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A Wisp of Madness under the Moonlight
Date Started: November 10th, 2020


Date Finished: December 22nd, 2020


Setting: Grand Line Kyuka Island
Characters Involved:
Synopsis: John and Alice make it to an island for their honeymoon! Or what they thought it to be a nice,simple honeymoon. Turns out,action was left and right in this adventure. With the help of the Draco Pirates and Wisp Pirates,the three crews were able to take on an army of slave hunters,led by the infamous Lockdown! Later,the crews take on a commodore,a captain,and a commander from a marine crew. Then the Draco Pirates captain,Zero D. Rukia, plans to find a helmsman for her crew. After all this is a party of drinking and dancing. So hoist the mainsails for a wonderful adventure!

Once Upon a Time

"What a beautiful day!" Alice says rising from her and John's bed in their delicate room in their ship,The Rabbit Hole."You up John?" She asks shaking John's side while he was still sleeping.

"Yeah,yeah" He says trying to not wake up,"5 more minutes Alice,tea time ain't till 8."

"I know that,but it's our honeymoon!" Alice says,"Don't you think we should get up?"

"I think on my honeymoon I want to sleep." John says,"I've been on crazy enough adventures,need me to list them?"

"That isn't necessary." Alice says, knowing what John is talking about,"But can you please get up?" She asks.

John lays there for a second or two on the bed before replying,"Fine,but only because you said please."

"YAY!!" Alice says,"Can't wait to know what this Kyukku Place is like." She says looking at the bedroom window.

"I'll get some morning coffee." John says,"Hopefully Tim has already made some." John says getting up and walking to the kitchen.

Jezebel was standing outside by the spirit bow looking towards the sea noticing an island in the distance. She turned back to see where Xenos was but there was no sign of him. She was starting to get annoyed.

“Ugh, is he still not up or something,” Jezebel groans, “gotta do everything around here!”

Jezebel stomped off inside to look for Xenos. Many thoughts were going through her mind of all the insults and degrading comments she wanted to say to him lacking his duties as a captain until she bumped into him.

“Jezzie, what are you doing here,” Xenos asks with a curious look on his face.

“Huh,” Jezebel would blush out of embarrassment, “but...but I thought...you...and...I…”

Xenos sighs, “Nevermind, where are the others? We’re about to land soon but first, I want to have some of Celine’s famous pancakes!!”

Like that, with a huge smile on his face, Xenos ran off at top speed towards the kitchen leaving Jezebel by herself still blushing until she shook herself awake fuming as she followed behind him, “IT’S JEZEBEL YOU NITWIT!!”

The Draco Pirates' ship can be also seen heading toward an island in the distance. The crewmates were preparing themselves for the eventual landing.

"Man, I hope we can find some new crewmates at this place. Steering this ship can be a hassle at times!" said Draycen.

"That's because you're like the strongest physically of us!" said Summers.

"Heh I guess. How about you Creaser? Wanna see how steering the ship works?" Draycen asked Creaser who was on the ground lying on his back.

"I am good...I must do why my species do and lay around all day..." said Creaser who was staring at the sky.

"I agree. Phew, I finished cooking our meals for later in case we get busy at this new island." said Bowyen.

"That's good to hear. Hopefully we can find a helmsman on this island but, for now, we should enjoy ourselves." said Rukia.

John looks at Kyuka island from the bow of the ship with a cup of coffee in his hand. He sees the numerous buildings on the one end while seeing the mountain in the middle that leads to the very large tree that has the leaves form an umbrella shape. He also notices the giant building on top of the tree.

"How does one put a building on top of that tree?" John questions looking at the building on top of the tree.

"It is a rather interesting island to have a honeymoon." Tim says behind John,"You and Alice are sure to have a good time."

"Definitely." John says with a smile,"I am just glad I can get off of this ship. We've been sailing for weeks on end. And been doing nothing but fishing and tea time...with the cakes on the side."

"Got any experiments done?" Tim asks.

"Actually,I was looking at some snail slime,and was experimenting on how to make some explosive gel of it." John answers with some thought.

"Seems that could come in handy." Tim answers.

"Definitely." John says,"Also I might need to make a spray can to use it." He thinks,"I do want to talk to Johnny about making grappling guns anyway."

"That sounds neat." Tim says.

"Yeah,but right now I'm focused on me and Alice's honeymoon." John says looking onto the island.

Kyuka Landing

The Mad Pirates finally land on the island of Kyuka on the port of the city.

"Finally!" Alice says,"Let's find a hotel and stay there for weeks!!!"

"Slow down Alice." John says,"Never thought she be this energetic about a honeymoon."

"Well I can't wait to see if there's any rulers here I can discuss with." Kokoro says.

"We would love to eat the candy!!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum answer in unison.

"This might be a good time to work on my personal projects." Johnny says adjusting the gears on his watch.

"Can I see them?" Jamie asks Johnny.

"I bet there might be some nice fishing poles to pick out." Tim says,"And some mops and brooms,the ship gets messier that the broom and mop can't handle it."

"I'll be looking for the best recipes in a cookbook." Patrick says,"I know a lot,but I always find even more great recipes."

"I'll look for a personal lounge to smoke in." Hak says while smoking his hookah.

"I'll be looking for some med kits and medicine that'll be helpful." Violet says.

"I'll sell these medicines for a large amount of money!" Billy says

"You mean the "medicine"?" John asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Shhh...Don't tell anyone." Billy shushes John.

"You really are a dodo." John say rolling his eyes he then grabs Alice's hand and then says,"Why not first get some breakfast together at a restaurant?"

"SURE!!" Alice says,"I wonder what this island has." She says as she and John walk to the nearest restaurant that was opened.

The Draco Pirates also dock on the island with the five person crew heading out and looking around.

"Man, this place ain't half bad! I may can pilfer a chump or two!" said Keyes.

"Now now Keyes, we are mainly here for a helmsman. We shouldn't try that and draw attention to ourselves now." said Rukia.

"I could see what good ingredients they have here. This place looks pretty high class." said Bowyen.

"Yawn...I hope their sleeping arrangements are high class. All of that steering really could tire even a big guy/wolf like me out!" said Draycen.

After a while the Wisp Pirates docked on the island with Xenos and the others in awe of the scenery before them.

"Ummmmm can someone tell me why there's a building on that tree," Blaise wondered in a confused tone.

"Well, this is new," Zila said, "wonder what interesting beasts I can find to add to my collection."

"Is there anything else you can think of that does involve hunting for heads," Jezebel groaned.

"Either way this place would be perfect for any necessary training or for any resources needed before we head back out," Xenos said.

"I don't know about you but I feel in the mood to explore," Celine brightly smiled.

John and Alice enter a restaurant that says Umbrella Cafe. It was a cafe that was a building that had the balcony come out like an umbrella you can eat along at.

"Look at all this decor." Alice says,"It's like we're dining under an umbrella."

"It definitely does look the part." John says,"Let's go find ourselves a seat and then order some breakfast."

"Ok!" Alice says,"I wonder what cookies they have in stock."

"Okay guys, me and Creaser are going to head to the diner. He looks like he could be in some use of refreshments." said Rukia.

"Sounds good. Me, Summers, and Draycen could be looking around for some supplies and maybe that helsmen!" said Bowyen as he walked off into town with the others.

"So Creaser, where do you think is good? I am alooking at this place called the Umbrella Cafe. It looks nice." said Rukia.

"That umbrella could serve as the shield against my tears..." said Creaser.

"Don't worry, I'll get you some tea to help cheer you up." said Rukia as she leads herself and Creaser inside. "Quite the place here. Not bad." said Rukia.

"The strong smell of sweets stings my already super sensitive nose..." said Creaser as his two tails sway back and forth signaling he actually enjoys the smell.

"Hm, Umbrella...Cafe" Blaise questioned raising an eyebrow looking at the restaurant before him and Xenos, "this place looks...quaint."

"At least this would be a rest stop for us," Xenos replied then turned to the other crew members, "Jezebel and Zila, I want you two to find any resources you can that would be useful and also make sure you keep an eye out on Celine."

"Understood Xenos," Jezebel nodded.

"Done and done," Zila saluted, "let's go little one."

"Coming," Celine smiled brightly as she ran off with Jezebel and Zila.

"You sure those three will be fine," Blaise asked as him and Xenos entered into the restaurant.

"You sound like you don't have any faith in them," Xenos remarked.

"I'm not saying it like that...it's just...letting a few girls by themselves on an island we just docked at, don't you think it's too much," Blaise asked then turned his attention to Xenos who was enamored by the aroma in the air, "Xenos? Xenos!"

Xenos was lost in his own world as he followed the aroma with Blaise following behind with a disgruntled look on his face, "Oh, brilliant..."

A meet by fate

"It looks like a great day to go to the pool!" Alice says planning for later,"We can go to the pool if they have one. We can go hiking and see what trails they have. We can see if there's any exotic clothing they have any."

"I think let's just take this one step at a time." John says smiling while sipping his tea,"We just got on this island,and I personally would love to relax."

"Same here John." Alice says thinking and then sips her tea,"This is rather good tea."

"It is." John answers,"Soothes the soul in the morning." He then looks over to his tall wife and was pondering.

"What are you thinking?" Alice asks noticing John staring at her.

"I'm wondering what type of adventures we're having together." John says with a grin,"You never know on any island what you're in for."

"I think our breakfast is ready." Alice noticing the waiter coming to them,"Eggs n Sliced ham!"

"With waffles and bacon on the side." John says,"Thank you sir."

The waiter bows and leaves the couple to eat.

Rukia and Creaser was already sitting down at a table as they are seen trying their own tea.

"So how is it Creaser? This place does know how to make some tea." said Rukia.

Creaser, for a brief moment, makes a rather cute and happy face as he lets out something that could be described as a satisfied fox purr. "Kyuu..." said Creaser before he quickly went back to his depressive state. "This tea represents my mood...cold...but warm..." said Creaser.

"Heh, I see past you Creaser. For a moment there you was happy and it often happen when you have something you love." said Rukia.

"Cold...very cold..." said Creaser was he facedesks in embarrassment."

Xenos and Blaise were sitting at a table with Xenos enjoying his food while Blaise continued looking around in curiosity.

"Aren't chu gonna try some of this," Xenos asked with his mouth full of food.

"I'm fine," Blaise groaned.

"Come on, relax a little, they'll be fine," Xenos calmly smiled.

"I said I'm fi-"

Before Blaise could finish his sentence, Xenos shoved some scrambled eggs into his mouth. Blaise's eyes widen from this as he swallowed and his eyes lit up.

"Well," Xenos asked.

"Ok, that was good," Blaise chuckled, "give me some of your food would ya?"

Xenos split his portion of food giving it to Blaise gently smiling, "Here you go."

"Ok, I could get use to this," Blaise thought to himself.

Suddenly a thief is seen running around the cafe. He was snatching purses and taking jewelry from people as he was running. The thief comes over toward Rukia and pulls the necklace off of Rukia.

"Today was a bad day for the rich." Says the thief as he was running off.

"Hey!" John yells to the thief,"That ain't cool man stealing from others! Then again I have partaken in such things....but not in that style!!!"

"W-Why that..!" shouted Rukia but before she could act, Creaser was already right in front of the thief using his superhuman speed.

"Pyroico: Vulpin Shot!" shouted Creaser as he released a small column of fire from his hand burning the thief and knocking him out but not killing him.

"That timing of that serious side of yours is always on point Creaser. He was a lowly thief but you didn't kill him right?" asked Rukia.

"Of course not. Death would've been too grand for him anyway. He's going to be feeling those burns for awhile." said Creaser as he got back the necklace and gave it back to Rukia.

Xenos and Blaise were bewildered over what they witnessed. Blaise looked to Creaser with wide eyes while Xenos had a look of curiosity on his face.

"Did you just see what I just saw Xen," Blaise asked.

"Yup," Xenos nodded still staring at Creaser then he stood up from his seat.

"What are you doing," Blaise asked in a suspicious tone.

"I wanna know more about that guy," Xenos answered, "he looks strong and he's captured my attention."

"Woah..." John says looking at Creaser,"A rather interesting man he is." He then looks to Rukia next to Creaser,"I guess it's a necklace between lovers."

"Let's go talk to them." Alice says,"They look like pirates like us."

"Sure! I'm definitely interested who this man is." John says walking toward Creaser and Rukia,"Hello fellow lovers,I was wondering who you are." John says bowing down and tipping his top hat toward Creaser and Rukia.

"Huh? No, we're not a couple but it does seem like we attraction some attention huh?" said Rukia.

"It can't be helped. Vulpines like me aren't exactly common around here." said Creaser.

"But anyway, hello there. My name is Zero D. Rukia and this is my crewmate Creaser. Sorry for that bit of a disturbance my friend here can go from rather down to aggressive in a second. And, of course, he is a Vulpinian." said Rukia.

"It couldn't been helped. That thief had it coming. But yeah, I'm Creaser." said Creaser as his attention kept shifting between the charred thief and the others.

Xenos continued to look over where John, Alice, Rukia and Creaser were. His curiosity was still getting to him.

"Are you still planning to speak to them," Blaise asked, "I mean, they do look like interesting people but at the same time, don't want to get mix into this."

"Who knows," Xenos replied, "maybe they're like us, I'm going over to talk to them, you coming or not?"

"Like I have a choice," Blaise sighed.

Xenos and Blaise walked towards them, "Hey, I don't think I've seen your kind before, who are you," Xenos asked.

"Who, me? I am Creaser and I am what you call a Vulpinian. My race is rather rare in this world." Said Creaser.

"My Creaser, you are sure popular around here lately huh?" said Rukia.

"It can't be helped. I do rather stand out among others because of my race..." said Creaser.

"Hmmm a Vulpinian," Xenos asked, "that's the first time I've ever heard of a race like that before."

"Same here, not to mention you seem pretty strong for your race" Blaise added.

"I agree, oh, sorry forgot to introduce myself, my name is Vesper D. Xenos and this is my crew mate Lenoir Blaise, nice to meet you" Xenos politely smiled.

"I think I must introduce myself also." John says tipping his top hat,"The name is Fedora C. John,and this is my wife and first mate Fitzroy Alice."

"It is a pleasure to meet you two." Alice says to Rukia and Creaser.

"A vulpinian huh?" John says,"I remember Yang's sister being a kitsune humink herself,but that's a different story."

"Yeah. I know who you are talking about but she isn't one like me. She cannot access the kitsune forms like I can.

"But it is a pleasure to meet you guys. Again, sorry for that outburst." said Rukia putting back on her necklace.

"No apologies necessary really," Xenos said, "I'm glad you got your necklace back."

Blaise noticed the necklace Rukia was wearing that caught his attention, "If you don't mind me asking, you mind telling me what's so important about that necklace?"

"Well, this necklace was given to me by my mother when I was younger. I haven't seen her since she gave me this. My father never was willing to tell me who she was...he's the type that keeps trying to have children with random women and casts them aside. Even one of them ended up becoming a Vice Admiral sooner or later." said Rukia.

"A vice admiral for a mother?" John questions,"Like you said you really don't know but that was me guessing." He then thinks about his father,"My father is a marine himself. He does work as a scientist; as I am a scientist myself."

"Yeah we haven't seen your father in some time have we?" Alice says looking down to John."It does also seem I'm the tallest one here." Alice says looking down to all of them compared to her 9 ft height.

Xenos and Blaise looked up at Alice who was towering over them until Xenos turned his attention back to Rukia, "I see, unfortunately I don't remember much about my father, him and I were separated when I was child."

Blaise turned his attention to Xenos after hearing what he said then looked away for a brief second, "Yeah, well, I never knew my family."

"Yeah. It is quite crazy my life is. My father was always able to get his hand on Devil Fruits specifically Mythicals and he always try to make like his own strong army of children. It always backfired." said Rukia.

"I have relatives back on my island/kingdom that are actually the leaders of the island currently. They have been around a very long time and have raised me for most of my life when my own parents were busy elsewhere. It was a drag but I got through it. Never a fan of being pampered and all that." said Creaser.

"My family were nobles in me and John's homeland." Alice says,"They didn't approve of John here,they didn't like him or his family despite his mother serving the royal family as a baker. Nevertheless,John here took us in the middle of the night one day when we decided to become pirates and run away."

"Interesting to see each of everyone's homeland story." John says,"Oh,you guys interesting in chatting in a group table?" He says looking around for a bigger table.

"I don't mind, we got some time on our hands," said Xenos then turned to Blaise, "don't we Blaise?"

Blaise turned to Xenos who noticed he had a calm expression on his face that somewhat threw him off but noneoftheless, he couldn't say refuse, "I guess, why not."

"Rah...World Nobles I take it? I don't know why but hearing that name tenses me up for some reason." said Rukia.

"Probably your heritage." said Creaser.

"What does that mean?" asked Rukia.

"Not really sure myself honestly. I just remember hearing from man that "Those with the middle initial D. are natural enemies of the Nobles" or something like that. I never knew why an initial entitles to that but that's what I heard." said Creaser.

"I see. Anyway, we're getting sidetracked. Sure I would like to sit at a bigger table." said Rukia.

"I think I found one here." John says walking toward one,"Though it does seem to be not big enough,but one small table next to it would fix this problem." John says as he touches a smaller table nearby. The table was seen then shrinking and encased into a marble. Then John walked back to the larger table and snapped his fingers. The small table suddenly appeared out of the marble and landed next to the bigger table.

"It would've been a hassle moving the table here so I just did this." John says.

"You never cease to amaze me John." Alice says to John.

Xenos' eyes widen from what he and Blaise had witnessed. Blaise turned to Xenos with a slightly surprised expression on his face, "Did you just see what I just saw?"

"Yup," Xenos nodded.

Blaise looked to John with a curious look on his face, "Hey, John, that is your name right? What was that you just did?"

"It's my devil fruit." John says,"The compress compress fruit. Anything I touch can willingly shrink down to a marble. And when I snap my fingers,the object or person comes back to the original shape it had." He explains,"Never tried it on a person before though. Don't know if I want to test it either."

"Interesting Devil Fruit. It appears to be a handy one when you want to carry things around." said Rukia.

"Could it carry the burden of my sadness...of course not..." said Creaser who was suddenly back in his depressive state.

"Ah. You're back to your normal state. You must be relaxed again." said Rukia.

"A Devil Fruit user, I see," Xenos said.

"At least we're not the only ones who have Devil Fruit powers here besides him, so does that makes us even," Blaise asked Xenos.

"Dunno," Xenos replied shrugging his shoulder.

"Anyways,let's have breakfast shall we?" John says as he sits down and gets himself prepared to eat.

"Where is the breakfast though?" Alice asks John.

John again snaps his fingers for everyone's breakfast to show up in front of themselves."Right here darling."

"Oh,right." Alice says as she starts eating her breakfast.

"Anyone want any homemade baked treats later?" John asks.

"Make sure you don't grab the wrong ones." Alice says,"We have special treats for different occasions."

"Right." John replies.

"I'd be happy for treats. How about you Creaser?" asked Rukia.

"Sweets are my sour..." said Creaser with his tails wagging indicating otherwise.

"Yeah, he wants some as well. Trust me. But for now we should eat." said Rukia as she and Creaser proceeded to eat.

"I wouldn't mind some treats either," Xenos gently smiled as he ate.

"I'm fine, I'm not much of a sweets person per say," Blaise said, "then again, it be rude not to try one later..."

"So that's a yes then Blaise," Xenos chuckled.

"Yes," Blaise said.

Meeting in the Malls

"Where did that brain-dead idiot go?" Tim asks as he was looking for Billy that went missing.

"Who knows where the dodo idiot went." Kokoro says,"I'm more interested in shopping in this mall here." She say as she was looking through cards,"How about a card for John and Alice's honeymoon?"

"What is with this island's obsession with umbrellas?" The cook Patrick was asking,"I'm going to find the food market and see if they have any great vegetables that comes with meat."

"Why only vegetables?" Kokoro asks,"Might want some meat to buy."

"Remember?" Patrick asks,"I can summon meat." The Walrus mink says pointing to his hands.

"Oh,right." Kokoro says as she looks through cards,"Be on your merry way then."

"If only that lunatic Billy wasn't actually as dumb as he looked." Tim says searching for Billy.

"Hey Bowyen! You think this looks good on me?" said Summers as she showed a pretty giant hat to Bowyen.

"Uh...Yeah! Looks fine!" said Bowyen.

"Heh, not the type that is into fashion huh?" said Draycen.

"Of course not! Cooking is my life only! Only fashion I see are the latest chef accessories!" said Bowyen.

"Hey Jezebel, can you help me carry these bags for me while I look go look at something over there," Celine asked handing her bags to Jezebel.

"Wait wait wait, since when did I become your pack mule," Jezebel scowled.

"Come on now Jez, relax a little," Zila said patting her shoulder, "I can help you find a cute dress instead of this getup your wearing that's more my style if you want."

"I. Don't. Wear. Dresses...," Jezebel growled.

"Temper, temper, come on, at least Celine is having a good time," Zila said.

Jezebel looked over to Celine who was looking at a couple of books that caught her interest as a small smile grew on her face, "Yea, you make a point...it's nice seeing Celine happy."

"See, there we go," Zila smiled, "now come on, let's go find some outfits, I'm gonna need your opinion on a couple I picked out!"

"Fine," Jezebel sighed.

"Look at this purse Kakashi!" A cat humink would say to a wolf humink.

"It does look quite your style." Kakashi the wolf humink replies,"Though aren't you more of a house cat than a leopard?" The humink teases.

"Very funny." the humink would say.

"Hey Hannah,what do you think of this recipe?" A woman with a big witch hat asks the werecat.

"It looks good Minerva." Hannah says,"Though frog eyes isn't really a popular treat you should make for parties."

"Then why is it in a popular party foods cookbook?" Minerva asks.

"I think it's because it's popular in formal parties." Kakashi answers,"But I still would think frog eyes as not some delicacy I would eat."

"Yeah me neither." Hannah says.

"Check this out! Rad huh?" said Summers as she showed off dazzling clothes that will remind you of disco. Both Bowyen and Draycen looked pretty shocked.

"Uh...right that looks good!" said Bowyen as he suddenly heard something about frog eyes from a distance looking around. "For that, frogs eyes go good with well with soup or having it with crackers with diced tomatoes and onions on the side!"

"What the hell? Why are you suddenly talking about food Bowyen?" asked Draycen.

"Not sure. I heard "cooking" and "frog eyes" and my chef senses had to blurt out the answer! I think it came form those two over there!" said Bowyen pointing over to Kakashi.

