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A Company in Wonderland
Date Started: December 25th, 2021

Date Finished: February 1st 2022

Setting: Grand Line: The Garden of Eden, New World

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: 20 years ago, a much younger crew or group of people travel accidentaly to an island unknown to many. And soon, they learn the curiosities of the island.



The Garden of Eden, an island mostly heard of in tales and fables if they were common. An island that few have heard of, and very, very few have travelled there and lived through it. It's a small, yet large island that holds many mysterious and curiosity to man. From different cultures to different flora and fauna, the Garden of Eden is a Wonderland that many have not travel to intentionally. But we know of a company that have been there......

20 Years Ago

Acid, Toys, and the Moon

On a large ship just outside the seas of Eden; if was that the Spark Pirates lead by the infamous pirate Z. Spark himself. His crew was a fairly short one that had some lessar named subornaties. However, two of it's notable members are his right hand, Yueliang the Moon Knight and "Tricker" Keaton who joined not too long ago. They appeared to be searching for a place to refuel their ship and were just going where the wind takes them.

"Bah. I can't see a damn thing around here. The hell is with all of this damn mist?" Spark said as he was looking around.

"Quite "mist-tefying" huh?" Yueliang said with a laugh at his own joke as he was being angrily stared at by Spark. "I thought it was funny..."

"In the sense we better not run out of fuel! It could be quite scary being left out here by ourselves...kishishishi!" Keaton laughed in his usual snicker.

"You're not funny Keaton. Besides, I can easily get out of here by myself." Spark said as he started to see a brief clearing up ahead. "Hmph. Finally, some clearance. Go foward we need to get to this place and refuel quick."

"Aye aye!" Yueliang said alongside the others as they sailed the ship out of the mist until they saw Eden in their sights. "Whooooah! Look at that place!"

"What the hell is that? It doesnt' look like some ordinary island." Spark said as he puffed out smoke.

"It looks like fun! We should head there anyway! We dont' wanna stay out of here and diiiiie!" Keaton said with another snicker.

"Ugh. Fine as we have no choice. We should always go by the docks first so, well, I guess we better get the fuck over there. Wherever that is..." Spark stated as he directed his ship in order to locate the docks.

They make it through the clearing and see the docks. But as they sailed, they saw flamingos all over the area as the ship passed through the sea. The docks were covered as well with flamingos that dominated this side of the island. The sea of pink sure gives off a bright look to the island as they tried to dock the ship while moving through the sea of flamingos.

"The hell? What is with all of these damn flamingos? It's like a never-ending amount of them." Spark said as he was looking at all of the flamingos around.

"This is...quite spectular!!! Look at all of those magestic birds! And the sea it is so pink!" Yueliang said with a look of awe on his face.

"Dammit just pay attention and dock this ship all of the time. Remember we are nearly out of fuel. Just seeing all of this frilly pink shit is enough to make me want to vomit." Spark said bluntly.

"Now now! A place like this we shouldn't take likely. You never know what may want to kill us! Kishishsishi!" Keaton laughed.

"...You really like looking at the negative side of things don't you?" Spark said with a deadpan at Keaton.

Eventually, they were able to dock and got off of the ship as they started to look around their surroundings. Spark, of course, was looking as annoyed.

"Ugh...I don't even know where to begin looking. Where are the residents?" Spark asked as he was looking around.

"Maybe the flamingos can help? We got two minks here we can talk to them!" Yueliang suggested.

"We can't do that unfortunately!" Keaton said.

In the midst of all the flamingos on this side of the port, if the three were to get by the flamingos, they'd see two guards guarding a door. Well they weren't necessarily guarding the door, they were playing croquet with the flamingos as mallets. The two guards were seen to be thin as card paper but had wide heads as it made up the body. The two were seeming to enjoy themselves playing croquet with the flamingos as it is not often visitors come here.

"Just one more hoop...." A red card guard that had diamonds on his body, "And I win!"

"Aw come on, we've been playing this game for the twenty-thousandth time." The other red card guard, this one with hearts, speaks, "Ain't there any other game we could play?"

"Do we know how to play any other games?" The diamond card guard asks.

"....Good point." The heart card guard says after thinking.

"Then let's finish this round and do another one." He says as he was aiming the ball with the flamingo for a mallet.

"What the hell are those? Living playing cards or something?" Spark asked with a puzzle look on his face.

"Are they playing with the flamingos? I didn't know they can be used for games!" Keaton said excitengly.

"They appear to be having fun! Nothing wrong with that!" Yueliang said with a nod.

"Then you go ask them for directions. You're the cheery guy around here." Spark said.

"Roger that!" Yueliang said as he apporached the guards. "Greetings my good sirs! My name is Yueliang and I was hoping to trouble you for the location of your women?" Yueliang asked but was quickly tossed a rock at by Spark.

"BAKA! ASK FOR ANY REFULING!" Spark shouted.

"Fine fine! Do you have a chance of refueling for our ship? And I do want to know where we are at." Yueliang asked again as he looked around.

As Yueliang spoke, the card guards would suddenly act in a professional matter as they blocked Yueliang to go any further into the island. "You are about to enter Red territory, do you have any affiliation to the Red Queen and King of the Red Kingdom?" the Diamond card guard speaks.

"Um...No? We was just asking about any refueling around here. Not really sure about this "Red Kingdom" hooey!" Yueliang said as he had has arms up.

"Took them quick to act like stuck ups..." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Ooh a king and queen? This may not be an ordinary island after all! Keshishihi!" Keaton laughed.

"To Enter the Kingdom of Red!" The Diamond Card guard then suddenly speaks majestically, "One must answer this riddle correctly!"

"Ooooh a riddle?!" The Heart guard says, "What's the riddle?!?!"

"Hush you rookie guard!" The Diamond guard responds, "The riddle is......Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

The Heart guard looks down and thinks about the riddle, "That's a tough one sir..."

"I didn't expect you to know the answer." The diamond guard responds, "Neither you needed to think about it."

"Hey! I was just wanting to think." The heart guard defends.

"Oooooh! A riddle! Riddles are awesome!" Yueliang said as he was jumping up and down like a giddy school girl.

"..You have to be kidding me right?" Spark said with a facepalm. "We are just...trying to...get a...damn refuel..."

"Awwww don't be a spoilsport! It's nice to have fun every now and again!" Keaton said in a cheerful tone.

"So...Why is a raven like a writing desk...raven...writing desk...." Yueliang said as he was pacing back and forth. "Hmm...I can't think of anything I swear! And I'm good at riddles!"

"Hmph. It's because the riddle is a trick. There is no answer." Spark stated suddenly.

"Yeah I haven't had the slightest clue either." The diamond guard says before laughing hysterically in front of them, the heart guard was confused still.

"I don't get it sir?" The heart guard says.

"Well you see boy, it's cause riddles are nonsense!" the Diamond guard responds to explain to the Heart guard. And soon the Heart Guard was joining along the laughter of the diamond guard, as they are obviously jolly in their spirits.

"Dammit are we done with the shits and giggles and can we get a refuel yet or not?" Spark asked.

"That riddle honestly confused me as well!" Yueliang said eagarly.

"Not now Yueliang!" Spark shouted at him.

"Oh yeah, you can go through." The diamond card guard says as he and the heart guard allow passageway. They show the trio a wooden arch door that was surrounded by endless amounts of shrubbery and hedges that were green and smooth. There was a sign post on the ground saying, "The Red Maze".

"To Get to the Red Kingdom!" The Diamond card would then say dramatically, "One must enter the Scarlett Maze, filled with monsters ablaze! Find a path that completes the trek, and your tale may live on! But aware, many hurdles must be jumped, or else the head will be removed from the neck! WOOOOOOOOOO!!" he tried to scare the trio on that last part.

"Very Scary...." The heart card guard was suddenly hiding behind Spark comically.

"Uuuuuugh. Fine. The quicker we do this, the quicker we can get out of here." Spark said with a huff as he started to walk past the guards into the maze.

"Red! Too bad it isn't silver but I'll bite!" Yueliang said as he floated behind Spark.

"I am curious about the monsters! I want to add them to my collection! Kishishshi!" Keaton snickered.

The three enter the maze and were welcomed with a giant wall of hedges surrounding them now. The hedges were as if they were tall as castle walls of kingdoms. Their adventure will start as the hedge maze would lead them to the right in a path that'll start them in their maze adventure. Behind them, the three can hear the guards going back to playing croquet with flamingos in the meanwhile.

"Heh this place is a-maze-zing eh?" Yueliang said with a friendly elbow to Spark who looks at him with angrish.

"...I'm just glad you got that stupid obvious joke out of the way." Spark said as he then turned his attention back to the maze. "This place is all grass. What's stopping me from melting through with my acid?"

"I'm preeeeeetty sure that will take the fun out of it! Come on you really need to relax!" Keaton said with a pat on Spark's shoulder as he was wearing gloves to make sure he doesn't acciently use his powers on him.

"Why is this day suddenly going down the shitter...?" Spark asked with a deep sigh.

"Ain't nothing to it but to press forward!" Yueliang shouted as he lead his group further down the maze.

These three soon learn that this maze is large, vast, and confusing as they walked through the maze paths. You could've swore you were going in the same direction or every path led to a dead end. As they walked through the maze, they'd notice red roses that cover the maze, marking it to be property of the Red Kingdom.

"Man this place is the shits...How the hell is anyone supposed to find their way around here?!" Spark said angrily.

"That's the point of mazes! They are supposed to be fun!" Yueliang said as he ran into a hedge wall. "...Somewhat fun!"

"That's it! I'm melting this place down!" Spark said as he started to activate his powers until Keaton quickly steps in front of him.

"That will be unwise! You never know what may jump out and attack us!" Keaton said in a oddly cheerful tone.

"So what? I'm a pirate with over 300 mil bounty! What the hell that matters to me I don't fear anything!" Spark shouted back.

"Don't worry I am sure we can get through this! I mean we should be able to get out of here if we just try every route! There are three of us after all!" Yueliang suggested.

"Remember I am the captain of this crew. I'm the one that is leading where we go!" Spark shouted as he started to walk around in the maze more.

"Aye aye captain!" Yueliang said eagerly as he followed Spark behind.

"I wonder when we will run into these creatures? Oooh the temptation!" Keaton said as he followed behind as well.

As they walked, there was a sound of a low grunt and stomping feet as they'd get close to one of their first encounters. They'd soon make it to an area where they see this giant bloodhound. The hound looked like any other bloodhound, long ears and droopy mouth, just giant in size. The hound was sleeping as it was snoring loud as a human being snoring. On the paws were chains on the beast so it couldn't go very far. But it seems the maze continues on a path that goes by the bloodhound.

"W-What the silver moon is that!?" Yueliang said as he was caught off-guard by the giant beast.

"That's a giant dog...but it looks...quite beastly..." Keaton said as he was quickly afraid of the creature.

"Heh. Finally something that isn't so stupid. This is a type of creature a strong pirate like me will keep. It seems like it's sleeping." Spark said with a smirk.

"T-That's the least of our worries. That beast is in our path to getting out of here!" Yueliang said as he pointed toward the path beside the bloodhound

"I-I know I said I wanted creatures as my pets, but this thing strikes fear to even me! W-We can't risk getting mamed by this thing!" Keaton said as he was comically behind Spark.

"Why is everyone hiding behind me today? Keaton you can just turn him into a toy and i don't even think me and Yueliang can even be touched by this thing." Spark commented.

"C-Can't risk that!" Keaton said.

"I'm with Keaton!" Yueliang said as well.

"Ugh. Fine you panseys. We'll just sneak around. It's chain is short as hell. It won't get far. The day you guys are afraid of dogs and you call yourselves pirates..." Spark said as he was leading them.

"But I'm mainly a superhero." Yuliang responded.

"And I am an underworld brooker for hire." Keaton responded as well.

"Excuses." Spark said as he was shaking his head.

As they try to sneak around the bloodhound, they'd suddenly notice that there are different toys laid about the place that are meant for the dog. From giant rubber balls to small rubber balls, from chew toys to squeaky toys. They learned that had to deal with the obstacles as well as deal with the smelly breath of the giant bloodhound as it snored away.

"Well that can pose an issue won't it?" Spark asked as he looked at the toys.

"I guess even this giant unnatural beast is still a dog..." Yueliang wisphered as he was trying to sneak by them.

"T-This things breath is disgusting...I-I think I may throw up..." Keaton whispered as he kept moving forward.

"Shut up one of the acids I generate is sulfur which smells way worse. You two are older than me and yet are the biggest cowards. The hell is with that?" Spark said with a shake of his head as he kept leading is two frigthened crewmates past the bloodhound.

"Just keep tip-toeing and we will be fine!" Yueliang said as he accidently stepped on a squeaky toy causing it squeak loudly. "...Aw damn..."

"YUELIANG YOU DOLT!!!" Keaton shouted as loud as he can.

"These two seriously are idiots..." Spark thought to himself.

The bloodhound suddenly wakes up like the squeaky toy was an alarm clock. He opens his eyes and sees the three in front of him and narrows his eyes as he stared at them. He gave them a large growl that'd unsettled the cowards. He was then sniffing them as this is a bloodhound who can smell them. Spark smells like acid, Keaton smells like some freshly built toys of wood, and Yueliang smelled like cheese from the moon.

"I-If we don't make a move...It won't see us..." Yueliang said as he was staring in fear at the large beast.

"I-I thought that applied to dinosaurs...?" Keaton said as he was standing in fear as well.

"You two really are afraid of this thing compared to the thousands of sea kings we've went against before?" Spark said as he looked deadpanly at his two frightened crewmates.

The bloodhound looks at the trio with a long sniff before then looking at them with cute eyes and it wagging its tail. The dog hasn't seen people in a long time, and he thought these people can play with him like the past ones he met.

"What huh? This thing is friendly!?" Yueliang said with a comical fall backwards.

"You got to be kidding me right? This thing looked like a murder machine but it's a total plush toy." Spark said with a deep sigh.

"Ooh I like plush toys! I think he wants to play! I am definitely game!" Keaton said exitengly.

"Same here!" Yueliang said as he quickly leapt up. "I believe that explains all of these toys around! Let's just play with any one of these!"

"I agree!" Keaton said as he grabbed one.

"Hello Mysterious Island of Flat Guards and Playful Demon Dogs. You are definitely good at sidetracking my quest even more than possible." Spark replied in the most deadpan expression ever.

The bloodhound panted happily as it comically licked Yueliang off of his feet in happiness. The thing wagged its tail and was shaking the hedges around it in happiness. The hound stares at Yueliang and Keaton and expected the two to throw one of the toys to play as it wagged its tail.

"Annnnnd go get it!" Keaton tosses the toy the other way.

"Nice throw! Such heroic!" Yueliang said as he looked on.

Spark can only just lean against the hedgemaze as he was banging his head over and over on the grass. "I think something is cool for once, and the world just wants to shit all over me..." Spark said in a huff.

As Spark was having his attitude: he could feel, as he leaned on the hedges, a vibration that softly shook the hedges. But that small vibration soon became a quake and a thud as the ground around the trio and the hound shook. The happy hound went from wagging its tail to hiding it between its leg as it knew what was coming. The hound would then hide in the corner of the room to prepare for whats to come.

"W-Wha?! What's that?! The whole area is shaking!" Yueliang shouted.

"I don't know but the poor little dog ran away from us!" Keaton shouted as well.

"Let me guess: It is a BIGGER mutt..." Spark said sarcastally as he wasn't even fazed by the shaking.

Well unfortunately Spark wasn't right. As the thuds become louder and louder, two giant red shoes like clown feet come out from the corner of the passage the trio were to go to. And as they looked up, it turned out to be a giant card guard. The card guard remembled of a ten of diamonds. In its hand was a long spear with a large arrowhead blade at the end of it. And unlike the card guards from earlier, it didn't look friendly at all.

"Correction, a BIGGER card guard." Spark said with a yawn.

"Er...this guy doesn't look as playful as the guard." Keaton said as he looked up at the guard.

"Don't worry! He probably hasn't had a greeting yet!" Yueliang says as he walks up to the guard and extends his hand. "My name is Yueliang! How is your day?"

The guard looks down at Yueliang's hand and gives a deep scowl. It then grunted deeply before raising the arm of the spear and throwing it down right in front of Yueliang's foot, just missing it by inches.

"WHA!!! I-I ALMOST LOST A FOOT!!!" Yueliang shouted as he leaped backwards.

"But you're a logia right? That shouldn't hurt you." Keaton responded.

"Yeah but only if I react in time!" Yueliang shouted back again.

"Step aside you two. You had your fun." Spark said as he stepped forward and looked up at the guard with an equal scowl look on your face. "You look like you had a bad day so far. Well, my day tops yours. I want to see if you will do something about it against someone who has balls."

The guard looks at Spark, and gives the same look as he gave to Yueliang. But this time he spoke in a giantly manner, "That dumb mutt woke up my slumber.....which tells me I need to do my bidding..." He then picks up his spear, "Kill trespassers...." He says as he throws the giant spear right at Spark!

Spark lets the spear go through his acidic body and a meancing smirk appears on his face. "Finally someone that speaks my language! I was getting bored of doing nothing! Arechi!" Spark shouted as he slammed the ground and produced a large acidic wave that went toward the guard!

"W-Wait we don't really have to find in such a wonderful place right?" Yueliang pleaded.

"He said "kill trespassers" pretty sure that is out the window my friend." Keaton responded.

The acidic wave would hit the guard and take out some major damage on the card, as it looked like the card itself was burning. The anger in the card guard was seen as his face was now a deep red. He then rears the spear and lets it then be coated in a strange red as the card guard spoke: "Bara Suitaru (Rose Style): Flower Crash!" He says as the guard thrusts the spear in speed.

"Haki huh?" Spark said as he barely dodge the attack as he looked at the guard with still an intense look on his face. "Heh a challenge huh?"

"Spark is looking particually scary today..." Keaton said with a grim look on his face.

"I shall go an assit our captain!" Yueliang shouted as he flew over to the guard preparing to fire a strange beam from his hands. "Moongeist Beam!" Yueliang shouted as he fired off the beam of moonlight at the guard.

"Argh!" As the guard was struck down by the Moonlight beam and holes were seen in his card body, his blood being showed in a deep red as he fell. He coughs and then speaks, "T-the hell? What power did the moon gods give you? And what the hell is haki?"

"That strange thing you coated your own spear in earlier?" Spark said as he walked up to the guard as he was on thr ground.

"Not the gods my friend! More like the devil!" Yueliang said eargely as he looked down at him as well. "We're the meriful type so we won't kill you or anything! We just wanted to get through here but you wanted to resort to violence! Violence is never the answer evildoer!"

"Speak for yourself. I would glady melt this guy into an acidic puddle since he tried to kill us first." Spark said with his arms crossed.

"I could very easily turn him into a toy you know! That way he is alive but everyone will forget him!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Cough Evil? A man who was doing his job...evil?" The giant says as he was coughing up blood. The power levels between the three and the giant were vastly different, thus the giant was heavily wounded. "And...whatever the hell you're talking about..."haki" Kaikabara.....A blooming rose they say."

"Hmph. Says the guy that calls us trespassers even though we were let in here." Spark said bluntly.

"Blooming Rose? Is that some kind of flower?" Keaton asked.

"It's probably the way they refer to Busoshoku Haki here. This place does seem like it's closed from the outside world. As this fellow said, the concept of the word "Haki" doesn't seem to exist to him." Yueliang stated in a sudden serious and informative tone

"Don't care. You look like you're not going to cause trouble anymore. Going down to my weaker teammate's weaker move." Spark said as he shook his head.

"Ooof! You cut me hard with your words of truth!" Yueliang said with a laugh.

"S-So what are you going to do now?" The guard asks as he looks at them as he still laid down in blood, "Help me? Leave me?"

"Why should I help you? You tried to kill us literally minutes ago. You can bleed out for all I care I'm going to see if there is actual assistance around here." Spark said as he bluntly walked off ignoring the guard.

"Spark! Not cool mate!" Yueliang said as he look down at the guard and took out a vial of serum. "You can take this. It is quite special as it can help stop the bleeding and help that wound heal a tad quicker."

"Oooh helping out the enemy? Sparky won't like that!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Hey I'm a doctor after all! A superhero second but a doctor first! We are supposed to help anyone after all!" Yueliang said proudly.

"T-Thank you." The giant says as he took the serum and drank it, "I-I feel better already...." He then thinks for a moment, "So...guess I should give back and give you a clue out of this maze. In return."

"That will be nice! Hey Spark we are about to get a clue to get out of here!" Yueliang shouted to Spark who kept walking.

"I don't hear you. I am already out of ear shot." Spark shouted as he kept walking forward.

"I don't think he is in sight anymore...may as well tell us!" Keaton said.

"T-to find the exit of the Wondrous Maze...." The giant starts, "One must unlock their Myougensou (Wonder Vision)....and follow the path of the golden peckled flowers that can be detected through Myougensou...."

"Er...Wonder Vision? I wonder what is that about?" Yueliang asked.

"Some kind of super herone?" Keaton responded.

"Oh hell yeah! That does sound like that! Is there a woman here that can help us with that?" Yueliang asked exitengly.

"Cough no...." The giant responds, "Wonder Vision is the power to see what can't be seen by the normal eyes....I unfortunately don't have this power as the monarch send me into this maze and had me stay in it. So I have been in this maze myself, supposed to kill any of those that enter the maze."

"The power to see that can't be seen with the normal eyes? That sounds familiar." Keaton says.

"Well we do know they have their unique way of saying Haki, maybe Wonder Vision is their way of saying Observation Haki!" Yueliang concluded.

"Ooh that sounds like it! Except none of us has that kind of Haki..." Keaton said as his ears went down.

"True but ol' cranky pants does! I've seen him use it plenty of times so he is our ticket out of here! We just gotta find him..." Yueliang stated.

"Welp....that is all I can do for you." The giant says, "I probably should call back Snotty over here so he ain't scared of me."

"Alright! Thanks for the help! And try to take it easy!" Yueliang said as he started to run off. "Come on Keaton! We don't want Spark to get too far ahead!"

"W-Wait up! Man he is fast for a human!" Keaton said as he ran on all fours after Yueliang.

Spark can be seen still walking around in the maze. "This place sucks. I'd rather get grilled on by Lycodia than deal with this shit..." Spark said with a sigh.

As Spark was walking in the maze, he'd soon hear a hiss. A hiss and a meow that'd resemble a cat, but it didn't sound like a normal house cat at all, something....larger and fiercer....

"Ah great. What is it this time? Captain Hell the Hug Master?" Spark said as he started to look around.

"Spark! W-Wait up!" Yueliang said as he caught up to Spark with Keaton just behind him as he was panting. "Man I need to work out more..."

"Speak for yourself leaving lil ol' me back there!" Keaton said angrily.

"Yueliang you can fly you dolt." Spark said deadpanly.

"R-Right...yeah...Oh! We figured out you can use observation haki to find a way out of here!" Yueliang said.

"Let me guess, it goes by some absurd name here." Spark stated.

"Wonder Eyes to be precise!" Keaton answered.

"Typical. Well at least we can get out of here but I've heard something that may don't want us to leave anytime soon." Spark replied as he was referring to the nose.

"What is that? It sounds like a cat and a snake duking it out!" Yueliang said as he was looking around.

Well Yueliang was close to that assumption, but as they were walking by to a corner. Like a jump scare, a creature's face peers around the corner and looks right at the three. It seemed that the creature had a jaguar like face, with its cat eyes and grey fur, but it's neck looked like a stretched giraffe neck it could extend whenever. As it stared at the trio, the three can see rows of shark like teeth as the creature opened its mouth and lunged itself at the trio!

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?!?!" Yueliang shouted in fear.

"I DUNNO BUT IT IS FREAKY AS HELL!!!" Keaton shouted as well.

"Well you're a vile abomination aren't you?" Spark said nonchantualy as he prepared to shoot acid at the terrifying creature.

The cat-like creature moves the rest of the body while keeping its neck in place to watch the trio. The body of the creature then gets up close enough that the jaguar thing starts walking up closer and closer at them. The thing hisses as it smiles and prepares to feast! On Yueliang's right, he notices a sign he and the others accidentaly ignored earlier that says, "Beware the Wild Bandersnatch...."

"Beward the wild Bandersnatch? What the hell is a Bandersnatch?!" Yueliang said as he was shivering in fear.

"I-I believe that thing that is attacking us you cod!" Keaton shouted at Yueliang.

"Heh you think you can scare me kitty? Try something I dare you." Spark said as he stared directly at the Bandersnatch as he prepared to lunge forward with a Haki-powered punch!

The Bandersnatch then does so as it leaps into the air and lunges himself at the three! Prepared to eat the trio like mice as his claws expose out of the paws and the mouth of the Bandersnatch opens and the neck extends at them!

"WHAAAAAA!!! IT'S GONNA KILL US!!!!" Keaton and Yueliang comically shouted.

"Bring it you freak! Green Bullet!" Spark shouted as he made his arm bigger with his acid and then coats it with Haki to launch the giant punch at the Bandersnatch!

