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A Rumbling In Inverkip
Date Started:July27th, 2021

Date Finished:October 15th, 2021

Setting: Lorzen; Inverkip

Characters Involved:

Synopsis: The Red Scarf Pirates meet the Bubblegum Pirates and take down the Gunner Pirates.

An Eventful Arrival

The Red Scarf Pirates finally made it to the next island, Inverkip. Daichi jumps out the ship and says "Finally, we're here." Arthur follows behind and says "We have to make this quick, we get in, find out if he's here and then we leave." Yori replies "Of course if he is here then we kill him." Cam interjects "And once we kill him, to the Grand Line we go!". Daichi then runs ahead and everyone else follows behind. After running for a minute they hear rustling in the bushes and Daichi asks "Is there bounty hunters here too?", a man then comes out of the shadows and says "Not a lot, most were me.". Cam replies "I was gonna say you remind me of Toyotomi but I've changed my mind." the man says "The name is Alair, I've heard of you lot, minus the swordsman. Word around the street says you wanna kill Osiris? Well me and some friends are here to make sure you don't even lay a single finger on him." Yori replies "Well you'll know my name after we kill Osiris." Alair quips back "Sure, sure, enjoy the bombs by the way." Cam shouts "HUH?" and the entire area around them gets exploded but they manage to jump out the blast radius and Alair says "Oh, well that's great, but can you survive till you get to the slums?" then Alair seems to disappear back into the shadows, laughing. Everyone just stares at each other and a string of bombs just start coming after them. Forcing them to run for 2 minutes straight into a city where around 20 people are situated Daichi then shouts "BOMBS ARE COMING, RUN!" all the people looks back and see the barrage of bombs coming straight for them and some stand in shock, making them get hit by the explosions. The Red Scarfs and 4 other people get out of the small and deteriorated city and Daichi asks "Where's everyone else" a tall boy in seastone cuffs come up to Daichi and says "Dead." Daichi clinches his fist and says "From your tone, it seems this happens a lot huh?" they say "Yeah, sometimes I wanna kill my dad for it." Arthur asks "Wait is Osiris your father?" they reply "Yeah, my name is Jovanni, Jovanni Zampedri, and I was here to warn them. But I'm too late again, He knew I went to warn them so he did it earlier than he said he would. This is all I can do though, after all I couldn't kill him if I wanted to." Daichi then responds "Jovanni, do you wanna join me and my crewmates to kill your dad?" Arthur and Cam look at Daichi in confusion but to their surprise Jovanni doesn't even hesitate in saying no, instead saying "You guys are the Red Scarves right? Well sure, I'll help you kill Osiris, but on one condition. Which is I get to join your crew as a cook. Cause I need somewhere to go other than this hellhole after we kill him." Daichi responds "You got yourself a deal!". Another one of the people say "I can help too, along with my friend" Daichi says "Do you think you're strong enough?" the boy grins lightly and punches Daichi in the face, launching him into a destroyed building and he says "Look, we're up and coming pirates too, and we've been planning to kill him too. So it's a perfect matchup!" Daichi gets up and says "Alright Alright I understand" the person continues, saying "One last thing, my name is Asclepius and his name is Aeolus, he's the captain of the Bubblegum Pirates!" Daichi nods and says "Well guys, looks like we have enough firepower to kill Osiris." the man who stayed silent the entire time finally says "I don't think so, My name is Triton and I'm Aeolus' brother. And I don't approve of him becoming a pirate." Aeolus turns and says "I don't care for you approval this time brother, besides the guys we're taking out are some of the biggest people in our sea. Think about the money. But you are certainly not stopping me from being a pirate." Triton sighs and says "We'll take care of this after I claim this Osiris guy's bounty." Aeolus nods yes and Daichi says "Well if your coming, we have to go, around right now.". They then take off to go deeper into the island.

