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Ana Jaques
Age 17
Birth name Ana Cecilia Jaques
Also known as "The Spider"
Birth Date
Race Human
Origin Grand Lake Island, SouthSide Blue
Gender Male
Occupation(s) Cook Assistant, Pirate
Affiliation Pretender Pirates
Bounty NONE
Love None
Devil Fruit Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Tarantula

Saved by Alexander Graham and Martin Pestico, she now pays her debt by becoming part of their crew. Having no real talent she became their Cook assistant


At the age of 15 she ate the umo Kumo no Mi, Model Tarantula and became a spider woman. Sometime before this, her father was assassinated by the Great Blood Pirates. Her mother took care of her and of her little brother. 1 year later, when the Great Blood Pirates returned, she tried to defeat them but was left nearly dead. From then on she seems to have a shock when she sees any member of that crew.


Apart from the Pretender Pirates for whom he was a very close bond after saving her, especially with Martin who saved a ceiling from coming on top of her she has started considering a family. She also has a bond with the people of Great Lake island who believe her to be the greatest dancer that has ever crossed their paths.


After eating the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model Tarantula she became a Tarantula woman. She has all the abilities that come with it and also knows some things about cooking since her mother taught her telling her: "If you can't cook for your man you're a disgrace."

Current Story

After being saved by Alexander and Martin, she is now part of their crew and is helping Luther on the kitchen. Meanwhile, Alexander is trying to hit on her.