"Interesting group. I have a feeling they aren't around here usually." said Draycen.

"Uh, hello? Is this good or not?" said Summers.

"Oh wow! Jezebele look at that dress," Zila exclaimed studying it on her, "you look so...so...!"

"Stupid," Jezebele muttered.

"CUUUUUUTE," Zila yelled out, "we're getting that for you!"

"Over my...dead...BODY," Jezebele said in a taunting tone then turned in the direction where they last saw Celine, "Any idea what's holding Celine?"

"I don't know," Zila said, "she should've been here by now..."

"Ah, yes! This is the book I've been looking for," Celine beamed as she hugged the book. Once Celine got her new medical book, she noticed Minerva with two other individuals that caught her attention.

"Who are those guys," Celine thought to herself, "I should head over to where Jezebel and Zila are before they see me."

"Are those huminks?" Patrick says as he was looking at Kakashi and Hannah when he was going shopping for food,"That wolf's fur reminds me of White Fang's fur." He then walks over to Kakashi and asks,"Excuse me? But are you related to a London Jack?"

Kakashi turns around and then answers,"I am,Why do you ask?"

"I used to work for him in his pirate crew!" Patrick says,"Your captain went missing a long time ago. You know what happened to him."

Kakashi then thinks about it,"To be honest I don't remember. I haven't seen him since I was little. All I remember is seeing him,then someone taking me,then me into adoption service,then me getting adopted by a loving family,and finding this girl." He teases Hannah next to him that was focused on looking at purses, by poking her on the sides.

"Very funny Kakashi." Hannah says slapping Kakashi's hands away.

"Yeah...that's all I remember Mr....?" Kakashi asks.

"Patrick." Patrick says shaking Kakashi's hand,"And by your girl I guess your name is Kakashi." He says with a smile.

"Yes sir!" Kakashi answers with a smile of his own.

"What is that Walrus doing?" Kokoro asks Tim noticing Patrick talking to Kakashi.

"Making a new friend it seems." Tim answers,"We could talk to them if you want."

"Not until we find a card for John and Alice's honeymoon." Kokoro answers.

"Look at that tiger over there." Minerva says to Hannah while pointing to Summers.

"I think that's actually a Liger." Hannah answers,"But yeah,that definitely looks good on her."

"Hey Liger!" Minerva exclaims to Summers,"That looks such a classy outfit on you!"

"You didn't need to yell and have the whole mall know we're here." Hannah says with a facepalm.

"Thanks! Finally someone gets fashion!" said Summers.

"I never pegged you for the "fashion type." More of the type that likes to st-" said Bowyen as his mouth was covered by Summers.

"Don't say the "s" word around people dammit!" said Summers.

"Heh I think that outfit of yours attraction some attention. Hey there guys!" said Draycen waving to the group.

"Celine, there you are," said Zila, "what took you so long?"

"I'm sorry, but I noticed some people I noticed that looked strange," Celine replied.

"What are you talking about," Jezebele asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Over there," Celine said pointing where she last saw them, "I'm just glad not one of them saw me...I wouldn't know how to handle it."

"Whoever they are, wonder if they would make a perfect edition to my collection," Zila smiled evilly.

Jezebele landed her fist on top of Zila's head, "Can you think of something else besides your creepy head collection?"

"OWWWWW," Zila yelled out, "Didn't have to do that!"

"Instead of going down that route Zila," Jezebel said, "maybe find out who those guys are first? Ever thought about that?"

"Ugh...fiiiiiiiine," Zila scoffed.

"Hey two-teeth!" Kokoro says to Patrick,"What are you doing here talking to this wolf humink?"

"Actually I'm a longleg humink werewolf." Kakashi answers to Kokoro,showing off his tall height in comparison,"It is a pleasure to meet ya ma'am."

"Ahh,a half longleg,much like your mother." Patrick says,"She was a sweet woman to be around. I'm glad Fang had her."

"I wonder who these other people around here are?" Tim says looking around noticing people like Bowyen, Summers, Draycen, Zila, Jezebel, and Celine,"These aren't a normal looking groups of people."

"Hey there ma'am." Hannah says seeing Jezebel,"Quite the interesting look you have there." She says looking at Jezebel's attire.

"Hey there Mr." Minerva says to Bowyen as she was talking to Summers,"You look like a cook,you think we can exchange some recipes?"

"Wait recipes?" Patrick says hearing food within his walrus ears,"I heard recipes! I'll like to hear and share!"

"There goes that old walrus again..." Kokoro says with a deadface.

"Seems the old man likes food and my father." Kakashi says with a laugh,"Quite a mink,he is."

"I know all different types of recipes in the world! I am working to making the ultimate dish that composes of many after all!" said Bowyen proudly.

"Talk about connections all around huh?" said Summers.

"I bet! Never seen longleg hybrids before in my life." said Draycen.

Jezebel looked over to Hannah with a shocked but surprised looked on her face, "Ummmm uhhhhh thanks...I guess?"

"See what you caused," Zila snickered then turned her attention to Hannah, "Think so? I think her outfit is a bit too much for my taste."

"Want me to drill another fist into your skull," Jezebel growled.

"Nah, not in the mood to cause more attention than you already did," Zila said.

Jezebel blushed out of embarrassment crossing her arms looking away while Celine hid behind her, "I knew this would happen."

"It does looks similar to my style." Hannah replies showing herself off with her more bikini outfit look. Her long blue hair behind her back,showing off her cat ears and her tail. Even though she had a human look,her arms and legs looked that of a cat.

"You girls should wear something less suggestive." Tim says looking at Hannah and Jezebel,"Isn't decency a thing?"

"Let me tell you something rabbit." Hannah answers,"A cat can eat a rabbit,so best you keep your ears down you traditionalist."

"I was only asking kindly." Tim says backing off.

"Aah another wolf?" Kakashi says seeing Draycen,"I mean I ain't a wolf mink like you are but it is a pleasure to meet ya!"

"What is the best recipe you can share sir?" Minerva asks Bowyen.

"I know I have my signature BBQ recipe." Patrick says with some pride.

"So you're a liger huh?" Kokoro looks at Summers,"That like a devil fruit or something?"

"BBQ goes with just about everything! But depending what you want to cook, I pretty much can tell you anything!" said Bowyen.

"Yep! Liger Devil Fruit I had since I was young! Dad was trying to eat it from himself after he brought it home one day but I beat him to it!" said Summers with a smirk.

"I thought you said you found it near a river?!" said Bowyen.

"Hey there! And yeah I can tell you're a half-breed but all wolves are the same to me! Nice to meet ya as well!" said Draycen with a laugh.

"First time I heard someone actually like my outfit," Jezebele said then she turned her attention to Tim, "and to backup what catgirl mentioned, I prefer this because it's more accessible for me when fighting."

"Well then, I guess I learned something new today," Zila said, "me, I'm more into wearing cute lolita outfits."

"I just wear what looks right for me," Celine said appearing from behind Jezebele with a slight blush shyly looking away.

"Anyways, I'm Jezebel," Jezebele said introducing herself.

"Hannah is the name." Hannah says.

"Tim." Tim answers shortly.

"BBQ huh?" Minerva says to the cooks,"So tell me if a BBQ Meatloaf is good as a burger, or it is best as a dish with potatoes and corn?"

"Ooooh interesting question..." Patrick says thinking,"Both sound good for a BBQ meatloaf."

"To be honest mr.wolf mink." Kakashi says to Dracyen,"I've always been jealous of full wolf minks."

"Very interesting." Kokoro says to Summers.

"Indeed. Both are good for a burger. If you're going for maximum nutrition, I'd boil the corn in distilled water to help drain out most of the salt without taking too much out of it and for the mash potatoes, just sprinkle some chopped cilantro and that will help bring out it's flavor while providing much needed vegetables as well!" said Bowyen.

"Jealous of having a bundle of fur? I envy ya sometimes when the weather is so hot! Though it is useful whenever we are in colder climates I tell you!" said Draycen with a laugh.

"I didn't introduce myself," Zila said popping in, "in cause you were wondering, I'm Zila."

"I-I'm Celine," Celine said shyly appearing slowly from behind Jezebel blushing a bit.

"I'll be honest, not a bad outfit, at least one of us has good taste," Jezebel remarked with a chuckle.

"Awwww Jezzie smiled," Zila grinned.

"Don't push it," Jezebel growled with a slight smirk on her face.

"Very interesting young cook." Minerva says,"I'll keep that in mind when cooking my meatloaf then."

"Indeed." Patrick says as he was seen writing notes about the tips on BBQ Meatloaf

How did Hell end up in the mall? This is how

"Hey Guys!" Billy is seen walking toward the group of pirates,"I have some people that would like some of y'all."

"Oh there you are Billy!" Tim says,"You ain't supposed to run off without us dodo head!"

"Don't put it that way...." Billy says transforming his head into the dodo form and looking sad.

"Anyways who are these people you want us to meet?" Tim asks.

"We'll actually introduce ourselves." says one of the black-cloaked men that pushed Billy out of the way,"They look legit,they'll make good money in the market."

"Wait what?" Tim asks,"Billy who did you bring to us?!?!"

"Those don't look like people that want to negotiate." Patrick says.

"That's right! We're slave hunters! And I,Lockdown McGregor!, will take you all for the market!" Says the man in the cloak taking out a knife,"Especially you minks!"


"I'm sorry...." Billy says cowering down from the tall rabbit mink.

"You should be." Kokoro says hitting Billy in the head,"I don't know how John picked you as our navigator!"

"I can't believe you guys are trying anyway." Kakashi says laughing at Lockdown,"You and what army?"

"This army!" Lockdown the slave hunter says as multiple people in black capes start running toward them.

"You probably could've kept your mouth shut any time sooner." Hannah says to Kakashi.

"Oh dear." Minerva says looking at the army of slave hunters coming after them,"This'll be a tedious task."

"Ah great...more of these bastards. I dealt with a lot of them in me past so it's really no sweat." said Draycen taking out his large blade.

"Who are those guys," Celine asked with wide eyes.

"I don't know," Jezebel replied as she glared at the people in black capes heading towards them, "but they don't look too friendly..."

"Looks like it's about time I let my scythe do the talking," Zila smirked then turned to Jezebel, "Think we should help them out?"

Jezebel's hands turned to black talons as her eyes turned intense with a haunting grin on her face, "Why not, might as well!"

A slave hunter's pistol is heard going off,and people in the mall started running. Chaos was summoned into the room as the other rifles had gone out blasting and the slave hunters charging at the group.

"Seriously?" Tim asks,"You couldn't find any other place to capture new slaves except in a nice,peaceful mall that everyone was minding their business in?" He then fires electro balls at the slave hunters,"Well if you want to catch us,come and get us!"

"I like your tone rabbit." Kakashi says as he runs over to one of the slave hunters that were chasing him and just kicks the slave hunter with his long legs going straight up to the man's chin. "Shi no zen'nō no kikku (Death's Almighty Kick)" Kakashi says as the hunter flies up while Kakashi jumps straight up to get up to the flown hunter. And within the second,Kakashi raises his longleg and sends the hunter back down with a straight kick to the ground. The hunter was down in the ground in less than an eyeblink,with the ground cracking around the hunter as he was knocked out.

"Want some more?" Kakashi asks as he lands back down and looks at the wave of slave hunters still charging toward them.

Draycen can be seen blowing away a bunch off the hunters himself with a spinning slash attack. "Heh, these guys are nothing!" said Draycen as he dodged an attack from behind kicked the slave hunters into one another. "This is like back home I'll admit!"

Jezebel charges at a couple of hunters along with Zila as they swiftly ran past them where they were on the other side of them. Once Jezebel and Zila looked up with intense eyes, the hunters fell onto the ground almost immediately.

"Heh, still got it," Jezebel chuckled under her breath.

"That makes two of us," Zila grinned, "I got Celine, you take care of the others."

"Don't need to tell me twice," Jezebel said as she focused her attention on the hunters.

"Kakashi,you had to start out with your kicking did you?" Hannah asks.

"Girl you don't need to be jealous of my legs." Kakashi teases Hannah.

"You youngers don't take these situations anymore do ya?" Patrick says as his hands glow red,"BBQ SHOWER!!!" He says as BBQ starts flying out of Patrick's hands.

"Wait? he has a devil fruit that summons meat?" Kakashi asks.

"So that's probably why he was so happy to explain his BBQ recipe." Minerva says.

"Let me at them!" Kokoro says as she throws her axes at the slave hunters.

"Whoa! That sounds like a good fruit to have when you want to have a picnic!" said Draycen as he leaped out of the way of more attacks and knocked them backwards.

Jezebel's body began grow black and grey feathers while large black and grey wings sprouted from her back, her hands formed into sharp talons, her face becoming owl-like and her eyes becoming sharper. Zila's eyes widened but a snarky smile grew on her face.

"So now you decide to change into that form huh" Zila remarked to herself, "it's been a while, Jezebel the Strix."

"Amazing," Celine said as her eyes widened in amazement.

"Here I go," Jezebel said as she swiftly charged at the hunters, "Strix Slash!" Once she went through the group of hunters, all of them fell onto the ground simultaneously with a blink of an eye.

"That a devil fruit power?" Hannah asks Jezebel as she then uses her cat claws to punch a slave hunter and then says,"Shi no chimei-tekina sutingā (Death's Deadly Stinger)" as she kicks the hunter in the gut and wraps her arms around the guy's neck and Hannah drops to the ground in a sitting position as she was holding the hunter's head around her arms. The move stuns the hunter,thus knocking him out.

"You were always the grappler Hannah." Kakashi says,"Though I'm the kicker in this duo."

"Lots of Fruit users around huh? I got me own strength and Electro at my side!" said Draycen as his entire body lights up firecly of Electro and charges the energy to his sword. "Electro: Slashing Current!" shouted Draycen as he sent a giant electric slice that shocks through most of the slave hunters he was fighting.

"Yup," Jezebel nodded at Hannah, "Ate the Bird Bird Fruit, Model: Strix. But now's not the time to talk about our abilities, we got enemies to deal with."

Jezebel charged at another group of slave hunters as she leapt into the air spinning herself as she lunged her attack onto them, "Strix Spinning Slash!"

"Zila, aren't you gonna help out Jezebel," Celine asked.

"Nah, she's got this," Zila said, "besides, best to let her shine every once in a while."

"I guess I shall have my turn." Minerva says as she leaps around and then touches the head of a slave hunter,"Gummy Touch" She says as the hunter's head turned into Gummy candy."Shi no ken(Death's Fist)" she cries as she gives a punch that goes right through the head.

"Must you be so gory in your tactics Witch Minerva?" Kakashi asks.

"Must you nearly kill your opponent with paralyzing moves?" Minerva asks back,"Besides,there wasn't blood since I turned his head into gummy."

"Alright! Time for me to get in on this!" said Bowyen as his entire body starts to heat up. "Heat Wave!" shouted Bowyen as he send a large heatwave toward most of the hunters burning most of them in the process.

"Heh finally breaking out your powers huh?" said Draycen.

"Of course! Can't let you have all the fun now huh?" said Bowyen.

"These guys are nothing to me. Barafu: Wave Slash!" shouted Rukia as she sent a wave of slicing wind toward the hunters cutting into them and knocking them down."

"Celine, find somewhere to hide until this ends," Zila instructed, "Strix girl may need my help."

"Kay," Celine nodded as she quickly ran off to find somewhere to hide.

"Strix Slash," Jezebel cried out as she slashed through a group of hunters knocking them out.

Zila positioned herself then swiftly jumped towards the hunters with her scythe then slashed her way towards Jezebel.

"Took you long enough," Jezebel scoffed.

"You had your time," Zila said, "now it's my turn!"

Suddenly, a loud shriek could be heard in the background. Jezebel and Zila turned themselves around to see one of the slave hunters holding Celine by her neck.

"Help me," Celine cried out.

"Celine," Jezebel shouted as she tried to run towards them.

"Shock Wisp," Xenos shouted as red wisps surrounded the hunter, Celine bit the hunter on the hand managing to escape as the red wisps delivered a powerful shock to the hunter causing him to scream then fell onto the ground unconscious.

Jezebel stopped for a second then a small smirk grew on her face when she knew who used that attack, "So you finally showed up, Captain."

"Hurt anyone in my crew, you answer to me," Xenos said with sharp intense red eyes.

"Wisps? An interesting devil fruit power." John says walking in smoothly to the incident,"What in God's name has happened here?"

"Seems there are these slave hunters that would like some of us for profit." Tim says as he uses his electro into a sword,"Especially us minks like me and Patrick." He then cuts the head off of a slave hunter while speaking.

"Well then,it shall be known on how I deal with those on who attempt to hurt my friends." John says as he stares at a hunters and then charges at the hunter. The hunter attacks John with dueling knives! John just dodges the attacks and then parries with his large pipe. And the pipe is then connected to the man's head like a bat to a baseball.

"Wow,a lot of blood was spilt already." Alice says,"This will definitely grab attention of people other than hunters."

"You are most likely right." Kakashi answers,"A kid uses a pipe to fight? Quite the tool besides a sword."

"It's something I learned to use as a weapon." John says,"Wanted to be more original than a sword."

"Wow, you guys are quite brutal in battle! Like beheading and all that stuff. You guys are savages!" said Bowyen.

"They are slave hunters! What ya expect?!" said Summer who was clawing away at some.

"Killed or be killed is I think what they say?" said Draycen as he was slashing away at others.

"They shed so much blood. Reminds me a lot of my father." said Rukia as she blew away more of the hunters knocking them out.

"So these are the slave hunters," Blaise said looking to them then cracks his neck, "want me to handle them Xenos?"

"Eh, I'll join in on the fun," Xenos replied.


"Fight now, talk later," Xenos shouted back as he unleased blue wisps onto the hunters surrounding them, "Freezing Wisp!" Suddenly, the hunters were engulfs with frozen fire freezing them.

More of the hunters began to go after Blaise as he placed his hands on the ground creating swelling points looking towards them with intense neon blue eyes, "Mine Pop!" As the hunters continued running towards him, as soon as they landed on the area where Blaise used his powers, the ground exploded underneath sending them flying.

Zila leapt into the air slashing away at the hunters in the air as a couple of heads landed on the ground once Zila made her landing. She picked one head up smiling brightly, "Yaaaay, more heads for my collection!!!"

"At least this is the one time she can go on her head collecting craze...," Jezebel sighed as she gashed the hunters behind her with her talons.

"There a reason for your brutalities?" Hannah asks John.

"The reason I do is simply because I do to protect my friends." John answers,"It just happens most of our tactics are brutal in nature."

"Yet we hold our tactics like they're a piece of art." Tim answers as he stabs his sword of electro at a hunter,"Even though I hate cleaning up blood,blood does create a certain art."

"Isn't that madness?" Kakashi asks,"Saying blood is an art?"

"And I ask you,Aren't we all Mad?" John says with a smile,"I'm tired of being in a shadow of the Elio Leonardo and Yang. This time I want to make the legacy!" He then leaps into the air and drops a smoke bomb on the ground after it had just exploded. The smoke bomb disorients a lot of the hunters. That was when John then dropped into the middle and started taking people out with his pipe.

"Smoke bombs?" Minerva says,"He's also quite the crafty one."

"Indeed." Alice says with a smile,"As well as a self-taught fighter,he was also taught chemistry from his dad,and learned baking from his mother. Both skills he proudly shows."

"Want to get into the action yet?" Kokoro asks as she throws an axe at an opponent she touched thanks to the mark mark fruit.

"Not yet,I am debating if I shall tear my nice dress for this." Alice says looking down at herself.

"Make a legacy huh? Nothing wrong with that!" said Draycen who was still fighting.

"Smoke bombs? He some kind of ninja or somethin'?" asked Summers.

"Nah, he's more of a magican with that kind of clothing he is wearing." said Bowyen.

"Fire Guy huh? Hmm....maybe that same man from before?" said Rukia thinking to herself.

Xenos was stopped for a second after hearing what John said, "A legacy...? One like my...," Xenos thought to himself as he began to remember seeing himself as a child on a lone raft floating seeing a silhouette of his father getting smaller and smaller. Xenos shook his head focusing his thoughts back on fighting the hunters. He unleashed red wisps onto the hunters surrounding then, "Shock Wisp!" The hunters were inflicted with a tremendous shock as they fell onto the ground.

Blaise unsheathed his sword then swiftly gashed his way through the hunters reaching to Celine hoisting her onto his shoulder then looked over to John, "Elio...Leonardo...who is that guy," Blaise wondered to himself.

"Huh, this is new," Zila said, "using smoke bombs? Let's see how this goes."

"Get your head back to fighting these hunters will you," Jezebel yelled while continuing to fight the hunters, "Strix Triple Slash!"

"Oh you are familiar with the man?" John asks Blaise.

"John! Throw me a cookie!" Alice asks John.

John then looks over to Alice and pulls a cookie out of his suit jacket and throws it at Alice as he kicks a hunter with his military-graded boots.

Alice grabs the cookie and eats the cookie. Alice was then seen walking toward the army of hunters,but as she was waking toward them,Alice was growing into a very tall height,her head hits the ceiling of the giant mall. The hunters look at Alice in amazement at her sudden size. Alice then steps on a patch of hunters that were under her.

"Looks like there'll be a few more going mad." John says with a smile.

"What type of sorcery is this?" Minerva asks,"I'm to be a witch!"

"GodMother jealous?" Kakashi teases Minerva.

"Well she wasn't wrong saying that John is experienced in science." Hannah says.

"W-What in the? That girl just turned tall!" said Bowyen.

"Is that some kind of sorcery?" said Draycen.

"Nah that kind of shit doesn't exist I think. She ate a cookie and turned really big." said Summers.

"We've encountered giants before so this isn't too surprising to me. Although, those cookies may have been enhanced somehow." said Rukia as she slashed some of the other hunters away.

"I've heard of his name before at one point but I don't know much about him," Blaise said to John.

"Now there's something you don't see every day, " Xenos said to himself with a smirk, "smoke bombs, cookies that can alter someone's size, wonder what's next?"

"Who knows but," Zila said looking up at Alice, "that's enough craziness for one day..."

"Something like this looks so intriguing," Celine exclaimed with sparkling eyes.

"Again, this is new," Jezebel said.

"How the hell did a Giant end up here?" Lockdown the slave hunter leader says,"Won't matter,I'll throw you all in my cages at once now!" He says throwing a cage that was Alice's towering size."I have a Cage-Cage fruit! I can throw cages out of the backpack I have!"

"What?" Alice says as the cage encircles around her and traps her in.