The Gunner Pirates

Jovanni guides them through a pathway that seemed to be man-made, saying "This is the fastest way to their base, we should be there in around 5 minutes." Daichi "You know I feel like it was too easy to get you guys on our side." Aeolus,Asclepius,Triton and Jovanni shoots him a sharp glance and Aeolus finally speaks up, saying "That guy's a tyrant, there isn't a singular person on this island that doesn't want to punch him and shoot him dead." Asclepius continues his statement, saying "Like Jovanni said, he's been bombing this place everyday since he went on 'high alert' cause some people were gonna try to kill him." Yori replies "Oh so he knows we're coming, good to know.". Cam then says "I sense something...." Alair then jumps out from a tree and replies "Congratulations, I've been spotted, now then, you are way too close for comfort so I will be forced to attack you, all of you, and kill you! Sounds fun right?" Cam gets out his pole and says "I'd rather not die today.". Then a army coming from the pathway start to get ready to attack. Aeolus grabs Asclepius and sticks himself to a tree, Triton, Arthur and Cam get ready to fight, Daichi stretches to the top of a tree and Jovanni grabs onto Daichi. Alair says "How annoying, now go kill the ones here and leave no survivors.". The pirates immediately ran after them, some even climbing up the trees, then Jovanni calmly says "Get out the way guys." Arthur and Cam get out the way and Triton jumps into a tree with Aeolus. The pirates look up to Jovanni with a huge fist, one of a average giant's then, bringing it down he says "YMIR'S FIST!", crushing them all in one blow. Jovanni the turns to Alair and says "Get out of our way" Alair replies "Oooooo I'm so scared. Y'know what? Sure, I'll call him over to this island." he then takes out a small den den mushi and says "Mr.Zampedri? Your son and his little friends are here to kill you." Osirus then says "Oh really now? Well, it'd be nice to stretch a little. I'll be there in 30 minutes." Alair then redirects his attention back to Jovanni and he says "Well there you go. He's coming, buuut I still want to kill you, so try to last.". Then Cam steps up and says "I'll handle this guy, you guys can go on a ahead.". Everyone agrees except Arthur, but he changes his mind. However Alair takes out two heavy looking tonfas and blocks them off, Cam shoots at him saying, "Don't take your eyes off of me, you'll regret it." Alair replies "Sure, but on your way to our main base you'll witness the true wrath of the Gunner Pirates."

True Alignment

Not even 30 seconds after running away from Alair, they land themselves surronded and fighting through pirates again. Eventually after fighting through them they make it to a medium sized, wooden shack Daichi, panting, asks "Yo Jovanni, is this the place?" Jovanni responds "No... It should be a gigantic stone pyramid temple" then Yomna comes out of the shack with a mace and he looks down on everyone and he swings at them, everyone dodges except Arthur, hitting him and launching him into a bunch of trees. Yori takes out his sword and says "Did you kill him?" Yomna looks away from him in silence, Yori shouts "ANSWER ME DAMNIT, DID.YOU.KILL.HIM?" Yomna nods yes and Yori grips his sword harder and charges at him. Yomna lifts his mace again and launches Yori away but Yori gets back up, saying "Why are you using a mace." Yomna replies "Because it's my weapon of choice when I'm serious. When I have to defend the Lorzen Union." Yori sighs and says "So your affiliated with Osirus after all, well killing you would be more satisfying." Yomna responds "Okay. Come at me.", readying his mace again and swinging at Yori, this time Yori dodges and manages to stab him delivering a small wound in his side. Yomna retaliates by trying to smash Yori into the ground but he manages to dodge out the way. Yori then asks "Tell me this, are you a bounty hunter or a pirate under Osirus?" Yomna answers "I was the 3rd member. Now stop wasting my time and fight." and he swings the mace into Yori, smashing him into the ground. Arthur then smashes his bat into Yomna's head and then he swings it into the wound into his side. Yomna then brings down his mace onto Arthur. Arthur then shouts "If we wanna defeat Osirus, then you guys have to go! Me and Yori will hold him off!" Daichi, wanting to not leave all his crewmates behind regrettingly says "Alright, but don't die one me!" then all of them leave, except for Asclepius who says "Yomna right? Well you seem interesting so, let's do this!" Yomna turns to Asclepius and swings at him but he jumps the swing and punches him, leaving a dent in his face. Yomna, surprised immediately uses Tekkai and hardens his mace in Haki then Arthur and Yori get back up, with their respective weapons readied.

