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A Good Day for Tea,Moonshine,and Chaos
Date Started: January 22st, 2021


Date Finished: February 11th, 2021


Setting: Grand Line: Lactose
Characters Involved:
Synopsis: It's mayhem again at Lactose! This time,we add a mess of the Gluttonous Princess,Angrboda Houshoku,the Clown Prince of Crime,Crack R. Jack,and the Mad Hatter,Fedora C. John. These three meet up after some events of their own accords. They together enter this island,and find some certain jobs to do. In this story,they'll be doing some of the most random and craziest shit you will see! From Bull-Riding to illegal moonshining,fighting a mad potato head,and meeting the biggest fatass on the planet! This adventure will keep you on your seat and make you ride a wild roller coaster story!

A Morning Cup of Tea,or Milk

"Morning John." Alice says,as she was in her dress eating breakfast with the crew as John was walking in to the kitchen after just showering.

"Morning Alice." John says as he kisses Alice in the cheek while she was eating her cereal.

"Your hair is still wet." Alice says.

"Well it's cause I just took a shower." John says,"What else do you expect?" He then looks to Patrick,"We just having cereal today Patrick?"

"Yeah,I'm busing making dinner for the moment so lunch and breakfast will have to be figured out by yourselves." Patrick states.

"No worries,I can make sandwiches later." John says as he goes grab a box of Booty-O's and pours it into a bowl. He then goes to the fridge and tries to look for milk,"Hey,we ran out of milk guys."

"Yeah,that's why it's gonna have to be dry." Jacob says as he was eating his cereal.

"Man,I don't really care for dry cereal but oh well." John says as he starts eating his breakfast and puts some hot mint tea into a cup to drink.

"What are the plans today?" Jacob asks John while John was pouring the tea from the teapot.

"I plan to mostly lie low since that incident with the Vice Admiral." John says,"You never know if those marines are still chasing our rear ends out."

"Though we did go pretty far from that location." Kokoro says as she was drinking some water.

"We did indeed,but you never know." John says,"Thought you drink whisky Koko."

"We ran out of our alcohol." Kokoro says,"We'll need to do a refill of our supplies."

"I agree with Kokoro." Alice says,"We can't act like we're being chased all the time John. Regardless,the marines will always be after us."

"You have a good point." John says,"Hey Billy,what's the nearest island to restock?"

"The island of Lactose sir." Billy answers.

"Have tweedle dee and tweedle dum steer the ship to there." John says,"They might require assistance so Tim might be up there when they do."

"Yes sir." Billy says walking up deck.

"Where's Tim anyway?" John asks while eating his cereal.

"Oh he's right now working on making sure Antoinette doesn't break any of his porcelain collection." Jacob says as he sees Antoinette run down the hall with her hammer.

"BREAKFAST!!!!" Antoinette yells out as she was running to the kitchen,with a tired Tim behind her.

"Woah woah girl." John says halting Antoinette,"Today is just cereal today. Captain John will be making sandwiches for lunch today."

"I want Booty-O's!!!" Antoinette says.

"Yeezus christ she's got more energy than what I had when I was a young teen." Tim says panting.

"She sure gave you a workout didn't she?" Alice giggles looking at Tim's tired look.

"You think?" Tim asks as the crew was laughing at the tired white rabbit.

"Ahhhhhhhh,MORNING KIDDOS!!!" Jack yells out onto the ship while everyone was still waking up.

"Holy shit captain,why be so loud in like 7 in the morning?" Ramone asks as he was cooking breakfast on the stove.

"No reason." Jack says as he sat on a barstool,waiting for breakfast,"What's for breakfast Ramone?"

"Cereal bars,with your favorite cereal." Ramone says pulling the breakfast out of the oven,"Booty O's."

"OH HELL YEAH!!!!" Jack says as he starts eating the cereal bars.

"Save some for us captain!" Davida shouts at Jack,hitting him with her hammer.

"OW! Why Davi!!" Jack says,"You are a sneaky devil aren't you."

"I already had some breakfast earlier." Vincent says as he,Harley,and Viper were drinking some coffee together.

"Nothing like some coffee and Booty O's I tell ya!" Force says as he eats some of the cereal bars and dipping it in his coffee.

"How soon are we to get to Lactose island captain?" Viper asks Jack.

"Oh we should be soon arriving." Jack states,"I told ya,it wasn't that hard to guess where it was."

"Yeah,but you nearly crashed us into that giant rock!" Davida says.

"Hey,I didn't see that and neither did our lookout Vladdy!" Jack defends,"Though he was distracted with a lightbulb that was nearby."

Vincent just facepalms himself.

"I wonder what Houshoku and her crew have been doing." Jack wonders.


The members of the Kouyen Pirates are already up but there is already an argument going on.

"SCRAMBLED!!!" shouted Taffy.

"FRIED!!!" shouted Tampura.

"SCRAMBLED OCTOPUNK!!!" shouted Taffy again.

"NO FIRED YOU CANDY LOVING BUNNY!!!" shouted Tampura back.

"What the hell is going on here? Woke me up..." said Houshoku who was nearly naked with terrible bed hair but was covered quickly by Toridasu.

"Breakfast time and Taffy wanted scambled eggs but Tampura insists on them being fried...personally, I don't care." said Toridasu.

"Meh...too tired...this is my breakfast..." said Houshoku who grabbed a random vase and started to eat it going into the other room.

"My this is quite a morning. I do hope we make it to this island soon!" said Helios.

"Me too! I heard that cow blood is quite delicious! Turning into a cow will be so cool!" said Komi.

"Neverless we should just get ready when we get there soon." said Houshoku from the other room.

"Put on some clothes first!" shouted Toridasu.

"FINE ToriDADsu!" shouted Houshoku back.

"Hey Houshoku!!" Jack yells out from his ship as he leaps over to Houshoku's ship,"How is this morning lookin for ya lads?"

"Captain has already leaped to check on Houshoku." Harley says looking at Jack.


"It's alright,I'll take them." Force says as he keeps dipping his cereal bars in his coffee and eating them.

"That's somewhat disgusting you know that?" Ramone says to Force about him dipping cereal bars in coffee.

"Hey! It's like dipping donuts in coffee!" Force states,"Now watch it before I blow your head off!"

"My crew is rather static today!" Jack says with glee,"And sounds like your crew is too!"

"Heyo Jackie and more or less! Tampura and Taffy are arguing over eggs, Toridasu being a boresu as always, and Helios and Komi appear to be planning stuffs. I'm just eager to get to this island!" said Houshoku who was already on her feat.

"Boresu. Quite clever but we are just going for the milk correct?" asked Toridasu.

"JUST milk? Bah gotta cause some trouble there dammit! I'm still pissed off what happened at our last trip!" said Houshoku.

"Heh. I'm just curious to try out the milk myself personally." said Struct who walked in onto them.

"Oh yeah I forgot you are still here." said Toridasu.

"Yeah...I been just napping in the basement area. Being locked up in that cell for that long got me used to cold cramped places honestly..." said Struct with a sigh.

"Trust me Struct. I will NEVER have that feeling..." said Houshoku who was serious for a moment.

"Don't worry! You're out of that dumb cell now thanks to a relative of yours!" said Helios.

"Yeah I can't wait to see this island and fuck it up like that Lulusia kingdom!" Jack says as he looks over at the sea ahead. He notices that the Rabbit Hole was seen nearby in the far vision of his eye,"Hey......that's Johnny boy!"

"Who?" Harley asks Jack.

"John! The Mad Hatter!!!" Jack says,"We haven't seen him since the Water 7 train robbery!!!" He jumps up and down,"Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy we can say hello to him!!"

"Ohhhhh,that guy with the steel pole beam and his tall wife." Harley says,"Yeah he has been causing some noise lately I'm told."

"Yeah,a 90 million bounty on his head." Vincent states,"With only a few marine encounters."

"I wonder what my bounty is?" Jack says thinking about his bounty.

"I wonder what the Mad Hatter is here for?" Davida says,"You think he might be heading the same direction as us?"

"It's a possibility." Harley states.

"We have to say hello!" Jack says.

"The Mad Hatter huh? WAIT HE WAS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE BASTARDS THAT FUCKED WITH THE SEA TRAIN!!! I'LL KILL HIM!!!" shouted Houshoku who was burning in anger.

"Man she is quick to change expressions..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Who is this "Mad Hatter" fellow?" asked Helios.

"I think he is some rookie that was making names. Heard of him briefly at Water 7 but just briefly." said Struct.

"Johnny was a good friend I met back at Alabasta." Jack says,"After that we met up with Yang at Water 7 and did the Sea Train heist. Then we split and haven't met since. But today that'll change!"

"So we want to say hello to these guys again right?" Harley asks,"You want to crash into them,fire a cannonball at them,or anything?"

"Nah we can just fly up with Houshoku!" Jack says,"I'm sure Houshoku would love to meet Johnny boy."

"You sure?" Vincent asks who was looking at the angry Houshoku.

"So you're from Water 7 right?" Brunhilde asks Struct,"You must've heard of my father who still lives there. A giant himself but I'm taller than him." Brunhilde laughs,"His name was Bjarke."

"Of course. We don't have too many Giants working for us at Water 7. He is quite hard to forget." said Stuct.

"Oh don't worry! I want to meet him alright! As in his face meeting with my fist!" said Houshoku poudng her fists together.

"I think you got that backwards..." said Toridasu.

"Well let's go then Houshoku!" Jack says to Houshoku,"Become a dragon and let's fly over to his ship!"

"You sure captain?" Harley asks Jack.

"I'm sure!" Jack says,"If Johnny boy can handle a Vice Admiral,he can sure handle a girl like her." He says about Houshoku.

"I mean I guess that's true." Harley says.

"Sure thing but this guy better be ready for this!" said Houshoku as she transformed into her dragon form and allowed those that wanted to get on to get on flying over to John's ship. "What kind of ship is that supposed to be? This "Jonnie" guy has no taste"!

"Hm...it is quite interesting." said Toridasu.

"Though I do admire the craftsmanship. It appears they have a skilled shipwright on board." said Struct.

"It's certainly different!" Jack says,"A way for himself to stand out!"

"Does look like on the outside he let a forest grow on his ship." Viper states.

"Anyone else coming along?" Jack asks.

"Nope,you and Houshoku can go--" Harley says as Davida hops on just as he says it.

"I want to be at Mister J's side this time!" Davida says.

"Sure thing Davi!" Jack says,"Any other takers?"

"Maybe that Taffy Rabbit there!" Force says pointing to Taffy,"Don't hatters love rabbits?"

"Well their shipwright is a giant rabbit." Brunhilde states,"The guy is an interesting guy to say the least,is obsessed with his porcelain collection and wants to make a ship out of one."

"How do you know?" Vincent asks Brunhilde.

"Me and Tim have talked." Brunhilde says,"Besides he's about my size,just about taller."

"Oh sure! I don't mind coming along! Especially if there is another rabbit aboard!" said Taffy who leaps onto Houshoku's back.

"Alright I think that is good for now right? I really want to beat-meet! Meet this guy!" said Houshoku with a devilish expression.

"Your backpedal and expression aren't convincing you know." said Toridasu snarkly.

"Well let's go then!!" Jack says as they start to fly off to The Rabbit Hole.

"Whatcha reading captain?" Tweedle Dee asks John,who was sitting next to a glass table that was filled with forestry, and reading a book.

"I am reading the book called St.George and the Dragon." John answers while flipping a page,"It's about this knight that had to take out this super hungry dragon from eating all of the sheep in the village,and especially the princess of the village."

"Sounds like an interesting book." Tweedle Dum says as he walks away from the helm to look at John's book.

"Get back at the helm Dum!" John says,"I don't trust any of you that steer to get off the helm till we're not steering."

"Right right Captain!!" Dum says as he runs back to the helm.

"Ya you heard the captain Dummy!" Tweedle Dee says while bashing Tweedle Dum's head with a piece of wood.

John only facepalms himself watching the two and says,"I know for sure they couldn't stop a dragon even if they needed to."

"Hey you said that book had a giant dragon right?" Dee asks,"How about that one behind you." He says as Houshoku and Jack were right behind John with Houshoku flapping her wings.

"HEYA JOHNNY!!!" Jack greets John.

"Jack?" John says turning around,"Oh no.........."

"Long time no see my friend!" Jack says,"You've been making moves haven't you? I mean come on! You have a 90 million bounty!!!"

"1. Yes I have a 90 million bounty,but I am not proud of it. And 2. Where the hell did you get a dragon?" John asks.

"Oh she ain't a normal dragon!" Jack states with a wide smile.

"Hey! Johnny Boy! I got a bone to pick with you about a certain Sea Train!" shouted Houshoku.

"What in the world kind of crew members are those?" asked Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Ooh! Look at the hedgehogs! They look soo cool!" said Taffy.

"1. Hey if you're thinking about the sea train robbery back a few months ago,that was Jack's idea!" John points to Jack,"And 2,those two are my helmsman and lookout,not the smartest so they're good for their job,but sometimes we nearly crash some times."

"Did that pink haired girl call us cool?" Dum asks his twin Dee.

"I think she did." Dee says as he and Dum blush and skip around and dance.

"Quit the dilly dally and continue steering Dee and Dum!" Tim says as he walks up and orders Dee and Dum to get back to their stations. The giant white rabbit mink looks down and sees the new visitors. "Seems we have visitors captain."

"I know." John deadpanly says while Jack had a wide smile.

"So how's the pirate life been?" Jack says sitting on the glass table,"You got any coffee? Could use a good cup of Joe right now."

"Mind you get off the table." John says,"I have some coffee brewed downstairs. If you want some you can get some."

"Awesome! I'll be back!" Jack says as he walks into the ship,"This place looks greener than last time."

"Well cause this place is somewhat like a little forest itself." John says looking at all the vines and grass laid throughout the ship,"Recently,an owl has made a nest on top of our crow's nest." He points up to the large crow's nest that is a tree,"And tweedle dum has been pecked by the owl all the time as well as Sam here trying to catch it." John says as he bonks the giant purple cat from climbing up the tree. John then looks over to Houshoku and her little band,"And who do I have the pleasure of meeting besides the clown?"

"Oh right! Angrboda Houshoku! The heir to the throne of Dressrosa and the captain and shipwright of my own small crew the Kouyen Pirates! Also HEY! DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!!" shouted Houshoku who was calmly being held back by Toridasu.

"I bet you'll forgive him in a heartbeat like you did with Jack. Just skip to that. Anyway, I am Toridasu and I'm pretty much on board to keep Houshoku from getting into too much trouble...To little success at times." said Toridasu with a sigh.

"I'm her cousin Angrboda Taffy! I pretty much help around with the cooking at times but I'm a good fighter! And made of taffy!" said Taffy as she turned one of her arms into taffy.

"And I'm Struct. I'm not really part of this crew but Houshoku is a friend of mine from Water 7. I'm also a shipwright. A pleasure." said Struct adjusting his shades.

"A pleasure meeting you all." John says tipping his top hat to the four,"A shipwright you say?" He looks at Struct,"Well I'm sure you'll get along with Tim here."

"A pleasure to meet ya." Tim nods down to Struct,"I ain't from water 7,but I know how good the shipwrights are there."

"You're about as good as them if not better." John says to Tim.

"I humbly thank you sir." Tim bows to John. He then sees Taffy,"Ahhh another rabbit here? A pleasure to meet ya." He kneels down to look down to the four.

"Whoa! You're like really tall! Tall rabbit so cool!" said Taffy looking up at Tim.

"Of course! Of course haven't seen too many Mink shipwrights around but we do have some giants working for us. Been in the business for over 30 years and stuck with that ever since." said Struct.

"Yeah Struct and the rest of the guys back at Water 7 really helped me improve some of my own skills. I definitely call that place a second home if not for Dressrosa." said Houshoku.

"Right. You would often visit Water 7 in your youth until now but Ryushiki retrained you for most of your life." said Toridasu.

"Don't state the obvious Dasu. We just met Johnny Boy and his crew. They don't need to hear my boring backstory." said Houshoku with a sigh.

"Not like my backstory ain't as boring." John says as he grabs a putter and plays a little mini-golf section on his ship.

"Hey why is Jack here?" Alice asks as she walks up to the deck,"And we have guests?"

"Yeah indeed." John says after hitting the golf ball with the putter,nearly missing the hole,"This is captain Houshoku,she came along with Jack to say hello I'm guessing."

"Why hello!" Alice says looking at Alice,"You're as tall as I am! Excuse me,I was just doing laundry and having Antoinette here help me out."

"Beh,I don't want to do laundry." Antoinette says holding a basket of clothes.

"Putting my cousin to use is new." Tim says.

Antoinette makes a look at Tim and then looks back to the visitors. She sees Taffy,and recognized her as a friend of hers,"TAFFY!!!!" She threw the basket of laundry at Alice's head and runs to hug Taffy,"I have missed you since we last met!!"

"An excited kid ain't she?" Tim asks Alice,who had the laundry basket on her head. Alice just replies with her rolling her eyes.

"Heyo Anti! It's been a minute yes!" said Taffy hugging back.

"Oh meeting friends from the past huh?" said Houshoku.

"Yep yep! Didn't expect to find ya on a crew like this Anti! Actually it does fit!" said Taffy.

"Yeah yeah!" Antoinette was jumping up and down in glee.

"Angrboda huh?" Tim asks,"If I think about it,my family were familiar with Angrbodas that lived nearby before we moved to the Kingdom of Hearts."

"Angrboda?" John asks,"I swear I think the Vice Admiral was one."

"The angrboda name is quite the expansive and illustrious name to have isn't it?" Alice asks.

"Vice Admiral? Oh right you're probably talking about Nitro. Dude's a major hothead. Don't like his ass. It's fine since he's at least some distance relative that I could fight. Especially since he is like the son of the guy calling himself the strongest of the Angrbodas." explained Houshoku.

"Right him. He supposely has a lot of kingdoms under his belt and is trying to surpass the 20 Kingdoms of the World Government." said Toridasu.

"That is a near impossible goal but I respect his determination." said Struct.

"Yeah he is super duper strong but so am I! That's why I been trying to make a lot of noise lately myself!" said Houshoku pounding her fists together.

"I don't really try to make noise." John states,"Just that noise comes with me."

"It really does." Alice says,"Our fight with Nitro wasn't intentional,just that marines were attempting to arrest us,so it was only natural we fight against."

"Yeah,you all barely got out while Nitro was distracted arguing with the other Vice Admiral Iceberg." Tim states.

"Enough of that talk of the fight." John says,"Rather move on and get on with life."

"I'm back y'all!!!" Jack says climbing back up to the deck with coffee in hand and Davida at his side,"So,what's the plan?"

"I plan on making a pit stop at Lactose then leave." John says.

"Funny...." Jack says while taking a sip of coffee,"Me and Houshoku planned on doing the same thing!"

"Except lemme guess......You two are gonna cause trouble there as well." John finishes Jack.

"You know me too well!" Jack says with a smile while John rolls his eyes.

"Oh boy looks like Johnny Boy is going to be a killjoy like Toriboresu here! HEY DASU!!! GOT YOU A NEW PLAYMATE!!!" shouted Houshoku in a teasing tone.

"A. Right here and B. Hah hah historical..." said Toridasu also rolling his eyes.

"Lactose sounds like a rather major place. Causing so much trouble may alert the Marines at us." said Struct.

"You're fine Struct! You're no pirate! Just a guy that may have an idea to where you know what is!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"I honest to God don't know where it is. Blox was being a drunk bastard shouting that "STRUCTY HAD THE BLUEPRINTS!" and got me into trouble..." said Struct.

"Blox is a Blox-head after all..." said Houshoku shrugging.

John then looks over to the head of the ship,whom's head is a shape of a swan. He sees the island of Lactose approaching closely as the port town was seen within view. The infinite grasslands and the barns were seen from the view as well.

"Seems we're gonna be there soon." John says looking at the island and his clock,"Prepare for extraction team."

"Yes sir!" Tim nods as he heads down and prepares to aweigh anchor.

"Are your ships following us?" John asks Jack and Houshoku.

"They sure are!" Jack says looking behind them seeing the two other ships following The Rabbit Hole.

"I would recommend lowering the pirate flags." John states,"The border patrol might think we're going onto a raid since we're bunched up like this."

"But why not start the chaos?" Jack asks.

"Cause I don't plan on having the local police up my ass in the morning." John states back.

"Meh. We did just came from a major Government kingdom and Marine Base. I guess there isn't anything wrong in starting small, waiting a bit, and TOTALLY GIVE THEM HELL OUTTA NOWHERE!!!" shouted Houshoku suddenly.

"And I saw THAT coming..." said Toridasu who had his ears covered ahead of time.

"Yeah! I want to try their milk first at least!" said Taffy.

"Same here. I am quite thirsty. I still had the taste of tap water for the last month or so." said Struct clearing his throat.

"Well we'll be entering the island soon then." John says as the port was within docking distance,and so all 3 ships had docked themselves by the docks and were anchored in to stay there.

A Milky Start

John was seen getting off the ship with his military graded boots on and suit with his wife in hand and Tim right behind them. Jack and Houshoku were approaching the guards that were at the exit of the dock.

"Oh boy,seems they have security pretty high here for those guards." Jack says with a smile,"A good ole handshake can lighten them up."

"If you're thinking about using the electric buzzer,please rethink." John states.

"It looks like a rather peaceful place that doesn't need the security." Tim states looking around the peaceful island.

"It's probably to ensure the peace is still." John says.

Houshoku can be seen sniffing the air. "Ah...smells like pure milk huh? Wished I experienced that when I was younger!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"I take it a milk in a bottle at youth?" asked Toridasu.

"Nah! But anyway, yeah I guess a place like this will seem peaceful. Little too peaceful for me." said Houshoku scratching her head.

"Oooh it's so nice around here! I could sleep all day in the open fields!" said Taffy.

"Yeah. Definitely a change of pace from Water 7 or that cell." said Struct looking around.

"It's the smell of farming and milk." Alice does state.

"Who goes there!" A police guard,who was wearing a tan police uniform with a campaign hat,asks seeing the three pirate crews approaching.

"Unless you were requested to be here by Hogg or have clearance from your history records,you are not allowed into the island of Lactose." Another police trooper states.

"Well that excludes all three of us." Jack says,"My history is as filthy as a bib that was used by a toddler."

"An interesting way to put it but true." John states,"Looks like pirates aren't allowed here correct?"

"Unless by special request by the Big Boss." The trooper answers.

"Welp...Already a roadblock...I think the only one here is fine is Struct." said Houshouku stretching.

"I'd rather not go in without you. Who is this Hoss/Big Boss person anyway?" asked Struct.

"Probably the "leader" of this place from the sound of it." said Toridasu.

"So how do we get this "clearance" from him? We have to do his cleaning?" asked Taffy taking it too literal.

"Not like that. We probably have to say we're here for some deals or something." said Houshoku.

"There are other methods." John says as he walks up to the guards,"Say how about we make a deal sir?" He then pulls out his pocket watch out of his shirt pocket,"Doesn't this watch look nice? How about I give it to you and you let us in?"

"It doesn't work like that simply pirate scum." The police trooper states.

"Oh but would you please listen to how perfect this watch is!" John says as he was quiet for a second to let the trooper listen to the watch's ticking. Soon,the place was as quiet as night,and the two troopers were soon dazed by the sound of the hypnotic clock.

"Now......" John was speaking in a smooth,hypnotic voice,"You will let us into the island without any more trouble. And if you see us again,you two will turn your back around and ignore us. Is that clear?"

The two troopers were silent for a moment until one finally spoke,"You all may enter."

"Thank you gentlemen." John tips his hat and puts his watch away.

"Hmmmm,hypnotic techniques." Viper states as he was watching,"That is certainly a way to get in unnoticed."

"Wow....I feel like my head was spinning when he was talking." Jack says with him being dizzy,"Hey Davi.....are my eyes weird?" He says showing yellow eyes with red circles going back and forth.

"Nope,nothing wrong with them at all." Davi lies looking at Jack.

"Fucking hypnosis? That shit actually works? Must be a Devil Fruit power or something." said Houshoku stratching her head.

"Actually, I heard in some cases that hypnosis can work without the aid of Devil Fruit powers." said Struct.

"Then those people affected are thick-headed. Well, maybe not thick-headed in the literal sense." said Houshoku.

"Then what about your clown friend there?" said Toridasu pointing to the hypnotized Jack with the swirls in his eyes.

"Nah. Jackie is insane. Things affect him different ways! Just look at those eyes!" said Houshoku pointing to Jack.

"I will never make sense of any of this..." said Toridasu.

"Come on guys! You all gonna come into the island or what?" John asks as he was leaving the exit and entering the humble streets of the port town.

"We're coming!" Jack runs out of the exit and to the town,"WOW looks at this small place." He still had the effect of the swirly eyes when John saw Jack.

"What happened to you?" John asks.

"Probably descending to madness....." Jack laughs after answering the question.

"Aren't we all?" John rolls his eyes as he comments and walks around the street to look at the buildings. The buildings were mostly made of either wood or brick. There were many people walking around with men wearing beards and hats while the women were wearing long dresses.

"Hmmmm,this reminds me of that western town we left." Tim states,"But this place is more lawful."

"You can say that again." John states,"And there isn't a spot of a cactus or a desert here either."

"Looks like a neat place to live in." Alice says,"Especially the country lands outside the town."

"Indeed." John nods.

Houshoku can be seen eating a random rake she picked up nearby. "Their wood quality of this rake is alright. Marines got better stuff though." said Houshoku.

"And the people here do look pretty formal." said Toridasu looking around.

"I do hear this place is pretty valued so it's often taken seriously." said Struct.

"So the trouble causing could be tougher huh?" asked Taffy.

"Meh! Nothing is too tough for me! Except for rubber. Too chewy..." said Houshoku finishing the rake.

"Patrick is right now busy with making dinner." John states,"So Antoinette and Tim,I am putting you two in charge of restocking the supplies."

"Yes sir." Tim nods while getting a list from John of what they need.

"Ok...." Antoinette says not very excited about doing work,"Can we get cotton candy?"

"If you find it maybe." John answers,"Now get going and restock." Antoinette and Tim immediately hurry off and go look for a general store to restock.

"What should we do in the meantime John?" Alice asks.

"Perhaps talk to some honest people around here." John answers,"We can probably meet some nice people here."

"Or why not immediately go and rob the bank?" Jack asks.

"NO!!!!" John and Alice yell at Jack as he was prepared to pull out a chainsaw.

"Killjoys! KIIIILLLJOYS!!!" shouted Houshoku over and over.

"Sigh...at least there are some people with sense here. I think talking with the locals can be a good approach. Just don't say you're pirates." said Toridasu.

"Okay! I can go up to a man and say "Hello sir! I am not a pirate! Nice to meet ya!"" said Taffy.

"Exactly NOT what to say!" said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Heh. Interesting group here Houshoku." said Struct.

"Well then." John says,"That bar and diner right there looks perfect." There was a diner that was right next to a cattle ranch that was called,"El Diablo".

"El Diablo?" Alice says,"I don't know if it sounds like a decent place to go to."

"I would wonder why it's called El Diablo in the first place." Harley says who was right next to Jack.

"I don't know man." Jack says,"But they sure do have some cattle here." Jack says looking at a steer that was looking at him,"What you looking at?"

"El Diablo means "The Devil" in another language." said Struct who was quick to make that statement.

"Wow you knew that pretty quick!" said Houshoku.

"Yeah I study other languages as a side hobby. You'll pick up certain things." said Struct.

"Either way, is it safe to go to a place like that?" asked Taffy.

"I second that. Sounds like the source of trouble..." said Toridasu.

"Then that is where we are going! Any objections besides from Dasu?" asked Houshoku.

"Why did you single me out? Taffy objects too!" said Toridasu defensely.

"Well seeing no other option nearby. I say let's enter this one and take our chances." John says as he enters the bar and restaurant himself with the others.

Inside the restaurant,they were unexpectedly welcomed to the smell of hot fries and roasted sandwiches. The people there were seen sitting peacefully on the bar table or at other tables. There was a smoke room that had an entrance in the corner of the restaurant. In another room was a pool table room where cowboys,ranchers,and farmers were seen playing pool. There were card rooms and other rooms besides the main restaurant room. Since it was so quiet in the restaurant,everyone heard the 3 pirate crews entering the restaurant,and everyone was seen staring at the three crews and looking at their guests.

"Good Morning." John would tip his hat and walk to the bar counter,"Kinda quieter than expected."

"Yeah,too quiet." Alice says.

"How come I have the sense that we're going to get jumped?" asked Toridasu nervously.

"Let them! I can fuck them up!" said Houshoku.

"Oooh....these guys really do like to have fun though! Despite it being quiet!" said Taffy.

"Hm...it appears that we are unwelcomed here." said Struct looking around.

"Is there anything we can get ya?" The woman as the bartender asks the crews.

"Hmmmmmmm." John takes a look at the menu hung on the wall behind the woman and answers,"Give me your signature diablo sandwich,with a side of coffee."

"A hamburger and coffee please." Alice says.

"2 diablo sandwiches here!" Jack says for him and Davida.

"EVERY FUCKING THING!!!" shouted Houshoku suddenly.

"Saw that coming. You all best prepare for how she eats. She can be...messy but not at the same time if you know what I mean. Actually, most likely not." said Toridasu shrugging.

"Yeah! Even the table!" said Taffy.

"I think I'll just get that signature burger for myself. And a soda." said Struct.

"Gotcha.." The woman says writing all of it down,"Hope she's prepared to pay her bill."

"I'm sure she is." John states.

"This place ain't so bad!" Jack says with a smile,"We could probably mug someone here and everyone would see us!"

"Yeah that's why we won't!" John bluntly states.

Behind the crews was a group of suited men that started to walk in. The men had baseball bats and clubs of all types carried on them. A few of the men had guns suited on them as well. Each of the suited men had black cowboy hats along with their extravagant outfit.

"Who are those guys?" Jack asks,"Quite the suit they're wearing...and their toys!"

"I would recommend you that we just ignore them." John says who wasn't even looking but sensed them with observation haki,"They look like trouble."

"Or are we the ones in trouble?" Alice asks.

"I hope not." John states.

"They're going to some kind of party or something? They look stupid." said Houshoku bluntly.

"They look like trouble...we better not mess with them..." said Toridasu.

"They do look pretty intimidating. They have weapons such as bats and even guns. They're not ordinary people that's for sure." said Struct.

"But I like their hats! They're pretty cool!" said Taffy smiling.

A man walks toward the bar counter and says to the lady that was walking back to give their order of food,"Get your boss over here,we need to chat with him."

"He's busy at the moment." The woman says.

"Get him here or we start the party without him." The man says as he swings his baseball club at a picture and breaks the picture frame.

"I-I-I'll get him." The woman says walking back to the kitchen and getting the boss of the restaurant over to the counter. Out comes an old man who was rather roundly,wore a buttoned down shirt with a jacket,had glasses on and a cowboy hat.

"What do you boys want?" The old man asks with a southern drawl.

"We're just here for some payment." The man answers,"The boss decided to have his payment early this month."

"But the actual payment ain't until next week." The old man says,"I can give it to you by then as promised but.."

"But that ain't gonna cut it." The man says looking at another cowboy,who pulled out a machine gun and started firing bullets into the ceiling,destroying part of the building. Another group of cowboys got their bats and swung at the windows,smashing them altogether.

"You got 24 hours to pay up or else your 2 pretty daughters ain't gonna look any more pretty than they are now!" The man says grabbing the old man by the collars and then punching him,forcing the old man into the ground. The cowboy straightens himself up and smiles,"See ya in twenty four hours old man!" The gang of cowboys then walked out of the restaurant,leaving their great mess all around the restaurant.

"My my,they sure know how to make a show!" Jack laughs after witnessing the event.

"Here's your food." The woman says giving literally everything the restaurant selled in a very large plate and gives it to Houshoku.

"Payment?" John asks with an eyebrow after seeing the event,"As in rent or something?"

"Whoo hoo! Finally food! Also those guys are jerks huh?" said Houshoku as she was in the middle of eating.

"They are quite rowdy...Also we shouldn't even bother Houshoku!" said Toridasu knowing that she would want to beat them up.

"Those guns are real alright..." said Taffy who hid herself under the table.

"This is something similar that happens in Water 7 at times. Except there are plenty of shipwrights to rough up people like those." said Struct.

"Oh are you alright boss?" The woman asks the old man.

"I'm fine." The old man gets up himself,"Sorry about that commotion. Just some rough boys wanting to ruin a humble old man's restaurant.

"It's alright." John states,"The name's John."

"Jerry Rhodes." The old man says,"But most call me JR."

"Nice to meet ya JR." John says,"Your diablo sandwich tastes awesome by the way."

"Thank you." JR states,"It's basically some ground beef,peppers and onions,some brown sugar into the meat,a hint of paprika,white vinegar,tomato puree,corn,cheddar cheese slices,and some mayonnaise all into a large bun."

"Very intriguing." John says,"I might like to have the recipe for my cook to make."

"Oh I can certainly can write it down for you." JR says walking back to the bar counter. He notices Houshoku eating all of the delicious food the restaurant offers,"My my,a girl having a strong appetite I'll say."