John looks at Lockdown with upset,"You throw a cage at my wife?"

"Giants like her would make a lot of money in the market." Lockdown says with cockiness,"And I have the key to her cage,as I do with the many other cages I have summoned!" He says showing off the immense amount of keys under his sleeve.

"That is a rather strange fruit." Tim says looking at Lockdown.

"What should we do?" Hannah asks.

"I could simply run to the giant cage and turn it into peppermint candy!" Minerva says,"That way our Giant friend here can get out of her cage."

"Throw me at that slave hunter!" Kokoro says to Tim,"If I can get a touch on him,I can throw an axe at a safe distance and we'll be done with him."

"Both sound like viable options." John says thinking,"I could also use my clock..."

"Hmph, that cage does look pretty sturdy but I think a haki attack could break through it." said Rukia.

"Hell yeah! I smashed through steel beams that could make that look like nothing!" said Draycen.

"Or I could burn it off with my heat waves!" said Bowyen.

"Pretty sure you would just burn her as well dude." said Summers with a deadpan look.

"The throwing her at that hunter is a rather unsafe idea...you'll be sliced and diced before you know it." said Creaser.

"Hmmmm there has to be something," Xenos said, "I could try to use one of my wisps to blind them...then again..."

"Haki huh," Blaise thought to himself, "what if I were to create an explosion?"

"I could use my talons on the cage," Jezebel said, "see where that goes."

"Even if you did," Zila remarked, "wouldn't make any difference..."

"Hmmmm maybe if combining each others' strength," Celine said, "could try and break the cage."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." John says looking at Celine,"We could all work together to free my dear Alice."

"Watch out! I'll be throwing cages at you all!" Lockdown says as he starts throwing cages at the group.

John dodges a cage that aimed for him by jumping up and lands next to Alice's cage,"Don't worry Alice,We'll help you out of this cage!" He then punches the cage with haki....but with not enough haki,"Ouch! I haven't trained myself in haki yet,I'm gonna need to generate more than this."

Draycen quickly slashes a cage in half as it was thrown at him. "Man! Cages?! These Devil Fruit users are quite the surprises huh?" said Draycen.

"Yikes! I prefer not being caught in one of them! Cats and cages dont' mix after all!" said Summers as she was dodging by some.

"I mean, they could but it depends on the situation!" said Bowyen as he was blasting some way with his heat powers.

"NOT HELPING BOWYEN!!!" shouted Summers.

"In the sense, don't be too caught off guard. These things are trouble." said Rukia as she slash apart many herself.

Jezebel gashes at a cage aiming for her with her talons then tries to use her talons to break the cage Alice was in, "Shit! It's not working!"

"What was your first clue," Zila remarked as she slashed at a cage aiming towards her.

"Come on, there has to be something," Celine thought to herself.

"Xenos, like Celine mentioned, can try and combine our powers and see where it goes from there," Blaise called out to Xenos, "your wisps with my powers, possibly cause a huge explosion."

"Can try that," Xenos replied, "only question is, which wisp could I use without harming her...?"

"Him throwing cages is starting to annoy me." John says looking at Lockdown,"But I can't use my clock with all the noise happening everywhere."

"John,you could always feed me another cookie." Alice says looking at John on top of the cage.

"I only give you one Alice." John says,"Feeding you two would be risky,we don't know how tall you could grow or if you would shrink."

"Well tell me any other ideas then John." Alice says.

"You guys are thinking way too recklessly. We need just a precision shot right to the cage to cut it apart without cutting her. Anyone else here really good a precision shots or is able to get in fast enough?" said Rukia.

"Of course me captain!" said Draycen.

"We could also weaken the cage to make it easier but I don't think we have any ice on us." said Rukia.

"Ice? Wait...I think I might have an idea. This might be crazy but, it's worth a try," Xenos thought then he unleashed blue wisps surrounding Alice's cage making sure none of them touch Alice.

"What are you trying to do Xenos," Blaise asked.

"I'm about to attempt something. Let's hope my idea works..." Xenos answered, "Freezing Wisp!"

Suddenly a frozen fire engulfs the cage before them until Xenos cancelled his attack after a couple of seconds.

"Did it work," Blaise asked.

"I don't know," Xenos said, "I'm hoping it worked..."

"I think you're onto something." John says to Xenos,"All it needs is a good shatter." He says as he uses his long pipe and swings at the cage like a baseball bat. The cage shatters as the pieces fall down to the ground.

"You guys did it!" Alice says.

"Now on to that damned hunter." John says turning his face back at Lockdown.

"You won't be able to avoid this next attack I have!" Lockdown says as he attempted to throw a cage at them. But suddenly something whipped at Lockdown's hands before he was able to fire any cages off.

"I think it's best you leave my friends alone." A girl walks out of the shadows with very long hair that reached even to the ground.

"Rapunzel!!" Hannah and Kakashi shout,"You're finally here!"

"I was at the bar and thought I heard some fighting." Rapunzel says holding her long red hair,"But looks like you guys needed some help." She says as she wraps up Lockdown with her hair.

"Damn,she makes my long hair look like a bowl cut." John says as he hits one of the last hunters with his pipe.

"That must be some thick hair." Tim says,"For it to have such strength to hold a man."

"Whoa! Her hair got really long! Like super long!" said Summers.

"Is that some kind of Devil Fruit power?" asked Bowyen.

"I wouldn't put it past me considering all the powers we already seen today!" said Draycen while laughing.

"It could be Life Return. I've seen a user of that before that was able to manipulate his hair and other body functions with that ability that wasn't a Devil Fruit power." said Rukia.

"Life Return? That's a weird as hell name. Sounds like something that will make you return to life or something." said Summers.

"This is a first seeing something like that," Celine said then looks away shyly, "wish my hair was that long..."

"Is now the time to be sulking over this right now," Jezebel sighed.

"Now that's something you don't see everyday," Blaise remarked, "what's next?"

"Hair that can hold someone and possess that much strength," Xenos wondered, "who is she?"

Sending the devil back where he came from

"The name is Rapunzel." Rapunzel says,"And as you can see,I'm a little tippy." She says holding her head and somewhat looking dizzy,"But I did grab this slave hunter that was causing the chaos."

"Why thank you Miss Rapunzel." John says tipping his hat,"Now is that the work of a devil fruit because of your hair?"

"Yeah,it's a hair hair fruit." Rapunzel answers,"I would wish it was something like Life Return but my martial art skills are focused on the Shinigami style."

"Shinigami?" John asks.

"It is a martial art we live for." Minerva answers,"To make peace we sometimes must fight is the unfortunate thing. Our founders have created the style to create peace in a world of violence."

"So it's like fighting fire with fire?" Tim asks,"Seem like you'll have the world on fire then."

"It's more like a light fighting the darkness in the tunnel." Kakashi would answer.

"Interesting." Tim says.

"What's with a giant uncovered lady?" Rapunzel asks pointing at Alice.

John's eyes widen forgetting his wife is very tall and bare. He then grabs his hat and pulls out one of Alice's dress,"Miss Rukia,take this vial to Alice for her to drink it. And since you're a dragon/human person it seems,cover her with those wings if you mind." John says handing Rukia the vial and clothing.

"Uh, sure thing." said Rukia as she sprouted her large wings to cover up Alice and gives her the vial and clothing."

"Anyone else her feeling hot or is it just me?" said Bowyen who was sweating.


"How can you even be sweating from your own powers?" said Draycen.

"That...was unexpected," Xenos said.

"At least that's over with," Blaise said putting his sword away.

"Is it over with now," Celine asked.

"Can't say," Zila replied, "but the long haired girl is getting my attention."

"Where's Piper?" Rapunzel asks,"He said to me he'll be going to the umbrella cafe and be giving me some jewels and tea."

"Here I am!" A man wearing green says as he runs over to the group. He was wearing green and had a flute on his side. The man sees the captains and Creaser. The man frowns when he sees Creaser and says,"Ah shit,it's you..."

"That was the robber earlier." John says looking back at the man wearing green.

"Oh so you guys been familiar with him?" Rapunzel asks.

"We are...he did try to steal my necklace earlier..." said Rukia with a glare.

"He was an unforunate soul...that happened to clash with me..." said Creaser.

"Oh yeah! That guy is pretty dumb to try something like that with Creaser around! Dude is scary when he is serious!" said Summers.

"Wait, is he a friend of yours?" asked Rukia.

"I have a hard time beliving someone like him would be her friend," Jezebel scoffed.

"Makes me curious," Xenos recalled, "why did he go after Rukia's necklace to begin with?"

"Must be a reason to go after something of hers instead of causing a bigger scene," Blaise said.

"I'm her boyfriend is what it is." Piper says looking at everyone,"And I was promising her I would give her tea and jewels."

"Well it seems it came back to bite ya." Rapunzel says giggling at Piper's embarrassment,"Trust me,he is a nice boy who will listen,especially if he's tangled." She says with a creepy glare at Piper.

"Hey hey Rapunzel,we discussed about me tangled in your hair." Piper says with a backing off look,"I just got beaten up,and I don't wished to be choked to death by your hair."

John just stares at Rapunzel and Piper before clearing his throat and says,"Ok then,we should probably focus on the matter in hand than worrying about a dumb thief." He then walks over to Lockdown who was still wrapped up in Rapunzel's hair,"So what should we do to this guy?"

"OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" Kokoro shouts.

"Aaaaaaalllllllright?" John says looking back at Kokoro,"Any other options before I make my own ideas?"

"Drug him to sleep and throw him on a random boat?" Kakashi says shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, that is, um, quite the interesting story." said Rukia.

"Interesting? Dude's a freaking creep at times!" said Summers.

"Hey now! I'd do that too if I was in love like that!" said Bowyen with a smile

"But, your last love with Hennifer was.." said Draycen as his mouth was quickly covered by Bowyen.

"NEVER mention her again I said..." said Bowyen.

"He felt my pain when Hennifer broke his heart...I pity for him..." said Creaser.

"Dammit Creaser I said I didn't want any pity! It's over and done with!" said Bowyen defensily.

"Well then," Xenos said clearing this throat looking away, "that explains a lot..."

"What's got you so quiet all the sudden," Blaise asked Xenos nudging his shoulder.

"Nevermind," Xenos growled looking away still.

"I don't even know if I find that to be romantic or a bit weird and twisted because of the whole robbery incident that was mentioned," Celine pondered.

"Best not to think to hard on that," Zila replied placing her hand on Celine's head then looked over to Jezebel, "what do you think Jez?"

"What? Huh, I ummmm yea, what you just said," Jezebel looked away scoffing.

"Back to the situation at hand." John clarifies trying to get the people back on topic,"What should we do with this dumb hunter."

"We force feed him with BBQ!" Patrick says with his hands glowing red prepared.

"That may be a bit disgusting." John says.

"Tie him up to a chair in a tree and give him motion sickness." Tim says calmly.

"That seems too chill." John says.

"Turn his body into a jelly bean?" Minerva asks.

"Why does everyone have something food related devil fruit here?" John asks,"I mean my devil fruit is a marble compressor so that might be a bit different."

"OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" Kokoro shouts while having her axe in the air.

"I can hear you Kokoro..." John says fixing his ear up after hearing the shriek,"I might as well use my clock."

"I know most of you are pirates but must you always resort to violence?" said Rukia.

"Yeah like this guy was an ass but I don't think we should be cutting off his head or shit like that." said Summers.

"At least ask why he was attacking us?" said Bowyen.

"He's a slave hunter. Of course he was attacking us for a quick buck!" said Draycen.

"He really should've chosen an occupation that involves less bloodshed..." said Creaser.

"At least ask why he is here and we go from there." said Rukia.

"Talk won't work," Blaise muttered, "would rather slash him up into pieces..."

"Heeeey," Zila whined looking over to Blaise, "what if I wanted to get at him and have his head for my collection?"

"Again with your creepy head collection," Jezebel sighed out of annoyance.

"Can we please not talk about killing," Celine asked.

"Blaise, Zila, we're NOT resorting to slaughter," Xenos said, he sighed then turned his attention to the hunter, "Now, tell us who you are and why are you here to begin with?"

"I won't say SHIT to any of you!!" Lockdown says as he spits at Xenos

"Now that's no way to be talking." John says as he pulls out his pocket watch. The pocket watch was a shiny gold watch with a gold chain going into John's pocket. With every passing second,the clock's ticking sounded louder and louder in everyone's ear. Lockdown was looking at the clock and saw the beauty of it while hearing the ticking of the clock. Unknown to Lockdown,he was being hypnotized by the hypnotic clock.

"Now,you will talk to us like a true gentleman." John says in a hypnotic voice,"Tell us Slave hunter...who are you and why are you here?"

"My name is Lockdown,and I am a slave hunter." Lockdown answers in a tranced voice,"My job is to find perfect looking slaves and sell them into the slave market for Celestial Dragons to use."

"Damn,I nearly forgot John had that creepy voice and hypnotic clock." Tim says,"Someone can probably be hypnotized with that hunter."

"My name is Wolfgang Billy and I'm a thief that tricks people into buying alcohol." Billy says as he's also in the tranced like state."I am also the navigator for the Mad Pirates."

"Of course Dodo-Brain gets caught in the hypnotism." Tim says while slapping the dodo bird zoan user.

"Interesting. He appears to have some kind of hypnotizing powers." said Rukia.

"Hypnotism? That kind of stuff is real?" said Draycen.

"I guess. I know some magicians or shit can use that. Was never into it." said Summers.

"Me either! It's nothing on cooking!" said Bowyen.

"Such a depressing trick to make others do things you don't want them to. In a way...it's forcing them to escape from their own realities..." said creaser.

"Huh, so he can do hypnotism," Blaise remarked, "kinda like two of your wisps you have on hand with your powers, Xenos?"

"In a way, yes, but the way he utilizes it's different from how I would use my wisps," Xenos said.

"I never thought hypnotism was actually real until now," Celine said.

"Same here," Zila said.

"It's a first for me as well...," Jezebel said.

"Alright Mr.Lockdown,is there anyone specific that told you to come to this island?" John then asks.

"The celestial dragons have me look for the best slaves in each island and take them." Lockdown says still tranced,"My devil fruit is very helpful in doing the job."

"That I see." John replies staring at Lockdown thinking on what to do next.

"Maybe you should let him go." Alice says,"But with a warning for the next time he tries to catch us."

"I like that idea my dear Alice." John says nodding.

"Celestial...Dragons..." said Rukia with a bit of sternness in her voice.

"When it comes to owning slaves, the Nobles are definitely at the top of the food chain. No surprise they're involved in this..." said Bowyen.

"Yeah we better be careful. But you agreeing to letting him go?" asked Draycen.

"Yeah I doubt he can cause us harm anymore. At least he knows we're threatening." said Summers.

"No need to unlawful bloodshed..." said Creaser.

"What would they want," Blaise thought to himself, "unless they're connected with them..."

"So it's the Celestial Dragons that sent him," Xenos said, "I'll keep them in mind."

"Seeing how the slave hunters are associated with the Celestial Dragons," Jezebel said, "I have a feeling this won't be the last time any of us would be facing them."

"Who knows," Zila said, "they only go after those who sell huge in the market."

"Blaise are you okay," Celine asked looking to Blaise.

"Huh, oh, I'm fine," Blaise replied, "don't worry about me."

"Well I will be sending him off with a warning." John says to the group. He walks back to Lockdown,who was still wrapped up in Rapunzel's hair,"Alright Mr.Lockdown,we're going to be letting you go. But now you will be leaving peacefully,you will get off of this island and go back to where you came from....Oh and let the marines know that if you mess with the Mad Pirates,the Draco Pirates,and the Wisp Pirates,they're messing with a Dragon girl,a man that has wisps as his friends,and an extremely mad hatter." He says looking creepily at Lockdown,"Now what will you go do?"

"Go back peacefully and warn the others of you all." Lockdown says in his tranced state.

"Let him go." John says to Rapunzel,who was asleep while standing because of the hypnotism. John then just taps her to wake her up and then says,"Let him go,he is of no use to us anymore." Rapunzel then lets go of Lockdown,who immediately stands up and slowly leaves the room.

"Well that went smoothly." John says putting his pocket watch back in his pocket and gives out a sigh of relief,"Now,who wants some cookies? This morning has been quite eventful,and I would like to go do some baking."

"I can cook lunch if you like." Patrick says,"We could all have some nice well done steaks with some red wine sauce."

"Lemme give you cooks a break." John says as he checks on the sanitary of his top hat,"I would like to bake for once with guests on a ship."

"That would be great." Minerva says,"Never heard of a captain interested in cooking."

"I think we would be honored to be invited to your ship." Kakashi says,"Though don't keep us for too long if you don't want to deal with a bunch of fur."

"We're a were-couple." Hannah says,"A werewolf and a werecat."

"I deal with a lot of minks on my ship so it doesn't matter." John chuckles.

"Sure thing! I always eager to see how non-Chefs cook! I remember Summers tried to cook for us before but..." said Bowyen.


"I don't even know how the oven ended up at the bottom of the ocean but it did." said Draycen.

"The poor Steelmaster 3000... It served us well for but a short time..." said Creaser.

"W-Well we will be delighted to try some of your food John." said Rukia trying to steer the conversation back on track for her crew.

"I'd love to," Celine exclaimed happily, "I love cookies!"

"Sure, me too. I could go for something sweet and I know Jeze would want some too," Zila giggled.

"I-I don't mind...just don't make such a big deal about it would ya," Jezebel said slightly blushing.

"I don't see an issue...then again...wish we had a chef," Blaise said.

"Don't remind me...but anyways, we're more than happy to," Xenos said with a small smile.

"We'll be glad to!" Rapunzel says while throwing her hair at Piper and grabbing him with it,"It'll be like a little date right Piper?"

"Shouldn't we be leaving Minerva?" Piper asks,"I'm sure I don't want to be with them as much they want to be with me." He says pointing to Rukia and the other captains.

"We are guests. And we'll be going to his ship for his hospitality." Minerva says,"Besides,Jacob and Wilhelm won't care if we're late a little than usual. He knows we have a reason for it." Minerva then looks back at John and then says,"Shall we go? I would love to eat your bakings."

"Then follow me everyone." John says putting his hat back on his head and walking out of the mall.

Breakfast and Giants

"TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM!!!!" John yells seeing the two hedgehog minks looking back and staring at John."WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT MESSING WITH MY POTIONS???"

"I thought it was only cola." Tweedle Dee says,who was looking like a giant fur ball.

"And I drank this one thinking it was also cola." Tweedle Dum says while looking like a naked mole rat.

John facepalms himself,"Why did I pick y'all up from that island again?"

"Cause you are a nice friend." Tweedle Dum replies.

"I WAS ASKING MYSELF!!" John yells.

"Interesting ship you have." Kakashi says,"Your ship has the look of a house that is located inside a hill."

"Why thank you!" Alice says,"It's called the Rabbit Hole for a reason."

"I can see why they're called Dee and Dum." said Summers in a snarky tone.

"Indeed. This is quite interesting. I thought my father's ship looking like some dungeon was, ahem, interesting." said Rukia.

"Whoa! This place is pretty cool! Looks like something straight out of a fairy tail book!" said Bowyen who whistled in amazement.

"I second that! Quite the handy work here!" said Draycen with a laugh.

"This place looks very different from our ship," Zila said tilting her head to the side.

"A bit too much for my taste...," Jezebel muttered, "it's too much for me..."

"I will be honest, not bad interior," Blaise said looking around.

"Wow! I love how this place looks! It's amazing," Celine beamed.

"Seems quaint but overall, it does look appealing to the eye," Xenos said.

"Definitely,it also helps out camouflage if we're in a forestry area." Tim says,"It even makes the ship look like a moving piece of forestry."

"Alright,best I shall go to the kitchen and start baking." John says looking through a shelf,"Perhaps I should look through one of my mother's baking books." He says picking out a book,"My mother was a royal baker for the royal family at my homeland." He then was rooting through the book for a recipe,"Ah yes,her breakfast casserole,I remember she would bake it anytime we felt like having breakfast at another time other than breakfast. Eggs,sausage,bacon,cheese,hash browns,I shall get baking immediately." He says running off to the kitchen.

"What tea would y'all like awhile?" Alice asks,"I know John loves to make tea but he'll be busy,so I'll be making them."

"With that kind of breakfast selection we have, orange pekoe black tea for me!" said Bowyen.

"Whoa. That's an interesting one that really goes well with breakfast?" asked Summers.

"Of course! It will remind you of drinking orange juice in a way and we all know orange juice is one of the best beverages to have with a nice good breakfast!" said Bowyen.

"Well damn give me that as well!" said Summers.

"I'd take my usual blue herbal tea." said Rukia.

"And a ginger tea is all I need!" said Draycen.

"Black tea...the blackest you can make it...almost if it looks like tar..." said Creaser.

"He actually likes mint black tea. You can get him that instead." said Rukia.

"I'll take a green tea please," said Xenos.

"Don't you want to try anything else besides green tea," Jezebel asked Xenos.

"Not really," Xenos replied bluntly.

"Well then I guess, dark rose tea would be fine for me," Jezebel said.

"Vanilla tea for me please," Zila smiled.

"I prefer cinnamon tea if available," Blaise said.

"Hibiscus tea for me please," Celine grinned.

"How about some Rose tea with some milk on it." Rapunzel requests.

"Lemon Zinger tea for me." Minerva says.

"How about a Full Moon Chai?" Hannah asks.

"I'll second that one." Kakashi chuckles.

"Just give me some green tea." Piper says.

"Sweet! I'll be making the tea awhile." Alice says walking.

"But Alice,can we have iced tea?" Tweedle Dee asks Alice.

"No no silly hedgehogs. Iced tea is not tea,it's cold water with sugar in it." Alice replies.

"But Alice,wouldn't that be like the same thing as hot tea?" Tweedle Dum asks,"It's hot water with sugar in it."

"Ok you boys ain't wrong." Alice says,"I'll come in then with your iced teas also."

"You see Dee,I got brain." Tweedle Dum says pointing to his head.

"Speaking of the one that is bare naked thanks to drinking a potion." Tweedle Dee says.

"I ain't the one that drank the fluffy twister furball!" Dum remarks back.

"You dry skin and bones!" Dee answers.

"OH YEAH!!" Dum asks.

"YEAH!!!" Dee says as he and Dum immediately brawl into a cloud of dust.

"They're quite the rampant ones aren't they?" Kakashi asks.

"Hey guests...." Hak,sitting in his lounging chair in his large blue caterpillar form,smoking his large hookah,"You don't need to be standing in front of the kitchen door. That's impolite,please come in to the lounging room." With his tiny caterpillar arms,he puts the hookah in his mouth and smokes out of it,"Hookah?" He offers the pipe.