The Bandersnatch takes the punch right below his jaw as the neck extend higher and higher into the air. As the neck tilts the head down as the Bandersnatch would smile as it would force its head to come flying down to crash right at the trio!

The trio barely dodges out of the way as they all got their footing after avoiding the deadly headbutt!

"Damn that punch looked like it didn't do shit to it!" Spark said with his teeth gritted.

"That's a punch that can topple boulders! This beast really is that strong?!" Yueling said as sweat comically fell down his face despite wearing a mask.

"Hey Keaton. Let's see if you can turn that thing into a toy. This thing is annoying the hell out me." Spark said to Keaton.

"My pleasure! This thing may haunt my dreams at night but it will be fun to add to my collection!" Keaton shouted as he quickly went toward the Bandersnatch hoping to touch it to turn it into a toy.

The Bandersnatch sees Keaton come at him and swipes Keaton with its own claws! The claw sends Keaton flying back into the hedges as it then looks back at Spark and Yueliang and hisses back as it starts walking at them like a lion hunting its prey.

"WHA!!!! KEATON!!!" Yueliang shouted.

"No sir I haven't broken all of your toys..." Keaton said in a daze as he was knocked for a loop.

"Dammit Keaton I told you to train your body more. You're way too reliant on your powers." Spark said as he looked at the Bandersnatch. "Yueliang, you may need to use your powers to transform me into Sulong now. This thing is tougher than it looks."

"Right-o! One Moon ball coming right up!" Yueliang said as he started to charge energy.

"I'll be sure to distract this damn thing so it wouldn't interrupt!" Spark said as he charged toward the Bandersnatch with a powerful kick that is coated in Haki.

The Bandersnatch hisses back as it showed its displeasure of being kicked, but again it came back at Spark and Yueliang with its neck as it tried to bite their heads off again!

"Ready with that yet?!" Spark asked.

"It is ready! Full Moon!" Yueliang shouted as he threw the moon up high as the energy started to emit the entire area!

As the artifitual moon is brightening the area, Spark's body soon starts to transform into it's Sulong state as his tan fur now becomes white in power. His Electro starts to burst violently as he stares down the Bandersnatch. "In this state kitten, I am scarier than you! Now...Electro: Toxic Shock!" Spark shouted as he let loose a powerful wave of green Electro toward the Bandersnatch.

The Bandersnatch jumps after being shocked by the electricity. The creature shakes itself and hisses in anger as it looks at the Sulong Spark. It then licks it lips as it thought bigger target means more food! It then pounces itself like a lion pouncing for a zebra!

"Damn this thing is a beast! You think you can take me bring it on you damn abomimation!" Spark shouted as he lunged at the beast himself making sure to surge his body in Electro for extra offense.

"S-Spark is going all out on this thing! Be careful dude!" Yueliang said as he went over to Keaton. "Keaton! You okay?!"

"Still out toys shopping mother..." Keaton said still in a daze.

"He's still out of it...That's why even he isnt' affected by my powers." Yueliang said as he looked back over to Spark who was still fighting.

The Bandersnatch then attacks Spark with its hard claws! The thing getting more and more annoyed by the electro attacks.

"Alright I'm done with this damn thing! Electro: Breaker Punch!" Spark shouted as he enlarged his arm this time and after coating it in Haki and Electro punches the Bandersnatch sending it further away and out of the maze hopefully!

The Bandersnatch does indeed fly out of the maze, you hear a scream from the cat as it was sent out of the maze. The last thing they'd see before it'd fall far away from the maze is that its long neck and creepy feline face.

"Ugh. That was quite annoying but it's done." Spark said as dusted himself off. "Yueliang, turn off that moon."

"Right." Yueliang said as he turned off his artifical moon which also in turn causes Spark to revert to normal. Yueliang also helps Keaton to his feet. "You okay there buddy?"

"Y-Yeah. I didn't expect that thing to move faster than me." Keaton said as he was holding his head.

"Like I said, you just need to train your body more. You have a useful as hell power but it's going to waste how much of a glass cannon you are." Spark stated as he started to look around the maze and activates observation haki to look for an exit. "Now you said observation can help us get out right?"

"Yes! Use the Wonder Eyes and look for an exit!" Yueliang said.

"I am NOT calling it by that." Spark said with deadpan.

They follow the path of the golden peckled flowers that were hidding deep inside the hedges, but thanks to Spark's observation haki, they were able to get towards the end of the maze until they came across one more surprise....

The sounds of a grunt of a bull was noticeable as they were getting closer to the end....

"Now what...?" Spark said with an exphrasted sigh.

"Uhhhh....sounds like something big and mean...Like my ex-wife Zing!" Yueliang said with a laughter before he was comically swatted by Spark's tail.

"You were married?" Keaton asked with a head tilt.

Well it was worse than Yueliang's ugly ex-wife, as they got closer and closer to the noise. They could tell that the grunting and angry noises were coming from the other side of the hedge wall they were next to. On the hedge wall as well, was a sign that casually says: "A fair warning: Watch out for Frank when he's grumpy."

"Frank? Who's Frank?" Yueliang asked.

"Maybe his last name is And Beans! Kishishishi-OW!" Keaton laughed until he was swatted by Spark's tail as well.

"You two and your tasteless jokes. Whatever it is, it is on the other side of this maze." Spark stated.

"I ain't afraid of any Frank! Franky boy better be afraid of the Hero of the Moon when he's angry! He wouldn't like when he is angry!" Yueliang said as he comically stomped toward the source of the sound.

Welp as he stepped toward the hedge where the sound was coming from, he was met instantly with the angry face of a giant minotaur that snorted with heavy heat and angry red eyes stared directly at Yeuliang. It held an axe in his right hand as it also had a spiked brass knuckles on his left. He bellows and prepares to charge at the three like a giant, angry bull!

".......Oh that's Frank....." Yueliang said as he suddenly started to run comically in reverse.

"RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!" Keaton shouted as he and Yueliang sprinted backwards in the maze.

"Seriously you guys are terrified of literally nothing." Spark said as he looked at the charging beast and took out his sabre. "I'll take you on! Bring it pork chop!"

Frank the grumpy minotaur was seen charging at Spark as it started winding its arm up and swinging the large axe at Spark! The axe was black but had a strange shape of a heart if one looked at the details of the blade. It swung at Spark with aggressive grace, which was sure to do its job.

"Bring it beast!" Spark shouted as he coated his sabre in haki and swung it very fast at the axe with a flame-shaped patter appearing on it!

"Looks like ol' Sparky is in another fight!" Yueliang said as he was still running backwards.

"He got this he's strong!" Keaton commented.

The two blades clash! The strength of each blade being shown to the other. This minotaur was as smart as angry as he was, as he then pulls the blade down with his axe due to the shape of the axe, and was going to deliver a left-handed punch! The punch though had those brass knuckles with spikes at the end of it to impale the opponent!

"Well shit this thing has brains!" Spark said quickly as he coated his body in Haki to avoid the spikes but was enough to still get sent flying some ways toward Yueliang and Keaton who were still backing up. "Man this thing is a fighter I'll give it that."

"It must be to send you flying back of all people!" Yueliang said as he was still running backwards.

"Indeed indeed!" Keaton says as he was still doing the same.


The minotaur then brushes up his hooves against the ground before charging like a mad bull at the three! He moves his head down so the horns were indeed pointed at Spark and the three as two of them were running from the minotaur.

"You three! Combined attack now!" Spark said as he was preparing his Electro to attack with.

"One Moongeist Beam coming right up!" Yueliang said as he was preparing his moon energy.

"Here's to hoping we don't get ran over! Kishishishi!" Keaton laughed as he was preparing his own Electro.

"Now, FIRE!!!" Spark shouted as each of their attacks combined into each other and went straight for Frank!

The attacks knock down Frank face down! He falls down as he gets hit by the attacks and flips over and, unintentionally, gets his horns stuck on the ground! He was now upside down on the ground with his horns stuck!

The three pirates walk up to Frank as he was stuck in the ground as they each look with deadpan expressions.

"I think he is stuck you guys." Yueliang said with a nod.

"He is! He looks quite defenseless!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Tempting to kill him here and there but I think that will be a waste." Spark said as he turned around and started to walk out.

"You know that guy isn't too scary when you think about it." Yueliang said with his arms behind his head.

"Says the guy that spent half the time running backwards from it." Spark said.

The minotaur was still angry but was flailing his arms, axe and all as he was trying to get himself out of his stuck situation. Funny enough, the exit of the maze was right behind the three, which looked like it was showing daylight up ahead.

"Finally! The end! Precious daylight!" Yueliang said as he ran out.

"Ironic for a guy that prays to the moon." Spark said sacastally as he followed behind Keaton.

"To be fair we all pray to the moon!" Keaton said with his usual snicker.

"Quiet you. Now I am worn out from all of this. May as well find a place to spend the night or something." Spark said with a yawn.

As they got out of the maze finally, they did notice that they spent the better majority of the day to get themselves out of it. So it was indeed nighttime as a crescent moon was above their heads. What they'd also realize, as they gotten out of the maze, was that they were now inside of some kingdom as there were castle walls that they could see. But it looked like they came out to a garden of all things. And seeing what looks like a palace up ahead of them.

"Finally out of that hell whole...Urg it's already night time though." Spark said looked up at the sky.

"Even though I enjoy the nighttime, I must admit I am tired as well. But hark! A palace upon the prowl!" Yueliang said as he comically pointed to the palace.

"Oooh I wonder if they will let us stay there? I mean we are pirates after all!" Keaton said.

"Then we won't tell them we're pirates. Let's go." Spark said as he lead his group of friends toward the palace in hopes of staying there.

They exit the garden and soon come approach of the palace that was inside the castle walls. As they walked through the garden, they noticed that the garden was nothing but red rose bushes. And as they got closer to the palace, they noticed red card guards similar to the ones they met at the port. The card guards either had a heart or a diamond as some type of insignia, and each of them had different numbers of hearts or diamonds to express their ranks.

"Look! More guards!" Keaton commented as he looked at them.

"At least these ones aren't using tall birds as a game.." Spark said in a dry tone.

"I will go up to them and ask as usual! I'll try to be more professional in case they may attack!" Yueliang said as he eagarly went toward the guards to greet them. "Yo! Whazzup!? I am the Moon Knight of Justice Yueliang in the house! Or palace! This mad lad is wondering if youse got any place for me and my homies to stay! For rizzle!" Yueliang said as he did a happy thumbs up over at Spark at Keaton. Spark was facepalming while Keaton was laughing his ass off.

As if Yeuliang broke some law he wasn't aware, all of the card guards suddenly raised their rifles and pointed them at the trio! As then, another card guard, that had an ace of diamonds on him, walked to the scene as if he was the general of the place. The ace of diamonds looks at the trio and speaks.

"Stop! you have violated the laws of the Red Kingdom!" The ace of diamonds speaks.

"Uh....s-sorry?" Yueliang said with his arms up.

"Uh oh...I think we're in a pickle with all of these guards around..." Keaton said doing the same.

"Damn...Looks like this may end up being a pain in the ass after all..." Spark said as he was clutching his sabre.

The Dragon and A Doctor


Back in the deep mist that covers the Garden of Eden from being seen. There was another ship trying to trek through the mist on the West end of the island....

On a large ship, Curie can be seen on the ship reading a large book while her ally, Terra can be seen casually eating a piece of rock as she was looking at Curie reading.

"So we are nearly at this place yet Cures? Seems like it's taking a long time and this mist is making things tough to see." Terra commented.

"It is the island of Eden, that is that is what is supposed to be called." Curie said as she was looking through the book. "My mother mentioned she used to visit here a long time ago, a place of fantasy where it is known for it's unique creatures. She didn't write much in it saying it is a place one should experience themselves." Curie stated.

"A place of fantasy huh? As long there is some fun to made there!" Terra stated as the ship with the two of them on it kept sailing to it's destination.

As they then got out of the deep mist and see the island of Eden ahead of them, they suddenly realize that they are in a field of large whirlpools! Whirlpools that have wiped ships out and destroyed countless crews that have accidentaly sailed by. If the two were to look down, they'd see lying pieces of ships underwater to show that this was one of the New World graves if they weren't careful.

"Whoa! That's a whole lotta whirlpools!" Terra shouted as she was staring out at them.

"That is another thing my mother mentioned. That there are many different areas to enter from and we are entering due west with a lot of whirlpools about." Curie explained.

"That's not good. Our ship isn't built to deal with things like this. It'll get torn to pieces and both of us being Devil Fruit users will definitely sink to the bottom." Terra explained.

"Well." Curie said as she took out a vial and consumed it. "I guess we better leave the ship here and take flight." Curie said as her body suddenly shifted to that of a dragonoid, just like Terra, and with that, Curie takes some of her materials and took off flying.

"Using my hertiage to fly huh? Nothing wrong with that!" Terra said as she flew on after her.

"Your powers may not be as effective over the sea like this, this is a better compromise." Curie said as the two flew closer and closer to Eden.

The two fly to the West of Eden as the ship, they were in, falls into the deep underwater grave of the New World. They fly to the destination of Eden, and find a barren land of darkness. There was nothing but volcanic grounds with contorted and twisted trees. And there was barely any wildlife seen asides from crows, ravens, and vultures that were sitting on the branches. There were bats that lived inside the volcanic caves, and strange birds that were watching the two as they entered the black shores of the West of Eden.

"Holy cow this place is bustiling! Seems like right at home for me!" Terra said excitengly.

"I would be for a dragonoid that happens to be a user of earth powers. The climate around here is rather particular. This area contains certain wildlife that usually shouldn't be able to live in. I best keep this draconoid form to fit with this climate. Let us get going." Curie stated as she proceeded to walk forward with Terra following behind her. Curie would take the time to watch over the numerous of creatures that seem to be able to live in such an area.

Well Curie wouldn't see much of this barren volcanic land she landed on. But one creature that kept her interest was a bird that is known as the Jubjub Bird, it was a bird that resembled both a vulture and a chicken and it had spots on it. A group of jubjub birds were seen eating the body of what could've been a buffalo that went astray from its usual spot. As they were eating, it was noticeable that they had blue tongues. The neck of the bird was also allowing them to dig into the body of the buffalo as they ate. Even though Curie wasn't familiar with the name of the bird, it indeed intrigued her.

"Interesting. Look at those creatures Terra." Curie said as she looked over at them and motioned Terra to look as well.

"Those are some strange looking birds. I never seen anything like those before. They're meat eaters that's for sure." Terra commented.

"Indeed. Their long necks and sharp beaks make it so they can easily tear into their prey no matter what the size. I am curious if I can get a dna sample of them. They could be endangered so I must try not to provoke them to a fight." Curie said as she was slowly apporaching one the Jubjub birds.

"Oh they're not endangered! They're plentiful and happy!" Says a young voice that was behind the two, laying on a rock. It was a young girl that looked about to be in her mid-teens. She had pinkish purple hair that was covered by a large witch hat. She had white and purple leggings, but had nothing as a top besides two straps that'd contain her large bust. But the most noticeable feature was that she had wings of an angel. "I saw you two fly in and I was curious who you guys were!"

"Whoa there! A human huh?" Terra asked as she looked over at the girl.

"She appears to be quite the young one." Curie said as she looked over at the girl bowed to her. "Sorry for us intruding we was just visiting this fabled island for my research. My name is Kagakusha Curie and this is my friend Terra." Curie said.

"Yo!" Terra said with a wave.

"Hey! I'm an angel! Don't you see the wings?" She asks as she shows off her wings flapping as she stayed on the rock, "And research you say? What type of research?"

"Angels huh? I"ve seen a few in my life." Terra said with her arms crossed an a nod.

"I am mainly trying to research the many different creatures throughout the world. Some may have genetics that could help me develop cures for many others. Also it wouldn't hurt to get the DNA for myself to use in other ways." Curie said as she looked over at the birds again. "Like with those creatures over there."

"Oh those guys? They're Jubjub birds!" The angel responds, "They are the scavengers here in the west. They prefer to live here in this barren land for some odd reason. Don't quite understand them, I mean this place can give someone the creeps." She says as a small volcano next to her spits out some lava, making her leap out of her spot and hiding behind Curie. "Oh, my name's Iris by the way!"

"I see Iris. That is quite interesting as they do not appear to look the type to live around here. This place is quite interesting." Curie stated.

"You know from what your mother said in her book, I didn't take this place for a volcanic paradise." Terra said as she was looking around.

"Because it ain't!" Iris responds, "You guys entered the west end of this island! This part usually ain't the prettiest to look at! The nice lands are everywhere else, in the east, north, and the south!" She says as she pointed to each direction.

"Interesting. But why is such a creature as yourself in an area like this? Surly you will be in these "nicer lands" of this island correct?" Curie asked as she looked at Iris.

"Heh this place seems like paradise to me! Paradise as in the term not the actual Paradise." Terra said.

"Err! Well....." Iris says looking down, "To be honest, I don't know if I belonged here myself. You see? I came from the sky islands above us. And.....I fell from the sky while I didn't know how to fly. Knowing how to fly isn't an immediate thing you know? So...I fell down here when I was very young..." She would have tears welling up, "I don't remember where I came from up there...I don't know who my parents are...I was just stuck here myself..."

"Awwww...You poor thing." Curie said as she gave Iris a hug. "I am sure you can get back there in due to time. I am able to assist in any way if it is necessary.

"Same here! You got two dragonoids here! Well, I'm a pureblooded Curie here is only transformed into one thanks to her powers." Terra stated as he motioned over to Curie.

"Noo, it's fine..." Iris says, "I thank you though, but I do like the home where I live now. Basically, this whole island is my home! I get to watch the animals live here and I get to live with the wild! The birds even helped me learn how to fly!"

"That's good to hear. Aside from this more volcanic area, I can see how would would love to live her. My mother spoke highly of this place." Curie said as she looked back over the birds. "I do still try to get a sample of those creatures. Even a feather will do."

"Considering they helped out this angel, I don't believe they're hostile." Terra said as she sat down on some rocks she made.

"Oh the JubJub birds?" Iris asks looking back at them, "Noooo, those things are nasty! They're like the vultures of this place! I wasn't taught by them! I was taught by....well you wouldn't understand till you saw them."

"Ah. My apologizes." Curie said as she turned back.

"For something with a silly name, they sure are savages." Terra said as she looked over at the JubJub birds still eating.

"Well...I'm sure you could try to get a feather from them." Iris would say, "I'd be careful though, they'll try to poke your eye out like an ostrich would with that long beak."

"Indeed. It does look quite deadly doesn't it?" Curie said as she was looking at them.

"I got you covered! They can't hurt me!" Terra said as she got up and quickly ran over to one of the birds and plucked a feather from one of them. "That wasn't so bad."

The feather she'd get is white with the red spots covering all over it, it was as well long as it came from the wings of the bird.

"There you go!" Iris says jumping with excitement, "Now what are you gonna be doing with a feather?"

"I am to convert it into cells with my powers and keep it stored as means of being able to shift to this species whenever I can. It is quite the unique ability with my powers as I will show you." Curie says as she holds the feather up and it suddenly starts to turn green from her powers. "Convert" Curie says as her body soon starts to take on the shape and appearance of the JubJub bird. "Just like that."

"Man you look weird as one and I've seen how you look as a walking sea urchin." Terra commented.

"Gah!" Iris was surprised by the transformation of Curie's powers as she saw Curie be a jubjub bird, "That's like a whole new level of witchcraft! Even the Garden Witch of Eden can't do that!"

"Garden Witch of Eden?" Terra asked.

"That is another I've heard as well. Mother didn't go into pull details about it but I have heard a few stories of her. I am curious to see who this witch is in person as my mother was a witch herself." Curie said.

"Oh she's the one that takes care of the Garden of Eden!" Iris says, "She's like a mother to me! She's a very nice person!" She then does some thinking, "Hey! How about I show you around as we head to the Witch's house!"

"That will be nice. Thank you." Curie said with a bow as she turns to Terra. "Are you interested in meeting her as well?"

"I'll admit I never met a witch before. Sure! But you may want to change back. That look of yours is too....weird." Terra said with a shrug.

"Really now? Compared to the other creatures I have aquired their DNA of? But I would rather meet this witch in my usual form. Revert." Curie said as she slowly turned herself back into her normal state. "A reminder to store this DNA as samples for later."

"Woah! So is that your normal form?" Iris asks impressed, "Anyways, I can take you anywhere as we go to the witch's house! Where do you want to go? To the White Kingdom in the east? The Red Kingdom of the south? Or do we want to go up to the Northern woods?"

"Indeed and that is a good question. I am curious of this White Kingdom personally." Curie said as she closed her eyes to pounder over it.

"It's because her favorite color is white." Terra said with a chuckle.

"It's cyan actually but that is besides the point. The northern woods does sound like another chance to discover new species but I am curious to see how a kingdom here is." Curie stated as she opened back her eyes.

"The Northern Woods is where the Garden Witch of Eden lives as well as others who don't wish to be affiliated with either the White or Red Kingdom." Iris states, "The White Kingdom is a kingdom of snow and ice that come from the mountains that surrounds the kingdom in a horseshoe shape. It doesn't have much life besides walruses that love to live on the shores of the White Kingdom! Which the Walruses are sacred animals to the White Kingdom. Much alike, the Flamingos are the sacred animal of the red kingdom."

Curie's eyes could be seen having a glimmer in them upon hearing what Iris had to say. "A kingdom of snow and ice you say? Then you can considered me interested. Of course visting the woods is a must as well." Curie stated.

"Heh she likes cold climates. I am not sure why though." Terra said with a laugh.

"Cold climates help me to think better. Nothing is more calming than cold, quiet ice and snow. Perfect for doctors to do research in peace." Curie said with her eyes closed once more.

"Well then!" Iris says with her wings fluttering, "Follow me! I can lead you guys to the White Kingdom! We can go over the mountains since we all can fly. If not, we'd have to go through the cold, dark tunnel that goes through the mountains."

"Over the mountains we will go." Curie said as she stretched for a moment before turning back to her earlier draconic form. "Let us be off then."

"Glad you didn't go with that weird bird thing!" Terra said as she was prepped to go as well.

"Let's go!" Iris says as she took to the air and fluttered her wings and started flying to the East. Toward the visible mountains up ahead.

"Following behind!" Curie says as she took off flying after Iris.

"Now I am glad I came along for the ride!" Terra said as she flew behind after them.

The Trio in the Red Kingdom

Back to Spark, Yueliang, and Keaton

The trio were surrounded by red card guards, with long rifles pointed at them. As suddenly, a tall man who wore a black overcoat was approaching the trio. The man had very long red hair, he also had a low hanging, large, wooden cross necklace around his neck. He also had the entire right side of his face wrapped up in bandages, including his eye. He stood about over 7 feet tall, and had to look up against the tall mink of Spark. The man pulls out a cigarrette, lights it up, and has it in his mouth before he speaks.

"So.....What brings you here to the Garden of Eden?" The man would ask as smoke blew out as he spoke. He spoke in a business like manner, and was professional in his way of words, not caring that there was an army of card guards pointing rifles at the trio.

"Finally someone that I can talk to for fucking once..." Spark said to himself before speaking to the man. "If you must know, we were trying to find refueling for our ship, but we ended up going through The Maze from Hell and now it's nighttime and we're trying to find a place to sleep now." Spark explained.

"N-Not that the maze was bad or anything if you run it! Right Keaton?" Yueliang asked but Keaton was already asleep standing up. "K-Keaton!"

The man takes his cigarette out and blows some smoke, "I don't own the maze....The Queen of Hearts does..." He says as he puts his cigar back in, "I am the General of the Red Army, the Knave of Hearts, but you can call me Eustass."

"Heh he said ass..." Yueliang said with a laugh.

"Shut up you.." Spark said as he turned by to Eastass. "My name is Z. Spark of the Spark Pirates. Now, any answers to my questions?"

Eustass thinks for a moment to answer Spark's question, "When you say refuel, you mean resupply right? I mean yeah, we have a place to resupply, you'll have to wait in the morning though. The markets are closed right now, you have any teeth? That'd be the main currency this island takes in the market."

"...Teeth? As an ANIMAL teeth? The fuck kind of currency is that?" Spark asked with a distained look on his face.

"Ooh I have plenty!" Yueliang said as he smiled to show his teeth...except they are hidden behind his mask.

"I'm going to punch all of the teeth out of your mouth..." Spark said with a glare at Yueliang.

"W-Wha?! Teeth?! Who has teeth?" Keaton said as he snapped himself awake.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty..." Spark said with deadpan.

"I mean animal teeth can do." Eustass says, "Some prefer if you have like the actual human teeth or any normal being, whatever that means here....." He then pauses, "If not, it'd be a bit more expensive, but you could get away with using the common gold and silver."

"Fine...Keaton let me punch you real quick." Spark said as he was aiming at Keaton.

"W-What?!" Keaton said as he backed up slowly.

"Oh wait! I have human teeth!" Yueliang said as he randomly emptied a bunch of human teeth from a small white bag.

"Should I even ask where you got those...?" Spark dared to asked.

"Oh! Back in my village I played the role as tooth fairy for the little kids there and I kept all the teeth I took after leaving beli for them!" Yueliang said with a thumbs up.

"...Somehow I believe that." Spark stated.

