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Akei is the Swordsman of the Sticky Pirates and does not have any Devil Fruit abilities. He has a bounty of 888,000,000 beli.


He is very good at using his blade, known as Shi, which can use a variety of techniques.


Sadly, the only Haki Akei can use is Armament Haki.


Akei is a muscular and tall man, standing at 6'02 and weighing 189 pounds. He has brown hair. His blade is black.

Abilities and Powers


Kazakiri (English: Wind Cut)

With his sword, he can channel a tornado.

Shokku Osu (English: Shock Push)

Shokku Osu is one of if not the most powerful attack in One Piece. Akei creates a huge shockwave from his sword that can destroy a huge island with no effort. It is also his strongest attack.

Akei with his sword.

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