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The Axe-Head Pirates are a crew of kilnorc’s One Piece fanfic, Crew of the Axe. They are led my captain Samuel D. Axe and are the protagonists of the story. They are called the Axe-Head Pirate mainly because of the giant of which their captain carries. They are also named after Axe’s former crew, who he was mutinied against before finding this new one. They are made up of ten members, plus two animals.


Captain: Samuel D. Axe

First-Mate: Devon the Demon King

Cabin Boy: Blood-Fist Austin

Scout: "Fox Dust" Dusty

Doctor: White Dragon Kirsty

Sniper: Niri Zolaro

Navigator: Firestarter Chizuru

Chef: Crimson Claw Herman

Musician: Phantom Samurai DJ

Shipwright: Azu "Dizzy" Baba

Pets: Pingu the Pimp of Penguins and "Blue Fox" Sora


Tomahawk (Former)

Ocean Dreamer

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