then throws Agravain into the huge forest fire that can be seen. Dane's natural instincts then leave out a large howl into the moon.

Yin lands hard on the ground with her arm breaking in the process. "O-OW...D-Dane...control yourself..." Yin said under her breath.

"Suddenly a whole bunch of paper starts to scatter around Yin and Gami soon manifest herself with her powers even using them to cruch her arm. "Don't worry Yin-san, they're here." Gami said. Yin looks over to see Axel, Yang, and the rest of his friends.

"Gami told us everything. We'll take it from here." said Axel who was swinging his spear around and jams it to the ground.

"Yinny! You alright! That wolf jerk was a jerk after all!" said Yang. "N-No! He was just...Agravain..." said Yin but was still struggling with her arm.

"Don't worry princess. I'll handle him alone. You guys aren't strong enough to handle this kind of beast. Also, Yang, do not look at the moon. Last thing I need is to take down two rampaging Minks." said Axel.


"Just knocking him out. Don't worry." said Axel.

"Yin, I'm going to be serious with you. That wolf guy broke your arm in his uncontrollable rage. I don't think you should be with someone that could accidentally kill you in a blind rage." said Knights who was being 100% serious. Yin could only look down sadly.

"Rah! I'm gonna kick that guys ass!" said Yang but was quickly stopped by Axel. "You and your friends just help clear the forest! Use your dragon form to bring upon rain. I'll handle Dane." said Axel who was looking very serious as he is marching toward Dane with his spear armed.

Dane turns around and notices Axel walking towards him. Dane then just breathes a huge flame from the meatloaf again aiming straight for Axel.

Axel calmly walks through the fire wiping away the flames. Thanks to his dragon heritage and special type of head-resistant armor, Axel took no damage from it as he still slowly walks toward Dane. "Pitiful. Your false flames can't even compare to mine. Nothing but a nice little breeze." said Axel who was readying his spear and continues to walk.

Dane gotten angrier seeing Axel walk out of the fire. Dane then decides to run straight at Axel full speed. Dane then would get out his claws and jump to pounce on Axel below him who is still walking.

"How disappointing. I thought you would've trained your feral instincts but it appears you still have a ways to go." said Axel as a vein appeared on his forehead and he pointed his spear upwards at Dane. "You broke the arm of the person you love and you don't even remember do you!? I'll just have to beat that lesson back into you!" said Axel who took off from the ground and headed right for Dane who was about to pounce on him with his spear pointing upwards.

Dane,not understanding Axel's words, just reaches out his claws towards Axel and was diving at Axel like Dane was a hawk."Fang KILL OLD MAN!!!" The demons inside Dane would say.

"You leave me with no choice then. Great Impalement!" said Axel as his much longer spear was able to pierce through Dane easily as the spear drips with his blood from the attack.

"D-Dane!" said Yin as her eyes started to tear up with Gami immediately hugging her. "Sir Axel said he wasn't going kill Dane and I believe his word." said an assuring Gami. Meanwhile, Yang already turned into his dragon form as he and the others put out the fire thanks to the rain.

Dane sees the blood coming out of him and was coughing it up. It is then seen with the spear still stuck on him that Dane is reverted back into his normal mink form.

"I'm...sorry" Dane would say to Axel coughing up blood and then passing out after on the spear.

Gawain would then be seen running to the situation.

"WHAT IS GOING ON!!!" He then notices in the air Dane impaled by Axel,"DANE!!!" Gawain then looks around himself,the forest charred from the fire,Gami next to Yin tending her,Agravain on the ground with his right arm nowhere to be seen.


"Calm down Gawain. He isn't dead." said Axel who removed his spear from Dane's body. "If you want me to put it bluntly Gawain..." said Axel who turned to Gawain with an intense look of anger on his face. "Your son nearly killed everyone here! More specifically, Agravain and Princess Yin!" said Axel as he pointed over to Yin and Agravain who was being looked over by Cordelia.

"He'll live but I can't say the same for one of his arms." said Cordelia.

Gawain was then shocked to hear that it was Dane at fault. He then falls to his knees and throws his giant sword at Axel then says,"I am his father,I shall claim the fault of this. Please kill me to remove the stain of what are Dane's unforgivable sins." Gawain says as he kneels right in front of Axel,having his head ready for the beheading.

Axel simply facepalms before speaking again. "It's your son's fault, not you. I'm not going to kill either of you because at least he didn't start it." said Axel as he looks over at Agravain who was about to be carried off to help. "I tried to beat that arrogance out of him. I really did but he insists of acting like an arrogant brat. Now, his permanent loss of his arm is his own special type of punishment for acting the way he is."

Axel then turns over to Dane. "Although it is his fault for not properly controlling his instincts. Now, he will have a permanent scar on his body to remind him of his actions. Then, of course, Yin's condition. Of course, a broken arm doesn't compare to a loss one or impalement to a spear but she is still hurt by his actions. Sigh... looks like the hospital is going to have a field day tonight..." said Axel who actually looked a bit saddened by what has happened before him.

Lemme See her

It is then the morning,Dane is woken up by a bright light out of the window. Dane just squints at the bright light then says,"Morning already?"

He tries to get up but can't cause of the wound inflicted on him,"Ohh my pounding head."

"Are you ok there Mr.Dane?" A nurse comes in with a breakfast tray.

"How did you get in here?" Dane ask,suddenly,his head gets swarmed with memories from last night,"MY HEAD!!! Where is Yin?" He then realizes Agravain is on another bed next to him unconscious in the room and noticed the missing arm on him,"And how did he end up here?" He asks the nurse,who just smiles.

"Oh,looks like you don't know,but you're in one of Chau's hospitals. Here's your breakfast. I think some visitors are here to see you." The nurse says and bows then walks away from the room.

"Who is it?" Dane says with him gripping his head.

The door violently opens and Yang rushes in but is quickly grabbed by his tail by Axel. "LEMME GO AXIE!! I GOTTA KICK HIS ASS!!!" shouted Yang.

"Will you pipe down! You're in a hospital! And being royal doesn't mean you can beat up patients!" said Axel.

Yin, whose arm was in a sling, looks over at Dane and Agravain without saying a word yet.

"Axel! Yang? Someone explain to me what happened." He then notices Yin who has the sling. He then gets flashbacks of something incomprehensible but notices Yin getting hurt by him."I-I did that?" Dane was suddenly in tears,"HOW AM I EVEN ALLOWED TO LIVE IF EVEN I CAN HURT THE PRINCESS??" He then grabs the surgical knife nearby him and makes and attempt to stab himself.

In less than a second, Axel quickly snatches the knife from him. "What is with you and your family in trying to kill yourselves? And you think that will be a good idea to kill yourself in front of Yin? Don't go and cause her mental damage. You got the physical part done already." said Axel very bluntly.

"Plus I wanna kick his ass before he kills himself!" shouted Yang.

"Again, pipe down you. You're still in a hospital." said Axel.

Yin walks over to Dane beside his bed. "G-Glad you're doing okay." said Yin as she managed to get the words out.

"Y-Yin..." He says as he hugs her,"I am super sorry what happened. I don't what's been with me lately,but those "Demons" inside me have been knocking my door and this time forced the door open. But I promise to stop them." He says this with tears pouring,"Can you at least believe me?" He says looking at her straight in the eyes with tears.

Yin thinks it over a bit and knows that the person that saved her life before wouldn't willingly do this to her. After a deep sigh, she nods. "Okay. But you have to take better control of yourself next time." said Yin in a rather stern tone.

"Don't worry. I'll just have to give him an even more stricter training regime to beat those "demons" to him. Or toss him to this other feral beast here." said Axel who was holding Yang up while covering his mouth to keep him from yelling.

"Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!" Dane says hugging Yin even more,"I promise I won't fail you." He then hears what Axel says,"Wait...I am to fight Yang here? What about my sparring mates?"

"What about them?" Galahad says as he walks over,"We leave you go for a whole afternoon and evening and you end up here wounded?"

"Nah,It's merely a flesh wound." Dane says talking to his friends.

"Galahad is to get promoted tomorrow." Lamorak says,"I still have to wait another year though."

"This true?" Dane asks.

"Yup,I'm 21 years old and Axel here thinks I'm ready to be a knight. I unfortunately won't be you guys' sparring buddy anymore. But hey,at least you got the prince to become your new sparring buddy.

"Wait WHAT???" Dane says.

Axel is still easily trying to restrain Yang. "I was partly joking about that but he probably won't calm down until he beats the sense out of you." said Axel still holding back Yang.

Suddenly, a rather tall and lean man enters the hospital. It was Akako Yasashiku who just entered the room. "So, is the princess and the others okay?" said Hiku who entered the room.

"Ah. There you are Yasashiku. I was wondering when you would show up." said Axel.

"Word gets around fast. As soon I heard what happened, I came over in great speed." said Hiku who was looking around in the room and at the struggling Yang. "Yang on-edged as usual. Nothing new there."

"Well,if I need to prove myself to Yang why I am worthy of his sister. I'll be ready." Dane says as he tries to get off his bed,but was in great pain."ARRGH,What happened last night to be in this pain?"

"You might want to stay in bed there Dane." Galahad says.

"I'll be the one who'll prove the worth to be with the princess. A monster shouldn't have the princess. If my name isn't Agrava--" Agravain says when he wakes up seeing everyone in the room. But as he was finishing his sentence,Lamorak stuffs a piece of bread in Agravain's mouth.

"You seem like the type for garlic bread. Cause you smell!" Lamorak says stuffing the bread in Agravain's mouth to shut him up.

Axel simply facepalms hearing that Agravain still talking like that. "And here I thought losing your arm would give you a wakeup call..." said Axel.

"Hey! That guy was threatening my sister too! I need to kick his ass too!" said Yang who was still struggling against Axel.

"It is still against the law to attack patients in a hospital..." said Axel with a deadpan look.

"Oh, I see you're awake then..." said Yin to Agravain.

"So, he is the one that is the cause of all of this?" said Hiku.

"My mind is still being a bit hazy. The last thing I clearly remember is me and Yin sitting together in the forest. If Yin wants to explain she can." Dane says gripping his head.

Agravain was trying to speak with a piece of bread stuck in his mouth,but it was really muffled. Galahad then slaps Agravain backhanded,"Let the princess speak! Agravain the prideful."

Yin lets out a deep sigh before speaking. "I can make this brief but overall, me and Dane were enjoying ourselves until Agravain came over and started to taunt Dane. Then, Dane got really upset on top of a full moon happening turning him into his sulong form. He didn't have control over it at all and started to attack Agravain violently ripping off his arm. I, well...suffered a broken one in the process and that is until Axel, Yang, and the others came to solve the problem. I was scared of course but I was even more scared that it looked like Axel killed Dane." said Yin.

"As I said, it wasn't my goal to kill him of course. Different story if he was some random wolf going on a rampage because any harm to you is grounds for imprisonment." said Axel.

"So that is what happened. It appears the reports were accurate." said Hiku.

"And it seems to be this man's fault." Galahad says looking at Agravain,"I wish I can punish you now but I ain't a knight yet!"

"I say we put him in prison...or even BANISH him!" Lamorak says.

"That ain't you two's decision to do so." Dane says,"He would have to be trialled for both those causes. Both I think won't happen due to lack of evidence."

"Isn't a burnt section of a forest good enough?" Galahad says.

"Wait,where did you hit me?" Dane asks Axel as he looks around himself for a wound but then takes off his shirt then sees a part of his left side shaven with a pretty major looking wound on it,"Oh,that hard huh?"

"Of course. Many who been stabbed by my great spear do not live much after it. Of course, I made sure you were able to at least be able to move around afterwards. I can't go killing off my students for something they still don't have control over. As I said, you still have ways to go. That scar will remain with you for the rest of your life as a reminder." said Axel.

"Well,as long I can move around manually without being in pain I should be fine." Dane then says,"And fur will cover it once my fur starts regrowing."

"Say....When will training start to take care of those "Demons" and that Sukong form?" Lamorak says.

"You mean Sulong." Galahad says.

"Well you ain't the one who's going to be stuck sparring with two minks that are taller than me. Even though I'm a zoan user,I still know I'm going to get my butt whooped,especially by the cat." Lamorak says pointing to Yang.

"IMMA A TIGER!!! NOT A C--" said Yang but his mouth was immediately covered by Axel.

"Two things: One, yes you are. Tigers are a species of cat. And two, you're still in a hospital! Keep it down!" said Axel. "But you shouldn't be putting yourself down like that. You never know until you try. It's how you can grow in strength after all." said Axel.

"You got a point sir." Lamorak says,"But doesn't it still be intimidated by two large minks?"

"Hey at least the one won't be targeting you." Dane says,"It seems he still wants to beat me up. Which shall be today. Let's begin my training." He says as he gets up,"Uh Yin,if you want to do your studies up in my place today,I can be sure to have Joan help you out and have mother Ragnell set you up."

"S-Sure! I'd love to do that at least." said Yin.

"You sure are eager. Alright if only you're able to train." said Axel.

"I'm going with them to their studies! Gonna make sure that he doesn't hurt Yinny again!" said Yang who was still glaring at Dane.

"Jeez kid you need to take it easy..." said Axel facepalming.

Dane was tightening up his wraps on his wound. He was groaning in pain,"I should be able to train if I can handle the pain. A knight doesn't stop till he is dead. Like I said,tis but a scratch."

"But there's a hole in you!" Lamorak says.

"I can train still. Learn to get up from wounds like these my lad." Dane says as he pats Lamorak in the back. Dane is then walking toward the door and immediately falls onto the floor in front of the door."I'm ok" he gives a thumbs up.

"Ugh...he's pretty stubborn but I can say I admire his tenacity." said Axel.

"Wolf guy is dumb! He should just rest huh? It won't be fun kicking his ass when he is still weakened like that." said Yang who was scratching his head.

"You're one to call someone dumb but at least you're finally showing some restraint." said Axel.

"OK...maybe I do need some rest." Dane says trying to get up from the floor."But just 1 day,I can't rest any longer than that."

"Uh...Need help there buddy?" Galahad asks.

This is the Way

It's the next day,they are on the top of a mountain in the Liaoning Province,there is a waterfall nearby on the mountain. Dane,Yang,Lamorak,and Axel are on the mountain.

Dane is now seen benching a tree,"Just doing some warmups before training."

"Be careful Dane. We don't need to go back to the hospital." Lamorak says."What are we doing today anyway,figuring out what activates the demons?"

"One good way for him to get those aggression out if to, of course, fight. Dane here doesn't fight many other strong Minks so why not this little hothead right here?" said Axel pointing to Yang who was pounding his fists together.

"Yeeeah! Fiiiighting! Gonna kick his aaaassss!!!" said Yang.

"So I'm going to fight Yang." Dane says,"And release anger?"

"I wonder what Yin will bring to us for lunch." Lamorak says thinking out loud about food.

"Food is always one your mind huh?" said Axel deadpanly to Lamorak but back to Yang and Dane. "Listen you have to fight through those demons you have and I feel that helping to fight another of your kind will help you feel at home. I mean, you can tear off human arms like if they're nothing. So it's better you go against someone who isn't as strong as me but is much tougher than a human." said Axel.

"Plus, Axie said it'll be good training for me too to control my anger!" said Yang.

"Ok." Dane says lifting up the tree and placing it back into the earth,"Is this going to be a brawl with our fists or are we fighting with our swords?"

"It can be either or. Just go at it and Yang, make sure you do what I told you to do." said Axel.

Yang nods and crosses his arms looking right at Dane. "Let's see what you got Wolf Guy! Are you strong as you say or weak as hell? I was thinking the latter!" said Yang.