"Sure! I don't mind a smoke every now and again!" said Bowyen as he takes it.

"Gross dude you would take that from some random caterpillar thing?" said Summers.

"Hey, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!" said Bowyen as he smokes it. "Interesting!"

"But what does kill me does bring me affection..." said Creaser.

"I think that expression applies in some other areas..." said Rukia.

"I can't wait for that tea to arrive! I bet it'll be good!" said Draycen.

"Heh, this is definitely a crew of weirdoes huh? I'm used to it by now." said Summers.

"And I thought our crew was filled with people with colorful personalities,'" Blaise muttered to himself looking towards Rukia's crew.

"Come again Blaise," Xenos asked with sharp but curious eyes.

Blaise turned to Xenos then jumped from the look in Xenos' eyes as he looked away, "N-nothing, just talking to myself..."

"Thought so," Xenos chuckled to himself.

"And I thought the people I have to deal with besides our captain are a bunch of weirdoes," Jezebel giggled.

"Is that a giggle I spot from Jezebel," Zila snickered.

"Sh-sh-shut up," Jezebel shouted as she turned around.

"It took me a while to get use to everyone here," Celine warmly smiled, "but I see everyone here as my family and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Ain't that lovely part about it?" Jamie responds to Celine,walking in to see the guests coming in,"Man,did captain have a large draft coming in?"

"No no,It's merely that he has invited the lot of them to join for lunch." Hak says after puffing out a cloud of smoke,"Oh,and watch out for Sam." Hak says pointing to the giant purple cat that was the size of a polar bear running into the room.

"Oh that darned cat." Calie says entering and chasing the large cat,"Think he's sly enough to rob the fish out of out supplies. We could've had some grilled fish fillets later today. But that cat has to lick his paws onto out fish.

The cat just replies with the widest smile one could ever see from a cat.

"That's a pretty big cat..." said Rukia with surprisement in her eyes.

"We've seen a Sea Cat before. That thing doesn't compare! Though it's smile is definitely creepy...." said Summers.

"Yet another thing you'd expect from a fairy tail!" said Bowyen.

"You don't think the two dog guys here won't get riled up at it do you?" Summers whispered to Rukia.

"I heard that! I may be a wolf but I ain't about chasing cats! I have much more class!" said Draycen defensively.

"Cats have 9 lives...which means they much die 9 times...their existence is troubling..." said Creaser.

"I...believe we're good." said Rukia.

"Huh, well that's a first I guess," Xenos said with wide eyes.

"Umm last time I checkec," Blaised commented, "cats don't smile..."

"And Xenos thought your smile was creepy," Zila giggled.

"SHUT. UP," Jezebel growled.

"I don't even know if I should be awing over how cute it is or should be experiencing nightmares soon," Celine shuddered.

"Hey guys! I finished baking some cookies awhile making lunch." John says bringing out two different plates of cookies,"But there is a catch."

"Oh dear,another riddle?" Hak asks John,"We talked about having riddles over food."

"Oh but it is a fun one." John implies as he then instantly switches to his hypnotic voice to tell the riddle:

Two Cookie Bowls,that is no troll.

Both sit there like giant knolls

One though,there is a toll

Special Cookie,one bowl has

You have to pick one alas

Where is special cookie,who knows?

That part is where you have to choose

Or else,there'll be more things to grow

Than your clothes to fallout.

The oven in the kitchen rings suddenly as John finishes the riddle.

"OH the other oven has been warmed up!" John says,"Time to put lunch in the oven."

"Me and John share riddles together." Hak explains to the group,"But sometimes he'll want to riddle others for fun."

Sam the cat agrees with Hak with a giant meow out of his mouth.

"What in the hell kind of riddle is that?" said Summers scratching her head.

"I was never good at riddles myself..." said Draycen.

"Heh I'm just hungry for one of those cookies!" said Bowyen as he takes one.

"Careful. It appears that one of those cookies is "special" that could make you grow to a much bigger size as it did with Alice earlier. And it can make your clothes fall out apparently." said Rukia.

"Wow, you were able to decipher that riddle? But really one of this giant cookies?!" said Summers.

"It appears so. It'll be rude to not accept one though just stay on your guard. I'd...rather not see any of the other guys naked in front of me..." said Rukia as she took one of the cookies as well.

"Hey! I'm ripped! It wouldn't be that bad!" said Bowyen.

"Even growth cookies wouldn't match the growth of depression in my heart..." said Creaser as he took one as well.

"Yeah! I'm not afraid and I'm already tall!" said Draycen as he takes one as well.

"Fine cookies are THE dessert after all behind cakes and pies." said Summers as she takes one as well.

"Are you getting the riddle at all Xenos," Blaise asked Xenos looking towards him.

"Sadly I can't think of a good answer," Xenos replied, "never really liked riddles to be honest."

"You're not alone on that, but still wouldn't mind trying," Blaise shrugged as he took one.

"Might as well," Xenos said as he takes one, "hate to obliged."

"What if I do become a giant if I ate a "special" one," Celine asked.

"Think of it this way," Zila said as she takes one, "at least you won't be the smallest one out of us."

"Hmmmmmm I don't want to risk it but I'll still have one," Celine smiled as she takes one then looked over to Jezebel, "Don't you want one?"

"Everyone else got one, I don't want to be the only one who hasn't," Jezebel sighed as she takes one.

"Well it's a cookie,and honestly I would be curious to have the special cookie." Minerva says grabbing a cookie from one of the two bowls.

"Well I'm not wearing anything anyway,my fur covers my needed parts." Hannah says grabbing a cookie with her large cat paws.

"Well I guess I shall take a risk." Kakashi says,"Thank you Mr.John."

"Let's play this fun game Piper!" Rapunzel says to Piper while they both grab a cookie.

"I have the tea." Alice says entering,"Oh,John brought in cookies? Wished he would bring in the cupcakes,he knows I like cupcakes more." Alice says as she grabs a cookie,"But cookies are always good."

"Careful Alice,John has a cookie that is one of his special ones." Hak says.

"I'm taller than him anyway,not like he'll be anymore intimidated." Alice says,"Besides I think he's got a thing for tall women."

"Well that was granted since he was once a short man himself." Hak says,"As a longtime friend,I remember when he was nothing close to 5 feet. But thanks to his dad and their experiments together,John was able to become close to 7 feet."

"Shall we eat as friends?" Alice says as she eats hers,"It seems I didn't get it."

"Me neither." Minerva says,"But holy shit this is good."

"A good mixture of peanut butter and oatmeal." Kakashi says after eating his,"Pretty delicious."

"I believe John's favorite is either peanut butter oatmeal or snickerdoodle." Alice says,"Here is you guys tea to wash down the cookie when you're done."

"Urf?!" Rukia said to herself as she suddenly grew massive in size with her clothes falling out.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!?" shouted Summers as she leaped backwards.

"Just like before...those cookies are pretty interesting alright." said Draycen.

"I...uh...well....You got a good body at least!" said Bowyen.

Rukia quickly covers her own body with her large wings. "I really should've seen this coming after I tempted fate earlier..." said Rukia.

"How fate can be curel to us..." said Creaser.

"So...how long that last for because seeing my large captain naked is weird..." said Summers.

"Aren't dragons naked by nature anyway?" said Draycen.

"Yeah! I don't see why that's a problem!" said Bowyen.

"You two, hush..." said Rukia.

"I...um...uhhhhh," Xenos stuttered then immediately looked away, "I got nothing to say..."

"Yea yea, you better look away," Jezebel muttered.

"Jealous much," Zila asked snickering.

"Shut it," Jezebel growled, "just be happy it wasn't one of us..."

"That...was very unexpected...I don't even know how to...ummm, I'm gonna look away," Blaise blushed turning away with Xenos.

"Of course those two idiots wouldn't know what to do," Jezebel scoffed.

"How do we change her back," Celine asked covering her eyes.

"Ah! It seems lunch is ready." John says walking into the lounge with the breakfast casserole,"Oh,it seems Miss Rukia has gotten the special cookie. I do say,it must be convenient you have dragon wings to cover you." He chuckles as he enters the dining room where they will eat."Good thing this ship is built for giants too." He then enters back into the kitchen and comes back with multiple glasses of water.

Twenty Cups,plenty it is.

One will take Rukia back tis

to her normal shape indeed

Pick right cup,you come back down

Pick wrong cup,you stay without gown

Though extras there are

Cup that makes you even smaller?

That's a pickled jar

But please do,pick one

For you could have this won

"Always with the riddles John?" Hak asks chuckling.

"Hey I like to make things interesting." John says while shrugging.


"20 cups? How the hell we know which one is the right one? Is there a specific scent that Draycen can smell out?" said Bowyen.

"I can't smell things I don't know! I'm a wolf Mink not a bloodhound!" said Draycen.

"Well we can just rely on fate...knowing us it will screw us over at the end..." said Creaser.

"So one cup turns me back to normal and the other keeps me this way. This is quite lovely." said Rukia as she picked a random cup. "Well, here goes nothing." said Rukia as she took a drink taking care to keep her body covered.

"Hehehehehe,want to know the funny part? I said that riddle to entertain myself. They all do the same thing." John chuckles,but seeing nothing but glares at him,"Not funny? Oh well,better go get the table set. Alice,place their teas next to each of their plates."

"Well at least they help shrink her back down to normal size." Kakashi says,"Wasn't interested in seeing some dragon err.."

"What Kakashi? Cat got your tongue?" Hannah teases Kakashi.

"May I know your recipe with those growth cookies?" Minerva asks,"It is something I am curious to try myself."

"Ahh,but it is hard to get the recipe itself." John says,"The recipe calls for a special mushroom that grows only in an island in some New World my dad would say to me back home in the East Blue."

"How do you get collection of them then?" Rapunzel asks.

"Someone comes by and delivers them to me,while I also grow extras in my lab." John answers,then suddenly remembering his dad,"I wonder when my dad would deliver me a message. It's been over multiple months that he hasn't sent me a message in a letter or a message in a den den mushi."

Rukia then suddenly turns back to her normal size relived at what happened.

"Phew..that was a relief...Never trying that again." said Rukia with a sigh.

"Uh...Kia, you're still..exposed..." said Summers motioning over to Rukia.

"....I'll be right back." said Rukia as she suddenly rushed off in a gust of wind.

"I just noticed something. How was it that growth potion able to rip off her clothes like that but her transforming into her massive dragon from doesn't?" said Bowyen.

"That...is a good point actually? Then again, I'm not that all-knowing when it comes to Devil Fruit users." said Draycen.

"My clothes are fine whenever I transform." said Summers.

"I am the same way...although I am but a Vulpine...so it was pointless of me to bring that up as well..." said Creaser.

"Is it safe to turn around now," Blaise asked still looking away.

"I'm not turning back around until it's safe to," Xenos said.

"Aw quit being such wusses you big babies, it's fine, she went to get changed," Jezebel scoffed then looks away muttering, "At least my clothes are fine when I change into a strix."

"That's a relief," Blaise and Xenos sighed.

"Woooooow, you two are major cherries," Zila laughed.

"We ain't cherries," Blaise and Xenos shouted in denial.

"The tone in both of your voices speaks A LOT of volume," Zila snickered.

"I'm just happy this is all over...I think I've had enough surprises for one day," Celine said.

"Come my friends!" John says to the guests,"Breakfast,though it be lunch, and tea awaits us!" John says skipping to the dining hall.

"At least we know John has that energy about him." Alice says,"Come all,shall we gather as friends."

"There'll be cake I promise." John says sticking his head out of the kitchen.

"I'll eat after the guests." Hak says,"I would like to finish my hookah." He says as his caterpillar arms move to fill up the hookah again.

"So you're the stoner type. Got it. I'll be going to have myself of that food!" said Summers running off.

"Heh I'll be the judge on if it's good or not!" said Bowyen following behind.

"Don't forget the tea! Looking forward to that!" said Draycen.

"Time to eat away at my depression...although that is impossible..." said Creaser slowly walking behind.

"W-Wait up guys! Ugh couldn't find any of my other clothes so have to go more formal instead for now." said Rukia who was wearing more dress-like clothing as she flew in after them.

"Smells good, can't wait to have some," Xenos said as he runs off.

"And yet I always thought he was the serious type," Jezebel sighed going after Xenos.

"You'd be surprised, anyways might as well catch up to him," Blaise said.

"Can't wait to have some cake," Zila smiled giddly clapping her hands.

"Wait for me," Celine called out catching up with the others.

They all gather round for lunch. The breakfast casserole was on the middle of the long table with its freshly baked smell known to the table. John was at the very end of the table as Alice was right next to him with Tim on his other side as well.

"My friends,I am happy to meet each of you. I am happy to meet both Rukia and Xenos today. And today,we shall eat lunch as a happy group of friends. So let's make this a happy tea time with lunch." John says as he pulls out the knife to cut the casserole.

But as John was going to cut out the casserole,a shot was heard and a bullet from outside went through the glass and hit John's hat right off of him.

"Fedora C. John! Come on out peacefully! This is the marine forces." says a marine.

Marine Malarky

"John! You ok?" Alice says as she runs over to John.

"I'm fine." John answers,"But he'll be paying for the hat." He says as he takes a look at the hat,a bullet hole right through the top of the hat.

"Wow,you were lucky John." Kakashi says.

"How did marines know we were here?" Jamie asks John.

"Oh I don't know." Kakashi says,"But not gonna lie,when there's a ship on the docks looking like a giant lump of grass. You would think something is up with the owner."

"The Marines? I should've figured they show up at some point..." said Rukia.

"Looks like they're after you Top Hat. Probably your weird-ass ship is a dead giveaway?" said Summers in a snarky tone.

"This IS a rather unique ship after all." said Draycen.

"But this is bad especially since Rukia has a bounty as well on her!" said Bowyen.

"Alas, I knew this day would've been too good to be true." said Creaser.

"They're just Marines. We fight them nearly every time should they mess with us." said Rukia.

"Of all people, it had to be the Marines," Xenos sighed, "I'm not too surprised."

"Well you and I are the ones they're after for our own reasons," Blaise said shrugging.

"First the slave hunters and now this? What's next," Jezebel asked.

"Don't look at me, I wouldn't mind taking a couple Marines out," Zila creepily smiled.

"This is not good," Celine thought to herself.

"Don't think we have a choice," Xenos said, "might as well face them."

John goes into a different room and comes back with a top hat that looked exactly like the one that was shot. "I'll be going out there. Y'all can join in behind me." John says walking straight outside.

"Well I think you would be interested in me coming with you." Kakashi says.

"I'll be on your side always." Alice says,"So I'll join you."

"Of course I will need to join this. I could use something to attack." said Rukia following.

"Damn right! I'm eager to slash some Marines!" said Draycen who followed as well.

"I'm game! I need to fight some personally myself." said Bowyen.

"Heh, you guys can go ahead. I'll stay behind while you dudes bash the skulls this time. I'm sure Creaser is staying here as well>" said Summers who was looking at Creaser with his head on the table.

"Oh the Marines...they are fools...to have come here..." said Creaser.

"I think Blaise and I will be taking the Marines on," Xenos said, "you don't mind taking them on, do ya?"

"Nope," Blaise replied cracking his neck, "think my blade here would like to take down some Marines."

"I'm joining you dumbells too," Jezebel said, "I'm on their hate list so why not take these assholes down."

"You two go on without me," Zila said, "buuuuut if you find any perfect heads, bring them to me, mkay?"

"We're not bringing you any heads you freak," Jezebel yelled.

"I'll be here with Zila," Celine said.

John enters outside to see a man in a marine uniform standing in front of a small group of marine soldiers behind him. The marine in charge was seen in that center front with a female marine right next to him. The marine was over a foot shorter than John's 6' 11" height. The marine had dark red hair and had a white dog on his head.

"You Fedora C. John?" The marine asks.

"Yes." John says as he walks out,"You nearly killed me if that was you. Lost another good hat,I did."

"That was one of my soldiers giving out a warning shot." The marine replies,"Anyone else in there?"

"My crew and two others." John simply replies,"How about you two introduce yourselves to them?" John says to Rukia and Xenos.

"Zero D. Rukia is my name. You Marines are as reckless as usual you know." said Rukia.

"Not to many Marines this time huh?" said Bowyen looking around.

"So he is there for John personally huh? Must have done something to them." said Draycen.

"I'm Vesper D. Xenos. You look different from the others we've faced" Xenos said, "however, you said you're here for John, wonder why it's only you two."

"A Marines is a Marine, doesn't mean anything to me," Blaise said.

"Only these two? Not much of a issue is it," Jezebel said cocking an eyebrow.

"So explain why you had to shoot my hat out to get my attention." John says to the marine,"And who are you may I ask?"

"The name is commodore Blackstone Arthur." The red haired marine says,"And this is captain Jettson Pandora next to me." Arthur says pointing out the woman that was wearing some blue marine outfit.

"Now,let's get down to why we're here." Arthur says,"You seem you couldn't keep a clean path since you left Alabasta John. You left about a whole marine crew or two dead in the sea while responsible for the sinking of multiple marine ships in your departure."

"The dead marine trail led us to Water 7,where there was reports later of you with the clown,Crack R. Jack and dragon Thăng Long D. Yang, robbing and destroying the sea train." Pandora says,"You being responsible for multiple civilian deaths in that train crash."

"Ok the train blowing up was the clown's doing not mine." John says in his defense.

"Nevertheless you were with the clown." Arthur says,"The trail then lead to outside sources telling us you left Water 7 shortly after the Sea Train robbery."

"Then a report of slave hunters being taken out by a man in with a very ridiculous looking hat was reported yesterday." Pandora says.

"With also reports of what seems to be Zero D. Rukia and Vesper D. Xenos,which are behind you." Arthur says,"Seems Rukia hasn't made a huge deal since Glasteria until now. And it seems Xenos has made his mark again yesterday."

"I should do better management of cleaning my trails." John mutters.

"Also,the Fitzroy family is asking for the return of their children." Pandora says.

"How about this?" Alice asks as she was right behind John amidst the talking,"Tell my parents that we are not interested in coming back home. We are entirely satisfied in John's crew. So I'll leave it at this: No Chance in Hell!"

"Well I'm sure they won't like that." Arthur says,"But it won't stop John from having a Bsymbol.gif 50,000,000 bounty on his face for "kidnapping" the fitzroy family."

"Wow, kidnapping huh?" said Bowyen.

"Didn't think he was the type! He has balls as big as his hat!" said Draycen laughing.

"Looks like it's more than that. But it does seem like you don't do a good job covering your tracks Top Hat." said Rukia.

"Yeah Top Hat! Quite careless!" said Bowyen.

"They're kidding right," Blaise asked pinching his eyebrows, "kidnapping?!"

"What did you expect them to say murder or something," Xenos asked looking to Blaise.

"Now you've gone off the deep end...," Jezebel sighed, "a good thing I tagged along to deal with you dunderheads..."

"Nooooo....yea....," Blaise answered looking away.

"This is for me being friends with those that can't clean their messes,and me ending up with some end of it." John mutters,"Ok,yes I was quite careless not thinking that a marine could possibly be following me. But it seems time has shown us some love to chaos so why not we?-" He says while pulling out his watch but then the watch being shot and destroyed.

"We heard of your hypnotism Hatter." Arthur says,"So it's best you turn yourself in without any problems."

"Damn,you nearly shot one of my fingers off." John says,"And another watch broken. I really need to do something with broken equipment."

"It appears that this man knows of your abilities. He seems like he won't be as easy to take down." said Rukia clutching her sword.

"At least this one will put up a fight for once huh?" said Bowyen as he started to heat up.

"Hell yeah! Maybe these guys can help burn off some of this energy!" said Draycen swinging his large sword around while sparking with Electro.

"Looks like we're in for a challenge then, just what I needed," Xenos said, "at least this guy won't be as much trouble than Konomi."

"Oh God, don't bring her up again," Blaise groaned in annoyance as he pulled his sword out.

"Be happy she's not here, we got this," Jezebel said as she transforms into her strix hybrid form.

This ain't gonna be a cup of tea

"Well I don't like to be chatting too much with marines." John says,"So why not we get the tea party started shall we?" He says pulling out his steel pole and leaping right at Arthur and batting Arthur right in the abdomen.

Only thing is,the pole swing at Arthur's stomach didn't do anything.

"A pole? Seems pretty impractical if you were trying to mimic swordsmen." Arthur says revealing his arm being hardened as rock.

"What the hell happened to your skin?" John asks in absolute stun.

"I just hardened my skin like it was rock." Arthur says,"Consider it called the Hard-Hard Fruit."

"Well now I know this ain't gonna be a cup of tea..." John says as he then gets punched hard in the stomach by Arthur.

"JOHN!!!" Alice yells seeing John get dropped to the ground.

"You can't even stand up by yourself after a punch." Arthur says,"I'll be having fun beating this sad hatter." He then takes the dog off of his head and then says,"I'll let you have some fun Banzai with the other pirates." Arthur then feeds Banzai what seems to be a candy ball that Banzai would chew and swallow. Suddenly,Banzai ended up becoming a giant dog with monstrous teeth and a fury behind the dog.

"That dog just went from a cute puppy to a hellhound." Tim says watching from the ship,"This man isn't joking around is for sure."

"Don't forget you'll be fighting me also!" Pandora says as she strikes a battle fighting pose.

"So this is one of those "pick your poison" scenarios." Alice notices,"Since John has his hands full with that red haired marine,i'll try to help him out."

"I'll take on fido here. He looks like he could put up a fight. A dragon against a basically hellhound huh? Interesting." said Rukia.

"Should I be even taking on a fellow canine? Well, I guess he is with the marines plus he looks like he is itching for a fight! Plus, fire vs. lighting? Who'll win?" said Draycen laughing.

"He can breathe fire? But I can emit heat! That is something right? Sure! I don't think he'll be immune to it though." said Bowyen getting ready.

"Guess I'll be taking on the girl here. Part of me is regretting taking her on," Xenos said.

"Aww come on you wuss," Jezebel called out, "and we've sparred how many times? Think of it as if you're fighting against me!"

"Guy or girl, don't care, long as my sword gets some action in, that's all I care about," Blaise said.

Alice and John vs Arthur

Alice runs over and tries to deliver a kick to Arthur,only for the attack to be blocked by his arm being hardened.

"You dare attack the one who is saving you?" Arthur asks Alice.

"He's my husband,it is my lawful duty to help defend him." Alice answers.

