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The Banks Pirates are named after their captain Quinton Banks, a maniacal young pirate who dreams of ruling the world. While a carefree and fun loving crew they are truly loyal to their captain believing in his dreams and happy to help in his schemes.

The crew seems to have a toy related motif, each basing their personality, appearance or powers on a common toy. It's a sort of 'island of lost toys' theme, each crew member had been lost or abandoned in some way before being rescued by their captain. In return they all offer unending loyalty.

Their plans of world domination incorporate the use ancient weapons, and the crew have become familiar with their history and use. They have collected dozens of these artifacts which they refer to on occasion as 'lost toys' and 'play things.' Their ultimate plan is to bring about another blank century and cementing themselves as the rulers in a new world order.

Crew Members

The entire crew has yet to be revealed. But it is known that there are several devil fruit users in their ranks including: Captain Quinton Banks with the power to spin like an unstoppable top, a dare devil with the power to transform partially or fully into almost any type of vehicle, and an artist with the power to reshape any object they touch as though they were made of play-doh.

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