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Adamantine D. Heracles was a former vice admiral, and was the mentor and friend of Perun D. Krakow.


Heracles was muscular and tall in structure, had black hair and a beard that blended in and connected to sideburns. His clothing varies a lot and will change consistently. He was even consider big compared to other Marines due to his massive girth, especially when it came to his arms and chest.


Heracles was a person who only works when he has to and doesn’t work overtime, he loves fighting pirates and sea kings but loves spending time with his wife more. He is even the type of person who likes spending with his wife during working hours and eats her meals despite being on the clock. Except for when it comes to fighting and obeying the law, Heracles was never one to take work too seriously as he views life should be about enjoying the things you like and doing them as much as possible.

Heracles used to have a good image of the Navy, but due to the death of his pregnant wife and child at the hands of a celestial dragon and the Navy doing nothing about it, he views the Navy as corrupt and immoral. Despite looking like a happy and upbeat guy, Heracles was a severely depressed man who wanted death to come to him without him having to kill himself. He had a great relationship with Perun D. Krakow as he trained him, and after being diagnosed with cancer decided that he was the perfect candidate for his devil fruit abilities.

Heracles once viewed people upholding the law as being completely good, but after the murder of his family from people who are protected by people who uphold the law, his worldview changed and realized the world was way more gray than he expected. Despite his families' death, he still didn't commit suicide due to the face that he knew that his wife would've never wanted him to do that. Although he did have the desire, he still fought through it and never gave into the temptation of ending his life.

His depressed and bleak view of the world would ease a good amount after meeting Perun D. Krakow and started to train him in combat. Heracles also loved having drinks with him and having nice long talks with him whenever they weren't working. He also takes pride in fighting, views fighting as an art, and believes that weapons should be treated with respect, and that haki and Rokushiki are arts that shouldn't be abused, as he doesn't believe in exploiting these abilities for his own advantage.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Abilities

Heracles managed to become strong in his physical strength and endurance while training in the marines, so much so that he can cause physical damage to sea kings by using basic physical attacks against them. His strength increased significantly due to his devil fruit ability, as he also used his increased speed to dodge attacks. His punches are so powerful that a sea king would be knocked unconscious from one of them.

He is also shown to withstand damage from powerful enemies including enemies who were strong enough to be Shichibukai candidates or even possible Yonkos. His preferred style of fighting is mixed martial arts since he can incorporate wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu, karate, and kickboxing, when fighting opponents. Most notably, Heracles has been known to use roundhouse kicks a lot while fighting since his levitating/flying ability allows him to prevent falling for incase he ever fails at these attacks.

Heracles also has a high pain tolerance, which combined with his enormous amount of strength, makes people view him as a one man army at times. Some even call Heracles a monster since his pain tolerance and durability makes those same people believe that he's not even human and some kind of demon from Hell. Although never gotten caught before, he is known to be practically immune to torture since he was trained to endure enormous amounts of torture in the case he's ever captured, he's even known to endure waterboarding, this fact makes other people's belief of him being a demon feel backed up.


Main article: Rokushiki

Heracles managed to master six powers of the Rokushiki while training under his father as a child, although some of these techniques are practically obsolete ever since he gained his devil fruit abilities.

"Geppo" (月歩 literally meaning "Moon Step"?): Although Heracles is able to use this technique, he doesn't use it often since his devil fruit ability grants him the power of flight and to even levitate in the air. This technique has been obsolete every since Heracles received his devil fruit ability.

"Tekkai" (鉄塊 literally meaning "Iron Body"?): Heracles is able to use this technique to withstand incredible amounts of potential physical damage, which makes him a difficult opponent for most people who tried to take him down. He uses this technique to mock people who think they can easily take him down when they themselves are incredibly weak, he allows them to take their blows out on him while using Tekkai just to humiliate them. He is also known to use this technique for when he's about to get shot so he wouldn't take any damage.

"Shigan" (指銃 literally meaning "Finger Gun"?): Heracles mainly uses this technique for when he doesn't have the time to fight and just needs an enemy defeated instantly. He can also combine this technique with his devil fruit ability, since he can manipulate the air which can be used to thrust his body towards opponents, making his blows more effective and deadly.