"Indeed she does!" Jack says with a smile,"The name is Jack old man!"

"Just call me JR please." JR says,"Plus,would anyone be interested in buying my signature BBQ sauce?"

"Maybe." John says,"Like I said,my cook is all into the BBQ stuff."

"Heh "JR?" People can interpert that name a LOT of different ways ya know!" said Houshoku who was still in the middle of eating including the silverware.

"Please don't say and or do that! Also this is Houshoku and I'm Toridasu." said Toridasu introducing himself.

"And I'm Struct. Just a shipwright from Water 7. This food is quite delicious" said Struct.

"Indeed it is! It's so good and has that old fashioned taste to it! Imma start calling you Good 'ol JR!" said Taffy who was eating as well.

"Why thank you ladies and gentlemen." JR says with a kind smile.

"Say,who were those people?" John asks.

"Oh a couple of mobsters that work for the Big Boss Hogg." JR answers,"He has ruled the place ever since 8 years ago after he corrupted our poor nation's election system and has declared himself king of the island."

"So this Boss Hogg has been having these people come in and break stuff all the time?" John asks.

"All the time." JR answers,"Hogg takes about half of our daily earning from all of the businesses in this town."

"Sounds like a filthy rich man that just keeps taking more from others." Alice says.

"Indeed he is." JR says,"That Hogg is a sinner that has his own seat for hell."

"Sounds like a good man!" Jack jokes,"A good ole handshake and he'll be the nicest man you'll meet!" He laughs.

"Ya,sure." John sarcastically says.

"Boss Hog. Sounds like some downgraded vehicle to me. Sucks for this place a guy like that rules this place." said Houshoku who was still eating.

"No you crazy clown. That man sounds like he'll blow your head off if you so as much look at him the wrong way." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Sounds like quite the unlawful man. Especially if he has this whole place around his finger." said Struct.

"He sounds like a big fatty mean guy!" said Taffy.

"Please. You're a lot older than you look to be speaking that way..." said Toridasu.

"So." John says getting the attention to him,"Is there anything we can do about it?"

"No not really." JR answers,"I prefer to not get involve in his dirty politics and all the racketeering he is involved in. Though I am a cattle auctioneer every now and then."

"A cattle auctioneer?" John asks,"That why all those cattle are outside?"

"Indeed. My restaurant uses the quality beef from all the cattle over there." JR answers.

"Come on old man!" Jack pleads,"There must be something to put a smile on your face that'll make the ol Hogg's fat ass unhappy."

"I mean......" JR says,"If they find out if I said something."

"Who gives a shit?" Jack says,"If you go out. Go with a bang!"

"Heh Jackie always knows what to say! Plus, I can kick plenty of ass and if money is a problem, I got plenty to spare to cover! Maybe!" said Houshoku.

"We would have more if you stopped eating it all the time..." said Toridasu.

"I always thought money tasted like salads...or like chips for the coin versions." said Taffy.

"Nope! Totally different tastes!" said Houshoku with a smike.

"Upsetting that man does seem rather dangerous. Is it worth the risk?" asked Struct.

"Sure thing! It'll be fine! Plus he sounds like Big Boss Hoss guy sounds like a Big Bastard to me!" said Houshoku.

"Well......." JR thinks for a moment,"I won't necessarily help you find a way,but I want to know if you're capable of doing it."

"What is it?" John asks.

"Follow me." JR heads outside,"Time you newcomers learn why this restaurant is named El Diablo."

"I have a good feeling this'll be cool!" Jack says as they were following JR.

"Will you just hush!" John says,"If anything goes south and we end up meeting Hogg,the marines will be up our asses!"

"Bah it's fine! Us three crews got this covered!" Jack says,"They couldn't catch the likes of me and Houshoku! So if you add one more to the batch,you got yourself a hard apple pie to catch!"

"Whatever that means." John says as they follow JR.

"Wonder what he meant by why this restaurant was named El Diablo." Alice says.

"Whoo hoo! Bring it on! I can take on El Diablo anytime!" said Houshoku with her fists in the air.

"What did "El Diablo" mean again Structy?" asked Taffy to Struct.

"The Devil." said Struct.

"Lovely...I think we're literally about to go to hell..." said Toridasu with a glum expression.

"Bah! Don't be such a worry wort! My mother is literally a demonic dragon! I handle shit like that on a daily basis!" proclaimed Houshoku.

Wanna Meet a Hogg,Gotta Handle the Beef!

Outside the restaurant known as El Diablo,was that fencing that was for all the cattle. But there is another fencing for a single bull itself. A reddish brown texas longhorn bull was seen alone in the other fencing eating grass inside it.

"What's that?" John asks as they seen the texas longhorn.

"That is El Diablo." JR answers,"The most aggressive bull known in this island! This bull is known for being aggressive to the cows and other cattle,too aggressive that it had to have it's own fence and gate. Many cowboys have dared to handle the bull,but most have fallen in under 5 seconds and/or have been killed by this bull instantly."

The bull had heard its name and instantly charged for the group outside the gates. The bull's thick head crashed into the gates like a truck had just hit a thick wall. The gate was seen bouncing from the attack of the fast bull.

"My God...." John says after nearly been hit by the bull's longhorns.

"HA! That bull really made you jump out of your pants Johnny!!" Jack says with a laugh.

"Holy crap that thing is pissed...and it really killed that many people?!" said Toridasu in a shocked tone.

"It's is quite aggressive...befitting of the name "El Diablo."" said Struct pondering to himself.

"Whoa! That thing is huge!" said Taffy standing in shock.

"Pfft! You call that intimidating? I've seen WAY worse trust me. This thing seems like a smaller version of my own mother." said Houshoku scratching her head.

"What is the point of you showing us El Diablo?" John asks.

"If you last 10 seconds against El Diablo,you catch my interest." JR answers,"And I'll have a couple guys to help you out."

"Yeah..........sounds kinda like a longshot not gonna lie." John states.

"Oh come on Johnny!" Jack says,"I'm sure you would accept this challenge! Besides,you love a good adventure don't ya?"

"I mean......" John says,"I have been trying to avoid excitement since fighting that Vice Admiral."

"Oh come on will ya?" Jack says,"I know there's a little part of you that wants to ride the bull known as El Diablo. Just might want to be careful the bull doesn't ride on you."

"Does it have to be me?" John asks.

"No,anyone else that wants to try?" JR asks.

"Bah,I'll just enjoy watching Johnny boy ride El Diablo!" Jack says.

"Fuck yeah I'm down as well! Johnny Boy will have to stay a Boy his entire life after all. Only a MAN can take on a ride like this!" said Houshoku pounding her fists togethers.

"...But you're a woman." said Toridasu.

"Uh, yeah a woMAN! Total tomboy Dasu you know better! Your ass should go up! I insist!" said Houshoku shoving Toridasu to the front.

"No no no! I will NOT get on that beast!" said Toridasu in protest.

"See you and Johnny Boy will make for best friends! You're both total babies!" said Houshoku still shoving Toridasu to the front.

"NO! We just don't want to die! We lack the insane mentality to uncomprehend fear like you and the clown over there!" said Toridasu.

John was silent for a moment before he thought up his mind,"Fine......I'll do it."

"Now that's the ol pirating spirit!" Jack says patting John's shoulder.

"You sure about this John?" Alice asks.

"Yeah,these dumb asses had convinced me." John says,"But if anything happens,I'm coming for your head Jack!"

"Oh please do!" Jack says,"I want to know if my head is made of stuffing!"

"Huh what?" John asks.

"Oh nothing,just more stuff to confuse ya more!" Jack laughs out.

"Hey I still want his head for what he did to that sea train! If El Diablo doesn't kill him, I will!" said Houshoku with a devious grin.

"You're still on about that?" said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Meh, either way, I think this will be good for laughs! Got any of that popcorn Jackie? This will be a show!" said Houshoku clapping her hands together.

"Well if you two are gonna ride El Diablo." JR says,"You'll need to wear some professional gear against this thing. I'll have a gang of cowboys here and we'll take El Diablo to the rodeo stadium while you two get ready."

"Oh ok." John says,"Where are the professional outfits?"

"I can go get them awhile." JR states as he walks back into the restaurant,"But perhaps even the padding from the outfit won't be enough against El Diablo."

"Well then." John says looking at the mad El Diablo,"Looks like I'm gonna ride you El Diablo."

El Diablo only snorted and angrily hit the fence again.

"Oh boy!!!" Jack says,"I might want to get myself some cowboy merch and watch it!"

"Actually..." JR says pointing to Jack,"You can be the rodeo clown. If Houshoku or John here get thrown off the bull,you're to distract the bull and have it chase you."

"Wait.....me?" Jack says,"Do I look like a clown to you?"

"Yes." Everyone deadpanly says.

"Oh. Well then glad I got the job!" Jack says with a wide smile.

"HAH!!! Johnny Boy is gonna ride that bull alright! Gonna make that wife of yours jealous! Also, THROWN OFF?!? I won't be thrown off thank you very much!" said Houshoku defensively.

"That first statement was unnecessary..." said Toridasu.

"Well, good luck that thing does look dangerous." said Struct.

"I'll cushion ya with my taffy!" said Taffy.

A little while later

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another rodeo here in the Lactose Ring of Honor!" JR was heard over a den den mushi announcing the event with a bunch of people gathered around the bull ring,"Today we have 2 rookies named John and Houshoku that'll be both taking on the infamous El Diablo!" The crowd cheers hearing the name of the deadly El Diablo,"And today,our rodeo clown guest of honor is Jack!"

"Hey look mama! I'm on tv!!!" Jack says waving to a video den den mushi.

"Well looks like Jack's dumb look actually is gonna be useful." Vincent says looking over the ring with Jack inside it.

"I wonder where John and Houshoku are at?" Alice wonders.

"They're right now putting on their rodeo uniforms on." A cowboy security guard says,"They should be out soon."

"Look at my boy Mister J!!" Davida shouts,"Look how happy he is!!!"

"Houshoku in a cowgirl outfit? This should be fun." said Toridasu who appears to be awaiting this.

"Oooh this is a first besides her armor clothes and her looser clothes and sometimes no clothes!" said Taffy.

"I hope she will be alright. Well, I do know she will she's pretty tough. She'll manage. The other guy, not so much." said Struct sternly.

Soon,John and Houshoku come out of the changing rooms and appear in their cowboy outfits. John was suited up with very thick leather all over himself. The chaps covering the jeans and his black cowboy looks.

"And there they are!" JR announces,"Prepared to ride on El Diablo they are!"

"Look at them two." Jack says,"Man I think Johnny looks better in that hat than the other hat he sports!"

"Though that black is what he wears." Tim says who was back from their restocking run.

"Look at John!!!" Antoinette shouts and points,who was right next to Taffy.

"He does look attractive as a cowboy doesn't he?" Alice does think.

Houshoku herself was wearing mainly an all pink outfit with a large pink hat and pink boots. "Heh, I wished they had bigger hates but this will do!"

"Wow. She is quite spiffy in that outfit huh?" said Struct.

"I...think she overdid it with the pink..." said Toridasu with a shocked look.

"Awww...can't have too much pink! Go Shoku!!!" shouted Taffy loudly.

"Remember folks,this is how the rules work. In order to win the competition,one must be riding on a bull and not get bucked off for 8 seconds. But of course we like to add a little challenge here,so we say with El Diablo,you must last 10 seconds against the mad bull!! Oh and here comes El Diablo!!"

El Diablo was being escorted by a bunch of cowboys that were whipping the bull,making sure it stayed in order,though it looked like it made the texas longhorn even angrier. The mad bull then suddenly whipped his head back n forth,sending cowboys flying once they got hit by the big horns.

"And there he is." John says,"Pissed off as ever."

"Look how big those horns are!" Antoinette says to her cousin Tim and Taffy.

"What was the reason again for John to accept this rodeo match?" Tim asks.

"To prove to someone we don't know." Alice answers.

"Whooooo boy,imagine being the clown and getting chased by it!" Jack says.

"You are the clown that's gonna get chased by it." Harley and Vincent deadpanly say.

"Oh,right." Jack laughs.

"Hah! Those poor saps got decked!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Now why is Houshoku doing this again?" asked Toridasu.

"Probably because it seems fun to her. Houshoku has been always about facing danger head on." answered Struct.

"I hope she'll be alright. Those horns are biiiiiiig!" said Taffy.

"...I'm actually more concerned for the bull than her." said Toridasu.

"Well looks like the bull is ready,in the cage before our contestants will be riding it." JR announces,"Question is: Are our contestants ready to get on the bull?"

"Yeah,Who wants to go first?" John asks,"Ladies first?"

"Hah! Sure thing if you want me to show you it isn't scary Johnny Boy! Bring 'em on!" said Houshoku as she makes her way onto the bull. "Damn you're intense up close! If you were a pet, you'd definitely be my mother's!"

"Her lack of fear in concerning. Although I'm not sure if that's a bad thing." said Toridasu.

"Nah. It's not. Trust me. That thing doesn't compare to Sea Kings and we dealt with our share of them." said Struct with his arms crossed.

"I didn't say I was scared." John mentions as he was watching Houshoku get to the bull.

"Be careful when dropping onto the bull." A cowboy official says looking down at El Diablo in the cage,"El Diablo gets feisty whenever someone wants to ride him."

El Diablo was seen whipping its head around the cage it's in,steam literally coming out of his nose from his anger.

"So,I'm to be chased by the bull after they have their fun." Jack says,"Any possibility of death involved in this?"

"Likely." A cowboy answers,"Why you ask?"

"Oh I just want to look at death and give it the finger." Jack answers with a smile.

"Heh heh! I promise to this guy I ain't rough when it comes to riding people!" said Houshoku with a chuckle as she got on the feisty bull.

"Did see really have to say that?" said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"She has her nerves I give her that." said Struct.

"GOOD LUCK SHOKU!!! TRY NOT TO DIIIIIIE!" screamed out Taffy.

El Diablo rocks himself back n forth in the cage after knowing Houshoku got on her. A man was getting at the door,ready to release El Diablo from the cage.

"Remember,8 seconds for it to be official. 10 seconds if you want a bonus." A cowboy says.

"And be careful if his longhorns start striking at you." Another cowboy states.

"Is it possible for someone without rodeo experience to beat El Diablo?" John asks a fellow cowboy.

"One wouldn't think." The cowboy answers,"Though you never know if a rookie somehow got lucky and found better grip on the ropes."

"Well that's encouraging." John states sarcastically.

"Trust me kid,you shouldn't have accepted the match." The cowboy says to John.

"Well it's too late to back out now." John says,"Fate has sealed itself before I was able to say no."

"Are you ready?" The official comes out and asks Houshoku.

"Hell yeah I'm ready! And I'm going for that bonus too!" said Houshoku with a smirk as she grips onto El Diablo. "Heh I'm about to show you why dragons are way more fiercer!"

"Then let her go!" The official yells out to the cowboy next to the cage door. The cowboy then instantly opens the cage door and out goes El Diablo and Houshoku.

Now,El Diablo ain't no ordinary bull when it came to the rodeo. This bull has the hops even better than any other bull. The bull was hopping up to as high as two tall buildings and landing with the thud of a train crashing. Imprints were left every time El Diablo landed back down. El Diablo was trying to get Houshoku off of him at all costs with even bucking himself around.

"MY GAWD LOOK AT THAT HEIGHT!!!" JR was seen yelling across the den den mushi as El Diablo was hopping very high.

"Yeah no wonder no one has been able to tame El Diablo." Harley says watching.

"WHOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO!!! THIS THING IS FRIGGIN MAAAAADDD!!!" shouted an excited Houshoku as she was holding on with a tight grip after turning one of her hands into a claw.

"DAMN!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?" shouted Toridasu which is unlike him.

"Well...he certainly doesn't like people riding him that's for sure." said a surprised Struct.

"WHOA!!! BE CAREFUL SHOKU!!!" shouted Taffy.

"That bull is aiming for the moon!!!!" JR yells out through the den den mushi,"So far she's survived 2 seconds!"

El Diablo was rocking Houshoku around as he was suddenly bucking and spinning around that a dust tornado was created around El Diablo and Houshoku.

"MY GAWD!! That bull is determined to take Houshoku off her rocker!!" JR yells.

"That bull is unnatural..." John says amazed by El Diablo.

"WOWOWOWOWOWOAH NELLY!!! EASY ON THE SPINS!!!" said Houshoku as she was keeping her grip harder.

"My goodness I'm getting sick just looking at it..." said Toridasu dizzy.

"Meeeee tooooooo....." said Taffy who was also dazed.

"That beast has a lot of power. If it wasn't an untamed beast, it would make for a fine worker." said Struct.

As El Diablo was spinning around,the dust tornado suddenly became a fireball. A tornado of fire was spinning around El Diablo and Houshoku. Even the longhorns of El Diablo were starting to go aflame!

"MY GAWD Diablo's on fire!!!" JR yells,"And that's why he's known as El Diablo!!!"

El Diablo was seen stopping his spinning motion,and started bucking around high even more. He was even aiming to hit the gates nearby!

"Look out!!" A gang of cowboys leap away as El Diablo smashes his fiery horns at that metal gateings.

"H-HOT DAMN!!! And I mean that LITERALLY!!! This bull's-a on fire!" shouted Houshoku as she was hanging on still appearing to enjoy herself.

"THIS IS INSANE!!! HOW CAN A BULL SET ITSELF ON FIRE?!?!" shouted a surprised Toridasu.

"Probably all of that friction he generated. Indeed, a name worthy of "El Diablo."" said Struct adjusting his shades.

"Oh noes! Houshoku will melt without her fireproof armor!" shouted Taffy.

"S-She should still have some resistance. She has dragon in her blood after all." said Toridasu.

"She has survived for nearly 6 seconds,can she do it?" JR yells out and wonders.

El Diablo was starting to get desperate and was now jumping around so high,that he was doing loop d loops while in the air,and then coming crashing hard onto the ground below.

"My word,at least John ain't on that thing....yet." Alice says.

"Indeed," Tim says,"It sure doesn't want anyone to handle itself."

Houshoku was still hanging on though was covered in some scars and bruises.

"Heh...Damn you're tough but I only need to last for 4 more seconds to be consider really good huh? Then have at thee!" shouted Houshoku.

"She...is still going on..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Whoa! Shoku is sooooo strong! Like taking all of those damages!" said Taffy in amazement.

"She is still covered in bruises and she works with more heavy explosives than anyone without getting a scratch. That bull itself is quite strong." said Struct.

El Diablo was still trying to desperately throw Houshoku off. The bull kept whipping its long horns back n forth while bucking around and figuratively jumping to the moon.

"Houshoku ain't stopping and neither is the bull." John says.

"Though she looks fairly beaten by the sudden whippings of the bull horns." Alice states.

"Plus all the G-forces one deals with when a bull is going fast up and down!" John says,"My word,no wonder a human hasn't been able to tame it."

"WHOOOOOAH!!! THIS THING IS MORE FIRECE NOW!!!" shouted Houshoku hanging on but starting to lose her grip only to tighten it again.

"H-How long as it been?" asked Toridasu.

"It's been 10 seconds! She's done it! She's beaten El Diablo!!!" JR says,"Question is can she get off of El Diablo?"

"HEY EL BITCHO!!!!" Jack yells out to El Diablo,"SUCK IT!!" He puts an X around his crotch to torment El Diablo. Which certainly did,El Diablo was now storming right after Jack.

"Captain certainly fits the rodeo clown role." Vincent facepalms himself,"And idiot for a captain clown..."

"Well it seems he's enjoying it." Viper states as they were watching Jack getting chased.

"WOWOWOWOWOAH!!! ALREADY DONE JACKIE!!! NO NEED TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!!!" shouted Houshoku who was able to jump off El Diablo but was also chasing after it. "GET BACK HERE YOU HOTHEADED MOVING PRIME RIB!!!"

"This...wow...I should've seen this coming..." said Toridasu who also facepalmed.

"Quite. Well, glad she has another friend that has the same mindset as her." said Struct who was chuckling.

"WHOOO!!! GET 'EM SHOKU!" shouted Taffy.

"WHERE AM I TO RUN TO????" Jack yells out to the cowboys.

"BACK INTO THE CAGE!!!" The cowboys yell at Jack.

"Oh right!" Jack then runs the other way with El Diablo still chasing him,"Come follow me you dumb bull's ass,I promise there are some real girls you can ride later HA HA HA!!!!"

John only facepalms himself,"Well looks like I should get ready soon then once Jack comes running here."

"Indeed boy." An elder cowboy says,"She was able to defeat El Diablo with her dragon shit. But I am more curious if an ordinary human can do it."

"Indeed." John says,"One can truly wonder..."

"HEY! JUST GOTTA SAY!!!" Jack yells as he's running,"LOVE THIS COWBOY OUTFIT Y'ALL GAVE ME!!!"

"HELL YEAH!! IT MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A REAL CRAZY BADASS!!!" shouted Houshoku looking over at Jack leading the bull to the pin. "Well, I say that proves I am a badass as well!"

"The amount of stuff you do...it takes the air out of me..." said Toridasu.

"You worry to much Dadsu! And I could easily take that thing out if I wanted to! I just wanted a good ride at least!" said Houshoku.

"HERE I COME!!!!" Jack was seen hopping over the cage as El Diablo ran straight for the cage and the cowboys slam the door on El Diablo.

"Well that is it for the dragon girl!" JR says,"But we are all truly wondering if a human being can survive 8 seconds against El Diablo!"

"You hear that Johnny!" Jack says getting right next to John,"They're cheering you on!!"

"Not like I'm a hometown hero." John humbly states.

"No,but you're the humankind hero if you win!" Jack says as he stares at El Diablo,"Beside all the fire and all that,I think you got El Bitcho done!" Jack then sticks his tongue out at the caged bull,which just made El Diablo even more mad.

'Ugh lame they think I had it easy because of my hertage!" said Houshoku angrily.

"Weredragons ARE stronger than an average human being so you do have an advantage." said Toridasu sternly.

"I think it's more of being able to manefist claws and whatnot for a better grip." explained Struct.

"Either way you still won!" said Taffy.

"Meeeeh...But at least I can watch Johnny Boy get his ass handed to him!" said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"Come on Johnny!" Jack says to John,"It's time you get on the bull now!"

"I know I know." John says as he hops off the gate and lands on El Diablo. El Diablo was surprised by John landing on his back,and it made El Diablo even more pissed.

"Whoa!" John says before getting prepared,"He's really pissed off."

"Well he just lost to a girl." Jack says,"I'm sure anyone would be humiliated by that!"

"I think it's only natural for the bull to be pissed off." John states as he prepares his grip on the bull.

"Say I wonder if after this we can get some free diablo sandwiches?" Jack wonders,"Cause that shit was good!"

"Hey! I'm a girl that can turn into a dragon and can eat nearly anything! Should be an HONOR to lose to me!" said Houshoku who was already back in the stands eating a random cowboy hat.

"Where did you get that?" asked Toridasu.

"From a poor shmuck that got destroyed earlier." said Houshoku who was chewing on it.

"You think Johnny Boy will be fine?" asked Taffy.

"He doubts himself a lot. Maybe." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Hey Hey John!" Jacob was seen coming and walking toward John,"You doing fine there?"

"I think so sensei." John answers.

"You're too tense.." Jacob calmly answers,"You're gonna immediately get screwed if you don't ease yourself."

"How about you ride on a pissed off bull!" John bluntly states.

"Have you forgotten my teachings?" Jacob asks,"Use those breathing exercises!"

John then eased up a bit,"I will do my best sensei."

"I know you will." Jacob nods and then walks back toward the crew watching.

"What'd you tell him?" Alice asks Jacob.

"Oh just gave the student some wise words." Jacob answers.

"Heh. "Sensei". You totally got him around your finger." said Houshoku snickering.

"But you have like 10 of them back home!" said Toridasu.

"And? They don't hold my hand all the time!" said Houshoku.

"But isn't Struct like your "sensei" in shipbuilding? And he is following us around." asked Taffy.

"More or less." said Struct shrugging.

"That is different dammit! He is only with us because we had to save him from the damn Marines before going back to Water 7! Also, we're getting off topic! I want to see Johnny Boy get destroyed!" said Houshoku.

"You're still mad about the sea train aren't you?" said Toridasu in a deadpan tone.

"DAMN FUCKING RIGHT!!!" shouted Houshoku.

"You ready?" The official asks John.

John sighs then does a hail mary,"I'm ready."

"Then here we go!" The official yells out and signals the cage to be opened. The cage opened and released John and El Diablo!

El Diablo starting bucking immediately and hopping for the moon.

"WOAH!!" John yells trying to hold on as the wild bull was trying to buck him off.

"Looks like he's going for the same strategy he tried on Houshoku." Harley states.

"Well what else would he do?" Jack asks,"It's a dumb bull what do you expect?"

"Heh if you want to learn from the best, you gotta be the best!" said Houshoku eating a random piece of wood.

"I think you got that backwards..." said Toridasu in a deadpan tone.

"Whoa! Johnny Boy is already struggling!" shouted Taffy looking at John.

"Let's see if that training would help him. Houshoku did have an easier time with her powers but I am seeing what this man can do." said Struct rubbing his chin.

John was trying to hold on to the reigns of the bull. He then thinks of something,"Akuma no Iki (Devil's Breath)" He whispers as his muscles gotten bigger and his strength increased,which allowed his grip to be tighter. Now he had better grip on the bull,now if he learned how to steer a bull.

"Looks like he's doing better than he started." Alice says.

"He's using the devil's breath." Jacob says,"Breath like the devil,you won't fear the devil."

"Pfft! The hell kind of nonsense is that? And you guys complained about me being able to hold on with my heritage!" said Houshoku with a pout.

"Nah. It's just a form of martial arts that he can use. It's nothing similar to yours but you have some techniques of your own you could've used." said Struct.

"Meh...I know but that would've been overkill. I"m not trying to kill the damn thing after all." said Houshoku.

"We...are talking about just RIDING the bull right?" said Toridasu.

"I imagined a muscular Houshoku and that's soooo odd!" said Taffy.

John was now dealing with El Diablo spinning around in circles into a dust tornado,"This bull is doing the same procedures from earlier." He then thinks about how he could counter it,"What if I pull it the opposite way of where it was going?" He then tugs the reigns of the bull,the bull was yanked the other way and tried to spin the other way but was tugged the other way each time he tried.

"Looks like he's getting smart." Tim states,"Not letting the bull do its pattern it wants to."

"Not a bad strategy." Jacob states,"I ain't a professional bull rider,but I'm sure that's a strategy they do."

"Eh it's not bad but that's a rather bland way of going at it." said Houshoku.

El Diablo was getting really mad,and decided to scrap his hoof as they were bucking around. When El Diablo scraped his hoof,the whole bull went aflame! John got caught offguard by El Diablo being on fire,so El Diablo used this to his advantage by spinning around into a fire tornado.

"Good thing I got grip!!" John thought as he was dealing with the fire tornado around,"Though these burns are gonna hurrrrrt"

"YO JOHNNY BOY!" Jack yells,"YOU'RE ON FIRE!!!"

"I think he knows that." Harley says to Jack.

"No I was complementing him!" Jack says with a smile.

"Hey how was that fire up close Shoku?" asked Taffy.

"It was hot alright! If I had my armor on, I wouldn't have felt a thing! I better need to get used to fire by myself again but I got dragon in my blood so I'm good!" said Houshoku.

"It's like I'm watching a playback of what transpired earlier. Except the obvious person difference." said Toridasu.

"So much fire. Makes me want to get back into welding." said Struct.

"It's been 5 seconds!" JR yelled across the den den mushi.

El Diablo was seen bucking around even more violently in desperation of winning the competition against John. John's hands were charred black from the burning of El Diablo.

"The Devil's breath keeps me to grip,but the burning sensation I can still feel!" John thinks while in pain.

"Doesn't look like he's having a good time dealing with the fire." Alice says.

"But he's determined to win." Jacob says,"He has a will to fight at least."

"Like that hasn't been proven before." Tim says.

"He ain't no D., but he definitely got a will I till ya!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"Wait, D.? What that's got to do with it?" asked Toridasu.

"That's for another time Dasu my weaker friend." said Houshoku with a finger up in the air.

"That "weaker" part was unnecessary..." said Toridasu with a blank expression.

"He is about at his limit huh? I can tell from the expression on his face." said Struct.

"Come on! Just a little longer!" John thought to himself as he tried to break the bull from bucking any more,but to no avail did he get his arm hit by the fiery longhorns.

"Come on John!" Tim yells out to his captain.

El Diablo was then seen jumping at its highest height it jumped yet,and come landing in a crash,leaving John bouncing on the bull from the hard landing,"Ok that got my back"

"8 Seconds!" JR yells out,"He's done it! He defeated El Diablo!"

"Now just for him to see if he can do another 2 seconds." Jacob says,"That last bucking made him lose his seating and must've hurt his back."

"But he's been in worse condition." Tim states,"That Vice Admiral left him nearly dead."

"But a broken back is a broken back nevertheless." Jacob reminds.

"Eh he can just take come salt tablets." said Houshoku as she ate some random person's hat.

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Toridasu.

"Remember watching a show about this dude selling propane. Some crazy coach said to just take a salt tablet for major injuries so yeah!" said Houshoku who was chewing.

"That logic makes no sense..." said Toridasu.

"That man would function well as a shipwright but I don't think he will have a creative mind. He seems the type to just beat things up." said Struct.

"Shoku is like that too but she is suuuuuuuper smart and good at building junk!" said Taffy.

John was then seen bucking around slowly until it was his time to jump off and let Jack be chased by it. John landed in a heap of mud which stained his charred black leather outfit. His hat flew off and landed on the ground. John was just seen laying there for a moment until a group of cowboys walked over to him.

"You alright sir?" The one cowboy asks,"You look beaten there."

"I won." John says standing up from his position,mud covered on him,"Does it look like I'm ok?"

"I mean,you were just laying there on the mud." the other cowboy answers.

"I survived,and I was celebrating that I lived 10 seconds of a mad bull." John calmly says as he brushes off mud as Jack was getting his ass poked by the longhorns.

"Hah! Johnny Boy you better hope that is mud and not literal crap!" said Houshoku laughing her ass off.

"...That is disgusting..." said Toridasu who looked uneasy.

"Either way, he was able to make it. Trying to prove to himself I wonder?" asked Strut to himself.

"He is pretty cool though!" said Taffy.

"Yeah cool like if you want to land in a face full of cow pies!" said Houshoku who was still laughing.

"Where's my hat?" John asks the cowboys,"I feel naked without a hat regardless."

"Here's your black cowboy hat." The cowboy throws the hat to him while John grabs it with one hand and puts it back on.

"Better." John smiles.

"Not gonna lie,you look sexy as a cowboy." Alice smiles to John.

"Hey Howdy Hey,I don't need that at the moment." John shakes his head and smiles as he comes back to the crews while Jack was being chased by the raging El Diablo.

"Could we make the change of having John as a cowboy?" Antoinette asks Tim,"He looks better in the outfit than his Hatter suit."

"I might wear this every time we're in a western island or a cowboy island like this." John smiles as he spoke,"I might want to get myself cleaned up." He says looking at himself.

"How about you Houshoku? Keeping the cowgirl outfit?" asked Toridasu.

"Meh. Gonna go by to my looser clothes but I may be able to do something with it! The hat can make for a pretty good slicin' hat if applied right! Toss my hat and slice foes with them!" said Houshoku tossing her hat around.

"The ideas that come into your head are terrifying..." said Toridasu.

"I think that is pretty cool! Make it shoot lighting as well!" said Taffy.

"W-Why? That doesn't make any sense!" said Toridasu.

"Imma go take a shower." John says walking to a shower room to get himself cleaned up.

"Phew" Jack comes back with himself charred from El Diablo,"That bull really is anti-social when it comes to clowns!"

"You don't say?" Vincent asks.

"Should we tell him his rear ends on fire?" Harley asks Vincent.

"Nah,he'll figure it out sooner or later." Vincent states.

"sniff sniff does it smell like burnt fabrics or something to y'all or is it just me?" Jack asks as his rear end was going aflame.

"Nope. Not a thing." said Toridasu looking away.

"You're ass is literally on fire Jackie!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Oh it is?" Jack says looking at his ass,"By jove you're right!" He then runs over to a watering hole and sits on the water to cool down his rear end.

Vincent and Harley only facepalm themselves as the rest laugh.

Now You Can Eat the Potatoes

A Moment Later

"Ok,much better!" John says walking back outside in his usual hatter's uniform,"I'll be keeping this uniform. I'll just have it in my hat." He then throws his cowboy uniform into his top hat and puts it back on.

"Nice! Now we can go get our free Diablo sandwiches!" Jack shouts in happiness.

"You're just hungry aren't you?" Vincent and Harley asks Jack.

"Nope! Just want to eat more of those sandwiches!" Jack replies.

"I'm curious why that old man had put you two through with riding a berzerk bull." Alice asks.

"To prove to him I'm guessing." John says.

"Heh NONE of you can compare to my appetite! I'll eat all the damn food as I am promisded as well!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"Oh yeah! Food's not the limit!" said Taffy posing.

"What are you even doing..?" asked Toridasu.