The Arrival

They finally made it to the pyramid and Jovanni says "Alright this is it! We dont have much time to sneak around the place so-" he gets cut off by a bullet flying across him, scarring his cheek. They turn around to a man in a suit and glasses smiling manically the man says "So what huh? You couldn't come here in time, bummer right?" then he sends another bullet through Aeolus' leg, then he points at him and Triton to say "Who are you two? Y'know what? Nah, doesn't matter. You guys are trying to oppose my dominance and the punishment for that? Death." then he shouts "Bullet Feast!" summoning a array of different bullets and firing it,they all dodge though, damaging the building instead and creating an opening in it. Osirus then orders "All of you, go help Alair and Yomna, I'll deal with these runts." Aeolus gets up and charges at him but just as Osirus fires a bullets at him he sticks to the wall and dodges but the bullet follows and hits him in the shoulder causing him to grunt in pain and go back to the floor then Daichi takes a deep breath and asks "Why are you doing all of this?" Osirus laughs and answers "Cause I'm a pirate. Aren't you?" Daichi makes a block fist and says "There's a difference between a pirate and being a tyrant!" then he punches him but Osirus seems to disassemble into a swarm of bullets and reassemble into his original form and Osirus cackles, saying "You won't be able to hit me like that." Daichi keeps trying hit him but the same thing keeps happening Osirus then quips "Are you done yet?" then he fires a bunch of bullets at Daichi but they go through him Daichi then chuckles back at him, mocking "'You won't be able to hit me like that'" Osirus, flustered, tries to hit him again but gets blocked by Triton and Jovanni enlarges his fist and crushes him from above, leaving him in a small crater. He gets up from it easily and says "Congrats, you landed your fist hit." Daichi responds "First of Many!".

Northern Lights

Cam blocks another strike from Alair with his pole and Alair says "C'mon coward! Quit blocking!" he struck the pole again, this time breaking it Alair laughs and says "Alright kid, now you'll have to face me!" and he swings at Cam but he dodges and he shouts "First blocking Now Dodging!? This is getting ridiculous!" Cam gets into a stance and runs to climb up a tree. Alair looks up at Cam, who is now on the tree's biggest branch and he throws one of his tonfas at Cam to which Cam dodges and Cam takes out his rifle and shoots at Alair, going through his shoulder and distracting him. While Alair is distracted Cam jumps down with the butt of his rifle and pounds it into the back of Alair's head, leaving a dent there. Alair screams "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, YOU LITTLE RUNT" and then Alair smacks him with his tonfas directly into the face and breaking Cam's nose. Cam, recognizing he can't take a lot more hits like that tries to run but Alair catches up with him due to him being slowed down by the disorientment of being hit with the tonfas. Alair then hits Cam in the gut launching him again, this time causing him to spit out a bit of blood. Cam tries crawling away but is grabbed by the foot by Alair and Alair says "You wanna go there, then go." then he throws him up the path until they branch off into a alternate path. Where Alair again takes out his tonfas and says "This'll be you gra-" Cam then cuts him off by shooting him in the leg and running down the path while reloading his rifle. He then reaches a bar, he goes inside seeing a bunch of pirates drinking. They then stop to look Cam up and down and then they get out their cutlasses and all go to attack him. Cam shoots at them startling them, then he runs and collects two cutlasses and he starts slashing at them all until 2 were left standing. Then he throws the cutlasses at both of them, finishing them off. Cam then jumps over the desk and finds a smoothie-looking substance with green,blue and pink chunks inside of it. Cam, tired, sighs and sits down on the floor and chugs it. To his dismay however, it tasted horrible and almost made him vomit. But he felt a change in his body saying "Is this a devil fruit?" he was then cut off by Alair shouting from above saying "DIE!" Cam then braces himself but the tonfas go right through him. Cam, surprised, once again turns into whatever the element is and flies out of the bar, discovering that he is extremely fast. However, not knowing how to control his speed, he flies directly into a tree but it simply passes through him. He then stops himself and turns around to the bar where Alair comes out looking for him. Cam then rips out a branch off a tree and flies way back at blistering speeds at turns around, and flies even faster towards Alair. Cam then uses all this momentum to hit Alair and When he does the branch breaks but the impact still sends Alair flying into the sky, and falling back down into the middle of the bar, dazed. Cam walks over to him and says "Not so... tuff now....huh?". Alair spits blood on Cam's feet and gets back up, screaming "IT'S NOT OVER TILL YOU KILL ME BRAT." Cam then brings out his rifle and aims saying "I won't kill you but i can do this!" and he seemingly attempts to charge up the gun and he shoots at Alair. The recoil causes Cam to be sent way back and it hits Alair in the ankle and as it goes through him it electrocutes him all around his body. Causing him to fall down in the middle of the bar. Cam, despite being tired and injured, gets back up and flies to the path that they were originally taking.