"Rankyaku" (嵐脚 literally meaning "Storm Leg"?): Heracles mastered this technique easily since his devil fruit ability gives him the power to manipulate air. He uses this technique against sea kings and powerful enemies, and this technique is stronger in Heracles' case since he has a devil fruit making him manipulate the air, causing the attacks to take more damage that other users of this technique.

"Soru" ( literally meaning "Shave"?): Since Heracles has been known to take on multiple sea kings at once, Heracles uses Soru quite a lot so he can get dodge their attacks and even make them attack each other if given the chance too by dodging them at the last second.

"Kami-e" (紙絵 literally meaning "Paper Drawing"?): Heracles uses this technique to avoid attacks against both hand-to-hand attacks and against melee weapons like knives and swords to avoid damage. He incorporates this technique while using his talons against opponents while dodging their attacks.

Devil Fruit

After being convinced by his wife, Heracles ate the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec, also known as the Bird Bird fruit, Model: Latawiec. This is a mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit which grants him the power to turn into a Latawiec, a crow-like demon from Slavic Mythology. His Latawiec form consists of a ten foot tall crow-like creature with sharp talons, and a pair of wings which act as their own appendages. The main ability of this fruit is that it gives him the power to manipulate air, allowing him to create powerful winds and twisters.


  • Air Blast: Heracles can create blasts of air and thrust it into enemies, causing them to be taken off their feet be thrown against a wall or a tree.
  • Air Drill: Heracles has the ability to manipulate the air around his fists and thrust it to create a drill like attack that can pierce hard material. (Achieved by Awakening).
  • Air Purification: Heracles can manipulate the air to remove any hazardous particles that resides in it.
  • Air Telekinesis: Heracles has been known to swoop enemies off their feet by creating cyclones that resemble a lot like telekinesis since he can manipulate the air to lift living creatures or inanimate objects, including pirate ships. He can also use this air manipulation technique to lift sea kings off their feet and send them flying towards a mountain or send them flying hundreds of yards away. (Achieved by Awakening).
  • Air Theft: Heracles can absorb and remove the oxygen within his vicinity, making it impossible for fires to start, as well as causing his opponents to go unconsciousness or even kill them via asphyxiation.
  • Air Weapon: Heracles can manipulate the air to create green-colored tangible weapons (swords, axes, mallets, throwing knives, etc.) and use them for battles. (Achieved by Awakening).
  • Cyclones: Heracles can manipulate air that runs in a circular motion, this can be used to create an area where nobody can get in or out since they would caught in the vortex if someone would make physical contact within the area it inhabits.
  • Tornados: Heracles can manage to create several powerful tornados to use towards his enemies. At one point he managed to get in the middle between multiple sea kings while hovering over the sea, managing to take them out with several powerful tornados he conjured and managed to send them flying and knocking them out.


Because of Heracles having possessed his devil fruit ability for over fifteen years, Heracles managed to awaken his devil fruit ability and create massive hurricanes and twisters. The awakening also granted him access to abilities like Air Telekinesis, Air Drill, and Air Weapon.


Busoshoku Haki

Heracles is a master in Busoshoku Haki, he uses this mainly against logia users and sea kings. Heracles would also use this ability to cause more damage to other opponents when he feels the need to, his main use of this ability is coating his hand and talons to cause greater damage to his opponents. He even managed to cover his own body with Busoshoku Haki when facing powerful enemies, basically making his own body into armor, thus making him practically unstoppable and turning himself into a one man. army. He also used Imbuement when implementing his Air Weapon technique to manipulate the air and create tangible weapons from it, thus covering his air-created weapons and imbue them with Busoshoku, giving them an additional boost in battle. He however doesn't use it most of the time when fighting against weaker opponents since he sees it as a waste of energy.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Heracles is a master in Kenbunshoku Haki, he uses this at times to avoid getting physical damage during battle. Heracles uses Kenbunshoku Haki in the same manner as Busoshoku Haki, he would not use it if he doesn't feel the need to, as he sees these abilities as an art and doesn't abuse them. He does also use this ability to sense powerful enemies, including sea kings who are nearby the ship he's boarding on, that way he's prepared to fight them when they arrive. He also used the Kenbunshoku Haki technique while using both Soru and Kami-e, so he can be practically impossible to beat when fully implementing these methods together. He also uses this ability to sense the emotions of others for if he needs help reading them, to see if they're being honest with him or not. Heracles would also use this approach to sense if someone nearby is trying to attack him from behind by either sensing their emotions or predicting that they were going to use a sneak attack against him.


