Admiral Senshi, also known as Ban F. Rouge, is the user of the Hitto Hitto no Mi. He was an Admiral in the Marines, and a role model for all of the The Current Marine Vice Admirals, but fanboyed most by Tobias. He is now a Rear Admiral due to The Stench Cliff Incident.


Senshi is a tall man standing at 7'08. He also weighs in at about 278 pounds.

Devil Fruit

Senshi's Devil Fruit, the Hitto Hitto no Mi, allows him to punch with the force of a meteor.


Admiral Senshi vs. Monkey D. Luffy: Win

Admiral Senshi vs. Enihs: Loss

Powers and Abilities

Katai Hitto (English: A Hard Hit)

He hits his opponents with his might.

Namiutsu (English: Waves Hit)

He hits from a distance, creating a shockwave.

Hontoni Hittoshita (English: A Really Hard Hit)

Senshi's most powerful attack, where he sends a punch with all his power.

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