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Anders D. Marcoh is an ordinary looking man of average height. His only distinguishing features are his eyes, which become iridescent from time to time and, as such, attract much attention from passersby. He stands at about 5'8", has brown curly hair, and tends to dress in loose, comfortable clothing (almost always a thick hooded sweatshirt and long pants).


Marcoh is a very hotheaded person. He is prone to emotional outbursts when someone insults him or his crew. This tends to get him into trouble with the authorities. He also has the D's love of dreams, sleep, and food. He is a fierce friend and is very likeable so long as he isn't insulted.

Iridescent Calm

When Marcoh's eyes turn iridescent (usually during battle) he enters a state of unnatural calm and focus known as Iridescent Calm. In this state, he is not affected emotionally by anything. He becomes a totally logical person. This does have its drawbacks, such as making him rather callous when sometimes emotion is necessary, but it passes quickly.


Marcoh is the defensive specialist of the Chasm Pirates, using his Devil Fruit powers to erect barriers to protect his crewmates. He is, however, a very capable hand-to-hand fighter. He has the following abilities:

Devil Fruit

Marcoh ate the Ishi Ishi no Mi, which allows him to manipulate stone. He mainly uses this to increase his strength and defense or that of his comrades. His powers are also useful for trapping others.

Iridescent Calm

Marcoh has an ability that was passed down through his family for many generations. It turns the user into a completely logical person, enabling him to make tactical decisions even in the heat of battle. When this ability is activated, the user's eyes begin to shimmer and sparkle many different colors.



  • Anders D. John; Father (Deceased)
  • Goled Kira; Mother
  • Oren Uhon; Half-Brother



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