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Angel Fish
Orange Fish
Title Angel Fish, The Sand Fish, the Jailer of Placidly
Age 31
Height 5,10
Weight 132lbs
Weapon Chris Speed
Devil Fruit Fuu Fuu no Mi
Laterality Right
Home Mumababa
Elemental Color Orange
Primary Role Sand-Fish
Special Ability Laguna Chrisis
Allies The Jailers of Virtue
Family Unknown
The Swimming Fish

Angel Fish or the Jailer of Placidly, is a former pirate and a current third tier Jailer of Virtue. Hs past, like much about him, is full of mystery what little is know about him is made up from legend. However angel fish is often held in odd regards for his distain for fighting and pirating alike, his list of idiosyncrasies are as long as the day but oddly enough he also seems to carry some distain for the Virtues as well. Leading the higher ups to be wary of him.

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