Half as tall as his older brother, Devon, and is skinny, to most people's standards. Has a head of short, brown, slightly curly hair and a look that almost immediately says, completely innocent.


he is very scared






Abilities and Powers


A pair of blood red gloves that each have a large circular patch on the palms.

While he is not very strong like the others in his crew, Austin has the ability of Mantra, which was passed down from his father. With this ability, Austin can hear the voices of people, either close to him, or at a far distance. Also, with this ability, Austin can predict when and where an enemy will attack next, so he can counter them.



After the slaughter of their family, Austin has become mute ever since. He has not spoken a word for a few years, and the only one who understands the way he communicates is Devon. He carries a bag of tricks that he uses to help his brother in one-sided fights. Complete with Impact Dials, Breath Dials, Flash Dials, Heat Dials, a small sledgehammer, a set of daggers, smoke bombs, and three disguises for him and Devon each. While people usually don't take him for being very bright because he's mute, or dangerous because of his innocent looks, Austin is a factory of fighting spirit and surprising actions.


In Alabasta, he fought with Usopp, DJ, Dusty, and Chopper against Mr 4 and Miss MerryChristmas. While he didn't inflict much damage, he did his part by saving Dusty from Mr 4's bats by absorbing the blows with his Impact Dial gloves.

As he fought to free his brother and friends from Slayheim, he and Pingu fought against Sam Rico, a terribly disfigured Marine midget. Using a combination of penguin aerial assaults, Mantra, and Impact Dial usage, Austin was able to win the fight by sticking Sam into the wall, knocking the short person out at the time.


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