"As of a place to stay the night...." Eustass says, "I'd say there should be some tavern that might have room for you three. Just to be clear though, don't ever step a foot on the palace again. Not even the steps, not unless you see me or is requested to be seen..."

"Heh...That a threat? Last time someone tried that with me, it didn't go well for them. But I'm too tired to kick ass now so we'll just go to this tavern." Spark said with another yawn.

"I hope they got showers! I could use one I've been sweating from all the scary things I've seen today!" Yueliang commented as he was comically fanning himself with an oversized fan.

"I just want to sleep the day away! Even though it's already night! Kishishi!" Keaton laughed.

"The Jack of All Trades is a tavern that also functions as a dining hall and a general store." Eustass points over to a tavern, "The manager can help you find some rooms, as well as give ya a couple drinks."

"Now you're speaking my language. Better get going them as I am starting to get tired." Spark said as he started to walk toward it.

"How about we get tanked before beddy bye huh Keaton? Keaton?" Yueliang asked he noticed Keaton is suddenly asleep again. "Ah!? Again?!"

"Come on you two idiots!" Spark said as he grabbed Yueliang and Keaton and started dragging them toward the tavern by the neck.

"H-Hey! Don't bruise the neck of justice!" Yueliang shouted.

The trio head into the Jack of All Trades Tavern, and they enter to see what is the pub section of the tavern. There, they see many humanoid species, from minks to fishmen to skinks to the long arms and longlegs, and with humans around as well. There were off duty card guards playing darts with literal dart birds. There was a skink and a fishman having a drinking contest. And then there were some rowdy humans dancing to the music being played by the piano man.

At the bar counter, they'd notice the bartender answering to drinks that were being constantly ordered. It was usually busy at this time of the pub, as the people are done at work and want to drink off the night.

"Man this place looks hype yo!" Yueliang shouted.

"Please stop talking like that..." Spark said with a deadpan sigh as he looked around. "The place is surprising. That is all I'll say."

"H-Huh?! Whoa! This place looks awesome! And there are Minks like us here!" Keaton said as he was looking around as his tails were tagging.

"Uh...hi?" Yueliang said with a wave as he wasn't a Mink.

"I'll go ask the bartender for some assistance." Spark said as he walked up to the counter and sat down. "Glass of hard wiskey and some rooms for me and my allies."

"Friends! Not allies!" Yueliang shouted.

"Techically the mean the same thing." Keaton commented.

The bartender looks at the trio and smiles, "Welcome, and I'll see what I can do." He says as he puts a glass down and pours the whiskey into the glass for Spark. "Here you go, and I'll go get Jack for the rooms." He says walking out of the bar to the upstairs to call on the head of the tavern.

"Thanks." Spark said as he took a drink of the whiskey.

"Jack? I wonder who that is? I wonder if he lives in a box?" Yueliang asked.

"Or maybe he likes to play cards!" Keaton answered.

"You two are idiots..." Spark said as he kept drinking.

Suddenly, a tall woman with long, blonde braids comes to the trio. She stood about 11 feet tall; and she had a wide, red petticoat dress that was partially exposed in the front, revealling her long legs that were covered in tights and the rest of her undergarments. She looked at the trio and gave them a look as she spoke in a busy manner.

"Yeah...what do you guys want?" She says looking at them.

"WHOOOOOOOAH!!!! LOOK AT THIS WOMAN!!!!" Yueliang shouted out but quickly composed himself. "My dear we are here to ask you for a room! Two for my Mink friends here and one for us!"

Spark was quick to smack down Yueliang after that comment. "Idiot you really need to learn of priorties. But yeah we need rooms for us. Perably seperate." Spark said in a more professional tone.

"I like to have one without windows!" Keaton said.

"Hush you. No need to be picky." Spark said to Keaton.

"Rooms eh?" The woman would ask, "I may have room for you lot. Let's see...." She pulls out a small pocketbook, "I have 2....and a half rooms available." She says, "If you're willing to share a room with Uncle Jack, poor Jack....he's been stuck in a box for a long time now...Oh! Where are my manners! My name is Jack! Jacklyn to be exact." She puts out her hand for a handshake.

"And I am Yueliang the Moon Warrior! And these are my two crewmates! A pleasure!" Yueilang said exciengtly as he shook her hand.

"Your crew?" Spark said.

"Pretty sure he changed his title again." Keaton commented.

"Well then I guess you don't mind "captain" if you bunk with this Uncle Jack person right?" Spark asked.

"Not at all!" Yueliang said while distracted and still shaking Jacklyn's hand.

"I just realized they both are named Jack." Keaton said with a scratch of his head with his back leg like a dog.

Jacklyn shakes Yueliang's hand passionately until she backhands Yueliang to the ground! She then composes herself and looks at the true captain, "So....I'll make sure you two get the one room while this man gets to sleep with Uncle Jack." Jacklyn says, "He better watch as Uncle Jack is a SNORER! I feel bad for those who share his room."

"Heh glad you were kind enough to volunteer for that." Spark said with a smirk.

"Yep! Thanks Yueliang! Kishishishi!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Heeeeeey....I think I just got played!" Yueliang said as he was still on the ground.

"The rooms are upstairs, on the far corner." Jacklyn says as she gives the keys to Spark, "If you need more drinks, stay down here and order more drinks! If there are some toys you want to buy for fun, my Uncle Jack actually runs the toy store inside this tavern in the morning! If there are some things you want to buy or sell, my Uncle Jack(son) runs the market. Like we say to others, "We're the Jack of All Trades Tavern! Where there is a Jack for every Trade!"

"Toys?! Whooo boy I am looking forward to that!" Keaton said excitengly as he ran upstairs.

"Calm down you. Let me at least unlock them first. I'm going to get another drink after this. All of hearing the word "Jack" today has caused my mind to get "jacked up." Ah great now I am doing it...Yueliang you're on babysitting duty." Spark stated as he went up stairs to unlock the door before coming back down to get another drink.

"Uh...where is this room with this Uncle Jack person?" Yueliang asked as he was still on the ground.

"That'd be downstairs in the basement." Jacklyn states looking down at Yueliang, "There's a small room which Uncle Jack sleeps in. The rest of the basement is basically a cellar." She points to the basement door, "Just be sure to not bring any rats back up here. And give Uncle Jack a knock to know you're entering the room."

"The basement?! Awwww....Oh well guess I at least have company! Thank you! Yueliang said as he got up and went down to the basement and he knocked on the door. "Hello? Mr. Uncle Jack? It is I Yueliang the Moon Knight and I am here to be your roomate for the night if that is fine?"

As Yueliang entered the basement, he'd notice the loud snore of Uncle Jack that was across the hall of the basement. But as he knocked on the door, the snoring stopped. And then a series of thuds were heard as the door was opened to see an old man, trapped inside of a box. He was bald, and had some missing teeth, but he had a long white beard that hit the floor. He looks up at Yueliang and speaks, "Ehh? Who are you again??" He says as he pulled his deaf ear and prepared to listen.

"Oh...uh...I am Yueliang! I just got here and was told I was going to stay with you for tonight only! And probably buy some stuff in the morning!" Yueliang stated.

"Oh? Stay you say?" Uncle Jack says, "Ehh, I suppose so." He starts hopping back to the couch he was sitting on earlier, "There should be some sleeping bag over there." He points as he hops on the couch, "I get the couch."

"Fair enough this is your place after all!" Yueliang said as he went over to the sleeping bag. "It's a good thing I used to sleep in the woods back at home for a living! Wonder how the others are doing?"

As Yueliang said this, Spark was still seen drinking at the bar while Keaton was upstairs passed out again.

As Yueliang also said this, Uncle Jack was dead on asleep on the couch, instantly snoring louder than anything Yueliang has heard.

"Y-Yikes....Jackie wasn't kidding when she said he snores really loud...It's also a good thing I used to sleep near large animals during my outside sleeping adventures...even though it is louder than this." Yueliang stated as he got himself inside of the sleeping bag. "I knew my affections over women will come back to get me. Welp!" he concluded as he feel asleep.

The Girls in the White Kingdom


"There it is!" Iris says as the girls were seen flying across the mountains, and to suddenly see the kingdom shaped in ice and snow, "The White Kingdom of Eden!" Like what Iris said earlier, it was a small kingdom that was surrounded by the mountains that protect it, and it was covered in ice and snow. On the port of the White Kingdom, was a herd of walruses that were barking and having a good time.

"My. That place is quite lovely. And the walruses are appearing to enjoying themselves." Curie said as she was looking around.

"Personally I ain't too big on winter places but even I have to admit this place looks impressive!" Terra commented as she was looking around as well.

"Oh the place looks even nicer inside the kingdom!" Iris says, "If you folks want to go inside the kingdom. We can go and see the walruses and other creatures as well."

"That will be nice. I heard that walruses adapt to the cool climate thanks to the eccess fat on them." Curie stated.

"Damn you can be really fat and immune to the cold? Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing." Terra stated.

"I am also quite curious of the other creatures around here as well." Curie said.

"I will say...." Iris says, "You might not see them, but there are dragons that live in this area." She says as they fly over to the Walruses by the docks of the kingdom. They see the large herd of walruses just flopping around in happiness, some of them barking to each other, and little walrus calves flopping around as well.

"Awwww, ain't they cute!" Iris says as she starts petting one of the calves that approached them.

"They are nice to see friendly creatures every now and again." Curie said as she was petting them as well.

"Heh they're nice I guess. Though we better get inside this palace huh? It is pretty cold out here." Terra stated.

"Oh, right!" Iris responds as she leads them to the entrance of the White Kingdom, which was a little hall that went through the mouth of the castle. As they walked in the little hall, they saw white roses along the ice walls that represented the White kingdom.

"You will see that Eden loves its roses." Iris states, "You two will like the White King and Queen, they're quite "chill" teehee!"

"Heehee...It's good to have a sense of humor and I am looking forward to meeting them." Curie states with a nod.

"I hope they got some good beds. I am already tired!" Terra says with a streatch.

"I told you to rest up after doing those execirses you like to do so early in the morning." Curie responded.

"I'm sure they do! I mean beds probably have to be the most comfortable and warm in a cold setting." Iris says as they officially enter the White Kingdom. There, they see a kingdom of people walking on ice and not slipping. Everybody there had nice, warm smiles that helped warm the spirits of this icy kingdom. Most people here had short sleeves and attires that seem more meant for summer weather, but the people were mainly so used to the cold that it's warm to them. The market was lively as well, with all kinds of medicine, weapons, food and all being sold around to citizens.

"Sooo, first impressions?" Iris asks looking at Terra and Curie.

"This place is quite lovely. I am very curious how most of these people are wearing lighter clothing. Have they adapted to the cold?" Curie asked as she looked around.

"Most likely. I ain't a doctor or anything but even humans can develop tolerance to types of weather where they live." Terra responded.

"Quite so. Nonetheless, this place is quite nice." Curie said to Iris.

"You girls want to head straight to the palace?" Iris asks, "Or want to do some checking on some things here in the castle?"

"I believe we're in no rush to the palace itself. I am curious if there are any products around here I may can purchase." Curie said as she looked around.

"That reminds me! A crazy place like this, I am sure that it doesn't take normal currency, as in Beli, right?" Terra asked.

"Nope....we do take gold and silver, but you'll be better off with the main currency. Which is teeth." She says as she grabs a whole pouch of teeth to the two, "The markets have everything, from medicine to weapons to fishing baits to meat to welfare stores to anything! But if you want like a tour shop, there is a shop owned by Tales, the storytelling shopkeeping who can tell you some lore of the land."

"Teeth huh? That is...quite the interesting currency you have there. But of course I am curious about the medicine." Curie states.

"Heh I bet dentists are considered high class here huh?" Terra jokes.

"Heh, a bit I guess." Iris shrugs while smiling, "Just watch out for certain dentists here, they'll try to rip your teeth out for money."

"How unprofessional. I have means to teach those dentists a lesson. No matter what field you are in, I respect all doctors. However, I am not for those that take matters into their own hands." Curie said angrily.

"Whoa! Rare side of anger there! Don't worry we just keep an eye out for them. We better start to do some exploring while we head for the palace." Terra stated.

"Well said. What is the main point of interest around here Iris? Or the most popular market?" Curie asks Iris.

"Well, for tourists, the most popular spot would be the White Kingdom gift shop." Iris says, "Most popular market for citizens wise? That'd be mostly the hunting and food markets as this kingdom takes pride in hunting. As you can see, some of the folks wear the furs of the ones they killed from Bison to rabbits to polar bears. Besides the meat, the seafood joint in this place is good! From a nice fresh lobster to a nice grilled squid."

"Quite sad to hear how those kinds of creatures are being hunted, but I believe people have to do what they have to do. I may just need to buy and study the kinds of medicine here." Curie said.

"I'm all about that seafood joint! I haven't eaten since this morning!" Terra said rubbing her belly.

"Teehee!" Iris giggled, "Where to first then?"

"Seafood joint?" Terra asked Curie.

"Sure you was willing to accomply me to this trip after all." Curie said with a nod.

"Hell yeah! Going to eat out with all of this...uh...teeth to spend!" Terra said as she rose the bag in the air.

"Alright! I'm a bit hungry myself!" Iris says, "There's a joint called "White Claw Beer and Steakhouse" where they make some really great grilled squid!" She then flaps up her wings, "Follow me!" She says as she flies over the citizens and leads the two to the steakhouse.

"She is quite entergic eh? I ain't gonna deny grilled squid!" Terra said as she flew behind Iris as well.

"Indeed she does appear to be quite young. Much younger than myself that is for sure." Curie said with a small giggle and she continued to follow behind them on foot.

Iris leads Curie and Terra to the White Claw Beer and Steakhouse, which was a bar/diner joint that had tables and everything. It had a happy white lobster as the face of the logo with the name of the diner below the lobster.

"Did I tell you guys the one who owns it is a literal lobster man!" Iris says, "He's a really good head chef!"

"A literal lobster man huh? I had quite a feeling." Curie said with a smile.

"Aint that kind of messed up though? A lobster man selling lobster? Like a human selling human parts." Terra said.

"I's the Garden of Eden. Expect the unexpected as a lot of tourists who were here would say." Iris shrugs as she enters the bar, "If only I could have a drink, The Garden Witch tells me I shouldn't drink alcohol yet. Ugh, she acts like she's my literal mother somedays. I mean...she kinda is."

"Hah I know we all can huh? I mean I know me and Curie are old enough but Curie is against it." Terra states as she follows behind Iris.

"Alcohol is not good for the body. It causes the body to overwork more than usual, not to mention the damages to the liver itself. However, red wine is shown to be good for the heart at least as I do drink some of that every now and again." Curie explained as she followed them inside.

"Well....I'm here for the food mainly!" Iris says as she finds a table and they sit down. As suddenly, a waiter comes over to the three.

"May I take the order of drinks now?" The waiter asks.

"Uhhh, I'll take...." Iris was thinking, "I'll take apple juice."

"Hah...that is quite the youngester respond! Get me some soda I could go for something with kick to it!" Terra said as she leaned backwards.

"I will take a glass of milk for now." Curie said as she sat down and started to look through a book.

"Milk in the afternoon?" Terra asked.

"Milk can be enjoyed any time of the day after all. Plus, the calcuim is always needed." Curie responds.

"I guess that is true." Iris says as the waiter left to get the drinks, "How old are you guys anyway? I'm only 15."

"Heh I'm 22 even though I am pretty young for a draconoid." Terra said with a proud smile.

"And I'm...ahem. 63." Curie said with another clear of her throat.

"'re old." Iris says while looking at Curie, "How long ago did your mom come here? It must've been a very long time." She says with some curiosity.

"She ain't wrong!" Terra said with a laugh.

"Ahem." Curie said with another clear of her throat before answering Iris' question. "She was here quite the time ago. I would say over 50 years ago give or take. Her notes did mentioned around that time frame she was studying the layout of this kingdom, but she didn't go into exact full detail about it. I was wondering if that was intentional on her part to keep this place more mysterious for me in case I stumbled upon her notes." Curie stated.

"Huh, sounds interesting." Iris says thinking, "Wonder if the Garden Witch knows her....I don't even know how old she is, but she is quite young by the looks. Then again you look the same and you're over 60!" She says as the drinks come over.

"Alright." The waiter says, "What about for the meal today?"

"Oh! I'll take some of grilled squid!" Iris says.

"Hey I'd take some of that too! I never had any fried calimari!" Terra stated.

"But it's not fried though." Curie said to Terra before speaking to the waiter. "I will have the grilled tailapia. It contains a ton of omega-3 fatty acids which is really good for you."

"With something that contains the word "fatty", I'd like to think otherwise heh." Terra says with a chuckle.

"I don't even know what that is." Iris says confused.

"Ok." The waiter says, "They'll be here in a bit." He says nodding.

"So is there anything specific you're looking around here?" Iris asks as she took a sip of her apple juice.

"Well, I was curious on the types of medicine that may have been developed here. My mother mentioned even being able to make a type of pill that can help the body dispell of any type of toxins over time. It's more of a "universal antidote" though it doesn't really treat that specific toxin, more of just help the body push it out." Curie explained as she took a sip of her milk.

"Right. This place is supposed to have different kinds of plants that you can't find anywhere else in the world. And don't forget the unique creatures as well." Terra commented as she drunk her soda.

"Oh trust me! When we enter the North, it'll reveal all kinds of weird creatures!" Iris says, "From borogroves to bread n butterflies to rocking horse-flies, all kinds of weird!" She then says, "The white kingdom just has its icy interest, but, the Garden Witch tells me dragons live here! But I've never seen them."

"Dragons? That is quite interesting I have never seen one up close before." Curie said as she took a sip of her milk and notices Terra staring at her with a deadpan expression. "You know what I meant Terra."

"Yeah yeah. That is because most of them are killed off by this point. Not many left that I know of. The fact that one may be here does have my interest not gonna lie." Terra comments as she finishes her soda. "Gonna need a refill when the main course gets here!"

"Oh I hope it'll be here soon!" Iris says, "I'm hungry!...." She then drinks the rest of her apple juice, "I might just get some pop like you have!" She says to Terra, "Anyway, anything else you folks are curious about?"

"I am curious how this island is governed after all. I often spend my time around Germa Kingdom these days and I have to say the ruler there is quite the....assertive man." Curie said as she finished her milk. "I think I may have herbal tea this time..."

"Oh yeah. Germa is all about having you wanting to make clones and modified humans. That ruler, Sigmund I think his name was, is that crazed for power." Terra stated.

"It is quite sad of me to say but being around Germa so long, I haven't been to other kingdoms lately. I just want to see how others are being ran compared to Germa. I may end up leaving them by this point." Curie stated.

"Well there are only 2 kingdoms." Iris says, "There is some heat against the kingdoms, but most times, the families will not fight it out due to respect of the island. But if there is a battle needed, we go to the chessboard fields anywhere in the island. And we play basically the game of chess, but with real soldiers, bishops, knights, rooks, and the king and queen there. The loser...unfortunately...has to have the head of the king...scrrrrrr" She says as she makes the motion of her thumb going across her neck, "But there is family in both kingdoms, so it happens pretty rarily."

"Oh my. A kingdom that is pretty much at war with itself..." Curie said with a concerned look on her face.

"Damn they just behead people? Sounds awesome!" Terra said with glimmer in her eyes.

"It sure as hell does not..." Curie said as she rarely snapped back.

"Well, it's an island at war with itself. Or was." Iris responds as then the food comes in, "Oh boy! Grilled Squid!"

"That'll be 75 teeth total." The waiter states, "And do you all need refills?"

"Yeah! But I'll take some Root Beer this time!" Iris says.

"Hell yeah let's see what this squid is all about! And yeah more of the soda pop please!" Terra said excitengly.

"Yes. I will take tea this time." Curie says as she was looking at her food. "Ah the fresh smell of tapilia."

"Can't wait to eat!" Iris says, "Oh! Here's the teeth!" Iris gives the waiter 75 teeth, "Don't spend it all in one place! Ha!"

"Thank you!" The waiter smiles, "Enjoy your food." He says walking away.

"Mmmmmmm, I love this grilled squid!" Iris says as she took a bite out of it.

"He is deserving of a tip later naturally." Curie says as she started to eat her fish. "Ah...just the right texture of crispiness and the spicies help bring it together. Quite the divine dish."

"I second the squid! This thing is pretty damn good!" Terra said as she tore into her food.

"It is!" Iris says as she ate into the grilled squid, "Maybe I should bring something for the Garden Witch, though maybe she's having a meal off of something she might've found in the North."

"I wonder what she would like to eat. From what my mother told me, witches have a wide variety of tastes." Curie stated.

"You know that reminds me, your mother is a witch but you never really shown traits of them do you? I mean, yeah there is your skill in the medicial stuff and all that, but I never seen you turn into a cat or anything like that." Terra asked as she was still eating.

"That is quite a good question. I was told that I only inheriated my father's human genes or that my mother modified my own at birth so I wouldn't be one. Though the latter is quite odd, but considering my current powers, it isn't quite needed." Curie answered.

"Yeah, not like you can turn into a cat like you did with the jubjub birds!" Iris says, "That's like magic that these folks can't do!" She then pulls out her bag of teeth, "How much teeth should we leave him?"

"Well, I would say whatever is fair> Ahem, I'm not sure if 10 is too cheap or not." Curie said as she looked at her bag.

"Hey gave good service I would give all of mine but there was some sweets I saw earlier I had my eyes on! Whatever doesn't seem too cheap like you said." Terra said as she pulled her bag of teeth.

"Hmmmm, I'll give 32 teeth." Iris says as she drops it on the table, "Do we want to see any shops or head to the Garden Witch?"

"I do wanted to visit the medical shop, but I am very curious to meet this Garden Witch more as my mother spoke fondly of her." Curie said as she puts around the same amount of teeth on the table.

"Hey I'll go whatever you go! I can get the sweets later." Terra said as she does the same.

"Uhhh sweets first then to the garden witch!" Iris suggests, "The Garden Witch might show you some more interesting medicines than what the doctors here can."

"Hah! You are a kid after all huh? Hey I'm down for any plan." Terra says with a laugh.

"Sure. That sounds good with me." Curie says with a nod.

"Let's go then!" Iris says as she goes outside and looks up, "Yikes! It's night time!" She says as the crescent moon was seen above.

"Wow that was quite fast huh?" Terra said as she looked up at the sky.

"It was close to the evening time when we came here. I am not too surprised to be honest. Will it be fine to visit her this late?" Curie asked.

"Uhhhhh, She might not want me to fly in the dark. Her being motherly to me...." Iris says, "Candy then sleep? Want to sleep in the hotel of furs?"

"Heh still got the candy on your mind huh? Trust me I am the same!" Terra said with another laugh.

"Don't eat too much. The last thing you need to be is up all night on sugar. But I believe that will be fine. I was hoping to get some rest soon anyway." Curie said with a small yawn. "I've been up before sunrise this morning after all."

"Oh it'll be quick! Just a quick peanut butter bar and a caramel pop and we'll be sleeping in different furs in the hotel!" Iris says as her wings fluttered, "Let's go!"

"Hell yeah definitely get some chocolate with that peanut butter bar as well!" Terra said as she followed behind Iris.

"My. I wonder why people insist on having peanut butter with chocolate. That just sounds wrong together if you ask me." Curie commented following behind them.

Red Morning

Back to Spark's group

It was the morning now as a day passed in the Garden of Eden. The Red Kingdom was bustling as normal in the morning. The sound of Uncle Jack's snoring was still loud as Yueliang was trying to wake. The pub above was having its usual morning customers, not as much as the night, but it was still enough to keep them a little busy.

Spark can be seen yawning after coming from upstairs after a good night's sleep with Keaton following closely behind. Spark seemed pretty content compared to his usual grumpy self indicating he had good sleep tonight.

"That sleep wasn't that bad. Beds seem a lot comfier for some reason." Spark said with a stretch.

"I know right?! I felt like I was sleeping on clouds! Like over the moon even!" Keaton said in a joyous tone.

"Speaking of, where is Yueliang anyway?" Spark asked as on cue, the door from downstairs violently slams open as Yueliang starts to stomp toward where his two friends are. "Something eating you?" Spark asked.

"That guy....snores so damn loud...for the entire night....I know I wear my costume 24/7 but even you both can tell how sleep deprived I am right now..." Yueliang said with a point to his face.

"Damn well that's what you get for fawning over girls." Spark said with a shrug.

"It's too bad! The beds we slept in were soooooooo nice!" Keaton said still in a good mood.

"Not in the mood for bragging..." Yueliang responded.

"Hey! Keep it down! People are just waking up you know." Jacklyn says as she was serving drinks to the morning customers. "What do you boys want? Besides what might be a much needed cup of coffee..." She says looking at Yueliang.

"Ha.....I have no comment extra black please..." Yueliang said with a slurred voice as sat down slumped in the chair.

"Damn girl not even I was able to get this man here this drained. Props and coffee for me as well." Spark said as he sat down.

"Actually it was the old man snoring that done that! Kishishishi!" Keaton laughed as he sat down. "Hot tea for me!"