Heracles was raised to always obey the law and even when the law seems unfair at times, that he needed to follow it regardless. He was also informed that pirates are the main reason to why the world is messed up because of them causing trouble for everyone else. His father was in law enforcement and expected Heracles to train and to be prepared for the day when he could also be enforcing the law, so Heracles spend a good portion of his childhood learning about the law and how to fight, this is when he started to learn Rokushiki, and after years of practicing Rokushiki, he managed to master six of the techniques of this art.

When he got older he got into law enforcement and was great at catching thieves and troublemakers, one day he saved a woman who was being mugged by someone with a knife, Heracles managed to beat up the mugger without getting a single scratch on him. The woman thanked Heracles and was infatuated by him, but didn't say anything to him at the time, later that week Heracles went out to a bar with his coworkers and the bartender who happened to be serving them was the woman he saved from being mugged. The woman thanked Heracles again and the two started chatting, one thing led to another and the two started dating, several years passed and they got married.

At one point Heracles was encountered by a commodore who witnessed him in action when he stopped two men from robbing a store, the commodore went to talk to Heracles and asked him about his time spent in law enforcement, they went to the bar to where his wife worked at to discuss things. After some discussion, the commodore was very impressed by Heracles' history, and asked him if he would like to join the marines. He told him that he had to think it over until his wife told him to do it on the condition that she'd join in and becoming a chef in the Marines.

Heracles decided to accept the offer since his wife was going to come with him, but before they went to take up the offer. His wife offered Heracles a devil fruit that belonged to her father who died at sea, Heracles was hesitant but assured Heracles that she would feel safer if he had a devil fruit ability. Heracles then decided to take the devil fruit and gain its abilities, thus gaining the powers of the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec.

Heracles then spent many years fighting pirates and sea kings while slowly moving up the ranks, he gave a lot to the Navy and was completely loyal to them, viewing them in a positive light, and spent many years giving his all to the organization he put so much faith into. He was trained by a Commodore in the teachable forms of Haki, and eventually gained a mastery of it after years and years of training with the Commodore. The Commodore wanted to get stronger as well so he can at least get to the rank of Vice Admiral, he viewed the Commodore as both a mentor and as a close friend, and hoped one day the Commodore could earn the rank of Vice Admiral.

However, the Commodore was killed in combat by a pirate crew, which affected Heracles deeply, he eventually collected himself with the help of his wife. Heracles was then given the Commodore's katana with a sea-stoned edge by the Marines, as it was part of the Commodore's last will and testament, he never used it and kept it hidden safe, after Heracles collected himself he kept practicing in the art of Haki. After spending years fighting pirates and sea kings, he eventually received the rank of vice admiral due to his powerful fighting abilities and his impressive track record, after fifteen years within the Navy, Heracles and his wife decided to have a child and decided to raise and grow up within the marines. Eight years later they decided to have another kid due to their first child being such a blessing that they thought a second one would make it even better.

Heracles loved the marines and viewed his life practically as a perfect fairy tale type story where he got everything he ever wanted in life, and was expecting more great years to come. He planned to raise hid kids to be marines and to teach them like how he was brought up about how the law is important and how people who break it needed to be brought to justice. Although despite having a positive view of the Navy and viewing his life as perfect, his view of the Navy and the world would take a drastic turn from the result of a tragic event that would forever change his life.