"He has manipulated you,told you lies like he does with everyone else." Arthur says,"You're only another one of his tools."

"That is completely utter nonsense!" Alice says,"John is a good man,he was just different from people. Everyone thought of his family mad,but John is a good man. Just wished the government didn't manipulate the personalities of good pirates just so they sound higher!" She then tries to punch Arthur,but was worthless to fight Arthur as his whole body was just hardened as rock.

Arthur then back-slaps Alice away from him simply."I am a man of honesty miss Fitzroy,I'm simply a man that's following orders to find you and return y'all. John may be a good man at heart,but he certainly doesn't look good in the eyes of the World Government."

"Seems you like to talk Mr.Arthur." John says standing up,"But it seems we're now fighting,and this time on a personal level. Because you just smacked my wife!" John says using his pole to attack Arthur again.

Arthur just grabs the pole from John's hands and then says,"Get rid of this stupid toy and fight me like a man." He says bending the pole into a pretzel and throwing the pole into the sea.

"You can bend steel?" John asks,"Well shit."

"I can do much more." Arthur answers while hardening his fist and punching John right in the face,taking John down again.

"Ok,first: you shot a hole in my hat. Next,you shot my pocket watch. Then you bend my pole and threw it into the sea like it was a toy. And most importantly: You have hurt my wife!" He says as he unknowingly coats his arm in haki and delivers a punch to Arthur's chest.

Arthur blocks the punch with his two hardened hands clapping on John's fist,the hardened skin piercing through John's wrist. But was seen was that his hardened hands was chipping away because of the force of the haki. Both John and Arthur notice this interesting weakness. With Arthur showing displeasure that his weakness was somewhat exposed,he punches John again and again and again in the abdomen area. Arthur then dislocates John's right arm out of the socket with a single upward motion of Arthur's hand holding John's elbow and pushing the elbow up and out of the socket. John falls down on the ground with blood from his wrist,scratches all over his body,bruises forming on his face,and John looking like a sack of potatoes.

"If you want to do that again." Arthur says,"You're going to be doing it with great pain each time."

John just spits blood out and then replies,"Then I will." He says as he leaps and coats his leg with little haki he can produce,and gives a roundhouse kick to Arthur's face. Arthur gets hit as he was getting tired of using his devil fruit powers. "A good shot I'll admit." Arthur says,"But not good enough to take me down." He then replies with a head butt that he hardened before the attack. The headbutt takes John down like he was a tree cut off. John now had blood coming out of his head.

"Have you forgotten Alice?" John asks as Alice was behind Arthur,with a large knife in her hand. She stabs Arthur in the back with the large knife.

Arthur groans in pain feeling his weakened back get hit by the knife,"Thankfully with my hard fruit,that blade didn't go anywhere near my vitals."

"But you still felt pain didn't you?" Alice asks as she tries pulling it out,but Arthur hardening his back made it hard to pull the knife out.

"I don't want to fight you woman." Arthur says punching Alice and pushing her out of the way.

While Arthur was distracted with Alice attacking him. Kakashi jumped down to attend to John's weakened state.

"Now John,this might sound crazy right now. But I'm going to hurt you to help you get a temporary boost." Kakashi says as he has his index finger out,"Akuma no iki (Devil's Breath)" He says punching his index finger into John's diaphragm.

John was in pain as he couldn't breath,but as he was in pain,his muscles grew into bigger proportions and made John look bigger in his muscularity.

"What did you do?" John asks after being able to breath again.

"I affected your breathing and blood flow. By breathing this way for a little while,you can fight in your state just a bit longer." Kakashi answers,"Now go kick his ass!"

John nods and gets up to prepare for his attack.

"Time for you to go back to the dinner table for your last tea party with your husband." Arthur says to Alice.

"No,it's time for you to shut up!" Alice says as she points to John,who was standing up.

"Take this bitch!" John says to Arthur as he punches Arthur in the gut with his bigger muscles.

"Punch him with some haki." Kakashi yells at John,"Break his hard armor off."

"rrgh" Arthur says as he gets punched,"If he keeps punching me this hard,my hardening will break."

John then uses some armament haki to punch more on Arthur,"You're going down hard Mr.!"

"You're still going huh?" Arthur says as he tries to harden himself,but the hardening was getting weaker and weaker. Arthur then punches John in the face and leg sweeps John onto the ground.

John then gets up again and grabs Arthur and headbutts Arthur with his own head. The hardening was breaking off on Arthur's head,and now Arthur was bleeding in the head as well.

"We're even now." John says squaring up himself for another punch.

"This fight ain't done yet." Arthur says also squaring up.

Both of them then start fighting like it was boxing. Both of them getting tired after fighting for some time now,but neither were willing to go down. Both of them were punching each other in the face and body for a long time as they fought each other. John and Arthur were both throwing punches into each other's faces. John's body was getting weaker while Arthur's hardening was falling apart like a clay pot with holes in it.

"I can still win this." Arthur says.

"No,not anymore." John says as he throws a left hook onto Arthur's side of his face. Arthur was then lights out and fell onto the ground like a tree that was cut.

John then kneels down while spitting blood,"I did it....I took out a marine...man my dad won't be happy...and my ass is going to so red."

Rukia,Dracyen,and Bowyen vs Banzai the hellhound and Storm D. Jackson

"So, what is the first plan to attacking this thing? It looks like it could spit fire at any moment!" said Draycen.

"Maybe let me send a heatwave toward it to see how it responds?" suggested Bowyen.

"Maybe. I'm sure this thing is trained to fight very well. Go ahead Bowyen." commanded Rukia.

"Right captain! Now then: Sizzle Style: Heatwave!" shouted Bowyen as he sent a spinning wave of heat toward Banzai.

Banzai notices the wave coming and replies by blowing a larger heat wave of his own. The wave of fire from Banzai covers Bowyen's wave and sends the wave back with Banzai's attack. Banzai then was barking at the trio,with each bark spitting out a fireball.

"Fireballs incoming!!!" shouted Bowyen as he leaped backwards.

"Barking fireballs huh? Well it does seem his bark is worse than his bite huh?" said Draycen as he started to slash at the fireballs.

"This is quite the capable creature. We'd better go all out! Barefu: Wind Slash!" shouted as she sent a large wave of wind that when through the fireballs and right toward Banzai. "Let's see how he handles an air slice!"

Banzai sees the slice of wind and jumps to avoid it. Banzai then gives out a howl of fire and delivers it right at the group.

"Hm?!" said Rukia as she dodges it out of the way.

"It's pretty much breathing fire now! How is this thing doing that!?" said Bowyen has he leaps out of the way.

"Not sure but maybe I can give him a shot of Electro?! Electro: Wolf Surge!" shouted Draycen as he sent an electric wave of Electro toward Banzi.

"Careful Draycen. This thing is pretty agile." said Rukia.

"Get out of the way big dog." says a marine that was wearing sunglasses and had a cocky look,"I'm looking for a bit of action myself."

"Commander Storm D. Jackson,I thought you were going to stay and watch?" Pandora asks seeing Jackson step in while she was fighting her opponents.

"I haven't been in a fight in some time." Jackson says,"And I think me and Banzai will give these three punks a much harder time." Jackson is then seen with lightning at his feet and then says,"Soku Soku: 200 mph kick" He says as he was seen running at inhuman speeds right at Bowyen and kicks Bowyen in the face.

"Crap?! What the hell was that!?" said Bowyen was he was able to regain his footing.

"Another Marine joined the party?!" said Draycen who was trying to keep up.

"This man has quite the impressive speed. I think he may be quite the fighter with those kinds of powers." said Rukia who made sure to keep her guard up around him.

"H-Hey! Who are you anyway?!" said Bowyen.

"I think his name is Storm D. Jackson as that other person said. Marine Commander huh? Sounds interesting." said Rukia.

"That's right,and I'll be kicking ass today!" Jackson says as he decided who to hit next. Before they could do anything to Jackson,Jackson disappears in speed and ended up right behind Dracyen.

"You ever heard what friction can do?" Jackson asks,"Soku Soku: Static Punch" He says punching Dracyen as his fist was covered with electricity,"The answer is static electricity."

"Whoa!" said Draycen as he also used his own punch charged with Electro that collided with his.

"A friction-based Devil Fruit huh? Interesting but he is leaving him open!" said Rukia as she got behind Jackson with her sword powered with energy. "How about this? Wind Slash!" shouted Rukia as she sent a large energy of wind toward Jackson's back.

"It's actually a speed devil fruit called Soku Soku." Jackson says,"But with each time I go faster,I gain more and more electricity in my body thanks to friction." Jackson then runs right at the wind beam and attempts to run through it. It was pretty tough to run through the wind beam,but Jackson was able to run at Rukia,"Soku Soku: Friction Slam" He says running and grabbing at Rukia and throwing her down to the ground.

"Shit! He just hit Rukia with a lot of speed and force!" said Bowyen.

"This is going to be quite the troublesome devil fruit to deal with." said Draycen.

"Arg...d-doesn't matter as I trained myself for this!" said Rukia as she quickly regained her footing and held her sword toward him. "Bare fu: Tornado Burst!" shouted Rukia as she spun her sword around and created a small tornado that went toward Jackson.

"I can go right through that tornado." Jackson says cockily. Jackson then runs right through the tornado,but with the speed of the tornado going in circles,Jackson unintentionally spins around with the tornado and gets spit out by the tornado.

"Didn't mean that to happen...." Jackson says being dizzy after the tornado.

"Heh. You shouldn't act arrogant like that. A situation such as that could cost you the battle!" said Rukia as she sprouted her dragon wings and flew above Jackson. "Now then, Sukaiwarutsu: Heavely Force!" shouted Rukia as she sent a large sword beam wave toward Jackson.

"Alright! She's using her sky moves now!" said Bowyen.

"Heh that guy would have a tough time fighting an aerial opponent." said Draycen.

"Damn,she's right." Jackson says,"Better fix that now!" He says running toward the sword beam wave. He hops and lands on the sword beam while it was moving, and then jumps again to do a front flip,"Soku Soku: Divekick" He says as he does divekick for Rukia.

"He actually hopped on the sword beam?! Impressive." said Rukia who matched his dive kick with one of her own powered by her wind.

"Can't let him have all of the fun! Time for a surprise heatwave!" said Bowyen as he launched a powerful heatwave toward Jackson.

"Take care not to hit the captain again or you will feel her wrath again!" said Draycen laughing.

"Dammit Dray that was an accident!" said Bowyen.

Jackson was staring down at Rukia until the heat wave was coming toward him. He then drops down and jumps over the heat wave,"Time to go to second gear..." He says as he sudden has a sudden change of speed than his faster ones from before. The speed gave him a lot of electricity while he was running. Jackson courses the electricity to his fists and runs toward Bowyen with the static punch,"Soku Soku:350 mph static punch" He says as he punched Bowyen in the lower abdomen.

"GAH!!" shouted Bowyen as he was sent flying backwards.

"Yo Bowyen! Are you alright?!" shouted Draycen.

"N-Never better! N-Nothing more painful than getting a superfast electric-powered punch in the gut.." said Bowyen.

"Hmph. So he can increase his speed even more than that huh? I better step up my game as well." said Rukia as she shifted into her hybrid from. "Wind Burst!" Shouted Rukia as she sent a breath full of wind toward Jackson that was also ripping away at the area in it's path.

Jackson crosses his arms to block off the wind that was pushing against him. He then moves out of the wind's way and starts running toward Dracyen,"Soku Soku: 400 mph Breathtaking Kick" He says as he does a flying leap kick to Dracyen in the chest.

"Geez!" said Draycen as he got his grip and tried to strike back with an Electro-powered kick that was at high speed. "This bastard is tricky!"

"Easy Draycen. His speed is even greater than yours right now. You need to be more tactful." said Rukia.

"Looks like you've forgotten there are two you three are fighting." Jackson says as he grabs Dracyen's leg from the kick,"Bzzt Ok that hurt! But I'm sure this'll hurt worse." He says as he runs with a hold of Dracyen's leg. He then throws Dracyen at Banzai's mouth. Where Dracyen lands in Banzai's mouth,and Banzai starts chewing on Dracyen like a chew toy.

"GAH!! THE HELL!?" shouted Draycen as he started to disperse Electro to save himself.

"HEY!!! NO USING MY FRIEND AS A CHEW TOY!!!" shouted Bowyen has he got up to run toward Banzai.

"You think you got this Bowyen? I'll handle this speed demon over here!" shouted Rukia as she flew fast toward Jackson.

"Leave it to me! Heat Wave Smash!" shouted Bowyen as he is running at Banzai with a kick powered by his powers right toward it's chin.

Banzai spits Dracyen out after the kick hit him and whimpers a little. Banzai then starts spitting a bunch of fireballs at the two.

Jackson sees Rukia coming at her starts moving his legs up and down in a running motions,"Looks like we'll be playing chicken!" He says as he runs straight for Rukia,"Soku Soku: 3rd Gear" He says as runs faster and looks like electricity was covering his body."Super Electric Punch" He says throwing a left hook right at Rukia's face.

"Jeez! This thing doesn't let up huh?!" said Bowyen doing backflips as he was dodging the fireballs.

"Bah...I'm going to need a long bath after this. Now I now how chew toys feel." said Draycen as he depressengly dodged by the fireballs as well.

"D-Don't get sad on me now dude!" said Bowyen.

"A quick punch?!" said Rukia as she quickly harden her face with haki to block the punch and hardens one of her arms with Haki as well. "How about this for size?!" said Rukia as she sends her larger fist coated with Haki thanks to being in her hybrid form right to Jackson's face as well.

Rukia's punch hits Jackson fair and square,"oof You've got me on that one." He,with his whole body electricity,courses it into his arms,and coats his arms with haki also,"Soku Soku: 10,000 horsepower!!!" He says dishing out many electric strikes at Rukia with haki.

"Geh..." said Rukia as she was trying to evade the attacks with her flight but the electricity is slowing her down a bit. "This is rather bothersome but I'm not going to back down! Super Sonic Strike!" shouted Rukia as she sent an intense breath of wind toward Jackson from her mouth and wings that is the equivalent of a small windstorm.

Jackson was pulled back far from Rukia as she blowed at Jackson,"Where's your fire? Wind-Breath." He then runs with an electric burst of speed and gets behind Rukia's hybrid form."Friction Breath" He says as he runs around in circles and creates a small tornado around Rukia. He then charges the tornado with electricity,electrocuting Rukia inside.

"Gah...this move is annoying...and I don't possess fire I'm afraid. My dragon model can only use wind." said Rukia as she struggled to get out.

"But I have the fire! Maybe this attack can break it! Heat Wave Burst!" said Bowyen as he sent an intense wave of heat toward the electric tornado.

"Careful not to hurt the captain Bowyen!" shouted Draycen.

"Don't worry! This is to dispel that move! I hope..." said Bowyen.

"Well we know what science says about this..." Jackson says as he watches the tornado collects the fire and adds it to what it was. Now it's an electrical and fiery tornado.

"Not what I intended...but works." Jackson says,"Now time to take you buckos out!" He says as he run towards Bowyen,"Soku Soku: 600 mph roundhouse" He says as he hits a roundhouse kick on Bowyen's head.

"Crap!" said Bowyen as he went crashing into the ground leaving an imprint.

"Yeah...not one of your best ideas Bowyen..." said Draycen.

"S-Shaddup! At least I tried!" said Bowyen from the ground.

"Looks like I have to take care of this myself. Wind Stream!" shouted Rukia as she started to spin herself in a circle creating her own tornado hoping it will be enough to disperse the one that has her currently trapped.

Rukia's tornado overcame Jackson's tornado plus took some of the elements with Rukia. So now Rukia's tornado is on fire and is right now electrical.

"Well shit didn't think that would happen to a small tornado..." Jackson says,"But there's no way you can beat me with a tornado. This fight will take a long time before I'm out. And I still am in full gear!"

"That makes two of us then. Draycen and Bowyen you may want to sit this out. I will have to go full force to stop him myself." said Rukia.

"Got it captain!" said Bowyen.

"Hell yeah! Take that speed demon down!" said Draycen.

"Now then, I think it's time to kick it up into next gear myself!" said Rukia as she started to generate a large amount of wind from her wings and uses it to burst herself forward holding her sword out pointed toward Jackson. Ryu's Gale!" shouted Rukia as she picked up even more speed flying right toward Jackson.

"Well,didn't see that coming." Jackson says,"But I guess I should beat this dragon myself." He says as he bursts himself with a ton of speed toward Rukia,"This could be really painful both of us." He says as he starts generating electricity,"Electric Kamikaze" He says as he runs right into Rukia,both of them getting slammed by each other's speed.

"Gah...so much force even though I have dragon powers they don't allow me to resist all of that electricity..." said Rukia as she was able to land herself on the ground and shake off the electricity. "I would go my full beast form but that may just make be a bigger and slower target. I have to catch this guy trying to get in close to me then try to hit him with one good strike." said Rukia as she gets herself into a defensive position.

"oof Your hard body going that fast was enough to take some of the wind out of me." Jackson says rubbing himself after that hit,"Come on little lady...give me another smooch right here." He says pointing to his chin and lips. He also squares himself up for a defense.

"Geh!? How dare you said that!? He's obviously trying to bait me but I need to make sure I strike at him swiftly anyway!" said Rukia as she took off flying toward him coating her sword in Haki preparing to swing it. "Now then, 'Black Ebony Brust!" shouted Rukia as she prepares to attack at Jackson with her sword.

"H-Hey!? Isn't that what he wants you to do Rukia?!" said Bowyen.

"Bastard turned her own ploy into his own. He is quite the crafty man." said Draycen.

Jackson tries to run back from Rukia's sword strike,but was showing signs of tiredness. So Rukia's sword swiped at Jackson's chest area,forcing him to fly back and land on the ground.

"Damn didn't think she would land it." Jackson says as he gets up,"Can't show weakness..." He says as he runs back at Rukia and charges himself back with electricity,"Soku Soku: 600 mph needle" He says as electricity is focused on his index finger,which he would touch Rukia with the finger.

"Just one finger?!" said Rukia as she was hit by the attack but was able to jump backwards to avoid too much damage. "Man, this guy is real pain with that speed of his being able to generate electricity. I think I better try to end this as quick as I can. I'll wait to see his next move but in the meantime prepare a very strong strike!" said Rukia to herself as she begin to generate a lot of wind energy around her as she started to harden her sword with Haki as well. The debre started to pick up as well causing it to form into more of a dust tornado.

"Bah A dust tornado?" Jackson questions,"I'm getting tired of this fight myself,and I'm my stamina is starting to dwindle. Better finish this fight quickly." He then runs and takes his palm out and starts generating electricity in the hand. The electricity starts swirling like a ball in the palm of Jackson's hands,"Gotta go the fastest I can....'Soku Soku: 763 MPH THRUST!!!!!" He says as he thrusts his arm into Rukia's side,all of the electricity in Jackson's hands transitioning to Rukia.

"Geh...Not going down without fighting back!" said Rukia as she quickly able to raise her sword high and forms a small surge of wind on it with her blade still coated with Haki. "Ebony's End!" shouted Rukia as she was able to send the strike down at Jackson before she herself was sent back by her attack.

"Shit! She just got hit by some crazy move! Is she alright?!" said Bowyen.

"She's fine. Believe it she was able to get a hit on that Marine I think." said Draycen.

Jackson flew back and was knocked down by Rukia's attack,both sword strikes had struck him,making him even weaker."She hit me both times....And I went the fastest I could..." Blood was coming out of his chest and back.

"Get up Commander!" The small marine group watching the fight,"You can still win this!"

"I'll....try!" Jackson says getting up,but wasn't looking the most stable from getting up.

Rukia was barely standing as well still reeling from the last attack that struck her.

"Like a damn compressed ball of electricity striking me all at once...it's rather unfortunate that my opponent uses so much of it." said Rukia wiping blood of her own from her face.

"Hey Rukia! Are you alright?!" said Bowyen.

"I-I am of course. I still have some energy left. I'm only worn down like this because this bastard's electricity is giving me trouble." said Rukia.

"Yeah...she was never good around electricity as she always kept far from me whenever I used a lot of Electro." said Draycen.

"But he looks like he is barely moving himself...maybe I can end this if I can either get to him or the other way around." said Rukia dragging her sword on the ground.

"I'll finish this pirate dragon rat of a woman she is." Jackson says limping toward Rukia,while trying to generate electricity but it was a weak attempt,"I do not know or care of my comrades fates at the moment,all I care is me defeating you for my glory. Then the marines would sing of me!" He says as he throws a weak-electric powered punch at Rukia's face.

"Looks like he has lost his power. I'll just finish you off with the stronger, blunt end of my sword!" said Rukia as she was able to coat the end of her sword in haki and prepares to swing it at him. "How about you just go down already?! Ebony Bash!" shouted Rukia as she swung her sword right into Jackson before he was able to even connect with his punch.

Jackson falls down like a pen into the ground. Jackson was weak enough from the attack that he was knocked out cold.

"Commander!" The marine group shouts.

Xenos,Jezebel,and Blaise vs Pandora

"Want me to plan out the first move Xenos," Blaise asked.

"Try to set up some land mines on the ground to distract her," Xenos instructed, "do it that way, she won't know which areas would detonate or not."

"And what about me, Captain," Jezebel asked.

"Try to attack her from above," Xenos implied.

"Got it," Blaise nodded as he planted his hands on the ground applying his powers into the ground looking towards Pandora.

Jezebel readied her stance about to take off into the sky as Xenos unleashed white wisps towards Pandora surrounding her, "Blinding Wisp!" Suddenly a flash of white blinding light appeared before them.

"Ugh,can't see!" Pandora says seeing the flash and being blinded,"Didn't think it would start like this."

Jezebel immediately took into the sky to see Pandora still blinded, "Looks like that worked out, now for the phase," Jezebel smirked.

"Jezebel NOW," Xenos shouted.

Jezebel let out a loud screech as she divebombed towards Pandora with her talons ready to land a hit on her, "Strix Slash!"

Blaise was waiting patiently with Xenos for Jezebel to make her move and see what Pandora was going to do, "Won't be long now..."

"Just need to wait and see," Xenos said, " hopefully thanks to the blinding wisps, she'll stumble into our trap waiting for her."

Pandora,after refocusing on who she was fighting,saw Jezebel's talons coming right at her. Within a moment,Pandora grabbed Jezebel's leg,and made Jezebel go down with a fast thud to the ground. Jezebel's body was now very heavy,and almost stuck to the ground.