"Fair enough." Dane says unsheathing his sword,"Loser is one who loses their sword or surrenders. I am ready." Dane pulls out his katana and has it aimed at Yang,"I won't kill you,but It doesn't mean I won't be trying to win."

"Hah hah! Like you can kill me! I'm a lot stronger than you think!" said Yang who manifested his own sword out of Electro and pointed at Dane. "You almost killed me sister and now I'mma kick your ass!" said Yang.

"Very well." Dane says as he breathes in a large amount of air,"Shall we begin?"

Lamorak pulls out a bell and rings it with a hammer. The sound of the bell rings and makes the birds fly away from the noise.

"Shall I attack first?" Dane says as he and Yang are walking and staring at each other in circles. Dane immediately jumps up and fires a sword beam right at Yang,sending a massive sword beam,the size of a wave at him.

Yang quickly dodges it and shoots a beam toward Dane as well. "Hah! You call that an attack?! For someone who was able to tear off a guys arm, you sure do suck at fighting!" shouted Yang.

Axel can be seen sitting down nearby watching their fight carefully. "Now, let's see how he holds up to the taunting." Axel thought to himself.

"Nothing beats like a cranky brother who wants to kick ass." Gawain says standing and leaning on a tree reading a book.

"Yo man,what you reading?" Lamorak asks.

"Making Out in heaven" Gawain says,"Has some of the nicest things in here."

"Lemme see." Lamorak says as he looks into the book,"Those look so HUGE!!"

Meanwhile Dane dodges Yang's beam and and says,"I don't need to get at you to beat me." Dane unleashed multiple waves of sword beams flying at Yang.

Ooh! Lots of beams! Nice try but..."said Yang as he soon starts to spin around in circles releasing multiple electric sword beams that fly toward Dane's which each one canceling each other out. "Not bad! Now show me that power that caused you to hurt my sister!" said Yang in a taunting tone.

Axel continues to watch on carefully keeping his eyes on Dane.

Dane,getting slightly annoyed,decides to intimidate Yang by charging at Yang and having their swords connect,"There were two factors that gone into that. One was that the sulong form contributed to her being hurt. And this is the morning,so I can't do sulong. The other part is that I don't want to,I don't need to hurt you prince."

Yang smirks a bit as he starts to push Dane back. "Hurt me? Don't worry! Your ramage last night doesn't even compare to the ones when I accidently drink! You're like one billion ways away before beating me!" shouted a confident Yang.

"He's starting to look annoyed. Let's see how he fights through it." said Axel to himself.

Dane didn't like the fact that Yang is acting cocky. So Dane decided to jump out and place haki in his left leg and has it kicked right into Yang's head,"Learn to respect your enemy in battle you darn cat!"

Yang shrugs off the attack and smiles back at him. "No, no!" said Yang as he grabbed Dane by his leg and slams him hard onto the ground and lands on top of him." Dogs deserved to be put in the ground! My sister doesn't count especially when you did that to her! You can train all you want but you can never beat someone as gifted as I am! How's it feel huh?" said Yang in a mocking tone.

Dang,ain't this the ultimate embarrassment for a knight Dane thinks,I can't let my demonic side get on me

Though he wasn't in charge of that,seemed the demons barged the door again. Suddenly a red aura comes around Dane. Dane then immediately grabs Yang's leg and throws Yang across the forest mountain,"FANG DOESN'T LIKE PUSSY CAT!!"

"Uhh,what happened to Dane?" A confused Gawain asks Axel.

"Big Tiddies!!" Lamorak says still looking at the book over Gawain's shoulders.

Axel immediately gets up. "Looks like Dane hasn't been able to contain it. Well, that's what happens when your son loses control. I'll be right back." said Axel as he started to walk toward Dane again. "5...4...3...2.." said Axel as Yang suddenly came back in his full dragon form really pissed.

"HEY THAT WASN'T COOL YOU BASTARD!!! YOU THINK YOUR FIRE WAS HOT! GET ALONG OF MINE!!" shouted Yang as he lets loose a giant fire blast that was heading toward Dane. "You need control as well." said Axel as he lets loose advanced haki that actually repels Yang's fire breath back at him and it knocks him from the sky. At the same time this happened, Axel presses down on a pressure point in Dane to get him to calm down.

"OW!" Dane says going back,"What was that sting for? And what with Yang?"

"You mind if I take this book?" Lamorak asks.

"I have plenty of these books at home,and you can get one at the library,just at the special section." Gawain says.

""You lost control again and I had to pretty much knock down Yang as well who tried to incinerate you. Speaking of, where is he?" said Axel as he looked around to see Yang looking over the book Gawain was reading.

"Whoa! Those humans have bigger body sacks than these ladies I caught walking from a local bath once!" said Yang very excitedly.

"YANG!!!" shouted out Axel.

Dane chuckles then says,"Looks like Yang found father reading his favorite books. He has a whole collection of that 73 book series. Mother Ragnell doesn't like Father reading that in front of kids. I mean we're adults." Dane chuckles at it.

"So,what do you think needs improved?" Dane asks Axel."You think there's a way to control these demons?"

"You need to learn to let any insults wash over you. In other words, try not to let anyone get to you. You've always been the better man, er, wolf of your peers so you just have to control that state. Otherwise, you'll end up killing all those close to you." said Axel.

"Come on! Let me have that! I gotta show those ladies that these ones are much bigger!" said Yang trying to grab at it.

"HEY!! This is the premium edition of the book! Get your dirty paws off of it!!" Gawain says as he holds on to his book.

"Ok,but don't you think I can tap into these demons and maybe gain some power from them?" Dane asks with some curiosity,looking like he would want to experiment on that.

Axel rubs his chin in a matter that does interest him. "Hmm, that is not a bad idea. Of course, you have to personally train with me since I'm better at containing your rage should you lose control."said Axel.

Suddenly, Yin comes along and brings a big bag of food. "Lunch time! I got a bunch for everyone so get ready to eat up!" said Yin.

"Hey Yinny! Come over here right quick!" said Yang calling her over.

"Huh? what is it bro?" said Yin as she looked at the book and was shocked by what she saw. "O-OH MY!!!" she shouted while blushing deeply red.

"See?! Those girls have bigger body cushions than you! You should order some so that you won't get hurt all the time!" said Yang who didn't know what he was saying.

"YOU PERV!!!" said Yin as she slapped Yang through a nearby tree.

"OWWWW!!! HEY HOW ARE YOU SO STRONG!? Also, what's a perv?" said Yang who quickly got up to think it over. Yin could only facepalm angrily. "I wish I could unsee that..." said Yin to herself.

"Maybe I should be careful reading this around Yang..." Gawain says.

"Doesn't matter." Lamorak says,"I'm going to go relieve myself over in a nearby bush."

"Does this make you feel better?" Dane says as he gives a hug to Yin,"What food do you have in the bag there?"

"Thanks! I needed that. And I got everyone their lunch! Of course I got you some ham and sweet potatoes! And..." said Yin who noticed the bag as already gone. She quickly knows what happened to it. "YAAAANG!!! THAT IS EVERYONE'S FOOD!!!" shouted Yin to Yang who was going through the bag.

"Rah! Ham and Sweet potatoes sucks! Where's the meaty meat stuff?!" said Yang but he and the bag were picked up by Axel.

"Ham is meat Yang. Also, learn to share!" said Axel as he carried Yang and the bag back to Yin and gives her the bag. "RAH!! NO FAIR! LET ME DOWN!!"

Yin was giggling at the sight. "Thank you Axel! Glad you're around to keep the Beast of Chau contained!" she said.

"Mother Ragnell must've told you my favorite lunch." Dane says as he gets his Ham and potatoes."My mother always said I loved eating sweet potatoes since I was a baby."

"That she is right by." Gawain says to Dane,"I also warned her how much tall and how hungry you would be." Gawain says as he eats his sandwich.

"Well,I guess that can't be stopped." Dane says with a chuckle,"How's the arm feeling? And you like studying in the forest now?" Dane asks Yin while he started eating.

"It's doing fine. My powers allow it to heal a little faster than usual. And I do like studying in the forest! Just as long it doesn't suddenly catch on fire." said Yin with a chuckle at the end as she is also eating.

"Sis is weird! She got her arm broken by that guy but is suddenly so friendly toward him!" Yang said as he was eating beside Axel.

"It's called forgiveness. It's sometimes better to let things go especially if it wasn't intentional. You could learn a thing or two actually." said Axel knowing Yang still has a grudge between Dane.

"AHHHHHH" Lamorak says as he runs out of the forest and towards the group.

"What's going on Lamorak?" Dane asks.

"Remember to always check the spot where you're pissing on." Lamorak says,"You never know if you accidentally piss on one of mamma bear's cubs. OOOH Lunch." He says as he grabs his lunch.

"Wait what?" Gawain says.

And suddenly,a big mother bear comes out of the forest running toward Lamorak.

"HEY,I said I was sorry!" as Lamorak is then running away from the bear as the bear chases him.

"GASP!!! BEAR!!! I WANNA RIDE IT!!!" said Yang as he suddenly hopped on the bear that was chasing after Lamorak.

"W-What the hell?! What an idiot..." said Axel while facepalming.

"Who do you mean? Yang or Lamorak?" asked Yin.

"Yes..." said Axel who was looking displeased.

"Well then." Dane says noticing the two with the bear,"Say is our training session over or are we going to figure out how we can tap into these "demons"?"

"Well, it depends on what you want to do. Just note that Lamorak will probably get eaten if one of us doesn't save him. Yang is having too much fun in the meantime so that's a pain too... Time for you to see if you can make a good decision Dane." said Axel.

"We could use some grizzly meat." Gawain says.

"I would wait for that when she isn't caring for her cubs." Dane says,"Let's go save Lamorak and get Yang off of that bear."

"AHHH,BEAR KNOWS HOW TO CLIMB!!!!" Lamorak says as he's on top of a tree and is noticing the bear climbing up the tree.

"WHOOO HOOO! This bear kicks ass!!" said Yang who was still riding on the back of it.

"Heh, good call. I could easily accomplish this but lets see how you do it then. I won't let Lamorak get eaten I assure you." said Axel.

"Sounds good." Dane says as he gets up from the ground after eating. Dane immediately jumps into action by jumping and tackling Yang off of the tree,them two landing on some bushes nearby.

"Sorry Yang." Dane says as he quickly jumps back up and runs up the tree to get Lamorak. He runs to the top and grabs Lamorak and then jumps off of the tree.

"Fly Lamorak!" Dane says,"Become a hawk or else we're going to be dead!"

"Oh yeah!" Lamorak says as he becomes a hawk and has Dane held by his talons,"You're...too...heavy!" He says as he tries to carry Dane.

Dane and Lamorak immediately are then seen crash landing into the dirt in front of Gawain,Axel,and Yin.

"We're good." They both say as they both have their thumbs up.

"Why didn't Lamorak become a hawk in the first place?" Gawain asks.

"Because, like with bears do, his brain is probably on hibernation. But good work Dane, you've handled that very well." said Axel who nodded.

Yang looks around as he is in the bushes and suddenly starts to move his body around. "Heh heh bush angels..." said Yang making a snow-angle movement in the bushes.

Dane is then brushing off of the dirt on him,"How about we call it a day and come back and do this every morning." he then says,"I'm sure Yang would still like to whoop me some more. And perhaps Yin would like me to help with her studies,don't know how much of a help I could be though." He says as he scratches his head smiling.

"Hell yeah! I'm always up for an ass kicking! Though you're a lot more fun to fight against Wolf Guy!" Yang said with a smile.

"Of course! And it doesn't matter if you don't understand what I'm learning itself, just being there is good enough!" Yin said with a smile as well.

"I do agree. It's about time for my own special dinner. This day was...quite unexpected to say the least." said Axel.

"Hey guys!" Galahad says as he walks up to the group.

"Galahad. What is up?" Dane says giving galahad a handshake and a hug.

"That'll be Sir Galahad now." Galahad says,"Remember I've been promoted now."

"Don't go throwing it around on our faces now." Dane says with a chuckle,"What are you up to now?"

"'Bout to bring some news." Galahad says,"Seems Agravain has gone missing."

"Missing?" Gawain says.

"Yup,he was to still be recovering in the hospital but was recently went missing. No one has seen him lately." Galahad says,"We are in the current state of looking for him."

"That ain't good." Dane says.

"No, it isn't. He was supposed to be resting so why isn't there?" said Axel to himself.

"Maybe he got hungry and left to get something to eat?" said Yang.

"No bro, only you would do that. It worries me he is on the loose like that." said Yin.

"Who knows where he went." Dane says,"But may the gods' favor be with him."

"Yeah." Galahad says,"Definitely going to need some devil's luck to have him survive."

"Say how about we get off this mountain and go do what we originally planned." Gawain says,"I'll make sure Dane and Yin make it to my house safely,and I'll keep an eye on if I see Agravain."

"I shall do the same." Galahad says."Come on Lamorak,let's go take a bath at the lake."

"Sure thing." Lamorak says following Galahad.

"Come on Yin,teach me something when we get home." Dane says.

"Sure! I'd love to do that!" said Yin as she followed beside Dane.

"Soooo what we do Axie?" Yang asked Axel.

"Like I said, I'll be going to eat. I get hungry too you know." said Axel.

"Can I join you?" Yang asked Axel.

"No. I want to be able to eat for tonight and tomorrow morning thank you. Just go back to your place." said Axel.

"Okay! Dad's making meat pies anyway so I want to eat those!" said Yang as he and Axel walked off.

After some Rocky training

1 Year Later

Dane,Yang,Axel,and Yin are at the mountain again. Lamorak has just became an official knight. Yang and Dane are now about to fight each other again.

"Now let's see how a years worth of training can do to you Yang." Dane says."I promise to be careful Yin." He says as he's hugging Yin before they fight.

Yin hugging back smiles and nods. "I know you will!" she said.

Yang is seen stretching on the ground getting ready to fight. "Heh, I'm not going easy on ya Wolf Guy! You're strong but not stronger than me!" said Yang.

"You ready then?" Dane asks Yang.

"500 qian on Dane winning by knockout." Gawain says.

"1000 on Yang by removing Dane's sword." Lamorak says.

"Boy you are so gonna lose your money." Galahad says,"6000 on Dane winning by knockout."

"You fools betting on this match... Anyway, let's get this match on the way." said Axel giving the signal.

"Still going swords again huh?" said Yang as he takes out a large katana made of Electro. "Axie taught me katanas are easier to use! And cooler!" said Yang.

"I did not say that last part!" yelled Axel.

"Well,did he say which is more destructive?" Dane says as he pulls out his massive sword that looks even bigger than the one Gawain has. Dane immediately charges at Yang and fires a massive sword beam at Yang.

"Phew! Not bad but I'm not gonna fall!" said Yang as he uses his Electro to enlarge his own swords to fire an X-shaped giant sword beam that collides with Dane's sword beam. "Heh heh not bad but I got me my own training done the last year! I do wanna be a pirate after all!

"Heh, he always kept talking about being a pirate." said Yin who was watching from the sides.

"A pirate eh?" Dane says as he jumps high into the sky and fires an X shaped sword beam of his own."Maybe learn how to be a decent prince first."

"Damn,I thought Yang was to give out the insults." Lamorak says.

"Hah! At least I'm one! I bet you wanna marry my sister to do the same thing! You copycat! Or copywolf!" Yang said with a smirk as he rushes toward Dane with a double sword thrust.

"Y-YANG!!! STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE THAT!!" said Yin while blushing.