"Alright." Jacklyn says as she goes to the back and comes back with coffee and tea, and serves the three their drinks, "I'm going to give you the Jack of all Trades Special Coffee." She says as she pours a cup to Spark, "I don't know, something tells me you were a big coffee guy. It's on the house." She smiles.

"Wonder what gives that away? Nonetheless, thanks." Spark said as he took the coffee drunk it.

"Maybe since you hang around that coffee island a lot you practically smell like it!" Keaton said with a laugh.

"Shut it Keaton." Spark said with an annoyed look at Keaton.

"Ugh...Need this...." Yueliang said as he somehow drunk his coffee through his mask and suddenly perks right back up!" There we go! Good as new!"

"It scares me how fast you can recover from things like this..." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Oh wow, and just like that he's recovered." Jacklyn says before pouring a cup of coffee for herself, "Now...what are you boys going to be doing?" She asks in curiousity.

"Well..we were going to visit the palace right?" Yueliang asked before he was smacked by Spark's tail. "O-Ow! Please stop doing that!"

"We are going to refuel than leave. That is all there is to it." Spark stated sternly.

"Awwwww...This place is magical we need to visit more of it!" Keaton replied.

"Nothing magical about getting attacked by everything in sight." Spark snarked back.

"Well...." Jacklyn says as suddenly Uncle Jack was seen hopping up to the room in his box, "Oh hi Uncle! How was last night."

"Beautiful..." Uncle Jack says hopping, "I had a beautiful rest last night my niece, oh any your guest here was nice and quiet!" He smiles as he hopped onto the bar table, "A cup of Irish Coffee please!"

"IT'S HIM!!! IT'S THE SNORE DEMON!!!" Yueliang said as he comically jumped on Spark's back covering his eyes. "I barely had any chance to sleep foul demon!"

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME YUELIANG!!! FOR A GUY WHO IS MADE OF MOONLIGHT, YOU ARE FUCKING HEAVY!!!" Spark shouts as he was trying to fight off Yueliang off of him.

"Oh? Is this guy trapped in a box? And you're name is Jack? OH!!! You're a living Jack-in-a-Box!" Keaton said as he fell over laughing.

"KEATON I'M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR MAKING THAT BAD JOKE!!!" Spark shouted as he kept trying to get Yueliang off of him.

"My my, looks like the three stooges are lively today!" Uncle Jack in the Box says with a chuckle as Jacklyn giggled.

"Gonna be opening your toy shop uncle?" Jacklyn then asks.

"Oh yes siree!" Uncle Jack responds with a smile, "Gonna make sure some toys get made today! It's gonna be a nice relaxing day!"

"HEY!!! WHO YOU CALLING A STOOGE BOX BOY?!" Spark shouted as he managed to slam Yueliang to the ground who used his Logia powers to avoid damage. "Yueliang what you were trying to do sufficate me?!"

"I just remembered I had next to no sleep last night...." Yueliang said with a yawn.

"Wait toys? You're the one that sell the toys?! I must see these wares being a lover and maker of toys as well!" Keaton said as he was quickly beside Uncle Jack.

"Yes I am!" Uncle Jack says, "I am a man, in a box, who makes toys!" He sips his cup of irish coffee, "I'll take you over soon after my cup of coffee here while Moe and Larry there are banging each others heads." He chuckles. "Did your aunt Jaqueline open up the general store Jacklyn?"

"Oh yeah she did!" Jacklyn responds, "The general store is open if you need any supplies for your refueling!"

Spark was seen about to slam Yueliang again before hearing the refueling part. "Finally something I needed to hear!" Spark said as he dropped Yueliang. "Need to head over there now and get the hell out of here."

"Awwwww...but the days so young!" Yueliang said.

"And I want to visit this toy shop! I think it's fair we get to go what we want!" Keaton shouted.

"You two are the only stooges here. You can do what you want but don't complain when I leave your asses." Spark shouted.

"Have fun trying to get out of this island." Uncle Jack says as he sipped his coffee, "Many tried in our land, but never made it farther than the whirlpools and the rough waves that surround this island."

"Yeah....It's very hard to come in and get out of this island usually..." Jacklyn says, "Unfortunately means that I won't be able to travel...."

"Are you kidding me!? Then how do you guys even get resources here then?!" Spark asked angrily.

"Actually this place does give me a Wano vibe in terms of trying to get inside." Yueliang said to himself.

"Oh you been to Wano?" Keaton asked him.

"Yeah for a short time! Flew there after my brother told me about it one day. It was actually quite the story that-" Yueliang said as he was cut off by Spark.

"WILL YOU TWO IDIOTS JUST FOCUS ALREADY?!" Spark screamed at the two before calming down before turning to Jacklyn. "Any other suggestions you may have? I can go for any at this point."

" I can say is maybe look to the Garden Witch of Eden?" Jacklyn says as eyes looked to her.

"Eh? You believe in that myth?" Uncle Jack says, "No one in the kingdom has ever heard of anyone outside of the kingdom besides Humpty Dumpty."

"Has anyone decided to explore?" Jacklyn asks.

"Only to certain hunters and members of royalty." Uncle Jack says, "No one has gone outside of these castle walls in ages. And last time a whole family left, we had a war that lasted for nearly a hundred years..."

A war that lasted over a hundred years? Damn surprised this place is still in tact." Spark stated bluntly.

"Wow like a civil war? That is when two kingdoms of the same area go at it!" Yueliang explained.

"Don't need a history lesson Professor Moonbright." Spark said in a snarky tone.

"I've seen many wars...I've turned so many into toys...Kishishishi!" Keaton laughed.

"...Anyway. Garden Witch of Eden? Who is that even?" Spark asked.

"Well....She's this...."myth"..." Jacklyn says with an onlook from her Uncle Jack, "She is somewhat like the "mother" of the island, taking care of the animal life, and watching us over."

"Pffft, like I said, a myth she is." Uncle Jack says, "But one thing that ain't a myth in those woods is Humpty Dumpty the Clockwork King!"

"Seriously none of this makes sense..." Spark said with a facepalm.

"Bascially the guardian of this island! Then she must exist! Like dragons!" Yueliang stated.

"I'm on the side that don't think they exist!" Keaton answered back.

"They are SO real! I've seen one back in my home town!" Yueliang shouted back.

"Will you two idiots focus?!" Spark shouted at them. "If she is supposed to be a "myth" then why send us to go find her?"

"Because she'd know the exits and a way out of the Garden of Eden safely." Jacklyn states as she got out her fan and waved it.

"Horse-shit!" Uncle Jack says, "There is no safe exit out of Eden....It is heaven, but it is hell to get out of here..." He says as he hops over and opens his toy shop, which was whistling and smell of fresh toys, "I'll be selling toys in the meanwhile!" He then gives a grandfatherly smile.

"Oooh toys! Sign me right up!" Keaton said as he went over toward it. "Ah the nice smell of fresh toys."

"I still can't believe he is supposed to be older than me...His powers that grant him eternal youth is weird." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Nothing wrong with being a kid at heart!" Yueliang said with a laugh and pat to Spark's back.

"Hmph. In that case, myth or not, we need out and she is the one to help us." Spark stated.

"Well....if you didn't hear Uncle earlier, he did say that you need special permission to even go outside of the castle walls." Jacklyn says. "So you're stuck in here until you have permission. That's if you want to avoid losing your head if you disobey."

"Heh. Like these guys can behead someone like me. I am a Logia after all." Spark said with a smirk.

"But remember! These guys can use some form of Haki! Even that one guy nearly managed to hit you earlier!" Yueliang stated.

"I'll admit even I was caught off guard how they can use Haki well like that even if they don't know the correct term. How does one get permission?" Spark asked.

"Go to the King and Queen you stooge!!!" Uncle Jack shouts from the other side of the toy shop.

"Uhh, what he said." Jacklyn says sheepishly.

"I'm going to rot you and that box from the inside out old man..." Spark said in an deep and angry tone.

"King and Queen! Got it! We can go see them while Keaton keeps him busy! Right Keaton?" Yueliang asked as he was noticing Keaton looking at the toys.

"Sooo many! I want them all! But this teeth is quite limited! Oh what to do!?" Keaton said in a sing song tone.

"...Yeah I think he's good! Where is the King and Queen by any chance?" Yueliang asked.

"At the castle duh..." Spark said in a snarky tone.

"The palace you numbnuts!" Uncle Jack in the Box states, "I won't mind Moe and Larry leaving while Curly stays here!" He says as he was showing Keaton the toys.

"That ain't their names though Uncle." Jacklyn says.

"Whatever their names are!" Uncle Jack shouts.

"Rot box. Remember that." Spark said as he sneared over at Jack.

"Ah don't mind him! I always wanted to visit a palace!" Yueliang said excitengtly.

"I thought there was one at your home town?" Spark asked.

"Yeah but anyone can see it and it doesn't feel as exclusive as this one! I wonder where is the direction of it my dear?" Yueliang asked Jackylin as he got back into a flirting tone.

Jacklyn smiles as she looked at Yueliang and suddenly pokes Yueliang in the eye, "Look out the window dumbass!" She points out the window, and the sight of the red palace was visible. They would recognize the palace as they were in the back of the palace from the garden maze.

"OW!!! Why must women hit me all the time?!" Yueliang shouted as he held his eye.

"How you get hurt wearing a mask baffles me. But seems like we have our goal now. We'll get to the Red Palace to get this permission and then eventually see this witch and get the hell outta here. Keaton will stay to his playthings while Yueliang, you're coming with me and don't flirt with the queen or anything." Spark said.

"Yeah whatever..." Yueliang said with a sigh.

Yueliang and Spark head on over to the Red Palace to where they were earlier last evening. The Red Palace, hence the name, was red and white and had markings of hearts and diamonds. There were card guards around guarding it as it was an important location to the kingdom. They'd somewhat see the garden maze exit that they came off of, but it was heavily guarded as usual when they came out of the maze.

"Man I really had enough mazes for one lifetime." Spark said as he was dusting himself off. "So this is the palace. It certainly is red and heavily guarded."

"Quite so! Maybe you should ask them to meet the king and queen this time! I....didn't do so hot last time." Yueliang said with an embrassed look despite the mask.

"Hmph. Fine. Only because that is a good point." Spark said as he walked up to the guards. "We need to see the king and queen."

"So direct!" Yueliang stated.

"No one can see the King and Queen of the Red Kingdom without their request!" A soldier recites as he and the other guard blocked the entrance to the palace doors.

"It's alright..." Friar Eustass, the general from earlier, walked over and separated the guards from blocking the door. He looks over to the two, "Where's your third friend?"

"Hey it's you from yesterday. Forgot your name but I remember that tone." Spark said.

"Oh yeah! He treathened you heh..." Yueliang said with a snicker only to be met with a glare by Spark.

"If you mean Keaton, he is off enjoying himself in toyland at this moment. We are just here to see this King and Queen." Spark stated in a more calmer tone.

"You can go in, I have told them about you." Eustass moves to the side and motions his arm toward the red door as it suddenly opens up by the card guards. "After you."

"Why thank you." Spark said with a stern tone as he starts to head inside. "Yueliang let's go."

"Alright but I get to try and eat a royal breakfast! I'm still hungry!" Yueliang said as his stomach comically growled loudly shaking the area for a second.

They enter the castle and see the huge hall that had staircases that went to an upper floor. Along the walls was portraits of past king and queens. There was also a giant red carpet that came from the entrance of the castle to everywhere a person is to walk. There along the red carpet, was card guards making sure people don't go off of the red carpet route. The carpet would lead up to the thrones of the King and Queen of the Red Kingdom of Eden.

"There they are. The King and Queen of Eden." Eustass states, "You caught them in time for breakfast."

"Perfection!" Yueliang said as he started to run over toward the table but was quickly stopped right away by Spark.

"Last thing we need is every single guard to come after us all at once! Calm down you hungry dolt!" Spark shouted at Yueliang.

"You know Sparky my best friend ever? You can be a kill joy at times!" Yueliang said with his arms crossed.

"Yes. I've told you I've killed Joy many times. He was a slave owner." Spark said with a deadpan expression and a sarcastic tone. "So how do we even talk to them. They are pretty much heavily guarded."

"sigh I suggest you follow me." Eustass says as he passes by Spark and Yueliang and leads the two to the king and queen. The king and queen were seen getting ready to eat at a table in front of them as they see Eustass with Spark and Yueliang behind him. Eustass then bows before them, "Your majesty..."

"So that is them huh? GAH!!" Spark said casually before he was quickly taken down by Yueliang who had him in a bowing position. "What was that for!?"

"We're in the prescense of royality! You must bow before them at any costs!" Yueliang stated.

"Something tells me you've done something stupid before in front of royality." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"You are....not far off heh..." Yueliang answered with a nervous chuckle.

"Ahhh thank you for bringing them Eustass." The Queen says, she was wearing a elizabethan era queen outfit that contained hearts on it. The king was wearing his royal outfit which had diamonds on it. The queen had black hair, while the king had blonde hair. "So what brings you two in front of our presence?" The Queen of Hearts asks as she fans herself.

"WHOA! LOOK AT THAT QUEEN!!! SHE'S A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES!!!!" Yueliang shouted but was quickly taken down by Spark.

"Restraint you fool restraint! But yeah I am Z. Spark and this is Yueliang and we are here to get permission to see this Garden Witch." Spark stated in a calm tone.

"He art art art!" The Queen laughs, "Really? To see the Garden Witch?" She laughs some more, "You two might need some food first off. Sit down, we're having Beef Heart Stew for the morning." She says as random people carried out chairs for the two to sit on in front of the king and queen.

"The hell kind of laugh is that...?" Spark thought to himself with a perplexed look on his face.

"Oh yeah! I nearly forgot that this guy is hungry! Thanks your mageisty!" Yueliang exclaimed as he was quick to go and sit down in front of them to eat.

"I really can't complain to meat in the morning. People say I'm a kangaroo, but I am for meat." Spark said as he sat down with his arms crossed trying to look cool.

"That's nothing strange to the Garden of Eden." The Queen of Hearts says as the Beef Heart stew was being served to them, "I am Queen Titi Rose and my husband here is King Dia Louis." She says as the King of Diamonds waves, "He's usually quiet and shy, so don't mind him. But of course enjoy your meal." She says mentioning the beef heart stew in front of Yueliang and Spark. It was a cooked cow heart mixed into a stew, sprinkled some salt, some spices such as Garlic powder, cumin, paprika, and oregano with some chopped parsely to garnish the stew.

"C-Cow heart huh?" Yueliand said as he started to eat it but slowly after hearing that.

"What? Meat is meat. Can be beef "you-know-what" for all I care." Spark said as he was quickly eating it.

"S-Sure! But I heard this garden is quite mysterious Mrs. Rose! Quite the nice place to visit from what I was hearing." Yueliang commented.

"We're just going to meet a witch. Nothing really mysterious there is a place full of them from what I hear." Spark stated as he kept eating.

"He art art art! To me, witches are about mythical as men on the moon. But you never know really on this island...." She says as she took a bite out of her stew, "I'm curious why you guys want to immediately leave instead of stick around an island as nice as this."

"Hey! Men on the moon are mythical! Just look at me!" Yueliang said as he started to glow brightly with his moonlight powers.

"She said men ON the moon, not man that IS the moon you dolt." Spark said annoyingly before clearing his throat. "And I'm a traveler in a sense. I kind of need to be on the move not stick to one place."

"Come on we can at least just explore here more right?" Yueliang said in an almost begging tone.

"Hmph. Only because I know we're going to be lead astray again. And Keaton may take awhile with his damn toy fantasy." Spark said with a defeated shrug.

"Hmmmm" The Queen of Hearts thinks, "I suppose you folks can go out and explore. Just sign these licenses saying that by permission of the Red Kingdom, you can explore as one of the explorers. And anything you say, take note and talk to me about it." She says as a clipboard comes in front of Spark.

"Fianlly making some progress. Thanks." Spark said as he signed it.

"Welp looks like Keaton is gonna miss out! Meh he got his toys!" Yueliang said as he did the same.

"He can join in if you need him to." The Queen of Hearts says, "All I just need is the leader of you three to report in after the expedition. Then I can give you permission to leave."

"Depends if he wants to or not. Keaton marches to his own beat at times..." Spark said as he shook his head quickly. "But gotcha. The leader is me of course."

"And I'm the second leader!" Yueliang said with his hand raise.

"Quiet you." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Anymore questions you have?" The Queen of Hearts asks, "You guys still hungry? Or are you folks ready to adventure out?"

"We really probably should go and meet this witch. Thanks for the food by the way." Spark said as he looked over at Yueliang who was still propped in the chair. "..."

"What? I'm still hungry!" Yueliang stated with a thumbs up as he was eating.

"You dumbass come on!" Spark shouted.

"I don't think the queen mind if I stayed here right? I mean you need the Moon of Justice to watch over you right?" Yueliang said over to the queen.

"You humans and your damn affections..." Spark said with a facepalm.

"GUARDS!!!" The Queen then shouts as Card Guards grab Yueliang by the arms and drag him out of the castle, "You Do Not Flirt With Your Queen!!!!" She shouts with a boiling red head of anger.

"H-HEY!!! LET ME GO YOU CARD FREAKS!!!" Yueliang shouted.

"HAH!!! Serves him right for being a dumbass! I'll leave you to your temper your highness.' Spark said casually as he left going after Yueliang.

The doors of the castle opens as the Card Guards comically throw Yueliang down the stares.

"You have been warned by the Gracious Queen of Hearts!" The one guard says.

"1 more warning, and then after that, it's off with your head!" The guards then says as the door shuts after Spark exits behind the guards.

"Heh you think you had enough of your games today?" Spark said as his tall frame looks down at Yueliang who was still on the ground.

"...I think I see why you wanted to leave this place....Is it too late to back out?" Yueliang asked as he was still on the ground.

"Can't back down now. We better get to this witch as soon as possible." Spark said as he started to walk off.

"Maaaaaaaan....." Yueliang said as he floated upwards and followed behind Spark. "Did they really mean to chop of the Moon Hero's head?"

"It's a royal palace. I'd be surprised they didn't." Spark said bluntly.

The two go back to the Jack of All Trades Tavern and see Jacklyn filling up drinks and placing them in the bar table. Uncle Jack in the Box and Keaton were messing around in the toy shop. And there was Jacqueline running the general store of the tavern. Jacklyn was the first to see the two arrive.

"Hey boys! How was meeting my sister?!" Jacklyn asks as she was wiping a glass clean.

"Well, besides the whole threatening to have me beheaded part, not bad! The food was good!" Yueliang said as he blinked for a couple of seconds before comically falling backwards. "SISTER!?? YOU'RE RELATED TO THE QUEEN?!?!"

"Even I was caught off-guard by that. Makes you wonder why you're working in a place like this instead of some high profile mansion or something." Spark said casually as the news doesn't really bother him too much.

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Jacklyn giggles as she continued wiping a glass, "The Titi and Dia clans have led this kingdom since it was created. When our mother passed, it was either me or Rose. But since she was the one that was closest to the minimum age of 14 to be queen, they picked her while I was 17." She says.

"Wait they picked her because you were older? You think they want the opposite or something. I don't know royalty and all of that." Spark said with a shrug.

"You know what they say! Younger and sexier! That's probably why they chose her over Jackie here!" Yueliang said with a thumbs up.

"...I feel like you're about to experience pain from that comment." Spark said with his eyes rolling.

"Hehe, feel like you'd get in DEEP trouble if you said that anywhere else." Uncle Jack chuckles overhearing Yueliang's phrase.

Jacklyn rolls her eyes before suddenly grabbing an empty glass bottle and smashing it right on Yueliang's head! "Give some respect to the Queen's kin!"

"OW!!! SERIOUSLY?!" Yueliang shouted as he held his head.

"One: You're wearing a mask. And two: Use your Logia powers to avoid that you idiot!" Spark shouted angrily at him.

"Yueliang always has the mark of death over him! He has survived a lot I am surprised!" Keaton said from a distance with a laugh.

"Keaton knock it off! The Moon Warrior of Justice just needs to choose his words carefully next time..." Yueliang said as he crossed his arms.

"Keaton, get your ass over here! WE're going to visit this witch soon. We got permission." Spark shouted.

"But I am just about done!" Keaton shouted back.

"Dammit hurry up! You're trying to buy his entire stock? I don't think you have that much teeth on you unless you knocked out some yourself." Spark shouted with the last statement with a hint of snark in it.

"Alright, go with your barking rat friend." The Old Man Jack in the Box says, "Here's some teeth back!" He gives Keaton a bag of teeth.

"Need anything before you embark into your adventure into the Wild Garden of Eden?" Jacklyn asks.

"DOwn under box boy. Remember that." Spark said over to Jack as he noticed Keaton carrying a bunch of toys back. "I really don't see why you need to buy those considering you can turn others into toys."

"Hey these ones don't scream and fight back like the others do!" Keaton said.

"Oh yeah. Nah, I believe we're good on supplies. Thanks." Spark said to Jacklyn.

"Yeah even I want to get to this witch as soon as possible! Oh my head..." Yueliang said rubbing his head.

"Well good luck on your journey!" Jacklyn says, "I hope you guys know your norths and souths better than some people on this island." She teases.

"If that was a punch at me, don't blame me for losing my direction and getting stuck in a box!" The old man jack says.

"Well if you didn't fall down the stairs that'd perhaps help!" Jacqueline shouts from across the tavern.

"Hey! It didn't help that the chest shut on me!" Jack responds, "Making me stuck in here permanently!" He says hopping around in the box.

"Let's get out of this madness...I think I am mentally tired..." Spark said as he started to head out.

"Hey you're not the one with the lump on his head!" Yueliang said as he followed behind.

"Seems like the two of you are a pair of lumps after all! Kishishihi!" Keaton laughed.

"Shut it Keaton!" Spark and Yueliang said at the same time.

Eden Expedition

Back to the girls

It was the morning in the White Kingdom, the sun was glistening over the buildings that were made of ice and snow. Curie, Terra, and Iris were seen in the hotel known as the House of Furs. The three were sleeping in wonderful beds made of different animal furs. The sun shining right through the window of their room as Iris was seen opening the blinds.

"Wakey Wakey!!" Iris says with a smile, "Sunnyside eggs and bacon are made!" She says with a large tray of food.

"Alright! Food time!" Terra said as she quickly got up ready for her food.

"I have never slept that well in a long time. This place does have quite the wonderful arrangements. And the food smiles nice as well." Curie said as she slowly got up from bed,

"I knew you'd like the soft furs!" Iris says as she cuddled with some of the soft furs that were nearby, "But yeah, the food was right in front of the door. The smell woke me up as it's nice and fresh!" She says as she peels an orange for herself, "As soon as we're done with the food here, we'll embark to see the Garden Witch!"

"I see. Must be the "breakfast to bed" I have heard about. Good service there!" Terra said as she started to eat her bacon.

"Make sure you eat the eggs too. That's good protein for early in the morning." Curie stated as she was eating her eggs first.

"Bacon is that too you know!" Terra said back.

"Anyway, I am quite eager to meet the Garden Witch. She seems like quite the woman from what you and my mother told me." Curie said to Iris.

"Oh she's a nice woman! She treats me as if she is my mother!" Iris says, "But then again, who in this kingdom would know how to take care of an angel like me? Teehee." She giggles before eating the orange she was peeling.

"You do have a point there." Curie said with her own chuckle as she continued eating.

"Man you will think every species is probably found here! You could have a good time if you stayed here huh Curie?" Terra asked as she was finally eating her eggs.

"True, but as a doctor, I must be traveling the world to help those in need. I do have other assignments after I am finished here but I got plenty of time." Curie said who proceeded to drink her drink.

"Great! That means we can go soon!" Iris says as she finished her orange and was about to leap out the window to fly, "Oh I should finish my breakfast!" She says as she starts gobbling up her eggs and bacon quickly.

"Heh I already finished!" Terra said with a clean plate already.

"Ugh you didn't lick it clean again did you? It is unsatiory that you do that." Curie said with a deadpan expression as she finished her food.

"Meh they're going to clean it anyway. It's just dragon spit." Terra said as she was picking her teeth with her claw.

"You guys ready to go?" Iris then asks as she finished her food, "Cleaned my plate, didn't lick it though!" She says with a shiny clean plate.

"Hell yeah! About to go a witch hunting! Er...I mean meeting!" Terra said as she quickly got uo.

"I am quite finished myself. Let us get going." Curie said as she got up as well.

"Alright! Follow me!!" Iris says as she leaps out of the window and flies up above the buildings of the White Kingdom. The sunlight reflecting off of the ice that sculpted the buildings as they flew across the island. Many would think the sight of an angel flying around would be attentive, but angels are quiet silent as they fly with grace in the sky, so no one hears the angel flying by, neither dare to look above their heads to see a pretty angel flying above the kingdom.

Terra was following behind Iris mid flight as Curie already transformed back into her own draconiod form following them behind.

"Man this place has quite the layout for something located within a hellstorm!" Terra stated as she was looking around while flying.

"Quite so. The buildings were crafted well from what I can tell." Curie stated as she looked around as well.

