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Battle of Jotunheim
Date Started: April 23th, 2021

Date Finished: , 2021

Setting: Jotunheim, New World

Characters Involved: Frost Giants

Libertà Pirates



Majin KhiFelos231SamuelGreenawaltStairface OgreMorellaVoltaireTherockdragon

Introduction to Jotunheim

Jotunheim, a cold and barren island with very little sun light and almost perpetual winter, it has[ great ice covered mountains and glaciers, as well as tundra plains and frozen lakes is home to many giant creatures such as the jotun-auroch, jotun-rabbits, jotun-foxes, jotun-owls, jotun-wolves, jotun-bears, jotun-mammoths, and the legendary jotun-beast. These creatures aren't the only inhabitants as they are only mere prey to the most prominent creatures, the fearsome Frost Giants, led by King Thrym and his powerful sons, Eisenheart Yōren, Eisenheart Hifgram, Eisenheart Sakold and daughter Eisenheart Grisia.

The Frost Giants are powerful warriors, standing from 13 to 45 meters, very similar to their "biological cousins" regular Giants, the tallest known Frost Giant being King Thrym. Frost Giants have significant physical and combat capabilities far superior normal humans. The frost giants have very thick blue pigmented skin which is hard to pierce or amputate by an average human being, due to the flesh and bone of the giants which are about three times denser than similar human tissue. Their skin is also thick enough to withstand high-caliber gunfire, but it is possible to get through its toughness with due force as well as limited cyrokinesis, which makes you wonder how did two regular sized humans sneak into the island and start an event that led to a war? You will find out shortly how the Battle of Jotunheim commenced.

Chapter 1: CP4 Infiltrates! The Giant Snatching Operation Begins!

"It's cold as shit on this damn island!" Photelle Milan, an agent of CP4 would say shivering in her all black winter coat, pants and boots, where the hell is that damn Saitō?!" She'd complain like a mother scolding her child, blinking and as her eyes open she'd be in a warm cabin. The illusion creating spores of the Giji Giji no Mi had surrounded Milan, making her believe she was in a warm cabin physically affecting her body temperature. She walked over to the fire rubbing her hands as she settled down, sitting cross-legged, Saitō sitting inches away from her in a rocking-chair with his right leg across the left.

"Stop disappearing, this mission is far too important for you to be playing around in the snow." Milan would snap, as she removed her gloves.

"Oi Oi relax, take it easy Milan We have much time to start the operation, but I say we make sure the connection to our marine friends is secure and working first hmm?" Saitō the other agent of CP4 would respond, pulling out a baby den den mushi resembling his messy auburn hair and beard, preparing to speak into it."

"Testing, Testing...Frost." Saitō would speak into baby den den mushi, awaiting a response from the marines standing-by on their respective ships in the waters outside of Jotunheim.

Commodore Beiner Orn a Marines who was a Giant would grab his baby den den mushi. "Giant." He responds as he would be on his ship and would have modified his shield and Kanabo with a couple of heat dials that he had gotten a long time ago after he had visited a sky island. he had stored a lot of heat in the dials and the kanabo had dials on it so did the shield. He had the Kanabo and shield on his back and had his subordinates preparing for a battle in case one would spark up. He was going to protect his squad and the mission for his deceased wife.

Vice Admiral Tosei noticed the reception from his baby Den Den Mushi as he picked up it. "Giant," Tosei responded while on his ship with his subordinates waiting for their exact orders. He looked over at the island with a stoic expression on his face. He wondered how the mission was going to pan out if it was going to go according to plan or if it was going to be a waste. Nonetheless, Tosei was prepared for any outcome during this

"Jothunheim huh, interesting," Tosei thought to himself.

Rear Admiral Seven-Six Slade heard his baby den den mushi ring and picked it up before speaking,"Giant." He then lowers the den den mushi as he was looking from some thermo-binoculars at the frost island. He is waiting for further orders as he had a regiment of marines behind him. Slade's mind was as bare as this frost was,free of any distractions and all in the mission at the moment.

Senkaku picked up the den den mushi not taking his eye off the book he was reading "Giant" he spoke in a warm yet detached tone. Using his Haki the Rear-Admiral scanned the island.

"It appears that everyone is here and the channel is secure. Shall we begin?" Saitō said as he walked over to Milan, dispelling his illusion.

"Disillusionment (幻滅 Genmetsu)!" Milan would say, utilizing her Hachō Hachō no Mi to refract all wavelengths from her body rendering her invisible. Footprints started to appear in the snow as she started her way towards the high cliff they need to climb.

"And I'm the one who disappears hmm, could you make me invisible as well?" Saitō said mocking her statement from earlier.

"Fine. Disillusionment Charm (幻滅チャーム Genmetsu Chamu)!" Milan would say pointing her right index finger towards Saitō, refracting all wavelengths from his body rendering him invisible as well. The two would begin to walk towards the giant cliff of ice, stopping at its base.

"Work your magic." Saitō said picking on Milan again.

"You're testing your luck, don't make me kill you." Milan would say threatening Saitō before turning to face the tall cliff again. "Stairs to Heaven (天国への階段 Tengoku Heno Kaidan!" Milan said as invisible psionic platforms began to form, each higher than the other. Milan would begin to jump from platform to platform with ease as she could see her platforms clearly, but Saitō jumped from platform to platform with extreme precaution. He closed his eyes as he began to feel the presence of the platforms activating his kenbunshoku haki.

