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She is a former employee of the world government, where because of her devil fruit ability was a record keeper in charge of handling classified documents such as the Exemplar Roster. But after being kidnapped by revolutionaries, the world government considered her too dangerous and blacklisted her. She is currently in hiding as the navigator of the Windfall Pirates.


She has a type A personality, she favors organization and structure and is quite strict. She has a short temper when things don’t go the way she plans, and when people get in her way. She is only capable of unwinding when all her work is done.


She is young, has a very tense stance, and dresses how you would expect a librarian; a black and white dress and glasses. Despite her book related powers she is very difficult person to read and remains generally expressionless.

Powers and abilities

She is a very intelligent person which gives her and her crew an edge against enemies such as the World Government. Alexi ate the Hon Hon no Mi which utilizes her brilliance to its fullest extent. It allows her to change any part of her body into books that information can be recorded and recalled. Besides its practical applications, the Hon Hon no Mi has few combat applications, but Alexi has found a few. Alexi’s books are proportional to her accumulative knowledge, she can produce books of varying size up to a couple tons and can be used for blunt force attacks.


Her name, Alexi Conrad, has the word lexicon hidden in the middle, a synonym for encyclopedia.

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