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Atlas is an executive in Adrian Faust’s New World Trading Co and is a giant fishman. After being trapped for a hundred years by the power of the Okuri Okuri no Mi, Faust released him for the purposes of destroying the Windfall Pirates.


Atlas is a fishman larger than most giants, he is believed to be a rare breed of leviathan fishman. His skin is dark blue scales with crimson fins, he has a wild beastly appearance and has an oversized jaw with sharp teeth. He wears clothes and armor like that of a giant as they are the only kind that would fit him. He has a small stone building atop his head that makes it appear he were wearing a crown. This small building is safe to be in even while Atlanta is under water.


He is a ferocious warrior who was known to sink islands by accident. He’s not as jaded towards humans as other fishmen, seeing as he is willing to work for Faust and with other humans. He’s a rather clumsy person, especially on land and can be overly apologetic. He has a tactical mind but otherwise is not very smart.

Powers & Abilities

A normal fishman is ten times stronger than a human, but since Atlas is the size of giant it can be surmised he is ten times stronger than one. His raw power is enough to cause waves in his wake. He only knows the basics of fishman karate but with that he can control the oceans around him. He can conjure tsunamis, whirlpool, and water spouts capable of sinking fleets.

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