~Setting: Jotunheim Castle, King Thrym and four children.~

"Yōren why do show me such insolence! I forbid you from burying yourself into those books any longer, you shall accompany your siblings in patrolling the coast!" Thrym, the 45 meter tall King of the Frost Giants projected.

"Why do you force me to partake in such nonsense. We have guards for a reason, you just wish to deprive me from knowledge of the outside world!" Yōren, the 39 meter crown prince Frost Giant of Jotunheim barked back. The two with blue pigmented skin bright crimson eyes glared into each other's souls, neither willing to back off.

"You need not learn of the outside world my son, all the humans wish is to mistreat and use us for their petty wars. You are Jotunheim's greatest warrior, only second to myself. You could have surpassed me by now if you put forth more effort in your training, than into those silly history books." He sighed in disappointment.

"I wish to learn what happened during the void century, not to become a warrior! We always butt heads because you keep trying to force me to be something I'm not!." Yōren replied, though it was in vain as his father had his mind made up.

"Go to the coast to patrol, and do it with haste." Thrym demanded, raising his giant hammer made of stone and ice, then thrusting it into the castle's ice floor, leaving a a small crater of shattered stone where it landed.

"But fath-" Yōren tried to interject

"THAT IS ALL!" Thrym said waving his children to leave his site at once.

Yōren, Hifgram, Sakold and smaller sister Grisia stood from their knelt positions and walked towards the giant doors, each step shaking the entire castle.

"Yōren I promise it'll be fun, plus it'll give us time to bond as siblings. Something we haven't had outside of constant training since we were little giants." Grisia the youngest and only daughter said, trying to reason.

"We don't want to patrol the boring coast as much as you do elder-brother, so try to at least act interested." Hifgram the second oldest and second son explained.

"I would like this to get over with as soon as possible, so therefore....WHOEVER GETS TO THE COAST LAST IS A MELTED GIANT!" Sakold the third oldest and third son said sprinting down the stairs to the castle gate, Hifgram and Grisia not far behind him.

"Hmmph, I guess I can participate in a childish game every once in a while."Yōren thought to himself as he leaped down the flight of stairs, entering the lead. The four siblings who begin to run through the giant sized village, made of stone and ice.

"WOAHH WATCHOUT!" Sakold would say as he crashed into a giant cattle like animal the jotun-auroch, falling with the giant beast."

"Be careful Sakold!" Grisia said stopping to help her older brother to his feet."I'm truly sorry, we'll stay and help with your work." Grisia apologized as she offered her and Sakold's help to skin the jotun-auroch for its hide.

Further up ahead Yōren and Hifgram were running side by side, down the ice and snow covered mountain entering a trench. "Give up you are no match for my new speed since you've been buried in those ridiculous books." Hifgram taunted.

"Knowledge is power Hifgram, AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Yōren would say before howling, causing a domino effect as snow from the top of the trench began to fall down towards the two.


"Hopefully we don't get smothered and bleed to death." Yōren would say, revealing his macabre side.

Hifgram would shiver, as his face would be painted with a deadpan expression. "You're truly twisted Yōren." He'd say as the two continued to run, trying to escape the avalanche falling down towards them.

Beiner would be looking at his ship and would say over the baby den den mushi to the other marines here. "So you guys got anything going on from your view?" Beiner would ask as he would activate his Kenbunshoku Haki to view most of the island by where his ship was, he would see a avalanche happening."Hey Milan, Saito, Looks like you got a few frost giants on the other side of you, that just caused an avalanche. On the other side of the mountain that you are on, be careful and try not to get spotted." Beiner would say as he was getting worried that they would get spotted. becuase he didn't want them to get spotted or caught.

Now on the top of the cliff, Milan would look down noticing an avalanche had started in a trench across the way, pulling out her den den mushi to reply to Beiner. “Copy That.”

”Saitō and I are moving in to capture the two frost giants, for safety precautions we’ll be shutting off our den den mushi’s.” Milan would say before disconnecting and tossing her den den mushi. “Annoying marines, we could do this mission without them. HQ sent unqualified Cipher Pol Agents and now CP4 has to clean up their mess and handle this operation, a damn shame.” She would complain as she grabbed Saitō by his hood pulling him with her off the cliff as she leaped down towards the direction of the two Frost Giants.

“MiLAAAAN!!!” Saitō squealed as the two began free falling, only to be caught by a platform Milan created with her devil fruit abilities.

”Get yourself together! What if someone heard you?!?!” She said as Saitō suddenly backflipped towards her.

“It looks like we have company.” Saitō said as a shocked look appeared on his face as he looked up to a giant jotun-mammoth. A giant beast equipped with a long trunk, legs, and long curved tusks with a covering of thick brown and white hair, in great length. The mammoth would raise its trunk projecting a haunting yowl that sounded a lot like a human groan.

”Shit.” Saitō and Milan would say completely in sync, an annoyed expression on their faces.

