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That man, my captain, he sees no race. He sees no reason to hate someone on appearance alone. He cares and respects every last member on the crew. So yes i am a Fishman! But more importantly i am a member of his crew, I am a Libertà Pirate!
— Adriatic

Adriatic or "Ti" is a Fishman-Human hybrid born in Fishman Island is current the Helmsman for the Libertà Pirates. He was an outsider even amongst the Fishman as he was a 'rotten fish' as those around him called him growing up. This was because of his half human nature. It wasn't until Dante, that he finally felt accepted, loved. Despite the years he's already sent as a member f the crew he has gone beyond the rank of Sfere Celesti.


Adriatic is a tall and very muscular man, with a very shark-like look thanks to his Fishman nature. He also has a blue-grayish tone to his skin. Adriatic also has very sharp spikey navy-blue colored hair. He has small, round, white eyes, 3 sets of curved facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders, and sharp triangular teeth.

Because of his 'Shark's Life' technique, his body can shapre and transform into a much more shark-like appearance. This also includes him growing a large tail as well.


While he was hated and looked down on by the majority of Fishman Island, Ti did his best to remain positive. even though he was stuck living alone. He did though eventually develop a sense of survival, getting aggressive with anyone who would try to bad mouth me. Seen especially when he slammed a massive right hook in the face of an office and slamming their face onto the floor. 

Ti is a noble and very much respectful man. He cares deeply for the entirety of the Libertà Pirates, sees them as his family. He has put himself i harms way multiple times to take care of them. He's very much involved with the younger recruits of the crew and is more than willing to stay behind on the ship to protect them while Dante and the rest head out on a dangerous mission.

Battle Prowess




  • His nickname "Ti" is short for tiburón which is Shark in Spanish
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