"My fruit is the Weight-Weight fruit." Pandora says,"I can affect the weight of anything or anyone I touch." She then pulls out her duel pistols and shoot at Xenos and Blaise awhile.

"Jezebel," Xenos called out as he managed to dodge the bullets heading his way, his eyes become more intense, "looks like we need to work our way around her fruit if we're going to defeat her..."

Blaise swiftly pulls out his sword then starts spinning it causing the bullets to ricochet back at Pandora, "You honestly think something like that would stop me? Think again!"

Jezebel struggled to get back up but to no avail as she looked up at Pandora, "What the? My body...I can't...move!"

"Looks like I'll be needing the big guns to fight those boys." Pandora says as she pulls out a box and opens it. What popped out of the box was a giant pink mech with giant guns as its arms. Pandora jumps into the mech and starts to control it,"This is what will stop you." She says as she fires off large piercing rounds repeatedly at both Xenos and Blaise.

Xenos and Blaise dodged the piercing rounds before landing thinking of what their next strategy would be.

"Uh-huh, well then, looks like we're gonna have to go the next level with her," Xenos said as he unleashed red wisps surrounding Pandora and her pink mech, "Blaise, think you can use your powers to make the mech explode?"

"Should be able to," Blaise replied as he leapt into the air placing his hands on the pink mech applying swell points onto the mech before landing behind Pandora and her mech.

"Now! Shock Wisp," Xenos shouted as the wisps turned into powers shocks!

"Pop," Blaise whispered as his back was turned away from Pandora and her pink mech.

The mech's armor was mostly able to take the damage of the explosions that Blaise had activated and the shock that Xenos fired at the mech.

"Looks like these boys are kinda tougher than i thought." Pandora says while inside the mech,"They're damaging the mech already." Pandora then has the mech jump high into the sky.

"Time for Meteor Cannon" Pandora says as she activates a giant cannon that'll be fired at Blaise and Xenos.

Blaise looked up at the giant cannon with wide eyes then looked to Xenos who had intense eyes, "What's your next plan Xenos?"

"There's got to be something to stop the attack," Xenos thought to himself, "anything! Wait, I got it!"

Xenos unleashed blue wisps towards the Pandora and the pink mech surrounding the giant cannon, "This should work, Freezing Wisp!" The blue wisps erupted into blue flames engulfing the pink mech.

"Hope this would stop the attack," Xenos said.

"And if it doesn't," Blaise questioned.

"Then there's always an option B but now, we should focus on taking her on while protecting Jezebel," Xeno said.

"Right," Blaise nodded.

"Damn,that fairy devil fruit that kid has is quite annoying to take on." Pandora says,"He's freezing my servers on this mech. If I don't fix this,I'll be falling down to the ground." She then tries to do her best to stop it,but the right arm of the mech explodes due to the freezing,"Damn it. Might as well give it what it has left before it blows.Mini-Missiles" She says unloading a barrage of missiles straight at the trio.

"Protect Jezebel," Blaise shouted as he ran towards the barrage of missles with his sword.

"Blaise," Xenos called out.

"Trust me on this, make sure Jezebel is able to stand again," Blaise yelled out.

Xenos was hesitant at first but nodded as he quickly ran over to Jezebel while Blaise pulled out his sword and began to swiftly swing at the missles hurling them away from him, Jezebel and Xenos while looking up at Pandora with intense eyes.

Blaise noticed one of them aiming towards him with an idea came into mind. He gabbed the missle with his hand then implanted his powers into the missle before he swung it with his sword back towards Pandora and her pink mech.

"Pop Missle," Blaise said in a haunting tone once it made contact with the mech.

The missile explodes on the mech and causes the mech to turn into a ball of flames. Pandora ejects herself out of the mech before it went into a ball of flames. Pandora was now floating in the air thanks to her lightening her weight. She then touches the mech and lightens it. "Asteroid Mech!!" Pandora says as she throws the aflamed mech right at the trio,knowing it will explode once it hits the ground.

"Shit, now what," Blaise called out to Xenos.

"Give me a minute, let me think of something," Xenos replied as he tried to think of a plan to counter the attack.

"Xenos, I don't wanna sound critical," Blaise growled as he continued to look at the flaming mech heading towards them


"WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME," Blaise shouted.


"She's right, there has to be something to stop the flames on the mech...," Blaise thought.

Then it hit Xenos, he unleashed blue wisps towards the aflamed mech surrounding it until it was covered in blue wisps, "Freezing Wisp!"

The wisps couldn't do anything to stop the gigantic, flaming mech that was coming down at them like it was a giant meteor.

"Looks like they can't do anything when the fire is so big." Pandora says as she watches in the air while floating.

"Well, that didn't go as I thought..." Xenos muttered to himself.

"Got any other bright ideas," Blaise sneered.

"Unless we were to combine our physical attacks together, we might be able to stop it," Xenos said.

"That could work but in case you forgot, Jezebel can't move worth shit," Blaise remarked.

"What about me," Jezebel asked standing before them with her hand on her hips looking at them with a scowl on her face.

"What the," Blaise gasped, "how were you able to get up?!"

"Must have worn off after a certain amount of time," Jezebel said, "now, we should focus on stopping that fiery mech from heading our way!"

"As suggested, if we combine our strength, we might be able to send the fiery mech back at her," Xenos suggested.

"Worth a try," Blaise said raising his sword.

"Don't have an issue with that," Jezebel said as she prepared her talon hands.

All three leapt into the air as Blaise used his sword to hit an uppercut on the fiery mech. Jezebel used her talons to deliver a strong punch at the mech along with Xenos who delivered a roundhouse kick at the mech with their strength combined.

"Don't...let up," Xenos shouted

As the trio pushed their way through, they managed to send the fiery mech back towards Pandora!

"What! My powers wore out on her..." Pandora says,"And the mech is coming back toward me!!" She says as she gets hit by the fiery mech and forces her from the sky to the ground below. The fiery crash stopped and exploded on the ground,and Pandora was seen about a 100 yards away knocked unconscious from the crash.

Blaise, Jezebel and Xenos landed on the ground as they say looked over to see if the plan worked.

"I think, we got her," Xenos said.

"Hope so, cause it's hard to tell from here," Blaise said cracking his neck, "God that was annoying to deal with."

"Let me go see how she's doing," Jezebel said as she flew over to where Pandora landed noticing she was on the ground unconscious grinning to herself, "Once again, you've done it again Xenos."

"Well," Xenos asked looking up at the sky where Jezebel was.

"Anything," Blaise called out.

"Looks like she's out, it worked out as planned Captain," Jezebel grinned.

"Knew it would,"Xenos replied as a small smile appeared on his face.

"Heh, you've done it again," Blaise smirked.

"What do you expect, now then, think we should help the other," Xenos suggested.

"Probably should," Blaise nodded, "but what about her?"

"If she gets up, we can knock her back down again," Jezebel said, "she's nothing! Let's get going!"


"Shit!!" one of the marines says,"Our leaders has been taken out by these pirates."

"Get our leaders and let's get going." Says a young woman looking at each of them,"We don't have any more time to be hanging around."

"Yes Ma'am!" The marines say to the woman.

"Come on Banzai,let's wake your master up." The woman says to Banzai,who was now a small cute dog again."Jackson you idiot! Your leadership skills still need work,no wonder why Arthur is a commodore and not you!" She says grabbing Jackson's shirt and pulling him with her.

"Lieutenant! We have Commodore Arthur and Captain Pandora!" The marines say while dragging each of their bodies,"Shall we go?"

"Yes,let's get going now." The woman marine says.


"John!" Alice says running to John being bruised up and wounded,"My God! You need a medic. Someone go get Violet!"

"Tis but a flesh wound Alice." John groans,"How are my friends holdin up?"

"I got kicked through the ground but I'm alright!" said Bowyen who had minor scars on him.

"I got chewed up by a massive mutt but I've been thrthrough a lot worse..." said Draycen who was rubbing your head.

"Hmph. You two got off easy then. I feel like I may have fractured a few bones in that fight." said Rukia who was covered in a lot more bruises and was even bleeding from the mouth a bit. "Annoying Marine with his speed..."

"But you been through a lot more worse than that!" said Bowyen.

"Yeah and you try to fight him for a change." said Rukia in a snarky tone.

"Damn...we had to deal with a crazy lady with a power to made my body feel like a thousand tons," Jezebel groaned cracking her spine back into place now in her human form.

"Wait what? No no, Jezebel, there's no "we" the only "we" was Xenos and I," Blaise scoffed, "we did most of the work while protecting you."

"Come again," Jezebel growled glaring at Blaise with sharp gold eyes.

"I'm sorry, I meant "we" as in you, Xenos and I," Blaise whimpered a bit.

"Good," Jezebel smiled a bit looking away.

"She scares me sometimes..." Blaise whispered to Xenos who cracked his neck a bit.

"What was your first clue," Xenos said in a blunt tone, "besides, if her Devil Fruit powers didn't wore off in time, we would've been at a huge disadvantage without Jezebel."

"Yea, you're right," Blaise sighed.

Violet comes running in as the doctor of the Mad Pirates,she runs to John and says,"My God,you've taken a lot of damage."

"Well I was taking on a man that can harden his skin like rocks." John answers.

"You will need to go to the steam bath to fix you up." Violet says.

"Thank you Kakashi..." John says to Kakashi.

"No need to thank me,you finished the job." Kakashi says,"Now let me lift you over me and take you to this steam bath." He says picking John up and into John's ship.

Violet then runs over and looks over to Rukia,"You can go follow John as well there. Tim should lead you the way there."

"Do you three need any medical assistance?" Violet then asks Xenos,Jezebel,and Blaise.

"Sure thing. It's better than standing here dripping blood." said Rukia as she prepares to follow John and Tim.

"You sure you'll be fine Draycen? You did get chewed up by a bigger species after all!" said Bowyen laughing.

"Better that then get punched through the ground itself!" said Draycen laughing back.

"I don't mind being looked at," Jezebel said, "think after dealing with that weight lady might have done a number on me."

"I should be fine," Blaise replied, "thanks anyway."

"I barely got any scratches on me," Xenos said, "Jezebel needs more help than us two."

"Follow me then." Violet says while running straight to the ship.

Right at the Steam Bathroom

"Just place him in there now." Violet says pointing to the large,steamy pool that is known as the bath."Make sure to place him in there gently,those wounds look pretty bad." She says as she runs to the medical bay of the ship.

"No worries ma'am." Kakashi says dropping John gently at the bath,"You'll be having visitors soon entering."

"Like I needed them." John says gritting his teeth after getting down on the steaming hot water."Who would they be?"

"Your wife most likely." Kakashi says,"Seems Captain Rukia and Jezebel too."

"Why always the ladies?" John asks,"Can't I have some time with the boys?"

"Might need to find more crewmates and friends then." Kakashi chuckles,"Hey....You have caught the interest of me,Hannah,Rapunzel,Piper,Minerva especially. Your will to fight back and get back up is amazing to us. A certain will that reminds us of our masters."

"Masters?" John asks,"Y'all ain't some slave now aren't ya?"

"No,but we're users of an art called Shinigami." Kakashi says,"It is an art founded by our masters Grimm Jacob and Grimm Wilhelm. Them two have taught all of us this fighting style that is also considered a book that has just started writing."

"Can you get to the point of this cryptic talk." John asks.

"We think you will be a good addition to the list of fighters we have that learn it." Kakashi says,"Will you be willing?"

"Lemme think about it later." John says,"I need to survive Violet's medicines first."

"Which no doubt you will." Kakashi smiles.

"Quite the interesting name. Shinigami." said Draycen.

"Sounds like some kind of death spirit to me!" said Bowyen.

"Kinda reminds me of those other fighting styles I've seen..." said Rukia.

"Shin...gami," Blaise wondered, "this is new."

"First time I've actually heard of it," Jezebel said.

"Same here, I haven't even heard of a fighting style like that existing," Xenos thought.

"It's a style that is an art,while it showing off darkness." Kakashi says,"Like our move,Devil's Breath is one of them,that was a powerup move that I forced on John to help him win his fight."

"Stay still John." Violet says getting into the pool to look on John,"Rukia and Jezebel,enter the pool and I'll get to you guys after I take care of captain."

"You can take care of them." John says,"Rukia's wounds look about as bad as mine."

"You're my captain. I serve you first." Violet states.

"Fair enough." John says knowing he can't change Violet's mind.

"You ok John?" Alice says as she enters the bathroom.

"I'm fine Alice." John answers as he groans from the medical cream Violet is applying on him,"If Hak isn't high on his caterpillar ass and smoking his doped out hookah,tell him to get out a bottle of rum and give it to me."

"I can just go get it." Alice says as she goes into the kitchen.

"It's only but a scratch...Somewhat." said Rukia trying not to show pain from her wounds. "I think we probably should at least get a helmsmen to help steer our ship."

"Right we been needing one for awhile. It is sudden but I think this place could have a good one." said Bowyen.

"Where to even look at? Like a port with some sailors or something?" said Draycen.

"Nah I think shipwrights are there...maybe..." said Bowyen.

"There could be someone here that fits your crew." John says,"I'm sure you probably wouldn't find someone as crazy as some of my crewmates." He then chuckles.

"Here's your rum." Alice says giving the bottle to John.

"Better drink this so I won't feel the pain as much." John says pulling the cork of the bottle with his teeth,and spitting the cork out. He then takes a gulp of rum down,"Man it burns your throat,but is also sweet." He says feeling the rum go down his throat."But anyways,this place could have a good architect that could be a good addition to your crew as a helmsman,and perhaps as an architect if you need it."

"I see a good architect huh? That could really prove beneficatal." said Rukia.

"I really hope this person is a girl! It will be interesting to have one!" said Bowyen.

"Heh you just want someone to date don't you? You can't fool me!" said Draycen.

"Hah....a man can dream huh? At least someone that can appreciate good cooking!" said Bowyen.

"Male or female, as long they're good, it'll be fine with me." said Rukia.

"Ummmm O....K....hey Xenos, think an architect is needed for our crew," Blaise asked.

"No," Xenos answered blunty before turning around.

"Told you," Jezebel chuckled to herself.

"I'd rather look for members who would be more beneficial for our crew than ones who won't prove their worth," Xenos said.

"You say it in a way that makes it feel like everyone else isn't useful," Jezebel said.

"It's not like that," Xenos denied, "look, we have you Blaise, a swordsman, Jezebel who's a navigator, Celine, a doctor, and Zila, whose a huntress. We're still missing some people who would be vital for our crew."

"True," Blaise said looking away for a bit.

I basically have every member I need in my crew." John says,"Most of my crew are from my homeland. Most of us tried to fill in a position we could be interested in. But I would like to get some more experienced members into the crew." He then seethes his teeth as he feels the sudden sting of part of the medical cream.

"You ok?" Alice asks as she dives into the path to get next to John.

"I'm fine..." John says,"I'm sure mother wouldn't recognize me right now with me looking all bruised on my face." He chuckles,"So,you want help finding a crewmember?" He then asks Rukia,"I should probably help since I do owe ya a new pair of clothes."

"Sure I think that will be fair." said Rukia with a nod.

"Yikes that guy is pretty harsh about crewmates huh? Hate to work under him." said Bowyen scratching his head.

"But we are definitely "worth our worths! We are some of the best fighters of our crew!" said Draycen with a smile.

"Yeeep...the three best fighters of our 5 person crew." said Bowyen still scratching his head.

"That...was too cruel...," Xenos said looking to Bowyen.

"He doesn't mean it like that," Jezebel added, "what he's trying to say is, he does cares...in his own weird way."

"Now you're making me feel like crap," Xenos sulked.

"Come on now," Blaise smiled patting Xenos' back, "we know you're not that mean, come up, smile!"

"Fine," Xenos sighed then looked up at Blaise and Jezebel with a small smile.

"There we go," Blaise chuckled, "better now?"

"Kinda...maybe," Xenos shrugged.

"Anyone want a bottle of rum?" John asks holding up another bottle.

"John,I think that rum is getting to ya quicker than that fine wine we have." Alice chuckles.

"At least I don't feel the pain." John answers.

"There,that should do the job." Violet says,"Might want to put some makeup on that face of yours. No way those bruises and marks are gonna be healed quickly."

"I'll take care of it after his bath." Alice says.

"Why is this room steamy?" John asks looking around the bath.

"Yeah that rum has hit him quicker and harder than that Arthur's punches." Kakashi says taking the bottle from John,"Damn,even drank the whole bottle,you usually get drunk from rum in like 5 shots."

"Well ain't that the reason why he's drunk." Alice says,"He drank a whole bottle instead of shots."

"True." Kakashi says.

"Now let me look at you." Violet says to Rukia,"Seems you have some similar fractures to John,shouldn't take too long."

"You might want some rum for that...." John says having some sense still.

"I have brought some bottles of rum." Tim says.

"Wow that guy can't hold his bottle huh? I'm no drinker myself but mythical zoans like me usually have a better resistance. I'll have one." said Rukia taking one and drinking it.

"I never knew rum also works as a healing medicine! It's a drunken fighter's best friend!" said Bowyen.

"I don't think that's how it works but glad I'm not injured too bad as rum doesn't sit well with me." said Draycen.

"I prefer wine! It naturally goes well with nearly any dish! Cheese omlets with a side of grapes, Macoroni with goat cheese and a side of toast and tomatoes...I could go on and on!" said Bowyen.

"Damn you making me want to become a drunk now!" said Draycen with a laugh.

"I prefer vodka than rum," Xenos said, "rum and I don't really get along that well..."

"I wonder why," Blaise snickered to himself, "at least I can handle my share of booze."

"Shut...up," Xenos growled.

"You boys don't know how to handle your booze," Jezebel scoffed, "red wine is my go to for me."

"Since when," Xenos and Blaise asked in unison.

"Like I want to tell either one of you," Jezebel scowled.

"I don't normally drink unless it's a party." John says regaining sense,"Rum cocktails are what I normally drink besides champagne and wine. I rarely drink rum from the bottle unless it is situations like this."

"Looks like you're regaining your sense already." Kakashi says,"Most people stay drunk until the drink wears off."

"Nope,it's just an initial side effect." John says,"I won't allow myself to get drunk all the time."

"You feeling better already captain?" Violet asks while bandaging up Rukia's arms and other bones.

"Slightly,I don't feel the pain,but I at least don't feel drunk." John says,"But the darn hangovers come quickly."

"Want me to kiss your head to fix that?" Alice says lowering herself to John's head and kissing the top of his head.

"You didn't need to do that." John says while in pain,blushing from embarrassment,and not wanting Alice to kiss him at the moment.

"Phew. It has kick to it alright but it's notherless pretty good." said Rukia.

"Having that dragon's blood will help in drinking contests that for sure. Also heh that guy got kissed like a dog." said Bowyen as Draycen shot him an eyebrow raise. "Not in that sense!" said Bowyen defensily.

"Hahaha! Was just messing with ya! I was thinking maybe your own girl could be someone that will do that to you one day!" said Draycen.

"Having a taller woman do that...? Not trying to sound against the other gender by any means but I'd really prefer someone my height..." said Bowyen scratching his head.

"How did this went from discussing a helmsmen to talking about women preferences?" said Rukia.

"I won't even ask," Xenos said, "I personally don't care about "preferences" right now with women."

"And to think I thought he would be interested in me," Jezebel muttered to herself pouting.

"Something wrong Jezebel," Blaise asked, "you look like something made you upset."

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS," Jezebel snapped, "I don't hear you talking about any women you like!"

"Just checking in, take it easy," Blaise said backing away slowly then turned his attention to Xenos, "I seriously don't understand women..."

"Why do you think that's not on my list of things on my mind right now," Xenos asked cynically chuckling.

"Why's that funny to you, huh," Blaise wondered.

"Think it's refreshing to see Jezebel snapping at you than at me most of the time," Xenos laughed.

"Topics aside,looks like after we get some small R&R,we'll be looking for your helmsman." John says,"Ok I'm hungry. I hope that breakfast casserole is still warm." He says getting up from the bath.

"Uhhhhh you want to tell him Tim?" Kakashi says.

"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum had ate the casserole while y'all were busy fighting." Tim says to John.

"Dammit those hedgehogs." John says taping himself up,"Great crewmates they are but dumb they are as well."

"Want me to cook something honey?" Alice asks.

"No,we can go downstairs and eat some of Patricks grilled bbq burgers." John says putting on his suit and placing his hat on,"Besides I gotta go down to Johnny for a new clock and steel pipe." He then looks at himself in the mirror,"Boy I look pretty as ever."

"You're saying that as you just got some heavy injuries." Violet says while looking at Jezebel.

"Like I said,they're nothing but broken limbs and a out of socket arm that you putted back in socket." John says,"I'm heading down to Patrick's grill." He says as he exits the bathroom.

"Yeah. I'm done with this place and ready to just relax myself." said Rukia as she got up and stretched.

"Man BBQ sounds good but that talk of wine earlier has me craving for some cheese-related dishes!" said Bowyen as he pulled out a large bottle of wine. "Can't have it without this!"

"Y-You had the on you the entire time?" said Draycen.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I have wine for a dish I have planned?" replied Bowyen.

"W-Where you even get that?" asked Draycen.

"Internet. Now! Cheese n' Wine time!" said Bowyen walking off.

"The hell is the internet?" said Draycen with his head tilted.

"I hate cheese," Xenos blurted out before he stopped with a dumbfounded look on his face over what he said.

"What was that," Blaise asked Xenos.

"Nothing, forget what I just said," Xenos replied looking away.

"I heard wine...count me in, please," Jezebel smiled innocently with clasped hands looking towards Bowyen.

"Bowyen, don't," Blaise warned, "before you ask why, just don't."

"Ignore him, you wouldn't refuse a cute girl like me some wine would you," Jezebel asked with wide gold eyes.

"I don't want any part of this," Xenos sighed.

Going back in town like nothing happened

"Well,let's go find your helmsman." John says exiting his ship to enter the island,"Didn't knew we did a lot of damage to this island's port." John says looking around on what was the battlefield.

"Yeah,it's quite the damage." Alice says also looking around.

"Doesn't help with my "footprint" being in the areas I enter." John says,"Better find this helmsman quick and then we need to get out of here before the marines come back."

"What about our honeymoon?" Alice asks.

"We'll have to go somewhere else." John answers.

"When can we stop running?" Alice asks.

"A pirate can't stop running is the unfortunate answer." John says,"It's either run or be eaten by the unstoppable dragon. But there are those powerful enough to take on that dragon and let piracy live."

"May I ask why you've became a pirate?" Kakashi asks looking at John.