Bloody Mace

Yomna bashes Arthur into the floor and throws Yori into Asclepius. He then says "We've been at this for a while, i think it's time you quit or die." Asclepius exclaims "He did it! He spoke" Yori wipes the blood off his nose and says "He doesn't do that much" Arthur gets back up and says "That must mean we're getting somewhere!" Yomna sighs and grabs Arthur by the legs and swings him into Yori, using him as a weapon and then launches him in the air making him fall and punts him into a tree. Asclepius runs to Yomna and starts punching him rapidly as if he was releasing his anger into a punching bag and he eventually starts to falter as it seemingly doesn't have as much effect as he thought it'd do Yomna then lifts his mace and starts to bring it down on Asclepius but he gets interuptted as a pinkish green flash tackles him, sending him and the tackler into the shack, destroying it completely and in smoke. Out of the smoke comes Cam who says "Hi guys!" Arthur, confused asks "What was that?" then Yomna looms over Cam and says "The aurora fruit huh? Alair was supposed to eat that." Then he raises up his mace and slams it into Cam, crushing him into the floor and steps over him continuing "The intangiblity of that fruit won't work on me.". Cam struggles to get back up but he does and then takes out his rifle and charges it up, firing the bullet straight through Yomnas chest, electrocuting him. Yomna, taken off guard, goes down to his knee. Asclepius then takes a chance and punches him in his jaw, which makes him drop the mask he was wearing, Yomna gets back up and takes up his mace, looking down at Asclepius in anger. He then swings his mace as hard as he can and lauches Asclepius into one of the surrounding trees, leaving his mace bloodied. He then tries to smash down his mace into Cam but Cam dodges and pokes him in the eyes to distract him while he checks in on Asclepius. When he gets to Asclepius he repeatedly shakes him around, waking him up and Asclepius, dazed, tiredly says "Well now.. I have to defeat....him". He then struggles to get up and squares up. He continues "Come on now, don't be shy big guy." Yomna then advances towards him, preparing a hit with his mace. Yori then sprints past him and cuts into his achilles and says "That bullet and punch really took out your focus huh?" Yomna then swings his mace at Yori but he avoids the brunt of the hit by blocking it with his sword. Arthur then slams his bat into the exact place Yori sliced, making it more painful. He then ends up on both his knees with the severe damage with his achilles then Asclepius says "I'll knock you out this time." then Asclepius cocks his fist back and and it burst into flames and he screams "TAKE THIS!", punching him into the nearby trees and leaving a massive burn on his face. Asclepius' fist then extingushes and he falls on the ground unconscious. Yori then puts his sword into the ground,lays flat on his back and says "We have no where near enough energy to go fight Osirus" Arthur sits down, nodding in agreement. Cam also agrees, saying "Yeah, at this point I'm running on fumes." as he falls down to the ground with the rest.

