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Acidic Rampage
Date Started: October 19th, 2021

Date Finished: th 2021

Setting: Natsu Island in Paradise

Characters Involved:


Zeospark Stairface Ogre

Revenge is Best Served Hot

On a seemingly peaceful island, Spark can be seen still stumbling around from his injuries that he has suffered during the war. The climate seemed rather hot, almost all year round. The island that Spark landed on happened to be one called Natsu Island, the island where it is summer all the time. People often laid around on the beaches while others enjoyed many outdoor activities. Spark, however, didn't give any damn about all of the peace that was surrounding him. He knew that they were partying over Kong's death and can only grit his teeth angrily and he prepares to go on a rampage. Though in his state, he was injured and fatigued and could barely see straight. He took the time to rest up and thanks to using the more positive aspects of his acid, he was able to heal more of his injuries overnight. The next morning, Spark was able to get himself back together as he rested in a small cave. He then walks back out to the island.

"Dammit! This stupid island...Where is the damn way to the Marines!?" Spark said angrily.

"Hey? Remember when you said that you weren't going to let Kong die? Well, he is! What now?! You're going to kill yourself?!"

"Shut up!" Spark shouted as he appeared to be talking to no one.

"Awwwww....don't be mad! I only say the truth! Everyone around you dies you know! Spare anyone else the trouble and just do it! Ahahahahahah!"

"I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" Spark screamed as he suddenly let loose an intense burst of Haoshoku haki!"

Falling Investigation

Senkaku was investigating the strange occurance of White Sea islands falling into the Grand Line. "When did the island fall and were there any survivors" he questioned the base commander "About a week ago vice admiral we investigated but only found one survivor who was heavily injured he was saying something about a shadow, The strange thing was we only found a few corpses all military we weren't able to find and women or Childre..".

Suddenly out of nowhere the base was hit with a wave of Haoshoku Haki knocking everyone but Senkaku and his companion out. Suddenly snapping into action Senkaku commanded his hand "Auri get everyone out of here start with those in the base and then expand your search radius i'll try and keep whoever or whatever did that distracted". Auri nodded before moving around collecting unconcious bodies and then in a flash which Senkaku had to shade himself from he disappeared with the unconcious personnel. Using his Kenbunshoku Haki Senkaku was able to sense the powerful individual who created the shockwave he could sense great pain.

A Possible Treaty

Senkaku moved towards the figure remaining in his pocket dimension to maintain the element of suprise as he flew using Geppo towards Natsu island. Upon arriving there he saw a foe he recognised, his heart sunk as he saw the pitiful state of the once great pirate who stood below him.

"I'm sorry for your loss your captain had he chosen a different path he would have been someone i would have been proud to serve with but you need to stand down your fight is over" His tone was that of sorrow and empathy Kong may have been an enemy but he was a stabalising factor in a world that was spiraling towards chaos.

Spark simply glares at Senkaku as he is familiar on who he is. He has several veins that appear on his forehead knowing his foe is a higher ranked Marine and he stomps on the ground causing a small crack to appear over it. "Like hell I need pity from a damn Marine! You bastards killed Boss and know you and all of these scum have decided to throw a damn party over it. But I'm going to make sure to give you plenty of hell. Boss may be gone, but I am still around dammit!"

"Not all of us celebrated" Senkaku said before throwing a box to Spark "someone is destroying what your boss worked so hard to build islands are falling from the white sea, if your not going to stand down then help stop the destruction's of your Boss's legacy" He said still trying to reason with the Mink.

Spark catches it with one hand and then looks at it to reveal that it was a pipe that belonged to Kong. He was shocked by this but then glares back at Senkaku. "You say that, but how do I know you're not trying to lure me into a trap. The World Government as a whole wants me dead as much as him." Spark said cautiously.

"Because i'm not a fool who believes in absoloute justice and i need an ally who knows the white sea" Senkaku responded honestly while he saw it as unlikely that Spark would actually accept his offer sometimes an enemy can do more good then an ally. "Sir the marine base has been evacuated" Auri's voice came through a den den mushi on his ear. "Here's my offer you help me stop whoever is destroying the white sea, I will tell the World goverment that i found you dead and you get to have a fresh start".