Beiner sighs. "Why did they cut it, they shouldn't have unlike them I know how dangerous the frost giants and the native fauna of the island can be as I have been here before for a quest before he had joined the marines, he knew that this island was dangerous and had creatures that rivaled giants in terms of strength and in terms of their danger. "If we don't hear back from them in 30 minutes we go in, that okay with you all?" He would ask the other marines as he prepared just in case and would look through the island and would see the Jotun-Mammoth, he would sigh. "Looks like they came across a Jotun-Mammoth, those things can cause a lot of damage to a full grown giant, it can kill a human pretty easily. At least ones without a devil fruit and they have amazing hearing. It will be a pain if they screw up the mission, but if we go in there before we know they need help it could also jeopardize the mission." Beiner would say as he would watch what happens between Saito, Milan and the Jotun-Mammoth.

"I'd expect it as much, they have a good reason to shut it off while proceeding with the mission," Tosei replied arms crossed with a blank yet calm expression, "however, thanks to my devil fruit, it would be easy for me to detect when any danger would be looming so I'll be fine with waiting until we hear back." Tosei continued to look ahead as he turned himself around then looked to the other Marines.

"Then again, seeing what we're going up against, some of us are aware of how powerful these frost giants are while others aren't, so it's best to be on our guard," Tosei said.

Beiner would sigh. “You know I have haki and I can see what happens as well, we just need to be ready in case we got to help them out.” beiner would say into his baby den den mushi that was linked to tosei’s baby den den mushi. As he would be on his own ship waiting for them to get back in contact.

"Just focus on the damn mission." Slade bluntly states to Tosei and Beiner in his den den mushi,"We must trust that Ciper Pol 4 will execute their job perfectly."

"Understood, the last thing we would want is for this mission to become disastrous," Tosei replied back in his den den mushi.

Chapter 2: A Prehistoric Beast Appears! CP4 vs The Jotun-Mammoth!

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?!?!?" The usual calm and collected Milan screamed, as she vanished to dodge the huge trunk coming down towards her, Saitō not so lucky as he was swiped off the cliff falling down into the trench below.

"How in the hell can this thing detect where we are, does it utilize haki???" Milan said as she appeared on top of the giant mammoth, sitting down and crossing her legs. "And that dumbass Saitō got swiped off the cliff and out my range so he'll be visible. UGHHH he's so incompetent!!" Milan would say frustrated as she was tossed into the air and back onto the mammoths back as it began to move its body violently, attempting to shake her off.

"Oh calm down you big furball, Compression! (圧縮 Asshuku)!" She would say as anger veins would appear on her forehead, leaping into the air and forming a small psionic sphere that expanded surrounding the mammoth in its entirety. The mammoth was suddenly trapped in a huge psionic energy sphere, the sphere becoming smaller and smaller squishing the huge mammoth until it suffocated due to the lack of air and immense pressure that had been applied to its body. Milan would start using Geppo to remain afloat, as the mammoths body fell to the ground harshly crashing into the cliff. The impact from the almost gigantic corpse would form multiple fissures in the ice, the cliff beginning to collapse.

"Just great." She would say as she closed her legs and placed her arms along her body diving downwards to find the possibly unconscious Saitō. "This would've gone much smoother if I didn't have to bring this idiot along." She would say rolling forward to become upright as she activated her Geppo again to stop from crashing into the bottom of the trench, a huge cloud of snow rushing towards her as the mammoths corpse crashed into the trench. "'Disillusionment Void (幻滅ボイド Genmetsu Boido)!" Milan would say as she became visible, no longer refracting wavelengths from herself as the cloud of snow was the only thing stopping anyone from seeing her. "Ohhhh Saitō, *whistle whistle* come here boy!!" She would say mocking her dunce of a partner.

Milan would start walking forward, bumping head first into something large falling on her bottom. "What the hell, did I land that close to the wall?" She would question as she rose back to her feet dusting the snow off herself. Milan would begin to examining the weird surface, as it was blue and soft...all most flesh like. "This damn snow is annoying! Psy Slash! (サイスラッシュ, Saisu Rasshu)!" She would say folding and swiping her left arm releasing a psionic slash of energy to disperse the enormous snow cloud.

"I've found one!" She said an childish grin of excitement illuminating her face. The structure had turned out to be a Frost Giant's foot, and a large foot at that. Milan would activate her Geppoto reach the top of the frost giants big toe landing as she was seen was incredibly shocking. "Oh my god."

"That damn mammoth I killed landed directly on this frost giant and killed him. I guess I am lucky after all." Milan would say giggling.

"So you did this...." A 39 foot frost giant would say, his voice deep enough to break the sounder barrier. "YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!" Yōren would yell as giants tears fell from his space, falling into the snow and freezing instantly. A small frozen pond started to form underneath Yōren as began to weep louding, screaming loud enough to cause the trench above to shake as more snow yell down into the trench.

"I gotta find Saitō, before this thing starts rampaging." Milan would say as she leaped forward using her Geppo to fly away.

"YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" Yōren roared as took a single step and was right behind Milan swinging his right hand towards her intending to swat her into the trench wall.

"Iron Body Empty Tree!" (鉄塊「空木」 Tekkai "Utsugi")" Milan would say as she activated another rokushiki technique that hardened her muscles not to absorb damage from the attack, but to transfer the shock of the attack back to Yōren, sending his hand flying back and knocking him off his balance.

"Your strong, but still no match for me Giant!" Milan would gloat, still using her Geppo to stay in midair.

"Guess I spoke too soon," Tosei sighed to himself watching the fight as he slowly began to transform into his hybrid Thunderbird form, "looks like I would need to step in I suppose."