"Ok...I take that back." Lamorak then says.

Dane is then smirking after he jumps and avoids Yang's attack,he then gives Yang a little scratch and the side with his sword,"If I wanted to copy you,I probably would've perfected it before you. Which would make you a copycat...in a literal sense."

"Holy crap,there is definitely two different battles going on here." Lamorak says.

"Heh, you're getting good with your remarks! Must be from hanging out with Axie all the time!" said Yang as he scratched one side of Dane's face as well. "Your skill with the swords are better than me, buuuuut in terms of raw power, I have you beat!" said Yang with a smile.

"That is true and I meant for Dane being at better swordplay than you. You have physical power, yes, but you have no good control over that power to be considered." said Axel who had his arms crossed.

Dane is then debating to release some of his demons in him. But decided it wasn't the time yet. Dane then jumps and deals a flying roundhouse kick induced with haki,sending Yang flying into the forest.

"Wanna debate who has raw power? Even though my hands are full,I can still use the extent of my legs as a sword itself." Dane says as he releases two sword beams,a small one from his tail and another massive one from the massive sword.

"He's got a point." Gawain says,"Even if one's weapon is a sword,a sword can be a leg itself."

"Man he sended Yang flying." Galahad says."You think he's knocked out yet?"

Yang gets back up after dusting himself off. "OWWW! That "Maki" really hurts! I shouldn't take too much damage from that!" said Yang.

"It's "Haki" and it by-passes most Devil Fruit weaknesses. Your dragon's resiliently doesn't give you much defense against it especially since your own Haki is weak as hell." said Axel bluntly.

"But wait! How can this non-royal guy be stronger than me?! Guys who isn't royal shouldn't be this strong! Name one person that is stronger than a non-royal than me!" said Yang to Axel.

Axel rolls his eyes for a couple of seconds before replying. "Me." he bluntly said.

Yang only could sit there and blink for a couple of seconds. "Yeah but you're like super older than me! Wolf Guy is like my age!" said Yang.

Then the two sword beams Dane fired earlier hitted Yang where he was. Knocking Yang back down again.

"I would keep your awareness up if I was you." Dane said,"You standing there just made the sword beams' job easier. And second,me being trained by Axel for over 10 years definitely has advantages,like how to use haki properly."

"Come on Yang." Lamorak says,"Get Dane to activate his demons."

"Don't give out help!" Galahad says as he slaps Lamorak.

Yang jumps back up to his feet and looks over at Axel. Axel nods knowing that's what he wanted Yang to do. He looks over at Yin who also gives a nod in approval. "Alright! You may have been training over a year but I'll never forget what you did to my sister! She still tell me she has nightmares on what you did! You're just a dumb wolf that cannot control his anger!" said Yang as he sends out a bunch of electric sword beams at Dane.

Dane then just smirks when the electric beams flew at him. He then block some with his sword induced in haki. He then jumps to avoid the last few beams.

"You asked for it." Dane says as his eyes go blood red again. Not unleashing all of his demons to keep control,a red aura came on him. And with haki still induced into the sword,Dane swings the sword like a baseball bat and connects it to Yang. Yang just goes flying deeper into the forest.

"Wanna ask for more?" Dane asks outside of the forest.

"Keep the battle on the mountain cliff." Gawain said,"We don't need to destroy more trees."

"Or make more mamma bears angry." Lamorak says.

"Whoooa.....what the hell? That guy all of a sudden got so strong!" said Yang who was starting to get up.

Suddenly, Axel appears behind Yang with his arms still crossed. "Heh, I may have trained him a bit too well in using his anger as a weapon instead I'll admit. However, sorry to say prince, but it's that control where he pretty much surpassed you in strength now." said Axel.

"Say wwwwwwhat!? He's stronger that me?! But I can turn into a dragon!" said Yang.

"So can I but I don't even need to use that form at all to show how much stronger than you I am. Not all of us need some magical fruit to get ahead in life." said Axel bluntly.

"Rah! I'm not done yet!" shouted Yang as he got back to his feet.

"Suit yourself. Only the stronger can admit they know when the fight is unwinnable. You'll just have to find that out the hard way." said Axel.

"Come on Yang. If you want more,come and get me." Dane says as he taunts Yang with a come over here wave. Dane then immediately jumps up and fires a barrage of massive sword beams and then drops down to the ground,shaking the ground,and firing a tsunami-size sword beam right at Yang.

Sword Beam: Thunderwave is what Dane would say when he made that move.

"That ain't going to help the forest." Gawain says.

"WHOA!!! BUNCH OF BIG BEAMS!!!" said Yang as he quickly flew up to the sky to avoid them. "Bah! Enough with the swords! I suck at using them anyway!" said Yang as he started to breath a bunch of fire at Dane.

Axel can be seen sighing at that. "I'd rather he stick with using swords...He won't get far at this rate." said Axel.

"I guess since you are a knight you don't have to fight by their rules." Dane says. He then blocks the fire breath with armament haki."If I can get one good lick on him,he can be done for" He then thinks to himself.

"How do you think this is going to go?" Gawain asks Yin,"You think your boyfriend or brother would win?"

"Yang is strong but Dane has been pretty much overpowering him. Dane has been training with Axel for a whole year while Yang has been training but he often likes to take it easy too much." said Yin.

"Heeeey! How can a non-royal be stronger than a royal like me! I decree you Wolf Guy to not be stronger than me!" said Yang.

"That's not how it works!" shouted Axel.

Dane is looking at the sky where Yang is up now and was improvising on how he could get up there."Maybe I can taunt him to come down." Dane then fires another barrage of sword beams at Yang,"Hey! if you want to beat me up,you gotta come close to me and not be afraid of me. You pussy cat!"

"WHAT?!?! NO ONE CALLS ME THAT P WORD THAT I HEARD YIN ACCIDENTALLY UTTERED IN THE BATHROOM JUST LAST WEEK!!!" said Yang who angrily came down and started to charge at Dane avoiding the sword beams along the say.

Axel simply ignores what Yang said but smirks a bit at Dane's plan. "Heh, turning the tables on him I see? Not bad, not bad..." Axel said.

"K-KICK HIS ASS DANE!!!" said Yin who was blushing heavily.

Dane hears Yin and smiles and gives a thumbs up,"Don't worry I will,and second,watch your language young lady."

He then turns around with the help of observation haki and sees Yang coming at him head on."I don't need to defeat you with my sword,all you need is some Sweet Chin Music!"

Yang is then met with Dane's leg which is induced with haki. The foot hits Yang right on the chin,sending Yang back into the forest and down on the ground again.

"He looks knocked out." Gawain says looking at Yang,"Shall we call it Axel?"

Axel walks over to the knocked out Yang and picks him up over his shoulder. "Yeah, I would say so. This guy probably would just need to rest it off." said Axel.

"Whoa...Dane got so strong in the course of one year..." said Yin who was impressed.

"Yeah,We won! Now give us your money Lamorak!" Galahad says.

"Aww man..." Lamorak says as he gives his betted money to Galahad and Gawain.

Dane then puts his demons back in himself and was a back to his normalcy."Phew....fighting sure does make me hungry. How did I do Yin?" He asks as he walks up to Yin.

"Heh heh, you act so much like Yang now even though he is currently out of it. But you have done great! I can't believe how much control you have now!" Yin said pointing to the now sleeping Yang.

"Zzzzz....meatpies..." said Yang in his sleep.

"You have much success in containing your demons. Well done. I am also getting a bit hungry and I'm sure this beast here will like to eat when he wakes up." said Axel referring to Yang.

"Say,I will take Dane and Yin back to my house. And I'll be back at the castle once I get these two at the house." Gawain says,"Galahad,your father would like to see you with your strategy skills."

"Aww man," Galahad says,"He must want me to play a game of chess or shogi or something."

"I'm going to go get some lunch with my sister." Lamorak says.

"So what am I going to learn today with the studies Miss Yin?" Dane asks as they started walking.

"Alright then. I will see you all later." said Axel as he walked off with Yang.

"Advanced Meteorology!" said Yin with an eager smile on her face. "It's a study of the atmosphere itself and all the types of things that can occur there!"

"Sounds like a very interesting subject." Dane says,"Can't wait to learn."

"Indeed! Then we can do Advanced Chemics, Algebra, and of course to learn more about the term Antidisestablishmentarianism!" said Yin after saying one of the longest words known man.

Mr.Full Moon

It was late evening that day. And Yin and Dane are together on a stone table nearby Dane's house and in the forestry. Dane is there trying to stay interested in Yin reading about Advance Meteorology.

"What did I say earlier?" Dane thought to himself,"The most interesting subject I said."

Yin notices Dane struggling a bit. "Are you okay? Did you want me to go through the 7 layers of the atmosphere in full detail again?" said Yin who was eager to teach him.

"What?...Yeah I'm fine." Dane says with a smile,"I'm loving the fact that you love to teach me,even though I'm having trouble learning it."

"I got you two some nice milk and cookies." Lady Ragnell comes outside and walks over to the two at the table.

"Ooooh cookies!" Dane says,"Studying hard sure makes me hungry."

"Now don't go eating all of them Dane." Ragnell says,"Make sure there is plenty for Yin."

"Oh yeah." He then gives the plate to Yin,"You may take the first one."

"Thank you! I'll admit I'm kinda used to one person hogging all of the treats for himself." said Yin as she took a cookie while thinking about Yang on the last one.

"You are very welcome." Ragnell says,"I'll leave the glasses of milk here if you guys want some. Let me know if you two need anything." She says as she walks back inside.

"Thanks mother." Dane says. Dane is then drinking some of his milk then asks,"Hey,have you ever looked at the moon before when it was full?"

"Well, father would say he rather not i look at the Moon just in case I go on a rampage like Yang. He once destroyed nearly half of the higher estate because of it." she said as she drinks her milk.

"Well,I was reading the almanac earlier and I saw in about 10 minutes,a full moon was to go out." Dane says,"Knowing after my training I can contain myself from doing any terrible damage. And I was curious if you would like to try do it with me? I promise I'll be protecting you from doing anything harmful. And if you do...I'll give you a big ol hug like this." He says as he gives Yin a hard hug.

Yin was blushing after receiving the hug. "S-Sure! I would love that! Especially since I know you're in control now." said Yin.

"Good,now let's go through the lunar systems again." Dane says this time suggesting that subject to Yin."I've been forgetting which one brings tides in."

"That will be the full moon of course! Technically, it depends on the phrase of the moon. If it's full, the tides are highest and if it's dark, the tides either don't happen or they'll really low" said Yin.

Suddenly, Knights can be seen walking over to them as they studied.

"Studying on this night huh?" asked Knights.

"Oh, hello there Knights." said Yin who actually greeted him fairly.

"Hello there." Dane says,"Yeah,letting Yin educate me before we look at the moon together,it's to be full tonight."

"Whoa! You're not gonna go beastly and kill me are you?! Nah! I know you're in control! I saw you destroy Yang earlier! That was soooooo cool! I know Yang is my friend but I admire strength and you have it! Axel made a gooooood pick to who to train after all!" said Knights who was impressed.

"Wow YOU of all people giving a sincere compliment? What's the occasion?" said Yin who was surprised.

"Weeeeeellll after seeing that guy lose an arm for pissing him off, I didn't want to be that way as well! It's a lie! I actually felt bad for teasing him back then and wanted to apologize...the day of that incident made me view things in a different light. And that is not a lie." said Knights with a serious face.

"That wasn't me in control." Dane says,"But that can be the extent of my powers. But yeah it's alright." Dane says to Knights,"I am much better at it than what I was last year. But yeah,thanks for the compliment."

The full moon is then coming out into the sky. Dane stares right at it and goes into his sulong form."HECK YEAH,THIS FEELS GREAT! Your turn Yin!" Dane then is holding on to Yin's shoulders,"If anything happens,I am here so don't worry."

"W-Whoa! A-Are you sure!? I-I never done it before!" said Yin who was caught off guard by the sudden request.

"Go ahead Yinny! If anything happens, I can call Axel to help out! That's not a lie!" said an assuring Knights.

"Okay then." said Yin who looks up at the Moon as well and it triggers a unique sulong form in yin where her eyes and tails turn longer and white. "O-Oh my! So much hair!"

"Whooooooaaaaaaahhhh! I meant to say this earlier but that looks soooooo cool!" said Knights.

"You see,It ain't that bad." Dane says. Dane is now just noticing the giant tails that were from Yin. He picks one of the nine and says,"Has anyone said your tails are cool and so soft." He said as he rubs his head on it like it was a pillow.

"H-Heh...t-the first time actually especially since it's my first time using this form. Of course you're just as fluffy" said Yin while blushing.

Knights as also holding onto a couple of the tails. "They're soooooo soft! I need to ask my parents to get me something as soft as these!" said Knights.

"Well,I guess I am also fluffy." Dane says looking at himself,"Bigger,better,faster,stronger,and fluffier. Come Yin,cuddle on me." He says as he gives Yin a big hug.

"You're quite the arrogant one aren't you? Like you're flufflier than me!" said Yin who was embracing the hug.

"Technically he is all those things Yin!" said Knights with a smile on his face.

"Not now Knights!" said Yin.

"Ok...maybe you are the fluffier one." Dane says holding onto one of the tails still. They were still hugging each other,when Dane had an idea."Say uhhh,I know we've been together for over a year now. But uhhhh,do you want to kiss?"

"O-Oh! I-I...sure!" said Yin who was blushing red and looks over at Knights.

"Nee-heehee! Say no more! I bet my parents are getting worried! Or not! Nah, they will! Later!" said Knights who walks away.

"O-Okay now I'm ready for this!" said Yin.

Dane then drops his head down closer to Yin. Dane and Yin then lock their lips together in a kissing position. They both kissed in their sulong forms and among the moon. Dane then takes his mouth off of her and says,"Wasn't as hard as I thought."

"Heh heh...it sure wasn't. We should've done this awhile ago. said Yin.

Just from the distance, Yang can be seen in the bushes spying on them. "So, that's how they do it! The weird handshake that involves pressing your faces together! That looks cool I should try it with one of my friends!" said Yang.

Off in the other distance,on some trees. Gawain and Axel are seen spying on Yin and Dane together.

"It seems Yin can control her form." Gawain says,"Especially with Dane around her. She seems to be more confident around him."

"Why in the hell are we acting like spies? This is quite unconventional...but I do agree, I was worried she was going to lose control like Yang did years ago. Maybe Dane is ironically her barrier." said Axel.

"We aren't really spying." Gawain says,"We're just making sure the safety of Yin and Dane are there. But now I have an idea...."

In the morning

Dane is now awake in his bed. He sits onto his bed and notices the bright sunshine from the mountain in the distance.

"Man...I don't remember falling to sleep or climbing onto my bed." Dane says to himself.

Dane then notices a giant lump right next to him. He turns his head to see Yin sleeping on the bed still.

Dane then pops his eyes seeing it was Yin."Ok,whose idea was this. Well,better make sure she's snuggled." Dane says as he gets back in the bed and wraps his arms around Yin to keep her warm in the fresh cold autumn of Chau.

Yin soon wakes up. "Huh? Am I in my room? Is that Yang wrapping his arms around me..? "said Yin as she looks to find Dane there and is a little surprised. "O-Oh! I didn't expect to see you there Dane! Sorry I was so used to me in my room this is my first time sleeping somewhere else after all." said Yin as she was blushing.

"That's alright." Dane says,"I just don't remember us hitting the bed at all." Dane then says,"I hope you slept well,and tell me what are you wearing. I don't need to see you naked yet." Dane says as he notices himself shirtless and in some pajama shorts.