"Hmph." Spark uttered as he crossed his arms after putting the box with Kong's pipe in his jacket. "Those bastards up there trying to claim boss' turf? THEY'RE ALL GOING TO DIE BY MY HANDS! And as much as that sounds fun to be wiped from the earth like that, these Marines see me as a threat for a reason. Dressrosa is in disarray because of me after all. I'm not sure if this is still a trap or not." Spark said as he took a smoke from his cigar. "All that matters is that I destroy those that dare to piss me off."

"There's alot more money in starting over and becoming a bounty hunter then running from people hunting you for the rest of your life, Help defeat whoever is trying to take over the white sea and you'll have enough money to buy your own island, retire, find some hot chick and have some young ones" Senkaku persuaded as he took a hit from his pipe realising his words were having more of an impact then he expected.

"Now you're trying to run my life as it seems....And the family thing? Heh, like I need one of those. The last thing I need is more people dying around me." Spark said the last statement out of sheer accident and was quick to try and retort his words. "Forget that. I am not going to let boss' turf go to any of these bastards. This world hasn't suffered enough for what it has done..."

Failed Negotiations

"Disappointing" Senkaku sighed "Red said the same thing, I thought you would be different but that was foolish" he said putting his pipe out and placing it back into his coat "if you still intend for the world to suffer then i must stop you".

"Right. You brought him in..." Spark said as veins appeared over his forehead. "I'm going to melt you along with this entire island! Arechi!" Spark shouted as he let out a lot of acid that went toward Senkaku.

"Orion's Shield" Senkaku announced as he used his new found ability to shape his portals to stop the acid Spark had sent at him "Orion's Spear he said changing his attack from a shield to a ball which sucked in all the acid as well as the space around it creating a singularity which he then launched at Spark before moving back towards the marine base always keeping his eyes on the mink.

Spark simply dodges the attack with his sheer speed enhanced by his Electro as he then hovers above looking over and Senkaku. "All of these high ranking Marines and their annoying powers. No matter, he's going to have to run out of tricks soon. Better try to get him to come to me." Spark said as he had his arms crossed as he made sure to keep his left arm out in particular. "Going to hide in your dimension? No matter, I'd do the same if it's me I was facing. And you call yourself a Marine. At lease those two admirals I fought kept their grounds. Then again, they are admirals after all.

Appearing out of his pocket dimension several meters away from where he was previously Senkaku appeared "If you want to face me here i am" Galaxy Barrage he announced using the same move he had used against Kong making sure to control the location of the portal to follow the quick movements of his opponent, infusing his attack with Haki in order to strike the logia user and making sure he enraged Spark enough so that he would chase him.

"Hm. Haki embused attacks huh? Child's play." Spark stated as his body surged with Electro as he was able to dodge by the attacks, moving at a speed that outclasses even those with proficient use of Electro. He the produces a wave of acid that he then coats a layer of it in his own haki before launching it forward. "You're not the only one that can do that mate. Arechi - Black Wave!" Spark shouted as the acid went violently toward Senkaku making sure to cover a wide area in case the marine tried to dodge again.

"Singularity" a black hole like portal began to pull all of the Acid towards it blunting Spark's attack. "Your too slow to even touch me" Senkaku lightly mocked Spark as he activated his Future Sight. "Hollow Rankakyu" He said using his future sight to predict his opponent's position when his attack landed as he launched a blade like portal towards his opponent.

"Too slow huh?" Spark said as he was quickly able to dodge the attack before it can hit him. Spark's training has allowed him to deal around future sight users despite not appearing to have it himself. "You can see the future, but you can't always truly predict one's next move, especially one that has trained himself around that. You got a long way to go if you think you can defeat me. Shishio hasn't, and Fermi hasn't. I'm pretty sure one that falls under them in strength should be able to see that." Spark taunted as he suddenly started to quickly move toward Senkaku. "You're in the way, I got a base to destroy!" Spark said with his body surging with Electro as he attempts to land a powerful punch.

A look of fear came across Senkaku's face as he disappeared into his pocket dimension to avoid the attack. "Auri Target is moving towards prime location on my mark evacuate". He instructed his Second in command where no one could hear him. He appeared one hundred feet away from Spark quickly using "Kamisori" to flee towards the base making Spark could see him.