"Personally, I'm still full but that was good if you had a handle on that bull Houshoku." said Struct.

"To be honest, I could've easily held on without my Baku or Dragon powers. I was wasn't to have some fun is all." said Houshoku.

"Easy for you,I only had my martial arts teachings." John states back,"I was able to hold on,but barely still."

"Nevertheless that was some nice bull riding." A giant cowboy in a blue suit was seen walking up to the crews along with a dwarf cowboy wearing the identical clothes as the giant.

"Yeah,out-riding El Diablo is a feat worthy of our attention." the dwarf cowboy says.

"Excuse me?" John asks,"But who are you two?"

"A giant and a dwarf obviously." Jack says,"Kinda funny not gonna lie!"

"The name's Big Amos." The giant introduces himself as he leaned down with a giant cigar in his mouth.

"And I'm Little Amos." The dwarf says as he lights up Big Amos's cigar for him.

"Heh you guys are Big and Little alright! Wonder how ya--" said Houshoku before she was cut off by Toridasu.

"Not the time or the place now..." said Toridasu.

"FINE!!! But yeah riding that thing was no problem! You should try Sea Kings! Those things are real savages! Oh yeah! Angrboda Houshoku is my name!" said Houshoku with a thumbs up pointing to herself.

"That was dangerous and you know it. Especially since you're a Devil Fruit user." said Toridasu.

"Another time meeting a giant huh? Interesting." said Struct.

"Oooh! Those guys totally could be like brothers with their names! Or wear matching outfits!" said Taffy randomly.

"We're father and son." Big Amos says,"I'm the father,and Little Amos is the son."

"Wait? How does that work?" John asks.

"Doesn't matter." Big Amos states as he takes a puff of smoke,"What matters is that you actually impressed us."

"What do you two want with us?" John then asks.

"We're connoisseurs shall we say." Little Amos says,"We like to have our party with some extra sauces in our disposals shall we say."

"Meaning y'all have a bunch of women?" Jack asks,"Then hell yeah I'm in already!!"

"Oh Hell No!" John says,"I ain't planning on going to a strip club."

"Not a strip club damnit." Little Amos says,"We mean Booze!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh." John and Jack simultaneously say.

"I'm in still!" Jack says.

"I'm not really sure about myself." John states.

"Hah! Can you kiddos even take your drinks! I'm in all the way baby and I mean that both ways!" said Houshoku laughing.

"You're terrible at holding your liquor..." said Toridasu with fear in his eyes.

"Bah! You worry too much Dadsu! I won't drink too much!" said Houshoku patting his back.

"You really can't hold your liquor. Last time we celebrated building a two story ship and after you drunk, you ate the whole thing in minutes." said Struct.

"That was one time and I was like 25!" said Houshoku.

"Ooh...I don't drink much myself but I could at least party!" said Taffy.

"I can hold my drink thank you very much." John states,"I just don't drink a lot."

"I love to drink a nice fine wine if you ask me!" Jack says,"But I'm always down for a hard whiskey!"

"You prefer wine?" John asks,"I'm surprised."

"I was forced to drink it." Jack says,"Now I just drink it every meal whenever it is available."

"Yeah,that's why we have a wine distillery in our ship." Ramone says as the cook of the crew.

"Never knew that." John says,"I prefer a nice Rum Cocktail,but I'll drink champagne or whiskey if I want to."

"Remember that barrel of champagne we had that was all drunk by Yang in our wedding?" Alice asks John,"Not gonna lie,that was kinda funny!"

"Oh I remember it well." John rolls his eyes,"They even tired out our poor cook when he was continuing to fire meat to the Gluttonous duo of Leo and Yang. Though I think I've found a competitor for them two total." He says looking at Houshoku.

"That was a fun wedding!" Jack says thinking about it,"Though that priest was soooooooooo boring."

"Heh I heard those two cause a lot of trouble lately! Looking forward to meeting them one day"! said Houshoku with a smile.

"That sounds terrifying...I hope that never happens." said Toridasu.

"I honestly prefer wine myself. It's also good for me at my age." said Struct.

"But aren't you like 43?" asked Taffy.

"53 actually. I keep saying 43 so that people won't get the wrong idea." said Struct scratching his head.

"Anyway." Big Amos puffs out more smoke,"Are you all familiar with the laws here in Lactose?"

"Nope!" Jack simply answers.

"Yeah,we're mostly tourists." John lies.

"Ahhhh,well there is this certain mixture of alcohol that is not allowed here in Lactose." Big Amos states.

"Apple Caramel Cola." Little Amos continues for Big Amos,"It's illegal to have it imported to here."

"Apple Caramel Cola?" John asks,"What is that?"

"Moonshine my friend." Big Amos answers,"Whisky and Bourbon mixed with apple pie,caramel,and cola,sometimes with ice cream if you talk to the right people."

"And we have!" Little Amos states.

"Indeed we have." Big Amos says,"Listen,I have a party going on in about 28 hours. I need the moonshine here at this island by then."

"Woah woah woah!" John says,"How much of this are we talking?"

"400 cases." Big Amos says,"That equals to about 115,200 bottles of moonshine."

"You giving us money?" Jack asks.

"Of course he is dummy!" Little Amos answers,"80 thousand belly."

"No no Little Amos." Big Amos says,"8,328,200 belly."

Jack and John's eyes both pop out from the money heard!

"Why?" John asks.

"Cause of some certain things." Big Amos answers.

"Meh" said Houshoku as she pouts.

"Huh?" What's wrong Shoku?" asked Taffy.

"Well, considering the shit I do and what I am, that kind of money is chump change to me." said Houshoku eating a random piece of stone.

"But illegal moonshine? On an island with cowboys with very large guns? That seems dangerous..." said Toridasu.

"Well, moonshine is illegal by default so it's kind of redundant to say it like that." said Strut rubbing his chin.

"That's not the point I'm trying to make! I'm just saying this could lead our deaths!" said Toridasu in fear.

"You worry too damn much Dasu. Honestly, this just sounds too fun to pass up so I'm definitely in!" said Houshoku.

"But that moonshine sounds good! I want to try some!" said an excited Taffy.

"No. Trust me, you don't." said Toridasu.

"Totally want to drink this shit afterwards as well!" said Houshoku.

"I'm down as well!" Jack says,"For the mission and the drinks!"

"I don't know." John thinks,"Sweeten the deal."

"Oh you want more huh?" Big Amos laughs,"10 Million."

"50 Million." John negotiates.

"15 Million." Big Amos retorts

"65 Million."

"25 Million."

"70 Million."

"50 Million if you give me an extra 200 cases of it." Big Amos says.

"It's a deal." John says shaking Big Amos's hand.

"Johnny boy the negotiator." Jack says with admiration,"Most negotiations for me end with a bullet in the brain."

"I just want insurance of this job." John says,"We're pirates after all."

"Heh heh indeed y'all are." Big Amos says,"How about a 700,000 belly signing bonus for each of ya?"

"Godamm you must be rich." John says,"But sure."

"Then here is the money for each of ya." Little Amos give Jack,John,and Houshoku the 700,000 belly each.

"Awww yeah sweet payday! Didn't know Johnny Boy was a good negotiator. I thought he was best as a meat shield!" said Houshoku counting the money.

"I thought you said you didn't need this "chump change." said Toridasu in a snarky tone.

"Money is money Toriboresu!" said Houshoku snapping back. "Since I was paid up front like this, better get started soon huh? I always try to make due on projects regarding pre-payments.

"This isn't a commission for your powers though..." said Toridasu in a deadpan tone.

"Where do we need to get this moonshine?" John asks.

"Oh it's at an island west of us." Big Amos states,"An island called Texarkana."

"Then there's an island east of Lactose called Hazzard." Little Amos states,"We want you three to hit those two islands and come back in 28 hours."

"Hmmmmmmm." John says,"So we need to hit both in 1 stop,or can we go to one island and give it to ya,then go to the other island."

"I want it back in one stop." Big Amos says,"I want you to go to Texarkana,then to Hazzard,then return to Lactose for all the 'shine to party with!"

"But I thought we're going to one place?" John says.

"I want two types of 'shine." Big Amos says,"Texarkana provides the sweet 'shine,there's a more bitter 'shine at Hazzard that has like Barley,Whiskey,Corn and Maple Syrup."

"Doesn't matter to me!" Jack says,"Let's get ourselves some moonshine!"

"Hmph,fine. But I don't like that you didn't tell me of 2 locations to stop at." John says.

"Now YOU don't start to be a worry wart on me Johnny Boy! As long you got us around, you don't have to worry about shit! And I'm pretty damn good a crafting so anything you need built, I got you!" said Houshoku.

"How about you Struct? Could you help as well?" asked Taffy.

"Eh...I only know my way around a good boat. Houshoku is a much more versitle in other things." said Struct.

"This sounds like it could blow up in our face. And with the clown around, that can be literally..." said Toridasu.

"There is one drawback." Big Amos says.

"Yeah! You'll have the marines up your asses!" Little Amos states.

"There'll be an anonymous source that'll call the local marines once you guys have loaded the 'shine and left. And then there'll be a couple marines chasing you." Big Amos lets out another puff of smoke.

"Oh that's nice!" John says,"Not only you have us go to two islands in less than 2 days,but you also call the marines on us!"

"I think he wants to challenge us Johnny boy so don't complain!" Jack says with a smile,"We'll fuck them marines like we were their parents!"

"I ain't afraid of some damn Marines! Bring them on! Me and Jackie here survived against two VAs!" said Houshoku with a fierce smile.

"That is NOT something to brag about..." said Toridasu.

"It wasn't so much as survive as we were barely able to get away." said Struct adjusting his shades.

"Either way! We'll be fine! If it gets bad, we can say that Ryushiki wanted them for her Warlord stuff right?" asked Taffy.

"Nah. Mother ain't into that shit. She isn't into a lot of stuff that doesn't involve total power..." said Houshoku with some heaviness with her words.

"Well still." John says,"Is there anything else we need to know?"

"Nope! Just Good Luck!" Big Amos says as he walks away.

"See you in 28 hours!" Little Amos then walks away.

"So....we're gonna need a boat that's fast that's for sure." John says,"Probably will need our ships for carrying the cargo."

"We can put some of the 'shine in my distillery." Jack says.

"It is possible I can put it in the giant tea bags I have in storage." John says,"We're gonna need some large cargo space,and have our boats go fast."

"We probably going to need shit to haul them around onto the ships in the first place. Of course I can get those carriers going pretty easily!" said Houshoku smirking.

"Maybe I can use my taffy to help move them around as well!" said Taffy.

"That will just make them stick more though." said Toridasu.

"I'll try to help when I can but I'll have to stick to the background. Dont' want a criminal record over my head heh..." said Struct rubbing his head.

"Understandable." John nods,"I would do the same but I already have a 90 million belly bounty so why not."

"Maybe we should get our navigators together to discuss the fastest route?" Alice asks.

"The shipwrights too." Tim states,"It's a job worthy of a ship that is fast,yet that can haul a bunch of moonshine."

"Indeed." John says,"But it's kinda a time waster to make a ship that would need like a day's worth of time,and we only have a limited amount of time."

"Maybe we can have like some cola boosters?" Brunhilde asks,"Our ship has that when needed out in certain situations."

"Yup! Press a button from the helm,and rocket boosters powered by cola fire up!" Jack states,"Me and Brunhilde made that together!"

"Interesting idea." John says,"Could that work Tim?"

"Maybe for speed wise." Tim states,"We're gonna need to build multiple of those cola boosters then,but what about storage?"

Houshoku cracks her fingers. "Considered that done! I can have a shit ton of storages for the Moonshine done way quicker than building an entire boat!" said Houshoku confidently.

"That is true. Her choice of vocabulary may be questionable but she is quite the skilled shipwright/craftsman." said Toridasu.

"I can attest to that and it shouldn't be a problem to help build something. It is my job to build after all." said Struct.

"And I can help carry around stuff with my taffy!" said Taffy.

"Again, it'll just make them more stuck..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"She's got the spirit at least." John says to Toridasu.

Westbound and Down

An hour later

"Alright!" Tim says after wiping his head off of sweat and grease,"All the cola engines and boosters are done!"

"Yeah,that was fun making them though!" Brunhilde says wiping her hands with a towel.

"Good!" John states,"Now we got speed to get to the islands. How about the storage capacity?" He asks Houshoku.

"Phew! Pretty damn good Johnny Boy! We pretty much got enough to hold near a whole damn ship's worth! Yeah my skills are amazing I know!" said Houshoku who was wiping the sweat from her own face with her own town.

"Indeed all the work that may get us in trouble later." said Toridasu in a glum tone.

"Bah, take a chill pill Mc. Grill!" said Houshoku who tossed the towel right in Toridasu's face.

"...Gross..." said Toridasu throwing it to the ground.

"Hah! That's the closest you're gonna get to a girl's sweat if ya know what I mean!"said Houshoku with a laugh.

"...No..." said Toridasu who looked away.

"Ahh still got the v-card do ya?" Jack asks and pats Toridasu's back,"Sorry bud,but sooner or later a clown girl will find ya and eat your dick off!"

"JACK!!!" John yells at Jack,"How rude!"

"Don't need to say anything chad cause you're the one fucking a giant." Jack laughs at John.

"Very Funny." John mutters,"Anyway,I'm guessing we're ready to get going. Billy! How far is Texarkana?"

"900 miles." Billy answers,"With these boosters we should be there in like 9 hours."

"Good." John says as he was looking at his pocket watch,"We have exactly 27 hours left so we mustn't waste another minute!"

"Thaaaaanks....I'll keep that in miiiiiind..." said Toridasu in the most sarcastic tone possible.

"Hell no! Let's-a get going! I'm ready for this trip!" said Houshoku leaping onto her ship.

"Aye aye!" said Taffy as she gets on as well.

"Let's see how this will turn out for us." said Struct getting on.

""Let's-a?" Why did you say it like that?" said Toridasu as he warps on board.

"Here!" John says to Jack and Houshoku,giving each of them a den den mushi,"This is a three way den den mushi. That way in case we each see something. We can report it to the rest of us."

"Good idea Johnny boy!" Jack says and puts it in his pocket,"Put that in the pile of den den shit I have."

"You really do have a lot." Harley states.

"Yeah,I take some from others and prank them about taxes!" Jack says with a smile.

John just rolls his eyes,not surprised by Jack's actions.

"Thanks!" said Houshoku as she takes the Den Den Mushi before speaking again. "Heh that's pretty funny actually! But..." responded Houshoku as she takes out a Black Den Den Mushi. "If you really want to mess with people, you can spy on them with this then call on 'em with their dirty secrets!"

"W-Where and when did you get that?!" said Toridasu.

"Oh, one of those Vice Admirals we faced must have dropped it during our fights and I swiped it the first chance I got! Hey I needed SOMETHING else from when we raided G2!" said Houshoku.

"That's pretty bold! I didn't even see when you got it!" said Taffy.

"Same here. We were together most of the time." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Hah! You guys need better eyes to keep up with the speed of this woman! I can move faster than Dudsu can teleport!" said Houshoku laughing.

"One, that is not true and two, "Dudsu"? Seriously?" said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"I'm betting with it black it's that Thanatos guy!" Jack says.

"Alright we ready to head out?" John asks.

"Yes sir!" Jack shouts,"We're Westbound and Down for Texarkana!" He then points to Jenny,"Music Maestro!"

Jenny then starts playing her violin in a hillbilly tone.

"I hear music!" Patrick says coming out of the kitchen in John's ship,"This reminds me of my good days!"

"What do you mean?" John asks Patrick.

"Reminds me of the days playing my banjo!" Patrick then has a banjo and plays along with Jennifer's violin.

"Let me join in!" Tim says as he pulls out a giant guitar and starts playing along.

John just facepalms while seeing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum dancing to the music.

"Oh this music is lovely John!" Alice states,"Want to dance?"

"I dance to formal music." John replies.

"Come on....." Alice persuades.

"Fine" John smiles and then starts dancing.

"YEEHAW!!!" Jack shouts,"We're really a big bunch of rednecks!"

"No! I'm a formal hatter and you're a clown!" John replies.

"And a Bah Humbug to you scrooge!" Jack makes fun of John.

"H-Hey! This is quite damn catchy! However..." said Houshoku as she suddenly turns her lance into a guitar. "I rock to the old 'tar myself!" said Houshoku as she starts playing a loud riff off of it.

"GAH!!! THAT'S FREAKING OUT!!!" shouted Toridasu covering his ears.

"Oooh! I like this tune! This is something I used to listen to back home!" said Taffy dancing.

"Heh. At least they're all in high spirits. But we can't drop our guard after all of this is done." said Struct thinking the last statement to himself.

9 Hours Later

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" Jack was seen sleeping at his bed with Davida,as it was nearly midnight. John was at his lab keeping himself awake while the rest were sleeping.

"We're getting close to Texarkana captain." Billy says to John as he was entering the lab.

John looks at his watch,"We have 18 hours. Let's get this done and over with." He then walks over to his den den mushis and says,"This is the Mad Hatter to the Clown Prince and Princess Glutton,y'all read me?"

Jack was heard sleeping through the call,with Davida hugging Jack tightly while she was sleeping.

"How convenient." John states sarcastically.

Houshoku was seen working on another object while she got the transmisson from John. "Princess Glutton (heh I like that) Loud and clear Johnny Boy! Just working on some new gadgets before going to bed soon. I guess Jackie decided to turn in for the night." said Houshoku while she was still constructing.

"Well forget about sleeping right now,we're about to make it to Texarkana in less than 5 minutes. Get prepared to find this moonshiner and lets haul this stuff in." John replies.

"Y'all called for Mister J?" Davida asks sleepily through the den den mushi while Jack was snoring behind her.

"Wow already huh? Sure thing I'll get my peeps up!" said Houshoku as she suddenly started to yell out. "HEY GUYS!!! TIME TO RISE AND SHINE!!! WE'RE ABOUT TO DO SOME SHINING!!!"

"GAH!!! Even in the other room I can still hear your damn screaming..." said Toridasu from his room as he slowly started to get up from his bed.

"Someone say my name?" Jack asks while trying to wake up.

"Ok,where the hell is this moonshiner?" Jack asks as they walk onto the shores of the island,"Don't tell me we have to find him in this godforsaken island."

"I mean that giant and dwarf didn't tell us where these moonshiners will be at." John states,"He just told us the island and that's it."

"That wouldn't be good." Tim says,"We're running on a schedule,and us having to find them puts us behind it."

"Hmmmmm." Jack thinks,"Anyone got a giant flashlight? This place is dark as fuck."

"Well it's night time dumbass." John says.

"Hey,I can tell you haven't slept yet!" Jack scoffs.

"Damn it's cold out here...forgot to bring a jacket..." said Toridasu as he looked visually drowsy.

"Just take some salt tablets! And I got a light riiiight here!" said Houshoku as she took out a large flashlight that glowed pink.

"Why pink? It just makes everything look like Taffy used her powers everywhere..." replied Toridasu who was rubbing himself trying to keep himself warm.

"Because pink kicks ass! DUH!!!" said Houshoku making a sort of knocking motion on her head.

"Nonetheless, it seems like we are still being waiting on. I hope this isn't a trap or anything." said Struct who was looking around.

As they continued walking in the island,they were coming into a forestry area.

"Well,we might be getting lost." Jack says,"You sure this wasn't a hoax and marines are setting us up?"

"No." John says,"I knew he was telling the truth. We just need to find the guy."

"Someone has to be here!" Jack says.

"That someone may be me!" A man wearing overalls and a cap comes running out of the bushes saying hello,"Hey! My name's Bushwacker Luke!"

"Well hey Luke!" Jack greets Luke,"You have the 'shine we're looking for?"

"The order for Big Amos and Little Amos?" Bushwacker Luke asks.

"Yes!" John answers.

"Yup! The order was 200 cases of apple pie caramel cola moonshine!" Bushwacker Luke states,"I have them in a freezing storage facility to keep the 'shine nice and cold!"

"That is good." John states,"We must all of it in our ship in less than an hour."

"Hauling it should take 2 hours though." Luke states,"There's no way you can cut time from that."

"Heh..."Bushwacker." I bet your popular in the be--" said Houshoku as her mouth was covered by both Toridasu and Struct.

"Not now...seriously not now..." said Toridasu with grief in his voice.

"Even I have to say we should watch what we say Houshoku." said Struct.

"Ugh! Fine I get it! But 2 hours for something in an hour huh? No biggie! Cutting time is what I do best! Now, shall I create a jet-powered crate that can get these puppies hauled in half the time or have Toridasu warp each of them out easily and quickly?" asked Houshoku looking at everyone.

"...I vote the first option." said Toridasu slowly raising his hand.

"Well if you do the first option,that means we have to have time to make the jet powered crate,that means time." John says,"And time is money,we can't be wasting time."

"Not unless she already made it Johnny Boy!" Jack says.

"Good point." John states,"While if we have Toridasu use his powers,that means we got the job done instantly,but he would be tired and it's the middle of the night still. But we got a schedule to keep going! Ugh dividing choices,what to do...."

"Relax Johnny boy!" Jack pats John on the back,"You have our friends to help you out!"

"Heh heh..." said Houshoku as she already presents the jet powered crate. "What did you think I was working on all this time?" she continued with a smirk.

"B-But why did you present that second option then?!" said Toridasu in disbelief.

"Because it's STILL an option doy! It's a shit ton to carry and your powers can drastically cut down on time!" said Houshoku.

"True but my powers tire me out over time! You know that!" shouted Toridasu.

"Just take some salt tablets!" said Houshoku and Toridasu at the same time with Toridasu knowing she was going to say that. "Eh? Smartass huh?" said Houshoku with an eyebrow raised.

"Let's just get this over with...maybe I can get some decent sleep afterwards..." said the still drowsy Toridasu.

"Well where's the crate of the 'shine then?" John asks Luke.

"It's down there in that still." Luke answers pointing down into the forest,"Like I said,they're in a refrigeration system crate that keeps them cold,just so their taste is in their prime."

"Thank you." John says to Luke,"Any chance we can get some extras for ourselves?"

"Sure!" Luke says,"There's 3 cases right there,24 bottles for each of you. Enjoy! It's on the house."

"Thank you Bushwacker Luke!" Jack says shaking Luke's hand.

"Oh hell yeah gonna get enjoying this shit tonight!" said Houshoku excitedly.

"But it is already "tonight."" said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"SHIT IT!!!" shouted Houshoku.

"I am quite curious on the taste myself. Still, I better be careful who would see me." said Struct who had on different clothes.

"We'll try it out when we get back on the ships." John states,"Let's head back to the ships if Houshoku has the hauling covered."

"I'm sure it'll taste good!" Jack says with glee,"Apple Pie Caramel Cola Moonshine here we come!"

"Can we drink till we're drunk Mister J?" Davida asks.

"Oh no! Be a responsible drinker kids!" Jack says with a smile.

"I highly doubt you are responsible drinker..." John deadpanly says.

"Same here..." said Toridasu.

"Alright! I'm going to motor on! Let's go Dasu!" shouted Houshoku as she grabbed onto Toridasu and rocketed off toward the supplies with Toridasu.

"I JUST WANT TO SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!" shouted Toridasu in vain as he is taken away.

"Well, that happened. I guess I'll wait for them then." said Struct getting back onto Houshoku's ship.


"Alright!" Jack says to Houshoku,"Let's try out this shit!"

"Careful Jack." John says,"You don't know how this stuff was made,this could have harmful chemicals in it." He says testing his bottles of moonshine in his labs,"Oh they're safe."

"What did I tell you." Jack asks,"Alright! Time to know what this tastes like!"

"I am still NOT trying this..." said Toridasu looking at the bottle until it was swipped by Houshoku.

"If you don't want it, then let ME have it ya baby! Thanks to my powers, even if this shit has harmful chemicals in it, it won't affect me! Bottoms up!" said Houshoku drinking both hers and Toridasu's at the same time.

"Whoo boy...she drunk both at once huh?" said Struct with a nervous sweat.

"Is it wise to drink in the middle of the night?" John asks.

"Probably not." Jack says,"But boy will it help you sleep tonight!" Jack then takes a bottle and drink it himself,"Whooooo boy! That's a sweet one! I can really taste the cola and the apple pie!"

"Seems an imbalance of the caramel since cola has caramel extract" John was writing observations in his notebook,"The apple pie even adds a more....."

"Johnny boy is on a scientific rant I don't understand." Jack says.

"mmmmmmmm,this is good mister J!" Davida says,"Can we go back to bed with this?"

"Not yet Davi!" Jack then takes another drink of his.

"Yeah it's pretty damn good mix of flavors together! Makes me totally want to combine cola and apple pie itself together!" said Houshoku with a small burp.

"Jeez, pardon you also you can't do that. One, you'll just eat the food up and two, that's gross." said Toridasu deadpanly.

"Wow this is pretty good. I don't get stuff this interesting back at home." said Struct who was drinking it.

"I know right? Glad we got so many and I can probably reproduce this stuff!" said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"Wait you said you can reproduce this stuff?" Jack asks,"Like having a case of moonshine as a baby?"

"That's not what she meant...." Harley,Davida,and Vincent deadpanly answer.

"How would you be able to recreate this 'shine per se?" John asks,"I am intrigued because we do need to bring an extra 200 cases of this stuff,as part of our deal."

"Plus we might want more for ourselves." Jack says.

"Well I just turn myself into like living soda/drink factory that can reproduce this shit. I mean, I have the taste of it in my body so that should be easy!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"That...sounds pretty disgusting...where are you even reproducing the drink from?" asked Toridasu.

"Meh like I can fully tell you how that works! It just works like that! My Baku powers can recreate metals as brand new and even make new types of metals at all. I don't see what's wrong about me turning into a soda, moonshine whatever fountain to make more!" said Houshoku.

"That is true. The Baku Baku no Mi can pretty much make the user a living factory so them becoming a sort of "living vending machine" with filled drinks doesn't sound to farfetched." said Struct.

"See? At least SOMEONE gets me!" said Houshoku as she looks over at Toridasu with a devious smile.

"So you can't have moonshine as a baby?" Jack asks.

"Are you drunk captain?" Vincent asks.

"I don't know,am I always drunk? Or always sober even when I'm drinking?" Jack replies.

"Good point." Vincent states.

"Well that's good then." John states,"If we need to make more,which in this case we somewhat do,we can have you do that part of the job."

"It tastes pretty interesting." Alice states,"Not a big woman for drinking anyway."

"I can figure it out if Mister J's drunk!" Davida says as she grabs Jack's hand and puts it onto her chest,"You like that mister J?"

"Oh baby!" Jack then tries to get Davida as John instantly kicks Jack.

"Have some damn respect to do it somewhere else." John states.

"Well if Jack was drunk,that kick should've made him sober." Vincent states shaking his head.

"That reminds me..." said Toridasu as he cautiously looks over at Houshoku. "You drunk two bottles...are you alright?"

"What do you mean Dasu? I'm fine!" said Houshoku with a smirk as her eyes started to get a bit droopy.

"In 3...2...1..." counted Struct as he looks at his watch and Houshoku quickly starts to eat through the ground.

"DIGGIN' THROUGH THE CENTER TO FIND ME SOME GOOOOOOOLD!!!!" sung Houshoku as she kept eating through the ground.

"I'm sure "Don't dig straight down" applies here..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"HA!!" Jack was seen laughing at Houshoku's action.

"I'll prefer to stay sober for the moment." John says putting his bottle away,"How long till we get to hazzard?"

"about 11 hours." Billy answers drunkly after taking a sip. His dodo face had a smile and tired face.

"Looks like Dodo took a sip too many." Tim states.

"Well,if we just finished loading and we're right now leaving,so we'll be at hazzard with 7 hours left." John states.

"Now let's remember they said they'll have the marines on us as we left the first island." Alice points out.

"Good point." John says,"We're going to need a night watch then."

"Nah! Let us fuck our wives and party!!!!!" Jack says as he was overtop of Davida,nearly falling off the ship until Vincent's scythe saved Jack.

"You wished you had one." Vincent says rolling his eyes.

"Yeah and I am not on night watch. I'm way too tired for that. Also, HOUSHOKU!!! GET BACK UP HERE!!!" shouted Toridasu down the hole that Houshoku made as she climbs back out.

"It's hot down there...like REALLY super hot! Dirt was good though but I think I ate a mole along the way..." said Houshoku who was still drowsy as she got out of the hole.

"Gross...but I don't think set is fit for that as well...Struct?" asked Toridasu.

"Trying not to be seen be the Marines. If they do, they probably will try to send me back to G2 and I don't think they will "go any easier" on me this time." said Struct who was rubbing his head.

"Ugh...it seriously has to be me isn't it?" asked Toridasu.

"Not necessarily." Vincent says,"I can be the night guard on my ship,I prefer the darkness anyway."

"I can have the hedgehog twins be the nightwatch,they usually sleep out here anyway" John says looking up at the crows nest,"They're right now asleep but they know to keep their eyes peeled." John hears Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum sleeping peacefully.

"So it's settled then." Alice tiredly states,"Can we go rest now?"

"I guess so then." John says,"Remember,if any of y'all see something let us know."

"You got it." Vincent replies.

"Fine I guess if they can sleep on the job, so can I." said Toridasu rubbing his eyes.

"Looks like it's settled. I'll go bind Houshoku here with seastone so she won't eat her entire ship this time." said Struct as he was dragging the drunk Houshoku away.

"Stop it daaaaad! I haven't had enough!" said Houshoku in slurry tone.

Justice is never too far

In the Morning

John was asleep in his bed,cuddling next to Alice. As Jack was in bed with Davida,both of them with smiles on their faces.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were still sleeping until Tweedle Dum woke up a minute before Dee and saw a marine ship.

"Uhhhh,Dee?" Dum asks,"Were we to be on night watch last night?"

Dee ignored him and was still sleeping until Dum grabbed an anvil and hit Dee's head with it cartoonishly.

"HEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" Dee stands up and chokes Dum.


"HOW IS THAT AN INSULT???" Dee yells back.

"I DON'T KNOW!!!" Dum yells.

"OK!" Dee then rubs his eyes,"So,what did you want to wake me up for?"

"That!" Dum points to a marine ship that was literally behind the ships.


"I WAS!!!" Dum answers.

"We better go get captain!" Dee then drops from the crows nest,along with Dum, and runs down to the captain's bedroom.

Vincent was on Jack's ship,smoking on a pipe of tobacco,watching intently on the marine ship behind them.

"Hmmmm,might want to tell captain soon." Vincent states.

Toridasu was leaning against the mast asleep until he wakes up at the sight of the Marine ship.

"The Marines?! Now!? Gotta go get everyone!" said Toridasu as he ran to the deck but runs right into another version of himself. "Komi?! Again?! Now is not the time to impersonate me the Marines are here!"

"Oooh?! The Marines! Sounds scary!" said Komi who transformed back to normal.

"We were warned they were going to be going after us...better go wake up Houshoku and the others." said Toridasu running down to his ship to alert his friends.

"Captain!" Dee was seen crashing through the door of John and Alice's bedroom,John and Alice were sleeping soundly until Dee came in.

"What's going on?" John asks Dee.

"Marines!" Dee answers,"There are marines behind the ship!!"

"You serious?" John asks.

"I am serious!" Dee says,"Even Dum saw it right?"

"Yeah Yeah! I was the one who saw it first." Dum nods.

"No you weren't!" Dee says.

"I was too!" Dum replies.

"Stop it children!" Alice says to the two little hedgehog minks.

"I wonder how long that ship has been following us?" John asks,"I better get up there then."

"Indeed!" Dee says.

Meanwhile,Jack's crew was seen together looking at the marine ship without Jack and Davida there.

"Ain't this an interesting situation?" Harley asks.

"Indeed." Ramone replies,"You sure we shouldn't get captain?"

"Well,if captain ain't allowing us into his bedroom. We are to follow orders." Vincent says.

"Why not we say we take out this ship,and be done with it before Jack gets here?" Force says.

"I don't know." Harley says,"We might want to see what the other crews have to say."

Toridasu knocks on Houshoku's door from the outside. "HOUSHOKU! Wake up! Marine ship is spotted!" said Toridasu.

"Meh....huh? Marines huh? I guess I can snack on them for breakfast!" said Houshoku as she jumps up from bed.

"...And put on your clothes..." said Toridasu as he walked down the hall to warn the others.

"...Spoilsport." said Houshoku with a pout.

Minutes later the crewmates can be seen looking at the Marine ship from a distance.

"That is a Marine ship alright. Guess tallso and shorty weren't lying about them being on our cases." said Houshoku with her arms crossed.

"This is bad! BAD! I knew this Moonshine crap was a bad idea!" said Tampura.

"Quiet. You were in on this as well." said Korokoro.

"Ooh...is that mean the fun is over now?" asked Taffy.

"I had a feeling things were going by too smoothly." said Struct looking out at the Marines.

John and his crew were looking at the marine ship as well.

"Well,there any good news to this?" Tim asks.

"Depending what we do." John says,"We might get a bigger bounty on us. Another is that we ain't the ones holding most of the moonshine."

"Yeah,but we have some!" Calie says to John.

"Relax sister." Johnny says to Calie,"We can get rid of these marines if we need to."