"Yup! The White Kingdom sure does have its nice architecture to look from above!" Iris says as they started to fly outside of the kingdom, "Say goodbye to those walruses, those are adorable little guys!!" She says looking at the barking walruses below them.

"Bye you guys! You were big piles of fun!" Terra said as she waved down at them.

"Farewell for now!" Curie said as she waved down at them as well. "I've grown quite found of this winter area."

"Still baffles me that you do heh." Terra said.

"Well prepare as we fly to the Northern Woods!" Iris says, "You'll be amazed as we fly to there!" She says as she continues flapping her wings to the wind and flying towards the northern woods.

"Yep! Giant woods dead ahead!" Terra shouts as she notices the northern woods up ahead.

"I wonder what else is found in these woods besides the Garden Witch herself?" Curie asked Iris.

"Well, look at the far end of those mountains." Iris says pointing over to the mountains that surrounded the White Kingdom, but there was a stone statue of a giant crying water down the mountain, and leaving a river that travels through the Garden of Eden. "That's the Weeping Giant of Eden, a point visible even from the farthest part of the island."

"Wow. I wonder why he is crying?" Terra asked as she looked at it from afar.

"But it is made of stone. I don't believe that can be explained." Curie answered.

"Shoot I know that! It's a being made of stone that has water pouring out of it. As a user of earth powers, I must know!" Terra shouted.

"There is a story behind that statue crying." Iris says as they stopped in midair and gazed at it, "That giant was one of the lone giants that once roamed this land. Since he was the only giant around in his time, he'd accidentally step on things and kill things from a nice rose to a person that was innocently walking around. Each time the giant wept for his sins as he sat on that mountain. But one day he cried in the midst of a snowstorm, which froze him over and kept him weeping forever." She says in a somber tone, "A sad story...but there is something to the river than some think."

"That is quite the interesting story. Sad it is as well." Curie agrees with a nod.

"But wait, if he froze up like that, who he is able to still cry? Won't the tears get frozen as well?" Terra asked.

"You're questioning the logic of this island?" Curie asked with a slight cough.

"...Fair enough." Terra said with a sudden laugh.

"But, those tears that create the river gives off the effect of what the giant wished for himself." Iris says, "Take a drink of the river, and you'll be as small as an ant!" Iris says dramatically, "Trust me, it was an experience when the Garden witch fed me it. It was fascinating and terrifying as I was chased by a spider for about half the day I was small." She says jittering, "Gets me to this day."

"Water that can turn you small? That is quite extortionary. There are types of potions I've heard that can do something similar but it isn't perfect." Curie explained.

"Turning tiny? Like the size of a dwarf? No thanks I like my size here!" Terra said with declaration.

"No no, like an ant size." Iris says showing with her fingers how small one could be, "That's if you drank enough of it. It could be dwarven size if you drank the appropriate amount I guess though. I do remember though the Garden Witch had a recipe for a potion that worked similarly after doing her research with the river." She then looks over to Curie, "You and the Garden Witch look like would get along quite well about "research" and "potions"." Iris smiles a bit.

"Of course if my mother spoke highly of her." Curie said with a smile back.

"Oh yeah how long till we get to her by the way?" Terra asked.

"Well factoring through that we stopped to look at the weeping giant statue." Iris says, "We should be on our way now." She says flying once again in the skies. As the three flew, they'd notice ahead of them was the dark volcanic structure of the west. To their left, was the southern Red Kingdom, seeing the great Red Castle that dominated inside the castled walls of the Red Kingdom. And to their right, was the Northern woods itself, trees flourishing around as one of the tiny rivers went into the north. The Northern Woods looked a bit more welcoming besides the shunning looks of the West ahead of them, or the medieval look of the Southern, or even the icy furniture of the East behind them.

"Welp, you can see everything on this island once you're high enough." Iris says as she looked down, "There are the northern woods!" She points, "We'll be there soon!"

"Sounds good. The forest looks quite lovely from up here." Curie states.

"Looks like the same forests I always see heh..." Terra comments as well looking at it.

"Oh trust me." Iris says, "The Northern Woods are a lot more than one sees or thinks." She then swoops down toward the Northern woods, "Follow me! I'll show you the way!"

"Alright! After you miss!" Terra said as she followed behind Iris.

"Don't be leaving without me now." Curie said as she was catching up to the two following behind them into the woods.

The three now enter the enchanted forest that is known as the Northern Woods. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the morning sun coming through the trees as they all touched to the soft grass below. Little mice were seen scurrying after being somewhat disturbed by the landing of the trio. But immediately the forests of Eden were now exposed to the visitors' eyes. The sight of what looked like a butterfly with slices of bread for wings flutters by Terra's eyes as the sight of a weird badger looking creature captures the attention of the doctor. Around them were not only the trees and grass, but there were funguses of different colors. Mushrooms that were either green with white spots, red with white spots, orange with red spots, even a strange golden mushrooms. This....was the Garden of Eden.

"Man...Did I hit my head on a tree or something while I was flying? Because I must be dreaming like crazy right now." Terra said with widened eyes.

"I am sure that isn't the case since I am experiencing it as well...And now I can see why my mother didn't write much of this place. She wanted me to experience this wonderful sight for myself." Curie said as she couldn't help but looked wide-eyed herself.

"Heh, What did I tell you?!" Iris says, "This is where the magic really is at in the Garden of Eden. Right where civilization is few and where nature does it strange business." She says as she kneels down and pets a strange green pig-like creature that was trying to hide in the grass the same color as it. "I'm sure you have lots of questions. Teehee!"

"I bet. I bet! Like man how does a place like this exist?" Terra asked as she looked around.

"The same reason why an island can rain frogs all day. But I am curious what is that rather adorable creature you're petting?" Curie asks.

"Oh this?" Iris looks down, "This is a Mome Rath, they're like pigs with caterpillar bodies and feet. They are a very shy creature, and mostly prefer to eat their food in peace." She says watching the Mome Rath eat the grass that was laid out everywhere, "What you just saw earlier, Dragon girl, was a Bread n Butterfly. A legit butterfly with bread slices for wings."

"How the hell does something fly with bread for wings?" Terra said with a confused and perplexed look on her face.

"I feel like asking how anything can function here is rather pointless." Curie says before continuing to speak. "My so much to explore around here. And I believe this isn't even all of the unique creatures that are around here."

"Have at it to be honest." Iris says as she started walking around, "What do you want to see?" She asks by as a horde of these flies in the body of a wooden rocking horse buzz peacefully by the group, "Oh those are Rocking Horse Flies, don't mind them."

"Rocking horse flies? The hell?" Terra said as she looked at them.

"Don't mind them as she said." Curie said with a pat to Terra's back. "I wonder is the Garden Witch any closer? I would assume she would live in the heart of this forest."

"She does! Now if I only had that...what do they call it? Wonder Eyes of Observation did the Garden witch call it?" Iris says scratching her head "It's not easy finding her house won't lie. Even I don't have a good sense of direction while on the ground." She turns around and then sees a pond, "Oh nevermind! I think we're somewhat near!" She says as past the brush, there was a small pond created by the small creek that came from the river. There was a stork in the middle of the pond, but it was a very tall stork as its legs were extended very high.

"That's a Borogrove." Iris states, "A stork on stilts to put it simple."

"Damn that thing is tall! It's all tall as a building!" Terra said as she looked up at the stork.

"Wonder Eyes of Observation? Could she be referring to Observation Haki?" Curie thought to herself.

"Yo! Curie! Surprised this bird hasn't got your attention yet!" Terra shouted at Curie.

"Huh? Oh, yes it is quite the tall stork isn't it?" Curie asked as she was now staring at it.

"Oh there's the house!" Iris then suddenly points to a house made of gingerbread with sweets on it. It looked like as if it belonged to a fairy tale not meant for this island, but was there nevertheless. The house was surrounded by plants and animals as well as some came for the pond nearby (the animals can drink it without the effect Curie would notice). The sound of hummingbirds singing as well as flowers that were actually singing they could hear. The whole place had a happy enchanted feeling as they came toward the house.

"It's the Garden Witch's Gingerbread House!" Iris says with excitement, "And I can hear her Hanas singing!" She says fluttering her wings a bit as they got closer.

"Oh my...This is quite the lovely scene. I can tell this place is quite wonderous." Curie said in awe.

"Wow it's really made of gingerbread? How it can stand up like that?" Terra asked before noticing Curie staring her way. "Right...Don't question the logic of this place."

"Come on! I want you guys to meet her!" Iris says as she goes over to the door of the gingerbread house and knocks on it. "Hey Garden Witch! It's me!"

"Coming Darling!" A sound was heard as the rather tall door suddenly opens and out comes this woman. This woman was very tall and slender, about 15 feet tall. She had a large witch hat that made her even larger in appearance. And she wore a nice light green petticoat dress. The three would look up and see she has light pink hair that was covered by her hat. She had purple teardrop eye makeup from under her eyes. Despite a more imposing stature she carries, she had a soft heart of gold, and smiles as she kneels down and hugs Iris.

"There you are my dear..." The now introduced Garden Witch says as she hugs the angel Iris. The Garden Witch then looks down over to Curie and Terra and speaks, "My, what friends accompanied my angel here?"

"Damn she's tall! I wasn't expect her to be like that!" Terra thought to herself as she was very surprised.

"Greetings Miss Garden Witch. My name is Kagakusha Curie and my awing friend here is named Terra. It's a pleasure to meet you in person." Curie said politely as she bowed.

The Garden Witch smiles as she looked down, "It is a pleasure to meet you folks." She then looks at Curie, "Your name sounds familiar....the Kagakusha surname; I remember a woman by the name of Marie that visited this place with that surname such as yours."

"That was my mother Kagakusha Marie. She visited here a long time ago and noted some small details of this place. It is how I was able to know to come here." Curie explained.

"Ah, that'd make sense of course." The Garden Witch says, "Very few have heard of this place, most hear of it think that it's a fairy tale for young children. But this exists in reality; But I do prefer the quietness of it without as much people, especially here in the Northern Woods." She then sighs, "Oh forgive me, my name is Sylvia." The Garden Witch smiles as she bows a bit, "Come on in! I can serve some nice tea if you want!"

"Can I have some cookies mom?" Iris then asks.

"I suppose." Sylvia the Garden Witch smiles, "After you go water the hanas my dear."

"Ok!" Iris says as she grabs a watering can and goes over to the flowers that were literally singing psalms and hymns that were sweet to the ears.

"Welcome to the Garden Eden my ladies!" Sylvia then says, "A place not quite like the others." She smiles.

"Heh that's an understatement." Terra said as she was looking around.

"Thank you. We will gladly enter as well." Curie said as she lead herself and Terra inside.

Inside the Garden Witch's Gingerbread House was a warm feeling as they were welcomed into a living room with sofas and carpets of soft quality. There were cats laying about, about 5 cats were seen currently throughout the living room. There were many books on shelves while there were plants in small tube (most likely being studied). Not far from the Living Room was the kitchen with its sweet aroma of tea being made. Stairs were not far that would take the person up to the second floor.

"Aw please have a seat!" Sylvia the Garden Witch speaks, "I'll have tea and brownies made in a minute!" She then walks over to the kitchen. "Don't mind the kittens: Blackberry (a black cat), Wendy (an orange cat), Sabrina (A cream colored, furry cat), Phoebe (A cinnamon colored cat), and Felix (A black maine coon cat)." She says as each cat meow'd when hearing their names.

"Thank you. We will kindly take our seats." Curie said as she sat down as Terra did the same beside her.

"Lot of cats around here huh? Different colors as well." Terra states as she looked at the cats.

"I wonder Ms. Sylvia, how is it like living out here or on this island in general? My mother mentioned it is a place that many come to and end up not leaving." Curie asks.

"Why not an answer to both?" Sylvia then responds as she was in the kitchen. She comes back to the warm living room with a tray of tea and an assortment of brownies. She sits by a sofa that was near the fireplace as she places the tray down onto the coffee table. "Living in this area is...peaceful." The Garden Witch speaks as she picked up a cup of tea, "The Northern Woods take away the civilizations located in the east and in the south. The kingdoms are beautiful in their own right, but I prefer the quiet beauty of the North here." She blows her tea and takes a sip, "I pray that civilization will never take this beautiful land in the North."

"Now, you mentioned many come and not leave." Sylvia continues, "It is cause not many can quite live through certain areas without a chance of death. Of course if you enter by the south, you'll have to deal with the hard border restrictions that the Red Kingdom places. They fill their maze with bandersnatches and giants and tigers and every other thing that'll kill you. I mean as beautiful this place is, it can kill. The mushrooms, if not ate correctly, cooked, or at the wrong time, will send even the most sane person insane and kill them in the process. There are so many mushrooms around here that it's tough to distinguish one from another to the normal eyes." Sylvia then picks up a sample of a mushroom nearby, "But to a doctor or scientists eyes..." She passes it over to Curie, "We can determine what mushroom can do. But that alone is couple of the few reasons many don't live through here."

"I get that. I feel like some of these mushrooms that not even Vipe Lycodia has heard of them." Terra said.

Curie was looking at the mushroom and nods in agreement to what Sylvia said. "I agree. Like this mushroom must be cooked and brewed well in order to rid of it's toxins to bring out it's potential that isn't harmful toward others. Witches like yourself and my mother often work with mushrooms to make a whole variety of things." Curie stated.

"Oh yeah, there was that whole witch society that Lycodia talked about where she lent mushrooms there for them to examine." Terra brought up.

"Many of these mushrooms are grown in the mushroom fields that aren't far, but are overshadowed by the trees many times. Many types of mushrooms to be seen here, some common, some rare. Some medicine, some very toxic. But, there is one exclusive to the island that has a different effect." The Garden Witch then shows off a white spotted red mushroom that she grabs as well. "This I'm sure besides the design, is one you may have not seen before."

Curie looks at the mushroom closely and soon rests her hand under her chin. "You're right. That is quite the unique species of mushroom." Curie stated.

"Same here. Not something I've seen on Amazon Lily either." Terra said as she was looking at it closely.

Sylvia the Garden Witch smiles, "It's a growth mushroom; Capable of increasing ones size if you ate it. It does have a rather bittersweet taste, but it makes you tall as a giant, taller than the trees! It is as exclusive as the shrinking tears that are on this island." She says.

"I see. That is quite the interesting mushroom. I know there are some that sought to increase their size to those of a giant, but research says that is impossible." Curie said as she kept looking at the mushroom.

"Heh all you do is change their dna with that of a giant right?" Terra asked.

"I'd honestly rather not. It's better to go with a temporary boost of strength." Curie stated.

"Well you get to do what people wish to here." Sylvia says, "The Garden of Eden is a place where dreams are created some can say." She says as she sips her tea before seeing one of her cats by the fire, "Now don't be getting too close there Blackberry darling." The Garden Witch says to her black cat.

"I could see why it will live up to such a title. This place is quite wonderful." Curie says as she took a sip of her tea.

"Heh I can see why you don't ever want to leave here. You do pretty much have what you want here. You know, for such a peaceful looking place, I'm surprised there were still wars around here." Terra stated as she took a sip of tea as well.

"Well granted that the island gotten bored of war since the war that lasted a hundred years." Sylvia says, "I remember being involved for more than 30 years of it protecting the Gardens. Leaving them to their war within their lands while I punished them if they dared try to take the war to the North." She says, "Despite my looks, I am an old woman with wisdom and power if needed."

"Damn! I see how the others respect you! You're not afraid to get involved if you have to!" Terra said impressed.

"Quite indeed. Even myself who is a doctor must have ways to defend herself." Curie stated.

"I still find it interesting how people don't even know I exist still though." Sylvia does say, "I do ponder if the people here have like a short term memory. But eh, probably prefer to keep the Garden Witch of Eden to be a mythical being. No one else besides one man and Iris knows of me and my whereabouts." The cats then purr, "Oh of course the animals too."

"Well, word doesn't seem to escape here much. From what my mother stated, Eden doesn't seem to be as known to the world as I thought." Curie stated as she was eating her food.

"Yeah. Not even Lycodia knows of this place and she's been around for quite a bit." Terra replied as she was drinking the tea for the first time. "Oooh good!"

"It's not." Sylvia responds, "The Garden of Eden is a rare and unheard of island. Most will say you've gone mad if you mention an island like this. It's similar to the island of Wano, but much.....much unheard of."

"That is quite interesting. My mother didn't directly mention this place. She only gave a lot of mentions. I wonder if that was her way around this if she knew of that?" Curie poundered.

"Well, I'd say yes or no, this place is worth the visit!" Terra said with a smile.

Sylvia then smiles, "I am quite happy you're enjoying your experience here." She then sips her tea, "Hmmm, how's your mother been doing Dr. Curie? It only seems like yesterday when I met her long ago."

"Oh." Curie said as she put her cup down slowly. "She has unfortunately passed away since then. She was on a mission to a distant kingdom to help those in need; but even after helping them out, she overexerted herself and died."

"Oh...." Sylvia says pausing, "I'm so sorry dear, I forget I have a longer life than what the human race can chase. Not to the extent of the elves to say." She then sighs, "But I am truly sorry darling."

"It is fine. She has done a lot for the world and I was glad to have been able to follow in her footsteps." Curie said with a sigh.

"Hell yeah. She was quite famous in the world and even helped established that witch society in the first place. She is definitely missed." Terra states.

"A witch society?" Sylvia then asks, "I'm sorry if my memory seems hazy, but perhaps this island has been distracting me of the outside world. But what of this witch society?"

"Mahotsukai Island, known as the Island of the Witches. It is where the majority of the witches in the world live and study at a large academy known as Wizarts. My mother Marie was the head mistress there for a very long time before she set out to help the world being a doctor. I've only been there once personally." Curie explained.

"Lycodia went there as well to give them mushrooms back when Curie's mother was still in charge. I am not sure who is in charge now, but I know they have been still doing well." Terra stated.

"Very Intriguing...." Sylvia says, "Well I'd be sure if I were to get involved I'd hold a very valuable interest to the society, not only as a witch myself but as the resources this island has." She says looking outside, "But this island is much more than just a land of...."resources". can't take back an island something like this."

"Hm? You can't take back an island like this? What do you mean?" Curie asked.

"I mean one just can't reverse damage they inflict on this island." The Garden Witch states, "This island is so exclusive and different from the others would be irreversible if something were to happen to this island. I hope that makes more sense."

"Ah I see. That is true." Curie says with a nod.

"It is thriving with unique life. Can't really replace anything here that easily." Terra stated.

"Indeed." Sylvia responds, "You can't replace mushrooms such as these, or mome raths, or borogroves that are storks on high stilts. No, this place has its beauty that can't be replaced." She sips her tea, "And that is why I protect it, and punished the kingdoms in their hundred year war if they stepped their war here. You can claim that the Northern Woods belong to me, but truly it belongs to Mother Nature, and I'm her simple guardian." She gives a faint smile.

"Indeed that is quite nice." Curie said with a smile of her own.

"You know if Lycodia ever heard of this place, she could easily reproduce this mushrooms. Heh Curie here as well since even mushrooms have cells." Terra said with a grin.

"True. That is something I can do. But the mushrooms are rather unique to here. I don't want them to lose their integrity if they are found being grown easily by someone else. Especially how easy it is for mushrooms to reproduce by themselves." Curie answered.

"Hmmmm, there is very few I could entrust trade with the seeds." Sylvia says, "But...if you want some seeds. Your mother was gracious, I could give some to you and others. But I'd have to entrust that you'd give the seeds sparingly as these shouldn't be known to the public. Like to whoever this "Lycodia" is, let her know she mustn't show them to her people or to anyone and keep them in a secret stash."

"Oooh trust me that is a secret well kept. All we have to say is a trusted women gave us the order to keep the seeds on standby and she will comply." Terra said with a thumbs up in a form of a claw.

"Quite so. Lycodia herself if quite loyal to other women and more so keeping things to Amazon Lily. Knowing her, she may keep these mushrooms in a special secret place. She mentioned before she has a place for this but tells no one else of it." Curie said as well.

"Well then..." Sylvia says, "I guess we got ourselves a trade dealt secret." She smiles, "I entrust you girls to keep it." She then stands up and grabs a small pack of seeds and gives them to Curie, "Be careful where you plant them, don't want them to populate the world now."

"Indeed. I will be sure to be careful of them. Lycodia will feel the same I assure you. Thank you for these." Curie said as she took the seeds and bows to her in gratitude.

"Definitely. Like I said Lycodia is a woman that will honor the words of other women." Terra says as well.

"Very good." Sylvia says nodding, "Now, there anything you folks need? Want to do some exploring with me?" She then asks looking down at the two.

"Sure. It will be nice to explore this area some more." Curie said with a nod.

"Hell yeah! I wanted to see any more of those weird bread wing bird things!" Terra said excitingly.

Iris was seen entering the house as well with the watering can in her hand, "I watered the hanas mom!"

"Very good." Sylvia smiles, "There are cookies at the kitchen table if you still want them dear." She points over to the kitchen as Iris was seen fluttering over to the kitchen, "Tell me, have you folks ever heard of the Elms or Hanas?" She says as she starts heading outside into the sunlit paradise.

"I don't believe I have." Curie answered.

"Elms and Hanas huh? Sounds like types of fish if you ask me." Terra answers as well.

"The Elms are a more common species in certain areas of the New World." Sylvia says, "They're trees that have life and speak. But the hanas, they're flowers that can talk as well." She then leads Terra and Curie to a small field of hanas that were alive and well, singing hymns and psalms as Sylvia knelt down and looked at them. The hanas were legit flowers of many types, but had a voice and were able to sing with grace.

"Oh wow. They do sing quite lovely for flowers." Curie said as she looked down at them at closed her eyes to take in the music they are singing.

"Singing plants. Heh that is pretty cool I'll admit." Terra said as she was crouching over to listen to them as well.

The three stayed silent as they listened to the hanas sing grace given that there is the sun shining above their heads, the clear skies, and the great water that was fed to them. After a few minutes, the hanas finish their song and the three clap softly to acknowledge the singing.

"Thank you!" A sweet daisy spoke, "We practiced for a while!"

"Sounds lovely as usual daisy." Sylvia the Garden Witch speaks, "You hanas have some of the sweetest of songs here in the Garden."

"Thank you Garden Witch!!" The group of hanas say to her.

"Whoa! Wasn't expecting them to hold a conversation like that! I thought they just sang!" Terra said surprised.

"Heh as we said anything goes here." Curie said with a chuckle.

"The Hanas mostly sing." Sylvia says, "But, like all other factors of life, if you sit down and decide to listen to them and talk to them. The flowers will not only sing, but can hold conversation." She looks down at the pretty flowers, "What's the next song flowers?"

"How about a song of love?" A rose then asks.

"Sounds perfect." Sylvia smiles, "Continue your singing my friends, you are what keep the Gardens alive in joyful spirit." The Garden Witch states as the Hanas continue singing out the soft and sweet songs as Sylvia stands back up and walks.

"Love huh? You ever found that before?" Terra asked Curie as they started to followed Sylvia.

"...I did. It was non-existent." Curie said bluntly as she followed behind as well.

"Right. Sorry." Terra said as she quickly looked forward at Sylvia. "How about you ma'am?"

Sylvia takes a step back and thinks about it as she looked up at the sky and watched the borogroves fly by with their stilting legs reared as they flew. "You's been a long time since I thought of love for another person like me. I just think my calling was to nature, which was what I loved. But..." She does look over to the window and watches Iris eat cookies inside it, "She...." Referring to Iris, "Has been like my daughter ever since I took care of her as a baby that fell from the heavens. I come to think of it that the Gods wanted me to have something else to love. So they gave me Iris, which I have cherished for as long as I can remember." She smiles thinking about it. "Love doesn't always mean to find a significant other, love can be found in fostering and loving the young ones. Whether it be the young flowers that sing in the morning, or the young angel that takes one too many cookies...." She says giving a look to Iris as Iris finds out the Garden Witch was watching; Which the teenage angel just sheepishly smiles.

"That is a wonderful way of putting it. I have my own daughter myself and though she can be rather distant at times, I am very much proud of her accomplishments." Curie said with a smile.

"Hell yeah! I got my own friends that I like to call my family! Love just exists in different forms huh?" Terra said with a laugh.

"Love indeed comes in different forms." Sylvia speaks, "Love can be needed in all forms, some people only need a form or two." The Garden Witch then picks up a badger like creature Curie has seen earlier but couldn't identify it. It had a really long neck like the giraffes, and its tongue was noticeably long as well.

"Oh you poor Slithy Tove." The Garden Witch says looking at the thing's paw filled with blood and prickles, "That's why you don't be trying to eat the prickly pears buddy." She then looks at Curie, "I'm sure you'd be interested in taking care of an animal exclusive to Eden."

"Whoa that thing is pretty interesting looking." Terra said as she was looking at it.

"Of course. The poor thing does look like it's in pain and I'll be sure to treat it carefully." Curie said as she examined the paw of it and took out a small bottle of liquid to pour over the paw. "This is special type of liquid that can numb the pain around a wound while, at the same time, giving it a small numbing effect. This will allow me to take out the needles carefully while the liquid itself can also clean and heal up the wound." Curie says as she was slowly taking the prickles out of it's paw.