"Where else was home?" John asks,"The Kingdom of Hearts? That home is nothing but tarts. The people regarded my dad mad as a hatter. And my mother is forced to be the king and queens baker. None of this makes it none the better. For me,home was the seas of infinite possibilities. Going on adventures to places where one could never think of the capabilities. My father was a marine,and he told me when he was fifteen,"John,never become one of the marines. Or else you'll be entering on their lying smoke screens. The world government has faces of stinky green beans. Instead,go to the land of Wonderland I tell you about. Go there,it is a world away from the world." My father always went to this wonderland whenever he got the chance to get a break from the marines. Though I may doubt,since he hasn't mailed me in 14 fortnights,but I could believe that he is living in wonderland right now. Made it his home,and it shall soon be mine."

"What if you don't find this "wonderland"?" Kakashi asks.

"My father always told me to stand proud and stout." John answers,"And look for multiple goals to accomplish. So I set off,looking for adventure,looking for wonderland,looking to be pirate king.... But such of being a pirate king is a goal of madness. But a man who could have no other goal,what else can you do but stand on a foal?"

"Respectable goals." Kakashi says with some respect for John now,"You definitely have the will to be a pirate,and the mindset of one too."

"That is quite interesting. And everyone does strive to be the pirate king. I know my father is always trying to get me to rule over our own smaller kingdom but I'm not going to do so just because he wants me to.

"Yeah like Pirate King sounds cool but Supreme King as in Cooking Supreme King sounds cooler to me! That's my goal!" said Bowyen.

"Heh my goal is to help you guys on their goals! I always been one to help out others that want to achieve near impossible dreams!" said Draycen.

"But does this place even exist? Sounds like a fantasy." said Bowyen.

"I'm sure it is as real as a chef that can generate heat waves at will." said Rukia.

"Heh you got me there." said Bowyen rubbing his head.

"I haven't particularly thought of what my reason for sailing the sea is," Xenos said, "though, I am after something."

"You and I both," Blaise replied, "I went through a series of many unfortunate events. My goal is to find those I was separated from just so I know they're okay..."

"And what unfortunate events would that be," Xenos asked.

"I'd...rather not talk about it," Blaise answered looking away.

"My goal is to see the world and see where it takes me," Jezebel said with a small smile, "doesn't matter where we land or sail to, I want to see everything!"

"I mean this wonderland should exist if I'm getting my growing funguses and my shrinking water there." John answers,"But anyways,Miss Captain Rukia,where shall we go find your helmsman?" He says as he lowers his hat toward Rukia.

"Of course. That is one of our original objectives after all." said Rukia.

"Where the hell is Creaser and Summers at anyway? They would want to be around for this right?" said Bowyen.

"I think Summers is taking a jog outside and Creaser was wandering around near her doing his own thing. They're around." said Draycen.

"Finally getting some new members....I seems so lonely with just the five of us." said Bowyen.

"I agree. We need to become a more notable crew with more members." said Rukia.

"Something on your mind Xenos," Blaise asked.

"Hm? Oh, it's nothing really, just thinking about something," Xenos answered, "where are Zila and Celine?"

"Knowing Zila probably looking for things to add to her collection while Celine is busy on her reading," Jezebel said with a shrug.

"Think it's about time we find more crew members too," Blaise wondered.

"Most likely," Xenos nodded, "we are pretty strong right now but it's not enough."

"I know my crew is doing their thing in the ship." John says,"All I need is Alice and Tim. Ain't that right my rather tall friends." Him knowing that Alice and Tim are taller than him.

"Indeed." Alice says,"Let's go find your helmsman Rukia."

"Let's hope blood doesn't need spilling." Tim says,"Don't want to ruin my fur,plus we shouldn't be late for dinner too captain."

"Time time time,we got plenty of time Tim." John says,"Where should we look for this helmsman?"

"Well a helmsman is a person that knows about the ship and knows how to steer one." Tim answers,"We could look around here in the docks."

"We could also look in town." Alice says.

"And risk our necks again for slave hunters or marines to go back in town?" Tim says,"Yeah I prefer to keep my head on."

"Our ship is fairly big and this person would need to be good at steering." said Rukia.

"Maybe a Fishman?" said Bowyen.

"Nah they're not out in these parts. Besides I was hoping for something...you know less obvious?" said Draycen.

"Less obvious?" said Bowyen confused.

"Anywho, anyone would fit but of course has to be someone physically capable." said Rukia.

"You know someone we could use for our crew right about now," Jezebel suggested.

"What would that be," Xenos asked.

"When do you think is the time we would need a chef," Jezebel wondered.

"She makes a point," Blaise shrugged, "be nice to have a crew member who can make awesome meals."

"I agree, though hard to say we would find one here," Xenos said.

"Yeah I say you can look through another island or a ship later for finding your cook." John says to Xenos,"For now,let's find a helmsman."

They walk around the docks for a moment,looking for any potential people who might be interested.

"Any big ideas there Tim?" John asks,"You probably look at the next mile or so with your height."

"I mean this island ain't that big as I can see." Tim says,"The only big thing is the giant umbrella tree in the center."

"Maybe we can go up to the top of the tree and see if there is people who are interested." Alice says.

"How does one get to the top of that tree anyway?" Tim asks,"I mean it looks like a small city is on top of that tree."

"Who knows in this Grand Line." John says.

"Hmmm....maybe around here?" said Rukia looking around.

"I asked around these guys and none of them are good helsmen." said Bowyen.

"I actually got one hit! They said it's some guy name Magnus around here that competed in boat races! Maybe he could be of help!" said Draycen.

"Boat races? Doesn't that sound rather unsafe if he is the one that does that kind of things?" said Rukia.

"Nah. The people also said that he does it more as a "hobby" rather than something to be reckless. They even said he could steer through a hurricane in his sleep! Literally!" said Draycen.

"Damn in his sleep? He does sound pretty useful!" said Bowyen.

"Indeed...where would we even look for this man?" asked Rukia.

"They said we can't miss him as he is probably the tallest person here. I was thinking he may be a giant or close to that size." said Draycen.

"Steer through a hurricane...in his sleep," Jezebel questioned, "well, putting that aside, if he's hard to miss, wouldn't we need to know what this Magnus person looks like?"

"Jezebel makes a point," Blaise said, "just going by the name on its own, we're basically going around in circles."

"If only there was a way to be able to find him," Xenos thought, "unless..."

"What did you have in mind," Jezebel asked.

"If searching for this Magnus person, I could use one of my wisps to find him but if doing so, don't want to bring attention to myself," Xenos explained.

"Trueee, any other ideas," Blaise asked.

"I mean,Magnus sounds like a giant." John says,"So...." John then snaps his fingers,and one of the marbles inside John's pockets bring out a large spyglass. John then looks around the place and says,"Hmmmmmm,is it possible his home is in a place you can't miss?"

"What do you mean John?" Alice asks.

"Does this Magnus live in that city on top of the tree or here in the docks?" John clarifies himself,"Need my spyglass Rukia?" He says offering it.

"Sure. Thank you." said Rukia as she grabbed the spyglass and started to look around and notices a rather large house that had a rustic design to it. "Hm. That house in particular looks out of the ordinary. I wonder if that is his place?"

"Is it? It does look like something that will fit a giant but is he even there?" said Bowyen.

"Wouldn't hurt to knock. Though the people I asked also said he likes to keep to himself and is often on the move. So half of the time, he is at home and the other half he is doing his own thing. There is also a part that he said he gets annoyed easily and may attack us..." said Draycen.

"T-That would've been good to know at first! I got floored by a giant in the past already thank you very much!" said Bowyen.

"Nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to ask. If he wants to fight, then we'll fight." said Rukia.

"Can't argue with that logic," Blaise said, "he got a problem with us, I'll let my sword do the talking."

"Do you honestly think that being this reckless would actually help them," Xenos asked sighing.

"No, but if it came down to it then yes," Blaise admitted looking away.

"Look, someone should just knock on the door and see if he answers," Jezebel said, "if he answers with no signs of attacking us, then we're good, if he does, then we just do what Rukia mentioned."

"As much as I like the phrasing of that, Jezebel I'm still gonna have to go with no," Xenos said, "and by no, I mean hell no."

"Are you kidding me," Jezebel scowled, "you heard Bowyen, what if this Magnus is a giant?"

"And you, like myself, Blaise and everyone else in our crew, have never encountered a giant so how would we know what one looks like," Xenos asked in a blunt tone.

"Well then." John says,"I doubt he can be any taller than Tim here."

"Giants are known to be bigger than me Captain." Tim says.

"Oh..." John says,"Well we better knock on his door."

"Wonder what this Magnus will be like." Alice says.

"Why not you knock on the door miss?" John says looking at Rukia,motioning her with his pole to the door.

"Alright." said Rukia as she knocks on the door. After what it appeared to be a few minutes, a large man with a scar over his eye can be seen. He was definitely taller than your average human but not quite giant size. However, it was clear that he did have some giant blood in him. He had a very stern looking expression on his face with a twig in his mouth. "Are you Magnus by any chance?" asked Rukia.

"...What of it pirate?" said Magnus is a very deep tone as he looks at all of the people around his door.

"Wait, how did you know I am a pirate?" asked Rukia.

"...Word gets around here quick... Pirates causing trouble for the Marines? ...It's old news around here..." said Magnus who appears to be making pauses with each sentence he speaks.

"Why does he keep talking like that?" asked Bowyen.

"Not sure...maybe that twig in his mouth?" said Draycen.

"We were going to ask if you want to join our crew since you are stated to be a skilled helmsmen." said Rukia.

"...Old times... I don't do that stuff anymore... Now, beat it... The lot of you... Especially the one with the stupid hat..." said Magnus who briefly looked at John.

"Quite the tough nut to crack..." said Bowyen.

"Hmmm guessing this won't be an easy task then," Jezebel said, "any other ideas?"

"Can I interrogate him," Blaise asked pulling his sword out.

Xenos glanced over to Blaise giving him an intimidatingly cold glare, "Don't you even dare..."

"Fine...," Blaise gulped as he quickly put his sword away, "what else you got in mind?"

"Hmmm, with Magnus being a skilled helmsman but saying it was a long ago," Xenos said, "so there must be something that might have stopped him from his passion...anything. Maybe if we were to find out what that is, can go from there and see how we can change his mind to join Rukia's crew."

"I see, though how would we approach that is the better question," Jezebel wondered.

"I should take it personal that he called me out about my hat." John says,"Tim,is my hat that stupid?"

"Ah shut up captain." Tim says,"Anyway,yeah it could be a good idea to find out what that certain event was."

"Though someone that looks as barbaric as he was,he might be a tough one to convince." Alice says.

"I got an idea! Maybe a nice large lady his size and a good bottle of pirate rum can convince him!" John thinks out loud.

"Captain,I think the rum is still in ya." Tim says.

"It is not!" John says.

"I think he means to say that your thinking kinda on the mad side there honey." Alice says.

"Well I don't think it's that stupid." John says,"Even the dumb hedgehogs can think of something dumber."

"...You know... It's quite rude to talk about someone... That is standing right in front of you... I won't say again..." said Magnus as he suddenly takes out a very long whip from his side. "As I said... I have no interest in joining... So leave before I get mad..."

"Is that a freaking whip? That thing looks really strong and it looks like he will attack soon!" said Bowyen backing up.

"That looks more like a damn chain than a whip but it does look like it'll hurt like hell to get hit by that." said Draycen.

Rukia, however, was keeping a level head as she tried not to provoke him any further. "Listen Magnus, I'm not sure what happened to cause you to turn away from your profession, but I assure you that the spark will come back if you join us. Maybe if you can tell us what happened if you tell us?" asked Rukia.

"I have no intention of saying... That life is past me... It's only a hobby now... And even still, I won't use it to help mere pirates... You lot make a lot of noise but... You don't have the power to back it up... I sensed all of your Haki... It doesn't compare yet... This world will eat you and your crew alive... That's the reality... So stop trying to make names of yourselves and go home... I made myself clear..." said Magus who looked even more angry.

"Wait...you said that in a way that personally happened with you before...We need to calm him down a bit to see if he will tell us more clearly." said Rukia.

"This isn't good," Jezebel whispered to Xenos, "what now?"

"Give me a second to think," Xenos replied.

"This Magnus guy is starting to piss me off right now," Blaise growled under his breath, "want me to give him a good beating?"

"That won't be necessary," Jezebel said glaring at Blaise.

"Magnus, I understand that you don't wish to explain your reason of why you gave up on your profession but," Xenos paused for a second remaining calm wearing a stern look on his face, "there has be something that caused you to turn away from your passion. You can fight us if you wish but, we just want a simple answer, nothing more."

"Yeah uhhhh sorry of being rude to you." John says,"But yeah,all we really want is to know why you must've quitted being a pirate." He says this with a sincere and serious look,"We can do this the easy way,or the hard way. Your choice." He says as he discreetly puts his hand into his shirt pocket where his clock is at.

"Indeed I mean we did just want to know what happened. I'm not trying to force you back out to your profession." said Rukia.

Magnus looks at them all and takes a deep sigh before he speaks up again. "...Fine but after I tell you... You will want to quit being pirates... I'll make it short... I'd rather not bore myself to sleep.." said Magnus as he leaned against the wall. "20 years ago... Was part of a pirate crew... We were making names... World Government was after us... The works.. I was the helmsmen of course... Best one around... My captain was a man named Captain Broke that loved taking risks... He was an adventurer... He always would tell me to steer through hurricanes... My crew enjoyed the danger... It was why we were called the Risks Pirates... We took risks of course... However... One day... He got too eager... Wanted to go to the New World... The infamous Death Tide... No one has survived it... He wanted to make a name for himself and our crew... He wanted me to steer us through the waters... I didn't want to let him down so I accepted it... We were so eager to conquer this current... However... When we got there... It was a good reason it was called the "Death Tide"... Hurricanes... Tornadoes... Whirlpools... And waves that can easily crush a ship... We saw the remains of other ships that didn't make it out alive... Broke had faith in me to steer us through... And I did... We nearly made it through and then... the biggest wave ever was upon us... We could either ride it and make ourselves known... Or avoid it and come out alive... Broke of course wanted me to steer us through... He believed a lot in me... I steered us through the current... But I lost focus because of a large thunderbolt... Our ship went crashing down into the sea... Completely wrecking it... There were no survivors... Except for me for some reason.. Fate wanted to keep me alive to torture me of my failure? ... I believe it... I was eventually found by a passing crew... Who took the "calmer" side after picking me up... Since then, I stopped steering professionally... It's a hobby now and I stick to this island... Nothing more... Do you kids think you're ready for the pirate world? ...You think you can take on the New World? ...Just give it up... That life is over for me... My steering lead to the deaths of many... And I refuse to put others through that again.." explained Mangus with his fists clutching angrily as he was clearly still haunted by his past.

"Damn...I didn't know..." said Bowyen.

"Same here...I knew it was bad but that's...wow..." said Draycen.

"I was born in the New World so I know how dangerous it could be. It wasn't your fault what happened Mangus." said Rukia.

"...It was... I had a choice to say "no." ...But I didn't... I wanted to prove myself more...and killed everyone on the ship because of it..." said Mangus.

"Wow...just...wow," Jezebel said, "I don't even know what to say..."

"Neither do I..." Blaise said, "kinda makes me feel bad for thinking ahead of using my sword to get an answer..."

"Well there are moments where we comes across obstacles that are difficult to go through," Xenos said, "my deepest apologies over what happened to you and your crew."

"Same goes from me and Blaise," Jezebel replied while Blaise nodded.

"Though, you make a point, Magnus" Xenos continued, "I've only known John and Rukia's crew for a short while but, we all have our own dreams. Who knows, some of us have encountered people telling us we don't have what it takes to make it out to the New World, some haven't, but doesn't change what we're after. Everyone has a dream that they want to achieve and yes it will be a difficult voyage ahead but that doesn't mean neither one of us is giving up. We know there are strong pirates and enemies ahead as we continue forward but that's part of the experience of being a pirate and will help us get stronger as we enter the New World. For me, I haven't decided what my dream is but as I continue sailing with my crew I'll know in due time. But overall, I understand something that happened to you twenty years ago still effects you to this day but...it doesn't mean you should give up on your dream."

"The reason why I don't stop is cause I have no other place to go. I can't go home. If I go home,I face most likely death by guillotine. The people in my homeland heavily despise me. Still,I have a father to look for in this massive world and Wonderland to look for. And I bet I'll be having a hell of a time getting toward Wonderland." John explains,"I may have self-doubts time to time,but my will to look for my father and wonderland has been ever so increased to even thanks to trying to prove I can be as powerful as a white tiger that,by God's holy will,earned himself a dragon devil fruit. Or try to prove to a man that is living fire,that even a man like me can take him on. Is their will stronger than mine? I don't know....but I like to think of myself is that where they have in power,I have in willpower. And let me tell you something my dad has told me. He said,"There is no rabbit hole too deep to climb out of if you have the willpower to think your way out." Give up on your dream Mr.Magnus? Hell no! I may sound mad as a hatter to you but I do know that I would like to help you." John then says.

"Hmph... You kids still act like kids... I may not look like it... But I do have giant blood in me... I been around a lot longer... And seen many things... Dreams only devolve into nightmares... And cost those around you their lives... My ordeals aren't something... You lot can understand..." said Magnus.

"That is correct I haven't personally understand what you went through but have you thought what your friends wanted? Would they want you to live a boring life of just small ship work instead of doing what you love? I bet you used to smile a lot when you with your crew. It's not your fault that you crashed the ship and it's not your captain's either. Fate... was cruel to you that day with that lightning bolt and that was the reason. I know it's rather tasteless to blame mother nature but this is the world we live in. Life is only meant to be lived once and it's not a bad idea to take risks every now and again. But you don't need to let this one mistake ruin your life. Your friends and captain would've wanted you to keep what you love doing correct?" said Rukia.

Magnus simply held his head up. "20 years... that's how long it's been... I'll admit... I miss the risks... But risks don't always lead to rewards... I want each and every one of you... To list your dreams... Some are impossible... Some are not... Some know what they want to do... Others don't... I want to hear why...you lot are on your jourines... Risking your lives... Each and every day..." said Magnus.

"My dream is to one day get the strength needed to take my kingdom's rule from the tyrannty of my father. Being a Pirate Queen is nice as well but the former comes first." said Rukia.

"I want to create the ultimate dish that could end world hunger and the best ingredients are said to be around the island where the One Piece itself is located!" said Bowyen.

"Heh, I don't have a certain end goal myself but my dream is to help make these two and our other crewmate's dreams come true as well. I'm a follower and a protector and I want to make sure they achieve their goals. When they do, in turn, my goal is achieved as well." said Draycen.

"As mentioned, I haven't really thought much about what my dream is," Xenos said then a memory of him and his older brother came into his mind, "then again, I want to find the man who saved me from being killed and one day see him again. The idea of becoming the Pirate King does sound interesting to most, though I highly doubt of being fit for a king...I'd rather focus on finding a certain someone who brought me out here and know more about myself and my origin."

"I didn't have the best upbringing and I went through some hell," Blaise said, "but during that time, I grew to know three important people in my life whom we escaped our nightmare from. Main dream is to find my siblings, just so I know they're ok so then I can continue my journey to become a strong warrior."

"I've lived my life as a recluse not knowing anything about the outside world," Jezebel said, "I always dreamt of wanting to see the world, meet new faces and fight whoever gets in my way with my crew. Basically, my dream is to see the world for what it truly is and not what others told me it was when I was a child and prove to them I can survive out on my own."

"I too, would like to become Pirate King." John says,"But it also that a Pirate King title might be a scary thing for me,since one would have immense power over the world. So I have more simpler goals,like finding Wonderland and finding my father. What happens after those goals? Get on adventures,help out my friends and the family I would have in Wonderland."

"I'm the eldest of my siblings that joined my husband's crew." Alice asserts,"So one thing I strive is to protect them as the best I can. While my goal is to also live for John till death,since he is my husband,we both have our vows to keep for each other."

"My goal is to eventually make a ship made of the finest porcelain." Tim answers,"I know it sounds kinda stupid for such a goal,but I love porcelain and the designs. Most of my styles would be way old-fashioned for my age,but I enjoy the fashion."

"Could our ship in the future be made of porcelain?" John asks Tim.

"I don't know,I want to find the strongest and finest porcelain to make the ship first." Tim answers,"But the possibility is always there."

"Hmph... That's a New World product alright... But that's besides the point... All seem like goals to achieve... Worth risking your lives? ...Maybe." said Magnus.

"Let me ask you one thing: Have you truly give up on your dream? Is that experience enough for you to completely abandon it?" asked Rukia.

"........Of course not... Dreams are always with you... They don't go away... You do have a choice to ignore them... Which I have been doing..." said Magnus.

"Then how about a second chance? Your dream can be refreshed. Instead of just trying to ride that wave to prove to yourself, about about building up the strength and courage to do so to prove to your fallen crew? They would've wanted to see you accomplish this goal at least." said Rukia.

"Hmph... You don't know my old crew... But I'll admit... Moping around... Isn't doing me any favors... Maybe my decision to retire... Was too hasty... And you kids... May not leave me alone... Until I confirm?" said Magnus.

"Nope." said Rukia.

"Nay!" said Bowyen.

"That's right we're quite persistent! I think these guys are here as well!" said Draycen with a smile.

"Couldn't agree more," Blaise replied with a small smile, "we don't back from anything."

"We don't give up too easily," Jezebel said with confidence.

"We keep going until we've obtained what we want to achieve," Xenos said with a soft smile.

"Nope,we won't." John simply answers,"I mean I would start thinking of backup plans if this doesn't work in some certain time. But nevertheless I wouldn't stop."

"I listen to Captain." Tim says,"We do what he says. So we won't stop."

"I probably would hold my position even if John and Tim didn't think so." Alice says,"But we won't stop."

"Hmph... You lot are pretty persistant..." said Magnus as he took out a deep sigh. "I guess... I was careless... For wanting to hang up the boots... That early... Fine... I'll join... But the ship better can... Handle my strength..." said Mangus.

"Trust me it is. It'll definitely suit you but welcome aboard." said Rukia with a bow.

"Alright finally got some more manpower on our crew! ...We need girls..." said Bowyen with a rejected look.

"Heh...It's fine but we can at least tell Summers and Creaser about this when we find them." said Draycen.

"Must be...other crewmembers.. I take it?" asked Magnus.

"Indeed. They should be showing up anytime soon. But I must ask, your weapon of choice is interesting. I don't see many chained-whip users. Was that one personally made?" asked Rukia pointing to his chained whip.