Forgotten Heritage

Osirus, sweating, says to Daichi "Your intangibilty is pretty tricky to beat." Daichi replies "You're trying to coax me into not avoiding your attacks." Osirus laughs and fires a bunch of bullets at him. Daichi avoids the majority but then after Osirus punches him into the ground. Jovanni appears behind him and enlarges his fist and he says "Your turn" Osirus manages to barely dodge Jovanni's attack. As he's dodging Triton locks him into a head lock with tungsten arms Triton then says "If you transform into bullets I'll just absorb them." Osirus then tries to release himself from the hold but before he can Aeolus and and Daichi starts to punch him constantly, taking turns. Jovanni then comes above them and he enlarges both his feet and as he stamps at Osirus Triton manages to get away last minute, crushing only Osirus. Osirus then gets up and shakes off the debris of them and he says "You've made me angry" Triton then says "You sound like a comic book villia-" Osirus then fires a 5 shotgun shells at Triton's right arm, obliterating it. Aeolus,enraged, squares up with his arms and legs turning a icey, dark pink. Osirus then grins and fires a missle at him. Aeolus then dodges the missle and runs up to him and fake punches him in the face causing him to disassemble his face but Aeolus punches him in the gut instead, causing Osirus to cough out blood. Osirus mutters "What did you do?" Aeolus replies "Why the hell would I tell you.". Aeolus then punches him again this time in the back of his head. Osirus, gets back up though, visibly dazed. He then summons a bunch of bullets of varying types and fires them all at Aeolus. This causes Aeolus to lose focus and run away. However he discovers that Osirus sneaked 2 homing missles into the swarm and they both explode in his face, rendering him unconcious. Triton gets back up, facing Osirus and he tries to run towards him, but he is too damaged to get far. Jovanni and Daichi then prepare to rush him but they find that Osirus had already prepared a bunch of shotgun shells to fire at them. Jovanni manages to get out of the way but Daichi didn't avoid them, getting shot in both his legs, slowing him down a lot but Osirus then fires a missle at Daichi, taking him out. Jovanni then attempts to enlarge his fist but then Osirus fires a bullet into his shoulder and into his knee. Causing Jovanni to slide down to the floor. Osirus then looks down on Jovanni and says "I tried to be a good dad, tried to make you my heir. But I guess I'll need to hunt that bitch down and make another kid, I mean, what's another 15 years?". Jovanni grits his teeth and opens his mouth but he gets interrupted by someone walking towards him and Osirus who says "Damn, I thought I was a bad dad.". Osirus looks up with a grin to and says "Another fool for the kill co-" he then stops himself, petrified and countinues "Are you A-A-Aides?" the man smiles and says "In the flesh. Now then, I'm here to pick up my grandnephews and son." pointing at Aeolus, Daichi and Triton. He then puts his palm on Osirus' face and releases a pillar of ice from his palm, driving him down into the ground Osirus then summons a bunch of bullets and fires them at Aides but he dodges them and picks up Osirus, kicking him into the ground again. Aides then coats his fist in ice and punches him again Osirus, struggling to get up, says "Please... chill out for a seco-" Aides interrupts him by jumping into the air, coating his feet in ice and stomps into Osirus' back, causing his spine to break. Aides then picks up Osirus by the back of the shirt and chucks him far away from their current location and Aides then dispatches the rest of his Olympian soldiers throughout Inverkip to take care of the rest of the Gunner Pirates. After around 5 minutes a soldier comes back with Asclepius in hand and Arthur, Yori, Cam following behind saying "We found this one sir." Aides says "This looks like Jove's grandson." he then gets up and brushes himself on and says "Bring Daichi and everyone else back to the ship." Jovanni shouts "Uhm, could you guys take me too!?" Aides sizes him up and says "Sure, any funny business and you'll be dying though." Aides glances at Cam,Yori and Arthur and he says "That goes for you two too." They become visibly intimidated by Aides' words and nods, moving with the soldiers.