Milan head would turn towards the direction of the Marines and their ships, her kenbunshoku haki picking up the movement of Tosei. "Those damn marines think I need help, how dare they underestimate us." She would think as she evaded another swing from Yōren, "Disillusionment!" she'd say refracting all visible wavelengths from herself, becoming invisible once again.

Meanwhijle while this was happening breiner would be looking at the battle. "So looks like they got noticed by a frost giant and looks like they took one out, they also got into a battle with one." Beiner say as he would look at the 3 using his haki, he would say this into the den den mushi.

"All of you stay at your stations until given futher directions," Tosei shouted as he leapt off of his ship then swiftly headed onto the island now in his hybrid form.

Back at the village, A Frost Giant scout was running towards the castle with great haste. “MY LORD MY LORD!!” He would say bursting through the doors to the thrown room.

”Breathe soldier, breathe. What is so important that you burst into the throne room like this? Explain your behavior at once!” Thrym demanded.

“Ma-Mar-MARINES ARE NEAR THE SHORE!!! And some are already in the Island, but your sons are fighting them..Hifgram appears to have been crushed tho sire.” The scout replied

The entire castle began to shake dramatically, fissures forming in the walls, floors and ceilings, small amounts of debris clouding the room. “My son……. Prepare the warriors for battle, I won’t allow another attempt to steal our children

Meanwhile Milan continued to fight Yōren in the trench. “SHOW YOURSELF HUMAN!” Yōren yelled swinging wildly, completely abandoning his technique.

“Psy Shock!” (サイショック Sai Shokku), Milan would yell before creating a projecting a force field construct at a high speed producing a shock wave that would crash into Yōren’s back.

”AHHH.” He would groan as he stumbled to a knee. “You damn insect! Fight with honor.”

”Mwahahahaha, who ever said I had honor. I’m a member of Cipher Pol 4, my main job is to assassination. Something that unfortunately for you, is the complete opposite of honorable.” She would explain as she appeared visible on top of Yōren’s head and vanishing again as he attempted to grab her.

“Hmm, it appears Tosei’s nosey ass decided to join this little excursion.” Milan thought to herself as she couldn’t help but notice the movement of something powerful moving towards her via her incredibly advanced kenbunshoku haki. “At least that bird will make it easier for me to concentrate, as trying to use my powers while avoiding this massive creature is proving more difficult than I predicted.”

”Yo.” Saitō would say appearing on top of the mammoth that had crushed the second oldest Frost Giant sibling.

Disillusionment Void!” Milan would say becoming visible and using her Geppo to continue to stay afloat. “Now where in the hell have you been?” Milan questioned as her boiling blood began to make her body steam.

“I’ve been making illusions my friend. The marines believe we’re getting our asses kicked right now, but you’re obviously holding your own weight. So I just decided to make it look like you were being overwhelmed.” Saitō explained as he squatted on the mammoth.

”How can you be so stupid yet so smart at the same time?” Milan replied as she shook her head in utter confusion. “Anyways when Tosei arrives we’ll tame this beast, and melt him.” She finished.

”Very well.” Saitō would say as his Illusion would slowly fade away to reveal Yōren on one knee and Milan floating above him. “Also Mr. Frost Giant, your brother is still alive and in fact wasn’t crushed by this mammoth.” Saitō explained as he pointed to his left where his brother laid, smaller with white skin. Saitō had pulled another illusion tricking even Milan into thinking the mammoth had crushed and killed the younger Frost Giant.

“You sly dog.” Milan would say impressed that Saitō had managed to successfully defeat a Frost Giant on his own.

A few moments later, Tosei arrived where Milan and Saitō were then looked up to see Yōren before him. "I'd figured things were going to turn out this way," Tosei sighed, "are the others aware about the situation?"

"No, I tossed my den den mushi, and Saitō hasn't communicated." Milan would answer reluctantly as Tosei arrived on the scene. "We didn't need your help as you can see we already defeated one Frost Giant and a Mammoth damn near the same size." She would say looking towards a fatigued Yōren.

"Well since your here you can assist us in defeating this other giant, as he's proved to be way more skilled than his younger counterpart." Saitō said as he started to release more spores.

"NOT SO FAST EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" Yōren would say as he slid towards the mammoth, lifting it up with ease and and tossing it towards Tosei like it was a feather, knocking Saitō onto the ground and unconscious simultaneously.

Tosei managed to dodge the oncoming mammoth disappearing using Soru then reappeared behind Yōren with his hands now in the shape of talons ready to launch his attack, "Shigan: Sandārōren!," Tosei shouted.

Yōren would instinctively duck down planting both hands into the ground and lifted both legs off the ground doing a handstand into a backbend, attempting to kick Tosei in his back with both of his giant legs during process.

Beiner would growl as he could see all of this and would smirk. "time for the siege weapon to come into play." Beiner would say as he looks at the battle field and would go onto the den den mushi and would ask Tosei soemthing. "I think you could use some help Tosei, I am ready to come and assist when needed, and also it seems that you might have something big and with a lot of numbers coming your way." Beiner would say as he could see that a lot of things where going towards the battle field.

Tosei managed to dodge Yōren's attack as he spoke into his baby den den mushi, "Beiner, make your way towards the island, could use some backup against the Frost Giants, especially this one I'm dealing with," Tosei spoke.

