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Agrona "Of Blood" is the third division commander of the Space Pirates.


Agrona, as the only female Commander always uses that to her advantages. And constantly whine about she being the only female commander of the crew. Even though she is a women, she is mostly looked down upon, which she hates as all she wants is being treated like any human being. She is incredible smart however, the only one being smarter then her is the Captain. However, she is also gullible to every lie told to her, as she believes everything they hear as facts, even those of enemies.

Abilities and Powers

Agrona in the middle of her Formage-transformation


Agrona is a martial artist using the Bloodstyle to full advantage. She also carries a huge Claymore with her at all times. She claims this Claymore however, is just for show.


Further information: Flare Gun

Just like most Space Pirates, she also uses Flare Guns in fights. Just like every Commander in the Space Pirates. She too has a Formage-state.


Before becoming a Pirate

Yet to be written.

Life as a Space Pirate

Yet to be written.


  • Agrona seems to be given distinct laugh. Agrona follows this tradition with a "Jee" (i.e. Jeehihihihihihi!).
  • Agrona's name seems to arrive from the Brythonic goddess of war and death in the Celtic Mythology.


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