"O-Oh no! Father won't allow me at my current age! At least I won't think so..." said Yin who was blushing. "But I was wearing my usual Chau traditional clothing."

"Seems you two had a nice sleep." Gawain says at the entrance of the bedroom with a cup of coffee in hand."Mother is going to get breakfast for you two,so stay there in bed you lovers."

"Dad,may you explain what happened?" Dane says.

"Yeah,you two fell asleep outside snuggling to each other,mostly Yin onto your fur." Gawain explains,"Me and your mother would place you two together in that bed,don't worry Yin. You're wearing a normal nightgown."

"So,is this a thing now?" Dane asks,"Me and Yin can now fall asleep together?"

"Me and Lord Pangu were talking,and we came up with that you two can sleep together,as long as you two don't have sex till marriage." Gawain says.

"It's against the code of chivalry to do so anyway." Dane says,"Stay pure till the perfect woman is presented to you."

"Exactly,and since you are more resistant than most boys,you get to have a privilege to sleep in the same bed as her." Gawain says,"That's if she wants to. Of course there will be some days that Yin will have to go home and sleep there,but we thought you two have been good to each other for this."

"I got breakfast ready for you two!" Ragnell says carrying a tray of two dishes,"Eggs and bacon with some pancakes."

"Oh wow thank you ma'am! I haven't had any of these in awhile!" said Yin who was very happy to have the food.

"You are very welcome." Ragnell then says,"Your clothes are over there when you two are done with your breakfast together."

"Thanks mother." Dane says.

"Now you two eat breakfast together and get going soon." Ragnell says,"You have training in about 3 hours."

"Ok mom." Dane says starting to eat his pancake.

"What are you doing Gawain." Ragnell says to Gawain,"Get going,let's have these two be together themselves."

"But I was just...nevermind. Sure honey." Gawain says as he follows his wife.

"Well,looks like I have more training." Dane says as he's drinking a glass of orange juice,"You going to stay here and do more studying while I'm training?"

"Sure. Father would probably want me to study while I'm away. Good luck with your training!" said Yin with a smile on her face.

"Thanks." Dane says as he gives a kiss to Yin on her forehead,"Love you."

Yin blushes and she rubs her head lightly. "Love you too."

Yang was seen peaking from outside without being seen from them. "Awwww...Knighty was right! They are cute together!"

Revenge from the Prideful

2 Years Later

It is Yin and Yang's 21st birthday. There is a huge party going on at the Thang Long Castle. All of the royal nobles are there as well as the Alpha Knights and the Jinyiwei. The main part of the party is taking place in a ballroom. Everyone there singing and dancing,just having a good time.

"Man look at all of the people here." Lamorak says,"This really is a special occasion."

"What is exciting too is that Dane here is going to become a knight soon." Galahad says,"Axel says that you've proved yourself to become a knight."

"Thanks." Dane says,"Can't wait to be knighted by Lord Pangu. But right now,I'm waiting for Yin to come out."

"Man,how long have you two been together?" Galahad asks.

"Probably like 3 or 4 years now." Dane says,"And she's been my only girl I've ever dated."

"And I'm here who already been through like 17." Lamorak says.

"17!!!!" Dane and Galahad says.

"Well,there was a time I was dating a harem of girls." Lamorak said,"I did that cause Percival didn't think I could do it."

Dane and Galahad just facepalm themselves from hearing Lamorak.

Soon, Pangu with Yang and Yin both come out wearing pretty fancy dresses with Axel stating toward the side of them.

"Welcome all! Thank you for coming on this special day yet again! For the birthday of my two special children! And of course, the knighting of one Sir Dane!" said Pangu.

"This suit is starting to itch...!" said Yang who was scratching his body.

"Bro, you have to stop that...special moment today!" said Yin whispering to Yang.

Axel steps over and lightly taps them on the shoulders. "It's best to stay focused you. Especially with him watching and about to be out here." said Axel who was gesturing Yin over to where Dane is.

"R-Right!" Yin say while blushing embarrassingly.

"Now then, let us begin! Dane, you may step forward!" said Pangu.

"Oh,well guess I'll be knighted soon like you guys." Dane says.

"We were proud to be your sparring buddies." Galahad says saluting Dane.

"Same here." Lamorak says as he salutes to Dane.

Dane is then seen walking to where Pangu,Yin,Yang,and Axel were standing at. Dane then bows down to where Lord Pangu and says,"Before I am official,may I ask one thing sir?"

"Oh? What will that be? Ask away!" said Pangu in a excited tone. Yin also tilts her head curious on what he will be asking.

"Well...It ain't something for you Lord Pangu. It's for the fair lady Yin." Dane then walks towards Yin.

"Happy birthday Yin! I am so happy that it's a special day for both of us. And I wanted to give you your birthday present early." Dane then grabs a small black box from his pocket. He then opens the box,showing off a ring with a smooth pearl on it."It's been nearly four years now Yin,and I now think it's the best time for me to ask." Dane then kneels down to Yin."Princess Yin,would you marry me?"

"!!!" was pretty much a reaction that Yin could make as she was completely caught off guard by this.

"WHOA! Wolf Guy's doing that thing that people always do when they give a ring to another then have this big party and then do that secret faceshake!" said Yang who was half oblivious about what's happening.

Axel lets out a small smirk. "I had a feeling you were planning on doing that sooner or later. It was written all over his face." said Axel.

Pangu suddenly lets out a hearty laugh that could be heard all across the castle. "Gods this is a special day indeed! First the birthday party, then the knighting, and now a proposal?! This day will go down in history I tell you want! Now then daughter, he asked you a question how will you answer?" said Pangu who leaned down to Yin.

"I-Is it okay father? I-It's not too soon is it?" asked Yin.

"That's up to you sweetie! If you feel it's so, then go for it!" said Pangu.

"T-Then yes Dane! I will accept!" said Yin.

The people watching were praising what had just happened in the occasion. Galahad and Lamorak had their jaws dropped when they heard it. Gawain just blasts wine onto his brother's.

Dane gives a hug to Yin and kisses her then walks up to Lord Pangu,"Ok,I'm ready!" Dane says as he kneels down in front of Pangu.

"Alright then. Let us get you knighted!" said Pangu as he does the motion with the sword for the knighting process. "I hereby dub you Sir Dane, the Knight! Congratulations!" said Pangu as everyone including Axel of course started to clap and cheer.

But then,the door of the castle opens. A hooded figure walks into the room with an ominous feeling to him.

"Hey,we don't allow uninvited guests here unless it's---" Lamorak says but is then met with an electromagnetic shockwave from the man's right arm. Lamorak was sent flying into the next rooms,crashing through walls.

"What the hell?" Percival says seeing her brother getting flown across the room,"That was my brother!"

"YAH!!! THAT GUY HAS ELECTRO!!!" shouted Yang very loudly.

"What the hell?! What's going on here?!" said Axel who was quickly on guard.

"A-Are you okay Lamorak!?" said a very concerned Pangu.

"W-What..? What's going on?" said a frightened Yin.

The man then walks up closer and closer to Dane. Dane was just standing there as calm as he can be.

The man then reveals a sword that was giving out a blue aura around it like a light. He had the sword right at Sir Gawain's neck. The man then takes off of the hood on him,revealing the short,brown haired man with an eye scar over him.

"It's been 3 years Dane." Agravain says with a smirk.

"Welcome back Agravain." Dane says,"There's drinks here and a nice party going on. Just take off the emo clothing and let's have a good time." Dane says as he gives off a smirk.

"Agravain... I wonder where he has been to all these years." said Axel who was clutching his fist.

"It's that one-armed guy that caused all those problems back then!" said Yang.

"Agravain..." said Yin who was still frightned.

"I wonder what he is doing here causing a ruckus.." said Pangu in a more serious tone.

"I'm sure you have SOOO MANY questions with what I was doing Dane." Agravain says.

"No,nor do I care." Dane says. He then notices the black arm on Agravain's right,"You got a new arm?"

"I went travelling across the grand line for awhile,looking to get more powerful. Just so I can come back and beat your ass Dane." Agravain says,"Just gotten a few extra toys to play with." He says showing off his lighted sword and his robotic arm,"Now if you don't accept this challenge that I will be giving you. Your dad here will lose his head." Agravain explains as he has the blue-bladed sword at Gawain's neck.

"Whoooa! He's got a robotic arm! That's cool!" said Yang but was quickly slapped by Yin. "OW!! HEY!!""

"PRIORITIES BRO!!!" shouted Yin.

Axel looks super angry with his dragon eyes and fangs showing through. "He's taken Gawain hostage. How annoying...it'll be too risky for me to stab him." said Axel.

"This is very troubling...none of us dare do a thing unless Dane accepts this." said Pangu.

Dane just stands there emotionless,staring at Agravain,"State the challenge that you are bringing up."

Agravain gives a smirk onto his face,"I,Zhang Lui Agravain,challenges London Dane to a duel!!!"

"A duel?" Dane asks,"For what purpose does this duel serve you?"

"You've taken away my knighthood. And you've also taken my love straight from my face. You've taken away my pride!" Agravain says,"Me winning this fight grants me back my pride,takes away your knighthood,and your love. My sweet princess Yin..." Agravain says.

Dane just stands there emotionless,not making a reaction from the stipulations from the challenge.

"Did he just say that I think he just said?" Pangu spoke calmly to Axel.

"Zhang Lui... So they still live on... And I used to teach one of them all along..." said Axel who was being super serious.

"Zha who? What's some type of food?" said Yang.

"I've read about them before...the Zhang Lui were a family of tyrants that ruled Chau in fear. Until one of our ancestors took the throne away from them in our name and ruled it in peace ever since. We thought they all died off and left Chau altogether but it seems they're still around. And it's Agravain of all people...that explains his disgusting attitude..." said Yin.

"And eventually,I will become king again like my ancestors before me. Think of it as some revenge if I marry the Thang Long's princess and become ruler of Chau Kingdom. I'll be the winner this time Dane!!!"

"In order to become king of Chau..." Dane says,"You need to have a dragon devil fruit."

"You think I don't know that?" Agravain says. He then reveals two large black wings from his back,"I have the Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Wyvern! I more than qualify for the position of king."

Dane was standing there,if he was angry,he showed no mention of it.

"It'll take more that just that just to take back the throne that my ancestors long taken from you!" said Pangu.

Axel looks even angrier but tries not to make a move knowing the situation. "If he didn't have Gawain hostage, I would've killed him easily by now..." said Axel who was gritting his teeth.

"He has a dragon Devil Fruit just like me?" said Yang.

"Yours is a lot more special bro... His is just a Wyvern...but as father said as long it's a dragon devil fruit, you are in line for that role." said Yin who also looked upset.

"Of course, it'll take more than that as Lord Pangu said. You actually have to kill him and that kid is way out of his league." said Axel.

"Lord Pangu." Dane says,"You were right,today will go down in history,a birthday,a knighting,a proposal,and now a challenge." Dane was saying as he was clenching his fist,"If I takes you three years to recollect yourself to become a better man than me. Let me know I've been training myself. And I will be willing to show you how much I have changed over 3 years."


"Hmph,we shall see if your precious training has come to waste or not." Agravain says,"We shall meet at the fairgrounds,with the whole country watching this battle to determine the fate of this land." Agravain then removes his sword from Gawain's neck and walks away,"Oh and Yin,can't wait to have you among my arms." He says with a smug.

"HEY AGRAVAIN!!" Lamorak says yelling at Agravain,"FUCK YOU!!!" He says as he middle fingers Agravain while he's stuck in debris.

"LAMORAK!!!" Dane yells,"We don't speak like that!"

"Easy to say for a man who wasn't the one who was sent through a wall." Lamorak says,"Now someone give me some help!"

Yin backs up a bit after hearing that but Yang puts his hand on her shoulder with a smile and thumbs up.

"Don't worry sis! I won't let that bastard get ahold of you! And I'm sure Dane won't let that happen either." said Yang.

Yin smiles back and nods. "R-Right, thank you."

Pangu takes a deep sigh. "This day was supposed to be special... but to turn out like this..." said Pangu who looked a bit depressed.

"I don't doubt Dane's strength but Agravain looks like he has been training a lot himself. He appears to have more tools on top of a dragon Devil Fruit. He won't be easy for anyone other than me and Pangu to take out." said Axel with an angry expression.

"Don't worry Lord Pangu." Dane says,"You have knighted me just minutes ago,declaring I'm a knight. A knight's job is to defend the country with his life. Which I ain't afraid to die for you my lord."

Dane then looks over to Yin and gives her a gentle hug,"Don't worry Yin,I won't let him win,and that's a promise." He says giving a smile and a thumbs up.


Dane then just dashes over at Lamorak and smacks him out of the debris and into the ballroom,"HOW MANY TIMES DID I TELL YOU ABOUT LANGUAGE!!!" He then looks over to the crowd and smiles,"Remember,bad language makes for bad feelings."

Yin smiles especially after he gave the same gesture as Yang. "I guess that's a trait you full Minks have huh? It's a good trait!" Yin said.

The rest of Yang's friends soon walk up to the others.

"I can't believe all that has transpired today..." said Hiku with his arms crossed.

"He is a fool thinking he could challenge the royal family." said Cordelia.

"Do you think Dane could beat that guy? I mean, he has a robotic arm and a Dragon devil fruit power! And is like a super powerful knight!" said Knights.

"I am confident in Dane's strength. He had beaten Yang before. Then again, Yang isn't proficient in swordplay." said Gami.

"Either way, this is going to be a fuuun fight to watch phantai-phantai!" said Phantai.

Shizuko simply nods being his quiet self as usual even in this situation.

"Well,I guess we can't celebrate anymore any longer." Dane says,"I must go straight to training." He says walking out,"Oh Yin,am I meeting you back at my house? I'll have presents waiting for you when you get there. Maybe something for Yang if he comes..."

Yang's eyes quickly lit up after hearing that. "PRESENTS?! YOU HAVE PRESENTS!?!" shouted Yang.

Yin calmly pats his head. "Easy there bro! You can get them if you tone down that excitement but I don't mind you coming along with us." said Yin.

"Just be sure to stay on guard. You never know he may have followers around." said the always cautious Axel.

"I wouldn't doubt he does has some type of followers." Dane says,"Come on then Yang."

That night,Dane,Yin,and Yang were at Dane's house. Yin and Dane were in bed together while Yang was on the floor enjoying his new Giant Bear plushie.

Dane was there trying to sleep but couldn't and was thinking about the fight and looking at Yang sleep below him on the floor.

Yang was sleeping while holding onto the bear tightly. "Sooooo fluffy...." he said in his sleep.

"You can't sleep either huh?" said Yin who was starting up at the ceiling.

"Huh me?" Dane says,"I was about to fall into slumber...Yeah I can't sleep. The fact that Agravain is back was unexpected. He's got himself a lighted sword,a robotic arm that seems to be a cannon of something,and even a devil fruit." He then sighs and asks,"Was it worth it? Was it worth 3 years to be with you and lose to a man who will get you when I lose.?"

"You have to have confident in yourself Dane. Just because he has all these new tools, he lacks the heart like you do. Agravain will always be a loser that only gets far in life by trying to find the easy way out like Axel always told me. You're going to win against him! I know it! You're even a match for the beast on the floor down there!" said Yin who was pointing to Yang who was wrestling with his bear plushie in his sleep.

