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“Hey it ain’t my fault he left me at a young age”
— Akira talking about his dad in Winter Wonderland

Akira (アキラ, Akira) also known as "Sun Wukong"(孫悟空, Sun Wukong),[2] is the captain of the (To be determined) and is the supposed son of a legendary pirate. Akira lived most of his life with the Minks on Zou specifically with abe minks where he learned how to fight and is also where he got his nickname "Sun Wukong". He was seen as a bright child and a prodigy even among the top ranking soldiers on Zou. [6]

Akira decided to travel into the new world to find his dad who went missing after a battle with the marines. He has been seen around the new world stealing and defending innocent citizens who were under attack from bandits and criminals alike.

After the events of Winter Wonderland, Akira and Godspeed made allies with the Bluebeard Pirates and stayed at their home island for some time. After this, a member of the Bluebeard Pirates, Shuten Dōji, joined Akira and Godspeed in their adventure. [7]


Akira is a young muscular teenager who shares similarities to an abe with his chest hair and clothing style in general.[3] This is because of his origins were he lived most of his life on Zou together with abe Minks. Akira doesn't have any notable scars since he is somewhat a new pirate and hasn't been in any huge battles yet. Akira is that of an average height, standing at 170.6 centimeters and growing. Because he lived with abe Minks his whole life, Akira is able to do moves and tricks that a normal human wouldn't be able to do. He's able to jump higher than two meters and climb walls with ease.

Clothing wise, Akira has an unusual clothing style. He wears a golden necklace type thing around his forehead like a crown that has a swirly pattern on it, similar to that of clouds. The crown is also there to hold his messy blueish white hair up and was also a gift from his mentor on Zou. Around his neck, Akira wears a red scarf that is made out of the fur of a Cowball and has it tied together at the end. Akira himself fought one of these a long time ago and killed it for the meat and fur. Akira is mostly seen bare-chested with his arms seemingly painted black and has leather around his waist that goes over his middle finger. To hold this leather to his body, Akira has brown beads around his waist that are made from the treasure tree "Adam". This was another treasure that he got when leaving Zou. For is lower body, Akira is wearing a tiger-like belt around his waist that is held together with rope and has a red and white banner hanging down on the front. The tiger-like belt is another creature that Akira had killed a long time ago. It is made from the skin and fur from a Shogun Jishi. Hanging off his belt, Akira has a flask normally filled with water or sake and also has a symbol on it. The symbol itself is made out of gold and black paint with a monkey on it that is to represent Akira's allies with Zou. For pants, Akira wears a pair of long blue pants that are tugged in his boats. His boats are primarily brown with the lower half being a slightly lighter brown.

Akira also wears a large staff on his back that looks to be made out of black fog with metal strapped onto it. The origins of this staff is unknown but was another gift that Akira got when he left Zou to become a pirate. The staff is called Yigu Bang.

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Name Nickname Bounty
Akira "Sun Wukong" Bsymbol.gif90,000,000

First Bounty: Not long after Akira set out to sea, he saved Godspeed from a marine captain and beat him. Because of this, Akira gained his first bounty at Bsymbol.gif30,000,000.

Second Bounty: It is currently unknown how he got his second bounty but he managed to get a bounty of Bsymbol.gif60,000,000

Third Bounty: After the events of Winter Wonderland, Akira gained a bounty of Bsymbol.gif90,000,000 as he showed ties to the main culprit and tried to help him escaped from the winter island of Glasteria.

Fourth Bounty:

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