The Basho Basho no Mi (Place Place Fruit) is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to swap the placement of matter if the user looks at the desired matter in question. It was eaten by Soki D. Miero.



Henka Suru (English: Change)

Soki's most basic attack, where he looks at a part of matter and swaps it with another piece of matter.

Koasuitchi (English: Core Switch or Viz: Heart Swap)

Soki swaps an opponent's heart for air.

Mikkusu Appu (English: Mix Up)

Soki swaps target's locations.

Sanso Suitchi (English: Oxygen Switch)

Soki's most powerful attack, where he switches all the oxygen in the air for poisonous gas. He put a magical stamp on him and his allies so that they aren't dying.


In terms of design, it is red with a brown stem.

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