Dane chuckle silently and says,"You're right Yin,I was a match for the Beast of Chau. And I doubt that anyone else is more powerful than Yang. I will win tomorrow,thank you Yin. You've really been my confidence." He then gives a kiss and then tries to go back to sleep,"You know what,I'm going to take one of your tails,they're so fluffy to sleep with." Dane says trying to grab one of Yin's tails under the blanket.

"Heh heh if that will help you sleep, I don't mind!" said Yin who enjoyed Dane grabbing at one of her tails.

"Yes...win..." said Yang in his sleep.

For the Glory

The next day,it was a bright yet somber day for the kingdom of chau. People were flocking to the giant colosseum of Chau. The big red concrete and stone structured amphitheater was being flocked to by the thousands.


In one of the locker rooms of the colosseum,Dane was seen walking around blasting some rock n roll music in the locker room. He was preparing himself by doing some basic warm ups.

"Hey man." Galahad says,"We're here to see our champion before he goes out to battle."

"Don't forget me." Lamorak says,"Or any of those people." Lamorak says pointing to Yin,Yang,Cordelia and Knights.

"You guys didn't need to come see me before the match." Dane says.

"Awww but we wanted to give you our good lucks at least! We didn't want you to go to your match without some encouraging words from us! So, here they are! Encouraging words!" said Yang happily.

"Nee-heehee! This red stadium is going to be more red after Dane stains that guy's blood all over the place!" said Knights.

"You are powerful and you will beat him! Besides, I have also came here to say there will be a good feast at the restaurant once this fight is all over." said Cordelia.

"Indeed, we wanted to wish you luck before your big fight! Plus, me and Cordelia was originally going to visit you but Yang and Knights were super eager to see you as well!" said Yin with a smile on her face.

"No pressure." Galahad says,"But Lord Pangu and the Royal Guard and the Alpha Knights are going to be watching this fight."

"Ain't that encouraging?" Dane says,"Thank you all for coming down I guess. I just can't wait to get this all over with and so we can go back to having normal lives,prepare for our wedding,and just be a normal knight."

"You aren't going to be a normal knight." Galahad says,"You'll be a saint if you win this. Remember that story how St.George defeated the Zhang Lui dragonlord that one time."

"Man you'll be like him if you win." Lamorak says,"Anyways,make sure you win. Cause I betted 5 million on you."

"5 MILLION!!!" Galahad and Dane say.

"What,wanted to make sure I profited from this fight." Lamorak says.

"5 MINUTES TILL FIGHT!!" A transponder speaker would say,"I REPEAT! 5 MINUTES TILL THE FIGHT!!"

"Looks like I got to get to my spot in the arena." Dane says. He then hugs Yin and gives her a kiss,"I'll be back to see y'all here."

"I really hope he comes out of this... That guy was pure evil so I felt like he'll do anything to win..." said Yang who was actually a little worried.

"Don't worry! That guy kicked you ass years ago! I'm sure he'll be fine!" said Knights.

"He is indeed strong. I have no worries. We better get to the stadium then." said Cordelia.

"R-Right! Good luck Dane." said Yin.

At the royal seats,Axel,Lancelot,Gawain,Percival,and Lord Pangu are sitting at some of the highest seats in the fight.

"Man this fight is definitely going down in history." Gawain says,"And the fight involves my son. It makes me want to cry knowing he's going to be in a historic fight."

"Chill out Gawain." Lancelot says,"He accepted it because you were held hostage by that brat."

"Chill out both of you." a pregnant Percival says,"You guys seem to be so serious about this fight."

"When and who did you get a baby from?" Gawain says distracted and not paying attention to Lancelot.

"I think it was from either Sir Lucan or Sir Lionel." Percival says.

"Sir Lionel couldn't make you pregnant." Gawain says,"She's a woman."

"I don't know." Percival says,"I'll find out once it's born."

Lancelot is then having a deadpan look at the two and says,"So much for us being the best of this country." He then looks over at Axel,"We lack information on his power level,how do you think Dane should approach this fight?"

Axel looks over at Lancelot to give him his answer. "He should definitely approach this fight cautiously. Agravain was always talented but never took the time to better hone his skills which was why I was always able to easily cast him aside during our spars.. Now, he has that robotic arm plus those Devil Fruit powers now so it's unwise to rush into this fight. Dane has also his control over his demons so he will have to put good use to that in this fight." said Axel.

"We shall see how this fight goes." Lancelot says.

Dane is then seen enter the arena with his armor. The people cheering for him as he walks out of the locker room. He was listening to some music through his shellphones on his ears,trying to ignore the outside crowd as he was walking. He then walks to his side,the blue box. And takes off his music and places it nearby and stands there and awaits for Agravain.

Agravain walks from the other side of the colosseum and walks to his red box. The people were watching him with silence all over him. It seems Agravain was carrying a cocky attitude toward Dane,"I'm sure to beat you this time Dane. Write it in the history books already."

A priest walks over to the center of the arena and explains the rules to the two.

"The rules are simple. Winner is declared by either knocking out the opponent,wounding the opponent greatly,loses his sword mid-battle,or in some cases,killing the opponent. May you two fight fairly and remember to follow the code of chivalry." the priest says explaining the rules."Shall we pray." the priest then gives a prayer before the fight,blessing the two warriors,and praying for the fate of the country.

After the prayer,the priest then looks at the two,"Are you two ready?" They both give a nod to the priest,"THEN IT'S TIME TO DUEL!!!"

Time to Duel

"YOUR ASS IS MINE DANE!!" Agravain says to Dane off of the bat.

"Bad Language makes for bad feelings." Dane says to Agravain. Agravain is then seen walking right at Dane,Dane was having his sword still in his scabbard and had his eyes closed.

"Dane is playing this calm to the start." Lancelot says.

"COME ON SON,OPEN YOUR EYES!!!" Gawain says.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he can sense him coming. This is a common strategy of his." said Axel.

"Indeed! It's tough to read him that way!" said Yang.

"Come on Dane." Agravain says,"The match has started,get your sword up and let's fight!" He says as he starts running at Dane.

"Not Yet...Not Yet.." Dane says thinking to himself using observation haki to track Agravain's moveset,

"FINE,HAVE IT YOUR WAY,DIE BY MY BLADE BEFORE YOU EVEN DRAW YOURS!!" Agravain says as he starts to swing his sword at Dane. With him being a right hand user,the robotic right arm swung the sword with incredible speed.

"Not yet...Not Yet....NOW!!" Dane then ducks under the lighted sword and within a blink of an eye,Dane's sword connected with Agravain's side,catching Agravain off-guard.

"I smell blood." Dane says,"Seems I gotten first blood."

"He....he...he hit me?" Agravain looks at his side wound. It was only a flesh wound,a simple deep cut on the side. It was just one of those "Blink it and you'll miss it." moments.

"WHOA! I didn't even see when that attack landed but the Mean Guy is already hurt!" said Yang.

Axel nods in approval. "He appears to have mastered that technique very well. Good job. Then again, this is a soon-to-be knight fighting after all." said Axel.

"Indeed so! Quite worthy for my daughter's hand indeed!" said Pangu.

"DAMN YOU!!!" Agravain says as he swings his sword back at Dane.

Dane only blocks the attack then says,"Your skills may have improved,but your form is sloppy. If I wanted to now I can easily wipe your feet off."

"His sword,I can feel the levels from his sword are pretty high" Dane thinks to himself,"He must've gotten it to attain more damage than I can. But without a good form,a sword can't do a good amount of damage."

"GET OVER HERE AND SLICE ME SOME MORE OR ELSE I'LL KILL YOU!!" Agravain says as he swings the sword more at Dane.

Dane just keeps blocking or avoiding the swings coming from Agravain with the help of his observation haki,"You ever thought about using haki?" Dane asks Agravain,"Seems you are only swinging air."

"SHUT UP YOU DIMWIT!!!" Agravain says.

"Definitely like you said Axel,he hasn't hone those skills at all,just thinking he could add to his arsenal by adding techniques instead of perfecting simple techniques." Lancelot says.

"Coat your sword with haki and swipe me with your sword." Dane says.

"WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!!!" Agravain says as he actually does what Dane said.

Dane blocks the attack with his haki-induced sword,"Weak,you have full control of your haki which is good,but your will is so breakable I can probably break it by insulting you."

"LIKE YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT ALREADY!!!" Agravain says swinging with his haki-induced sword more.

Dane still keeps blocking or avoids the attack. Dane then goes in for an attack again and hits a flesh cut at Agravain's side again.

"You haven't even gave me a scratch." Dane says,"Like I said....sloppy. It's so sloppy that it's annoying me that it takes you years to find out you're sloppy."

"STOP TELLING ME THAT!!" Agravain yells at Dane.

"Is it just me," Percival says,"But does it sound like he's teaching Agravain?"

"Heh heh. Looks like it. He picked up a lot from me I'll admit." said Axel who was smirking.

"The old "Teach them while you Fight!" method! Such a classic!" said Pangu while laughing.

Agravain then jumps out of Dane's range and uses his robotic arm. Within his fingertips of the robotic hand,is a magnet that Agravain can manipulate at will to use. He activates his magnetic powers. Dane's sword was then seen looking like it was magnetic to the hand and was trying to get off of Dane's hands and into Agravain's hands.

"THAT CHEAT!!" Gawain says,"The kid is using his robotic arm as a magnet to take Dane's sword,which losing the sword means you lose."

"Looks like Dane though is holding on pretty tightly." Lancelot says.

"It's not really a bad strategy a bit." Percival says,"A bit bending the rules,but it's not bad."

"The robotic arm has, indeed, some features that does seem unfair. However, in fights to the death like this, you'll have to use any means to win. Of course, this also helps with Dane in preparing for the unexpected." said Axel.

"Indeed. I've fought against a foe in a war that used his on hair as a weapon! I almost lost because of that!" said Pangu laughing.

"Hair? Like his nose hair?! Was he like some tall guy with a yellow afro!?" said Yang.

"Stay focused bro..." said Yin.

Dane tries to hold on to his sword tightly,but the sword would keep going toward the hand. He then remembers to calm himself down and let haki go throughout his body. Eventually,haki was being pulled to Dane's hands while the sword was pulling itself toward Agravain.

Agravain thought he had it won when he saw Dane inches away from him. Dane then sharply opens his eyes and releases and emission of advanced armament haki at Agravain. Agravain flies up to the air getting pushed and being unexpected by that move by Dane.

Dane then jumps to the air where Agravain was flying. Dane then slices the back of Agravain,leaving a long scratch at Agravain. Agravain falls down in pain and agony.

"MY BACK!!!" Agravain says.

"If I cutted you any closer,you would've been paralyzed." Dane says.

"Why didn't you?" Agravain asks.

"Didn't want to win by a stab in the back,that ain't the code of chivalry." Dane says.

"Was it just me...or did my son pull off an advanced form of armament haki?" Gawain asks.

"I'm not at all surprised by what he did,it was somewhat expected." Lancelot says.

"It was impressive nevertheless." Percival says.

"Man Knights you were right." Galahad says,"This colosseum will become more red by that man's blood."

"Has he even touched Dane yet?" Lamorak says.

"Wow! Mean Guy is getting his ass kicked by Dane! I can't believe how strong he is now!" said an amazing Yang.

"You're not kidding! He's on a completely different level!" said a very impressed Yin.

"Rahhahaha! I think you trained him a little too well Axel my friend!" said a very pleased Pangu.

"Heh... Dane is just that one rare person that actually listens and follows my instructions. Anyone could be like him if they've done the same." said Axel.

"YOU'VE PISSED ME OFF FOR THE LAST TIME DANE!!" Agravain yells,"TODAY,YOU WILL DIE!!!" Agravain then goes into his Wyvern dragon form and breathes and Inferno of fire at Dane.

Dane is then seen walking through the inferno of flames somewhat like it was nothing.

"Phew...it was really hot in there." Dane says,"But gotta give credit to Axel for giving me armor similar to his."

"WHAT!!! THE OLD MAN HELPED YOU!!!!" A now Dragon Agravain yells to Dane.

"It seems Dane is about to get serious and finish this fight." Lancelot says.

"You saying he's been toying with him?" Percival asks.

"And you gave him a version of your special armor too! You think of everything huh?" said Pangu.

"Of course. Plus, it was bascially my gift to him to celebrate his Knighting so there is that." Axel said with a smirk.

"Alright...TIME TO GET SERIOUS!!!" Dane says as he activates his demonic aura around him. Dane then charges right at an exposed area of Agravain's dragon chest and gives the chest multiple slashings.

"AARRGH" A weak Agravain says reverting back to his form,"HOW...ARE...You....BEATING ME!!!" Agravain then stands up and tries to swing,but it seems his devil fruit activation made him tired.

"IT'S TIME TO END IT!!" Dane says. Dane then induces his legs with haki. With the haki leg,he stomps on the ground 3 times. He makes sure Agravain is in position and then charges at him and then yells:


The foot of the haki induced leg connects Agravain straight in the chin. Agravain then has foam come out of his mouth and then flies across the colosseum.

"Flawless Victory." Dane says.

"The Winner is Sir Dane by Knockout!!!" The priest says in a happily tone as the crowd cheers.

"Ooooooooohhhh! I know how that feels! When you get kicked there, you're done!" said Yang who was rubbing his own chin.

"Such a wonderful victory! It was so one-sided I'm in shocked! He was trained well!" said Pangu.

"Indeed. He is well deserving of that Knight position and your daughters hand." said Axel who was very pleased by how things turned out.

Yin had tears go down her face as she was very happy as well.

"Yinny! Your face is leaking! Are you okay?!" said a worried Yang.

"Y-Yes bro... Just really happy is all!" said Yin.

Dane hears the excitement of the crowd cheering him that Dane won. Dane had a smile on his face and then gives out a big howl the country has heard.

"AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Dane would howl like a wolf that he is in the middle of the arena.

"Let's go down there and meet him down there!" Lamorak says.

"Yeah let's go!!" Galahad says to Yin and Yang.

"Hmmm,I wonder what's going to happen to that kid now?" Lancelot says.

"The kid is going to be a legend in future years to come." Percival says.

"Not Dane....I'm talking about Agravain." Lancelot says,"He's a Zhang Lui,not like we can trust one."

"Should we arrest him?" Gawain asks.

Axel can be seen walking up to Agravain and crouches down to his unconscious body. "Don't worry about that. I trained this bastard for years so I'll find something to do with him. It is my fault for not noticing he was Zhang Lui so I'll make sure he make up for what he did." said Axel who let out a sigh.

"Wow, never seen Axie look that down before..." said Yang.

"It's probably because a former student of his ended up being an enemy that is supposedly long gone..." said Yin.

Dane then surprises Yin by being behind her and says,"Do I smell tears on my poor woman's face?" He then gives a hug to Yin,"I know how to fix that!" He says as he's giving her a tight squeeze.

"W-Whoa! T-Thanks a lot Dane! I needed that!" said Yin who was smiling.

"DOG PILE!!!" shouted Yang and he lands on top of the two.

"B-Bro! Warning next time?" said Yin giggling.

"I said DOG PILE!!! There's ya heads up!" said Yang with his trademark smile.

Pangu laughs heartly at the sight. "Times like these I love being the king here! I get to see sights like this all the time!" said Pangu.

"Hey Axel!" Dane says,"Do me a favor and not kill him for me. I believe we can still straighten him up."

"Really? After all of the things he's done or tried to you?" Lamorak says.

"Heh,if anything,we can sure fight again." Dane says with a smile,"This time for fun and not for any strange fate of the country."

"Yeah,I'm sure none of us want to go through that again." Galahad says.