As Curie starts tending to the Slithy Tove, the creature starts curling its long neck around Curie's neck and sits his head on the shoulder. The Slithy Tove then licks Curie on the side of the face as a sign of thank you to Curie.

"That thing has you wrapped up." The Garden Witch jokes.

"I-It would seem. You're welcome just doing what doctors do best." Curie said as she was giggling as she was petting it.

"Man I know the world is glad to have a doctor that is good in all fields including animals. Who are those kinds of people called again?" Terra asked.

"Veterinarians. Doctors that work specifically on animals. However, I've studied a lot of other species so I am able to extend my doctorial skills to other fields." Curie stated.

"You're a very skilled doctor Curie." Sylvia says recognizing Curie's strengths, "For me, you can consider me a jack of all trades. I take care of the plants like a botanist, take care of animals like a veterinarian. And be a nurse to a clumsy angel." She smirks.

"I ain't clumsy!" Iris then shouts back as she decided to sit on a large mushroom in the fields.

"Thank you. I do try my best to fill in the shoes of my late mother." Curie says with a bow.

"Hah you were called clumsy." Terra said with a chuckle.

"And you're filling in just fine." Sylvia smiles as she watches Curie still take care of the Slithy Tove, "Don't forget to be your own person though. Filling in is fine until you are obsessing to be like your predecessors." She says with wisdom.

"Right. Of course. I believe one step is to try and further my skills in other ways as well. Most notably by studying the Lineage Factor itself." Curie said.

"Oh yeah that whole DNA make up and whatnot. How certain people are affected in different ways and all of that." Terra stated.

"Intriguing." Sylvia says noting the mention, "I of course have no knowledge of that, but great for you." She smiles and nods, "Continue tending to the Slithy Tove, what else do you folks want to do awhile?"

"Hmm...Any important landscapes that we can know of around here? I know there was the statue of the weeping giant that was one." Curie asked.

"I still find that odd heh..." Terra said with a slight chuckle.

"Hmmmmm, well if you want to pass and see the Mushroom Fields, I can show you the chessboard fields that lay about as well. The bison are plenty over in the fields." Sylvia then says, "We can make a trip yeah."

"That sounds good. And I heard bison are quite the creatures. Very strong creatures." Curie stated with a nod.

"Heh if they are regular bisons. Never know they could be rainbow colored or have trees growing on their backs." Terra joked.

"You never know some days." Sylvia chuckles, "Trust me, I've been here for a hundred years, and once you think you've learned everything, it shows something strange to knock your socks off. I'll go get a basket ready." She walks to her gingerbread house and suddenly comments, "Just saying, don't eat the house if you ever had the thought of it. The sweet is poison, I made the house myself actually."

"Ah. It is quite the defense against those that may want to eat it after all." Curie said as she looked at Terra who was whistling.

"What?! I wasn't going to eat that thing! I swear!" Terra defended.

"Yeah, I tried to eat it one day." Iris says, "I was sick for a week..."

"Well ladies." Sylvia then comes back with a picnic basket, "Let's go through the mushroom fields and to the chessboard plains." She smiles as she starts walking in that direction.

"Oh yeah! Looks like it is time for some more eating fun huh?" Terra said as she excitingly followed behind.

"Now now don't want to eat too fast." Curie said with a giggle as she followed behind them.

Adventuring into Wonderland

Back to Spark, Yueliang, and Keaton

The three were seen walking toward the gate that takes people of the Red Kingdom out of the kingdom and into the rest of Eden. There were card guards around guarding the gate, watching over the walls and making sure outsiders don't come in. The three would approach a guard that'd stop them.

"Papers please beyond here." The card guard would ask for the papers that shows the approval of the Queen to leave the kingdom.

"Here you go." Spark said as he handed over the paper that had the approved stamp from the Queen.

"I hope there are pretty ladies out here that isn't gonna kill me!" Yueliang said with his arms crossed.

"Proiteries Yueliang!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Eyyy boys!!!" The old man Jack in a box was seen hopping toward them rapidly as he was trying to reach them, "Pant Pant Pant... These old bones aren't meant for being so quick..." He was quickly panting, "But I have something for you three."

"Oh no! It's Ol Snore-a-saurs! The bane of all those that want a nice night's sleep!" Yueliang shouted as he jumped on Spark's shoulders.

"GET OFF ME DAMMIT!!!" Spark shouted trying to throw him off.

"Jack is back! What you have for our lovely trio?" Keaton asked excitingly.

"This!" He comically shows off a giant, broken pocket watch that came off of his pocket, "Outside of Eden is this man that goes by Humpty Dumpty the Clockwork king! He's been banished from this land but can still fix clocks! Can you please give this to him if you see him?" He asks with his toothy denture grin.

"Beh...I can see why you fear him." Spark said casually to Yueliang.

"I-I don't fear him thank you very much!" Yueliang retorted back.

"Sure! We will make sure your portable clock is all good and well!" Keaton says as he takes it.

"It's called a "watch." He just said it..." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Clock, watch, potato, pastrami." The old Jack in a box says before hopping away, "Just make sure it gets fixed by Humpty Dumpty!"

"I really don't like that guy...." Spark said with a sigh. "AND GET OFF OF ME DAMMIT!!!"

"Fine fine!" Yueliang said as he casually floated down. "But make you think why he wants this old thing fixed?"

"It is special! It is something that belongs to him after all!" Keaton stated.

"Which means it's absolute crap." Spark said bluntly.

"You guys heading out or barking around?" The card guard asks impatiently as then pushes the lever to open the large, wooden gate to let the three out of the Red Kingdom, "Good luck and don't try to kill yourselves out there."

"I'm pretty sure something will be dead by the end of this day." Spark said as he went out the gate.

"I just want some more sleep...Seeing that dreaded box man just reminded me..." Yueliang whined as he slowly dragged himself following Spark.

"Thanks for the good bad luck! Kishishishi!" Keaton laughed as he followed in suit.

The trio exits the Red Kingdom through the gate and are welcomed by the long hall of rose hedges that continue through until they see a long view of grass plains that the Red Kingdom is in the middle of. The plains were not severely hilly, but there are some lumps in the grass of view. There is a dirt trail that was already made that somewhat led the way throughout the area.

"Follow the dirt path road! Follow the dirt path road!" Keaton sung as was skipping down the road.

"I'm starting to get tired of seeing plants for one day..." Spark said with a huff.

"I wonder more why that sleep demon gave Keaton a watch to fix? I wonder what is special about this Humpty Dumpty person." Yueliang asked.

"Don't know, don't really care." Spark said in a snarky tone.

The three end up in a crossroads where the paths divided into three different routes. One route would seem to lead the to the mountains that were covered in ice and snow, from here they'd see the giant weeping statue as well since there are no trees in the area. Another path would lead them to a series of forests that were covered in mushrooms. Another route seems to lead them to a very dark volcanic area.

"Crossroads! Looks like we gotta decide now!" Keaton says as he looked around.

"One place looks like it's nice and wintery. Another looks like a forest with.....giant mushrooms? And the third looks like some kind of volcanic area! That sounds fun!" Yueliang said eagerly.

"How the hell does a volcanic area sound like fun? I mean, I would take that over wintery wonderland and calm looking forests." Spark snarked.

"I think I see a bunch of mushrooms in the forest area too! I think it's better to go through there! I mean it does look like the safeties and I am sure we won't encounter as much danger there compared to the two others." Yueliang suggested.

"Fine. I'm not afraid of danger, but I am getting tired of being attacked by everything and getting slowed down." Spark said as he started to walk down that path.

"I know why that statue is crying! It's probably because someone forgot to polish him!" Keaton said.

"Or maybe being between hot and cold areas left him conflicted?" Yueliang suggested.

"Dumbasses..." Spark thought as he shook his head.

The trio heads to the North and start heading toward the Northern Forests. They enter as they come across the large arrangements of mushrooms that covered the trees as they continued walking. It felt...mystical to be in the forest, the place was bright green everywhere and the air felt light here. Keaton would notice the bread n butterflies flying across his face as they continued exploring the Garden of Eden.

"Whoa! Check that out! That butterfly has bread for wings!" Keaton said as he looked at them.

"What the hell even is this place? Seems like something out of a fairy tale." Spark said as he even he looked surprised at the sight.

"Look at all of these wonderful mushrooms! They're so abundant!" Yueliang said as he was about to touch one but was smacked by Spark. "OW!!! HEY!!!"

"Don't. I feel like these are the ones that kill you even if you touch it through that suit. Lets just keep moving and maybe will find someone or something." Spark said as he continued to lead his trio of friends forward.

The three continue on through the path of the forest as they suddenly saw more of the beauty of Eden. The three see the strange, long slithy toves scurrying while they saw the borogroves standing on creeks with their stilty legs that made them tall as trees. Comically, there was a lion that suddenly appeared behind Yueliang and started chasing the superhero!

"WAHHHHH!!! WHAT IS WITH THIS BEAST?!?!" Yueliang shouted as he was running forward.

"This place is beautiful....It's a Mink's dream isn't it Sparky?" Keaton asked with sparkles in his eyes.

"Meh. If you like this kind of crap. I am more preferred a desolant land will with death and destruction." Spark said in an ominous tone.

"Oooooooookay Mr. Acidroo." Keaton said as he was whistling along with the sight that was before him.

After a quick comedic scene of Yueliang being chased by a lion, Yueliang loses the lion and was able to catch up with the group as they continued walking. And as they continued, they heard a happy singing of a man from a distance, and hear a light bell being rung, like one on a bicycle, as they continued to tread through the forest.

"Phew! That was close! Hay, you hear that singing?" Yueliang said as he was looking ahead.

"Yeah sounds like some guy singing. I hear bells as well." Spark stated as his ears was twitching.

"Heh I like when your ears twitch! That's so Mink of you despite being a tough badass roo!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"Can it. Let's just go. Hopefully this is this "Bumpty Dumpty" guy we're looking for." Spark said as he kept leading his trio forward.

They continue on and soon come across the source of the noise. They see this long, lanky man with a wide mustache and an egg-like body, who was riding a bicycle with his long legs moving the pedals. He was happily singing a song, slightly off note, but was in a happy mood as he was biking around.

"Hey! There is someone biking over there!" Yueliang said as he was trying to call out to that man.

"Jeez he has some long legs. Probably from the Long-Leg Tribe." Spark stated as he was watching the man biking around.

"He seems to be in good spirits though! Heeeeey! Egg Guy!" Keaton shouted.

The man in the bicycle stops and turns his bike around to see the three at them. He then comically bikes up to the three, and they can now see this long legged fellow with the long mustache and glasses. "You....What makes you disturb my peaceful bike ride?"

"You this "Dumpty Bumpty" character? We were looking for someone like that." Spark said knowing he got the name wrong again.

"If so, we are tasked to deliver this portable clock as a task from Jack in the Box!" Keaton said as he was showing him the broken watch.

"You mean Snore Demon! Oh! I mean, you mean "watch" not portable clock!" Yueliang stated.

The man gives a glare before taking the pocket watch out of Keaton's hands, "So....the Red Kingdom wants to give me their trash to pick while they think I'm dying in the middle of this fuckin place..." He mutters, "Uhhh, I suppose I can fix this....Who's paying?"

"Uh...excuse me pay?" Keaton asked with a head tilt.

"Wait what?! We have to pay for that watch to get fixed?!" Yueliang said with a shocked expression.

"That son of a bitch...Forcing us to pay for his damn watch to get fixed..." Spark replied with a facepalm.

"I don't pay in teeth by the way..." The man then says, "Do I look like a dentist? No! So I accept payment in.....eggs cause dammit I'm hungry!" He says as his stomach was grumbling, "Oh I'm Dr. Humpty Dumpty by the way."

"Yeah kinda had a feeling you were him." Spark said with a gruff voice.

"Eggs? Er...We don't have any eggs on us...We didn't know we have to pay." Keaton said with a scratch of his head.

"Don't look at me, I only have teeth to my name." Yueliang said with a shrug.

"Why are we even trying to get the watch fixed? It's not like it's MY responsibility!" Spark shouted as he looked over at Keaton.

"And I hate that guy so no thanks!" Yueliang said with his arms crossed.

"Welp. I did say I was going to help. Any way to get eggs around here?" Keaton asked.

"Well...." Humpty Dumpty says thinking, "If you're willing, there is a chicken that lays around here somewhere in this godforsaken forest." He says looking around, "But that chicken is usually guarded by some dumb lions for some reason.."

"Really? Lions?" Keaton said with a rare dejected look.

"That's rough buddy. Welp you better get going huh?" Yueliang asked.

"W-Why me? You both are the Logias here! You can make it out without harm!" Keaton said.

"I already told you I want nothing to do with this." Spark said bluntly.

"And I hate that Snore Demon even more for this!" Yueliang said with a huff and arms crossed.

"Fiiiiiiiine. Alright I need to locate this chicken first." Keaton said as he was looking around.

"I mean either that or you can trade me some gadgetry." Humpty Dumpty says, "I don't just work on clocks. I work on.....robots!"

"Robots? Seriously?" Spark said with a confused, deadpan expression.

"Ooh you mean like those people with the gadgets inside of them? Those are awesome!" Yueliang stated with sparkles from his mask.

"Those are cyborgs you nitwit." Spark said with gritted teeth.

"Hmm...I wonder if these robotic automaticed toys count?" Keaton asked as he held out a bunch of toys that resembled small robots that moved on their own.

"Hmmmm." Humpty Dumpty takes a look at these contraptions and thinks, " know what? I'll be generous and accept these as payment." He then continues to look at them, "Did you make them? Cause they look marvelous!"

"Thanks! And I have! Making toys like this is a hobby of mine! Kishihishi! I made my own joke again!" Keaton said as he kept snickering.

"The hell we go from magical beasts to robots?" Spark said with a facepalm.

"On the bright side, at least we can get the Snore Bore's portable clock fixed! I mean watch! Now he has me doing it!" Yueliang said with his own facepalm.

"Follow me, we'll go to my place. I'll feed you all if you're hungry!" Humpty Dumpty says as he starts riding the trail on his bicycle, still the comical picture of his long legs sticking as he was pedaling.

"Ooh! I can use some eats!" Keaton said as he happily followed behind.

"I am pretty sure there will be eggs on the menu...for drinks, eggnog." Spark said as he dragged himself behind.

"And no women for me to introduce my eggs to..." Yueliang said as he did the same until he was comically smashed by Spark's long tail for his comment.

Humpty Dumpty, on his bike, leads the trio to his home, which was comically a large white egg with green spots all over it with a door at the bottom of this large egg. There were steampunk-like robots seen walking around and mowing the grass nearby as there was another robot taking care of a garden.

"Welcome to my home!" Humpty Dumpty says, "It's nice! It's cozy! It even has air conditioning!"

"You went all out huh? Had a feeling it would be an egg." Spark said sarcastally.

"Hey I haven't gotten any sleep! An air conditioned house is just what Doctor Justice ordered!" Yueliang said eagerly.

"Doctor Justice?" Keaton asked with a head tilt.

"Come on in! Come on in!" Humpty Dumpty says as he opens the door and they are welcome to a building full of gears and gadgets that are all over the place. It seems as if the scientist has a lot of projects in his spare time as he was showing them around the house. They'd also notice a room full of clocks, showing the man's hobby in clockworking. "I'll make you guys your favorite cooked eggs if I knew how you liked them!" He then looks at Keaton, "And I'll work on the clock as you can make more of those toys!"

"Of course! I'd like that!" Keaton said with a little hop.

"Couch...need couch...." Yueliang whined as he managed to find the couch and promptly slumps himself in it falling asleep instantly.

"I could use something to eat at least. I know my powers are the best, but it gets me too hungry all the damn time." Spark stated as his stomach rumbled.

A little robot was seen putting a blanket over Yueliang on the couch, and gives Yueliang a little headpat after laying the blanket over the superhero.

"Uh eggs and coffee?" Humpty Dumpty then asks, "How'd you like your eggs and coffee?"

"Scrambled and black. Pure black." Spark said as he sat himself down.

"Same thing! Except my coffee with milk in it!" Keaton said as he did the same.

Humpty Dumpty was seen setting up programs on two robots as the robots started up and got to work on making scrambled eggs and coffee. Humpty Dumpty was then seen walking over to a workshop table and places the large pocket watch on the table. He sits down and studies it, "Hmmmm, so you folks don't look like the customary civilians here. You folks new here?" Humpty Dumpty asks as he begins working on the watch.

"Of course. Trust me it's not like we came here on purpose or anything." Spark said as he was leaning back in the chair.

"Indeed! All of us are actually from the New World itself! Two of us from Zou and one from some far off place!" Keaton said as he was looking around the house.

"Chau...." Yueliang said in his sleep.

"Sounds interesting..." Humpty Dumpty says as he was working, the robots would soon have their eggs and coffee ready as Humpty Dumpty kept working, "How did you guys come across this island? It's not often there are guests here."

"Came here by complete accident. Trying to find ways to refuel but we were just getting taken on this wild goose chase..." Spark said with a sigh.

"But at least we saw so many creatures and I got me some toys!" Keaton said excitengly.

"Well good for you buddy!" Spark said sarcastally.

"Makes sense, not many people come here intentionally." Humpty Dumpty states as he was fixing, "Just consider yourself lucky that you've lived this far. Some don't make it past the maze, or the poisonous mushrooms, or the wild weather outside of the island."

"Heh. None of those fools ever ran into someone like me. This place is a cakewalk compared to what I dealt with." Spark said confidently with a smirk across his face.

"Well, we were caught off guard by this large boar thing and the fact that some of these guards can use Haki!" Keaton stated.

"Oh yeah they got some weird as hell term for it. Forgot all ready but I can't forget something as ridiculous as "Wonder Eyes." Spark said with a deadpan expression over this face.

"Fushiginome you mean..." Humpty Dumpty responds, "The Wonder Eyes, also can be called Wonder Vision or Myougensou. The term "haki" is nonexistant here. The Garden of Eden is heavily secluded from the world. We doubt if even the World Government knows of this land, and if so, it's records from a long.....long...time ago. I only know of this because of a woman that lives in this Garden."

"My guess it's this Garden Witch people keep talking about." Spark said with a shrug.

"Is this witch really real or a mystery? We keep getting told different things." Keaton asked.

Humpty Dumpty lets out a chuckle, "Most think she's a myth, some don't believe in it, some thrive on the thought of a myth existing. It is not until you met the myth that you truly believe it...." He then leans back on his chair, "I have met the myth of the Garden Witch of Eden."

"I wish you people just say she is real and be done with it...." Spark said with a sigh.

"I actually do like the mystery of this! Adds to the craziness of this island! I wonder if you lived here all your life?" Keaton asked Dumpty.

Humpty Dumpty responds with a nod, "I've lived here all my life, grew up in the Red Kingdom of Hearts and Diamonds. It was not till 10 years ago when I banished because I was "crazy" or deemed "mad" for their standards, mainly cause I was working on technology they'd not understand." He says pointing to his robots that served the two coffee and scrambled eggs, "But while I've been banished, I met the Garden Witch. And she has...enlightened me in everything about this island and its history."

"I was about to say. I had a feeling there was some crazy to you." Spark said bluntly as he took his coffee and eggs. "Finally."

"Don't mind him! He isn't him when he is hungry!" Keaton said as he took his coffee and eggs. "And I see! This makes me want to meet this witch more as well!"

"She is a pretty looking witch, not like those ones in stories where they have green skin and a black outfit." Humpty Dumpty then says, "No, she is pale, but vibrant orange hair that is all covered by her hat. She's really tall surprisingly, like 15 feet tall, kinda like your height kangaroo." He says to Spark.

"Really now? Must be on the lanky side then." Spark said as he was eating and drinking his coffee.

"Sounds like fate Sparky!" Yueliang shouted as he suddenly woke up upon hearing that.

"The hell you have some kind of woman sensor or something? And perish the thought I'm not interested in humans." Spark said with a rare pout.

"But witches aren't humans right?" Keaton asked.

"Well....they kinda are but they're not." Humpty Dumpty says, "They look human, but they have this ability to turn into a house cat I believe. Now I don't know how big they are, but I'm sure The Garden Witch's has to be pretty freaking big." Humpty Dumpty chuckles.

"Hah! Then you can say with how tall that witch is and how she can turn into a cat, you can say she has a big p-" Yueliang said as he quickly had acid shot at by Spark.

"Complete that sentence and I will turn you into a superhero puddle..." Spark said with a very intense look in his face, so intense heat can be seen around him.

"AHHHHHHH!!! IT BUUUUURNS!!!! I'M MELTING!!!!!!!!!!" Yueliang shouted as he was comically twitching on the ground.

"Ooh I definitely want to meet her in person more now! She sounds real nice!" Keaton said.

"HA! You three stooges are funny!" Humpty Dumpty drinks some coffee as he continues to work, "The Garden Witch is nice, but can be quite the handful if you piss her off enough. She's handled both the red and white kingdoms from fighting here in the North by herself.....You mess with mother nature, you pissed the Garden Witch off some say."

"Starting to get *real* annoyed at being called a stooge today..." Spark said with veins over his forehead.

"Damn she could calm down two kingdoms that were are war?! Talk about a woman. She's perfect for you Sparky!" Yueliang said with a thumbs up to Spark.

"Suggest that again and I'll cut your head off." Spark said in a hostile tone.

"That is understandable! Wars are quite bad after all! I hate to be apart of them!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"....Especially ones that last for a hundred years." Humpty Dumpty says, "I'm surprised that this island isn't anymore damage than it was, surprised they didn't go beyond the chess rules of war they have ruled in this island...."

"Wars suck but they happened. That is just how this world is." Spark said as he leaned backwards in his chair.

"Oh yeah you been in a war before Spark?" Yueliang asked.

"Hmph. It wasn't a war but a small tuffle. If we're talking large scale ones, nothing like that yet. Not sure if I will be in one or not. We'll see." Spark stated as he stared at the ceiling.

"I am still amazed a war could last over a hundred years! Like some of those people have to be old! Not that I will know how that'll feel like! Kishishi!" Keaton laughed.

"Most that lived during the war have past." Humpty Dumpty says, "It's been well over 50 years since the war. And the island acts like they've forgotten about the war and moved on."

"Interesting! Glad things are at peace now!" Yueliang stated with a peace sign.

"Not sure this place is all that peaceful anyway. Seems like you have to watch your back around monsters all of the time." Spark stated.

"We do that anyways! That is no different!" Keaton responded.

"Yeah, the creatures here are.....exclusive to the island." Humpty Dumpty says, "Creatures you'll see here are not seen at any other islands besides like the common jungle animals. Bandersnatches, Borogroves, Slithy Toves, Mome Raths, Jubjub birds....the list of unique animals can go on and on."

"Those are some unique names alright." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"You're telling me! And those are the COMMON animals!" Yueliang said with shock.

"Some of them sound like fun! Especially the Jubjub birds!" Keaton said excitengly.

"With a name like, I'm pretty sure they are the complete opposite." Spark said as he did a random yawn.

"And just like that..." Humpty Dumpty says as he stands back up, "Here is the watch!" He places the giant pocket watch right in front of Spark and Keaton, "Where are those toys now?"

"All yours." Spark said to Keaton as he causally smacked Yueliang with his tail.

"Ow! Hey what was that for Sparky?!" Yueliang shouted at him.

"Dunno. Just felt like it." Spark said with a whistle.

"Nice! Jack in a Box will like this! And the toys are here!" Keaton said as he reached through his tail furs and a bunch of robot toys started to walk out. "Here they are!"

"What are you some kind of wind up factory. Though considering what your powers are, I wouldn't be surprised those things were "specially made"." Spark stated.

"Perfect...." Humpty Dumpty rubbed his hands and looked at the robots walking with a grin, "Soon I'll be able to take over the Garden of Eden with these robots! MWA HA HA HA cough cough cough..." He laughs as he then coughs in the middle of it, "Ugh my throat again.."

"Wait what was that?" Yueliang asked as he did a double take.

"He pretty much admitted he was evil. This shouldn't surprise you." Spark said with another shrug.

"Glad to be of service! Didn't know you had plans to take over this island!" Keaton stated.

"Oh those kingdoms think they can reject me! They'll be learning to accept me with the robots I'm making!" Humpty Dumpty shouts as he laughs, "Oh but thank you for coming! I'll make sure to have you....kitten I forget your name now, but if I take this island over, you'll be second in command!"

"Keaton! And thanks! I will gladly accept!" Keaton said with a snicker.

"This better not bite us in the ass later or I'll kill you before you have the chance." Spark said with a serious look at Keaton.

"Evil will fall under justice!" Yueliang shouted with a pose.

"You're sounding like a Marine Mr. Pirate!" Keaton said.

"....Nay!" Yueliang said back with another pose.

"Welp you now shall leave me alone and let me study and plan for my takeover!" Humpty Dumpty says as he then turns around to a chalkboard that had a giant picture of a robotic egg marked on it.

"Come on. Let's leave the mad scientist to his toys." Spark said as he got up and left.

"EVIL NEVER SLEEPS!!!!" Yueliang said as he comically flew out a window.

"Thanks HD! I hope your take over goes well!" Keaton said as he left after his friends.

