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Abel (アベル, Aberu), also known as The Saint is a Captain in the Marines and the younger twin brother of the pirate captain, Cain.




Abilities and Powers

Physical Prowess

Fighting Style

Secret Arts of Skypiea

  • Fist of the Wind God: Is the basic technique of the secret art and allows Abel to gather wind around his fists that he can release to break bones and break chunks of flesh of his opponents. The technique might be basic but users are able to break metal and bones with ease.
  • Aerial Slash: This technique allows Abel to generate gust of wind by slashing his hands and legs around. With this technique, Abel is able to cut steel into pieces and can even cut a person in half. The technique is very similar to the devil fruit, Kama Kama no Mi that allows the user to create air blades.
    • Aerial Fang: This technique is a variation of Aerial Slash and allows Abel to generate air blades which then transforms into three different blades of equal size and length and can be combined with Ryusoken with devastating damage.


  • Ryu no Kagizume: Abel makes a claw formation with his hands and uses them to crush his opponent's flesh and bones. Abel can use this technique together with the Secret Arts of Skypiea to do devastating damage and easily beat known pirate captains.


  • Inner Sight:


Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki





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