Beiner would smirk as he would jump up and would use gepo and would use jet dials to fly towards the battlefield, during this all of his soldiers would start coming ashore and some of the higher ranking ones of his crew would use the jet dials that Beiner had given them.

"Tosei,I'm going to send my regime up to the shores along with Beiner's and make a base around the shore." Slade says in the den den mushi before putting it down and signalling his men of S.T.A.R.Z to drop from the ship and onto the icy shore of Jotunheim. Slade stayed at the forefront of it with his rifle pointed toward the island,and turning on the thermal sensors on his visor.

"Alright, just give the signal when you're ready to make your attack," Tosei says into his den den mushi before putting it away. He then refocused his attention back to Yōren as he jumped into the air transforming his hand into a talon with it coated in haki and electrical currents.

"Thunderbird Slash!" Tosei shouts as he charged at Yōren with his attack.

"Stupid Bird!" Yōren would yell as he formed a large sphere of ice in hand via Ice Giant Cyrokinesis and tossed it towards Tosei intercepting his attack.

Tosei slashed the sphere of ice with his talons shattering it into pieces as glared at the Frost Giant, "Not too bad," Tosei said as he charged at him ready to attack him once more.

Yōren would be surprised at the strength of the human and prepare to be attacked as he raised both arms crossing them, taking the attack full on. "A little lightning never hurt." He would say as he shock off the effects of the attack shrinking a little in the process due to the immense heat lightning possesses.

"Tosei, prepare yourself to back me up, I have a plan." Saitō would say as he nodded at Milan.

"I see." Milan would nod as she rushed towards Yōren using her Geppo and unleashed a huge sphere of psionic energy which imploded after being projected at high speeds creating a massive shockwave. "Giant Psy Shock!" (ジャイアント-サイショック Jaianto-Sai Shokku).

Upon impact Yōren would stumble back groaning loudly, preparing to swing with his left arm towards Milan but missing wildly as she evaded the technique.

"Spore Dream!" Saitō would yell as he unleashed a giant cloud of spores which surrounded Yōren. An illusion of a hot desert would be formed around Yōren as he began to sweat profusely, entranced in the desert illusion.

"NOW TOSEI!" Milan would yell at the Vice Admiral.

"Thunderbird Slash!" Tosei shouted as he severed Yōren's left leg off at blinding speed!

"AHHHHH-UGHHH" Yōren would groan as he fell onto his left, beginning to bleed out onto the sand in his illusion, his left leg now amputated cleanly. "What is happening!!" He would groan as he held his thigh trying to feel for his now vanished leg. "It's so hot, and the pain I can't take it!!" He would complain as he began to shrink from the affects of the illusion, from 39 meters to 3 meters, now 9'10 in feet. The desert illusion Satiō would remain around Yōren and Hiram's bodies as they laid unconscious and heavily injured.

"Tosei tell Beiner to hurry his ass up, there's no way any of us are carry these two." Milan would demand.

"Beiner, hurry up, we need back up now!" Tosei orders through his den den mushi.

Beiner would arrive and would grab the two of the people his people would be coming and he would smirk. "Okay I will take them to senkaku's ship." He would say as he would activate the jet dials and gepo again and would fly straight towards senkaku's ship and would arrive there and would drop the two frost giants, who had shrunken to only 10 feet tall off. After that he would then rush back to the others back on shore. and his crew would arrive to the battle field and Beiner would arrive at the field of battle and a minute later beiner is back at the battle field in the mountains.

"Restrain the frost giants it seems that the element of surprise has been entirely lost" sighed Senkaku placing down his book. "Geppo Rocketto" Crackoom was heard as Senkaku launched off the ship and straight towards the battle arriving at the exact second his departure from the ship could be heard launching in between the two frost giants using Haki emission to expand his reach "Shigan Kizetsu" he said paralysing both frost giants.

Back at the trench Milan sigh as she looked towards the top of the trench. "Tosei, let me borrow your den den mushi." She'd ask as she turned her attention to the Vice Admiral.

"Here, take it," Tosei said as he dashed over to Milan handing her his den den mushi.

Milan would grab the den den mushi and activate it. "Senkaku, has Beiner reached you? We're are clear here and are going to continue to scout the area for the village, so update me on your status." She would say speaking into the baby den den mushi.

"Frost giants contained and safely aboard my ship, deal with the island my crew will deal with it" He said appearing before Milan.

"It wasn't necessary for you to join us this far into the Island." Milan would snap.

"Or maybe it was, we have incoming." Saitō would say as he pointed upwards to hundreds of Frost Giants jumping down from the trenches top.

"Giant Psy Shield!" (ジャイアントサイシールド Jaianto Sai Shirudo) Milan would yell reacting as she created a giant psionic energy shield around her colleagues. "I'm not sure if this will hold or not, so be prepared to fight or flee!" Milan would say as Frost Giants began to crash into the dome, leaving more and more cracks.

"SECOND LAYER!" Milan would yell as another shield layer would coat the damaged first one. "WE'RE BEING BOMBARDED!!! SAITŌ CREATE AN ILLUSION!” She’d demand.

Saitō would release spores, forming an illusion that the four had been squished. The Frost Giants continued to drop around the illusion, until they noticed the four had been squished.

“My King your sons aren’t here, but it seems we’ve killed the invaders.” A frost giant warrior would say, inspecting the illusion.

