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Alisha, known by many as Dragon princess is a World Noble of the holy land. Daughter of Saint Golem and like the rest of her family, is a true believer of ruling over the weak and seek to make an empire from the World Government one day. Despises the other Tenryuubito who lack the vision of the power they were given by the twenty kings.


Alisha is very beautiful with long hair pulled back in a pony tail, allowing fringes of hair cating over her left eye.


Like the rest of her family, she sees themselves as the true decendants of the creators of the Government and looks down on the rest of the World Nobles as 'lamps' and the World Government's Elders as 'Shepards' since the descendants of the Kings have become nothing more than idle figures than true rulers of the world. Not relying on the admirals for protection and able to handle things herself, not against them but considered it be a disgrace to show her weakness to her enemies. Alisha shows respect to marine officers and allow them to treat her as any other.

She uses her beauty to hide her demonic nature when not in combat and truly frightening. Alisha shows some sense of honor if she sees her opponents as worthy as they claim.

Powers and Abilities

As a Celestial Dragon she has all rights to do anything as she pleases, able to summon an Admiral. However, Alisha relies only to her skills and weapons. Wields a Katana sword and very skilled with it, able to slash a ship in half with a single slash.

"Touch me in any way Charloss and I will slice that disgusting flesh you call a stomach and feed them to the crows. "
—Alisha to Charloss

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