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The artificial logia is a class of synthetic devil fruit, very rare having only been created by the mad scientist Sergey. The process of creating an artificial logia is highly volatile and requires a concentrated solution of the SAD chemical. These devil fruits have logia abilities but can be imbued with elements that may be considered none lethal, none natural, or even supernatural. There are currently only three artifial logias and their existence is unbeknownst to the world government and society.

Strengths & Weakness

The artificial logia displays the same abilities of natural logias: the ability to produce, control and become its respective element in addition to regenerative capabilities. Unfortunately, these fruits also appear to have a number of additional weaknesses. The user of these artificial devil fruits, while they are able to regenerate, still experience pain inflicted upon them similar to the Yami Yami no Mi's weakness. Additionally, the user is incapable of deactivating their powers, their body is constantly in it's partial elemental state and they often leave a path of destruction in their wake. The only way to deactivate the power is through the use of sea water or karoseki.


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