"We should be perhaps smarter about this and maybe make a run for it?" Violet states to John.

"I would prefer not to fight them." John says,"We are on a schedule,and this'll put us behind schedule." He looks at the clock,only 7 hours have passed since midnight,"We still have another 4 hours till we get at that island right?"

"Yeah,that's if we don't speed up." Billy says.

"Should probably see what the others want to do." John says.

"Tsh. Though I would like nothing more than to fuck up some Marines and like to call out Johnny Boy for wussing out again, he is right. The guy has paid us after all and I always make sure my clients who pay ahead of time get satisfied. I'm a pirate yes but the princess and professional side of me can't overlook this. Besides, a scuffle with the Marines could damage the shipments." said Houshoku who was suddenly being serious.

"That I agree with. We will need some kind of diversion to get them away from us." said Toridasu.

"Alright! Stop your boats!" A fat marine was seen wearing a tannish uniform,a cowboy hat,and the justice coat over himself. He had a loud den den mushi,calling out onto the three pirate crews,"I was just told about some redneck pirates deciding to haul moonshine on my seas."

"This ain't your seas!" John says,"These seas are for everyone! Marines,Merchants,even Pirates."

"Maybe,but the politics of it is mine!" The marine says,"My name is Commodore Buford T. Justice,and y'all sumbitches better let me check your ship for illegal 'shine."

"He doesn't realize we're pirates yet." John says,"Good thing then we have our flag down."

"Well I can't tell if Houshoku has her flag down." Tim says looking at the other ships,"But I notice Jack still has his jolly roger up."

"Well shit." John says.

"Is that a pirate flag I see?" Commodore Justice asks,"And not just any flag,but the Crackerjack flag?"

"Shit they've catched on." Vincent says.

"What should we do?" Jenny asks,"Captain is still asleep."

"We're gonna need to get out of here." Harley says.

"Heh I still can't get over a Marine named Justice. Makes me wonder he was like "Oh! My name is Justice! I should go join the Marines!" said Houshoku laughing.

"N-Now is not the time or place! We either need to fight or flight and of course I mean flight!" said Toridasu frantically.

"Calm your man tits Dasu. There are many different ways we can get away. Jetboosters, foggy dials...anyone else has any suggestions besides "We need to run away!"?" asked Houshoku.

"Not me unfortunately, I better go duck down." said Struct as he quickly got back on the deck to avoid being spotted.

"Nope." John shakes his head,"I have no further suggestions besides the ones already made."

"Captain is still asleep." Harley says,"So I'll speak for him that he would probably rather attack him,but for you two,we must leave."

"Very well then." John says,"There a possibility we can turn on those cola boosters to maximum?"

"Possibly?" Tim states,"Maybe we can also have the cola cover up that marine's ship as well."

"That would be a silly idea!" Alice says with laughter.

"Hey it may be silly but it can work! I'm up for anything at this point." said Houshoku muching on a random empty bottle.

"You're like a living garbage can. Anywho, that seems a bit dangerous right?" asked Toridasu.

"Dangerous but it's our only way out of this unless you want to warp us all outta here." said Houshoku.

"...Fine we can do that." said Toridasu defeated.

"I'm down for that." Harley says.

"All we need to do is have 6 giant cola bottle at the ready." Tim says,"That would be 2 for each ship."

"Can we have Houshoku make that?" John asks.

"If she's fast enough." Tim says as a cannonball was fired at them.

"Alright ya damned pirates!" Justice shouts,"You sumbitches better surrender,regardless if you're the redneck moonshiners or not."

"I think he's assuming we're pirates as well." Tim says.

"Oh you think?" John says.

"HAH! "Sumbitches"! That guy definitely has some country in him!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Less laughing, more constructing!" said Toridasu in a panic.

"Yeah yeah I hear ya I hear ya! Give me literally a couple of minutes!" said Houshoku as she went to create the large bottles of cola for the ships.

"That Marine is quite the loose cannon huh?" said Korokoro.

"That's not the only thing that's "loose" about him." said Toridasu.

"He's quite the porker as well." Force says from Jack's ship,"Pretty much fits this status quo of marines being bad."

"Any ideas what should we do in the meantime?" John asks.

"Y'all sumbitches better start giving up!" Justice yells out,"Or I will make you all into my tenderloins!"

"What?" John asks,"What a weird marine he is."

"Here! You want something for those loins?" Patrick the cook says,"Meat Meat: Pepperoni Pillage!!" He says as a giant slice of pepperoni comes out of his hands and slices one of the marine ships in half!

"Uh,Patrick?" John says,"Did we needed to do that?"

"Someone's loins will be twisted into liver" A red hot Justice says as he looks at the pirates.

"HA!! Nice one Patty!" Force says,remembering him and Patrick used to be part of a infamous pirate crew.


"That was rather reckless I'll admit..." said Korokoro.

"Meh! It's fine! They were gonna bomb us if we did nothing anyway! Anywho, got the batches of super cola all ready for a'bursting! Make sure to grab your case of this shit!" said Houshoku as she was carrying them up.

"That was pretty quick but we will need to do so with reckless people like those making attacks like that..." said Toridasu who was still annoyed.

"Calm your britches! I told you it's fine! Jeez, if they didn't do anything, I'd definitely would've." said Houshoku shrugging.

"It was a rather aggressive move I will say." John states,"But it does serve as a good distraction like this to happen." He says grabbing his two giant cola bottles,"Here Tim,put these onto the ship."

"Will do!" Tim says placing the bottles in the end of the ship,"Ready to fire off!"

"We're ready as well!" Brunhilde says placing the crackerjack bottles onto there.

"Fire on these damn pirates!" Justice yells out as more cannons fired off toward the pirates.

"Welp! Time to dust these fools! Alright! Everyone hang onto your underwear! Whoo hoo!" shouted Houshoku as she started to load up the bottles.

"Wait, what did you say?" said Toridasu nervously.

"BLAST AWAY!!!" shouted Houshoku and she lets loose of her bottles rocketing her ship forward before the cannons can hit.



"Can't let them get ahead of us!" John says,"Fire Tim!"

"Here we goOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Tim says as he pulled the bottle caps off and they rocketed away!

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" John was yelling,trying to keep his hat on.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Force was yelling out as the crackerjack ship rocketed,"I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!"

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The others were screaming from the top of their lungs.



"WHOOO THIS IS ENJOYABLE!!!" shouted Helios.

"OOOOH NOESSS!!! I DROPPED ALL MY SAMPLES!!!" shouted Komi as she tried to pick up her blood vials.

"THIS IS DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMB!!!!" shouted Tampura who was using his suction cups to stay in place.

"Heh. This is quite enjoyable. Reminds me of my old jet boat races years ago." said Struct who was oddly calm during all of this.

"THEM SUMBITCHES ARE RUNNING AWAY WITH BOTTLES OF COLA!!!!!!" Justice yells out as he gotten sprayed by some of the cola. He gets up on his own and then yells,"AFTER THEM!!!!!"

"He does not look happy!" John says as they were starting to relax as the cola was emptying out,"That commodore Justice looked red hot even from here."

"Well looks like Justice won't be served today!" Force yells out from the crackerjack ship.

"Wonder if that guy has a brother named Revenge?" Alice giggles.

Jack was finally seen walking outside,giving out a deep yawn,and then says,"Morning Kiddos! Anything I missed?"

"CAPTAIN!!!!" The crew yell at Jack,"OF ALL THE TIMES????,NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!"

"HAH! I still can't get over that guy's speech pattern! "Sumbitches" I'm going to start saying that a lot now!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Everyone here are lunatics. I probably should make that point clear..." said Toridasu who was catching his breath on the side of the ship.

"Heh I am a crazy "Sumbitch" huh?" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"You're not clever for finding an excuse to say that..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Mmmmmmm" Jack was smelling the cold cola,"Please tell me you guys didn't have a drinking party without me."

"No! But we did get away from a marine that was chasing us!" Vincent states.

"Shush shush will you?" Jack says,"Davi is still down there sleeping,i'm sure that 'shine made me and her sleepy,beside the fact I was railing her in the bed HA HA HA!!"

"We didn't need to know that." said Vincent,Force,and Harley with a deadpan look.

"Well at least that's out of our hands for now." John says,"No doubt he'll be back though."

"Yeah,give him a few moments,and we'll be dealing with him again." Patrick says,"We'll be ready then!"

"We still have about 4 hours." John said looking at his pocket watch,"We'll have to deal with him till we get to Hazzard."

"Jeez I still keep thing of Punk Hazard whenever I hear "Hazard." said Houshoku scratching her head.

"You worked there before right?" asked Toridasu.

"Yeah but for short while. Now ever since Fermi took control over that damn place, he kept pirates all alike away 24/7. Pretty damn annoying." said Houshoku with a huff.

"Four hours huh? I can go and take another nap heh." said Struct heading back down to the deck.

"Not liking the chance of a fight with him though. We best try to avoid him at all costs." recommended Toridasu.

"Meh....you're always a buzz kill you know that?" asked Houshoku.

Hazardous Escape

4 Hours Later

"Just stay there for a little while longer...." Jack says as he was painting behind a canvas,with John posing in front of him with his shirt off,"Gonna make you the sexiest pirate out there!"

"It would the sexiest man pirate for one thing." John says holding his position,flexing his large biceps,"Two,I doubt I'll gain the title of that,and I don't need it."

"NAH! With me submitting the painting into a magazine,you'll be known to the girls to being very sexy!" Jack says with a smile,"Who knows? The painting might be posted on the playbunny magazine!"

"I would seriously doubt that." John was rolling his eyes.

"My,I just got to say how impressive you've become!" Jack says,"Back in Water 7,you looked like a scrawny kid,but now you look like a man who's been keeping his physique all year!"

"Well I can thank the intense training for that." John states.

"Well, I don't know you personally but you are quite ripped for a guy that rather flight than fight. Seriously you're like Toridasu but with more muscle." said Houshoku in a snarky tone.

"Yet you are just as scrawny..." said Toridasu snapping back.

"Yeah but I am SUPER strong and I can change my appearance thanks to my Baku powers. Plus, my weredragon heritage gives me enhanced features anyway so there are those!" said Houshoku.

"And to pretty much make yourself a cyborg at will." replied Struct.

"Meh, we Angrbodas tend to be on the sly side since we rely on speed and precision rather than super destructive power. If you want someone that has shit for power like that, then you better talk to Fumetasu himself. That dude claims to be the strongest Angrboda in the world and I'm not surprised. He can even shit over Admirals from what I know! HE'S power!" explained Houshoku with glimmer in her eyes.

"Someone's excited...I know you're sort of related to him but he's the type that'll kill you in a heartbeat.

"Yeah but that's beside the point. I think we left Mr. Sumbitch and his lackies behind!" said Houshoku looking away at the sea.

"Either that or he's waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch us." John says keeping his position.

"And Done!" Jack says with a smile and turns the canvas around,"What do you think Johnny boy?"

"I think it actually looks good." John nods,looking at the painting of himself.

"Indeed!" Jack says,"I wonder if girls have ever looked at you in such a way that could make your wife jealous!"

"I have no personal interest in women except my dear Alice." John bluntly states,"The others can only look."

"Oh! Setting up a barrier against other women ehh?" Jack says.

"It's only natural to do." John says walking to Alice and holding her hand.

"Beh glad I ain't for that lovey stuff! Takes your attention away from the big stuff in life! Probably why Johnny Boy here rather runs away from battle." said Houshoku with her arms crossed.

"I can understand though it seemed he would have trained himself for that situation." said Toridasu.

"And that only ended up him with getting his ass kicked by Nitro. He is stronger than your usual Vice Admiral and is a rareblood on top but still. I can tell from his will that he would rather settle down and crap like that. Unless you're someone that doesn't age , that ain't gonna help you in the long run." stated Houshoku.

John raises his eyebrow from the comments,"I would like to settle down,but I know I can't cause there are marines chasing me ever since I left the Kingdom of Hearts. And despite what happened against the Vice Admiral,I ain't just gonna let him have the last word. It is only natural to meet him again and give him what he deserves."

"Well from last time,you didn't even unlock the second horseman if I was correct." Jacob says as the master of Shinigami.

"Well that'll have to be gained through more combat and training." John says.

"We could contact some friends that could be interested in fighting back Nitro." Alice says.

"Maybe? Could call Yang and see if he wants to." John says,"But at this point,revenge is a fool's game."

"Wonder where that white tiger has been lately...." Jack says.

"Haven't you've been reading the news?" John asks,"He's right now in impel down along with the Elio. Which was disappointing cause I promised a spar against that Elio boy."

"Why you care to spar against that kid?" Jack asks.

"Cause all the time I'm looked at and shadowed by those two dumbasses!" John says,"I'm tired of being shadowed and being called the underdog,yet being the underdog is fun!"

"Yet your personality prevents you from being as chaotic as Yang or Leo." Hak says smoking a hookah and writing on a notebook.

"That is true..." John says,"There are voices telling me to riot! Yet voices that tell me to keep peace... It really drives a man to madness."

"You're known as the Mad Hatter!" Jack says,"There's probably too much mercury in that tall hat of yours."

"Or that he is a loon! But I will say you're the underdog but, as I said earlier as well, that personality will hold ya back. You'll need someone to REALLY help you break through that but until then, you'll settle for 4th place." said Houshoku with a grin.

"Wait, fourth?" asked Toridasu.

"Yeah. Jackie may not have crazy martial arts shit like we do but he is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more destructive and chaotic!" said Houshoku.

"That's an understatement...and you're just as bad as all of them. Remind me to never let you all meet." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Hmmmmmm,breaking walls is something I know someone can do..." Force was thinking about his Captain.

"Hmmmmmm,I know something that can fix Johnny boy...." Jack was thinking about his father who was involved in the underworld.

Both Force and Jack looked at each other with an evil look.

"What you thinking there Captain?" Force asks.

"Oh nothing! What are you thinking there?" Jack replies.

"Nothing!" Force says.

"Huh?" John questions the two pirates with their looks.

"They have that look of chaos in their faces and I love it. I want to cause as much chaos as I can! That's why I wanna follow in my ancestor's footsteps!" said Houshoku with her own evil grin.

"All of you people are terrifying. I just want to make that point very clear..." said Toridasu with a look of fear in his face.

"We are approaching Hazzard captain." Billy the dodo says walking down to John.

"Thank you for letting me know." John says looking at his watch,"We are still on time fortunately,we just have 7 hours left until we have to be back and haul these things into Lactose."

"Wonder who we're gonna be meeting at this place?" Jack wonders,"Over there at Texarkana we saw that Bushwacker Luke dude."

"Maybe another redneck like that guy." Harley says,"Though those guys know what they're doing when it comes to making this moonshine."

"Is it possible that this moonshine stuff is dealt in the underworld?" Jack asks,"Cause how else did a giant and a dwarf found out about islands having desiring moonshine?"

"The underworld?" John asks,"The hell you mean by that?"

"There a world below us?" Billy says as a dodo.

"The Underworld. It's bascially like a huge crime cyndicate made of some of the biggest influces in the world and they often deal with shady shit. Counterfeit money, illegal drugs and weapons, and even slaves. It's so high class that not even the World Government can really catch those that work for them for the most part. How I know all of this? Because my mother is a big time brooker in the Underworld. She mainly sells off my created weapons but I can't help but she is doing other crap as well." explained Houshoku.

"Wow...the Underworld...we're actually doing dealings with that?!" said Toridasu.

"The Underworld is all over the place but they mainly have settings in the New World. I show know as some people I know at Water 7 aquire some rather unusual materials that cannot be found around here. I'm sure they got them from their dealings in the Underworld." said Struct.

"I mean it's pretty damn useful at times. I even bought and traded shit there with my goods. I heard there is even someone that sells off her powers to make you younger!" said Houshoku.

"So could it be possible if this dealing was part of the underworld?" Jack wonders.

"Possibly." Force says,"Like the dragon girl says,most dealings are done in the New World,but it is possible there could be an underworld assembly somewhere here in paradise."

"You think Lactose could be home to such a dastardly assembly?" Alice asks.

"That's up to fate to show us." Force says leaning back.

"Considering the Marines have been on our ass and how much moonshine can sell for, I would say so. One pissy little island could end up having a major organization for all we know." said Houshoku shrugging.

"But this sounds extremely dangerous! The Underworld isn't something you want to fully mess around with!" said a frantic Toridasu.

"Calm down Dasuwuss! Like I said I make dealings with them all of the time so it's really just another Tuesday for me." said Houshoku patting his back.

"I am pretty concerned about the "slaves" part. The people here could be in danger..." said a worried Helios.

"I think this place mainly deals with booze and milk but it isn't a bad idea to keep our guards up." said Houshoku.

"All I've seen were cows,'shine,and milk." John says,"Anyways,we're approaching that island,better get in that island quick before the marines come back."

"Indeed." Tim says,"We have time against us,so we must do this efficiently."

"Better prepare that thingy you used earlier!" Jack says to Houshoku with a smile.

"Hah! Another supercharged cola pack huh? Leave it to me!" said an excited Houshoku as she goes to put another batches up.

"No..not that again! Can you just make some turbo engine?!" suggested Toridasu as Houshoku already comes up with more of the cola boosters. "...Nevermind."

"Yeah I can easily do that but this is more fun!" said Houshoku with a malicous grin.

"Of course it is..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"I was meaning the jet powered crate you used last night!" Jack says with a laugh,"But that is funny!"

"Oh yeah! That damn thing! Hell yeah I always keep my old work around!" said Houshoku as she went down to get the crate.

"W-What are we going to do with these then?" asked Toridasu.

"Well if we need a getaway, these things are here ahead of time!" said Houshoku who was already back with her crate. "I think we are good to go right?"

"Hello there!" Another redneck greets the crews after some time looking for the moonshiner,"My name is Bushwacker Butch!"

"Oh great...." John deadpanly says,"Let me guess,you're related to the Bushwacker Luke from the other island."

"Oh yeah! That's my cousin!" Butch says accidently spitting out a tooth,"Whoopsies!"

"What type of moonshiners present themselves in this fashion?" John asks.

"You probably forget that these are farmers and not people of style." Tim says,"Pirates and Farmers are somewhat similar this way,since there's no fashion to some pirates."

"Heh heh you should totally sub that "u" for an "i"!" said Houshoku snickering to herself.

"Now is not the time. Also, it appears he doesn't keep his teeth in check..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look and took a few steps back.

"But wait! I totally have fashion! My armor and my battle clothes kick ass!" said Houshoku with a kick in the air.

"And the other that apparently involves you being nude..." said Toridasu with an annoyed look.

"Ah shut up! I told you my species can get away with that shit!" said Houshoku with a hand to Toridasu.

"Oh yeah!" Jack says,"I have made that painting of you naked Houshoku!"

"You WHAT!!!" John says giving Jack a shocked look.

"Yup! And now I have a painting of you shirtless!" Jack says,"I'll be sure to submit both into the nearest Playbunny store for their latest magazine!"

"I'll be sure to buy one then!" Butch says as another tooth fell out as he spoke,"I knew I should've bought those darned dentures,but I ran out of bellies and berries...."

"sigh" John couldn't believe all the nonsense he's heard and seen,"Can we just see the moonshine already?"

"Yessiree!!" Butch says leading them to the moonshine.

"Heh sounds good Jackie!" said Houshoku with a thumbs up.

"Heh...I guess you are good for selling out your body after a-" said Toridasu snarky but is quickly blasted down by Houshoku.


"That exculated quickly..." said Struct with a shocked look.

"Ey' Struct carry around that dead weight for me eh? I take it we're about to get to the moonshine." said Houshoku walking ahead.

"I think you should rest at Water 7 after this." said Struct picking up Toridasu.

"If it gets me alone time, sure..." said Toridasu with smoke from his mouth.

"And here is the 'shine!" Butch says with a smile,showing the crates.

"What's this 'shine anyway?" John asks,"There a difference between the ones from your cousins and this one?"

"Oh this one is a more bittering tasting 'shine!" Butch says grabbing a random bottle and tastes,"WHOOOOOOWEEEE! That's a ripper!" He hands the bottle to John,"It's made of mashed corn,whiskey,barley,maple syrup,coffee beans,and some lemons for a fruity taste!"

"Sounds like a catastrophe drink." John says reluctant to drink the bottle sample.

"Pfft! I ate rusted metals with kickier tastes! And Johnny Boy is such a wuss! Let me try!" said Houshoku as she swipped the drink from John to get a taste of it. Her eyes suddenly widen before she calmly hands it back to John.

"......................That has kick alright!" said Houshoku as she suddenly started to breath a lot of fire around the area.

"SHE'S A SPITTER!!!" shouted Struct as he got her to face toward the water to cause it to cool down in the water.


"What WAS that drink...?" said Toridasu in total belilderment.

"HA! I'm glad I put the extra lemons for the extra kick!" Butch says laughing very hardly.

"Who on earth would drink this stuff?" John looks at the bottle.

"Anyone who has the money and will to do it!" Butch says,"Now y'all hauling this 'shine or what?"

"We will be,just waiting for our friend to get a grip on herself." John says.

"HA! That's one for the picture frame!" Jack says with a smile behind a camera.

"This not funny...who do we calm her down..." said Toridasu with a defeated look.

"I got this! Hey Houshoku chew on this!" said Struct as he took out a large pill in the shape of a small burger.

"WOOOOOOO FOOOOOOODDD!!!" shouted Houshoku as she ate the pill and it suddenly snaps her out of her trance. "BAH!!! THAT SHIT WAS DISGUSTING STRUCT!!!"

"W-What even is that you gave her?" asked Toridasu.

"Just an anacid pill the guys back home made. She tends to go on rampages like this at times so it's good to keep these on standby." said Struct as he took out a large case of them to show and puts it back.

"Beh...I'm not some kid or something...Anywho, moonshine shit! We're doing this now right?" asked Houshoku who suddenly snapped back into "business mode."

"Yeah! Here's all the moonshine right here!" Butch says accidently spitting out another tooth,"Goddam these dentures!"

"Probably should brush your teeth better." John says,"We should get this done and over with as soon as possible,before the marines come up."

"Who knows,we might be too late." Alice says looking around.

"Nah! They'll never find us in this forest here!" Butch says with a toothless smile.

"I hope so." John says,"Let's get this stuff hauled now."

"That is creepy..." said Toridasu who backed up more from Butch's smile.

"Heh sure thing! I bet you will be needed Ol' Speedy here!" said Houshoku as she pushes forward her modified cart.

"Already named this work huh?" asked Struct.

"Hell yeah! I always name my creations worth-a creatin'" said Houshoku with a sudden southern accent to her voice.

"I think this island is started to get to her with that sudden change in language..." said Toridasu.

"Indeed." John says ignoring them and looking at his watch.

"It was nice meeting you mr. Bushwacker Butch!" Jack says shaking Butch's hand,"Your toothless smile will always be engrained in my head!"

"Why thank you mr.clown!" Butch says happily,"Come back again for more if you ever so wish to!"

"We'll keep that in mind!" Jack says with a smile.

"Here's a tip for ya." John says giving Butch some money,"Make sure you go take care of your teeth better."

"I will!" Butch says with giddy seeing John give him money,"Y'all are so charitable!"

"Well him not me." Jack says,"But yeah,take better care of your teeth,so you can have a good smile like mine!" Jack smiles very widely in his clown looks.

"That may be more as an exaggeration but he's right." John states.

"I don't know what's creepier: The Clown's smile or that toothless smile..." said Toridasu was he was tempting fate.

"How about this?" said Houshoku showing off her meanacing fanged smile.

"....I regret everything." said Toridasu walking off backwards.

"Anywho, I think we probably should get to work huh?" said Houshoku looking around at the supplies.

"Yeah,get that moonshine hauled while the rest of us get back to the ships." John says as he walks away and back toward the ships.

"STOP RIGHT WHERE ALL OF YOU ARE!!!" Justice yells out in front of the pirates with a whole army of marines surrounding the pirates,"All of you sumbitches are under arrest!"

"Shit!" John says,"I knew it was too easy."

"Oh these were the marines y'all were chicken to fight while I was sleeping?" Jack asks,"This looks like a normal wednesday to me."

"It's not that we want to fight them!" John says,"We have a business deal to fulfill!"

"Seems he also has another marine leader with them." Harley states looking at the other marine next to Justice.

"Yessireee he does!" The other marine shouts out,"My name is Commodore Roscoe P. Coltrane! And y'all are stuck in the mud against us!"

"I have to thank Coltrane for assisting me and bringing his crew of marines to stop you all." Justice says,"Now,SURRENDER OR I'LL SHIT ON ALL OF YOU!!!!" He says red-hotly.

"That man has a strange complex of anger." John says.

"He looks like a red hot potato like that!" Jack laughs at Justice.

"Do all of these Marines have fallen victim to that way of speech of this island or something?" said Toridasu with a perplexing look.

"Dunno but it's funny as hell!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Here to hoping they don't recongize me..." said Struct to himself as he tried to hid his face by turning around.

"Also, GROSS!!! Shit all over us?! You got a potty mouth on ya to go with that ass of yours!" shouted Houshoku angrily at Justice.

"Not literally..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"YOU SHUT UP YOU SOMBITCH!" Justice yells out at Houshoku.

"He looks like a fat bomb ready to blow." Jack says with a laugh,"I wouldn't be surprised if he had a bomb devil fruit!"

"Oh you want to see the fat man explode?" Force asks,"All you need to do is ask."

"Well...." Jack says keeping that in mind,"Any ideas Johnny boy?"

"Hmmmmmmmm." John thinks,"I don't have any good ideas."

"Any idea is a good idea in my book!" Jack says to John.

"I could throw some smoke bombs and have Houshoku crash through the army with her jet powered crate." John states.

"Now there's an idea!" Jack says with a smile.

"Hah! He called me a Sombitch! Also sure that sounds good to me! Didn't think Johnny Boy had any brains under that lame hat of his!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"Anything to get from all of these Marines.." said Toridasu.

"Hey marines!" John says,"Y'all remember me?"

"Hmmmmmm,hey! Aren't you the one that barely escape Vice Admiral Nitro?" Coltrane asks.

"Even a better reason to take all of you sumbitches out!" Justice says,"Nitro will be super happy!"

"That's if you can catch me!" John says as he suddenly throws a bunch of marbles at the marines.

"Gah! The hell?" Justice says as he was hit by the raining marbles.

"snap" John snaps his fingers as the marbles explode into smoke,blinding the army of marines.

"What?" Justice says,"I can't see a damn thing!"

"Go now Houshoku!" John says to Houshoku.

"ALRIGHT!!! HANG ON TO YOUR GRANDMAS!!!!" shouted Houshoku as she suddenly started to speed off while wheeling the cart.

"W-What is that even mean! WAIT!!! YOU"RE LEAVING ME!!!" said Toridasu was he was trying to warp quickly ahead.

"Good opportunity to run! Man Houshoku got quicker the last time I saw her!" said Struct as he ran off as well

"HA!" Jack says with a smile as he grabs the cart with Houshoku and speeds off with them,"WHOO WHOOOOO ALL ABOARD THE HOUSHOKU TRAIN!!!"

"You two have too much fun." John says grabbing on the cart as well,"Say does this cart fly or something? Cause we're about to crash into the water!"

"Bah I can swim back with y'all." Jack says with a smile.

Vincent turned into his crow form and having Force riding him as the captains were on the cart. Tim was swimming out as Alice was riding on his long back.

"If you meant through the air! Of course not but you have someone with the powers of Baku and dragon by her side!" said Houshoku as she suddenly morphed into her larger dragon form and took flight using her wings as she was now carrying everyone on the cart. "Dasu you need to lose weight!"

"That was totally unnecessary and uncalled for..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Heh but it got us out of danger right? She does this all the time back home so I feel at ease personally." said Struct.

"Indeed it does." John says as he noticed with observation haki that a cannon ball was flying at them. John moves his head to dodge the large cannonball before it exploded.

"GET BACK DOWN HERE YOU SUMBITCHES!!!" Justice yells out at the pirates. He was red hot and jumping up and down.

"He doesn't look like a happy egg." Jack says,"Maybe some happy gas can take care of him?"

"We don't need to do excess damage." John says,"But I'm having the feeling he'll be chasing us back down to Lactose."

"Think we can lose him before then?" Jack asks.

"Maybe." John answers,"But then again if we sink their ships that'll stop them from chasing us."

"Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA!!! I KNEW you were screwed in the head! Sink our ships?! I outta tear your ass a new one for saying that!" shouted Houshoku.

"She's pretty passionate about her creations. The thought of willingly destroying one like that is a berserk button of hers." explained Struct.

"I don't think he meant it permanently right?" asked Toridasu.

"I meant sinking the marines ships!" John says pointing to the ships with marine flags on them.

"Oh that's what you meant!" Jack says with a laugh,"You even made the clown confused HA HA HA!"

"Yeah be more specific Johnny Boy or I'll drop you to the sea!" said Houshoku.

"That would most likely kill him since he is a Devil Fruit user..." said Toridasu.

"Um, DUH! So sinking Marine ships! Sounds easy peasy!" said Houshoku.

"I hadn't shown you what I can unleash from my marbles." John says to Houshoku,"Allow me to demonstrate more." He then places marbles on top of the cart and snaps his fingers as a cannon appears on top of the cart.

"Ooooooh!" Jack says with a smile,"May I fire it?"

"Go ahead." John lets Jack fire the cannon.

"COWABUNGA!!!!" Jack says as he fires cannonballs and hits the marine ships,the cannonballs exploding on impact.

"Wow you're pretty nuts out there Jackie!" said Houshoku laughing.

"You all our menances..." said Toridasu.

"That will...clear them up for now I take it." said Struct.

"Yeah,for now." John says,"Now let's get back to our ships and book it for lactose!"

"Right on Johnny Boy!" Jack says with a smile,"I have a log pose to Lactose I stolen over there from that poor ol JR guy!"

"How dare you steal from that ol man!" John says to Jack.

"Relax Johnny Boy!" Jack says,"Besides,you stole a lot more money than what this is worth!"

"Ok,good point." John says,"But I steal for a reason of supporting my crew! Not for some shit and giggles."

"Oh but you are having fun aren't you Johnny Boy?" Jack asks.

"sigh......I ride a bull just for this nonsense?" John facepalms himself.

"Meh we all do things for money different ways. Yeah Johnny Boy's reason is boring but it's still a reason!" said Houshoki.

"Less talk more getting to this Lactose island or whatever it's called." said Toridasu.

"Indeed. While the Marines are...occupied..." said Struct looking back at the wreckage.

Back to the Milky Island

"Captain!" Tim was running over to John,who was somewhat relaxing from their recent escape,"Look over sternside!"

John looks at the rear of the Rabbit Hole to see small marine ships zipping by with cannons and machine guns fired at them.

"Didn't knew they had a little army of those ships." John says.

"Their faster than the regular marine battleship." Jacob says,"Those little things are fast enough to get a little army on a ship,and soon those little ships add up to a whole army!"

"Well ain't that grand." John says,"Start firing defenses at the little ships!"

"Yessir!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say running down below deck and into the hidden vineyard of cannons and start firing at the ships.

"Vladdy boy!" Jack yells at his lookout,who was in the crow's nest,"Time for some pigeon shooting my moth friend!"

Vlad salutes and then pulls out a minigun and starts shooting from above while Brunhilde was at battle deck,firing cannons at the little ships.

"You motherfuckers won't be catching this load of moonshine with us alive!" Jack say grabbing his tommy gun and firing back.

"Heh...these fools have NOTHING on my ship! I think it's time to prepare THAT!" said Houshoku with a devious smile.

"Oh no no no! It's not even tested yet!" said Toridasu pleading with her not to use it.


"Ooooh! Devious! I'm on it!" said Komi as she head down to the mainteance deck to prepare the cannon.

"Y-You can't it isnt even been tested yet!" said Toridasu waving his arms.

"Oh yeah that project you were working on with your ship?" asked Struct.

"Yeeep! Took me weeks honestly but I think the prototype can be fired upon most of these maggots! Rah! Echo starting to rub off on me...Beh! Anywho, Ready yet Komi?" asked Houshoku.

"Alllll seet!" shouted Komi as the front of the ship opened up to reveal a large cannon that was building with bright pink energy.

"FIRE!!!" shouted Houshoku and Komi as a large energy beam fires from the front of the ship taking down a lot of the smaller Marine ships that were in it's path.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THIS IS WHAT POWER IS!!!" laughed Houshoku.

"You are SERIOUSLY freaking me out now..." said Toridasu who was taking cover.

"Looks like she's taking care of most of the army of boats." John says looking at Houshoku's giant pink laser cannon.

"Quite a piece of artillery it is." Johnny was seen looking with his glasses.

"Let me pick them off!" Kokoro was seen sniping marines and blasting heads off with her new sniper rifle.

"Hey Johnny boy!" Jack yells over to John's ship,"How long till we get there?"

"Well we have 6 and a half hours left and the trip back is 2 hours." John says looking at his watch,"Though if we let these cola boosters on we'll be back there in about an hour."

"Let's first have our fun and then get out of here!" Jack says as he throws a fat bomb at the marines,"I hope y'all can eat that!" He says as a giant mushroom explosion happened as the bomb hit a ship.

