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Asmir is the gunner of the Na Zdrowie Pirates. He is an Okama, specifically a transguy.


Asmir has a lean and muscular build, he also has long and wispy hair, and has violet eyes. He also wears a black crop top and a headband.


Asmir has a bit of a tough exterior due to losing his parents and having a rough upbringing, which is why he's hard on his crewmates whenever they do something dangerous, and doesn't wanna lose the people who feel like family to him. When a crew member does something irresponsible or dangerous, he makes sure to scold them harshly. He is often called the parent or the parent of the crew by his crewmates because of his stern attitude and making sure the crew doesn't get themselves into danger.

He often gives these stern lectures to Perun D. Krakow as he puts himself into dangerous situations. Despite Asmir being a hard at times for his crew getting into danger, he doesn't yell at his crew for every dangerous situation they get involved in. Asmir only gives a stern talking to his crew when the situation felt unnecessary to be in.

Although he is harsh at times, it's only because he cares for his crew and doesn't want anything bad happening to them. Despite his tough exterior, he does love to have fun a drink when given the opportunity. Because of his tough exterior, he wouldn't hesitate to fight someone who is either bothering or threatening him or his crewmates. He is intimidating towards people when he's annoyed, so a good portion of people don't try anything to provoke him.

Despite his parents being killed by Cetes, Asmir doesn't hold any animosity towards Nikola T. Slava for being a Srpske, especially since his family experienced persecution under a different regime, which he feels sympathetic for.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Asmir ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Giganotosaurus, also known as the Dragon-Dragon fruit, Model: Giganotosaurus. This is an ancient Zoan-type Devil Fruit which grants him the power to turn into a giganotosaurus, or a giganotosaurus-hybrid form.


Busoshoku Haki

Asmir is proficient in Busoshoku Haki.


Asmir grew up born on the island of Balkana, which was home to three tribes; the Srpskes, the Hrvatis, and the Bosanskis. Asmir was a Bosanski who grew up having a normal life until ethnic tensions got worse. The Island has a history with many conflicts, the island itself was originally in control by the island of the Austrijski empire, which made life difficult for the inhabitants of the island, especially the Srpskes.

Tensions got worse when the archduke of the Austrijski empire was assassinated by a Srpske man who was part of a revolutionary group named "the Black Hand" who wanted autonomy from the island. This led to the Austrijski empire declaring war on the island, thus resulting in the natives to wage guerilla warfare on the empire, this resulted in battle after battle until the Austrijski empire admitting defeat and pulled out of the island. After the war, the island of Balkana established their own government, the king ruling it was of Srpske ethnicity who established policies favoring Srpskes over Hrvatis and Bosanskis, having the Hrvatis and Bosanskis following Srpske customs and religion. This felt justified due to the Srpskes having it much worse than the Hrvatis and Bosanskis, and the belief that the Srpskes are the true inhabitants of the island.

This led the Hrvatis resenting the Srpskes and feeling worse off than during the days of the Austrijski empire controlled island, this led the Hrvatis to ask the world government for help. Thinking the Hrvatis were loyal people and would give the world government more authority, the world government helped the Hrvatis by supplying them with firearms and money, thus creating the Hrvati supremacists group known as "the Ustati". The Ustati led a revolt and did take over the kingdom, where they executed the king and establishing policies favoring Hrvatis and oppressing Srpskes.

With the new Ustati kingdom, the Hrvatis began their reign of terror against the Srpske people by killing them, enslaving them, or forcibly assimilating and converting the them into the Katolik religion. Despite having firearms, the Ustati used knives, hammers and axes and implemented brutal methods of torture against the Srpskes, it was so brutal that even Marine officials were disturbed and lost their composure due to the brutal methods of torture the Ustati were using. The Ustati kingdom viewed the Bosanskis as equals and didn't persecute them, believing they were Hrvatis who converted to the Muslimani religion hundreds of years ago, and considering them part of the Hrvati tribe.

This resulted in Srpske separatists forming the Cetes, a Srpske nationalist movement that used guerrilla warfare against Ustati, and committed genocide against Hrvati civilians. Since the Ustati viewed the Bosanskis as equals, the Cetes viewed the Bosanskis as collaborators to the genocide of Srpskes, and thus committed genocide against the Bosanski population as well. The three tribes would continue to commit atrocities against each other until the Na Zdrowie Pirates liberated the island and instilled democracy within the kingdom. Asmir's parents were victims of the Cetes and were killed during one of their ethnic cleaning campaigns. Asmir would be adopted by his aunt and uncle and escaped from the island with them.

After living in a new area away from the atrocities, Asmir would attend regular school, however he was constantly bullied for being an Okama, which would result in him beating up the bullies in retaliation. After graduating high school, he went into taking cannon maintaining and repairing classes, he then got a job working on a dock repairing damaged cannons. Eventually he met Serpent O. Gorgon and helped him repair the damaged cannons on his ship.

After being impressed with Asmir's cannon maintenance skills, Gorgon went to Perun D. Krakow and thought he might be a good person to have on the crew. Krakow agreed and asked Asmir to be the gunner of the Na Zdrowie Pirates, Asmir accepted this offer and quit his job at the docks. After joing the crew, Krakow offered Asmir the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Giganotosaurus as a sign of appreciation for him joining, which Asmir graciously accepted.


  • If set in the real world, he would be from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • His favorite color is Caribbean green.
  • His favorite food is pot roast.
  • He is an Okama, specifically a transman.
  • He is the fifteenth member to join the Na Zdrowie Pirates.
  • He is the only transman in the Na Zdrowie Pirates.
  • He often works with Torres Cocoa as she is an expert markswoman and helps him with hitting specific targets.
  • He is considered an outcast due to him being an Okama.