One day a festival came through a town where Heracles and his family were at, Heracles asked his nine-month old pregnant wife and child to come to a carnival with him, thinking it would be fun for the three of them. However at one point while Heracles went to the bathroom, his wife and child were oblivious to the people bowing around them as a celestial dragon walked by, by the time they noticed it was too late, the celestial dragon shot both of them walking in front of them. When Heracles found out, he was enraged and was about to murder the celestial dragon but was held back by several other vice admirals who happened to be there as well. Heracles pleaded for the Navy to seek justice for his family being murdered, but was told that the world nobles have a right to kill anyone they get into contact with for any reason.

Heracles felt betrayed by the system he gave so much for, he then took an early retirement and was extremely depressed and wanted to commit suicide, however he knew his wife would've never wanted him to do that, so he kept living despite how he felt. He then decided to open up a weapons shop near the docks on drum island, thinking this would bring something meaningful to him. However, his depression got worse as time went on, still missing his wife and kid, and wondering how long he could keep this up.

That all changed one day changed when a young man by the name of Perun D. Krakow came into his shop and asked if there was any work in town that was available. Heracles offered him a job at his shop and even told him that if he needed a place to stay that he could live in one of the rooms upstairs, which Krakow gracefully accepted. Some time had past, and despite being good at the job, Heracles felt that the kid had some personal problems that are deeply bothering him, but he wanted to let the kid have his privacy so he felt that leaving him alone was the best option for him.

One night Heracles went to get a glass of water but walked downstairs to discover Krakow sobbing, Krakow noticed Heracles and tried his best to cover his tears, but there was no way he could hide it at this point. Heracles then sat Krakow down and asked him what was troubling him, Krakow then talked about his life and told him about the struggles, persecution he went through because of his ethnic background, and lack of friends in his life, Heracles completely understood Krakow's point of view.

Heracles told Krakow that someone like him has a lot of potential and that he has so much to give to the world. Krakow doubt this, Heracles then told Krakow that he would like to both train him in hand to hand combat (including how to use both Rokushiki and Haki). Krakow wasn't sure about this but Heracles assured him that learning how to fight would do wonders for him.

Krakow accepted and started his training with Heracles, they began training three times a week after work. During this time, Krakow would also visit the library several times a week to learn about ships, devil fruits, and keep up to date with what was going on in the world. Krakow even had intellectual conversations with Heracles, including talks about the world government, pirates, the Yonkos, the seven Shichibukai, and many other things.

Krakow had the belief that pirates were bad and that they should be taken down, however Heracles told Krakow that the Navy doesn't always do good. He also declared that the Navy, along with the rest of the world government was just a puppet of the celestial dragons, people who would kill children for just standing in front of them. Krakow then asked who were the true good guys, Heracles told him that it's an incredibly gray area and that the only way to answer that is to find them yourself.

Krakow then took some time to think his life over, he wanted more people to call his friends and to have great memories with since he barely has any of his own. He thought to himself about becoming a pirate captain himself and seeing the world with people he could call actual friends. He also likes the idea of gaining huge amounts of treasure and wouldn't have to work a normal boring job, so he made up his mind and decided to become a pirate captain when the time came.

Krakow spent a total of two years on the island, during that time he noticed Heracles getting sicker and sicker as time went on, Krakow asked Heracles if he was alright but Heracles kept telling him that it was nothing. Eventually Heracles sat Krakow down and told him the truth, Heracles informed Krakow that he's been diagnosed with cancer and doesn't have much time left. He told Krakow that he had a mythical devil fruit ability that allowed him to turn into a Latawiec, which gave him the power to control the air.

Heracles told Krakow that he's going to keep fruit around the house so that his ability would transfer somewhere close, he requested that when he dies, he would like Krakow to be the next person to gain his devil fruit ability. Krakow was unsure by this but after some convincing from Heracles, Krakow decided to take him up on that offer when the time comes. Heracles also asked Krakow if he had any plans after he died, Krakow told Heracles that he was thinking about being a pirate captain.

