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The Anórien Kingdom also known as the kingdom of the sky  is a small kingdom and a matriarchal nation with a special bond with animals (particularly, giant birds) and reside in the sky It was ruled by Queen Mira  and is the homeland of oceania who currently rule it.The country is located in the middle of the Unexplored Region of the grand Line it is also located in the world's largest ravine and has a hot and humid climate.

General Information

Anorien  is an established kingdom with a long history. It is located in the middle of a Unexplored Region in the grand line and the largest ravine the kingdom is surrounded with difficult terrains, it can only be reached by foot by travelers but the Aorien people, they can travel within the country or outside world via giant birds if chose to

Kingdom Information

  • Kingdom Name: Anorien
  • Former Queen:Mira
  • Current Queen:Oceania Newgate
  • Important People: Oceania Newgate(Former crown Princess),Portgas d Spade (Current Prince),  (Head Guard),  (Head Guard),  (Royal Guard Captain),  (Rebel Leader, Minister of Environment)
  • Current Affiliations: White, World Government
  • Poneglyph: (Tomb of the Kings)
  • Population: Over 10 millio


Anorien architecture is very similar to greece however the buildings are build into the side of the clif

Landmarks and Citys


The Anorien


  • Anorien is described as the country of the warrior women that dance in the sky.
  • People from Anorien tend to have various wing-themed tattoos and accessories, and ride on giant birds.
  • The standard appearance of the native population of Anorien is Pink hair and green eyes.
  • Anorien's clothing is similar to that of ancient Greece. They usually wear pink garments and feather necklaces. The warrior women are also reminiscent to the mythological Amazonian warriors.
  • Spade is the only known male in the Anorien Kingdom
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