"Don't worry. I'll be sure to straighten this idiot out. He may be a Zhang Lui by blood but I'll be damned if I let him die on my watch. He was my student after all so it's my responsibility to make sure he gets on the right track." said Axel.

"Isn't it sad a squire challenged a knight?" Galahad then says,"Technically,Agravain never gotten promoted to knight even though he's my age."

"You got a point there." Dane says,"But he was a fun one to fight."

The group of friends were there and then Lamorak then asks,"Now what?"

"I don't know." Dane says,"What do you think we should do Yin?"

"Oh, uh, this is rather sudden isn't it? We are still in the arena and all..." said Yin thinking.

"LEEEETTTTSSSS!!! PAAAARRRTTYYY!!! said Yang as he suddenly pops open a large firework that goes into the sky.

"Ah! W-Where you get that from?!' said Yin.

"The closet! Leftover fire works!" said Yang with a smile.

"Well fireworks in the middle of the night ain't ideal..." Dane says.

"Didn't Cordelius say about a celebration party?" Lamorak said,"I'm starving..."

"Think she has apple dumplings?" Galahad asks,"Never been to her restaurant..."

"I think she does." Dane said,"After going there a few times because of Yin,I somewhat stopped ordering a dragon meat loaf and ordered this nice,best tasting apple dumpling."

"OOOOOOOh,It makes my mouth water thinking of Apple Dumplings..." Galahad said.

"Awwww! Dragon meat loaf is the best! The fire breath part is the best part!" said Yang.

"Says the tiger who can already breathe fire." said Yin with a smirk.

"Indeed so! We should all go there to celebrate!" said Pangu who is also looking over at Axel near Agravain. "You're coming Axel?"

"Not yet. You guys can go on ahead. I'll catch up." said Axel.


At Cordelius's restaurant:Yin,Yang,Pangu,Dane,Galahad,and Lamorak walk over to the restaurant. More people were there more than ever after the fight.

"Man there's so many people here." Galahad says.

"OOOOOOOOH An Ice Rink!!!" Lamorak says.

"HEY LOOK!!! IT'S OUR CHAMPION!!!" A man would say noticing Dane. Everyone then comes charging at Dane giving their congrats to him and asking for autographs and other crazy fan things.

"WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH!!!" Dane says trying to back up from the crowd,"All I did was fight a Zhang Lui member."

"Heh heh, look who suddenly turned into "Mr. Popular" in a short amount of time." said Yin in a playful teasing tone.

"Whoa! They're all trying to Dog Pile him!" said Yang.

"No no Yang! It's like Yinny said! He's Mr. Popular now! That's gonna be my nickname to him!" said Knights who suddenly appeared from the crowd.

"No! Populi!" said Yang.

"Mr. AWWWOOOOOO!!!" said Knights.

"Mr. Chin Kicker!" said Yang.

Both Yang and Knights looked at each other and had evil smiles.

"Mr. Wolfenstein!" said Yang and Knights.

"That doesn't even make sense!" shouted Yin.

"You think some of those are good?" Lamorak says,"Why not we think of some Galahad?"

"Idk,how about the Showstopper?" Galahad says.

"The Icon..." Lamorak says.

"The headliner..." Galahad says.

"The Hearbreak kid..." Lamorak says

"Why Heartbreak kid?" Galahad says

"Cuz he seems to be breaking hearts at the moment unintentionally." Lamorak says pointing to Dane who is trying to run away from the crowd of fans.

Galahad just shrugs his shoulders at Lamorak.

"How about Sexy Boy?" Lamorak asks.

"That's dumb..." Galahad says.

"You sure? I think Yin thinks Dane's sexy." Lamorak says with a smug look.

"Heeeey! Yangy! Those two are totally trying to steal our nicknaming shtick!" said Knights.

"Yeah! Stop trying to steal our sticks you two!" said Yang.

"No, I said shticks Yang!" said Knights.

"Shit ticks?" said Yang with a tilt of his head.

"No no Yangy! Anyway, Mr. Wolfenstein is suuuuuch a cool name! You two better submit to our superior minds!"

"Yes! Submit! We are the Kings while you are the Pawns!" said Yang.

"NICE TIMING ON THAT YANGY!!!" said Knights who high fived Yang.

".........You guys are total idiots........" said Yin with the most deadpan look on her face ever.

Dane comes running back,"PHEWWW,I think I lost those crazy people,and what's with nicknames for me I was hearing? Not gonna lie Wolfenstein does sound cool sorry Lamorak and Galahad. But Sexy Boy? That might've been the funniest one I heard from you guys."

"Like I said,I'm sure Yin thinks you're sexy." Lamorak says.

Dane then has a smug on his face and asks,"Do I look sexy Yin?"

"O-Oh! I-I mean definitely!" said Yin while blushing.

"Nee-heehee! Wolfenstein likes our name!" said Knights.

"Of course she thinks you're "sexy!" she kept using that word the other night with your name beside it! She said it without the y though not sure it meant..." said Yang who was indeed confused.

"D-DO YOU JUST HAPPEN TO SPY ON ME WHEN I'M NOT AROUND?!?!" shouted Yin with a deep blush on her face.

"Nah! I just happen to hear ya! Good ears remember!" said Yang with a smile.

"Man Yangy! You have like the ears for detecting dirty thoughts!" said Knights.

"Man am I hungry..." Dane says,"Hey Lord Pangu,can we please gets some private seats,I don't want to be chased by any of those crazy people."

"You mean paparazzi Dane?" Galahad says,

"Whoever they were,I don't want to be chased and be asked to sign my name on a baby's head." Dane says.

"Well of course! I always have private seats on reserved!" said Pangu.

"Since's when dad? That's new!" said Yang.

"Since today of course! I made the call about it just in case!" said Pangu.

"T-That was pretty well thought ahead father!" said Yin.

"Coool! I get to eat in the private seats for once!" said Knights.

"Thank you!" Dane says,"Anything to get away from them."

"Oh I got one for ya." Lamorak says,"The phenomenal one..."

"Ok you can shut up now." Dane says at Lamorak as they go to their seats.

After some time later,everyone was eating their food that they ordered.

"You were right Dane!" Galahad says,"This are the best apple dumplings!"

"Yeah,better than the one restaurant at the city centre." Lamorak says.

"Yeah,fortunately I ordered both a dragon meatloaf and an Apple Dumpling." Dane says,"What about you guys,how the food tastin?"

Yang and Knights can be seen fighting over the last giant loaf of bread.

"HANDS OFF KNIGHTY! IT'S MINE!!!" shouted Yang.

"NU-UH! YOU ALREADY HAD 15 TO MY 3! IT'S MINE!!!" shouted Knights as he tries to wrestle the bread back.

"Those two are sooo noisy..." said Yin who was eating a bowl of ramen soup.

"Rahahahaha! It's good to see them in high spirits you know! It is a feast!" said Pangu.

"I wonder when Axel is coming." Dane says,"He said he would catch up with us."

"He seems to be taking it hard knowing Agravain is a Zhang Lui." Lamorak says.

"Of course,Agravain was one of his students no matter who he was." Dane says,"Don't worry,we'll straighten him up to be a respected knight soon."

"I'm sure you broke his pride into millions of pieces after that fight." Galahad says.

Axel finally enters the group and sits down with the others. "Phew. That was a pain but I'm here." said Axel.

"Axie! You're back!" said an excited Yang.

"How did it go? What you did with Agravain?" asked Pangu.

"He's back at the hospital. And don't worry, I made sure to have the guards watch him and in case he wants to break though them, I have someone that could easily put him in his place in case he tries to escape." said Axel.

"Is it one of my friends?" said Yang.

"No. Someone else that I happened to run into." said Axel.

"That's cool." Dane says,"Hey Yang,I'm sure you can't control your fire into steam. Watch this,Yin your hair looks a bit messy,let me straighten it for you." Dane then eats some dragon meatloaf and then drinks a full cup of water. He then blows steam into Yin's hair,which wettens it,letting Dane straighten Yin's hair for her. "There ya go,nice and straight now."

"O-Oh! Thanks Dane!" said Yin who was surprised by that and likes her look.

Both Yang and Knights suddenly start to clap for Dane.

"That was cool Mr. Wolfenstein! I know you were full of steam but you can blow it pretty well now!" said Yang.

"He's right! We should call you Mr. Wolfensteam now! Nee-heehee!" said Knights.

Axel had his fist on his chin. "You two get impressed by anything easily huh?" said Axel.

"Hey Dane." Galahad says,"Wanna come with me and Lamorak,or are you too busy for your friends."

"You bet not." Dane says. He then finishes his food and then says,"Hey,me,Lamorak,and Galahad are going somewhere. If anything,you guys should be able to figure out where we are. Especially you Yin." Dane then kisses Yin,"See ya Yin."

"Hee hee see you soon Dane." said Yin.

"Hey so Axie who is watching over the Mean Guy?" said Yang.

"Yeah! Tell us! It won't kill you! Maybe! Nah, I'm lying it won't but tell us!" said Knights.

"Will you two stop pestering me about that already!? It isn't even all that important! Just a random guard that's all!" said Axel.

Lake of Memories

Dane,Galahad,and Lamorak walk over to the popular bathing lake that was where Galahad,Lamorak and Dane were at during their lunches sometimes,especially nearby the female section of the lake. The three sit down in the area where they all used to sit.

"sighs memories coming to anyone's minds?" Galahad asks.

"Remember that time when Axel found us when were going to see Princess Yin take her bath?" Lamorak says.

"That was you two not me." Dane says.

"Or how about that time we accidentally mistaken a grandmother for a very young woman?" Galahad asks.

"Don't remind me of that." Lamorak says,"Man,she could've passed as Axel's wife if he ever had one."

"I think she was of the same species as Axel." Dane says.

"So what now Dane?" Galahad asks,"You are now knighted,taken down a Zhang Lui,conquered your demons,and also engaged to the princess. What is next for your line of success?"

"I don't know." Dane says,"I'm just going to live and find out."

"What are some plans for the future?" Lamorak says.

"Get married to her is one." Dane says,"After that,perhaps start teaching young pages before they are taught by Axel as squires."

"What would you do?" Galahad asks.

"I would have them play games,something that will get them become excited to become a knight in their future. Maybe have like some type of sport team or something." Dane replies.

"That's cool." Lamorak says.

"You guys heard my nickname?" Galahad says,"Galahad the pure..."

"That because you're still a virgin?" Lamorak teases.

"SHUT UP!!!" Galahad says.

Dane laughs then notices the lake is empty,"Wait,why is the lake empty,no one is here besides us who aren't even going to take a bath."

"Maybe we should," Lamorak says,"Get in before anyone else gets in and makes it dirty."

"I ain't the type for a men's group bath." Dane says.

"I bet if Yin asked you to take a bath with her you would say yes." Lamorak says.

"Well...err....I don't know..." Dane says.

Back outside of the restaurant, Yin, Yang, Knights, and Axel just finished eating.

"Maaaaaaaan! I'm....not stuffed! I still need some late night food!" said Yang.

"And you will have it! I have the pantry stocked just for you son!" said Pangu.

"It still baffles me on how much food one person, er, tiger can consume..." said Axel.

"I know I have a lot to think about myself!" said Yin who was really happy.

"Nee-heehee! Princess here getting married to a Wolf! Makes you wonder who will be the master!" said Knights in a playful teasing tone.

"K-KNIGHTS! NO! IT WON"T BE LIKE THAT!!!" said Yin with everyone else (but Axel who was snickering) laughing hard.

"So what are you guys' plans?" Dane asks.

"I'm going to write a book." Galahad says,"A book of adventure,romance,violence. It will be enough to make grown men have nosebleeds and tears."

"So basically a more adventurous Making Out in heaven series?" Dane says.

"Well,err yes and no." Galahad says,"I'm thinking about having it about a knight and his master who is a giant toad."

"What type of fetish do you have?" Lamorak asks.

"IT'S JUST PART OF MY STORY!!!" Galahad answers.

"I smell royalty nearby." Dane thinks to himself,"Probably one of the nobles or knights coming in to check on us."

"I can hear you two talking about your perverted ideas from mile away!" said Yin who was followed by Knights.

"Yeah you guys! It's a law that you shouldn't be saying perverted things in the face of a princess! The sentence is DEATH! Nah, I'm lying of course! Nee-heehee!" said Knights.

"I tried to get away but he's like a little dog!" said Yin who whispered that to Dane.

"Did you want something?" Dane whispers back,"I'm just here sitting down and listening to them two. The lake looks nice at this time of day isn't it?" He then says to Yin's ear.

"Oh we're sorry." Lamorak and Galahad say.

"Just that this guy is going to be making a weird book." Lamorak says,"It sorta reminded me of this rubber boy that was in that Make Out in heaven book."

"That was a one-off character though." Galahad says,"My character would be a knight that can take on worlds and will basically become a god."

"A god that gets smashed by a harem i bet." Lamorak says,"Say have I ever told you the story how I dated 10 girls at once."

"Not this again..." Galahad mutters.

"Like I said," Dane whispers,"You want to do something,tell me now or else we're stuck listening to them two."

"S-Sure! Let them do their things!" said Yin to Dane.

"Hey! I don't wanna listen those two talking about sex books all day! Let me come! I'm just gonna follow anyway!" said Knights.

"...What do you think Dane?" said Yin.

"Tell you what." Dane says,"Knights,it seems Yin wants a little me and her time here at the lake. I would like you to go and take those two perverts back to the city and have them guard the city as what they should be doing as knights."

"WHAT!!!" Galahad and Lamorak say,"But you just got knighted and are commanding people."

"Oooooh! I get it! Come on you two dolts! I know a fun place to go! Let's go!" said Knights as he drags Galahand and Lamorak away using his summoned suits of armor.

"Phew...I am sooo glad that Knights is more cooperative now... Sooo Danny. There is a perfectly good bath here...you wanna join me in it?" asked Yin.

"UHHHHHHHHH," Dane is caught off guard by the request by Yin,"Funny....Lamorak said something about me saying yes if you asked me that." He then has a smug on his face,"So why not do what he thinks,sure let's do it."

"Right then! Well, uh...I know I suggest it but this is my first time bathing with someone...well of course since I did with Yang but we were like babies at the time and I don't even have any memories of it." said Yin who was blushing slightly.

"Well,I think it's the same thing for me." Dane says,"Though I guess we all got to learn it somehow." Dane blushes,"You want me to help you?" Dane says wrapping his arms around Yin awhile.

"S-Sure! I mean it should be just us after all...wait!" said Yin as she quickly looks around to make sure no one is around. "Yep! We're fine! Sorry about that.." said Yin who was blushing.

"You're good." Dane says as he starts stripping himself. He then after stripping himself hugs Yin and then helps strip her. They both then fall into the lake together and have their kissing session.

"This was what Yang was talking about earlier in the restaurant wasn't he?" Dane asks,"You were planning this all along." Dane kisses Yin more,"There's a reason I love you."

"Heh heh indeed. He's such a perv sometimes unlike you which is why I love you back."

"Hey! I'm not a..."said Yang before he quickly covers his mouth. "Can't be loud...much investigate this dance they're doing..." said Yang who was spying on them but not for malicious reasons. "Whoa! That's quite a dance there! Maybe Yin should teach that!" said Yang but was instantly dragged off by Axel.

"As soon you said that last part, you're out." said Axel.

"Nooooo! Not faaaaair!" said Yang.

Dane faintly heard Yang and Axel and decided to cover Yin's ears as she didn't need to hear that. The two then continue kissing among the lake that has a small waterfall behind them.