"I guess it can be allowed." John says watching the chaos ensuing.

"Good plenty of time for more chaos! After lunch!" said Houshoku as she grabbed a random small cannon and started to eat it. "Need to resupply my internal weaponry after all!"

"I need to go lie down...I am suddenly feeling faint from all of this..." said Toridasu leaving to the deck of the ship.

"Heh those guys are pirates already huh? Just be glad they never go to Water 7 huh?" asked Toridasu.

"Johnny Boy did wrecked that Sea Train! I still have to get him back for that!" shouted Houshoku.

"You want to fight me?" John asks confused.

"Ignore her! She always goes back n forth like a bitch who can't decide which dick to fuck!" Jack laughs from his strange metaphor.

"Alllllllllright?" John says shaking his head and then looks over to the complete wreckage of the small marine ships.

Justice was seen looking at the wreckage of the army of boats while smoking a large cigar.

"What should we do commodore Justice?" Commodore Coltrane asks Justice,"They wiped out an army of our men in boats!"

"Coltrane,what we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law." Justice says,"YOU SUMBITCHES WILL BE PAYING FOR THIS!!!!!"

"Heh,I can hear that hot potato screaming from over here!" Jack says with a laugh.

"HAHA! Those analogies were fully Jackie! And to hear a "Sumbitch" response from that Marine..." said Houshoku who was laughing hard.

"Although this will only upset them further. We best be on guard." said Struct.

"Now now Structy! Don't be going "Dasu" on me! We can take them any time any where!" said Houshoku.

"Struct is indeed right though." John says to Houshoku,"They could a whole new line of marines coming after us."

"Which is when we fight again!" Jack shouts,"They'll meet another baby rocket at their doorstep when I'm done!"

"True." John says,"But y'all will be taking out the marines before my grandma can say the apple pie is ready."

"HA! I like your metaphors Johnny boy!" Jack says laughing,"Now don't mind me,I'll be painting more of Houshoku here!"

"Why not me captain?" Davida asks Jack.

"Cause I see you all day bitch." Jack retorts to Davida,"I love you,but fuck you too."

"Heh...he said "ya'll" I think, how Dasu would annoyingly say, "this island is getting to him too!" Also awesome can't wait to see another pic of me! I can even be your in person model!" said Houshoku who's ear was pulled by Struct. "OW!!! HEY!!! LET GO STRUCT!"

"Let's not go that route...on the account of a lot of personal things." said Struct bluntly.

"I think the islands have been getting to all of us!" Jack says as he was suddenly riding on a toy bull with a cowboy hat on,"YEE YEE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!"

John facepalms himself and says,"Ohhhh May God be merciful."

"Hey Houshoku,if you're going to be a model,get over here so I can paint ya on this canvas!" Jack says,"Got a nice red couch that'll fit your style too!"

"Oh hell yeah! Sign me up baby!" said Houshoku.

"Sigh...Guess I can't stop you but don't get too crazy..." said Struct rubbing his head.

"Put on the cola boosters Tim." John says,"That way we can cut the time by half."

"Will do captain!" Tim says as he runs over to the supersized cola bottles and turns them on,"Now we'll be there in no time!"

"Yeah!" Jack says,"It's mostly smooth sailing now!" Jack starts painting a picture of Houshoku,"This will be a better masterpiece than the one from my imagination!"

John looks at Houshoku and Jack,"Why can I actually see these two being shipped?"

"I can totally see that." Harley nods to John.

"Indeed." Alice says.

"BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?" Davida asks.

"Does it only have to be one?" Jack asks with a wide smile.

"Damn,with that act,he'll be slaying bitches like a dragon!" Force says with a laugh.

"Shipped? You mean off a ship?" asked Struct.

"No...I don't think he meant it like that..." said Toridasu while rubbing his head.

"That was a short nap. You done already?" asked Struct rubbing his chin.

"Taffy and Tampura are having another one of their cooking spats...can't sleep worth a damn until they stop..." said Toridasu rubbing his eyes.

"Captain!" Tim was running toward John,"There's a marine blockade in front of us! They're preventing us from getting to Lactose!"

John runs outside to take a look at the marine ships in line as a blockade against the three pirates,"How the hell can they call in this many boats? They just lost a bunch of mini boats earlier."

"To them,men are expendable." Jacob says to John.

"Hey you two want to check this out?" John yells down to Jack and Houshoku.

"Yeah Yeah hold on a minute!" Jack says,"AANNNNNND DONE!!!" He turns the canvas around for Houshoku to see,"Even more realistic than before!"

"Whoo! Look at that! Did an awesome work as always Jackie! That shit looks so fucking real!" said a pleased Houshoku.

"Can you two focus?! There are a bunch of Marines out here!" shouted Toridasu.

"Dammit I told you I don't care for some damn Marines! Unless it was a fucking admiral there I won't be afraid!" said Houshoku angrily back.

"But it is quite a problem there are so many in a short amount of time." said Struct looking at them.

"There is always a solution!" Jack says walking up to see the marines,"Put a big hole in that blockade!"

"Good point." John says,"A big hole right through the blockade would get us through to Lactose while not worrying to slow down and turning."

"You see? Even destruction can be a smart solution!" Jack says smartly.

"I never said it wasn't." John bluntly states.

"HA! Y'ALL SUMBITCHES BETTER BE PRAYIN!!!" Justice yells out at the pirates with Coltrane laughing behind him.

"He is so cocky." John shakes his head looking at Justice who was on one of the ships.

"Just wondering,anyone want to know why his momma named him Justice?" Jack asks.

"Maybe she wanted him to be a "Strong and proud Marine!" in the future! He won't get far with that accent of his!" said Houshoku still laughing at his language.

"That has nothing to do with it. Though it is ironic." said Toridasu rubbing his chin. "Hm! Struct's habit starting to almost literally rub off of me.

"Indeed. I don't think Houshoku has another cannon prepared though." said Struct.

"Yeah that last Pinkku Cannon took up a bunch of the energy of my ship. Will need about an hour to recharge all of it. But I have plenty of other ways of dealing with bastards!" said Houshoku with a grin.

"Well that sucks!" Jack says,"Oh I have an idea!" He runs over to his ship and starts cranking a switch around and around until a giant catapult comes out of the ship. "TA DA!!!"

"What is that?" John asks.

"My giant pie bomb cannon!" Jack replies with a smile,"We just need to get the giant pie bombs ready! Just give me a minute!"

"Ok then." John says as a cannonball was flying right at them.


"He's starting to get annoying if I'm not lying." John says.

"Dunno that "Sumbitches" line never gets old!" said Houshoku snickering.

"He was already annoying when I first saw him..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"I will second that. Especially how loud his voice is." said Struct who was covering his ears.

"Well looks like Jackie's got a plan! Better let him handle it this time." said Houshoku with her arms crossed smirking.

"Alright!" Jack comes back with a whole load full of giant pies,"We're ready!"

"Where did you get all of those pies?" John asks.

"In the freezer of course!" Jack says as he and Harley put a pie bomb into the catapult,"And todays pie menu consists of......" He takes his finger and tastes the cream,"ooooo,cherry cream pie! PIES AWAY!!!!" He then pulls a lever,which releases the giant pie bombs that went all the way up in the sky and then drops down to the marine ship in front. The whole ship gets cream pied before it explodes.

"HA HA HA!!!!" Jack says with a laugh,"Now it's gonna rain!" Jack starts putting more pies into the catapult and releasing them into the air before it hits more ships and exploding.

"How does Jack make a joke out of escape plans?" John asks as a piece of cream pie hits his face,"One will never know."

"Heh I'm surprised I didn't think of exploding food yet! That shit is pretty effective!" said Houshoku looking at the chaos.

"I'M surprised you didn't..." said Toridasu sarcastally.

"Shut it Dasu!" barked Houshoku.

"Remind me never to eat one of his pies if I should see him running a pie shop." said Struct randomly.

"I would be of the same mind there." John nods to Struct as their ships went right through the barricade that opened in front of them.

"SIR! Their ships are going right through our barricade!" A marine says to Justice.

"You sumbitches couldn't close an umbrella for your own lives." Justice says to the marine,"YOU SUMBITCHES WILL PAY!!!!"

"Hot Potato,Hot Potato! Your anger may show the red tomato on fuego cause you're a hot potato!" Jack teases Justice,who was now pissed off.

"We should be getting to the docks soon." John says,"I would expect resistance from the marines since we're this close."

"And all of this for some moonshine?" Alice says,"Man,are the marines thirsty or something?"

"Oh I wish that was the case." John says,"But we're pirates,there's illegal moonshine on the ship,they can charge us with our previous crimes,plus this one."

"Whooo boy after all the shit I done and what happened at G2, I know the Marines gonna be pissed!" said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"That is NOT a good thing especially for Struct..." said Toridasu who sighs.

"I don't think they even regonize me as only the Marines that directly work for G2 will know of me. If anything, I can just say that you guys kidnapped me!" said Struct with a laugh.

"NOT FUNNY!!!" shouted Struct.

"Hah I like it when Struct fucks around like that. Anywho, we can take on them bastards whenever we go! I ain't about to back down especially after getting paid ahead of time." said Houshoku.

"HAVE THE REST OF US GET ON THAT FUCKING ISLAND!!!" Justice yells at one of the commanders.

"Uh sir." Coltrane says,"I already have a line of forces on the island prepared to meet them."

"Oh good!" Justice says,"Who is leading that force?"

"Ensign Amos." Coltrane answers,"The little kid that showed up the other day."


"Yessir!" A marine shouts as he runs off.

"That Justice is not very happy." John says.

"I wonder what his justice style is?" Jack says,"Hot Justice? Potato Justice? Southern Justice?"

"No no! "Sumbitch Justice!"" said Houshoku who was on her back laughing.

"CAN YOU PLEASE BE SERIOUS FOR ONCE!!!" shouted Toridasu who rarely lost his cool.

"Pipe down Dadsu! I could hear some guy named Ensign Amos is on the island. Some small fry apparently. Big deal." said Houshoku shrugging.

"Halt in the name of justice!" A little ensign says in front of a marine army and the pirates coming toward them,"You will be stopped."

"By Justice does he mean that guy over there or the concept?" Jack asks.

"I have no clue." John says,"But it's incredibly naive of him to think we're gonna stop for Justice."

"Should I fire another pie bomb or what do we do?" Jack says,"They're right on the docks where we need to land."

"We could fight them." John says,"We do have time,a bit over 2 hours according to my watch. We could also avoid this army if possible."

"Nah! Let's just fuck em up more!" Jack insists.

"Welp nothing else to do! Lets go a hunting for Marines!" said Houshoku suddenly taking out a large gun.

"W-where did you even get that?" asked Toridasu.

"Internet! Now are we just gonna blast them all?" asked Houshoku.

"It's a shame we could never settle this peacefully. Though this is a regular person that has nothing to do with pirates and Marines heh." said Struct rubbing his head nervously.

"I am Ensign Amos! And I will stop you in the name of -!" Ensign Amos says as he was shot in the head with a gunshot.

"Man that kid's voice was instantly annoying." Jack snickers as he was holding his elongated pistol.

"JACK!!!" John yells at Jack,"YOU SHOT THAT POOR ENSIGN!!!"

"Meh,I've done worse." Jack says as he shrugs,"If anyone is mad about that,that's how I roll. And if you don't like it,leave it!"

"Man aren't you an asshole." John says shaking his head.

"Let me ask you punks!" Jack says standing on the head of his ship as he cartoonishly hold a bunch of guns and cannons,"ARE YOU FEELIN LUCKY!!" He says as he fires off all the guns and all that at the army of marines.

"He really is..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"Whooo! Don't leave me out of the fun!" said Houshoku as she suddenly had a grenade launcher as she prepared to fire it.

"Where did you get THAT?!" shouted Toridasu.

"Remodeled that gun I had into this bad boy! I call it the Hell Raiser 3000!" shouted Houshoku as she started to fire it onto the Marines on shore. "HAHAHA!! TASTE THESE!!!"

"It's scary how much you enjoy these things..." said Toridasu.

"Well then...." John says leaping down and pulls out his steel pole,"I guess I can get some action himself." And using his shinigami martial arts,he starts beating marines up with the steel pole and his bare martial arts.

"Should we let our captains have the fun?" Harley asks Alice who was watching the three captains take them on.

"I guess so if you don't wanna." Alice says to Harley,who nodded in return.

"You see Johnny! You're having fun!" Jack says who was shooting more marine and fired off a rocket launcher into the smoke.

"I don't see it as fun,I see it as business." John states.

"Trust me Johnny Boy, I know business been doing this shit for longer than you and this is nothing but pure CHAOS!!!" shouted Houshoku as she swiped at some Marines with a large sword beam.

"Oooh what's happening?" asked Taffy who suddenly appeared.

"The Three Stooges are getting themselves involved in slapstick..." said Toridasu who was sitting down with his hands on his chin.

"Oooh cool! Who are the Three Stooges?" asked Taffy.

"Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest..." said Toridasu under his breath.

John took out a marine with a striking knee and knocks him down with his steel pole. He looks at all the chaos happening around him. "Think that's everyone?" John asks seeing no one on his side.

"Bah! There'll always be more." Jack was seen beating a marine up with his crowbar,before Jack pulls the marine's spine off with his crowbar,"Hmmmm,that'll be a chore to fix ya!"

"That is disgusting." John says to Jack who was holding the spine by the hair.

"NO!!!!!!!" Justice was heard and seen kneeling down at the poor Ensign Amos that was killed by Jack earlier,"You poor sumbitch...." Justice was in tears,"You had a lot of ass to kick and a lot of ass to clap left."

"Dafuq he saying?" Jack asks John.

"I guess he doesn't like his new recruits dying stupidly." John states.

"He was pretty young a shame but it happens during war." said Houshoku in a sudden serious tone.

"If that is war, then I don't want to be a part of it..." said Toridasu.

"Too late! Already are! Remember Dressrosa is kinda in chaos now!" said Houshoku reminding him of the past incident.

"Sigh...I know..." said Toridasu.

"Hey you bastards may want to back down now if you don't want that to happen to your rest of your men!" warned Houshoku.

Justice become red hot and steam came out as he said,"YOU SUMBITCHES WILL PAY THIS TIME!! YOU AIN'T PREPARED FOR THIS!! Jamo Jamo: Transformation!" He says as his body instantly turns into a potato,"PREPARE TO MEET MR. ANGRY EYES!!!!" He yells as he turns himself on fire due to intense amount of friction he can create.

"What did he just do?" John says trying to look at Justice as a potato.

"HA HA HA!!!!!!!" Jack was seen lying on the ground,laughing his ass off,"THAT'S THE BEST JOKE I'VE SEEN ALL DAY!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! THAT GUY IS A LITERAL MR. POTATO HEAD!!!AHAHAAHAHAHA!!!" replied Houshoku who was also laughing her ass off.

"HAHAHAH...heh...I'm sorry but even I can't help but find that funny!" said Toridasu who was chuckling hard.

"OMG!!! HE'S A POTATO!!! I wonder if he likes fries or potato chips?" asked Taffy.

"Wouldn't that...be considered cannabilism on his part?" said Struct thinking to himself.

John couldn't help but smile,"Heh,but can't let your guard down,he might have a good ability to fight against us."

"Watch this sumbitches!" Justice the potato head says as he charges at them as he was on fire,"Hot Potato style: french fry flurry!" He says launching a flurry of punches at John himself.

John counters with dodging a few and giving out a kick himself,"Shi no zen'nō no kikku (Death's Almighty Kick)" John says as he counters and swings a haki hardened kick at Justice's head.

"Rrgh" Justice says as he kicked hard enough to be rolling away from John and toward the other pirates.

"Ooh! Playin' kickball huh? Or rather kickpotato! Going toward ya Jackie! Ashisu: Rocket Kick!" shouted Houshoku as her foot hardened with her own Haki that glowed a dark pink in color kicks into Justice sending him toward Jackie.

"WHAT!" Jack says seeing Justice rolling toward him,"I ain't no martial artist! I'm a gadgeteer!" He says as he pulls out a rocket launcher and fires it at Justice. Justice was then seen flying up into the air in a trail of smoke in front of him. "Crack R. Jack takes the plate with his large bat in hand!" Jack was seen as he was in a baseball uniform and with a comically large baseball bat,"He sees the giant potato in front of him,in the air. He stares,prepared to meet the smoking ball. He swings!" Jack's bat hits Justice right in the face,"AND IT'S GOING! GOING! GONE!!!!!" Jack says as Justice was flying in the air in a heap of flames that was headed straight for a building.

"How did you put on that outfit so quickly?" John asks looking at Jack's baseball outfit.

"Nevermind that and look at that potato fly!" Jack says with a smile.

"Heh he was flyin' alright! I am so inspired to make a potato gun! Gonna call it the "Sumbitch Blaster 3000!"" said Houshoku smirking.

"You're really overusing that word huh?" said Toridasu.

"Can it before I kick you so hard down there it'll turn those small ass "potatoes" of yours into mashed potatoes!" Houshoku threateningly said to Toridasu.

"YOU SUMBITCHES!!!!" Justice comes running back after crashing through a building nearby,"I'll be defeating you all!" He then puts vegetable oil in his mouth and puts his cigar in his mouth. He then spits out a large flame that quickly came at the pirates,"Hot Potato Style: Deep Fry Fire!!"

"Woah!" John says as he dodges the fireball coming at him just in time,"That guy knows how to use fire."

"He knows to drink vegetable oil and put a cigar in his mouth." Jack says,"Which makes a big fire breathing potato head! HA HA HA! This old man is funny!"

Houshoku simply smirks as she takes the fire attack directly and she remains unscathed. "Heh my Houshokium armor is 100% fire resistant and fireproof! Well, I guess I can just say fireproof but that and my weredragon hertiage doesn't mean it'll do shit to me!" said Houshoku laughing. "But wow this spud got some fire huh?"

"He is literally a Hot Potato...heh..." said Toridasu snickering.

"Ah see! That's the side of Dasu I want to see more! One with the sense of humor!" said Houshoku.

"Say we should kill this potato?" Jack asks John.

"No! We don't need to kill this man." John says,"With him being a potato,we can definitely knock him out hard enough to make him in a vegetative state."

"HA! I like that joke." Jack says,"Any smart ideas we can do? I've done the most damage against that potato head."

"Yeah he's too funny to just kill off! Besides you got too much first blood Jackie! I want my share at the next bastard!" said Houshoku.

"We are not even supposed to. You three are veering off of the objective we were supposed to accomplish. And NO! I am still not on board!" shouted Toridasu.

"Sorry. Couldn't catch that. My "Killjoy Blocker" has been blocking off your talking for some reason." said Houshoku rubbing her ears.

"There is no such thing..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"You can get a lick in Houshoku." John says,"It'll look easy to knock him out so you can get a lick in then I'll knock him out."

"Ooh kinky!" said Houshoku with a chuckle.

"That is NOT what he means and you know it!" shouted Toridasu.

"I know dammit! I just want to do this!" said Houshoku as she slapped Justice with an energy-powered hand. "There! Needed to tenderize this bitch!"

"OW OW OW!!!" Justice says,"You Sumbitches are tough,but we'll defeat you!"

"We?" John asks,"Where's your friend?" John knew Justice was talking about that other commodore,Coltrane. But Coltrane was nowhere to be seen. John then shakes his head as he buffs himself up with the devil's breath and then says,"Shi no ken (Death's Fist)" The punch hits Justice hard thanks to the devil's breath and haki. It punched so hard that it took some of the potato skin off and left an indentation on him,"Hope that wouldn't hurt him too much." John says as he looks at Justice knocked out as a potato.

"You can call Justice's mission a dud!" Jack says with a laugh.

"Let's get back to business." John says fixing his collar and walking away.

"It ain't Justice when it's Just Us!" said Houshoku laughing as she put her weapon away.

"Just stop it with the bad jokes already..." said Toridasu.

"Well, that was quite the treat huh?" said Struct.

"Oooh! I want some treats! Give me some!" said an excited Taffy.

"I have leftover giant cream pies if y'all want some!" Jack says.

"Don't they have a bomb in them though?" John asks.

"As long as you don't touch the bomb,you should be fine!" Jack says.

"Anyway,now that we're on port." John states,"We should get all of that 'shine and get it over to Little Amos and Big Amos."

"Did they mention where to drop it off though?" Alice asks.

"Good point." John replies,"Probably should've asked. They most likely have an office that we can take it to."

"I hope so. I ain't about to walk around in circles carrying around all of this shine." said Houshoku doing some minor arm exercises.

"I knew we were forgetting to ask something...Where would we even look for this "office"?" asked Toridasu.

"I reckon the building is in town. Damn, now this island is starting to get to me. That or that country-sounding Marine." said Struct who cough a bit.

"All we need to do is ask." John says as he sees a civilian walking by,"Excuse me sir. But would you be familiar with a big amos and little amos? If so,would you know where they have their office at?"

"Oh you mean the Mayor's elected officials?" The civilian answers,"Yup! Their office is located in the center of town,right next to the sheriff's office and the bank." He points over to where the office would be located.

"Thank you sir." John nods and then walks back,"So,they're in the center of town,right next to the bank and sheriff's office."

"Why there?" Jack asks,"I mean,looks like the perfect opportunity to rob the bank!" Jack says with giddy.

"No,cause the sheriff would instantly be up on us!" John says.

"The Mayor's elected officials? Seriously?" said Toridasu in disbelief.

"Heh I'm always up for a bank heist but probably should go speak with them first. If we don't get there in time, ALL of those sumbitches will be after us!" said Houshoku with a smirk on her mouth.

"And yet I think you want that to happen..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"I think it is better to go to them directly first. We don't want to make an enemy of the entire island now especially what we went through with the Marines recently." said Struct.

"Indeed." John says,"Now how are to get through the center of town,without attracting attention to this large crate of moonshine?"

"I got an idea!" Jack says suddenly pulling out a very long cloth and puts it over the large crate of moonshine. He then pulls out a marker and writes on the cloth in his handwriting,"Our Shiny Stuff"

"How original....." John says rolling his eyes as Jack smiled and showed it off.

"Hahahahahaha! It's perfect though! No one will think "Our Shiny Stuff" will be the ol' moonshine!" said Houshoku chuckling.

"It could very well apply to gold or other "shiny" objects...that just paints a bigger target on our backs..." said Toridasu facepalming.

"It is better than nothing. If anything, we can just say the shiny stuff is just some shiny rocks or something." said Struct.

"True enough." John says shaking his head,"Let's just get this shine over there quickly."

The Udder of the Island

John,Jack,and Houshoku make it to the center of town with the "shiny stuff" crate. People gave them short glances and tried to figure out who they were and what they were carrying. There were police that were looking at them from sidewalks or inside cafeterias they were sitting at. They finally make it to Big Amos and Little Amos's office door.

"Well this is it." John says,"Let's just get inside,I don't like all these eyes staring at us."

"Bah,they're just jealous!" Jack says,wearing a stupid disguise of groucho glasses on his face,"They're jealous of my sexy looks!"

"You look even more stupid with that glasses,big nose,and mustache." John says deadpanly.

"Like you look any more stupid with the hat." Jack retorts.

"Hey! My hat is a prized possession of mine!" John argues.

"This is getting nowhere." Alice says deadpanly.

"This place looks pretty shabby..." said Toridasu.

"Hey! This is business! Doesn't have to look like a fucking castle!" barked Houshoku at Toridasu.

"There were numerous of cops here. It was definitely a wise move to take the subtle route." said Struck looking around.

"Meh. Let's get this business over with! And Johnny Boy, no one cares for your dumb hat!" said Houshoku in a snarky tone.

"How kind of both of you." John retorts as they head inside.

Inside,there was a reception desk that had a lady there arranging meetings with Big Amos and Little Amos. She sees the three pirate captains and then says,"May I help you all?" She says noticing the large crate behind them.

"We're here for Big Amos and Little Amos." John says,"Can we see them?"

"Uhhh,no." The reception lady says,"They're right now busy with a meeting."

"Come on lady!" Jack says,"We're in a very important business and need to speak to the big dude and little dude urgently!"

"Would you like to schedule a meeting with them?" The reception lady asks.

"If you have a spot opened in like -" John says before Jack interrupts with,

"We ain't interested in a meeting!!" Jack says slamming his hand onto the desk. He then pulls out his long pistol and says,"Tell us where the big guy and little guy is at or else I'll blow your brains to the moon!"

The reception lady became scared of Jack,"Upstairs,first door on the left."

"Thank you." Jack says keeping his pistol on the lady's head.

"Jeezus man,you don't need to scare the poor woman!" John says,"Don't you have room for decency?"

"Don't you have room to be a real pirate?" Jack retorts. John didn't reply to Jack from that,and didn't really like the retort.

"And this is why you remain unmarried." said Toridasu in a snarky tone.

"Whoa-oa-OAH! Damn Dasu you savage! You're gonna get your head blown off by Jackie at this rate!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Do not give him any ideas..." said Toridasu cautiously staring at Jack.

Jack gives a glance at Toridasu,"And for that retort,she'll die." Jack pulls the trigger to fire out a "Bang" flag over the terrified woman,"HA HA HA!!!! Look at all of your faces!! Y'all thought I was serious to kill her? Nah!!!"

"You motherfucker." John says annoyed,"I oughta rip your head off!!"

"Relax Johnny boy!" Jack says with a smile,"It's only a prank man!" He then headpats the lady,"Thank you for being cooperative young lady. Enjoy the rest of your day!" He then skips off upstairs to Little Amos and Big Amos's office.

"sigh sorry about that madam." John says tipping his hat to the woman,"Take care madam." He then walks to the stairs.

"He was really threatening to kill someone else over what I said?" said Toridasu with shock.

"Yeah! Maybe you wanna keep that trap of yours shut forever huh?" said Houshoku sacaractally.

"Shut it..." said Toridasu in a dull tone.

"I think we better go follow them you two." said Struct walking off with them

Jack was up there first and knocking on the door as the others were heading up the stairs.

"Knock Knock y'all." Jack says.

"They're in a meeting right now." John states,"So they won't answer immediately."

"Are you sure?" Jack asks,"Cause this doesn't sound like a meeting to me." He says putting his ear into the door,hearing inside the office of Big Amos and Little Amos,"It sounds more like moaning and growls."

"What?" John asks Jack,curious enough to put his ear into the door,hearing the moaning from girls and the giant and dwarf.

"Hookers you think?" Jack asks,"Probably hookers most likely."

"Well this is an interesting situation." John concludes,"How should we approach this?"

"Kick the door open and say hello!" Jack says with a smile.

"How about blasting?! Heh heh...I bet those boozos are "blasting" in there if ya catch my drift!" said Houshoku as she turned one of her arms into a cannon pointing at the door while laughing.

"...Disgusting." said Toridasu with a blankless expression.

"Well...they are, ahem, "important" in this town after all. Maybe a light knock?" asked Struct who seemed relunctant to knock on the door.

"Nah!" Jack says as the way end of the hall,"If someone is inside in style,you gotta enter with style." He then pulls out a bowling ball,"Careful,this ball will more than just hurt ya!" He then rolls it off as a bowling ball,showing off a lighted fuse as it was rolling toward the office door. John and the others leap away as the bowling ball hit the door and exploded the door out and the wall it was in.

Jack was seen casually walking into the room to see Big Amos and Little Amos gangbanging with a bunch of the signature cow huminks of the island. John would follow behind Jack from the smoke.

"Hello gentlemen." Jack says with a smile,"And ladies." He nods toward the cow huminks,"And BOY!!! Are those real???" He rushes over to a cow huminks and starts touching their boobs.

"Hell yeah they're real!" Big Amos says with a cow humink on his lap,"The signature cow huminks of the island."

"Y'all don't have decency?" John asks looking around the office,"And y'all are public elected officials? This is some persona you elected officials have."

"Shut up dumb hat!" Little Amos retorts to John,"We do what we want to do!"

"Why does everyone pick on me?" John asks deadpanly.

"Welcome to the club. We're the only two members." said Toridasu in a dull tone.

"Wow...this is quite unexpected..." said Struct trying to look away.

'HAH!!! Now THAT"S what I call Cow Tipping! Though they're going a LOT more than tipping!" said Houshoku who was laughing.

"So what are you three doing here so early?" Big Amos asks the captains.

"We're here for the money." John asks,"We fulfilled your deal."

"Oh you did huh?" Little Amos asks,"Got the extra 200 cases too?"

"Yup." John bluntly speaks.

"Oh that's lovely!" Big Amos says with a smile,"We can party soon then my son!"

"Yeah we will!" Little Amos says with a cow humink putting her arms around him.

"You guys are welcome to join in here!" Big Amos says showing off around the cow humink hookers in the office.

"No thank you!" John retorts,"I ain't a man for hookers. I'm a married man."

"I might take up on the offer." Jack replies looking at a cow humink girl.

"JACK!!!" Davida slaps Jack in the back of the head.

"This is making my uncomfortable...can we get this over with?" asked Toridasu shivering.

"Awwww...don't be afraid! You can finally turn in your V card!" said Houshoku slapping his back.

"THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!" shouted Toridasu who was blushing.

"These are...cows alright." said Struct with a dazed look.

"Heh, these girls are attractive but I swing with dudes mainly!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"Heh,it's an offer we'll still hold." Big Amos says,"Now the money you're looking for is in my desk." He pushes himself in the chair to the desk and pulls out a 3 suitcases of cash for the three crews,"50 million for each of ya,as promised."

"Thank you sir." John nods taking his suitcase of money.

"Oooh ooh whoo money money money!" Jack says with a smile getting the suitcase.

"Now are all y'all interested in some more money making?" Little Amos asks,"Y'all seem like you would hold a few secrets for cash."

"Maybe." John answers,"What's your price?"

"Oh we ain't paying this time." Little Amos answers,"Big Boss Hogg is."

"Oh,the big dog of this island?" Jack asks,"Hey look,we're escalating the corporate ladder quickly!"

"Big Boss Hogg was impressed by how y'all finished the deal early and took out Marine Commodore Justice." Little Amos continues,"He was the one that paid Justice extra to chase y'all."

"Oh so Boss Hogg controls the local marines?" John asks.

"Like a wise man in a green money suit once told me." Big Amos says while holding a girl on his lap,"Everyone's got a price."

"Greeeeat so the leader of the island happens to control the Marines..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Oooh kicking his ass would definitely be something worth it!" said an excited Houshoku.

"He does sound like a man of great power. I don't think he will be easy to deal with compared to those commodores." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Either he'll be some big powerful fighter or a man who has a bunch of tough bodyguards." John thinks.

"I wonder what his real name is?" Jack says,"Like how does one get the name of Big Boss Hogg."

"You guys will find out those questions in the Underworld!" Little Amos answers.

"What?" John asks,"So this really was some underworld stuff we were dealing with?"

"Yessir it was!" Big Amos says,"How else can Hogg ask to have illegal moonshine to be made and prepared for him?"

"We just needed men who Hogg can rely on to transport it." Little Amos says,"And y'all did when you went against El Diablo!"

"If you didn't know,Boss Hogg has been watching y'all this whole time." Big Amos states,"He's seen that rodeo competition and seen when you've been landing on islands,and when you've been involved in battles. He is really impressed with you three rookies."

"Interesting." John says,"Don't know if I want to meet the basic Godfather of this land,but it does make me curious."

"Hey man,always down to tango with the biggest dog in the yard!" Jack says with a smile.

"Hell yeah I am always up for meeting big time bastards! Bring on this Boss Hoss guy!" said Houshoku pounding her fists together.

"It doesn't ALWAYS have to result in a fight..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"What do we need to do to meet this Boss Hogg?" John asks.

"You need to go to a bar,that is located outside of town and in the farming lands,it's called the Boar's Nest." Big Amos states,"A lot of your farmers go there for a quick meal,drink,and time with ladies."

"There'll be a woman that'll have giant hooters behind the counter. Which you'll need to say to her,"We would like the Ultra Beef." She will then take you to a hidden area that'll take you underground and straight for the massive underworld city below us!"

"Sounds good." John states.

"Oh boy! This'll be fun!" Jack says with excitement.

"Hogg might be giving y'all a reward." Little Amos states,"Probably one of these girls for your crew!"

"I might take on that offer if he gives it to me." Jack states.

"I might think about it." John says,"Depending on the situation and circumstances if he offer us these girls."

"Really a massive city underground? Sounds dangerous..." said the usual cautious Toridasu.

"Yeah yeah yeah but how about the idea of a cow humink? That sounds pretty awesome!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"Yes she may be a chef as well and add even more to the Taffy/Tampura cooking feud..." said Toridasu with a deadpan look.

"Pfft! You worry too damn much! And captain's orders!" shouted Houshoku as she pointed to Toridasu while eating a random piece of plank.

"Indeed. We better keep up our guards in this underground city. We will be further from assistance." said Struct.

"Well then we'll leave y'all off!" Big Amos says,"Thanks for getting our 'shine in here!"

"You are welcome." John nods and then walks out of the office,leaving the giant and dwarf to their "business" to the cow huminks. "Well looks like we'll be heading to the Boars Nest,probably gonna need to travel on something."