"Yeah... Special type of whip... Made from pure silver... Used to kill off vampires... And other beasts..." said Magnus.

"Whoa! You're like a vampire hunter? That's awesome!" said Bowyen.

"Hmph... I stopped because... Not enough vampires around... So I just use it... To teach annoying brats a lesson... You guys get a pass though... Annoying but in the nice way..." said Magnus.

"We'll take that as a compliment," Jezebel said, "plus what you mentioned about your whip, that sounds like my kind of weapon I wouldn't mind using besides using the blades on my wrist and hidden in my boots."

"A vampire hunter you say," Xenos said, "first time meeting one to be honest, quite a interesting occupation."

"Vampire hunter," Blaise said with wide eyes, "that sounds awesome! I've heard stories about vampire hunters but like Xenos said never thought I'd ever meet one."

"I've met a vampire back in Alabasta. Somehow,he gets recruited by that crazy clown." John says,"Hope he ain't causing too much trouble. Though I doubt that is what he's doing."

"Well captain,what shall we do?" Tim asks John,"Seems we got what we wanted."

"Well,we can celebrate at my ship." John offers,"We survived a fight,and helped out a crew get a helmsman."

"Plus I am curious about those martial artists." Alice says,"They did say they would help you get better as a fighter."

"Definitely." John says,"If I'm to become a better pirate,I should catch up to those top dogs like Leo and Yang." He then looks down at himself,still wrapped up from the recent fight,"Though training like this won't be ideal."

"I do need to train myself as well. My own fighting skill could use some more work." said Rukia.

"Oh yeah those two rookies been making names for themselves lately! They're pretty cool!" said Bowyen.

"Indeed even one of them is a Mink like me!" said Draycen.

"Hmph... If they are causing trouble like that... It won't be long... Till they get caught up... In trouble..." said Magnus.

"You'll learn to cheer up once we go and celebrate. Draycen you should go find Summers and Creaser. Not sure what those two will be up to in town especially with Summer's love of pickpocketing..." said Rukia.

"Aye aye captain!" said Draycen who ran off with Electro streaming behind him.

"I could probably use some better training after what we went through," Jezebel said, "I really need to pull my weight more."

"Long as I got my sword and able to beat strong opponents I got nothing to worry about," Blaise shrugged.

"You think that but that's what would get you wounded or worse," Xenos said, "then again, I need to improve more on my fighting skills too."

"Think we all do," Jezebel admitted, "if we want to make a name for ourselves out there one day."

"Mr.Fedora C. John!" A feminine voice is heard shouting at John. It was the woman that was there at the battle earlier picking up her marine comrades that had lost,"We would like a word with you."

"Ah shit,here we go again." John says looking over at the woman,"Don't you marines see you're taking on a poor pirate at this moment. You guys nearly beated me to death."

"No no,not to fight." The woman says,"Commodore Arthur would like to speak to you before we leave."

"Oh,ok?" John questions,"And where is he now?"

"Right here." Arthur says walking up in front of the woman,"I think I'll be sending some words to you before we set off for more important things."

"You got some nerve to come here and show me like that you beaten rock." John says.

"You can't say anything less Mr.Fedora." Arthur says.

"rrgh yup,you're right." John says as his ribs start acting up.

"Commodore Arthur... hm..." said Magnus.

"You know him?" asked Rukia.

"Heard of him time after time... Wasn't around much... Heard his name in this town... At times..." said Magnus.

"You think he is here for more?" said Bowyen.

"Hm...I don't think so they are both pretty battered." said Rukia.

"First time... as a pirate in 20 years... Already a Marine around... Ironic..." said Magnus.

"Hmmmm what does he want now," Blaise growled in a low tone.

"We dealt with one of his men once," Jezebel said, "don't mind giving them another beating."

"Jeze, not here," Xenos said, "he's not planning an attack or anything, if he was, then we would know right then and there."

"Don't call me Jeze," Jezebel growled blushing a bit, "and you have a point..."

"Let's just see what happens at least," Blaise said, "and I can't believe I said something like that...feel disgusted with myself right now."

"Just what do you want commodore?" John asks,"Spit on my image before you leave?"

"No no,I at least give my enemy some respect." Arthur says,"But I'll be letting you know,I'll be chasing you,you can't be freely going around walking around in dirty combat boots."

"You making fun of my boots? Man you could at least do the hat." John says.

"I feel like that's a usual target for someone like you." Arthur replies,"But yeah,you've been showing your sinfulness to the marines. And we don't want to leave you like your nothing,despite having bigger fish to worry about. And don't worry,those friends of yours behind you,they'll be chased after too."

"I'm not afraid." John says with a chuckle,"Bring it on."

"A pirate that accepts the competition." Arthur says with a smile of respect,"You really are a Mad Pirate."

"Commodore! There's reports of a marine ship exploding about 50 miles away from here." The woman says behind Arthur,with her ears looking like ear buds connected to each other,"Says reports of a clown is leading it."

"Oh shit,the Crackerjack is at it." John laughs,"You better go get him."

"Thanks Lieutenant Violet...We'll be giving you kids a break." Arthur says,"I am more interested in catching this clown. I heard a lot about him. Let's go crew!" He then walks away with the little crew of marines.

"He won't disappoint you in a fight!" John yells out to the marine,"A good lad,might be a cool guy to have tea with."

"Captain,that was a commodore you were talking to." Tim says,"I don't think you'll be having tea with him anytime soon."

"You never know." John says with a smile.

"Wow. That was unexpected..." said Rukia.

"Yeah how the hell that Marine suddenly just became buddy buddy with a pirate?" said Bowyen.

"It's called respect... Seen it plenty of times... Doesn't matter if you're a pirate... Marine... Revolutinary... There are others that can be influced... With respect..." said Magnus.

"Wow you're going to be like our smart level-headed guy of our crew huh?" said Bowyen.

"...It's obvious to tell... You need to train your mind more..." said Magnus.

"Oof! And I thought Summers took good shots at me!" said Bowyen with a laugh.

"Welp, I've seen everything now," Blaise said with a semi shocked look on his face.

"Just be lucky we got away with it for now," Jezebel said, "because if we didn't we'd be killed."

"Truee," Blaise nodded sighing.

"Yea," Xenos said, "at least that's one less thing to worry about now."

"Well shall we go back to my ship?" John asks,"I'll set up to make some cakes and some rum along with it. Also will get out the wine and champagne."

"Nothing special in the cakes right?" Tim asks.

"Nope,just some nice cakes I'll be making." John asserts.

"I'll make some nice teas." Alice says,"Maybe Patrick can make some of his BBQ."

"I would like to have his BBQ rib sandwiches." John then thinks.

"His BBQ-related stuff is messy." Tim says,"I always need to clean my paws after eating his food."

"Aww,rabbit afraid to get his hands dirty?" John pokes fun at Tim.

"Very funny John." Tim rolls his eyes.

"Indeed. This day has left me worn out." said Rukia.

"Are you a cake and tea fan Magnus?" asked Bowyen.

"Tea is fine... Unsweetened... Sweets aren't my thing..." said Magnus.

"He looks pretty strong I bet you eat tons of meat huh?" said Draycen.

"Meat and vegetables... Nothing more nothing less..." said Magnus with a stern serious face.

"Heh we totally needed a guy like him!" said Bowyen.

"...That is troubling... When you say it like that..." Magnus.

"I wouldn't mind some cakes myself," Jezebel said, "though the idea of BBQ does sound good."

"Wouldn't mind tea and cake," Blaise said, "also you mentioned rum too. I'd like some too."

"I'll pass on the rum," Xenos said, "tea is fine with me."

"Someone not in the mood for rum," Blaise asked looking at Xenos.

"Hard of hearing when I said that rum and I don't get alone," Xenos replied in a stern tone.

"Ohhhh, nevermind then," Balsie shrugged.

A Mad Party in the Rabbit Hole

In the Rabbit Hole,the three pirate crews plus the people from the Grimm Family were there celebrating of the wild day they had together.

"WHO WANTS TO TAKE ME ON IN A CHALLENGE OF DRINKING!!!!" Kokoro yells with a mug of rum in hand,"LOSER LOSES THEIR HEAD!!!!"

"YOU'RE ON!!!" Rapunzel yells to Kokoro.

"I think Koko drank too much rum." Tim says fixing his glasses.

"I think Rapunzel too." Minerva says looking at the two.

"Hey who wanted the BBQ ribs?" Jamie asks walking around with the large plate of BBQ ribs,"Get it before it's cold!"

"Nice goggles kid." Piper says looking at Johnny with his bullseye goggles on.

"Thanks,they're a creation of mine for sharpshooting." Johnny answers.

"Gimmme me that BBQ CRABBY PATTY!!!" Tweedle Dee yells at his brother.

"This isn't a BBQ Crabby Patty!! And It's MINE!!!!" Tweedle Dum says holding it back from Tweedle Dee.

"So much chaos going on here." Calie says,"I'm not used to this."

"Me neither girl." Hannah says back,"Though Kakashi seems to be enjoying himself."

"That's right girl!!" Kakashi says as he was playing his electric guitar.

"Anyone want my special medicine?" Billy asks the other pirates.

"Oh no! Don't you be tricking people into buying your "medicines"!!" Tim says grabbing the dodo's beak.

"Do you need any other bandages rewrapped Captain?" Violet asks John.

"No no,that'll do for today. Thank you Violet." John says.

"There there Sam....There'll be another giant bbq rib waiting for you." Alice says petting the large cat.

"Man....who'd known that we just meet this morning and we're celebrating like we haven't seen each other in years." John says to the other captains with a glass of champagne in his hand.

"What do you captains want to eat?" Patrick asks the captains.

"These kids... Don't know their limits..." said Magnus looking at the others drinking.

"Heh I can definitely hold my liquor! Well... I only drink wine because that's the drink that goes well with almost any kind of dish!" said Bowyen.

"That's your excuse for drinking wine all the time! You know it!" said Summers.

"Heh, guilty as charged!" said Bowyen.

"I'll go for pretty much anything at this point. Whatever you recommend here." said Rukia.

"Wine is more my go to," Jezebel said, "red wine to be exact."

"I'm not much of a drinker," Celine said, "I rather remain focused at all times."

"Awwwww come on Celine, lighten up a little," Zila giggled, "doesn't hurt to take a sip every now and again."

"I...I said I don't want to," Celine said looking away.

"Long as it's something strong that can keep me happy, any drink will do," Blaise said with a small smile.

"I don't mind having what you recommend," Xenos said, "I'm open to anything."

"Surprise me Patrick." John says to Patrick.

"As you wish." Patrick then leaves to make some food for the captains.

"So....what are the future plans?" John asks Rukia and Xenos,"Looks like that Kakashi guy has invited me to go to their island to learn some martial arts which sounds interesting."

"Hmm...I think I'm going to go to a certain kingdom and meet up with a friend there. He said he had a "vision" that things are going to happen so and it is best to meet up there and prepare." said Rukia.

"Right..."The World will be in chaos" or something like that. Scared the hell outta me I have to admit." said Bowyen.

"Something about advanced tools and all that." said Summers.

"But he said to also be careful...That certain kingdom is afflicted with a certain pirate crew that is not to be messed with..." said Creaser.

"Hm... A kingdom.. Owned by a pirate..." said Magnus thinking to himself.

"But I am sure we will manage. The man did say this kingdom is often busy with other things and shouldn't notice one of their resources being used. We still need to be careful." said Rukia.

"Mostly continue on our journey to wherever we sail to next," Xenos said, "though if our next destination we are to find more crew members to build our strength then so be it."

"You still have something else to worry about too," Blaise reminded Xenos, "the dry ice lady, don't wanna meet up with her again."

"Who knows," Xenos said with sigh, "though I don't want anything to do with her."

"Yea, she was hell to beat but I can't honestly say if we would ever encounter her again," Zila groaned.

"Can we not talk about her please," Jezebel asked, "I'm kinda curious about what Rukia mentioned about the world will be in chaos..."

"I rather not think about something that's doom and gloom," Celine said.

"Wanna hold Sam while I grab him some milk?" Alice says giving John the rather big cat while she stands and goes get milk for him.

"Geezus....didn't need ya on my lap Sam. Get your purple ass off of me you dumb wide-smile cat!" John says with Sam the Cat on his lap.

The cat just smiles and meows at John.

"Of course...." John says rolling his eyes,"Anyway,what about the world turning into chaos?"

"I'm not one hundred percent sure. He said something about a "Great Flood" but that was all. He said it was recommended to meet him in this kingdom so we will be "properly prepared." or something like that." said Rukia.

"But why will you... Trust some... Random stranger?" asked Magnus.

"Apparently this guy said he was a former "apprentice" of her father and still wanted to keep his daughter safe." said Summers.

"He also claims to be the best fortune teller in the world so he says if he predicts something, we better believe it." said Bowyen.

"This "Great Flood" could be anything. However, this guy is offering some kind of preparations for it for free so we're not one to turn this request down." said Draycen.

"So this has to do with a "Great Flood" that is occurring," Xenos thought, "still has me curious about what the event is or what would cause it..."

"Who knows but whatever the cause maybe, I don't have anything to worry about on my end," Blaise said.

"So it's a fortune teller who claimed this event will occur," Zila asked, "sounds kinda spooky don't you think?"

"I'm not one to believe in superstition per say, yet I still question if this were to come true or not, " Jezebel said crossing her arms.

"You think you'll be able to reach the fortune teller in time before the Great Flood occurs," Celine asked.

"A Great Flood?" John asks,"Sounds like some type of biblical catastrophe."

"Well there was the actual "Great Flood" that is stated in Genesis chapter 6 through 9." Tim says to John.

"Oh yeah,the story of Noah's Ark." Alice says coming back with a large plate of milk for Sam,"I remember listening to that at the Nun boarding school."

"Oh yeah! I remember seeing you in that Nun outfit! How ridiculous you looked in that outfit!" He says laughing,remembering the scene.

"It actually was a decent outfit." Alice says.

"I remember when you would skip sunday church just to go out and be in the woods." Tim says while sipping on his champagne.

"I never was a big church kid. Like I can't understand how one can sit still for about a whole morning and be praying and singing and sitting and listening in that morning." John states.

"I still have my bible in our room." Alice says,"Maybe we should read it before we sleep?"

"No need for that. Though if you really want to honey,I suppose it I can deal with it." John says,"But anyway Miss Rukia,I hope for the best against this "Great Flood"."

"Same here. I don't want any of us to get overcomed by this. You ever steered through giant floods Magnus?" said Rukia.

"Hmph... All the time... Back when I steered seriously... It's nothing I can handle..." said Mangus.

"Man it's cool having someone like you around let alone a vampire hunter!" said Bowyen.

"Oh yeah! Do you hunt anything besides vampires? That thing does look like it's made of pure silver." asked Summers.

"Vampires... Werewolves... Monsters in general... You name it, I fought it..." said Magnus.

"Wow so you're like a bounty monster hunter?" said Draycen.

"In a sense... That life... Is long past me... I took it up... Before joining the Risks Pirates... I keep it around... Because it's a family heirloom." said Magnus.

"Such a tormented soul...that hangs onto the past...I can relate..." said Creaser.

"I just noticed... He's a Vulpinian... Those creatures... Are rare to encounter..." said Magnus.

"Yeah we got lucky when he ran into him on a smaller island." said Rukia.

"Bounty...hunter...," Xenos thought to himself as the image appeared of his father then his brother killing him.

"Xenos, is everything alright," Jezebel asked in a worried tone.

"It...it's nothing," Xenos denied, "don't worry about me...I'm gonna get some fresh air, I'm sorry." Xenos got up from his seat and left.

"What's up with him," Blaise wondered, "what is something one of Rukia's men said?"

"I don't know," Zila shrugged, "maybe? But could be something that happened to him that triggered him."

"I hope he's okay," Celine said, "can't imagine something like must have affect him this much..."

"Maybe the rum has a kick that he can't handle." John says sipping on his drink,"But it seems this party is starting to get less rowdy."

"HEY Y'ALL!!!" Rapunzel says as she was tipsy,"Wanna see a magic trick?"

"Oh boy,is it that tattoo trick again?" Kakashi asks,who was now in his werewolf form.

"YUP!!" Rapunzel says pointing to the tattoo on her right boob,"Whenever I say a magic word,this tattoo comes to life!"

"A tattoo coming to life?" John asks,"What's the magic word?"

"Uhhh...what was it?" Rapunzel thinks while still drunk,"I think it was.....karasu?"

Suddenly,out of the tattoo,comes out a giant black raven that started to fly all around the ship with a loud caw from it.

"Holy smokes!!" John says,"I thought she was only drunk and was joking."

"Nope,she wasn't joking." Minerva says to John,"Our master Jacob made that tattoo on her. He has a devil fruit that allows any tattoo he makes can come to life. Only thing is,he can only have it come to life if he or the wearer says an activation word."

"Interesting devil fruit." Tim says looking at it through his glasses.

"Quite Impressive." John says nodding.

"Am I high? Or am I seeing a giant raven flying around the ship?" Hak asks while smoking his hookah.

"I think it's both Hak." John states.

"Hmph... Seems like... That guy has a problem... With bounty hunters... That was my past profession..." said Magnus.

"I'd let him do his own thing. Nonetheless, wow that Devil Fruit is pretty interesting indeed." said Rukia.

"Hey mines can generate heat waves! Wanna see?" said Bowyen as he was prepared to activate his powers but is stopped by Summers.

"Yeah I don't want you to start melting up this place. We had too many instances in the past!" said Summers.

"Heh heh...you're right sorry about that..." said Bowyen rubbing his head.

"That reminds me do you possess a Devil Fruit Magnus?" Draycen asked Magnus.

"No... Don't have the need for one... Besides... I'm a good swimmer... Especially in case... You Devil Fruit users drown... For some reason..." said Magnus.

"Does drowning in depression count...?" said Creaser in his usual depressive state.

"Vulpines are known... For their rather... "Unique" personalities... This one... Appears to be in an depressive state... All the time..." said Mangus.

"You think one of us should go check on him," Celine asked.

"I would but I'd rather stay here and admire the show right now," Zila said admiring the black raven tattoo in the sky.

"Wanna go talk to him," Blaise asked Jezebel.

"What? I...ummmm, I'd rather stay here," Jezebel blushed a bit, "you go talk to him since you know him well."

"Fine," Blaise sighed as he got up and left to meet up with Xenos who was out on deck.

"Bounty hunter...that profession...everytime I hear that I think of him," Xenos said as he clutched onto his head trying to calm himself down.

"You okay Xenos," Blaise asked as he approached Xenos.

"Why are you out here," Xenos asked not looking towards Blaise.

"Came to check on ya, that an issue," Blaise questioned, "you just left without warning, something on your mind."

"It's nothing really," Xenos denied once more, "I just needed some time to myself but once the time comes, I'll explain one day. We should head back in with the others."

"Fine by me," Blaise said as he heads back inside with Xenos.

"Hello Xenos." John says looking at Xenos returning to the party,"Glad for ya to be back. Now,let's have a toast. I say this toast is to the success of our crews." John then raises his glass of champagne,"To success and glory in our adventures of piracy."

"I'll drink to that." Kakashi says,"Even though I ain't a pirate."

"Yup." Hak says,"I'll smoke to it."

"That was pretty odd but I'm glad he is doing okay now." said Rukia.

"Hm...." said Magnus as he closed his eyes for a second. "Looks like... Some personal issues he has... Not going to pry..." said Magnus.

"Huh? Personal?" said Bowyen.

"It's nothing...Don't bother..." said Magnus.

"Anyway, I will like to toast to that as well." said Rukia holding up her glass.

"Awww...I'm out of my special wine..." said Bowyen.

"Dammit Bowyen you're always out of it! Learn to pace yourself!" said Summers.

"Hell yeah! I always enjoy a good drink!" said Draycen laughing.

"Drinking doesn't cure this depression..." said Creaser.

"I'd like to toast to that as well," Jezebel said with a smile.

"Think it's kinda scary seeing Jezebel smiling like that don't you think Xenos," Blaise asked Xenos nudging his shoulder.

"What's the supposed to mean," Jezebel asked with a scowl.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything," Blaise blurted out looking away.

"She's gonna find out sooner or later," Zila giggled, "she has perceptive hearing you know."

"Everything alright Captain," Celine asked Xenos.

"Yea, I'm fine," Xenos replied with a small smile, "don't worry about me."

John finished down his champagne glass and then says,"Well what now?"

"Well,we should probably set sail for Mockingbird Heights." Minerva says.

"Mockingbird Heights?" John asks,"What type of place is that?"

"Our homeland,a place known for very tall trees as well as some dark houses. Oh...it's located in the border line of the Florian Triangle." Hannah answers,"So some days will be either pretty dark or normal bright."

"THE FLORIAN TRIANGLE!!!" Billy screams hearing it,"I rather drown than enter that hell!" He says running to jump off the ship."

"Oh no dodo-head!" Tim says grabbing Billy by the neck,"Sigh Dodos are never the same are they?"

"So Billy,you have experience with this Florian triangle?" John asks,"Could you lead me to this island Mr.Wolfgang Billy?"

"I-i-i-i-i-i-i could...." Billy says gulping,"B-b-b-b-but there are monsters there..."

"Just lead us to the island." John simply says to Billy.

"Imma need the log pose to get there then." Billy answers,but soon was thrown a log pose at him.

"Use that one." Piper says,"Should take ya straight to there."

"Well it seems we'll be ending the party soon." John says,"Hope you two captains have a good journey ahead of you two."

"Indeed it was pretty nice meeting you all and I wish you on your safe journies." said Rukia.

"Hell yeah! And remember: Wine goes with pretty much every dish!" said Bowyen.

"That's only for YOU ya idiot!" said Summers.

"Heh heh we better prepare to go to this island. Who knows what will happen when we get there!" said Draycen.

"This Great Flood could very well be caused by my endless tears..." said Creaser.

"I'll...miss this place... But I guess... I'll be back... Someday... After we... Accomplish our goals..." said Magnus.

"I wish you all safe travels ahead as well and it was a pleasure meeting all of you," Xenos said with a warming smile.

"I'll admit, won't be the same without you guys but I guess all good thing must come to an end where we have to go our separate ways," Blaise said with a small smile.

"Who knows where we'll sail off to next but all we know is we need a chef," Jezebel said.

"You're telling me," Zila said, "though I did have a great time here and I'll miss everyone here."

"Maybe time will tell if we would meet again," Celine said, "but for now like everyone else said, best wishes to all."

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