Two Hours Later

Daichi wakes up on a ship bandaged up next to a bandaged up Aeolus, Triton, Asclepius and Jovanni, with only Jovanni being conscious. Daichi then gets up to ask "Jovanni right? Where are we?" Jovanni replies "On a guy who says he's your father's ship." Daichi's eyes widen as he runs his hands through his hair and he turns to the deck of the ship where a man with medium white hair is sitting with 2 other soldiers in ancient looking clothing. The man looks up to Daichi and realises he woke up. The man then rushes down and says "Daichi! Your finally awake! And your hair is....white?" Daichi responds "My mom told me to dye it this way. And how are you my dad?" Aides sighs deeply and replies "Your mom...we were lovers. We had 5 children... You were the last one... And the last one I need find. You." Daichi gets up like he wasn't injured and grabs onto Aides' shirt saying "Look I know your a noble of Olympia or something but saying you were my mom's lover doesn't explain anything. Now answer me. How are you my father. If you are, where were you my entire life, where were you when mom-" Daichi stops himself, tears in his eyes. Aides grabs Daichi by the neck and replies "You're so weak. You haven't tapped into any of your Olympian potential." Daichi, who starts to sob says shakily "I know.. I know I'm weak it's why- it's why she's dead." Aides drops Daichi and replies "Your mother was a criminal in Olympos for being falsely accused of murdering 10 Olympians. She was falsely accused by a some gang of Olympians who reside on the outskirts of Olympos. Led by Adamas, she had no alibi. I knew though, I knew that she didn't do it." Daichi's face softens and Aides slightly smiles at him and continues "I could only negotiate for the children to be spared..except you, you were still developing as an embryo. So I helped her to flee. Then a couple years later I receive the news that she died." Daichi steels himself and responds " really are my father huh?" Aides replies "Yeah, and I am affiliated with the marines. So I'm obligated to abandon you and let you die in somewhere in the seas." Daichi,disrespected says "Who says I'd die?" Aides again replies "You were gonna die against that guy." Daichi says "Who said tha-" Aides cuts him of to continue "He was incredibly weak compared to anyone you'd see in the Grand Line, your next destination. Now then, I don't wanna lose my son to some third rate pirate sailing the seas." Daichi, seeing where he's going cuts him off to say " adventure" Aides hangs his head down and says "6 months. That's all I need to prepare you and your crew you have here, speaking of which, who is on your crew?" Daichi replies "Arthur, guy with long tied hair, Yori, gloomy looking dude with black hair in a ponytail, Cam, kid with shorter hair and Jovanni, tall boy with green hair." Aides says "I see..well I have a lot of work to do then." Daichi then switches the topic and says "Where are my crewmates" Aides responds "Hull, now then, first order of business would be for you to tap into your Olympian strength." Daichi asks "You keep talking about that, but why haven't I tapped into it myself" Aides answers "3 things, 1, you need to either be pushed to your pure limit or recieve training from someone who knows what their doing, 2, At the age where the only olympian around you died you wouldn't have been nurtured enough and lastly, you've tapped into some of it, just not all of it. Not only that but your devil fruit is no where near at it's full potential." Daichi says "Well..I trust you." he then goes in to shake Aides' hand and Aides shakes it and as they do the handshake Aides says "First Lesson" and he launches a huge ice pillar at him. Daichi, startled grabs the pillar and just manages to throw it back at him, however Aides easily dodges and slides infront of him and swings his ice fist but he stops before hitting him and says "Welp,let's go." Daichi says, "I'll be going to my hometown?" Aides nods yes and says "Over there might not be the best place to train you though." he then throws a ice spear at a map directing to a place called Mount Ida Aides says "We'll be home for 2 weeks and then we'll go there to train you all for the dangers of the world. Now, let's go shall we?"


A white and green haired boy sails up to the seemingly ravaged island and eventually finds the 3 unconcious bodies of Osirus, Alair and Yomna. The boy gathers all of them onto the boat and calls on his den den mushi, saying "Yo dad, I found some suckers in the West Blue. If they look strong? I mean....." the boy looks at them for a second and continues "They definetly look like they've been in their fair share of skirmishes, can I go home now? Really? Yes!" the boy hangs up and cracks his knuckles going back out to sea saying "Welp, back to Vanaheim."