"Don't call me HD!!!!!" Humpty Dumpty shouts as the three close the door of his egg house. They once again see the beauty of the Garden of Eden once again in the sunlight as they see a borogrove (the storks on tall stilts) flying by. Keaton watches as he notices an owl with telescopic eyes watching the three. There was a path that leads the three out of Humpty Dumpty's property and back onto the road they were on.

"That was fun! Wasn't it guys? Got the watch fixed and now we can go see this witch!" Keaton asked as he was walking behind Yueliang and Spark.

"Define fun. Seems like we wasted more time." Spark said as he was walking forward.

"I hope meeting this witch will be great! I mean look at all of these creatures! She must be as pretty and unique as they are! Though so may be old for me if she has been around long..." Yueliang muttered to himself.

"Damn idiot..." Spark said with a facepalm.

Well, the three continue on the path given before them, and well they soon found a crossroads of multiple paths. They soon realize, they have no clue where the Garden Witch of Eden is located. There were many paths that looked like they'd take them to their route, but who knows if it'd take them to a lake or the fields or even around the forest.

"Dammit I hate all of these damn crossroads. This place sure does love to piss me off." Spark angrily said as he was literally steaming!

"Yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh....Probably should've asked Evil Egg for directions..." Yueliang said as he was rubbing his head.

"Well we have to choose something! Seems like these paths lead in all different directions..." Keaton said as he was looking around at the paths. "Let's go right! Because it's the "right" way!"

"The sheer amount of times I've heard that joke is way too much. I'm serious. Fine. I can go for anything at this point." Spark said as he started to walk down that path.

"Wait for us!" Yueliang and Keaton shouted as they followed behind him.

As they walked in the right route, they got closer to the scent of gingerbread that would lead them to a gingerbread house that was made with also different sweets of gumdrops and peppermints. They do notice a little lake that had a borogrove trying to fish with his long needle like beak.

"Ooh! Look at that! That house looks like it's made gingerbread!" Keaton said excitengly.

"Don't think about it. It's probably booby trapped or something." Spark said.

"Heh you said "booby"." Yueliang said with a snicker which is met with an expected tail slap from Spark.

"I'm going to knock. See if this witch is here or not." Spark said as he went up to the door to knock on it.

Spark knocks on the door, and a minute passes with no response. Seems like there was no one home currently. Keaton would notice two cats that were sleeping by on the window that opened their eyes and were now watching the strangers. Yueliang would also notice something....singing?

"Hey! You hear that! Something sounds like it's singing!" Yueliang said as he was looking around.

"Strange. Didn't take a witch for a singer. Let's go investiage." Spark said as he was leading around to the source of the signing.

"Damn cats....Oh? Right! Singing! Coming!" Keaton shouted as he quickly followed behind them.

The three look around the corner of the gingerbread house and would see the flowers known as hanas singing their happy song of grace. The flowers didn't seem to notice yet that they were being watched by the three strangers to the land. The music to the three ears was elegant and could convince ya to slow dance if you wanted to.

"Are those flowers singing?" Spark said with a perplexed look on his face.

"I think so! They're song is lovely!" Yueliang said as he was slowly dancing to the song.

"Oooh they're soooo beautiful! This song reminds me of something my mom sang to me as a kit!" Keaton said as he did the same.

"Focus idiots. We need to find this garden witch soon." Spark said as he was looking around.

Looking around, Spark can tell that this is clearly a witch's house. The smell of herbs and plants was noticeable, as the smell was like minty (not just from the peppermint candy canes that was noticeable). The amount of cats that were around the house that was noticeable. But there was still no sign of the Garden Witch, the only way she could be detected is if Spark uses his kenbunshoku haki.

"Guess it's time to break out my senses. Hopefully I can pick her up." Spark said as his eyes started to glow as he looked around starting to pick up other auras.

"You mean Wonder Eyes!" Keaton stated.

"Such a wonder-ful name!" Yueliang said with a laugh.

"Shut up you dolts! I think I see something. Follow me." Spark said as he lead his small group of friends over in the direction where he was picking up.

Paths at Crossroads

Back to the Girls

The likes of Terra and Curie were seen following Sylvia and Iris as they were seen heading to the chessboard plains of Eden. There, they see land of only grass and few trees. There were bison and other creatures like the Mome Raths eating grass and taking in the calm breeze that is present. One noticeable feature that the grass color changes to a regular green or a dark green in forms of square to make a chessboard like area in certain parts of the fields.

"Ahh, it is a nice day for a picnic." Sylvia says as she took in a breeze of the air.

"Did you bring the chicken wings?" Iris asks.

"Just some sandwiches and cookies my dear." Sylvia responds as she patted her picnic basket, "But there is a turkey sandwich in there for you Iris." She says booping the angel.

"Wow these fields really do look like a giant chessboard! You could get a bunch of bigger chess pieces and go to town!" Terra said as she looked around them.

"I find it quite amazing that it is the grass patterns themselves that is doing it. But this is a nice spot to have a picnic. I remember taking my own daughter to one to do outside research a long time ago." Curie stated as she was looking around on the fields as well.

"It is quite a lovely scene." Sylvia then sits on the grass as Iris lays on the grass and pets a mome rath that was eating grass, "I am quite happy to show it to others. As there are very few guests I see in my time." She sighs happily.

"I bet considering how rather difficult it is to come here. Especially by choice." Curie says as she sat down beside them.

"Yeah it's not like anyone can just stumble upon this place on purpose like we did. We were just lucky that Curie's mother pretty much left us clues that this place existed." Terra adds as she sat down as well.

"Quite so. Even I wouldn't have think to search for a place such as this." Curie says with a nod.

"I am glad I can meet the daughter of a nice friend of mine." Sylvia says nodding as well, "I forget how old I am and how fast time passes."

"Especially in the Garden of Eden!" Iris says as she was eating marshmallows that were in the picnic basket, as Sylvia was giving her a look, "What?"

"Sandwich first." Sylvia says as she gave Iris her turkey sandwiches, "If you folks are hungry for lunch, I have sandwiches in the basket." She waves over to her picnic basket.

"Heh sounds like you with your daughter alright Curie! Also food!" Terra said as she quickly reached for one.

"Lunch always comes before dessert after all. She would often fill up on sweets, then not be hungry for the actual food. Needless to say, her evening did not go well as she was too weakened to do anything." Curie says as she walks over to get a sandwich as well. "Thank you for the sandwich Sylvia."

"Oh you are very much welcome." Sylvia responds with a chuckle as she then closed her eyes and was taking a sip of her homemade wine in a glass. Then, with her kenbunshoku haki, senses the presence of three individuals approaching nearby. "Someone's coming..."

"Uhh good or bad?" Iris asks as she was eating her sandwich.

"Can't be too sure yet." The Garden Witch responds as she stood up and turned to look toward the forest.

"I didn't think there would be others around here! If they are hostile, I can take care of 'em!" Terra said as she pounded her fists together.

"We don't need to resort to violence each time. Let us see what happens next." Curie said as she looked over as well.

"Indeed, I rather not lay ruin on these fields." Sylvia says, "But if someone is being hostile to my home....I'll show them why I defeated the Red and White Kingdoms in chess by myself."

"They're probably smelled our food!" Iris says as she was eating her sandwich.

"Ugh finally." Spark said as his trio of friends soon appeared in front of them. "Hey any of you this witch we're looking....for?" Spark said as his attention wasn't drawn upon on the witch, but Curie who seemed to be calmly eating her sandwich who looked at Spark for a quick second. "YOU?!"

"Ah. You're that acidic mink that's been causing trouble right? Fancy meeting you here." Curie said calmly again.


"Whoa! Hey you're that Mink guy that's been causing trouble around Paradise lately. Heh this is the one you said you took Logia data from?" Terra asked with her arms crossed.

"You can say." Curie answered.

"WHOA!!! THAT'S THE WITCH?!?!" Yueliang said as he looked over at Sylvia and went to her. "Never mind Sparky I got this!"

"WHoa you were quick to change your mind!" Keaton said with a snicker and he notices Iris. "An angel?! That's something you don't see everyday!"

"Oh...." Iris blushes as she hid herself with her wings after being noticed by Keaton as she was finishing her sandwich.

Sylvia looks down at Yueliang with a glare as she then glances at Keaton and Spark. "Former Acquaintances Doctor Curie?" She looks down to Curie as she asked.

"One of them is." Curie said as she was still eating.

"You know I just realized how tall this witch is...And I thought Sparky was tall..." Yueliang said as he took some steps back from her glare.

"Ain't she supposed to be over 100 as well?" Keaton whispered to Yueliang.

"You two gonna get hurt by her heh..." Terra said with a chuckle.

"Ignoring the dolts, what are you doing here Curie? I didn't think you'd be interested in a place like this." Spark said with his arms crossed.

"Funny, I was about to ask you the same thing. At least I had leads here thanks to my late mother. I assume you came here by pure accident." Curie stated.

"Dammit it's not like I wanted to stay in this accursed place for as long as I want! Just trying to get out but we encountered all sorts of beasts, got lost in a damn maze, and Yueliang nearly got executed by the Queen herself." Spark said in a huff.

"H-Hey! That last one was out of my control!" Yueliang protested.

"So it looks like you have experienced the Red Kingdom's culture and rules." Sylvia comments, "From the information of a deadly maze and the queen's anger, sounds like them." She then turns to look at Keaton and Yueliang, "I'll be putting it plainly, your attempts to flirt me won't work." She says with an especially glare at Yueliang.

"Wait what?! I ain't interested in humans! Er...witches? Though are witches technically human? They are just doctors that turn into cats..." Keaton said as he was murmuring to himself.

"Shot down before I even got a chance to ask..." Yueliang said with a depressed look.

"I see the so called "Moon Warrior" is still the same as ever. Just like you.' Curie said to Spark.

"Heh. I'm good the way I am. I don't need anyone telling me otherwise." Spark said with a confident smirk.

"Good. You keep getting yourself in near death experiences and I'll be there to fix you up." Curie snarked at him with Spark shooting a glare back at her.

"....Anyone want some marshmallows?" Iris then asks to cut down the tension in the air.

"Did you finish your sandwich yet?" Sylvia turns her head to Iris, as Iris did show she finished her sandwich, "Oh I guess you can have marshmallows now."

"Me! Keaton asked excitengly.

"Enough of that, hey witch. I am assuming you're this "myth" that everyone is going on and on about?" Spark asked as he went up to Sylvia not off put by her height since it's close to his own.

"Maybe the fact she is supposed to be a myth why she doesn't believe in love?" Yueliang asked.

"I believe in love, if not I wouldn't be taking care of my daughter." Sylvia retorts to Yueliang pointing to the cute angel eating marshmallows, "And yeah, I'm this myth the kingdoms think I am. They tend to forget I'm not a myth from a hundred years back."

"Even I can tell she is adop-AH!!!" Yueliang said as he was suddenly found himself buried in the ground as Terra could be seen kicking the ground where he was at.

"Careful don't want to die the worst way possible! Buried alive!" Terra said with a sudden firecness in her face.

"Whoa she just made the ground move just by stomping it! Devil Fruit power perhaps?" Keaton asked.

"Good seems like I can cut straight to the point: How do we get off of this island. We keeps getting told we can't." Spark asked.

"It's too bad you didn't invest in a better ship. Should've brought those wings." Curie said as she was drinking her drink.

"Zip it." Spark retorted.

"I'll say this now." Sylvia looks at Terra, "Don't be doing that again. I told you how much I don't like people disrupting this land." She then looks back to Spark, "Yeah, there's a way out of this island."

"Yikes! Man you're quite serious on this huh?" Terra said as she backed up a bit.

"Good. I'd like to hear it then." Spark said.

"Well miss! How about you-" Yueliang asked Curie but she quickly cuts him off with a stare.

"Don't. I am not interested in relationships right now." Curie replied.

"Key words are right now!" Yueliang said with a peace sign.

"Are you really an angel? Like I only see them in my dreams!" Keaton asked Iris.

"uhhh yeah." Iris says, "I'm real, my wings are real. You can touch them if you want to." She says expanding her wings out.

"Now I can understand why you're so hasty to leave." Sylvia then says to Spark, "But understand that this island is a one of a kind of a lifetime. The opportunity may not come back once you leave, so enjoy every moment here." She says as she looks around the beautiful landscape of the chessboard fields, "Or if you really prefer to leave now, then I can tell ya."

"I really want to just get going already." Spark said with a shrug.

"Oh come on! This place is pretty nice! I know you're the type that really doesn't like to have fun, you want to cause chaos. I get that, we're pirates and all. But don't you think it is fine to at least take it easy every now and again? I know we want to and I know you like to take your naps. Come on just once can we have fun?" Yueliang said with a friendly pat to his back.

".........Sigh. Fine. We'll take a break I guess." Spark said as he sat on the ground.

"Looks like you've grown a tiny bit after all." Curie said with a small smile.

"Yay! Let's celebrate!" Yueliang said as he hugged Sylvia suddenly.

"Uh...Does your friend have a death wish or something?" Terra asked Keaton.

"Yep! But he's got like "Comic Relief Armor" or something like that." Keaton answered.

Sylvia allows the hug from Yueliang until she snapped her fingers and a tiger comes right out of a marble-like shape that was thrown by her.

"Hehe, looks like mother is showing her power." Iris says.

"OH COME ON!!!!!!" Yueliang shouted as he comically ran from the tiger.

"The hell? That tiger just came out of a small marble? Must be a Devil Fruit power." Spark said as he was watching Yueliang being chased.

"Quite so. This is my first time seeing her power up close." Curie said as she watched as well.

"OOH! She is like those gacha machines! That depense fun little toys in similar balls!" Keaton said excitengly.

"Gacha what now?" Terra said with a confused look.

"It's the Shippu Shippu no Mi, the compress fruit." Sylvia says as she explains, "I can compress anything into a marble and release them back into normal form with a simple snap." She snaps her fingers and now there was this long table before them that had a giant meal already prepared before them.

"Oooo more food!" Iris says.

"Good I was getting hungry." Spark said as he went after one of food and started to eat it.

"You're as ravenous as ever for a kangaroo." Curie said with a sigh.

"STILL HOT!!!! BUT THIS TIGER IS NOT!!!" Yueliang shouted as he kept running away.

"Ooh we came just in time for eats!" Keaton said as he sat around as well.

"Have what you folks want." Sylvia then says, "There is plenty."

"I knew you had a surprise waiting!" Iris says as she ran and hugged Sylvia.

"Indeed, I knew I had a good feeling about extra people coming today. So I prepared." Sylvia smiles.

"Senses from those "Wonder Eyes" I take it?" Spark snarked which was met by a flick by Curie. "Hey!"

"Be nice. No sass at the dinner, ahem, lunch table." Curie said as she started to eat.

"Hah and you're supposed to be this badass tough pirate huh?" Terra asked.

"Can it dragon girl! I got plenty of power behind me..." Spark said with a sneer.

"Hey Miss Witch? You mind getting that tiger off my friend? I think he had enough!" Keaton said with a laugh.

"TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!" Yueliang shouted as he was still running from it.

"Alright, get going tiger." Sylvia then commands the tiger into the forest as the tiger does indeed obey Sylvia's command.

"Oooo! Marshmallow pie!!" Iris says seeing the nice looking pie.

"I thought I was gonna die...." Yueliang said as he was catching his breath sitting in between Spark and Keaton.

"You done acting like a fool and going to eat your food?" Spark asked as he was eating.

"Yes..." Yueliang said as he took off his mask revealing his face as he was sadly eating his food. "Man...Witches are as scary as they sound..."

"Quiet you. It's rude to say that about women." Curie said with a shot at Yueliang.

"Yeah! Respect your elders! Er! Um no disrespect to you ma'am!" Terra said with a bow to Sylvia.

"Why are all the girls so scary?" Yueliang muttered to himself.

"Ooo it does! I love marshmallows!" Keaton said as he was looking at the pie as well.

"Women brought man to the world, we can sure throw them out us witches say." Sylvia then says as she sat down and slowly start eating a ham that was in front of her.

"Can we eat the pie??" Iris asks.

"I suppose so..." Sylvia responds with a smile.

"Alright!" Iris says as she got herself a slice of this graham cracker crust marshmallow pie with chocolate syrup on top of it.

"Heh. That applies to you humans but not to someone like me." Spark said as he was eating another piece of ham in each hands.

"But aren't you born from your female mother?" Yueliang asked.

"...I don't have anyone like that. I'm my own Mink now." Spark said with almost appeared to be a sigh.

"That's a shame. A mother should always be around." Curie said with a sigh as well.

" awkward huh?" Terra asked with a silent bite of her meat.

"Hey let me have some of that pie!" Keaton asked trying to get to Iris' pie.

"It's mine!" Iris replies back trying to keep it for herself.

"Now now Iris." Sylvia says, "You share."

"Ok....." Iris says giving the pie to Keaton.

"Thanks!" Keaton said as he was trying to take the whole thing before being smacked by Spark. "Ow!"

"Don't be a pig. You know how you get when you eat too much sweets." Spark said bluntly.

"Oh yeah?! Like you're the one to talk when you're around coffee ca-" Keaton said before his mouth was quickly covered by Spark.

"Like I said we don't speak of that..." Spark said with a glare at him.

"Soooo miss Curie you don't seem as scary as the witch! You want to hr! "Get down!" later?" Yueliang asked Curie.

Curie simply shoots him a look and suddenly transforms into the jubjub bird she got the dna sample from earlier and screeches at him.

"AH!!!!!!!!! THAT HELL IS THAT?!?!" Yueliang shouted as he hid behind Terra.

"Heh something Curie got from earlier. Crazy isn't it?" Terra said to Yueliang.

"That is the ugliest creature I have seen in my life..." Spark says with a deadpan expression.

"Oh, looks like you've become one of the jubjub birds from the volcanic west." Sylvia says, "Now that is an interesting power."

"Yeah! She can take like the deee..uhnn..aye I think it was what she said." Iris says, "And she then can turn into another animal or someone else! She could even turn into one of those mome raths if she had it!"

"Heh cute how see can't say "DNA"" Terra says with a chuckle.

"Trust me I know all about her weird powers. All of a sudden I woke up to a female version of myself. Taking my DNA without my permission..." Spark said with a glare at Curie.

"I helped you and getting your DNA within myself was inevitable. Besides, you were the first Logia I had the chance to study your Lineage Factor over and helped you with your powers as a result. It's a fair trade." Curie said.

"Hey! How about helping me with my powers huh?" Yueliang asked Curie.

"No." Curie said bluntly.

"B-But it wasn't even a flirt!" Yueliang said looking dejected.

"Hah! Can't catch a break huh?" Keaton said with a laugh.

"Sounds like there is quite a history between you two." Sylvia then comments as she poured a cup of tea for her, "Iris, please close your wings for the fox."

"Yes Mom.." Iris says as she folded her wings as she ate.

"Heh you're pretty adorable my mother would like ya!" Keaton said with a smile as he was met with a slap from Spark. "Ow! Uncalled for!"

"That comment was weird. She's like 10 or something. Knock it off." Spark said with a glare.

"Sooooooo...Did you always lived here Witchy? I probably asking an obvious question but yeah! Just trying to break the tension here!" Yueliang asked with a thumbs up.

"At least you're honest..." Curie said with a sip of her tea.

"I'm 15 mind you." Iris states.

"To answer your of the moon." Sylvia responds, "I did not actually, I moved here when I was about 20 after wanting to find an island away from civilization and didn't have much relation to the world or the world government. Conveniently, I found this island."

"Wow 20 huh? That was a looooooong time ago then!" Yueliang said with a scratch of his head.

"Whooo boy you really like prodding the bear huh?" Terra asked as she was eating.

"You look 10 to me but I don't know how you humans age." Spark said with a shrug.

"She's an angel though." Curie said calmly as she was still drinking her tea.

"Humans with wings. Not really much of a difference." Spark said with a second shrug.

"Heh my age is nonexistant!" Keaton said boastfully.

"Yeah, I'm 135 now. So it's been a long time ago." Sylvia states, "But, I protected these sacred forests from war, fed nature well, and made sure its been preserved."

"Whoa! You're that old and still look fine as hell?! Damn I wanna be a witch!" Yueliang said eagerly but was slapped both by Spark and Curie. "DOUBLE OW!!!"

"Tact is what you lack." Spark said in a snarky tone.

"You're just annoying me." Curie said with deadpan.

"He is quite the personality." Sylvia does comment.

"With his weird robes, he looks like he'd belong to a cult." Iris also says.

"What do you mean robes?! And a cult?! I"m a superhero! The Moon Knight of Justice Yueliang!" Yuelaing said as he was glowing brightly.

"GAH!!! THAT'S FREAKING BRIGHT!!!" Terra said covering her eyes.

"So he is living moonlight itself..." Curie said with her hand under her chin.

"Yueliang knock that off. You want to trigger me and Keaton's Sulong forms?!" Spark said had he had his eyes covered.

"I know! I want to eat this pie not go on a rampage!" Keaton said as he did the same.

"Whoops...Forgot my two cremmates are Minks heh heh..." Yueliang shyly said as he deactivated his powers.

Sylvia was not amused and just shakes her head, "Could've had the White rabbit mink population go crazy with that much moonlight."

"Teehee!" Iris giggled.

"Are there any other questions that come to your head about this island?" Sylvia then asks.

"Hm....My guess how do you even get supplies in here? This place seems to be in the middle of a hellhole." Spark asked.

"Oh yeah! I heard all the dangerous whirlpools and other things from the other side! Does this island fall under "close country" like Wano?" Yueliang chimed in as well.

"It is a close country like Wano." Sylvia responds, "The island provides itself with its own supplies. I mean there is food and water on this island that it can sustain itself with civilization. Just can't let them expand into the forests here or that'll ruin the sustainability of the island."

"That is true. My mother did briefly mentioned in her notes that this island has enough resources to maintain itself for a lifetime." Curie states.

"I guess I get the concept of closed islands. Zou sort of is like that but you need to get there in the first place." Spark said with a drink.

"Quite right! Not anyone is allowed there though!" Keaton adds.

"Chau, on the other hand, is quite the open country! It accepts pirates and Marines alike! It is the Largest Trading Center in the World after all so it makes sense to be open to many." Yueliang says with enthusiasm.

"I've heard of that place. It is often a hotspot for Marine and pirate conflicts though. Better watch your back." Terra says.

"I prefer the quietness of this island." Sylvia says, "I truly hope it stays like this peaceful, bright island as long as I live here."

"And it'll be like that when I protect the island after you right mom?" Iris asks.

"Indeed Iris. I'll be leaving it to you when I pass." Sylvia responds nodding.

"Hm." Spark uttered as he was suddenly thinking.

"Something on your mind?" Curie asked.

"It's nothing. I know I'm a pirate when I say this, but I'm all about the chaos. This place is tame now but I'd keep my guard up just in case. You never know what will happen." Spark said in a sudden calmer tone.

"Wow! You're acting concerned all of a sudden! That's not like you buddy!" Yueliang said to a pat to Spark's back.

"Shut it..." Spark said with a very annoyed look on his face.

"You are not wrong." Sylvia says nodding, "There is some wisdom to keep your guard up even in times of peace."

"For now though let's enjoy the peace!" Iris says as she was gonna get more of the marshmallow pie before it was swiped by Sylvia, "Mom....."

"Let others enjoy this." Sylvia responds booping Iris's nose with her finger.

"Come on Sparky! You know you want some!" Yueliang pestered as he pointed to Spark.

"Hell no. Marshmallows....are too chewy..." Spark said with a huff.

"Oh nothing about them being weak and soft huh? Interesting." Curie says with a chuckle.

"SHUT IT!!! They're not anything that goes with coffee that's for sure!" Spark shouted.

"But we're having tea!" Keaton says with a snicker.

"Shut it Keaton!" Spark says to him.

"Hah! These guys are a riot!" Terra says while laughing.

"They are a little bit." Sylvia says with a smile.

After the meal, Sylvia was seen touching the table and the table compressing itself into a marble. The marble fell into Sylvia's hand and she places it in a small pouch on her waist.

"That was a delightful luncheon wasn't it?" Sylvia then asks.

"Thank you Mother!" Iris shouts with a happy smile.

"It was it was! I can't wait to eat more later!" Yueliang said with energy.

"You're like a bottomless pit and I'm the one with the acidic stomach..." Spark said with deadpan.

"That power is still quite useful. It would be so easy for me personally to carry all of my medical supplies around." Curie said with a giggle.

"It's cool! But I like being one with earth more!" Terra states.

"Or making others into toys with a touch! Kishishishi!" Keaton snickers.

"Wait what?" Terra says with confusion.

"So what are you folks hoping to do now?" Sylvia then asks, "I'm guessing you three want to set sail before supper." She says looking at her pocket watch, showing it was close to 1 in the afternoon.

"Can't the moon man fly?" Iris asks, "He could take you all out of the island!"

"I can't carry all of my teammates out! Plus, Sparky here can fly as well!" Yueliang stated.

"True we probably should just get back to our ships." Spark said with a shrug.

"Hey what about me?!" Keaton shouted.

"We're going back to the docks you dolt. Just run." Spark said with a girn.

"You're not funny!" Keaton shouted.