"Yeah! But first. BATHROOM BREAK!!!!" Jack instantly starts running for the nearest bathroom.

"Alllllright?" John says seeing Jack run over to the bathroom,"We'll be waiting outside." John then heads downstairs,tipping his hat to the reception lady,then heading outside.

"Heh Jackie's got a strong personality but his bladder isn't as well." said Houshoku chuckling as she follows them outside.

"Does everything has to be a, ahem, "dirty joke" to you?" asked Toridasu with a sigh.

"Because I have a dirty mind Dirtsu! You should know that by now!" shouted Houshoku pointing her finger at Toridasu.

"Yeah I kinda set myself up for that name..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Phew. That was a rather awkward situation we were in there." said Struct who took off his shades for a second to wipe off the fog that formed on them and puts them back on.

A few minutes later

"What's taking that clown so long?" John says looking at his watch,"I don't like to wait on people who waste time."

"He probably did have to go." Alice states to John.

"Though I have a bad feeling he ain't just taking a simple whizz or dump." Vincent says,knowing his captain.

"Who knows with that clown." John says impatiently,"He takes everything as a form of joke. A very unpredictable man he is."

"Probably makes him one of the worst pirates known in the rookie sense." Harley states.

"I also have a bad feeling about this..." said Toridasu.

"Heh heh...I think I know what he is up to. In 3...2...1..." said Houshoku as she started to count down to something.

As she finished saying one,the bank that was located right next to the exploded up in flames! Jack was seen running out of the bank with a bunch of bags of money on his back and arms. Jack was running really fast until he saw the others.

"Oh hey guys!" Jack greets with a smile.

"WHAT DID YOU DO????" John yells at Jack.

"Oh,while I was using the bathroom,the urinal I was using was actually a blockade to a secret tunnel. So I went into the secret tunnel to find out I found a secret way into the bank! So I decided to grab some cash and blow up the place. Oh,and I setted a bomb in the bathroom too. So you better RUN!!!" Jack says instantly running away from the crew as the others started running behind him.

"You big SOB!" John yells at Jack,"I should've known you were up to something!"

"Hey! If you found a rabbit hole,I'm sure you and your tall waifu would jump into it!" Jack says back.

"hmph." John doesn't reply.

"Hahahaha oh Jackie your chaos knows no bounds!" said Houshoku who was laughing hard while running away.

"......................................" was all Toridasu uttered as he shook his head.

"Toridasu? Uh oh, looks pretty out of it." said Struct as he grabbed Toridasu by his arm to run away.

"Hey let's take this horse and buggy!" Jack says jumping in and throwing the driver of the cart and buggy,"Sorry mate,we'll return it sometime!"

"You really like to get our asses in trouble." John says getting inside with his crew,"Now guess who's gonna get blamed for that?"

"Well,you did want to be in the big leagues like me and Yang!" Jack says back,"Getting blamed for a bank robbery and explosion shouldn't be your biggest concern." Jack then whips the horse and then runs off in the carriage with the crews inside.

"Well,this sure is an interesting turn of events." Alice states.

"So we have the police on us while heading to the super secret underworld city?" John states,"Doesn't sound good if you ask me. We're gonna need to alter their attention somehow."

"Why not then think of something Johnny boy!" Jack says,"I'm driving at the moment!"

"Oh! I got this!" said Houshoku as she jumped to the top of the carriage while aiming her cannon arm at them.

"Hey! You're not going to blow them up are you!?" shouted Toridasu.

"Shaddup Boresu! More or less but we gotta divert their attention right? Well I'm going to take a page out of Johnny Boy's book! Baku Baku Shock: Explosive Pinkku Cloud!" shouted Houshoku as she fired out a large pink cannon from her right arm which then exploded causing a massive pink explosion of clouds that will either deter the police or cause them to run off.

"Yeah,that should take them off our butt." John says approving,"Using a pink smoke too? That should make it harder to see through the smoke."

"Welp,if the people ain't pissed at us." Jack says,"I don't know what would piss them off."

"Maybe stealing their fried chicken maybe." John says looking around the endless plains of grass,"Or if we steal their precious cows." He looks at a cow that was casually eating the grass.

"HA! That probably would piss them off won't it?" Jack says with a smile,"You see,now you're catching on to the train of chaos!"

"I don't wish to board it." John states.

"Doesn't this look pretty though?" Alice asks,"One can simply frolic around here in peace."

"Maybe if cow shit wasn't all over the place." Jack says looking at a pile of manure that was being made in a manure factory.

"Ok,that shit smells!" Vincent says holding his scarecrow nose,"I'm going up to the air and get out of this stench!" He turns into a crow and flies into the air.

"Man,yup. This is the life of a farmer ain't it?" John says with a disgusted look,"Though it is an honest living."

"Yeah! To them it smells like roses!" Jack says with a smile,"Beside the smell of warm pancakes and milk! Or a juicy burger!"

"This is utterly replusive!" said Toridasu covering his nose.

"Meh I smelled worse. And by worse I mean DEAD BODIES!!!" shouted Houshoku suddenly knocking on her head.

"Don't make that sound like literal crap is any worse!" said Toridasu.

"Yeah...though it is still fresh but it is the life of the farmer as he said." said Struct who also had his nose pinched.

Soon they were passing by dairy farms that had tons of cows. There were cow huminks walking around like with a little town of their own. The cow huminks seen the crews in the carriage and started waving at them in happiness. They were waving and saying hello to the crews happily,while there were other cow huminks in other farms being whipped as slaves.

"Man,these cow huminks don't always get the best treatment don't they?" John asks.

"They're slaves to a bunch of these farms." Jack states,"And slaves,like other farming animals,are property. And like farming animals,they need to work. So these owners treat them like animals. Slaves mostly don't get a nice guy in charge. I mean that cow humink town over there looks pretty cool."

"Hey look! A puppy farm!" Alice says looking at a puppy farm,with little puppies happily barking in cages.

John was intrigued by the seriousness of Jack's tone on slaves,"You have a certain opinion on slaves Jack?"

"Nope,I just know how the underworld works with slavery." Jack answers,"Me and Houshoku probably know the underworld more than you think John."

"Maybe." John says,"Though this underworld curiouses me."

Houshoku pauses for a brief moment when thinking of slaves before speaking again. "Yeah. If you're vaulable or are worth something to any of these asshats, they will sell you off. These cow huminks here probably have no choice to do what they are told. They don't look like the types that could kick a lot of ass. The Underworld deals with that kind of illegal shit after all and the Marines cannot do a damn thing about it. Not that they would considering they do the same." said Houshoku in a serious tone.

"The Underworld is a quite dangerous thing to deal with. Unless you're like some people I know in Water 7 that only go there for new materials, you pretty much always have to watch your back around them." explained Struct.

"Indeed...something I will never associate with." said Toridasu.

John looks back at the slaved cow huminks and then says,"And I'm guessing this Boss Hogg is allowing this."

"Most Likely." Jack says,"And if he's allowing illegal moonshine in as well as allowing slavery in here. It tells you that this island ain't so innocent as it looks."

"Yeah,it sounds like its sins are dirtier than a snotty cloth." Tim says.

"Right-o big rabbit!" Jack says to Tim.

"We should take him out." John blurts it out,"I mean it seems Hogg trusts us from delivering his shine to those two. But we ain't as dumb as we look. If he's allowing slavery in here,that just makes him a dirt porker."

"I view slavery as only business." Jack says as he was driving,"But I am always up for a big boss smackdown!" He nods to John with a smile,"Hell we can humiliate him more by giving him a haircut! If he has hair at all."

Houshoku crackes her knuckles. "You two did all the damage against those commordes already! This bastard is mine!" said Houshoku smirking.

"I am really insisting we don't do this but I can tell I can't convince you..." said Toridasu with a look of dread on his face.

"All I did was killed that Ensign." Jack says,"Annoying enough,but yeah I'll let ya have at it with Hogg."

"I at least want to have him taste his own medicine!" John says,"Though that makes me think of what happened to that other commodore."

"He must've gotten lost." Jack says,"I wouldn't worry about that guy!" He says as they go farther into the island,and toward a little forest.

Meanwhile,along the trail that the pirates were partaking,an Irish Wolfhound and a Basset Hound were seen following the trail. The Irish Wolfhound was seen keen on the trail of the pirates while the Basset Hound seemed to have been more curious about the butterflies around the plains.

"Ohhhhh would you knock it off Flash!" Coltrane says to the Basset Hound. Coltrane,thanks to his devil fruit,can become an Irish Wolfhound breed of a dog. Coltrane then grabs Flash and has him on the back,"I swear,I thought you would be an actual good marine dog if you weren't so distracted!"

Flash is Coltrane's actual pet hound. Coltrane recently got the little guy after seeing the cute guy in a pet store. He's still learning the ropes of being a good dog and being a marine dog. Coltrane followed and sniffed the trail while Flash was on Coltrane's back,trying to catch the butterflies.

The Boar's Nest

"I think we're about there!" Jack says as he points over to a small building that had a giant sign of a woman that said,"Welcome to the Boar's Nest! Brought to you by the Big Boss Hogg!" Right next to the picture of the woman,was a picture of Hogg in his pearl white suit and beefy cigar and hat.

"Looks like a small place." John says,"But they did mention this is a popular place for farmers and whatnot."

"The Giant Amos did say about a girl with big hooters!" Jack says,"Should be enough for a farmer to come on down. She probably ain't the only woman in there with honkers!"

"Y'all and with your perverted minds." John shakes his head.

"Haaaah! We all have dirty minds here except for Moe and Larry here!" said Houshoku pointing to Toridasu and John.

"Moe...Larry...? What?" said Toridasu with a perplexed look.

"It's you two are the Stooges here!" said Houshoku as she slapped Toridasu.

"OW!!! HEY!!!" shouted Toridasu.

"Either way, it does look like we're here." said Struct who was looking around.

"Indeed." John says hopping off the carriage to enter the Boar's Nest.

Inside the Boar's Nest, It was a rowdy place to be. They were welcomed to a bottle of beer flying right at them at the door. There were men everywhere,drunk to the highest they can be. Some were seen dancing on tables,making fights,laughing loudly. There were women in skimpy outfits walking around and serving drinks,some serving extra in the public.

"My word,this place is anarchic." John says holding on to his hat from a nearby glass bottle throw.

"Looks like my kinda place!" Jack says with a smile,"Hey man! Nice to meet ya!" He handshakes a drunk man and electro-buzzes the drunk man to sleep.

"Ooooh,can ya sit in my lap big girl?" A drunk man asks Alice.

"I'd rather step on you if you were small enough." Alice retorts,not liking the style of the place.

"Ooooh,kinky." Jack replies to Alice's comment. John just rolls his eyes as he just walks up front.

"Haaaah! This place reminds me of the bar back in Water 7! Whoo boy this feels like home!" said Houshoku laughing.

"That I will agree with. Especially with Con and Ammer get a bit too carried away heh heh..." said Struct chuckling.

"That beer bottle nearly hit me..." said Toridasu who was ducking out of the way. "T-This place is chaos itself and we're not even in the worst part of it I feel.."

"Hey man! What's with the big hat?" A drunk man asks John about the hat,"You oughta knock it down a little." The man then sends a haymaker to John. John replies with grabbing the fist,and then breaking the man's arm in two!

"I ain't in the mood for games." John retorts looking around the bar,all eyes on him now. Everyone then ignores him and gets back to their normal business.

"Man,you had their attention for a moment!" Jack says to John.

"The shorter their attention span,the better." John finally makes it to the bar counter,waiting for the woman they're looking for.

"Meh. I feel like the one at Water 7 was a lot more rowder." said Houshoku who was sitting down on the seat and ate a random guy's gun.

"If that is the case I do not wish to go to that one either. Where is this woman we're supposed to meet?" asked Toridasu who was hesistant to sit down.

"Probably soon. We should watch our backs just in case." said Struct who had his arms crossed.

"Man I just noticed you could totally pass for a bouncer Struct! Muscular body, cool shades, stern personality...I can see why you're at home!" said Houshoku laughing.

A woman comes walking by the bar counter and sees the three crews,"Well hello there boys,and girls." She greets the three,"How can I help you today."

"Well,not gonna lie. I've been told all about you for a while now. What I want you to do is sit on me!" Jack says but then is elbowed by John.

"We would like the Ultra Beef." John says to the lady.

"Oh you sure you don't want the extra milk?" The lady asks John.

"Just get us the Ultra Beef." John speaks seriously.

"Well say no more!" The lady says hopping over the counter in a revealing fashion,"Follow me then."

"whistle Man ain't she a looker?" Jack says.

"JACK!" Davida yells at Jack.

John rolls his eyes and says,"Let's get going."

"Heh last chance to turn in your V card Dasu!" said Houshoku snickering.

"W-WILL YOU PLEASE GET OFF OF THAT!!! Let's just follow her..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"I honestly wished it was an actual food instead of a code." said Struct rubbing his chin.

The lady leads them all to the back of the bar,and into a hallway that was deemed off limits to the customers. She then walks over to an umbrella stand and picks up a cow-patterned umbrella. The umbrella,being pulled off the stand,revealed a hidden entrance that slid open for the three to see. The entrance was a long path of stairs that went all the way down.

"Have fun boys." The girl says,"There'll be food and drinks served down there for ya."

"You sure there ain't an elevator?" John asks the lady.

"Only special people get the elevator." The lady states,"By the way hat man,might want to switch that hat for an actual cowboy hat."

"I left my cowboy hat at the ship." John says.

"Then take this one." The lady says throwing a black cowboy hat to John,"Now have fun!"

"Thanks ma'am." John tips his top hat and then takes it off for the cowboy hat.

"Hey,if you ever want to join my crew girl. You know who to call..." Jack says trying to have swagger.

"Very cute." The lady says walking away.

"Well then,that's a lot of stairs." Jack says looking down.

"Heh I have plently of more stairs back at home! This is a cakewalk for me!" said Houshoku who sprouted her wings and started to fly downwards.

"You are NOT walking as I thought you would." said Toridasu.

"She is already having a head start. We better go after her." said Struct as he started to slowly walk down.

"Indeed." John says as he heads down in a quick fashion.

"Y'all use stairs?" Jack says as he just bounces down with his pogo shoes,"Down the Rabbit Hole we go all!"

"I hope these stairs is worth it." Alice says getting down.

"It might be our best interest to find an alternative way out when we take out Hogg." John states as they went down.

Enter the PigPen

They enter down underground into the Underworld city codenamed The PigPen. The place was dark and obviously inside a cave system. But it was lighted up by a bunch of candles and lights that surrounded the giant cave room. The large cave revealed a very large city that was right below them. Lights from the city buildings lighted up the cave even more. There were many different buildings shown here. There were slavehouses,arms dealings,moonshine bars,and even pleasure clubs. Just no drug cartels,Boss Hogg doesn't like drugs and forbids them in his island.

"It's like a whole different world." John says amazed by all the lighting and the big city they entered.

"Well shit guys." Jack says,"We really hit the jackpot!"

They were welcomed to a sign that had a giant pig's head with an apple in it,the sign said,"Welcome to the PigPen!"

"Well,can tell they're quite the humble ones." Alice says noticing the monstrosity of the pig's head in the sign.

"Hahahaha! That seems like a fucking appropriate name for this place! I could literally pig out of everything here!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"Wow this place does take the term "Underworld" quite literally doesn't it?" said Toridasu who was also amazed.

"An underground metropolis that exists within a rather pleasant town. Pretty ingenious direction." said Struct who was amazed as well.

"It's a dirty place." Tim says,"But it's also pretty clean." He was amazed by it.

"Wow....." Davida says as Vincent was looking around,impressed but not showing it.

"Where should we head first?" Jack says,"We can go literally anywhere in this world!"

"We're going straight to the Boss." John answers,"Though we might need to ask around for where he's located."

"Where should we start though?" Alice asks.

"Probably that slavehouse nearby." John points over to a noticeable slavehouse,"That area could perhaps give us some intel we need."

"I like your thinking Johnny Boy!" Jack says,"Beside,let's see what fine specimen they sell there."

"You sound like a buyer Jack." John says concerned.

"Oh no,I wouldn't buy slaves." Jack says,"I would fucking blow the place up if they had a good enough species of my interest."

"Oh....." John deadpanly says not surprised.

"We're in depths of an underground city. Do NOT do anything that will put us at more risk here!" shouted Toridasu at Jack.

"Wow you underestimate us too damn much! If shitheads need their asses kicked, I'll kick their asses! Besides, if we get like tunneled in or something, I can easily eat our way out!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"Ah yes like how you tried to eat yourself to the way of China earlier..." said Toridasu.

"What the fuck is China?" asked Houshoku.

"The...largest trading center in the world perhaps?" asked Struct in confusion.

"NEVERMIND!" said Toridasu with his arms in the air.

They head inside the slavehouse,they enter to what looks like a theater entrance to what is to be a slave auctioneering house. There were ticket sellers that gave tickets to the slave buyers,while there were bouncers at the entrance of each auctioneering room to make sure people have the tickets.

"They make auctioneering like a show?" John asks,"What kind of show is this?"

"Ah there you are!" A ticket man says pointing to John and the three crews,"You guys don't need to enter the auctioneering rooms,y'all need to go to the back." He points over to a mysterious hallway that had security and hookers coming back and forth,"Third door on the right."

"Man,why does we have to go through every strange hall?" John asks himself.

"Cause the strange ones lead to adventure!" Jack says,"Now,let's meet this Big Boss Hogg!"

"We go down too many halls today...this is getting rather tiring..." said Toridasu with a tired look.

"Like Jackie said, strange things lead to adventure! Let's go meet this Boss Hagg guy!" said Houshoku pointing forward.

"It's Boss "Hoss" as I believe." said Struct.

They knock on the door and enter from the strange hallway to see a man in glasses there at a desk.

"Oh!" The reception man says,"You're the man Hogg was calling for." He says,"You! In the hat,your name is John correct?"

"Yes sir." John answers bluntly.

"Yes Yes. Uhh Hogg needs you to do something before any of you to meet him." The man says,"Take this tag with you and walk into the auctioneer room. There a man will take you to an assigned auctioneering room."

"Woah Woah slow down a minute." John says,"What are you saying?"

"Hogg wants you to be an auctioneer." The man answers,"The rest of you will have tickets to the room he's auctioneering in."

"But I've never auctioneered before." John states.

"Don't worry,you'll get the gist of it quickly." The man says,"Now go there and auction off some slaves!"

"Well this is neat." John says sarcastically as he looks at his hat and notices a label inside his hat that said "+20 speech and charisma"

"Can't wait to see you auctioneering then!" Jack says to John,"Shouldn't be that hard like he said."

"Meh. It's nothing to it really. You just bid on something you want and as long some shmuck doesn't want to bid against you, then you win." said Houshoku scratching her ear.

"So you know of slave auctions as well huh?" asked Toridasu.

"No duh mother sometimes go to them for poor saps to use as "test dummies" at the colosseum. 'I'm not sure what happened to them but I been seeing a lot of "ravenous beasts" lately..." said Houshoku with some concern in her voice.

"Hm...I see. It wouldn't hurt to see. Personally, I'm against slaves." said Struct looking around.

"So am I,but it seems he appointed me to be an auctioneer." John says.

"That's an easy thing to do!" Jack says as they were walking,"All it is is that you have to be observant of the room and tell what people are bidding for."

"I guess." John says,"But won't I be selling slaves?"

"Well,it's a job one has to do unfortunately." Jack says,"But hey,we can give them freedom after our chaos against Hogg!" They then see a bouncer that led to the auctioneer room.

"Here." John says showing his card to the bouncer. The bouncer allows him into the auctioneer only room.

"See ya inside the auctioneering room!" Jack says.

"I sure hope he'll be ok." Alice says.

"I'm sure he will be." Tim says,"John can handle himself."

"Meh he does seem like the type to run away but he casually broke a dude's arm earlier so he may be fine. Dunno he isn't chaotic as me or Jackie that's for sure." said Houshoku scratching her head.

"If anything, him being the most level-headed out of all of us makes me less worried." said Toridasu.

John was seen walking into a large auction room that was packed with buyers and spectators that were just curious what they would sell. John sat at the center of the stage with a serious look in his face. A lady came over to remind John of the rules and what he's to do and say. John nods as she was speaking and then the lady left. He looks back up to see Jack cheering on for him.

"loud whistle THAT'S MY BOY!!!!" Jack shouts out with looks of all types coming at him,"GO SELL EM JOHNNY BOY!"

John only facepalms to see Jack shout like that in front of thousands.

"This is a serious slave room." Alice says to Jack,"Can't you be so serious for a minute?"

"Oh why so serious?" Jack asks,"Just wanna give him some encouragement."

"He looks like he knows what he's about to do." Alice says ignoring Jack.

"Clear-headed,serious attitude,only curious to see what he would do as an auctioneer." Tim says.

"Hmph,I remember watching one of these as a kid." Vincent says,"I watched these to study the fear of slaves. Of the slave owner and slaves themselves."

"Man aren't you a creepy dude." Davida retorts to Vincent,who only shrugs in his scarecrow outfit.

"Slaves...only one way to go from here. Those poor saps better hope they go to "good homes." said Houshoku who was clutching her fist.

"Easy...I know you hate slaves but we have to keep calm..." said Toridasu patting her back.

"Indeed. It appears to be starting so let us pay attention." said Struct looking forward.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen." John simply states through the microphone,"Today is another day of selling a collection of Boss Hogg's prized cow huminks. The ones that can exclusively make any mix through its breasts. May it be regular milk,chocolate milk,caramel milk,strawberry milk,even coffee milk. These cow girls can make it all in their breasts." He then motions 3 cow huminks to walk to the stage,"This first round is a selling these three cow huminks to start. These three are a balanced collection of labor work,milk production,and downright sexiness while working on the farm."

"Damn look at John spitting facts like a true businessman." Jack says,"Maybe he should partake in the business of the underworld."

"Or actually own a decent business." Alice replies.

"It isn't that easy. Trust me." said Houshoku in a serious tone. "It takes more than just being a suave businessman to make it in the underworld. You have to have power, influence, connections. Johnny Boy is but a sprout. He will get picked out before he has a chance to bloom. If you think you can just jump into an Underworld business just like that, then you best turn your asses back home."

"Damn Houshoku you gave me chills from what you said..." said Toridasu unnerved.

"She has had bad experiences in The Underworld. No one else here including myself has been associated with it for as long she has. Of course, it wasn't like she was even given a choice." informed Struct.

"Listen Houshoku. I was born the same way nearly. My dad being a heavy businessman of the underworld. I'm sure you probably heard of him,but his name is Crack R. Barrel. He's a big man for selling drugs,especially psychedelic drugs that send people to a whole different world of hallucinations. I seen people been experimented on by the drugs,and it ain't cool to see it in my opinion. So don't tell me what I've already known Houshoku." Jack says in a serious tone of his own.

"And that's when the clown gets serious." Vincent retorts,"Hell,my parents help out his dad in those drugs."

"Jack is so handsome when serious." Davida says touching Jack's green hair.

"Heh heh heh...HAHAHAHAAHAHA! Damn got Jackie to get even more serious. Sorry if I prodded into personal business like that. It's just, sigh, when it comes to slavery, being on the market, having people constantly shit all over you like that, sorry Jack but it sounds like that crap don't compare to what I been through. All because of my mother. Why do you think someone like me would want their own mother dead for that kind of shit? Also, yeah I heard of Barrel but that is besides the point. My point is that slavery sucks and slave owners piss me off more than anyone." said Houshoku with her arms crossed.

"The atmosphere got so dense..." said Toridasu sloched down in his seat.

"I agree...That's the kind of effect The Underworld has on people." said Struct sternly.

"HA! Understandable." Jack says with a laugh,"Now let's watch our friend."

"The base price for these three will be 80,000 belly." John reports,"Remember,highest bidder wins these three. Now,let's get the music going!"

"Huh?" Alice questions as some bobbing beats play in the slave selling room.

"We're starting with 80,000!" John says,"But now it goes to 95 105 120..........inaudible" Soon,John was basically rapping to the beat of the music as he was speaking the bids of each buyer.

"HA! Look at him rap!" Jack says with a laugh,"Didn't know he got it in him."

"How is he talking so fast?" Alice asks.

"They probably taught him the art of the auctioneer pretty quickly." Jack jokes.

"Heh he really is getting into it. But remember these are slaves we're talking about. No amount of catchy music will try to distract me from that." said Houshoku.

"It does scare me how eager he is getting into this..." said Toridasu.

"Probably just instincts kicking in as he probably done something similar in the past. Like a retired helsmen who hasn't steered a ship in years but as soon he is put back into the position, he is already steering it like a pro despite not having steered one in years." explained Struct.

"I mean John has self-taught himself a lot of things." Alice says,"Like hunting,his steel pole fighting style,his hypnotism,and a bunch more other things. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if he taught himself to speak so quickly."

The auctioning of the girls went on for about 5 minutes before a few people bidded.

"I see 7,200,000 once." John says,"Going once? Going twice? Sold!" He hits the mallet,"These three are being sold for 7,200,000 belly." He then writes down a price on a sticker and places a sticker on each of the cow huminks. He then was noticed by the crews that he was whispering something to the cow huminks.

"Hmmmm,wonder what he's whispering to them?" Alice states.

"HA! John has an ace up his sleeve." Jack says,"He might be trying to help them out."

"Wait a minute,isn't an ace up your sleeve your thing?" Davida asks.

"Oh yeah.....HEY THAT'S MY THING JOHNNY BOY!!!" Jack yells but was instantly hushed by Vincent.

"I can hear them just fine. Heh so that was his plan. Not bad not bad..." said Houshoku smirking.

"Wait, you can hear them? How?" asked Toridasu.

"Man I fitted myself with a super sensitve hearing device with my powers. I can hear a fly sneeze miles away if I want to! I just happened to turn them up now because of all of the yelling earlier. You'll see what the plan is soon." said Houshoku.

"That's a pretty neat gadget then!" Jack says to Houshoku.

"Do we need to stay here and watch this whole auction room?" Davida asks Jack.

"This is a moment where I wished there was a time skip." Jack jokes.

"What?" Vincent says.

"Nothing." Jack says with a smile

2 Hours Later

"What did I tell you?" Jack says,"We were going to get a time skip."

"What are you talking about?" Vincent asks,"We've been watching this dumb auction shit for 2 hours now!"

"You guys won't get it." Jack laughs.

"A strange clown he is." Alice says shaking her head.

"Hah! I get it!" said Houshoku as she chuckles.

"Er...what? What are you talking about?" asked Toridasu.

"He said two hours later and bam! Two hours later! Time goes by so fast huh?" asked Houshoku.

"I haven't the foggest idea what you're talking about..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"Logic never applied to Houshoku and I take it not to that clown as well. It's best to smile and wave." said Struct with his arms crossed with a serious expression.

"...But you're doing neither of those things..." said Toridasu with a sigh.

"Alright everyone we thank you for making your bids and buying your bid. You all will be able to grab your property at the end of the day." John says,"Now excuse me,I have to get some water." The crowd laughs as they clap for John's performance. John only takes off his hat and bows to the clap.

"Hellalujah." Vincent states getting off his seat.,"I wanted to get out of this seat."

"Indeed." Davida says stretching after the long sit.

"I think John would want us to go meet him from the auctioneering room." Alice says.

"Then let's go!" Jack says as he jumps off his seat and starts walking over the crowd's heads,"Sorry guys! Got important business to go to!"

Vincent facepalms to see Jack walking on the crowd's heads.

"Finally can get off this boring ass seat! GANG WAY!!!" shouted Houshoku as she started to power through the crowd knocking many people out in the process.

"Sigh...at least we can finally leave..." said Toridasu getting up slowly.

"Heh Houshoku's rowdyness never ceases to amaze me." said Struct who got up and followed as well.

They make it to the auctioneer room as John exits from the room with a cup of water and then throwing it in the trash after he was done drinking.

"You did great John!" Alice says hugging her husband.

"Thanks." John simply states,"Now,let's go meet the Boss."

"Oh yeah! Big Boss Hogg!" Jack says,"Wonder why he wanted you to do that auctioneering stuff anyway."

"It's cause he wanted to see if I can freestyle." John says,"If i freestyle enough and make him dance a hoedown,I was promised a type of reward."

"HA HA HA!" Jack laughs,"So he just wanted to see if you can make him dance?"

"Yeah,good thing I read that book of how to freestyle." John says.

"How many books have you read in your life?" Jack asks.

"Most likely a lot more than you bud." John says walking.

"Heh I eat most of the books I read. Except the ones on advanced craftmanship and other stuff relating to that of course." said Houshoku walking.

"You seriously can build many things with that knowledge." said Struct.

"I can I can but I have to learn to limit myself!" said Houshoku with her arms behind her head.

"And you done a great job with that so far." said Toridasu sarcastally.

"Shut it Dudsu." snarked Houshoku back at him.

They walk it back to the reception room before the office. The office man greets them and then says,"Hey there! Boss Hogg is ready to meet you all."

"Good." John says straightening the cuff on his jacket,"I've been waiting for this moment all day."

"Well not literally all day." Alice says,"But we are prepared."

"I'm curious how he'll greet us." Tim says ready.

"Wonder how he'll appreciate clowns..." Jack says to himself.

"Probably will think you're weird." Vincent says.

"Speaking from the scarecrow." Davida retorts,"I think Hogg will be a good friend to Jack."

"HA! Maybe." Jack says.

Houshoku was already in spiffy dress clothes. "Ready and ready!" said Houshoku who was stretching.

"H-How did you change into that so quick?!" said a shocked Toridasu.

"Don't underestimate what my powers can do Dasu! Everyone would be dead because of how quick I am!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"I bet..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"I guess it is time we act like professionals." said Struct who was wiping his shades.

"Says the guy that wears shades indoors..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

Meeting The Big Hogg

They enter the room to see a big,fat man in a pearly white suit and cowboy hat. He was eating a giant piece of raw liver that was on a dinner plate,with a steak right next to it. The man was nearly double Houshoku's size and 3 times heavier than the three of them combined. There were two bodyguards but they weren't really necessary as they were shadowed by the big boss hogg behind them.

"So that's the Big Boss Hogg." John says looking up,"Bigger than I expected to be honest."

"He's double my size John!" Alice says,"And me and Houshoku are about the same height!"

"Though I am still taller Bo Ho Ho!" Tim says showing off his towering height.

"Yeah yeah big white wabbit." Jack says,"I wonder if it's duck season or rabbit season."

"Huh what do you mean?" Vincent asks.

"There's no duck in here." Davida says to Jack.

"It's a reference you two would never get." Jack smirks.

"Daaaamn! That guy so THICC!!!" shouted Houshoku with wide eyes.

"Houshoku please be quiet...he will probably crush us if you say that! Literally!" whispered Toridasu.

"He does have quite the...build doesn't he?" said Struct who was keeping his cool.

"mmph" Hogg just finished his piece of liver,"So glad to finally meet you all!"

"It is an honor to meet you at last." John tips his hat at Hogg.

"Oh! I loved that freestyling rap of yours when you were counting bids!" Hogg says,"Reminded me of my ol square dancing days!"

"That is a pleasure to hear." John says.

"Blah Blah Blah,when can we get to the actual business?" Jack says,"I didn't just came down here for a congrats and little blue ribbon you get at the county fair!"

"Har! The clown is in a hurry!" Hogg states.

"The clown here has a circus to run." Jack retorts.

"I like your style boy!" Hogg says with a hearty laugh,"Want any liver?" The man holds up a large piece of liver for them.

"No no,I'm good." John says.

"Same here." Alice says.

"Nope,I prefer salad thank you." Tim says.

"Nah! The clown has his own meal in a few hours!" Jack says.

"Definitely not.." said Toridasu waving his hands.

"I'm already full but thank you for offering." said Struct with bow.

"Pfft! Chumps all of a ya! Someone offers food, you take it! Thanks Big Hogg!" said Houshoku who quickly takes the liver and eats it.

"Hogg? Hmm...been calling him by "Hoss" lately..." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"You just got that now...?" asked Toridasu.

"You are very welcome!" Hogg says with a smile before stating,"As such,y'all did a very much have proved yourself for being helpful to the Hogg Mafia. I have made you three come here to see if y'all were willing to join the Hogg Mafia."

"Wait,excuse me." John says,"A mafia?"

"Yeah. It's the underworld,and I need people to keep order on my island." Hogg says,"And you three and with your big bounties that are known,you three would be good candidates of being involved in the Hogg Mafia!"

"Interesting." John says pondering.

"You wouldn't accept it would you John?" Alice states.

"I don't know..." John says monotonously.

"So you want the clown to run another circus?" Jack says,"I thought I was going to get my cowgirl that I can ride on!"

"HA! You will don't worry." Hogg says.

"Do you think this is a good idea Houshoku? Your mother already has you involved in the Underworld for her business. She could be very threathening if she hears about this." asked Toridasu.

"That just makes me want to join him more Dasu! FUCK my mother like seriously!" shouted Houshoku angrily as Toridasu cowers in fear.

"This will get us on his good side more..." whispered Struct to Houshoku.

"True. Johnny Boy is unsure as usual but Jackie seems to be inbetween as usual. Hmm.." said Houshoku who also rubbed her chin picking up the habit from Struct.