"Hmph. Seems like the only thing you're good at is running away. I don't have time to be playing cat and mouse." Spark uttered as he flew after Senkaku as he then have his sights on the base. "He cannot fathom to touch me at this point, I think it's finally about time to attack this accursed base. Since you like to attack from a distance, I will do the same." Spark said as he soon started to create two large snakes made of acid that soon started to make their way toward the base. Spark stands idly as he looks at his creations going to attack the base. "Boss made giant whales out of clouds. Of course, these beings are made of my own acid. Good luck trying to confront them."

Sensing his feint had not had as much of an effect as he had hoped but had moved Spark far enough away from any populated Areas Senkaku gave the order through his hidden den den mushi "Execute Phase 2". Upon sending his order Senkaku stopped in his tracks to face his Spark drawing a diamond Bident from one of his portals "Shigan: Spear" he said channeling his haki into the weapon having it be greatly amplified as he stabbed into each of the snakes in quick succesion causing them to be stopped in their tracks and destroyed the acid doing no damage to his weapon. "Guess that feint didn't work a shame" Senkaku said sadistically any sign of fake fear now absent from his expression "Semei Kikan" his skin began to look as if it were boiling as his strength and speed increased dramatically equaling the boost that Spark's electro had granted him "Let's get serious" launching black slash of amplified haki came hurteling towards Spark.

"I see, diamond huh?" Spark uttered as he quickly took out his massive blade. "Jormungandr: Strike! Spark shouted as his sword would quickly extend outwards with the blade starting to meet the black slash of Haki coming toward him. Spark's own blade was black as well meaning no Haki was required to be used to intercept that attack. With the power he see from his opponent, Spark slowly started to shift is acid to a different color, yellow. "'Level 1! You're not the only one that can boost their power even more. You were just contending with my weaker acid, now I have my stronger one and my blade. You cannot win mate."

"It matters little how strong your acid is go to level 100 i can always remove it" "Orion's Gauntlet" Senkaku gloating as he created what looked like a gauntlet of Red portals around his arm as the slash passed right into his pocket dimension disappearing.

"Hmph. This bastard likes to play hide and seek huh? I need to get around his powers somehow. Seems like I better start to apply my powers and Haki at the same time. I got one move but I haven't tested it yet. Better late than never!" Spark thought to himself as he started to produce a wave of acid that started to form themselves into a bunch of large fists. "Considered yourself honored to be the first person I try this move on. I'll show you bastards what happened when you mess with the Wukong Pirates! Acidic Stampede!" Spark shouted as each of the punches of Haki would be coated in Haki as they each started to make their way toward Senkaku.

"I always hated logias" Thought Senkaku as he saw the Acid Fists coming towards him "Ursa Major" he announced as several portals appeared behind him each firing a beam of twisting red space which seemed to ripple around it like stones thrown on a lake. As the Beams and fists collided they began to force against each other in a struggle each trying to overpower the other.

"You're going to hate me a whole lot more once I start to take this even more seriously." Spark said as he started to get himself closer toward Sen. "I can catch him by surprise by doing a certain thing that not even that reptile could match against. Let's see how he'll respond to a more close-quarters attack." Spark thought to himself as he coated his fist in haki preparing to strike at Sen.

Senkaku's eyes began to glow purple as he activated his Future Sight anticipating his opponent's move "Unlike you logias I can't turn my body into an element but I have something better" "Orion's Armor" he said as portals began to climb up his arms and legs before fully enclosing his body and then being coated in a red Aura of Haki.

"Well that's annoying isn't it? Looks like I better get all physical huh? Doesn't matter as I have other tricks up my sleeve." Spark said as he hardened his arm in Haki and proceeds to send it forward at a sudden blinding speed. "Jet Impact!" Spark shouted as he sent the super fast punch toward Sen as it was not only powered by a hidden Jet Dial, but also by an Impact Dial!

As the Punch connected the Impact Dial exploded into the Armor causing it to begin crack before disappearing revealing nothing within. Upon the fake armor breaking Senkaku appeared directly above Spark with a Condensed Ball of Space in his hand which he forced down at Spark "Nebula Impact".

"Hmph. That's not going to work. I'm already starting to read how you move mate." Spark said as he quickly used another jet dial that was hidden in his legs alongside a burst of Electro to propel himself forward from the attack. Spark lands a few feet away from Sen as he appeared to be shifting in acid. "This guy isn't a physical powerhouse like that admiral that's for sure. He seems to rely on his devil fruit powers a lot such as myself. I better see if I can get around that attack of his. Even it has it's own limits." Spark thought to himself as he started to harden his entire body in Haki.

