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Abeer Rashieka is the blacksmith of the Na Zdrowie Pirates.


Rashieka is a dark skinned woman with long dreadlocks. She wears a black tank top and black pants, all while wearing a white hooded cape.


Rashieka is a confident person who always speaks up for herself. She's kind, caring, intelligent, and will assist her crewmates with their weapon needs, she would create any type of weapon for her crewmates and customize it to their liking. Rashieka is also shown to be protective and courageous, willing to put herself in harm's way just to protect those she cares about (specifically her crewmates).

Although when it comes to fighting she has a bit of a sadistic side and like to torture her enemies while in battle. She often maintains Marley A. Queen's katanas to make sure they're always sharp, she respects Queen a great amount for her talents as a swordswoman. She does however wish Queen would be more brutal like she does when battling opponents because she feels as though Queen is wasting a lot of talent and potential by doing that.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Rashieka ate the Waaru Waaru no Mi, also known as the Whirl Whirl fruit. This is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to whirl themselves, others, or objects. She can also whirl herself around to make a small twister during battles.

Tools and Weapons

Her weapons of choice is two Dao swords, but will use other types of blades if need be. Although she doesn't like using them, she would still use gun if in a desperate situation.


Rashieka grew up in the blacksmith business, her father was a talented blacksmith and owned his own smithing business. Rashieka developed an interested in forging weapons and was thinking of taking over her dad's business after he retires. However she was seen as weird by the other kids at school because of her forging obsession and showing her sadistic side when describing what weapons would do to someone, which scared the other kids.

When she got older she worked as a blacksmith in her father's business but felt lonely and had no friends in her life. One day Lily V. Nazeli and Marley A. Queen both walked into her father's business and asked to repair their weapons, Rashieka was the one who worked on their weapons and gave them back in better shape then what they were before they originally got them. Queen and Nazeli then called Perun D. Krakow to tell him about the amazing blacksmith who repaired their weapons.

Krakow then went over himself to meet the person, he introduced himself to Rashieka and asked if she would like to join his crew and be the ship's blacksmith. Rashieka felt like things were going her way until her father interjected and said she would never become a pirate, and that she's not going to ruin her future. Krakow then told Rashieka that they'll be in town for another day while getting supplies, and to meet them at the docks if she changed her mind.

That night Rashieka went to her parents house and argued with her father about how she's a grown woman who can make her own decisions. Her father still told her that she was both her father and boss and that he wanted her to inherit the business when he retires. Rashieka's mother interjected and told him that it's not his call to make and that Rashieka is her own person.

Although inheriting the business was her original plan, she felt like she would get a lot more in life with being a pirate than inheriting her father's business. More arguing ensued, and eventually Rashieka's father gave in and admitted that he can't decide her future and that it's her call to make. Although sad that he's seeing his daughter leave, he still likes that she's happy with being with potential friends.

The next morning Rashieka and her parents went to the docks to meet Krakow and the rest of the crew, Rashieka's parents were impressed with the ship they had and the personal forge they have installed in it. Rashieka also got to meet the rest of the crew and was interested to see how different they all were but still treated each other as equals. Rashieka was also given the option to have the Waaru Waaru no Mi (which surprised her parents), she then turned to her parents who assured her that they'll support her either way. After Rashieka ate the fruit, she hugged her parents goodbye before taking off and starting her new life as a pirate.


  • If set in the real world, she would be from Saudi Arabia.
  • Her favorite color is violet.
  • Her favorite food is baked ziti.
  • She is the ninth member to join the Na Zdrowie Pirates.
  • She is considered an outcast due to her not having any friends for her personality.