Oh Happy Day

2 Days Later

Dane and Yin had just kissed to make themselves an official wedded couple. People in the wedding were cheering and happy for them.

"My son...." Gawain says,"I'm a proud father,never in my years have I thought my kin would be married to loyalty."

"Hey sis." Lamorak says to Percival,"You thinking about getting married yourself?"

"Maybe...For now I just like getting fucked." Percival replies.

"Something that looked like that gave you that consequence." Lancelot says,"Son,I hope you haven't had dirty thoughts about women."

"Don't worry about it dad." Galahad says,"I'm Galahad the pure for a reason."

"Whoa! These "beddings" are always so fascinating!" said Yang who was taking notes on how it's done.

"It's "weddings" son and you are right! We have so many over the years but this one is indeed personal to me! I hope you're thinking about getting wed one day as well son!" said Pangu with a smile.

"Sure am dad! That's where I'm going to go to after we get home! To my bedding!" said Yang.

Axel facepalms. "It's a chore to even describe it to him..." said Axel.

"Whooooa! This is actually the first wedding I've attended here! This is sooooo cooool!" said Knights.

"Quite so. I was always quite busy lately to attend but this one, I couldn't say no." said Cordelia.

Dane then looks over to Cordelia and says,"I hope you have made plenty of food for the banquet. I'm hungry and I'm sure Yang is too."

"Oh no," Galahad says,"Didn't even thought about Yang and his eating habits."

"How about we go defend the cake Galahad?" Lamorak says.

"That's if we know where it is..." Galahad says.

"Cordelia has it hid somewhere so nosy people can't eat it till after the main meal." Dane says.

"Cake?! CAKE!!?!" said Yang as his eyes lit up.

"I-I have but Yang always seems to find it..." said Coredila.

"DID YOU SAY CAAAAAAAKE?!?!?!?" shouted Yang.

"Uh oh...Once you say that word, he's going to mad looking for it..." said Yin who knew she was in for.

"GIMME THE CAAKKKEEE!!!" said Yang who was quickly moving around the area using his Electro for speed.

"My boy sure does love cake! He does have a habit of eating all of it even before the married couple has a chance I'll admit..." said Pangu.

"Maybe he needs his chin broken to remind him of his place." Galahad says.

"Nah,I'll have a close eye on him. If anything,I can charge him back with electro." Dane says."Anyways Cordelia,what is the grand meal you have made for us?"

"Is it Rice?" Lamorak says.

"Ramen?" Galahad asks.

"No you two,those are daily foods." Dane says,"Cordelia has a special meal for the banquet,hopefully with plenty of meat."

"But of course! I made sure to put the whole restaurant on reserve and it's pretty much all you can eat. Meat, rice, anything that we would sell of course." said Cordelia.

"Wow the WHOLE restaurant? That is quite the favor you did Cordelia! Thank you!" said Yin.

"It is my pleasure." said Cordelia with a bow. Suddenly, a bunch of noises can be heard not to far away. "Hm?"

"NO YANGY! NOT IN THERE!!!" shouted Knights who tried to stop Yang from going into the girls bathroom. This is of course followed by a bunch of screaming.

"Hey! You screamy girls seen the cake? Oh! So that what Yinny does when she is in here...interesting you actually have to sit down to use it!" said Yang.

"P-Please prince! We don't mean to be rude but please get out!" shouted the girls.

"Galahad,give me your cloth." Dane then commands.

"Why?" Galahad asks as he gives his cloth to Dane.

"I'm going to drag Yang out of there blindfolded." Dane says wrapping the cloth around his eyes.

"WHAT!!! You don't want to see the women in there!" Galahad says.

Lancelot then slaps his son,"I THOUGHT YOU WERE GALAHAD THE PURE YOU IDIOT!!!"

"I won't let myself see any other woman but only the one I have just married seconds ago." Dane says as he walks to the girls bathroom blindfolded."Sorry ladies,I'm just here to drag the cat out of his curiosity." Dane says as he grabs Yang's tail and pulls him out of the girls' bathroom.

"Gotta admit,you got to admire his dedication to you Yin." Lamorak says."Doesn't go in a girls bathroom unless he is blindfolded."

"HEY!!! LET ME GO MR. WOLFENSTEAM!!! THEY WERE GONNA TELL ME WHAT THE CAKE WAS!!!" shouted Yang as he was clawing at the ground trying to stop him.

"Nee-heehee! Glad he decided to use the name change!" said Knights.

"He'll never get far in the love-life when he keeps acting that way... Not that he really cares about that stuff. He doesn't even know about it!" said Yin.

Dane then takes off his blindfold and gives it back to Galahad."Gotten the bad kitty out of the bathroom." He then looks at Yang,"Bad kitties don't get cake Yang,do as I say for now and you might get cake soon that ok? I'm sure you don't want your chin hurting."

"I'M NOT A KITTY! I'M A TIGER!! AND I'M GONNA KICK YOUR---" shouted Yang loudly but was quickly silenced by Axel.

"Dammit you really got a set of pipes there... You'll get your cake in due time. Just calm down. Jeez, you act like such a kid I'll have to get you trained out of that as well..." said Axel who was trying to restrain the struggling Yang.

"Nee-heehee! Yangy is so eager for cake! Hey! Me too! When we gonna eat?!" said Knights.

"I think now." Dane says,"Come on guys,Cordelia follow us to our food."


During the banquet,everyone is having a great time,eating the fancy foods or drinking the fancy drinks.

"I'm so proud of you son..." A sortof drunken Gawain says hugging his son.

"Thanks dad,but you mind you get off of me." Dane says as he pushes his father a little away from him.

"Don't worry son,dad might be a bit tipsy right now,but he's just showing how proud we both are." Lady Ragnell says. She then kisses Dane on his cheek,"We are proud of you."

"Thanks mom." Dane says.

"It's SOOOOO interesting two miracles would end up linking together." Gawain says.

"Yin and the others can be seen enjoying their own time."

"So he was like "Hey screaming girls! You know where the cake is!" and then Mr. Wolfensteam had to drag him out kicking and screaming!" said Knights to Gami who just recently got there,

"I was about to get that cake too! All because of Mr. Wolfensteam and his meddling kids!" said Yang.

"He...has kids?" said Knights who was confused.

"It's just a reference that no one will probably get..." said Axel.

"So daughter, how do you feel being a married woman?" said Pangu.

"It's weird but nice at the same time! More nice than weird! Makes me wonder why you never married father..." said Yin.

"Well...it's a long story but let's just say I won't allow any woman to be with a man that is unable to provide if you know what I mean..but I'm happy for you! And I hope Yang will be that way as well on day! Just live your live how you want to Yin don't let anyone tell you otherwise." said Pangu.

"R-Right! Thank you father!" said Yin.

Dane then comes in behind,"Speaking of providing,what does a nine-tailed wolf child sound to you Yin?"

"H-Huh?! I-I!" said Yin who was blushing and caught off guard by the question.

Pangu was laughing pretty hearty. "It is possible in this world you know!" said Pangu.

"I wonder if there is a 9-tailed tiger..." said Yang who was imagining it.

"Ironically, the is a cat of 9 tails so it's possible... Wait, why the hell am I getting into this conversation?" said Axel.

Dane laughs then says,"I guess we'll have to wait till then."

Suddenly,a cloaked man is then walking towards Dane.

"Come on...." Galahad says,"Haven't we gotten enough of cloaked men this week?"

"Based on my observation." Dane says,"It's Agravain again."

"The Mean Guy!?" said Yang.

"O-Oh dear..." said Yin.

Axel is seen drinking his tea and looks serious at the same time calmer.

"Agravain." Dane says,"Take off the cloak,sit down and let's talk."

Agravain sits down on a seat and then says,"Dane,after all these years. I want to apologize."

Dane then sits down and has his arms crossed,"Go on."

"I....My pride was broken when you beated me after that fight." Agravain says,"I was thinking to myself about something about me being a Zhang Lui during my stuck in the hospital. Someone there reminded me that people can change. I then thought back about the first time I picked on you. I then thought about the incident 3 years ago. I was afraid that you would be cooler than me,better than me. I needed to prove a Zhang Lui was more powerful than a simple mink. But something broke in me the other day telling me that I don't need to." Agravain then takes out his robotic hand out,"I know you still might be mad at me,but can we at least be cool with each other."

Dane stares at Agravain for a few seconds and then laughs."Imagine someone having a grudge on me for all these years. I don't have anything against you,honestly I still saw some heart in ya in that fight." He then shakes Agravain's hand,"There is still hope for you my lad."

"Whoa, Mean Guy just apologized!" said Yang who was impressed.

"I-Indeed, what did you do with him Axel?" said Yin.

"I gave him a reality check is all. I'm glad he took my advice." said Axel.

Agravain then turns over to Lord Pangu,"My lord,I am sorry for causing you so much trouble to the kingdom. If it pleases you,I will stab myself for the honor of this country. But not without giving out some important information to you my Lord."

"Important information?" Dane says.

"Are you related to Dane's family in some way? What is with you people in stabbing yourselves?" said Axel.

"Oh? Important information? You have my ears Agravain." said Pangu.

"It's cause of our honor Axel." Lancelot says,"If our honor is broken in some way,we ask the man we broke our chivalry code of honor in front of to see if he would want us dead."

"Yes," Agravain says,"When I went travelling those years ago. I met an uncle of mine,who is a Zhang Lui himself. He has been preparing himself for a war that he has planned out himself. He has an army,and is very powerful,and is preparing to invade this island and kill you and declare himself king. Like I said,he's very powerful,with the devil fruit of the Y Ddraig Goch dragon."

"Seems like a lot to say." Dane says,"Who is this Uncle of yours?"

"Zhang Lui Mordred." Agravain replies,"He has himself hidden in a volcanic island I do not remember knowing the name of it. His army does contain a strange species of what seem to be magma men."

"Even more Zhang Lui's around huh? Wow, to think there are more around" said Pangu.

"Volcanic island huh? I believe I know where that is but it is quite far out." said Axel.

"It seems we should get some scouts on this island." Lancelot says,"Perhaps invade him before he invades us."

"But that could take years to plan out." Gawain says,"We don't even know when he would attack us."

"I say let's wait till after this party." Dane says,"Let's all be in a joyous mood,we can figure it out later in the weeks. Come on Agravain,grab a glass of champagne or something. You are a guest now and a friend."

"Thank you." Agravain says picking up a wine glass.

"Whoo hoo! This call for a celebration!" said Yang as he breaks open his glass of milk that he had and it gets all over Axel."

"..." said Axel with a glare.

"H-Hey Axie! Y-You got mill all over ya...EEP!!!" said Yang as he quickly starts running around the restaurant with Axel changing him.


"I'M SORRY!!! I CAN HAVE IT WASHED IN OUR BATH!!!" said Yang who was running away.

Pangu couldn't help but laugh hard. "Those two are suck a riot! Rahahaha!" said Pangu.

"Oh Yang...I warned him not to get too go too crazy with that milk." said Yin who was giggling.


That night,the full moon came out. But even with the full moon,Dane has a surprise for Yin.

"Come on Yin." Dane says in his sulong,"Keep your eyes closed and keep on to my tail." He says as he takes Yin through the forest and mountain sides."By the way,you look real nice as a sulong in a wedding dress."

"T-Thank you! But I wonder where you're taking me? I bet you asked my father if I loved surprises..." said Yin who was getting excited.

"Oh I might've..." Dane says running."Aha!! Ok you can open your eyes now."

Yin opens her eyes and notices that she's in a mountain forest area. She also notices a big mini castle made alongside the mountain,giving a fantastic view of the land of Chau.

"TA DA!!!" Dane says,"What do you think? I built this place for us when we gotten married. Took me a few months,but it was worth it. I knew you would like to live among the forest and the wildlife."

"W-Whoa! It's very lovely! A-And it looks like a small castle! It's really cute! Y-You didn't have to do this but I am very grateful Dane." said Yin.

"You are very welcome." Dane replies,"Now come on let's get some sleep,everything is set up in there."

Dane and Yin enter the house to get ready for the next day together.

Wanna be a pirate?

4 Years Later

It is the day before Yin's birthday. And Yin is sleeping on the bed of the mini castle. Dane was already out of the bed preparing in the morning.

Dane comes into the bedroom with a tray full of breakfast,"Rise and shine,my soon to be 25 year old wife. I got here a tray full of juice and pancakes."

"Those look lovely! And I'm getting old arent' I?" said Yin in a playful tone.

"Still looking like a fresh rose that hasn't even been picked." Dane says giving her the breakfast,"Plus it's soon to be our 4th anniversary I think." Dane says,"Today's the 31st,tomorrow is your birthday,and 3 days later is our anniversary."

"That is true! Oh yeah, that reminds me! Yang is supposed to set out for his pirate journey today. Father told him to wait until he was 25 to do so." said Yin.

"Really?" Dane says,"I guess since he's going to be 25 tomorrow,I guess that's his present."

"Pretty much. It is kinda touching he came to me and say he wanted to be a pirate so he can "Kick the ass of every Marine he runs across" and of course the adventure. He said the first part because of that time a Marine shot me on the shoulder. Makes me wanna do the same honestly but I'm not a savage like him." said Yin with a chuckle.

"That you are definitely not." Dane says,"But not all pirates need to be savages." He then kisses Yin on the head,"Whatever you decide to do,I will support you till the death."

"Thank you Dane! And I'm sure Yang won't be. Well, if you're not a Marine that is..." said Yin as she thinks about something for a bit. "Well, I do like the idea of going on an adventure after all...maybe being a pirate wouldn't be too bad! Plus, I fear that Yang may get himself into trouble...I'd like to at least be there to lend him a hand just in case." said Yin.

"You could be right." Dane says,"You never know when he's going to throw himself into the girls' bathroom again. He does that more times than I can count."

"You're right about that... I have a feeling he is just going to run into the wrong girl one day and get turned into some monster or something like that just because he was extra curious... I don't know why but I have a hunch that's happening." said Yin who was scratching her head.

Dane just sits down on the bed next to Yin and then say,"Don't worry,that is something we can only pray that won't happen." Dane then kisses Yin,"If you really want to become a pirate,we would have to prepare soon. And I would have to tell my pages that they will need a new teacher. But that's if you really decide on becoming a pirate."

"I-I think we should! Plus, I always wanted to meet my other kind before one day. Father did say that there are other Huminks like me out there and it'll be nice to meet them and see how they live!" said Yin.

"Yeah,that could be cool." Dane then has a smug,"We can prepare after this!" He then jumps on Yin and just kisses her a storm like a wolf he is.

"W-Whoa! You're quite the fiesty wolf aren't ya!" said Yin who was laughing. "But...we are short a ship huh? I heard Yang was gonna try to sneak on a Marine ship all the way to the East Blue or Paradise..."

"Hmmmmm." Dane thinks a moment to think,"I would say maybe we grab a chau ship and sail to paradise. And wherever we go,we recruit people and maybe get a better ship. Why follow your brother when we can perhaps do better than him?"

"Heh heh. Do better than him huh? I do like the idea of besting Yang at something for once! And I'm sure father would let us get one. I think Yang only did the Marine ship because he wanted to beat them all up afterwards. It's a good thing I've been studying in navigation so we will know our way around!" said Yin.

"Funny I was about to say I know someone that would "borrow" your books and bring them back without you knowing." Dane says,"My sister Joan has gotten an interest in being a bit more wild than what a noblewoman should be. She keeps asking me to train her in the ways of a knight,though I haven't yet. She also gotten into some weird groups of people most royals would not approve of,most of them I would consider pirates themselves."