"For a guy I've met that claims to be a loner, he sure does get along with these two. That's nice to hear." Curie thought as she smiled.

"Well it was fun meeting you guys! I want this supper myself! And 'Roo, I want to fight you next time if you're a Logia like me." Terra says with a smirk.

"Fine but acid corrupts earth. Remember that." Spark said with a smirk back.

"You might have to convince the Queen with coin or teeth to give you the easier way back to the port." Sylvia states to Spark, "Or else you may have to go through that maze again. I am perfectly aware of what traps are involved in that maze."

"You could go to the White Kingdom and buy a ship there!" Iris says, "Pet the cute walruses on the way out!"

"They'd have to beat the roughest waves of this island if they were to sail away from the east." Sylvia responds, "But it's your choice."

"......I will take the first option." Spark said quickly.

"Wow you really didn't like that maze huh?" Yueliang asked.

"No. Never again. That was one of the biggest time wasters in my life." Spark sneered.

"Awwwwww...The dogs there were adorable!" Keaton said with his ears down.

"Here, this may help convince her." Sylvia then pulls out 5 platinum teeth and places it on Spark's hand, "And, if you can, please keep the myth of my existence stay. I don't need the safety of the forest be in jeopardy because of my existence."

"Thanks. And I guess I can stand by that. It's not something for me to talk about anyway." Spark says as he took the teeth.

"Yeah! We are more "go with the flow!" We have one nice adventure, and boom onto the next! Oooh...Shiny...." Yueliang said as he looked at the teeth.

"I bet you can buy a lot of toys with that!" Keaton said as he was looking with sparkles in his eyes.

"You alright bought enough dumbass!" Spark snarls at Keaton.

"Hmmmm, hey what's that giant watch you got there?" Iris asks as she points the pocket watch toward the three.

"Oh snap! I forgot we need to stop by Uncle Jack in the Box to return his watch!" Keaton said as he just remembered.

"You need to return it to him. Don't drag me into this." Spark says with deadpan.

"Or me!" Yueliang protested.

"My, you three and your neverending troubles." Curie says with a smile.

"A guy named "Jack in the Box"? Some adventures alright!" Terra replies.

"Oh yeah, that toy man of the island." Sylvia says, "He's quite the nice man, but quite the snorer from what I know."

"Oooo toys! Can we go there?" Iris asks.

"You can, I can't if the myth were to continue." Sylvia states, "But take care you three, I can sense a lot of you three's potential are needed in the future."

"Quite the snorer is an understatement!" Yueliang said with a sigh.

"Heh I know I do. These two probably if they don't do anything stupid." Spark said with a smirk.

"Age can't kill me! I'll be around for a long time!" Keaton said eagarly.

"And as long the moon stays a float, the Moon Knight shall always stand!" Yueliang said eagerly.

"I swear that was like the third time he called himself by a different name..." Terra said with a rare deadpan expression.

"Well then." Sylvia says, "Go in peace my guests. And make sure that watch goes back to the old man."

"Bye Kango! Bye Moon Knight! Bye Foxy toy!" Iris shouts.

"Farewell Spark. At least our meeting this time was less hostile than before." Curie says with a bow.

"Well without the experiementing thing, I guess. Later." Spark says he prepares to walk off.

"Bye guys! Hope to see you again soon!" Keaton says as he follows behind.

"Bye everyone! Don't forget the Moon Knight always lives! And I know you hate me but you deserve one of my hugs!" Yueliang says as he suddenly runs and hugs Sylvia.

"Welp you're dead." Terra says laughing.

Sylvia smiles as she allows to embrace the hug, she takes her hand and ruffles the head of the hero. She then punts Yueliang far in the plains and right into a tree!

"Love is tough ain't it?" Sylvia teases, "But I did enjoy the hug." She smiles, "Go be the hero the world needs Moon Knight."

"I consider that a win!" Yueliang says while giving an upside down thumbs up as the tree suddenly falls over. "Ow!"

"Come on you idiot! Let's go before the damn Gods or whatever decide to strike you down with a bolt of electricity." Spark shouted.

"You totally meant yourself didn't ya?" Keaton commented.

"Of course." Spark said with a shrug.

"Hey! I ain't dying anytime soon!" Yueliang said as he got up and ran off after them.

"Those three..." Sylvia sighs and shakes her head, "Anyway...Doctor Curie, What are you planning on doing awhile now?"

"Well, I am no rush to leave yet unlike those three. Care to discuss more other things in the meantime?" Curie asked.

"I know I need to take my after meal nap! 8 hours tops!" Terra stated.

"That's not a nap. That is considered "sleeping for the day." Curie responded.

"I suppose we can spend the rest of the day helping you research." Sylvia says, "And at the end of the day, I have a couple guest rooms that you can spend the night in. Just don't mind the countless number of books due to the lack of guests I do get."

"It's a lot of books." Iris says.

"Sure. I don't mind reading a lot. I've once read for 3 days straight and didn't notice until one of my assistances told me we've reached a destination that we were going to that took that long." Curie states.

"Damn and you say I need sleep!" Terra stated.

"Sometimes one gets "asleep" while reading the books." Sylvia says, "But nevertheless, let's go and teach you more about the land." She starts walking back to the forest with Iris following with her wings fluttering.

"Alright. Let us go. Although I don't see how books can put one to sleep." Curie says following behind.

"Oh trust me they will." Terra says with chuckle.

Leaving Hearts Behind

Spark, Yueliang, and Keaton

The likes of Yueliang, Keaton, and Spark were seen walking back on the trail they came from, walking back to the site of the rose hedges and the stone walls of the Red Kingdom. A card guard sees them and opens the gate for them. The wooden gate opens with a thunderous creak and allows the three to enter.

"Welcome back you stooges." The Card Guard says, "Or at least that's what I've heard you three are called."

"I swear if you call me a stooge on more time I'll-" Spark said fuming with anger before his mouth was covered by Yueliang and was holding him back.

"-say how nice your "cardy" armor looks today! We'll be going!" Yueliang says with a nervous chuckle as he pushes a muffled shouting Spark forward.

"You really must be afraid of being executed huh?" Keaton says with a snicker.

"Hey I got one girl in the bag! I can't risk getting killed over something like this now!" Yueliang whispers to him.

The three were seen heading toward the castle of the kingdom. But they also were coming by the Jack of All Trades Tavern, as they were needing to return something back to the Old Man Jack in the Box. Jacklyn was seen inside serving customers as she saw the three return.

"Oh! You three are back!" Jacklyn says, "So...How was the adventure outside the walls?"

"Yueliang almost died again." Spark said as he suddenly took a seat.

"N-No I didn't! I actually got a hug sorta! I mean aside from the tiger but yeah that was a win for me!" Yueliang said as he eagerly sat down.

Keaton can be seen behind them as he was looking around. "Hiya Jackie! You seen where your uncle is at? We got his watch fixed for him!" Keaton said eagerly.

"Yeah I need to tell him thanks for providing us with the money to fix it." Spark said sarcastally before blinking a couple of times. "Why do I care? That was Keaton's problem."

"Oh Uncle Jack is in the toy shop still." Jacklyn points over, "Did he not give you folks money? I can tell after giving a sly smile after giving the watch to you folks. Here, this should act as payment." She hands a pouch of gold teeth to the group, "Hopefully it can help repay for what you had paid."

"I guess it's better than nothing. I can get a good amount a drinks after this." Spark said as he took it.

"Same here! I helped in all this too!" Yueliang said.

"Yeah being a good help at getting your ass kicked." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"Okay! I'll go take it to him!" Keaton said as he went into the toy shop as he then called out to Jack. "Uncle Jack! I got your watch fixed!"

"Oh you did?" The old man Jack in the box says after seeing Keaton, "You are such a fine young man my boy, much more fine than the other two that you associate with." He was tugging on Keaton's cheek after pulling him down, "Here, take this special hobby horse mallet I made!" He says pulling out this giant hobby horse that could be used as a great weapon like a club or hammer.

"Thanks! This looks like something I can really have fun with!" Keaton says as he was looking at the mallet.

"YUELIANG!!! PISS OFF GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" Spark shouted intensely from the tavern.

"Come on! I just wanted to show Jackie here how I was able to hug the lovely witch!" Yueliang said as he was trying to hug Spark.

"Oh so you met the witch?!?" Jacklyn says curious, "How was that?"

"Oi Oi Oi...." Uncle Jack was shaking his head, "Better go to your friends now, come back some time and we can share more toys together!"

"Will do! Thanks!" Keaton said as he went out to see Yueliang on the ground with an angry Spark over him. "Heh the usual."

"How it went? Like I said, Yueliang got his ass kicked like so!" Spark said as he was cracking his knuckles.

"Ow....well...not that badly...." Yueliang said as he comically had a lump on his head despite the costume.

"Oh yeah she gave us like teeth to give to the queen or whatever. We can finally leave I think." Spark said.

"Oh that's cool!" Jacklyn says, "So the Garden Witch isn't a myth at all? Should this be a public announcement of sorts that you'll report to my sister?"

"Waaaaaaait....I thought we were told NOT to talk about her?" Keaton asked with a head tilt.

"Yueliang you dumbass!" Spark shouted angrily to her.

"Oh no! There will be more tigers after me because of this!" Yueliang said as he quickly got up and quickly ran in front of Jacklyn. "PLEASE don't say anything! She is meant to be a myth after all!"

"The only other "myth" here is your brain." Spark snarked.

"Not in the mood for sass Sparky!" Yueliang shouted.

"Well..." Jacklyn thinks for a moment, "I figured she wants it to be a secret. But...I am in a business, so pay an extra gold or five and we'll be square. Don't worry, the people here are easily distracted or forgetful and Uncle Jack can't hear us."

"What was that Jack?" Old Uncle Jack shouts from the toy shop.

"Nothing Uncle Jack!" Jacklyn responds.

"Yeah! Nothing at all Snore Demon!" Yueliang shouted.

"Thanks for that! I swear we can be forgetful at times." Keaton said with a nervous chuckle.

"Don't rope me into this..." Spark said with a deadpan expression.

"But give me just 5 gold and nothing will be said and it will be forgotten." Jacklyn says having her hand out for the gold teeth.

"It better. Last thing I need is for that mad doctor to figure out and hunt me down for more experiments." Spark said as he gave her the 5 gold teeth.

"Was it really THAT bad what she did to you?" Yueliang asked.

"She enhanced my powers sure but all of those damn needles in my body when I woke up...Ugh." Spark said with disgust.

"Heh you're afraid of needles..." Keaton snickered as he was shot a look by Spark.

"Shut it I'm not afraid of needles. Just waking up looking like a living pincushion." Spark retorted.

"huh?" Jacklyn was confused from the conversation between the three, "So what are you folks planning now?"

"Leaving once we get the chance. We're supposed to be giving these teeth to the queen herself." Spark stated.

"Awwwww I really wanted to stay here and furthur my relationship with the-" Yueliang said before his mouth was covered by Spark this time.

"Shut it you damn idiot!" Spark shouted.

"I'll miss this place! Hopefully we can visit in the future soon if we're still alive!" Keaton says as he snickered.

"Well when you folks come back, don't forget to come back here to the Jack of All Trades Tavern!" Jacklyn says as she was plugging in her family's business.

"Maybe. The coffee wasn't bad at least." Spark stated.

"We'll be happy to see ya again! My dear!" Yueliang said as he was dragged off by Keaton this time.

"Say "Bye!" to Ol' Jack for me!" Keaton says.

"Screw that guy!" Yueliang shouted.

The three then head to the castle which the King and Queen of the Red Kingdom were present. There, the Knave of Hearts Eustass, was seen having a smoke outside as he sees the three come back.

Eustass pulls his cigarette out of his mouth, "So you three came back huh? Didn't know we would have to pull you three out." He then drops it and crushes the cigarette, "I'm assuming you three want to see the Queen?"

"Yeah. We got something to give to her. One sec." Spark said to Eustass as he turns to Yueliang. "You behave!"

"Hey! I wasn't going to try anything! Honest!" Yueliang said as he secretly had his fingers crossed.

"He has his fingers crossed!" Keaton snicker.

"KEATON YOU SNITCH!!!" Yueliang shouted.

"...Don't mind the idiots...Like I said just giving the Queen something." Spark said.

"Sigh.... Can't tell if you all are idiots or trying to fool us for one." Eustass says, "Follow me." He then opens the door, going through the similar process of through all of the card guards that were heavily protecting the castle. As earlier, the Queen was seen on the throne as well as the King who was reading a book. The queen was seen polishing her nails as she sees the three approach.

"'s you two again." The Queen of Hearts says, "And....who is this?" She looks at Keaton with a curious look.

"Hiya your highness! I'm Keaton the third traveler of this group! Nice to meet ya!" Keaton says with a bow.

"Please don't take off my head!" Yueliang suddenly shouted.

"Ignoring that, we came here to request for an easier way to get back to the port if possible." Spark said in a stern but calm tone. His usual tone when he is being polite in his own way.

"Oh....but you haven't told me anything of your time in the forests..." The Queen states, "Please...I want to know everything." She says with a smiling glare at the three, they can see on the side a little halfling opening up a scroll and preparing a pen and quill to write up the investigation of the forest.

"Uh oh...She wants to know everything about the witch!" Yueliang whispers to Keaton.

"Her sis already knows! We need to find a different story to tell them!" Keaton whispers back.

"But what?!" Yueliang yells as it was revealed they were wisphering right beside Spark who proceeds to punch them to the ground.

"Shut it you idiots. I'll handle this." Spark said as he cleared his throat. "Not much we found in the forest. A bunch of weird as hell creatures, a weird interaction. The usual I guess for this place but besides meeting with an old...."ally" there wasn't anything too out the ordinary. That at least in the case of this place." Spark explained.

"A weird interaction huh?" The Queen says, "And an ally? Now I need to know the details my dear...." She says as her fingernails were tapping on the arm of the throne, "I don't have much patience dear so don't play games with me....." She then scowls with an intimidating look.

Spark scowls back as he appeared to be starting to activate his powers. "Neither do I..."

"WHOA THERE!!!" Yueliang says as he got in between them. "Let me explain better! The ally we ran into happened to be the greatest doctor in the world right now Curie and she appeared to be exploring this island to study the wildlife. The interaction we went on was supposed to lead to where this witch may be but it ended up being nothing there! Nada! Curie herself was doing the same but she didn't have any luck either. So we just shared a meal after talking since she and Spark here knew each other and she told us that you could help us get to port easier! That's all!" Yueliang explained.

"But how she know of that?" Keaton asked.

"Dammit Keaton...She said she been here awhile and studied the culture! She picked up on it that's all!" Yueliang stated.

"Huh????" The queen replies, "So you had a date with a strange doctor in the middle of the forest???" She says, "You know what? Who am I to judge." She then thinks for a moment, "What do you have in return for me giving...easier passage to your ship?"

"Right. Here you go." Spark said as he handed the queen the 5 platinum teeth that was given to him earlier.

"Found by er...Curie herself! Been here awhile!" Yueliang said nervously.

"Smooth...I mean smooth as in how smooth and shiny the teeth are!" Keaton responds.

The Queen of Hearts then takes the platinum teeth and looks at them on her hand, she picks one up and presses it against her teeth to make sure it is indeed real platinum. She then places them on a small dish nearby and then looks back up, "I'm impressed some doctor in the woods would find such rare pieces of teeth...."

"Same here. Then again I am not too familiar with this place's customs so not sure what is considered rare or worthless." Spark said with a shrug.

"Same! But Curie said she has been here awhile! Maybe she found some?" Yueliang asks looking over at Keaton.

"Yep yep! Definitely not given by someone else or anything! Just got them somehow! She didn't really say..." Keaton said with his claws twittling.

"Hmmmmm." The Queen was thinking for a moment, "Fine..." She then calls two guards and Eustass over to her, "Escort these three back to their respective ships."

"As you wish Queen." Eustass says, "Follow me." He then starts walking toward the back of the castle, with the two card guards behind the three as they walked.

"Phew that went along well!" Yueliang said as he started to follow behind Eustass.

"I know right? Overall a success! Kishishihi!" Keaton snickers.

"...I'm killing the both of you as soon we get back on the ship..." Spark said with an angry, but deadpan look.

Eustass was leading them to the back wall of the castle as then soon approached a part of the wall and pressed a certain block. The block was pushed by Eustass, and unlocked a mechanism which part of the wall slid to open a passageway to the port.

"Follow me." Eustass says again as he led them into the tunnel with the card guards still behind them.

"Right." Spark said as he lead his group behind Eustass.

"I wonder if those card guys have trouble showering? Like they're cards! Won't they just get all wobbly when wet?" Yueliang asked.

"Ooh good question! Hey you two! When you shower does it suck for you?" Keaton asked as he turned back to the two guards.

"Fucking dumbasses..." Spark said as he shook his head and suddenly took out a smoke.

"We shower like...normally?" One of the card guards answers, a bit confused, "We don't get wobbly like regular cards."

"And way more sturdier than a card." Eustass adds, "The card guards can handle a beating in battle, yet are quick on their feet. Which is why they are the practical warrior here in the red kingdom."

"Oooh interesting! I wonder if you can cause painful paper cuts?" Yueliang asked.

"Yeah! You look like you can really cause some damage with that." Keaton snickers.

"Can you idiots stop asking dumbass questions?!" Spark shouts angrily back at them.

"We are proficient in fighting with the sword, spear, and bow." The other card guard answers, "Lances and axes as well. So they would be considered dangerous paper cuts." The guard states.

"At least you guys are versitle!" Yueliang says with a thumbs up.

"I agree!" Keaton says.

"Again. Idiots. Though I do say that sabers are the way to go." Spark said suddenly as he kept walking.

"Eh...Claymores are bigger and better!" Yueliang responds.

"No! The quicker daggers are the way to go!" Keaton retorts.

"Why did I get myself into this...?" Spark says with a facepalm.

"We are here." Eustass suddenly says as the stone tunnel around them becomes this green forestry of plants and brushes as they walk through the greens and soon come across the familiar sight of the pink sea of flamingos that surrounds them. The card guards were seen as they were left off, playing a game of croquet with the flamingos for mallets.

"Guards!" Eustass shouts as the card guards suddenly lined in formation and saluted to their general.

"Yes Sir!" The guards say.

"Make sure these three have a safe journey home." Eustass says, "Good luck on your future endeavors you stooges."

Spark grits his teeth from hearing that before coughing to clear himself out. "Thanks. Let's go you dolts." Spark said as he was leading his two friends out.

"Heh those guys are back to playing with those flamingos." Yueliang said as he looked over at them.

"PLEASE can we take one back?!" Keaton asked.

"NO!!! Let's go already!" Spark shouted as he lead the way toward their ship.

And so, the three make it onto their ship safe and sound; With some curious flamingos walking around the ship. Within time, the ship would be seen making its way out of the pink sea and back into the mist, and to find a different island to refuel.

Terra and Curie

The Next Morning

The girls spent the rest of yesterday to learn more about the island and about the animals that live there. Sylvia showed Curie some medicine books she wrote about the certain plants of the island, especially of the fungus kind. It was now morning within the island, the sun now shining over the gingerbread house. The warm house slowly waking up the group of Curie and Terra in their guest bedrooms as there were books surrounding their bedroom. Obviously with the few guests Sylvia has, she contains her writings and others in the guest bedroom as storage.

The smell of warm tea and breakfast with a smell of blueberries coming from downstairs crept into their bedrooms as they woke up for the morning.

Terra can be seen walking up as a book suddenly falls right on her face. "Gah! Man this place may as well pass for a mini library huh?" Terra laughs as she removes the book from her face.

"Heh quite so. I know I had my fill of reading today. I can smell breakfast is being made. It will be rude to keep them waking." Curie says as she sat up and prepares to head to the kitchen.

"Wait up! You know I'm hungry!" Terra says as she follows behind.

The two travel downstairs and follow the arousing smell of blueberries as they are soon greeted by Sylvia and Iris at the breakfast table. There in the center of the table was this blueberry crumble cake while some warm tea was being served as well. One of the many cats in Sylvia's possession would soon creep around and rub its body on the legs of Curie and Terra as they walked by.

"Good Morning Dears." Sylvia greets them, "Breakfast has been made ready."

"Morning and thank you. It smells lovely." Curie says as she walks over to take her seat.

"Heh these cats are pretty cute huh?" Terra said as she gently rubs one of them as she walks by before taking her seat as well.

"Thank you. Enjoy the blueberry crumble cake, I made it myself." Sylvia says as she leans down and pets one of her cats on the ground and snaps her fingers as a cat bowl appear and food fall with another snap. "So what is plan ladies?"

"Thank you." Curie says as she started to eat and then pounders what Sylvia says. "Well, I did wanted to do a little more research before we would have to leave."

"Research? Is there even more to research here?" Terra asked as she was chewing on her pie. "Whoa that's good!"

"It is! One of mom's best breakfasts!" Iris says with a smile as well eating the pie.

"If you folks want to do a little more research in the morning and leave in the afternoon, I am fine." Sylvia says, "Is there anything specific you wish to research?"

"I haven't really studied any of the other unique plants around here. I know there was the singing flowers, but anything else that is of interest?" Curie asked.

"How about the mushrooms?" Terra asked.

"Mushrooms are fungi, not plants. There is quite a difference between them." Curie says.

"Well...not really. The talking flowers and regular flowers are all what The Garden of Eden has when it comes to flora besides the trees." Sylvia says, "Meanwhile, there are a vast range of fungi that we studied yesterday if you remember."

"That is quite true. I believe that is mostly it huh?" Curie asked.

"Yep but this place was fun as hell! Definitely didn't expect to run into those three stooges here but here we are!" Terra says as she was sipping her tea.

"Indeed, here we are." Sylvia says, "You are welcomed to bring any books with you on your journey home, I have plenty and most of these I've written about my fascinations of this island. And don't forget to keep the secret of that special growing fungus to that Amazonian."

"It was quite the treat and don't worry. I will make sure that Lycodia is reminded of this." Curie says with a bow.

"Yeah! Trust me all we have to say a woman told us to keep this secret and she will be quick to comply!" Terra says assuringly.

"Alright, thank you for visiting the Garden of Eden." Sylvia says, "It was a pleasure meeting the daughter of a nice friend." She smiles, "You are welcomed to visit anytime if you can remember where we are." She chuckles.

"Indeed and it was nice meeting someone my mother had the chance to meet. I will hope to come back here in the future to see you." Curie says with another bow to her.

"Heh I hope to see all of us doing like we did before! That moon guy was a dork but it was funny seeing him in pain!" Terra says with a laugh.

"It was wasn't it." Sylvia says, "You two need a way home or anything to help on your travels?"

"Hmmm...Our ship was destroyed on the way here. We could fly the distance?" Curie asked Terra.

"That's a loooooooot of flying! We're going straight to Amazon Lily after this remember!" Terra stated.

"Quite so. I believe we could use the assistance Sylvia." Curie says.

"Well, all I can really provide is a rowboat to be honest." Sylvia says, "There's a rowboat by one of the rivers nearby, the river will then lead ya to a hidden exit in the forest which will take ya through calmer waters. There is the other option of leaving through the white kingdom after buying a ship there, but you'd have to face large waves. So rowboat but smooth sailing or big ship with tough waves is your choice."

"What do you think Curie?" Terra asked.

"Well...The ship is more easier but involves spending money, or rather teeth, and there is a chance the ship can be hazardous. Or we could take a rowboat which is quicker to get out and the waves are calmer, but smaller and requires manual labor." Curie states.

"Shoot I'm all about that! Let me give it a row! Besides I know an island that shouldn't be too far away that we can stop to take a break at and probably get another ship." Terra says.

"Alright. Sylvia we will be going with the rowboat." Curie says to Sylvia.

"Alrighty.." Sylvia then stands up starts walking toward the door, "Follow me to the river."

"I hope you guys had fun here!" Iris says looking at Curie and Terra, "I'll miss you both!"

"Indeed please take care of yourself Iris and we will miss you as well." Curie says with a quick hug to Iris as she followed behind Sylvia.

"Take care little fairy! Dah! Sorry I mean angel!" Terra says as she follows behind Curie and Sylvia.

"Bye!!!" Iris waves goodbye to Terra and Curie as she then starts doing her chores for the morning.

It was about fifteen minutes later as Sylvia leads the two to the river nearby. There was a couple rowboats that were along the shores of the river as they were beached in.

"Pick a rowboat and it'll be smooth rowing." Sylvia says, "The river will take you downstream through a natural tunnel that'll lead to the outside of the island, stay rowing straight for a while with the current as it'll be smooth for a while before going back to normal against the New World here."

"Alright sounds good. We do thank you again for all of your help. And we promise to keep your existance a secret as well when I am writing my own tales of this place." Curie says as she got into the boat.

"Same here! I bet Lycodia would want to come here if things get settled!" Terra says as she positions herself at the rows.

"I'm sure, please tell the lady I said hello." Sylvia smiles as she then simply pushes the rowboat into the waters and lets the river guide the boat, "Stay safe you girls!"

"You two! Bye!" Terra says as she started to row.

"I wish you the best in your future." Curie says with a smile and a wave.