”It’s impossible… did these humans die to being crushed but killed my son, GRERAAAAAH!” Thrym would say as he lifted his hammer once again, slamming it into the ground, causing a huge fissure to run towards and up along the trench wall.

”To the shore! We shall defeat our unwelcome guest! CHARGE!” Thrym would yell, as the army of Frost Giants began charging towards the shore, some riding Jotun-Mammoths with giant catapults, and others armed with giant axes, swords, spears and shields.

”Tosei here report this, Beiner and Slade need to be prepared.” Milan would say turning her hip to offer him his den den mushi.

Tosei nodded as he grabbed the den den mushi from Milan's hip then spoke into it, "Beiner, Slade, this is Vice Admiral Tosei, be prepared for what's the come!"

Beiner would smirk as he would grab his kanabo and would have his crew being armed with heat dials on their swords and some having flame dials and breath dials. and he would grab a large sword from a boat that had been brought to him. the sword has heat and flame dials and flash dials on it along with a bandoleer with these dials on them. "Roger that, I got my men armed with dials I had collected when I visited the sky islands a long time ago." He says as he prepares for a fight.

"ON THE READY!!!!" Slade yells to his soldiers as they were lined up on the shores and loading up their rifles,"Make sure when you see one giant,you shoot it with everything!" He shouts and says to every single STARZ marine under his command. "Artillery ready!" He says to the men who set up 12 cannons behind the firing line. Slade himself covers himself in snow and gets his new rifle out, that he gotten from the Marine top scientist,Megapunk Emil. The scope has a thermal sensor and range so he was able to see far beyond in the snow and can see the heat signatures of anyone.

Senkaku readied himself as his fists and legs began to glow."Tosei sir someone need to take the giants and make sure they get back safe you can fly" Senkaku ordered.

"On it!" Tosei replied back as he took off into the air in his hybrid form to where the giants are.

"Rear Admiral...Senkaku was it? That seemed like it was most of the warriors who just tried to trample us a couple of seconds ago, so you should head back to assist Slade at the Shore. Saitō and I can handle things from here, I sense no more threats coming from the original direction the Frost Giants came from." Milan would say brushing off the Vice Admiral for anymore help. "Let's go idio- I mean Saitō."

"Aye." He would say as the two began using Geppo to climb to the top of the snowy trench.

Senkaku's body seemed to vanish into thin air as it was pulled into his pocket dimension and reappearing just as suddenly beside Slade. "there's a large force coming this way" He casually told Slade "Let's hope this battle is better then water 7".

"Yeah Tosei reported that something was coming toward us." Slade answers as he loaded his rifle,"And I hope so too." He then looks back into the scope of his rifle and prepares for the offensive.

Hundreds of Frost Giants began to appear on the horizon, the began was soon to begin.

Chapter 3: The Battle Begins! Marines of the Defensive?

Beiner would be looking over the horizon and would smirk as he would prepare to use the heat dials on his sword and on his kanabo and shield, and the flame dials and breath dials and flash dials. He grabs his kanabo and shield and would prepare to defend himself and his crew.

King Thrym and his army of Frost Giants would amass on the top of hill looking downwards to the Marines set up and prepared to fight.

”You lot aren’t welcome here! State your purpose at once!” Thrym would project as he lifted his hammer and twirled it with both hands, creating a large gust of sheer cold wind. He would stop and thrust his hammer’s handle into the ground, causing the gust to disperse and fissures to travel down the hill to the camp, large enough that some foot soldiers fell into them, their screams echoing as they dropped.

“SPEAK NOW MARINES!” Thrym demanded.

Senkaku would vanish into thin air for a second before being returning as soon as left surrounded by the shaken soldiers who had fallen into the crack.

Beiner smirks. "As far as I know we where just here on a mission, that mission is classified so I can not tell you what it is but lets just say its important for the world government." Beiner would say as he was only told that it was an important mission for the world government and that it involved frost giants and he would grab his kanabo and Beiner would put up his shield as well in preparation for their attack.

Slade,looking at his regime who were laying in the snow with their rifles and artillery ready,and not being informed much about the mission,responds: "Some of us haven't been informed on what this mission is,as it was mostly conducted by the Cipher Pol,but what I do know it is for justice. And that is something me and the boys are willing to die for." He says as he pulls back the bolt on his rifle and releases the safety,as well as a line of sounds of the same follow him as all the marines ready their arms,"So move out of the way of justice!"

Tosei appeared where Beiner and Slade were in the sky as he screeched loudly. Lightning crashed down as he flapped his wings while in his hybrid form looking down at the Frost Giants. "This mission, as individuals have our own brand of justice! We have no business telling any of you what our intentions are!" Tosei shouted as he flew off.

"SCREW YOUR TWISTED JUSTICE! CHARGE!" Thrym yelled as Frost Giants began marching towards the marine settlement, the ground vibrating from so many giants moving at once. "FIRE THE CATAPULTS AT THE SHIPS!" Thrym demanded as three giants spheres of ice and stone were fired towards the marine ships, at an extremely high speed.

Beiner would smirk and would slam his kanabo at the ice sphere aimed at his ship and hits it back at the catapult and crushes it. "Hm I guess we can't talk about this, so we just have to fight." Beiner says looking down.