"Oh right! We could ask her to join us! It would probably be good to start off with more members. Though, I wonder should we do sail to Paradise first? My father told me the rest of the New World is brutal for starting pirates..." said Yin.

"I say let's sail to wherever is the most interesting to us and go from there." Dane says."Maybe recruit some people here and there. But I think as pirates we should really just have fun."

"Indeed! At least pirates can follow their own rules and such. The Marines seem like they have to follow rules and such... I mean I don't mind following rules but if they're willing to hurt children and not be sorry for it, I'd rather not follow in their footsteps..." said Yin who was holding onto her shoulder in the same spot she was shot at.

"Hey if anyone tries to touch my nine-tailed princess wife." Dane says,"They're going to meet two things,me and my sword."

"Heh heh and I'm sure they would think twice huh?" said Yin who was smiling.

Suddenly a knock was heard at the door as Yin looked at it and someone came inside.

"Nee-heehee! I heard you two were planning to be pirates and I was like "Whoa! I gotta see if that's true!"" said Knights.

"Morning Knights! What are you doing around here this early?" said Yin.

"Yang wanted me to tell you that he was setting off! Also some other things." said Knights.

"Well what is it Knights?" Dane asks,"Tell us then I will be heading off to my parent's house to see some things done before I guess we officially make our leave."

"You can do those things but Cordelia and Axel wanted to see you Yin. That's all I came for!" said Knights as he walked out whistling.

"Oh really? I can understand Cordelia but I wonder what Axel would want with me?" said Yin.

"Sounds good,I'm off then honey." Dane says,"Meet me at the field where I teach some of the pages at around noon." Dane then gives kiss to Yin,"I'm off." He then fist bumps Knights and heads out.

"You got it hon! I better go meet up with those two. I'm sure it's back near the restaurant." said Yin as she rushes out.

Sacred Belongings

Yin first meets up with Cordelia who was just standing outside of the restaurant.

"Glad you are able to come Yin. I hope this wasn't on short notice." said Cordelia.

"It's fine! I couldn't just leave without speaking to you first! So what is up?" said Cordelia.

"I just wanted to give you this. It's a special type of robe I made thanks to the help of my powers that should protect you from aliments of the seas. I know you will be going to different places so I feel this will come in handy for you." said Cordelia as she handed Yin the robe.

"Thank you! I know I'll need this and I'll treasure it! And Knights told me Axel needs me as well." said Yin.

"That is correct. He is over by the castle in the backward." said Cordelia.

Meanwhile,Dane was at his parents house in the forest.

"Hey son." Gawain says,"You need some more wood? I just cut some this morning."

"No,not really." Dane says,"Yin and I are deciding to become pirates."

"What about that Alpha Knight position you might get soon?" Gawain asks,"Don't you want to be like me?"

"I would,but you know the saying too well,"Happy Wife,Happy Life" right?" Dane says.

"You're right." Gawain,"Uhm,there is something I would like to show you son." Gawain then leads Dane inside to the house.

"What do you want to show me?" Dane asks as they were heading into the attic of the house.

"When we found you at the forest those many years ago. There was a letter that said to give you these things to you." Gawain says as he opens a chest. Showing a smooth curved sword and a curved sword that somewhat represented a saw by the jagged points on the blade.

"Those look like rough swords." Dane says picking them up and studying them.

"There is also these garments the letter wanted you to wear." Gawain says picking them up.

"Somehow they haven't been eaten by anything yet." Dane says giving out a laugh,"I'll have these washed before I put these on."

"Son." Gawain says,"Wherever you go,remember that we are with you in our hearts,and if you ever meet your actual parents,tell them we took damn good care of you."

"I will." Dane says as he gives a hug to his dad. He then slaps his dad,"Language."

"Yeah,right." Gawain says.

"Me and Yin would like Joan to come with us on our journey." Dane says,"Have you seen her?"

"She's to be in the Chau castle,but I think she's in that bar she likes to hang out in." Gawain says,"I think she would be better with you guys since she likes the idea of pirates."

Dane chuckles then says,"Same. We'll be leaving somewhere on our anniversary at the chau docks. I would like to see you guys to be there to say goodbye to us."

"Don't worry,we will." Gawain says,"Now go get your sis out of that bar."

Yin arrives at the castle to see Axel training some random guards.

"Come on! Get moving! You still have 1000 more laps to run!" shouted Axel to the guards.

"Hi Axel! I heard from Knights you wanted something!" said Yin.

"Hello Yin, and that is true. If you're planning to go sailing on the seas, you need a better way to protect yourself." said Pangu as he heads toward a nearby shack and comes back with with a special-looking rod." Here you go.

"What is that? It looks so fancy!" said Yin.

"A Barmoatory Tact. Since you love to study the weather all of the time, I had some blacksmiths crafted this up. It's a weapon that can store different types of weather balls that you can use to see fit. It has an extra feature to store lighting and even act as a a blunt weapon." said Axel.

"T-This is really nice! Thanks Axel! Hopefully I won't have to fight much but it will come in handy!" said Yin who takes it.

"When are you leaving? That crazy brother of yours already left by Marine ship earlier. He even took a couple of them out already. Brat is gonna have a bounty already..." said Axel.

"We're leaving soon! I was just came by to meet you and Cordelia." said Yin.

Dane was at the bar in Chau. The bar was a popular place for pirates to meetup. Dane enters in there looking for his sister Joan. Dane enters with his knight armor on and looking around the bar. The pirates didn't look pleased seeing a knight in a popular place for pirate.

"Aye,why you in here?" A pirate comes to approach Dane.

"I'm looking for my sister." Dane says,"She's a skunk mink and likes to hang out at this place."

"Oh you mean one of the waitresses." the pirate points out to her,who was on a wall with a man in front of her."A looker she is definitely."

"Thank you." Dane says and then approaches the man who has Joan on the wall.

"Hey who are you?" The pirate says to Dane who was approaching him.

"You have my sister boxed,may I ask that you let her go." Dane asks.

"Come on,me and her were having a thing going." the pirate says.

While Dane and the pirate were discussing,Joan was seen robbing the pirate's pockets.

"I'm asking that you let go of her or I will force you somehow to comply under Chau law." Dane warns.

"Chau law my ass!" The pirate says,

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Dane says with a sigh,he then delivers an elbow to the man's face,knocking him out.

Other pirates witnessed it and pulled out their swords preparing to fight. Dane also had his hand on his scabbard to prepare himself.

"Wait,we shouldn't fight him,he's one of the top guards in Chau." a random pirate in the crowd says. Everyone then puts their sword back and business goes back to normal.

"What was that for Dane?" Joan asks,"I had everything under control."

"I didn't doubt that you did." Dane says,"It just so happens that I wanted to talk to you about something."

Joan rolls her eyes and then says,"What is it?"

"I know how you like to hang out with these....these outlaws." Dane says,"And me and Yin are deciding to become pirates and explorers. And we thought of you coming with us."

"REALLY?!" Joan says with excitement,"Good thing I robbed that man of Bsymbol.gif150,000 and some log poses."

"You picked up the skill of thieving?" Dane asks,"Not something I think mother or father would approve of."

"It has its uses," Joan says,"Especially if we're going to be pirates. Now come on,let's go become pirates!"

Joan and Dane leave the bar and go into the field Dane said that they were meeting Yin.

Yin can be seen heading on over. "Wow, Axel did pretty well with this weapon! I can see me using it pretty well." said Yin as she walked right into a tree. "Oof! I-I hope nobody saw that..." said Yin who kept on walking in a hurry.

Dane sees Yin walking over and says,"I didn't see it,but I heard it." Dane was watching his pages playing a game of Ironball.

"Set....GO!" A little page says to his line of pages and the ball was given to him. The page with the ball then throws the ball at one of the runners. The runner caught the ball but was hit hard by one of the pages on the other team.

"ooooh....I felt that one myself." Dane says cringing at the impact.

"W-What in the world are those two doing? And that looked incredibly painful..." said Yin who was wincing from seeing the pain.

"Well,I created this game called Ironball for the pages can have fun while learning about the knight armor." Dane says,"Basically there are two teams and the one team has to get to the ball onto the other side of the field while the other team defends their side of the field. The teams also get 5 shots to get about 15 yards across the field. The ball is travelled by either given to the man beside the pitcher or the pitcher throwing the ball to one of the runners. And the defenders try to take the ball away from them or make them run out of tries." Dane then explains,"I probably know that's a lot of information for you but I needed a fun way the pages would put on their armor,cause most of them weren't very willing. Though I probably should've also splitted the teams based on skills and not by age cause that was an 8 yr old boy tackled by a big 13 year old."

"That sounds super unsafe and totally something that Yang would do without the armor." said Yin as she chuckled to herself.

"You are most likely right." Dane says,"But now I have to tell them that they will have a new teacher." He then shouts to the kids,"HEY GATHER ROUND YOU KIDS OVER HERE!!!"

The kids then walk over in their bulky armor.

"Take off the helmets." Dane says.

"What is it Mr.Dane?" A kid asks.

"Well,me and Yin have decided to-"

"To have a baby!" Another kid says excitedly.

"I wish but no." Dane says.

"Awww..." the kids say.

"No,Me and Yin are going to become pirates." Dane says,"So you guys will have a new teacher."

"Awwwwww." The kids say,"Please don't leave..."

"Sorry kids,Me and Yin are going soon." Dane says,"But don't worry,I have a couple candidates for your new teacher."

"Who?" The kids ask.

"Well,there's Axel,my father,and Galahad." Dane says,"I have yet to talk to them about you guys though."

"Axel is that super cool dragon guard right Sir Dane?" A boy asks.

"Yeah,he mostly trains squires,but he does like to train pages with plenty of potential." Dane replies.

"Heh heh...these kids are pretty cute." said Yin as she has a brief flashback to when her and Yang would often horse around when they are kids. She is still surprised how much has changed in between. "And yes he is! Be careful if you wanna train by him or he'll make you run over 1000 laps!" said Yin in a playful teasing tone.

"A 1000 laps!" The kids say,"That sounds like a super long amount of laps."

"It is." Dane says,"Though I can do that myself easily. What I think I will do is have Galahad be the teacher for you guys. But Axel will also keep watch,and will pick you guys out and will train you kids if he sees potential in some of you."

"WHAT!!!" Galahad says walking into the field,"You are saying I have to watch these kids! I'm an Alpha Knight now Dane,I can't be busy watching and teaching kids."

"You guys promise to behave for Galahad?" Dane says ignoring Galahad.

"Yes sir!" The kids reply.

"Ok,here's what I want you kids to chase after Galahad who has the ball now until Axel comes over ok kids." Dane says.

"What Ball?" Galahad says.

"This ball." Dane says as he throws the ball at Galahad,"Go get him kids."

The kids then start chasing Galahad that has the ball now.

"hey...Hey...HEY!!!!" Galahad says as he sees the kids chasing him.

"That should keep him busy till Axel comes." Dane says,"Say,how about we get ready to go for the rest of the day and then after your birthday,we'll get sailing."

"Heh heh, it's kinda funny seeing the wolf playing catch with the kids as it's the other way around. But sure! We can continue to get ready! I think I'm pretty prepared." said Yin.

"Good." Dane says,"We should be ready then after your birthday. Let's go." Dane says as he and Yin walk back to their house together.

Goodbye Chau,Hello Paradise

2 days later

Yin,Dane,and Joan were at the docks with their new chau-built ship and with some people of Chau. Mostly the three are saying their goodbyes now.

"Bye mom and Dad." Joan and Dane would say to Gawain and Ragnell while the four were hugging each other.

"Please come back home safely kids." Ragnell says with tears while hugging them.

"Comfort mom while I'm saying goodbye to the others Joan." Dane says as he gets out of the group hug and talks to the others.

"Hey Dane,have fun on your adventures." Agravain says,"And thank you for being a friend."

"Don't worry,it was a pleasure." Dane says handshaking Agravain.

Dane then walks over to Galahad and Lamorak,"Thanks for being sparring buddies."

"Thanks for being a friend." Lamorak says,"I'll be missing my favorite wolf mink."

"Same here." Galahad says,"I promise to watch the kids with Axel."

"I know you will." Dane says. He then walks over to Axel and Knights.

"Thank you Axel for being my teacher for over these years. And thank you knights for being a cool guy to be friend with." Dane says.

"Heh. Just don't die out there. I'd had to have all of those years of hard work training you to go to waste." said Axel who couldn't help but smile/smirk.

"Indeed! Make us proud! I know you will do fine out in sea my daughter!" said Pangu hugging her.

"Thanks father! I'll make sure to help out Yang if I should come across him again." said Yin.

"Indeed so! Fate brought you together so I'm sure it will do the same out at sea!" said Pangu who then turns to Dane. "And I'm sure you will make sure my daughter is safe! I don't even know why I'm asking!" said Pangu with a laugh.

"Don't worry Lord Pangu,I will." Dane says,"Anyone hurts her will meet me and my new swords." Dane says showing his two new swords."I tried to figure out how to use these two swords plus my knight sword." He then places his knight sword on his mouth while holding his two new swords,"So Imma try this!"

"Whoa! Interesting sword play! I never seen this before!" said a surprised Pangu.

"I did recommended him he develop his own swordfighting skills. It looks rather silly with the sword in his mouth but it's very effective I'll admit." said Axel.

"I didn't create it." Dane says,"I read it in a book about a warrior who was famous for this."

Joan then comes to Yin and Dane,"Hey we perhaps should get going now. We shouldn't waste anymore sunlight now."

"You are right." Dane says,"The captain walks onto the ship first." Dane says as he motions Yin to get on the ship first.

"Indeed. Let us go!" said Yin as she hops onto the ship. "Wow...I can see why Yang wanted to go soon! The thrill of this adventure feel great!" said Yin.

"It sure is." Dane says going onto the ship.

"Let's go!" Joan says excitedly.

Dane raises the anchor while Joan hoisted the sails. They were set sailing for paradise of the grand line!

"BYE CHAU!!!" Dane says,"HELLO ADVENTURE!!!"

Back at the docks,Lancelot is walking over to Axel,"Axel,I was doing some research on some things and look what I came over." Lancelot shows off an old bounty poster of the notorious White Fang London Jack,"Same surname as Dane,Dane also seems to have similar features to the mink. Thing is this poster is about 30 years old,no one has seen him since 30 years."

"Naturally, that is indeed Dane's father. I've know about this then entire time actually." said Axel who had his arms crossed.

"Really? How do you know Axel?" said Pangu.

"Mostly the appearance and that bloodlust he had before. London Jack was known for his incredibly brutality and I was able to put two-and-two together." said Axel.

"Hey! He's got an eyepatch like you Axel." Lamorak jokes about.

"I wonder if Dane will meet this London Jack." Percival says.

"Anything is possible out at sea." Lancelot says.

"That you are right about." Gawain says.

Dane is then seen hugging Yin who is staring out into see,"Where to captain and wife?"

Yin is hugging back as well. "Where the winds of fate will take us. Father always says that to me!" said Yin.

"The winds of fate ehh?" Dane says,"I like that."

"You two just going to stand there and hug each other?" Joan ask.

"Joan,you'll learn one day about having a love life." Dane says.

"Yeah,and it'll be after I rob your sword from you." Joan says as she shows that she took Dane's knight sword from his scabbard.

"Why you Joan!" Dane says,"Give it back!"

"Not if you catch me first!" Joan says running.

And so,the Yin pirates were formed. Yin was there laughing at the two siblings chasing each other. The three would go to where the Winds of fate will take them. They will have some adventures,some exploring,but all in all. The three had each other and were having a good time.

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