"Sorry Big Hogg,but I'm in the Crack R. Mafia." Jack says,"As I am Crack R. Jack,and I'm sure my father wouldn't want me switching allegiances."

"Oh,I forgot your father was one of the biggest underworld members." Hogg says to Jack,"Yeah,a pretty much bigger area than I'm in. Though I disapprove of his work as a drug lord."

"A man who likes slavery,women,and illegal drinking hates drugs?" John asks.

"A man has to have some morals." Hogg replies.

John was seen thinking intently on what to say and what his action should be. He slowly goes into his pocket and presses something in there.

"John has his plan starting or something." Jack thinks as he notices John's movement,"It might be in my interest to help him."

"Heh like I will think to join him." said Houshoku who appeared to be preparing for something.

"I'm sorry Hogg,but I don't serve a mafia at all." John says,"I prefer to go on my own accord and lead my crew! I hope you understand."

"Oh..." Hogg says disappointed,"But I hope you at least accept a gift of a cow humink!" Hogg says signaling a whole line of cow humink girls that were enchained together,"You each get to pick one. Take one as a token of my gratification."

"You two pick one first." John says to Jack and Houshoku,looking at the cow huminks

"I'm not interested in one." Jack says,"I already have a cook in my crew."

"Heh I'll take one!" said Houshoku raising her hand.

"W-Wait what?! Why would yo-" said Toridasu before he was grabbed by the collar by Houshoku.

"Because I don't want her to be a damn slave! Now shut it or I'll chomp on ya!" whispered Houshoku in a threatening tone who even had veins of anger forming on her head.

"...Understood." said Toridasu nodding in fear.

"Good." John says nodding,"Now uhhhh Mr. Hogg." John says,"I know your a man of the 'shine. So I made sure to bring some extra cans of the apple pie cola moonshine for ya!" He hands a giant can of moonshine to Hogg.

"Oh why thank you!" Hogg says taking a can,"To your health then."

"To your health you fucking pig." John says with a smile.

"What?" Hogg says as John then presses a button and the wall behind Hogg exploded with slave giants and cow huminks all armed and ready to fight. Hogg turns around to see his situation,but John forces Hogg to look at him.

"Shi no chimei-tekina sutingā (Death's Deadly Stinger)" John says as he kicks really hard into Hogg's fat stomach and then throws Hogg down for a stunner. Hogg was sended down and up into the air,spitting out the moonshine he was just drinking.

"Your turn Houshoku!" John says,"You picked a girl,now get a lick in!"

Fighting the Big Boss Hogg

"Hah! I see what you did there! But yeah! Here goes!" said Houshoku as she flies up in the air and was hanging on the ceiling. "This is a high risk move here baby! Kazumorochi: Falling Star! shouted Houshoku as she suddenly did a swanton onto Hogg after transforming her body into her larger dragon hybrid for extra effectiveness.

"Rgh" Hogg says after getting landed on by Houshoku,"Good thing I have mastered the art of Sumo in my years." He then gets up by rolling and then grabs Houshoku's hair and attempts to smash her head through the wall!

"Whoa nelly! Shouldn't have underestimated his gut! But you shouldn't underestimate me! Baku Baku Shock: Helment!" shouted Houshoku as she turned her head into an armored one to prevent taking too much damage from it. "Heh glad I snacked on those pieces of metal when I got here!"

Hogg realizes that the wall wasn't working when Houshoku turned her head into armor. He then keeps holding her hair and then throws her across the room,"I know girls love to wrestle!"

"Should we help Houshoku out?" Jack asks John.

"Nah,Houshoku has a worse vendetta against slavery than I do." John says,"Beside,I'm thinking she wants the spotlight that me and you have taken." He then smiles as he leans at the wall.

"Heh and you know dragons love to fly more!" said Houshoku as she stops herself using her wings and springs back toward Hoss going for his head with her arm out and hardened with her Haki. "Let see if I can flatten this fatso! Kazumorochi: Pinkku Laritro!" shouted Houshoku as she flies quickly toward Hogg with a clothesline-like move.

Hogg falls down in a splat as he was clotheslined hard by Houshoku,"Damn,getting beat by a lady." He then gets up and then says,"You think you can get away with that without a scratch? Rolling Boar!" He yells as he rolls like a boulder very quickly for its size that was heading straight for Houshoku.

"WOw big boy can move! But I think it is time to show you my strength! RAH!!!" shouted Houshoku as she stuck her arms forward and hardened them with Haki in order to try and stop Hogg's rolling attack.

Houshoku was able to stop Hogg from rolling,but Hogg is such to heavy to be lifted by oneself.

"She stopped Hogg from rolling." John says,"I wonder what she does next."

"Oh,goddam you sumbitch!" Hogg says kicking his fat legs at Houshoku.

"Hah! You say that too huh? You think I am some frail girl but I got plently of strength dammit!" said Houshoku as started to lift up Hogg and tosses him backwards into the wall. "Heh my mother sucks ass but my father is a skilled martial artist! Do NOT doubt me just because I'm a girl!" shouteds Houshoku.

"Jeez...I knew she was strong but not that damn physically strong." said Toridasu in shock.

"Very impressive." John duly notes.

"Big girl got muscles." Jack says with a smile

"oof!" Hogg lands from being thrown into the wall,"You got strength woman! But I got more power in my throws!" He then grabs Houshoku again and then throws her through multiple walls!

"Looks like this fight is going to another level." Jack says.

"Well at least there is the chaos of escaping slaves." John says,"I've given the auctioned slaves keys from their cells and told them to escape when I give a red signal from a clock nearby. Then they were supposed to plant bombs from the wall behind Hogg,as I calculated his room size and location of walls. Which they did all thing successfully."

"Man,and you came up with this plan?" Jack asks,"I'm impressed Johnny Boy."

"Heh big boy got some skills! I think it's time for me to go to the next level!" said Houshoku as she took out a cube and presses a button. Zero Armor Mode: Engauge! Shouted Houshoku as the armor starts to cover her body as she entered her Zero Armored mode. "Heh might seem unfair of me to break this baby out but fuck it! I'm a pirate and your a well known Underworld broker! Rules don't mean SHIT!!!" shouted Houshoku as she powered after Hogg.

"Indeed...Your level of intelltic for plans are pretty high." said Toridasu impressed.

"I like your thinking girl!" Hogg says as he stomps the ground into large holes from his incredible weight. He was then seen jumping high into the air and attempting to land right on Houshoku,"Pancake Splash!"

"Seems Houshoku brought out some armor." John says,"It may be overkill but hey she'll be fine then I'm assuming."

"We'll see if Houshoku's armor can handle the deadweight of a porker!" Jack says with a laugh.

"Damn now you want me eat some pancakes! This armor is still in testing but it's strength alongside mine will get the job done! Pinkku Charge!" shouted Houshoku as she charged right at Hogg's belly using energy to give her a boost.

"I rarely see her break out this armor. He must be that tough." said Toridasu.

"Yeah I think her Zero Armor as she calls it is definitely one of her better creations I've seen so far. Takes a high level of skill to create something like that especially being able to condense it to a cube. It is a major advantage of the Baku Baku no Mi as she could store an entire ship in a cube if she wanted to. Of course, it has it's drawbacks as the armor can be damaged and will be unable to revert back to a cube. Yeah she can easily just eat it and make it good as new but it won't do her any good if it's still at the same power level from when it was wrecked. She will need time to actually work on the kinks personally to see what needs to be tweaked." explained Struct.

"oof Oh so you've become an Iron Dragon Girl huh?" Hogg says getting hit by the hard attack,"Sumo Shockwave!" He says as he lands hardened blows onto the very hard armor.

"I'm curious if Hogg is a haki user." John says,"That could make him more formidable."

"Or more of a meathead!" Jack says with a laugh.

"Whoa!" said Houshoku as she was blocking his attacks. "Lard Boy got some attacks! Starting to feel through this armor but at least I know what to improve upon!" said Houshoku as she started to glow a bright pink from her suit. "Here's my own shockwave for ya! Pinkku Blast!" shouted Houshoku as she unleased a shockwave at Hogg that isn't big enough to hit the others near by. "Slave owners like you aren't going to beat my power dammit!"

Hogg flies back from the shockwave and lands hard into it,"You sumbitches won't stop the power of the underworld!"

"Perhaps not." John says looking at his watch,"But we certainly can stop you." He then looks at Houshoku,"Say you should knock him out by now,or at least put him into something that's worth a hospital visit."

"And one that'll keep him in there for a long time!" Jack says.

"I ain't letting you sumbitches stop me!" Hogg says as he charges right at Houshoku,"Sumo Splash!" He jumps into the air and then attempts to land on houshoku with haki on his stomach this time.

"So knock him out huh? Then I will do that dammit! Time to go! 100%" shouted Houshoku as her armor started to glow more pink than ever before brightening the whole room.

"Damn this bright! She is going all out!" shouted Toridasu covering his eyes.

"I-Indeed!" shouted Struct.

"Your damn Haki Slam won't mean anything against this! 100% Ganguro: Pinkku Sky Uppercut!" shouted Houshoku as she leaped at Hogg with a fully powered punch heading right for his gut with the impact being able to easily shatter the roof.

"He's going,Going,GOing,GOING,GONE!!!!" Jack reports as Hogg goes right through the roof of the slavehouse.

Hogg was seen flying through the roof and then yelling,"YOU SUMBITCHES WILL PAY!!!!" He then hits the side of the cave and starts rolling down back to the underworld city.

"Well that's him taken cared of." John says,"Time to get ourselves out of here."

"Yeah!" Alice states,"And not take those stairs as a getaway."

"Indeed." John says,"Hey Houshoku,you picked a cow humink for your crew?"

"Finally...we can get out of here..." said Toridasu with a sigh of relief.

"Ah shaddup Dasu! That shit was fun! Also yeah Johnny Boy that one Sir Tubs-a-Lot offered me I'll take along. Fuck being a slave like seriously." said Houshoku with a hard sigh.

"I agree. Hope she isn't too nervous for you." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Indeed." John says,"Where is she anyway? We don't want to get away without her then."

"Well this fight did move from the office into the main hall here." Alice states,"She could be in the office still while this fight was going on."

"Well let's hope she didn't get lost!" Jack says with a laugh.

"Good thing there is chaos going all over since the slaves have caused a large ruckus in this section of the city." John states.

"Going on ahead then! Try to catch up!" shouted Houshoku as she burst forward ahead destroying the walls in her path.

"W-Wait up!" shouted Toridasu following behind.

"I'm surprised she has that much energy left in that thing." said Struct also following.

"Let's go then." John says following Houshoku.

"Can't wait to get out of this sin city!" Alice states as she walks through the wreckage of the walls.

"Now it looks dirty." Tim says.

"Oh boy oh boy!" Jack says,"Papa will be happy I took out a mafia!"

"Or would he be unhappy?" Vincent would ask.

"Nah! I'm sure dad would've wanted me to beat that guy's ass anyway." Jack would state.

"Let's roll out!" Davida says rolling on her roller skates.

"Hey! Seen that cow humink yet?! And Johnny Boy do you know if all of the people here are cleared out yet?! I'm going to pull a Jackie or rather a Me as well and blow this damn place up to shit!" shouted Houshoku.

"That is incredibly careless!" said Toridasu running beside her.

"All slave-related shops must go up in flames! By my hand!" shouted Houshoku.

"Well there is the cow humink!" John says as a cow humink that was mostly black and white,and had long white hair comes running over there.

"Was that the one you picked?" Jack asks Houshoku,"Whooo boy you're gonna have milk for days!"

"Jack!" Davida yells at Jack while Vincent facepalms.

"Well I think that's all of us." John states,"Unless the cow humink here has seen any more following her."

"HAH!!! You bet your ass Jackie! I bet Dasu would be making his own milk with her too!" shouted Houshoku laughing.

"BE SERIOUS PLEASE!!!" shouted Toridasu running and blushing.

"Hey milky! Heads up!" shouted Houshoku flying right toward her.

"Wait, huh?" said the cow humink as she is suddenly grabbed by Houshoku. "Y-Yikes! W-Where are we going Miss?"

"OUT! But Dasu wants to go IN!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"QUIET!!!" shouted Toridasu running faster than before.

"I think this guy forgot he has warping powers..." said Struct who was casually running.

"Thing is how should we get out?" John asks,"Those stairs we saw earlier won't get us back up."

"And It can be possible that they blocked it off." Alice states.

"What about the elevator?" Vincent asks while flying as a crow,"They did mention a VIP elevator."

"That is true Vinny!" Jack says as he was cartoonishly running.

"Though how do we find this elevator?" Davida asks.

"And how would we be able to get in?" Tim asks.

"Good questions." John states,"Unless we can dig up onto the surface,I doubt there's any other possibility."

"Dig up? Did something say did up? Ooh looks like a job for me! Here Dasu hold her!" said Houshoku as she handed over the cow humink to Toridasu.

"HOUSHOKU!!! NO!!! Uh...hi..." said Toridasu who looked perplexed at the cow humink.

"....Hello." said the cow humink shyly.

"Going to dig us up huh?" asked Struct looking up at her.

"Hell yeah! Good that fighting that fat fucker worked up an appetite! Zero Armor: Dis-Engauge!" shouted Houshoku as she pressed a button on her chestpate to deactivate her armor and then shifts into larger weredragon form enhanced by her powers. "Follow me if you want to live! Baku Baku Gluttonous Drill!" shouted Houshoku as, with her large fanged mouth pointed upwards, started to spin around and starts to create a hole through the surface.

"Whoa! I never seen her dig UP before like that..." said Toridasu looking upwards in shock.

"Now here's the thing." John says looking up seeing Houshoku make a hole all the way to the surface,"How will we get back up."

"Me and Houshoku are the only ones that can fly." Vincent states.

"Can't this bitch teleport us or something?" Davida points to Toridasu.

"Good point Davi!" Jack says.

"Could he cover long distances though?" John asks.

"Yeah,I remember those stairs were very long." Alice says.

"A last resort is me throwing all of you guys up." Tim states.

"W-WHO ARE YOU CALLING A BITCH?!!?" shouted Toridasu very angrily.

"I don't mean to intrude but I still being held by you sir..." said the cow humink.

"Oh, right." said Toridasu as he puts her down.

"But can you at least get us up there with her?" asked Struct.

"Of course I can at least get us up to here she is but that will take a LOT of my energy to warp us all there at once. And you will all have to stand near me but I rather not catch what those clowns may have...especially THAT madman!" said Toridasu pointing to Jack.

"I don't we have a choice mate." said Struct rubbing his head.

"Bah I ain't that contagious!" Jack laughs hearing Toridasu,"Plus I ain't the madman here! John here is known as the Mad Hatter."

"But I ain't a clown like you." John retorts,"Is she done making that hole yet?"

"That's quite a lot of rock and dirt to eat." Alice says,"We might be down here for miles."

Houshoku can be seen at the surface looking around. "Heh. Coast is clear dudes! You can all come up now and I don't mean that in the sexual way!" shouted Houshoku as she laughed from that last statement.

"Sigh...I guess it's finally time to get out of here. Everyone can get closer to be ready for the teleport. Anyone that does anything that will hurt me I will transport you to the middle of the ocean..." said Toridasu who was still staring at Jack.

"Can you even do that?" asked Struct who walked closer to him.

"No but it was a worthy threat." said Toridasu with his arms crossed.

"HA! Nice try baby-su. HA HA HA!!!!" Jack laughs as he gets closer.

"Let's just get this done and over with." John says cleaning himself up from the dirt that fell from above.

"I'm just gonna fly up." Vincent says instantly heading up with his crow powers.

"Ohhh boy I get to get close with Mister J!" Davida says in glee.

"Don't get any ideas." Jack states,"But look at Johnny Boy! Getting in there with Alice!"

"Hey! I didn't want it." John says who was being hugged tightly by Alice.

"I just wanted to hug you while transporting." Alice says.

"I think we should get out before the underworld police come down here." Tim says,"If there are a such thing."

Ice Cream Anyone?

"I better do this quick. All of this noise...Warp: Mass Travel!" shouted Toridasu as he focused a lot of his energy and, after a large bright glow, warps everyone up the hole and back onto the surface. Toridasu can be seen now on the ground out of breath. "Pant....that....took....up....a...lot...of.....my...energy..."

"Wow that felt weird. Like some kind of fast travel." said Struct looking around.

"That was unexpected...to say the least..." said the cow humink.

"Ah there you chumps are! Heh, tired already Dasu? How will you fair in bed if you get tired too damn easily?" asked Houshoku with a smirk.

"Please....pant....be silent..." said Toridasu still trying to catch his breath.

"Quite impressive powers." John compliments Dasu,"I'm sure it gets you out of bad situations."

"Not as cool as a laughing gas and pogo leap." Jack states,"But it'll do."

"I'm impressed how you can transport this many people of many different sizes." Vincent notes.

"Indeed!" Alice says.

"So who's the cow humink here?" Davida asks.

"Oh yeah,she was the one Houshoku picked." John says,"Sorry ma'am,but it seems you joined yourself a pirate crew."

"Well, it is better than being a slave." said the cow humink as she giggles. "Oh, I am Clarabelle by the way. Thank you for rescuing me." she said with a bow.

"Heh heh it's no probs give some credit to Johnny Boy! He's got a pretty good brain under that dumb hat of his!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"A compliment and an insult at the same time. That's like you." said Toridasu.

"Right! I'm Angrboda Houshoku! And this is my crewmate Dudsu and my friend from Water 7 Struct." said Houshoku pointing to them.

""Toridasu" thank you very much and it's a pleasure." said Toridasu who bows back.

"Hello there." said Struct with a wave.

"The names's John." John tips his hat at Clarabelle,which has since been switched back to the top hat,"I have part of my crew here,my wife Alice and my shipwright Tim."

"Hey there!" Tim says.

"Good to get you out of there!" Alice says.

"And I'm Crack R. Jack!" Jack says with a fancy pose,"And these two idiots are Vinny and Davi!"

"It's Vincent." Vincent states,"And I'm actually a scientist,so I am smart."

"I'm Davida! The roller derby,baseball swinging,hammer ballin type girl!" Davida says.

"Oh and for your escape! We gave you a little present..." Jack says showing off a box that was gifted in purple wrapping paper and green strips of paper,and a green bow on the top.

"Oh? What could it be in there?" asked Clarabelle.

"DON'T open it! It's most likely a bomb!" shouted Toridasu.

"A-A bomb?" said Clarabelle in fear.

Houshoku then punches Toridasu to the ground. "DAMMIT DASU!!! YOU AIN"T GONNA GET HER LAID IF YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A BUZZKILL ALL THE TIME!!" shouted Houshoku angrily.

"Pain....I am in so much pain...." said Toridasu through the ground.

"I wouldn't think he will harm you. I believe it's fine." said Struct.

"Oh okay! Thank you for the gift Mr. Barrel was it?" said Clarabelle as she starts to open it.

"That's my dad's name...." Jack says deadpanly before instantly falling into laughter.

"HA HA HA!!!" Vincent was dying of laughter,"Man,she called you your dad's name!"

"Ok that was really funny!" Davida says.

"It's Jack my dear girl." Jack says to Clarabelle.

"I think I'm glad he didn't get Clarabelle." John whispers to Alice,"I would be afraid of her life."

"Indeed,she probably got someone better than Jack." Alice says back.

"Oh right! Sorry about that I am still getting used to names after all." said Clarabelle with a giggle.

"That's why I call him Jackie! Easier to remember! Plus "Jack" refers to another type of "jack" if ya catch my drift!" said Houshoku with a laugh.

"Please....don't....be....ridiclous..." said Toridasu who was still in the ground.

"Oh? O-Oh...." said Struct who just realized what she meant.

"Well then." John says shaking his head from Houshoku's joke,"I guess we probably should get out of here!"

"Indeed." Alice says,"Though who knows how long it takes for Underworld stuff to come back up to the surface."

"Since Hogg is knocked out of this world,I'll say it'll be a long time before they find us!" Jack says.

"Good,plenty of time to get out then." John says.

"And a chance to get our bounty up!" Jack says,"Cause fuck the marines!"

"Yeah! FUCK the Marines! And my mother!" said Houshoku with a prideful laugh.

"I am not liking the idea with the Underworld forces going after us..." said Toridasu shivering.

"Well, it is what it is. Houshoku has had a target on her back for awhile now so I know she's fine." said Struct.

"Hell yeah! I need to make myself more well fucking known anyway!" said Houshoku.

"Ah yes...pirates do like to have high bounties right?" asked Clarabelle.

"Not ALL of them..." said Toridasu who was still shivering.

"I'm either way." John answers about if he likes high bounties.

"I'm all the way for higher bounties!" Jack says,"I go on marine raids,rob random banks,make deadly jokes! I love doing it all!"

"Anyway,I guess we should be finding a way out of this island." John states,"It was fun,but I think we should get out before the marines try to catch us."

"Yeah good point. My armor is done for the day ladies, germs, and Dasus! I've done my damage and happy I got to kick some literal fatass! Now...the direction of our ships..." said Houshoku looking around.

"Hah hah very funny but we are in the middle of nowhere." said Toridasu looking around.

"I thought it would be easier to go into the direction of destruction that was caused." said Struct looking in a direction from a lot of destroyed buildings and other things.

"Well all we destroyed was the bank I would think." John says,"I wasn't the one who blew up a bank!" John looks at Jack.

"I know for sure the bomb was set for the bank itself." Jack says,"It might've blown up the surrounding buildings in collateral damage."


"Oh. I must've pulled out the wrong bomb." Jack says shrugging as he looked at the destruction,"Well it looks like art!"

"What's this puppy?" Davida asks seeing an irish bloodhound and a small basset hound on the irish bloodhound.

"Oh hey! Puppies!" Jack says running over to the dog and small hound puppy.

"AHA!!!!!" Coltrane,the irish bloodhoud, says looking at John,Jack,and Houshoku,"Y'all are in SUPER big trouble with the government now! I can put all three of you for illegal digging!"

"Illegal digging?" John asks,"How can you talk any-waiiiit a minute! You're the other commodore!"

"That's right!" Coltrane says in his bloodhound form,"And I'll be arresting all of you!"

"There are MORE enemies...?" said Toridasu in distraught.

"Oh yeah that other Commodore Mr. Potato Head mentioned awhile back. I was wondering when he would show up!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"T-That dog just talked!" said Clarabelle in surprisement.

"He is most likely a Devil Fruit user from what I can tell. Although it is better than being a living potato." said Struct.

"Heh. This mutt is gonna arrest us? Try what you like Fido! Also what's with the pup on your back? Fucked another dog and carrying around your kid like some trophy?" asked Houshoku with a chuckle.

"Very funny...." Coltrane says deadpanly as the hound,"This is my actual pet. Got him at the pet store the other week. I have him on my back since he's always on the -" Coltrane says noticing Flash not on his back anymore,"Great! Where did that dumb puppy go?" He then sees the puppy chasing a butterfly,"He can't resist a dumb butterfly..."

"Quite a cute puppy you have commodore." John states.

"Indeed!" Alice says.

"Why thank you!" Coltrane says turning into his human form and grabbing his pet up,"Wait a minute! I'm to be arresting y'all!!"

"And how is the question?" Jack asks.

"I have an army ready at my disposal!" Coltrane says,"I have an army of marines surrounding us as of this moment!"

"You're bluffing." John says,"I know you're lying from your body language."

"Shit....." Coltrane says disappointed that the pirates weren't dumb.

"Hold up! One second! I got a serious question for you Commodore Coltrane." said Houshoku as she took one step forward with a sudden serious expression on her face.

"Whoa... Houshoku suddenly got serious for a second." said Toridasu stunned.

"Heh...Don't get your hopes up." said Struct with a smirk.

"What do you mean by that Mr. Struct?" asked Clarabelle.

"Hey Coltrane...Do you say "Sumbitch" like your Potato Friend?!" shouted Houshoku as she dramatically points at him.

Toridasu comically falls forward on his face. "THAT'S is what has your attention!??" shouted Toridasu.

"Told ya." said Struct with a laugh.

"Oh wow...I see what you mean now." said Clarabelle with a giggle.

"No...." Coltrane shakes his head,"Why would I say such vulgar language of the pirates?"

"It ain't only from pirates." John states facepalming.

"It isn't?" Coltrane asks,"Still,want to keep Flash's ears pure in heart. I don't speak such vulgarity!"

"So uhhhhh." Jack says,"You're a marine,we're pirates. You're alone,we outnumber you. What should we do?"

"Hmmmmmm." Coltrane thinks,"That's a good question."

"You're not all that bright aren't ya?" asked Houshoku with her hands on her hips.

"Although he doesn't seem as "harmful" as the other Marines." said Toridasu thinking.

"Maybe we just leave him alone? I don't think he can do anything to us alone." asked Struct.

"Meh I had my fun unless he has some sort of surprise." said Houshoku who was suddenly eating a random blade.

"I don't." Coltrane says,"I just wanted to find you and be clever on capturing y'all."

"Say...." Jack says putting his arm on Coltrane's shoulder,"How about you get some dirt on your face,mess your hair up,go back to HQ,and say that Houshoku,John,and the CrackerJack molly-whopped your ass across some cream pie,and threw you into a tree?"

"What the hell kinda idea is that?" John asks,"You asking a marine to increase the bounty?"

"Well I mean,if we need to,I can put a few licks on this dog." Jack says with a smile as he slowly pulled out his knife.

"I uhhhh see what I can do good sir." Coltrane answers.

"That's a good boy...." Jack says with a creepy smile.

"I have every right to fear you even more..." Said Toridasu with a glum expression.

"O-Oh I can see what you mean about his creepy smiles..." said Clarabelle hiding behind Toridasu.

"Hahahahahaha! That's ol' Jackie for ya! He knows how to make the Marines piss their pants!" said Houshoku who was still laughing.

"I wonder how he even became a Commodore with his careless decisions?" thought Struct to himself.

"I'll go then." Coltrane says,"I'll uhhh see you guys later then. Now where did my boy Flash go?" Coltrane looks around.

"Here." John says deadpanly as Flash was on John's top hat.

"HA! That looks sooooo cute!" Alice says looking at the small hound on John's hat.

"We should get a pet captain!" Davida says.

"Hmmmmm,maybe." Jack says,"I got an idea! We go to a jungle and find a gorilla to adopt?"

"Why a gorilla?" Vincent asks.

"Cause you can teach a gorilla many things." Jack says,"Especially to become a maniac like me!"

"Why can I actually see you training a gorilla to make a bomb?" John says lowering his hat and giving Flash back to Coltrane.

"Probably cause I will do that!" Jack says.

"Gorillas are highly dangerous creatures that will most likely kill you if you tried to mess with it. ...Go and get one." said Toridasu with a grin.

"We already have a pet and his name is Dogsu!" said Houshoku with a snicker.

"That is not funny. If anything, Clarabelle will bode as it." said Toridasu pointing to Clarabelle.

"I-I am not!" said Clarabelle defenesily.

"It is rather ironic that only Toridasu is the true human of this crew." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"I guess that is true." John says noticing that.

"Well I rather be going then." Coltrane says walking back into the forest,"I'll see y'all later."

"HA! You better not see us again!" Jack says,"Cause that means we're probably gonna kill ya!"

"Right right." Coltrane says,"Well then,see y'all later." He then turns into his irish bloodhound form and runs off with Flash on his back.

"Quite a humble man." John states,"A lot more calmer than his Justice friend."

"I'm never gonna forget that Justice guy!" Jack says,"I want to meet him again just to whoop his ass again!"

"I bet." John blantly states,"Anyway,we should be finding our way out of here."

"Hell yeah! I had enough chaos for today! Okay that's a lie but I do want to eat like fucking crazy! Tampura and Taffy better have something cooked up!" said Houshoku rubbing her belly.

"If they're not having one of their "cooking spats" that is..." said Toridasu.

"Tampura and Taffy? Who are they?" asked Clarabelle.

"Two of Houshoku's crewmates alongside a few more. Though one of them I would avoid since she is sorta "blood obsessed." said Struct chuckling.

"L-Like a vampire?!" said Clarabelle frantically.

"Not necessary. Komi doesn't just bite your neck or drain your blood or shit like that." said Houshoku shrugging.

"Well the fun part now is that you have a cow humink who can produce different types of milk in her uhhhhhh." John says.

"Come on,you know it's the boobies." Jack says with a smile,"And boy are they big milkers." Jack says looking at Clarabelle.

"How is that even possible to be able to produce all kinds of milk in the breast?" Vincent asks,"Like how one can produce chocolate,strawberry,caramel,even coffee?"

"Experimentation most likely." John says,"Then after a successful experiment,and were able to reproduce more and more,you then end up with a bunch of cow huminks that have this ability."

"So you're saying that ability was formed by humans experimenting on them?" Alice asks,"How unfortunate..."

"Well it is a cool ability not gonna lie." Jack says,"Cause that could mean more kinky stuff in bed!"

Davida only replies by a facepalm.

"HAH!! I bet Dasu would want some vanilla milkshake topped with his own whipped cream!" said Houshoku laughing hard.

'W-WHAT IS WITH YOU ALWAYS PUTTING ME IN THAT SITUATION!?" shouted an embarassed Toridasu.

"W-Well yeah I can produce different types of milk." said Clarabelle shyly.

"Quite so...She's like a one person ice cream machine with being able to produce the main three flavors." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"That aside, that's a pretty cool ability to have indeed. Though I can easily make a machine that can do the same but I feel it "coming" from her will be more fresh!" said Houshoku with a snicker.

"...You're not clever..." said Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"Anyway." John says,"Anyone have an idea how to find our way outta here?"

"There a map anywhere in this forest?" Jack asks as Davida and Vincent shrugged.

"Why not we fly?" Alice asks.

"I don't think Houshoku can carry all of us back to our ships." John says.

"Maybe we should camp here!" Jack suggests,"Then figure the shit out tomorrow!"

"No no Jack. I ain't camping today!" John states as he shakes his head.

"Welp looks like I have to save the day once again!" said Houshoku as she suddenly took out a device and started to look around. "Hmm..."

"W-What is that may I ask?" asked Toridasu.

"Tracking device." said Houshoku as she was still looking around.

"Tracking device? How is that going to help?" asked Toridasu again.

"To pinpoint where the others are." said Houshoku still looking.

"H-How did you do that?!" asked Toridasu a third time.

"I bugged everyone on my crew! So that when shit like this happens, I can track ya down! Ah ha! There are the others!" said Houshoku looking at the device.

"You BUGGED us!?" said Toridasu as he started to frantically search his body.

"It's no use! It's underneath your skin!" said Houshoku.

"I feel so violated..." said Toridasu with a depressed look.

"Wow I thought I heard faint beeping from the others at night." said Struct.

"Anywho, if my ship is due straight east of here, then the other crews should be there as well. Now then who is riding with me as my backside has enough for 6 people." said Houshoku.

"Take your people first." John says,"That would be Struct,Clarabelle,and Toridasu."

"Then that leaves for three." Jack says,"Take your crew out,My crew can walk!"

"WHAT!!" Davida yells.

"Relax Davida." Vincent says,"I'm a crow zoan user,I can fly at least you and Jack back to the ship."

"Then that'll leave us three." John says pointing to himself,Alice,and Tim.

"Great! Perfect math!" Jack says,"We all get to fly out of this place!"

"Hey whatever you guys want to do I'm good with it!" said Houshoku as she transformed into her larger dragon form. "All board! As stated the limit is 6!"

"At least I don't have to hang around with the clown..." said Toridasu as he warps himself onto Houshoku's back.

"Whoa...so she is a dragon but she looks kinda mechanical at the same time." said Clarabelle who was looking up at Houshoku.

"That's because of her weredragon hertiage and her Baku powers. It's a long story I'm sure you'll get the giest of it soon." said Struct as he got on her as well.

"R-Right! Sounds good." said Clarabelle as she got on as well.

"Ladies first." John says to Alice,"Get on two Tim."

"Why thank you!" Alice says getting on.

"Ho! I hope you can hold on to a giant like me miss Houshoku!" Tim says as he gets onto Houshoku.

"And I'm now on." John says getting onto Houshoku.

"Jack,Davida." Vincent says as he turns into a crow,"Get on me now."

"Sounds good!" Jack says,"Oh,and you mind me and Davi have sex on your back? HA HA HA!!!" He and Davida laugh.

"Ugh..." Vincent rolls his eyes and grunts.

"Oof! Yeah I can hold even a big bunny like you! I carry massive as fuck ships for a living! Anywho, we are OFF!!!" shouted Houshoku as she took off flying.

"Whooooa! This is quite unexpected!" shouted Clarabelle.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it I assure you." said Struck patting her back.

"Hey Dudsu! YOU better not be having sex on my back with Belle dammit!" shouted Houshoku as she was flying forward.

"WILL YOU PLEASE GET OFF OF THAT TOPIC!!!" shouted Toridasu who was blushing angrily.

"And already I want this trip to be short." John says deadpanly.

"Oh it'll be fine." Alice says,"Besides,It is quite interesting to see the farms from up here."

"I wonder how events in the underworld affect the surface." Tim says.