"YOU HEARD THAT GIANT!" Slade shouts to the marines,"LIGHT EM UP!!!!" He says as he starts firing his rifle aiming at the giants. The soldiers of S.T.A.R.Z and marines instantly followed Slade and started shooting as well! The artillery responds as well by firing off their cannons to combat the giants invading. The skies are now soon filled with cannonballs flying for the frost giants as well as the spheres of ice to combat the air!

"Thunderbird Slash!" Tosei shouted as he charged at the giants using his talons coated in haki and electrical currents, "Don't let up!"

"Ray Burst" Senkaku said shooting a condensed beam of space through several frost giants killing them instantly.

“MOUNTAIN FORMATION!” Three giants would yell as they simultaneously dug into the ground and lifted huge glaciers of ice up and over with the intent of squishing multiple marines.

"INCOMING!!!" Slade would yell to marines who were about to get squished,he then activates his laser vision! Out of his visor comes out a thin laser that hits a glacier and melts it completely! The glacier melts and becomes hails and stings anyone who gets hit by the large pieces of hail. Looks like they'll be waking up with a bad welt.

"TOSEI! SENKAKU!!" Slade would yell over.

"Geppo" Senkaku said launching himself towards one of the Glaciers "Singularity" he shouted as he pulled the glacier into a point Crushing and pulling the glacier into his pocket dimension.

Tosei would begin to transform into his full beast Thunderbird form as he let out a deafening screech then swooped down towards one of the glaciers with his talons ready, "Thunderbird Double Slash!" Tosei shouted as he slashed the glacier into two!

”Impressive for such lowly humans. Let’s see how you handle this! KING’S CROSS!” Thrym would yell unleashing a cross shaped slash, that would be targeting a marine warship.

Beiner would smirk as he would smirk and would get in the way and would yell "GUARDIAN SHIELD!" Beiner would yell as he would infuse his shield with haki and the cross shaped slash would hit the shield a second after the shield was coated in armament haki and it would be a struggle pushing Beiner about 5 meters back from where he was but it would eventually fade before it could hit the marine warship. "That the best you got Thrym?" as he would then smirk as he would slam his kanabo into the ground and would yell "Heatwave" and would activate the heat dials and would send out a wave of extremely heat in front of him and it would travel across the ice and snow coated sand melting the snow and the ice. before getting to the ice giants.

”Impressive Cousin!” Thrym would praise the marine giant, before ordering his soldiers to bring the giant buckets of water. A row of 2 giants per bucket lined up 20 in total, meaning 10 buckets each. Each giant would toss giant bucket of water high into the air, and with assistance from the cyro squadron the water would become a huge wall of ice, even towering the tallest of giants. “Let’s see how you deal with this!” Thrym chuckled as the catapult squadron began firing at the massive wall shattering, the wall beginning to crumble into giant shards of ice that would begin to rain down onto the shore where the marines reside.

Senkaku disappeared from the space he had previously been allowing the Giant's attack to pass through where he had previously been. "Enough being on the defensive" He said "Southern Cross" he fired a beam of compressed space from each of his fingers into the the bodies of five of the catapult giants.

"Kamisori" Senkaku said launching towards the giants and releasing a flame infused kick into the body the closest the fire from his attack burning through its icy body "Rankyaku Bakuhatsu".

"Now!" A frost soldier would yell as he jumped off the hands of two other frost giants who had propelled him into the air. "Frost Lance!" He said as he coated his massive lance with haki and swung it attempting to strike Senkaku across the stomach to send him flying towards the remnants of the giant ice wall.

Intercepting the Giant's attack forcing Senkaku back towards the remnants of the wall "Shigan Kakuchō" he said as he coated his finger in Haki and using Shigan to plant his attack into the Giant's weapon before pulling Space out of his pocket dimension and into the weapon destroying it. "You must be the last prince"

"Indeed, I applaud you for being perceptive! Eisenheart Sakold is my name, remember it before I kill you!" Sakold projected before landing back on the ground creating a small crater where he landed, beginning to sprint over to his father. "Father, while up in the air I also spotted my brothers tied up to two seperate marine warships. We should have the Cyro Squadron freeze the sea before they even have the chance to take off." Sakold reported.

"Good work my son, and since you have the best cyrokinesis out of all of us you should lead the Squadron. GIANTS PREPARE FOR CLOSE RANGE COMBAT, PROTECT AND LEAD THE CYRO SQUADRON TO THE SEA!" Thrym praised his son before yelling another order. "Be careful my son, they may be small but they are indeed fierce, now go!"

"Things are starting to escalate, need to head back to the ships," Tosei thought to himself as he flew off in the direction of the Marine ships.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Frost Giants roared, before hopping off the hill and threw the remnants of the ice wall, landing onto the main battlefield. Sakold forming another lance as he aimed it towards as he twirled and twisted it in mid-air, preparing to toss it towards a grounded Senkaku, the Cyro Squadron right behind him. "Tell me your name before an honorable death!" Sakold yelled as he threw the giant lance towards Senkaku with intention to tear the man in half.

Senkaku disappeared when the giant lance struck the place he had previously been before appearing on the lance launching himself towards the end of it "Southern Cross Double Event" he yelled firing beams of space from all of his fingers striking the giants behind Sakold. "Gepo" he launched himself toward Sakold landing on the giants face "I'm Rear Admiral Kontori and I will not be the one dying today" he glared directly into the giants eyes who looked up to meet his.