"Your a slippery one I'll give you that but so far that seems to be all you can do" Sen said as he curved the ball to launch right towards where Spark was standing his Future Sight had come in Handy as the red Haki infused ball flew towards Spark and exploded inches away from his face causing an explosion lesser then the attack his captain had used to beat him in Skyfall.

"Tsh." Spark uttered as the attack hit him full force and he was sent flying toward the ground. Despite taking this attack heavily, he quickly gets back up to his feet as he stared down Sen from a distance. "How annoying. Seems like this guy likes to block and attack a lot. Then again, the admiral still hits harder than him and he definitely doesn't compare to the Boss so it's going to take a lot more than those attacks to even harm me." Spark uttered as he sent another acid wave, this time, much bigger that was going toward Sen!

"I've evacuated every civilian within 10 clicks of your battle" A voice came through Senkaku's Den Den Mushi "FINALY" He exclaimed almost shouting about time i get to go serious as he ran towards the wave "You want compare with your captain Mink let's see what you can really do" He said as he dove into the wave before coming out the other side having used a portal to avoid the wave of acid before leaping towards Spark thrusting his spear as it dripped with Haki.

"Hmph. A wasted effort there. I don't know why I have to waste my strength against someone like you but it is time I get serious myself." Spark stated as he said this, he quickly used his enhanced Electro to dodge the attack as he quickly ends up behind Senkaku in a second! A speed feat that many would call a flashstep, or Soru in this case, but is much faster. He quickly coats his leg in his jet green Haki as he also made it bigger in size thanks to the nature of his Devil Fruit powers! After doing so, he quickly sends the kick over at Sen using the Jet dials hidden in his legs to enhance the speed and power of it!

"Busoshoku Tekkai Statue" Senkaku said as he readied himself for the attack transfering a layer of space between himself and the kick as it lands nullifying most of the acidic qualities as he hardened himself against the large attack. As it slammed into him he could feel the force of it almost breaking his Tekkai.

"Need to deal with those Dials and quickly" he stratergised to himself.

Spark can be seen jumping backwards from the blow he had caused and started to crack his knuckles as he stares at Senkaku. "I'm starting to get this guy's strageties. He really does like to rely on those powers to avoid my attacks. But even so my blunt attacks are doing far more damage to him than my own acid. I believe I won't give this man the satiasfaction of witnessing my acid powers anymore. Let's see if I can catch him off guard." Spark thought to himself as he took out two yellow dials and pressed them. "Seems like my dials are doing the trick. Let's see how you fair against these. Flash Dial: Repeling Darkness!" Spark shouted as he threw the two dials and, as they traveled through the air, illiumiated the entire area in a bright flash of light blinding most things in sight!

As the two Dials flew towards Senkaku he simply closed his eyes from the flash and began to rely entirely on his Supernatural Senses. "Soru" he vanished before appearing in front of Spark "Shigan" he said as he rapidly used Future Sight to see where his opponent would launch each of his dial enhanced attacks and disabling each of them using his spear.

"Hmph. I keep many more dials stored on me. Do not think you can stop my assult. I will have this entire island buried in acid soon enough." Spark stated as he proceeded to fight once more.

Several hours later

Spark was seen more bruised but still standing as he already had his blade back out. Before he could do something else, Spark got a call on a Den Den Mushi that he kept around. It was fitting in special armor to protect it from his acid as he picked it up.

"What is it? I'm in the middle of something." Spark answered.

"I can sense you from here. I think it about time you made your leave. You are needed back on Kyoto." said the voice that sounded female and somewhat older than Spark. It also had a hint of sterness as well.

"Marines again? They're pissing me off how persistent they are trying to get to me. I know you can hold them off but I'll be there." Spark said as he hung up the line as he looked over at Sen. "Good news: You get to live today. I got more pressing matters but you are a pain in the ass to deal with. I would've used my stronger acid or even my special dial, but I think it's fair not to use them now."

"Classic Pirate running while he can" Senkaku was stood maintaining a giant portal above the reinforcements which spark had tried to melt with Acid his coat slightly singed from acid burns and his cloths damaged from Spark's dial enhanced punches.