Heracles then told Krakow then when that happens, that he'll inherit the business/house so that Krakow could sell the business/house and collect the money he'd get from it, along with his life insurance money so that he could afford a ship. He also told Krakow that he would like for him to have his katana that he used during his days as a vice admiral, and that he was also going to get a list of locations of multiple devil fruits he collected throughout the years. He told Krakow to give those devil fruits to people he felt are trustworthy for his crew, Krakow was gracious for all of this but was upset knowing Heracles wasn't going to be around for very long.

Heracles told Krakow that he will be fine and will meet so many incredible people when his journey begins, Heracles then talked to Krakow about his own troubled past, he told Krakow that he was one of the best vice admirals and that he gave so much during his time in the Navy. Although one day that changed when he asked his pregnant wife and child to come to a festival with him, thinking it would be fun for the three of them. However at one point while Heracles went to the bathroom, his wife and child were oblivious to the people bowing around them as a celestial dragon walked by, by the time they noticed it was too late, the celestial dragon shot both of them walking in front of them.

When Heracles found out, he was enraged and was about to murder the celestial dragon but was held back by several other vice admirals who happened to be there as well. Heracles pleaded for the Navy to seek justice for his family being murdered, but was told that the world nobles have a right to kill anyone they get into contact with for any reason. Heracles felt betrayed by the system he gave so much for, he then retired and wanted to kill himself, however he knew his wife would've never wanted him to do that, so he kept living despite how he felt.

When Krakow came into his life, things got better and had someone great to spend the rest of his time with, Heracles informed Krakow that he was grateful for his company and that he made these last years incredible to him. He gave Krakow a note with a number on it and told Krakow that it was his lawyer and that he should call him when the time comes so he can give him all of the things Heracles will pass down to Krakow.

Several months passed and everything was going fine until one day Krakow didn't hear Heracles getting ready, Krakow went to check on Heracles and saw he was laying motionless in bed. Krakow asked if he was okay, but then noticed a bowl of fruit with a certain fruit that looked odd and looked different from the rest of the fruit. Krakow then realized it was a devil fruit and panicked, Krakow tried CPR on Heracles for what felt like hours to no avail, Krakow then gave up and called paramedics.

Krakow was in an enormous amount of grief, he then called Heracles lawyer then met with him to give Krakow his mentor's inheritance, including his money, sea-stoned edged katana, and the list of devil fruit locations. A week later he attended Heracles funeral and thanked him for everything he's done for him. Krakow then took a bite off the the devil fruit and gained the abilities of his deceased mentor's Devil Fruit power, the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Latawiec.

He then decided to throw the now powerless devil fruit in the grave with his deceased mentor as a way of honoring him. Krakow then put up the place he was living and working at for sale, found a buyer, and collected them money he got from it. Krakow then decided to buy a boat that was not very big but wasn't too small neither, but decided to buy a bigger one when the time came.

Krakow then set off to become a pirate captain while tears rolled down his eyes as he sailed away from the island he spent so much time on, and memories he had with his mentor. Heracles died peacefully knowing his devil fruit, katana, and other devil fruits he found was going to be in good hands, and that he was finally going to see his wife and child again.


  • If set in the real world, he would be from Greece.
  • His favorite color is duke blue.
  • His favorite food is bacon.
  • Heracles is based on Heracles from Greek mythology, and both share many similarities.
    • Both were noted for their strength and abilities.
    • Both were seen as heroes.
    • Both had wives and children who were murdered.
    • Heracles in Greek mythology was inflicted with madness by the Goddess Hera and tricked him into killing his wife and three sons. While Heracles wife and child was murdered by a celestial dragon (who sees themselves as Gods).
    • Both fell in deep depression and grieved for a long time due to their wives' and children's death.
    • In Greek mythology, Heracles gave Poeas his bow and arrow before his death, which was eventually passed it down to his son Phiolctetes. While Heracles passed down his devil fruit and his sea-stone edged katana to Perun D. Krakow before he died, who then passed the katana down to Lily V. Nazeli.
  • Although it's never been confirmed, it could've been possible that Heracles and Perun D. Krakow were lovers during the years they lived together.