"Most times,people don't know what is going on with stuff like that." Jack yells out from the other side,"But it could be possible Lactose could be without a major leader for a little while."

"Well that'll be cause Hogg is left somewhere injured." John states,"He'll be back in office soon."

"Exactly,and he'll want the marines to report us and have us get big bucks on our heads!" Jack shouts.

"I thought there was going to be some power struggle now that he was beat but since he is still around, he will most likely go back to his top spot. No doubt he's pissed over what happened so I know we're not invited here again." said Houshoku with a smirk.

"You certainly didn't help in that regard...It would've been better if we left him alone." said Toridasu.

"And leave poor Belle and the other cow huminks as slaves? Fuck that!" said Houshoku angrily.

"I did appreciate being freed like that. Anywhere is better then there." said Clarabelle with a smile.

"I agree. She may can lay low in Water 7 for a little while although someone with her appearance may attract unwanted attention." said Struct.

"Meh Blox and the others of the docks will keep her safe if necessary. People don't really go down there willingly anyway." said Houshoku.

"Well then." John says,"I guess now I need to figure out what to do next."

"Well we should probably hang down a little bit." Alice says to John,"Go relax,have a nice cup of coffee and tea,go to sleep together in peace.."

"Not tonight Alice." John mentions,"I mean after today."

"Well we all know you're gonna be getting Alice tonight! HA HA HA!" Jack yells.

"Anyway.....I might go to some other islands nearby." John says,"Explore with what they might have. Probably help out people in need."

"We getting closer to the ships Houshoku?" Tim asks Houshoku.

"Of course! I can see them right ahead actually!" said Houshoku as she is closing in.

"Finally...I can get to my nice warm bed...I just want to sleep this day away." said Toridasu with a sigh of relief.

"Oh wow. Those are some interesting ships." said Clarabelle looking at them.

"Indeed it helps to have very diverse ships." said Struct with a nod.

"Still don't know the hell what Johnny Boy is doing with that moving hill of his but it gets him around I guess." said Houshoku.

"It's a nice looking moving hill." John says,"Good camouflage too."

"Sometimes,I think you're the one with a screw loose." Jack says to John.

"Oh? Cause I'm the one with the weird hat ain't it clown?" John retorts.

"Part of it." Jack answers.

"Alright! Landing commence! Get off me back! Some of you need to lose some weight!" said Houshoku jokenly.

Minutes later, everyone is meeting back with their respective crews.

"OOOH!! COW LADY!!!" shouted Taffy and Komi as they stared at Clarabelle.

"Yep! This is Clarabelle! Or Belle for short! Was a slave but now as a crewmate I am assuming helping with the kitchen!" said Houshoku.

"H-Hello everyone." said Clarabelle with a bow.

"W-WHAT!? ANOTHER CHEF!?!? I have enough ENOUGH of Taffy's meddling! Now there is a THIRD one?!" shouted Tampura who was flailing his arms around.

"Calm down. It's pretty good to have another with how much Houshoku eats. Plus, our crew is food themed after all." said Korokoro.

"Hello Clarabelle! My name is Zensuke Helios and I assure you we are all friendly here!" said Helios with a bow of her own.

"O-Oh! Thats' good to hear!" said Clarabelle with a smile.

"You're back Cousin Tim!" Antoinette was seen eating cotton candy as John,Alice, and Tim came back down.

"Yes indeed I am!" Tim says hugging his little cousin.

"How was getting the 'shine back?" Jacob asks John.

"Well some other stuff happened since we gave the moonshine back to them." John says,"A long story which I do not bother explaining right now."

"Look at that." Alice says,"It's nearly evening!"

"Indeed! And I have that special dinner ready!" Patrick says walking up to John.

"Good,I'm super hungry." John says.

Jack's crew was meeting back up awhile.

"Captain!" Jennifer was seen greeting Jack,Davida,and Vincent first as Vlad was waving at them from the crow's nest.

"The master clown is back!" Jack says hopping off of Vincent,"Now,did Ramone cook dinner yet?"

"Indeed!" Ramone says bringing out a giant bowl of soup,"It is ready sir!"

"PERFECT!" Jack says with a smile,"Hmmmmmm,maybe we should have a feast with the other crews?"

"You mean eat with the other crews captain?" Force asks.

"Yeah! We still have leftover 'shine! And we're all making plenty of food!" Jack says,"I can smell John's cook making some good shit! Let's ask for a feast!"

"Oi! Tampura! Taffy! You two get ready for da feast! We're gonna celebrate a successful mission and Belle joining our crew!" shouted Houshoku who was suddenly eating a random sword.

"Alright! Alright! Taffy! Don't you DARE put taffy in the soup again dammit!" shouted Tampura as he went into the kitchen.

"No promises!" said Taffy as she danced her way behind him.

"Man you guys look to shit. What happened out there?" asked Korokoro.

"You know...Marines, slave owners, lots of death and destruction...the usual." said Toridasu as he sat himself down.

"I could tell from the massive amounts of explosions from the background..." said Korokoro looking off to the distance.

"It was some funny potato bastard that kept saying "Sumbitch", a fatass, and a literal bitch." said Houshoku laughing.

"Again, you are not clever..." said Toridasu.

"So, how are you feeling about the crew now?" Struct as Clarabelle.

"Well, they are interesting especially this one here." said Clarabelle looking at Komi.

"Can I have some of your blood? I wanna transform into ya!" shouted Komi.

"I do believe that isn't the best time to ask." said Helios with a nervous smile.

"Wait what are all you guys doing?" John asks Jack and Houshoku.

"We're gonna have a feast!" Jack says,"You should join in!"

"A feast?" Patrick asks,"I'll bring out the big dish!"

"Well I suppose that ain't a bad idea." John says,"But first thing in the morning,I'm heading out."

"Sounds great Johnny Boy!" Jack says,"Now come on! Get the tables prepared or something!"

"Uhh yeah,I'll get right to it." John says as he gets drinks all set up and the table prepared.

"Yeah I was about to go eat myself! But hey I'll be game for this as well! HEY TAMPURA!!! HELP OUT!!!" shouted Houshoku.

"MAKE UP YOUR MIND DAMMIT!!!" shouted Tampura from his kitchen.

"I was hoping not to be near the clown anytime soon..." said Toridasu.

"Hey I don't mind. We can eat and then ship out for the morning." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Hell yeah! I got my own shit to do and some preprations to make! This shit is going to get real I tell ya!" said Houshoku with a smirk.

"Oh boy!" Jack says,"It's either me or her gonna be making the fireworks!"

"Oh no!" John says,"We don't be needing the fireworks."

"FIREWORKS!!!" Antoinette randomly yells out in agreement to Jack.

"Oh boy...." John says deadpanly as he sees Jack collecting random firecrackers.

A Tea Party!!

"Feast is ready!" Patrick says as he reveals a gigantic dish of pork ribs just smothered in BBQ sauce.

"OH BOY!!!" Antoinette says,"EATING TIME!!!"

"Oh dear." John says,"Those ribs might be gone quicker than I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

"I think we can probably eat stuff faster than that word spoken anyway." Jack says looking at John speaking that vocabulary.

"Heh heh try saying that three times fast while holding an umbrella!" said Houshoku who was already eating.

"W-Why would you even do that?" asked Toridasu.

"May I have a spoonfull of sugar? I'd like some for my tea." asked Struct.

"Why do I feel like you two are trying to hint at something...?" said Toridasu while he was looking back and forth at Houshoku and Struct.

"RAH! You only eat MEAT! Seafood is the way to go TO GO!!!" shouted Tampura.

"Isn't a...fishman correct? Isn't a fishman making seafood kind of bad?" asked Clarabelle.

"No! Eating other fishmen that is BAD! But plain old fish is fine FINE!" shouted Tampura with all of his arms crossed.

"Hey! NOTHING is better than seasoned,bloody,raw MEAT!" Patrick retorts back to Tampura.

"And good sauces with it too!" Force says,being a friend of Patrick since they used to be crewmates,"Especially his BBQ sauces!"

"Which reminds me." John says,"There was this old man that had BBQ sauces and was selling them." He shows Patrick the BBQ sauce from Good Ol JR.

"Gasp You gotten the very good,authentic,original BBQ sauce from Good Ol JR!!!!" Patrick says happy,"If there was a bbq sauce people that I trust if I wasn't making any bbq sauce,it's good ol JR!"

"I guess that old man is more popular than I thought." John states seeing Patrick happy for getting the BBQ sauce.

"I mean it's a BBQ sauce fit for a king!" Force says,"I could totally see the old man and a king eating some bbq together."

"And commentating on a fight too!" Jack says eating some of the BBQ ribs,"The way that old man says,"Oh my Gawd!" Really gives off a commentator vibe!"

"Is there something I'm missing here?" John asks confused about these speeches.

"Food talk Johnny Boy! You'll know more when you get older!" said Houshoku who was eating.

"But he's married..." said Toridasu wth a deadpan expression.

"So? Some tykes back at home are married and they're, what, 13 years old?" said Houshoku who started to eat the fork.

"Wait, WHAT?!" said a shocked Toridasu.

"Bah! Too much sauce! Not enough FISH!!!" shouted Tampura as he slammed down a bunch of fishsticks in the sauce.

"Gross...does fishsticks and bbq sauce even go together?" asked Taffy looking at it.

"I will have to say "No." I'm no chef but even I know those don't go together." said Struct who focused on the ribs.

"BAH! Critics the lot of ya! Toridasu! Try them NOW!!!" shouted Tampura who was pointing at Toridasu.

"What am I? Some kind of garbage disposal?" said Toridasu defensely.

"I thought Houshoku has that job." John points over to the weredragon.

"Hey! Where's that Clarabelle?" Jack asks.

"Maybe she's making milk or something." Davida says.

"Why not she comes over here and do it?" Jack asks with a smile.

"Dude,you're talking about a woman flashing her titties in public to make milk." Vincent says deadpanly.

"But that girl does it!" Jack points to Houshoku.

"Well I'm sure Clarabelle shows more....decency to say the least." Harley states to Jack.

"Doesn't matter,I want to know what that milk tastes like with this apple pie that Ramone made!" Jack says.

"I thought y'all wanted to drink the 'shine?" John states.

"Hah yeah not afraid to show off the pups! Also, yeah! I want to drink both dammit! Make sure you save some for me Dasu!" shouted Houshoku pointing at Toridasu.

"Why must you always single me out with that...?" asked Toridasu.

"That's right, we have quite the number of that shine. And Houshoku can produce as many as she wants right?" asked Clarabelle.

"Hell yeah! As long I got the formula down, I can recreate this shit as much as I want! All I have to do is eat some metal along with the shine and bam! Can produce a vending machine that can produce this stuff like crazy!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"Wow that is still crazy you can reproduce products like that." said Clarabelle in amazement.

"Baku powers as useful as it can get! I eat shit and make gold from it!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Wonder if it would be the actual worth of gold?" John was curious hearing Houshoku as he drank a glass of the 'shine.

"Maybe. Then you could be crazy rich!" Force says drinking a mug to wash the bbq sauce down.

"Well this feast certainly has been quite the noisy party." Alice says looking around the partying.

"Indeed so." John nods,"Well,I guess that'll mean we'll have a good night tonight then."

"Indeed." Alice says putting her head on John's shoulders,being tired from the long day.

"The party has just started Alice!" Jack says,"Don't go to sleep yet! There should be desserts."

"Should I mention I had made a cake earlier?" John ponders to himself as Alice was resting on his shoulder.

"Meh I'm already crazy rich. Princess of Dressrosa, well known in the Underworld for my creations, I may as well shit out money for how much I got." said Houshoku leaning backwards.

"This day was too much for me. All of you are pirates alright. I was just a store clerk before I was roped into this." said Toridasu who took a drink of water.

"A store clerk? I didn't peg you for one." said Struct rubbing his chin.

"Me neither but I make a living." said Toridasu shrugging.

"Yeah Dasu pretty much sucks in fighting. I only roped him in because his fruit is rather useful in a pinch despite it's sucky stamina limit." said Houshoku snickering.

"Hah hah..." said Toridasu laughing sarcastally.

"Interesting." John says sitting down and leaning back himself as Alice was now on his lap.

"You're holding Alice like a piece of cake." Jack notes.

"Well I have been sculpted now so it mostly makes sense." John says,"She ain't that heavy anyway."

"Says the one who has been in training!" Jack says,"I need to find myself a trickster myself and find some better tricks to make!"

"Can't wait to see your ideas then." John states.

"So what are all y'all gonna do after this?" Patrick asks Jack and Houshoku.

"Me? Well,just causing random shit to happen is all I'm gonna say." Jack says with a smile,"Perhaps go to a jungle and go collect a gorilla as a pet can be a goal!"

"Yes! Time to get a pet in the crew!" Davida shouts.

"I think a navigator should be a more major suggestion than a pet." Harley states.

"Nah! We have me of all people to help that out!" Jack says with a smile.

"Well we definitely gonna get Struct back to Water 7 and I probably going to go help out there while I'm at it. I'll probably take a trek back to the New World to go handle some deals." said Houshoku.

"...And take us back to Dressrosa?" asked Toridasu.

"Pfft if you want to go back that damn much, then be my guest! I wished your ass could warp straight there!" said Houshoku with an angry point at him.

"Believe me, I wished as well.." said Toridasu with a sigh.

"Yeah it was fun adventuring and all but there is a reason I lived at Water 7 for 30 straight years. I kinda of miss the setting there especially after being at that Marine Base for weeks." said Struct stretching.

"I see." John nods interestingly,"Well,hope you can get back to Water 7 peacefully."

"Indeed." Tim nods as well.

"This day seems to have passed rather quickly." John says looking at the night sky.

"Why not a drink?" Jack asks John,"To our future! To Madness! To our families!"

"I can't disagree with that." John says with a smile and then takes a swig of his bottle of moonshine.

"Say let's get that fireworks show start." Jack says getting up,"Right Houshoku?"

"Hah fuck yeah! I know how to make them bigger as well!" said Houshoku getting up as well.

"PLEASE don't blow up a ship this time...We just barely got away..." said Toridasu.

"No promises!" said Houshoku.

"I got a whole room full of fireworks!" Jack says running to his ship and coming back with a crap ton of fire works,"This is only half the room storage!"

"How many fireworks do you have?" John asks surprised by the sheer amount of fireworks.

"Hey,I like to have freetime!" Jack answers back,"Now should I blow some of these all at a time or should I blow them all at once!"

"We don't need to blow up the ship like Dasu said." John states.

"What's that? Take a bunch and blow them up?" Jack asks,"Alright!" He then takes a bunch of the fireworks and sets them off into the air,the explosion makes a distinguishable shape of a dragon flying in the air,"oooooh,you can make art in fireworks....." A smile came upon his face.

"Oh no....." Vincent says with a facepalm.

"Whoooo boy look at that! I bet that is me up there!" said Houshoku with a smile.

"It scares me how he can create things like this..." said Toridasu with fear in his eyes.

"It's actually quite impressive. I didn't take a clown for having professional work in explosives." said Struct as he looked at the fireworks.

"That gives me a good idea as well...heh something to work on while we get to Water 7 later!" stated Houshoku.

"That scares me even more..." said Toridasu as he took a few steps to the left.

"Oh I love explosives!" Jack says,"I'm a master gadgeteer,but when it comes to explosives,expect me to throw hairspray into a fire if I see one. I've done that since 5!"

"Dear lord." John states,"This clown has been a crazed madman since 5...."

"It honestly looks very pretty." Alice says tiredly.

"Oh I haven't even gone through half of my explosives!" Jack says mixing another bunch together and setting them off. This firework brought out an image of Jack himself with a very wide smile. "Don't I look exquisite in that image?"

"You look original to say the least." John states as he yawns.

"Woooooah! it was even bigger than the one you used before! Impressive Jackie! Impressive!" said Houshoku clapping.

"That is TERRIFYING." said Toridasu shivering.

"You deal with explosions all the time Dasu. Don't know why you have to be such a pansey all the time." said Houshoku shrugging.

"Well pardon me for being understandbly frightened!" shouted Toridasu.

"It must be quite fun to hang out with that crew huh?" asked Clarabelle.

"I can't tell if you're being genuine or sarcastic." said Toridasu looking at her.

"Yeah." said Struct as he was stretching. "I'd better get some shut eye. Night guys." he said walking to Houshoku's ship.

"Indeed." John says getting up himself,"I'm taking me and Alice here to the ol bed. Night y'all!"

"Wait a minute!" Jack says,"I haven't even made the grand finale!" Jack then goes down and grabs the rest of the explosives and mixes them all into a giant firework. "Time to send us off with a bang!!!" Jack then lights the fuse and then the fireworks goes off,releasing an image of John beating people up with his martial arts skills. "THERE!! I did one to represent each of us!"

"That actually looks neat!" Davida says.

"I wonder how he can coordinate the fireworks to a specific animation." Force wonders.

"Anyway,that does look nice." John says,"But I'm taking my dear Alice to some bed time."

"And some other things right?" Jack jokes.

"mmmmmmm,maybe." John says with a smirk,feeling the effects of the shine.

"Hah he's gonna fuck! Gotta unload your cock-oops corkgun huh?!" said Houshoku laughing.

"Please don't say such ridiculous things..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Ah shaddup and turn in your v card to Belle already!" said Houshoku.

"P-PLEASE BE QUIET ABOUT THAT?!?!" shouted Toridasu blushing angrily.

"I take it she does this a lot huh?" Clarabelle asks Struct.

"Indeed. Don't worry she never means any ill will. Well, unless your name is Toridasu after all." said Struct with a chuckle.

"You two crews are probably the dirtiest." Tim says deadpanly,"But I should take Antoinette back to her bed." He says carrying Antoinette back to her bedroom.

"I'll go slumber." Patrick says yawning,"This was a lot of cooking for today!"

"Well that was a nice party." Vincent says,"I'll be in my lab now."

"I'll be going back to my hammock and taking a nice nap!" Force says tiredly.

"Say Mister J I'm tired too...." Davida says,"Do we want to go to bed captain?"

"Hmmmm,sure!" Jack says,"Hey Houshoku,wanna come over as well?" He asks drunkly.

"Oh dear lord...." Vincent and Harley facepalming.

"Sure I can...uh..." said Houshoku who was tispey as well but was suddenly held back by Toridasu and Korokoro.

"No. Absoutely not." said Toridasu shaking his head.

"Not that I am against it but it's probably better not to go that route for now." said Korokoro scratching her head.

"You two no fuuuuuuuun...." said Houshoku slurrly.

"Maybe later then....." Jack says tipsey,"Come on Davi! Let me show you how the clown earns a crown!" He scoops Davida and takes her down below deck.

"All of you three captains sure drank." Harley states.

"Well not exactly." Jacob states,"John knows to conserve his drinking,but it did seem he was more pippy after that last drink."

"True,but Houshoku there looks the most drunk." Harley says,"Nevermind,I guess I should hit the hay since my sister is getting laid."

"Ha! Have fun with that." Jacob chuckles as he sees Harley head down,"I'll see you pirates in the morning." He salutes then leaves the scene.

"Houshoku may be strong but her tolerance levels for drinks isn't the best." said Korokoro chuckling.

"I second that. Plus I really need to clean my mind after hearing that last statement..." said Toridasu shivering for what Harely said.

"This was fun today but I could use some shuteye." said Clarabelle as she rubbed her eyes.

"Right. You'll need somewhere to sleep. Houshoku is too drunk to make you a room so you'll just have to bunk with me." said Toridasu.

"Ehheeeheehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!" was uttered from Houshoku with a drunken divious smile on her face.

"Sigh..." was all Toridasu could say.

A New Day of Madness

The morning sun was shining upon the sea blue horizon. The smooth waves going under the ships while some of the crews were still sleeping. John was seen getting up from his bed,with Alice still sleeping on the bed. John heads to the shower room and takes care of his morning hygiene before putting on a pair of sweatpants and keeping shirtless. He then walks over to the top deck,where Jacob was seen doing some smooth shinigami poses.

"You ready for practice today?" Jacob asks as his eyes were closed,sensing John's presence with observation haki.

"As ever." John simply answers back,grabbing a mat and starts doing poses himself.

"Hmph,look at Johnny boy doing yoga!" Jack laughs while eating breakfast,"Hmmmmm,think I could ask for milk from Clarabelle?"

"Maybe." Vincent says reading a newspaper.

"Well I would like my Booby-O's to have milk in them!" Jack says.

"Booby O's?" Force asks,"What about the Booty O's?"

"Nah! I might like this one better!" Jack says.

"But Booty O's are built for champions!" Davida shouts.

"True." Jack says,"But I think I had enough booty from last night HA HA HA!!!!"

Harley just facepalms and sighs as he eats breakfast himself.

"Hahhahahahahaahah!" said Houshoku as she was laughing for some reason.

"W-What's going on?" asked Taffy as she entered.

"Dasu being a chump! Thinking he could get Belle laid! HAHHAHAH!!" laughed Houshoku.

"It wasn't my fault I like to grab things in my sleep..." said Toridasu with a big slap mark on his face.

"Does that hurt?" asked Struct.

"That is a rather pointless question to ask..." said Toridasu who was indeed in pain but was hiding it.

"None the less the food was delicious! Especially your milk Belle! Damn haven't had chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milk at once!" said Houshoku after drinking it.

"My pleaser! It is quite a useful skill to have." said Clarabelle who was washing dishes.

"Pah! It's GOOD but not good as my food overall!" shouted Tampura.

"Hey you two." Patrick was seen walking over to John and Jacob,"A breakfast of Bacon and Eggs are ready!"

"Sounds good." John says as he was rapidly blocking everyone of Jacob's jabs at him,"We'll eat in about 15 minutes."

"Very well then." Patrick nods as he walks back down.

"Look at John go in his training." Jack says,"And look at that sculpted body of his! Such a sexy body that he has made!"

"You mentioned that yesterday while you were painting a canvas of him." Harley says.

"Oh i did?" Jack says,"But that man sure does have the body!"

"So I must ask after Water 7, where are you going Houshoku?" asked Clarabelle.

"Well, I'll probably make a beeline straight for Dressrosa to drop off Toridasu's ass then probably head somewhere." said Houshoku leaning backwards.

"Where?" asked Toridasu.

"Somewhere! Sorry can't say but there is some things I need to take care up first! Then probably head to Sabondy afterwards." said Houshoku.

"Why do you need to go there? I thought you were going to come back to Water 7 afterwards." asked Struct.

"Oh I will but after I do some other shits first." said Houshoku.

John was then seen leaping into the air for a high leaping kick at Jacob before Jacob blocked it with his hand as John knee'd Jacob in the abdomen as Jacob left it open. Jacob smiles as he then throws John over onto the mat.

"Not bad." Jacob says,"Now,let's get breakfast."

"What about another round?" John asks with a smile.

"Not now." Jacob says,"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,so best you get your breakfast now that you're warmed up."

"Sounds good sensei." John bows and then heads down to the kitchen.

"I wonder if we should say our byes." Jack wonders as he finishes his cereal,"I do want to say goodbye to Houshoku definitely. Johnny boy might be leaving soon too."

"Might be a wise thing." Harley says,"Before they all leave,make sure you do leave with your salutations."

"Alright, are we good to leave soon now?" asked Toridasu.

"Not yet! Wanna say bye to Jackie and Johnny Boy first! After that we can shit out!" said Houshoku with a snicker.

"Don't you mean "ship out"?" asked Toridasu with a deadpan expression.

"You know what I said!" said Houshoku as she walked to the deck.

"Sigh...might as well go. Hopefully this will be my last time seeing that clown." said Toridasu following her.

"Ooh let me say my goodbyes to them as well!" said Clarabelle following.

"Might as well join the crew. I was involved as well." said Struct who walked after them.

"Hey John." Alice says,who was now in the kitchen in a bathing towel after just taking a shower.

"Hello." John says as he was grabbing a plate of bacon and eggs.

"We gonna say goodbye to Jack and Houshoku?" Alice asks.

"Maybe." John says,"I prefer to probably leave without them causing any more damage to my ship,but I guess it would be more polite to say my goodbyes."

"Yeah." Alice says taking a bite out of her bacon and eggs,"Those two are like two friends that have the same interest."

"You wouldn't think they would fit together?" John asks chuckling,"Then again,Houshoku said yes to Jack asking her to bed."

"Ha!" Alice laughs from hearing that,"Though what if they did that sober?"

"Oh that'll mean a whole different story." John says,"I ain't ready for baby clown dragons from them two." John laughs hard at the image as well as Alice was laughing.

"My word,what are they laughing about?" Jack wonders as he was walking over to John's ship.

"Why are we snooping around?" Harley asks,"We could just knock."

"Let's just follow mister J's orders." Davida says.

Houshoku lands near John's ship after leaping high next it. "Greetings to all that isn't named Dasu!" shouted Houshoku.

"Again, am I your almost literal punching bag or something?" asked Toridasu with a sigh.

"I heard laughing earlier. Wonder what they could be laughing about?" asked Houshoku as she was eating a piece of rock.

"I don't think that is important. We just need to say our goodbyes and go." said Toridasu with his arms crossed.

"It is still a marvelous piece." said Struct with his hand on John's ship.

"Ooh it has an interesting shape!" said Clarabelle looking up at it.

"They're here." John says hearing Jack and Houshoku above deck,"I'll head up then."

"Shouldn't we get dressed though?" Alice asks,as she was in her towel,and John was only in his sweatpants.

"Nah,can't keep them waiting." John says walking up to the deck then saying,"Hey guys."

"Hey Johnny Boy!" Jack says,"How was last night for ya?"

"It was pretty decent." John says,"Slept soundly after having a nice night like last night."

"I bet HA HA!!" Jack says with a laugh,"And why's your wife in a towel?"

"I just took a shower." Alice answers,"And I have decency unlike some."

"Heh,some." Jack says.

"Heh. Wet towel..." snickered Houshoku.

"I wish I could unhear that..." said Toridasu with a facepalm.

"Anywho, I see you lot are all geared up and shit! Well, Johnny Boy probably need to wait for his hose to refill! HAH!" said Houshoku laughing to herself.

"Your type of vocabulary never ceases to amaze me..." said Toridasu.

"You'll never get any with that attitude Dudsu, right Clarabelle?" Houshoku suddenly Clarabelle.

"O-Oh? R-Right!" Clarabelle quickly said.

"Please don't get roped into her sheanaigans..." said Toridasu.

"Ugh." John rolls his eyes,"Anyway,what all y'all up to?"

"Well we were about to head out." Jack says,"And wanted to say goodbye to you lads!"

"Well ain't that very nice of you." John says.

"Hey man,this adventure was fun!" Jack says,"Taking out Mr. Potato Head Justice! Doing Illegal Moonshining! Killing and Kicking marine ass! And defeating a major underworld boss! This was a fun time!"

"Hmmm,It was wasn't it." John says with a smile,"If I had my hat on,I would tip it in agreement."

"It was an interesting adventure." Alice nods,"I hope we can do more of it sometime."

"Maybe!" Jack says.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Houshoku." John says with a polite bow,"You and Jack make quite the friendly partnership."

"What are you implying?" Jack asks.

"Oh nothing." John smiles.

"Johnny Boy being weird again but hey! You turned out not bad! At least you can kick ass unlike a certain someone!" said Houshoku looking at Toridasu with a grin.

"At least you didn't say my name this time..." Toridasu replied with a grim look.

"I do thank you all for rescuing me!" said Clarabelle with a bow.

"It was nothing! Kicking some fatass and now having all of this shine was definitely a win for us and a huge middle finger to the Marines!" said Houshoku with a proud smile.

"They will definitely be more ruthless this time. We're lucky that last guy was a total wimp." said Struct.

"Ha. indeed." John says,"And no problem Miss Clarabelle,it was a pleasure taking you away from those bad people."

"Indeed!" Alice says,"But visiting this island again might be considered. Once things calm down a moment."

"I'm betting it's only going to get tougher." John says thinking,"After that incident with your relative or whatever Houshoku,they might have more higher ups up my rear."

"Well then,let them chase you and then destroy them!" Jack says.

"If destroying them would be easy." John states,"But hopefully I'll be ready for anything that happens."

"Oh yeah you may wanna watch your backs then. My mother could hear the news of what happened and may think I'm trying to take her down one day or something. Dunno but she's dangerous so you may want to be careful." warned Houshoku.

"I doubt it though. Ryushiki is mainly into selling weapons. I don't think a Moonshine business would affect her." said Toridasu.

"Meh...anything can happen and I'm always getting stronger and improving my skills. Just need to keep it up." said Houshoku with her fists pounding together.

"Same here. I'm not really much of a fighter but I can do my share to help out." said Struct.

"I think my father would be proud that competition has dropped from his defeat." Jack says,"That fatass's mafia looked like a bunch of cowboy shit."

"Well,at least we helped one from a bad ending." John says,"But anyway,I think it's time we part. It was nice seeing you again Jack. And was nice meeting you Houshoku."

"Indeed." Jack says,"If there's anything you need,you have both our den den mushis!!"

"True." John says,"I guess if I need something blown up or invented I can go to you guys. Though I am a scientist of my own."

"Where's Taffy?" Antoinette asks as she comes over looking tired,"I want to say goodbye to friendly taffy..."

"Oh right." Alice says hearing Antoinette,"Don't worry Antoinette,you'll see her again."

"HEY TAFFY!!! YOU'RE NEEDED RIGHT QUICK!!!" shouted Houshoku at the top of her lungs.

"Gah...she yelled right in my ear..." said Toridasu cringing in pain.

Taffy soon appears after reforming herself in her taffy form. "You called me?" asked Taffy saluting for some reason.

"Yeah that chick over there wants to say bye!" said Houshoku pointing to Antoinette.

"Oh! Antie! You look pretty tired you okay?" asked Taffy.

"I forgot she can turn into taffy but I am assuming they know each other?" asked Clarabelle.

"Yep yep!" said Houshoku with a nod.

"I heard goodbyes after just waking up,and remembered to say goodbye to you." Antoinette says as she runs over to Taffy and hugs her,"Bye Taffy! Wished you stayed longer!"

"While you're at it,if you find any cotton candy and see us. Come say hello and drop them off for Antoinette here." John says to Houshoku,"This blue rabbit humink sure loves her cotton candy."

"I wonder how these two know each other." Alice says.

"Answer is simple." Tim says,"I know cousin Antoinette's family lives in Dressrosa,my family used to visit every now and then before we moved to the Kingdom of Hearts. There I'm guessing she became friends with Taffy,I mean I guess it's common with rabbit huminks to meet each other as friends."

"Makes sense." John states,"But yeah,time is a precious jewel to us,so we must be going."

"Same back to ya!" said Taffy.

"Welp yeah time is a wasting! It was good meeting ya Johnny Boy! And remember, make sure you get a lot more serious toward this pirate shit eh? You'll get eaten alive in the New World if you act too relaxed like this. I know it ain't in your nature but you dream of going to this place in the New World. You're getting the power alright but you'll still need the mindset. Just some advice from someone with experience in the New World. Heh maybe even see ya at Dressrosa in the future! Jackie, cause some chaos like you always do! I think it is time we part!" explained Houshoku with her fist in the air.

"It was a pleasure meeting the newer crew as always. Maybe I can sell you something at Dressrosa someday." said Toridasu.

"Stop by Water 7 if you need some repairs as well. Though I know you already have a capable shipwright by your side." said Struct with a chuckle.

"Bye to both of you crews! It was a pleasure meeting all of ya!" said Clarabelle.

"Oh no she is starting to talk like Houshoku already..." said Toridasu with a look of dread on his face.

John smiles,"Thanks for the advice. Now,would it be nice if people got off my ship?"

"Oh right!" Jack says leaping back to his ship,"See you two later!" Jack's ship was then seen firing off the cola boosters and sailing away in an over the top fashion,"WE'LL MEET AGAIN MY FRIEND!!!!"

"Jack sure does know how to have fun on the job." Alice says.

"Right." John nods as he looks over to Houshoku,"Well that's the clown gone. Now I'll need you to go."

"Right-o! Later Johnny Boy!" said Houshoku as she jumps off.

"Take care." said Struct with a bow as he follows.

"Bye to the sanest man this entire adventure." said Toridasu as he warps off.

"Bye bye Antie and her crew!" said Taffy as she leaped off.

"Farewell and thanks again for helping me out." said Clarabelle as she carefully climbs off.

"Goodbye my friends." John says with a wave.

"Bye!" Alice kindly waves with a smile.

"BYEEEEEEE!!!" Antoinette shouts.

"Catch ya on the flip side!" Tim says with a smile and waving.

"Well John." Alice says,"I'm going to the bedroom to change,if you want to follow me,you can...." She flirts to John.

"Oh,you don't need to tell me twice!" John says beginning to follow her,but then remembers something,"HEY YOU TWO HEDGEHOGS!!" He wakes up Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,who were up on the crow's nest.

"Yes sir!" Dee says.

"Get this boat sailing!" John says,"We're getting out of here!"

"YESSIR!" Dee and Dum answer.

"And Tim,aweigh the anchor." John commands.

"You got it!" Tim says running to the anchor.

"And now I got me and her time!" John says running below deck as the ship sailed away into the endless sea,taking them to their next adventure!!

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