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{{Property|Ash Witherspoon}}{{Character Box|name = Alice Natokanette|image = [[File:Alice Natokanette.png|270px]]|jname = アリス・ナントカネット|rname = ''Arisu Nantokanetto''|ename = Alice Nantokanette|occupation = Princess<br>Valkyrie Knights`s Vice-Commander<br>Council of Ten`s 3rd Seat|first = Chapter 823, Episode 777|textcolor = White|colorscheme = Purple|backcolor = Purple|affltion = Goa Kingdom|epithet = '''Crown Princess''' (クラウンプリンセス, ''Kuraunpurinsesu'')<br>'''Alice Dragoness''' (アリス・ドラゴネス, ''Arisu Doragonesu'')<br>'''3rd Seat''' (サードシート, ''Sādoshīto'')}}

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Alice Natokanette
Alice Natokanette
Japanese Name: アリス・ナントカネット
Romanized Name: Arisu Nantokanetto
English Name: Alice Nantokanette
First Appearance: Chapter 823, Episode 777
Affiliations: Goa Kingdom
Occupations: Princess
Valkyrie Knights`s Vice-Commander
Council of Ten`s 3rd Seat
Epithet: Crown Princess (クラウンプリンセス, Kuraunpurinsesu)
Alice Dragoness (アリス・ドラゴネス, Arisu Doragonesu)
3rd Seat (サードシート, Sādoshīto)
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