"How dare you lowly human!" Sakold said as he blinked, before being pushed to the ground by beams of space. "Hahaha, that shit actually hurt." He said as he stood back up to his feet and dusting snow and ice shards off his body. "I'd kick your ass if I was your size Kontori!" Sakold yelled as he began running with the rest of troops towards the shore.

As Tosei arrived on the Marine ships with the Frost Giants on board, he transformed back into his human form and prepared to set sail with his men. "Let's head off now before things escalate!" Tosei orders.

Beiner would smirk as he would use a gas and flame dial to make a huge wall of fire between the frost giants and them. He would smirk as he covered their retreat and would then go to the shoreline as well.

"ARTILLERY!!!!" Slade would shout at the battery of 12 cannons plus the 108 cannons that would be coming from one side of the three ships that Slade had commanded. The total of 120 cannons fire right at the army of frost giants as the marine line of STARZ held their line against the charging line of frost giants. The raining cannons fly and intercept the charging line of frost giants.

The battlefield would soon turn to a barren field of ice to large melted glaciers, a plethora of Frost Giants had been killed as the cannons went off turning the battlefield into no mans land. King Thrym's crimson red eyes filled with rage as he turned to the remaining 3 catapults, he sat and thought "I should be able to destroy at least two of those ships, that should at least lessen the fire until the jotun-eagles arrive. Where the hell are they!" Thrym thought to himself frustrated. "These marines are impressive, but they will now feel the wrath of the KING OF JÖTUNHEIMR!" He said as he placed his axe onto his back and ran towards the catapults, using his strength to lift up two of the three giant spheres of stone and ice. "FEEL THE WRATH OF FROST!" He said as he turned towards the hill and started sprinting before he jumped high into the air.

"JÖTUNHEIMR PRIDE!" Thrym said as he spin in mid-air, tossing both spheres towards the two farthest left marine ships unleashing cannon fire onto the his people, landing onto a large glacier as he dropped in altitude.

"Father!" Sakold yelled as he watch the giant spheres neared closer to the marine ships with the velocity to destroy both ships in their entirety. "I see he must be planning to do that!" He thought to himself as his head turned from the spheres and back to his father.

Slade looks as the giant spheres of stone and ice fly right at his two ships on the farthest left. The ships getting crushed by the weight of the spheres. Marine soldiers flying out! Bodies ripping apart! Blood everywhere! Soldiers trying to swim out of the cold water only to soon die of the cold ocean water. Slade can only look with beam red eyes under his tactical visor as he see at least 1600 men lose their lives or get injured. He then looks back to his soldiers on the ground,who have all seen the action that the mighty king Thrym has done.

"INFANTRY!!!" Slade shouts out,"Those boulders were too big and too many for me to melt in time. But don't forget their sacrifices! LOAD YOUR GUNS! GET OUT YOUR SWORDS!!! AS WE HOLD THE LINE!!!!!" Slade says as he puts in a new magazine of bullets into his rifle as marines cheered in reply to Slade,"FOR JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!" He shouts as the marines keep firing at the charging line of frost giants.

While on one of the Marine ships, Tosei noticed the event happening behind him. Things were starting to escalate and he couldn't sit there. "Looks like I'll need to come in and help out once more," Tosei said to himself as he transformed into his hybrid form then leapt off of the ship flying back towards the island. "Make sure to secure the giants we have on board! Don't let anyone or anything try and invade our ships!" Tosei ordered as he flew off.

"Sire, here is the third sphere!" Two frost giant soldiers said, hanging over the third giant sphere to Thrym who began to prepare to toss it at the center ship where tosei flew from, Yoren and Hifgram the eldest sons on the two ships on both sides of it. "JÖTUNHEIMR PRIDE!" Thrym yelled again as he leaped into the sky and spun, tossing the sphere towards Tosei's command ship.

"Cyro Squadron, let's go to the far left! Our king has opened up an opportunity and we mustn't waste it!" Sakold said as he began leading them through the marine soldiers in their path to the far left shore.

"Thunderbird Slash!" Tosei shouts as he slashed through the sphere then proceeded to charge towards Thrym, "You're mine!"

"Father!" Sakold would say as he turns around and begins to run towards him.

"NO! I can handle this tiny bird, you focus on your mission!" Thrym said reassuring and redirecting his son.

"Black Frost Style: Axe Handle!" Thrym would say as he grabbed his axe and prepared to block Tosei's attack. "Bring it you lightning chick!"

Tosei swiftly disappeared from in front of Thrym then reappeared behind him with his talon legs coated in haki and electrical currents as he was ready to prepare to attack, "Rankyaku: Raikikku!" Tosei shouted as he attacked Thrym!

"Quick aren't you!" Thrym said as he coated his axe in haki, pivoting his foot and turning counter-clockwise to block Tosei's attack, "Black Frost Style: Cold Sicle!" He said as he backed up and raised his axe to swing diagonally at Tosei creating a slash that would soar towards him.

Tosei noticed he was heading towards the sea with the intensity of the attack Thrym used against him. He had to stop himself before he would fall in. Luckily he managed to stop himself and land on solid ground before looking back at Thrym then back over to the Marine ship he was previously on.

"This is ridiculous, I need to head back," Tosei thought to himself as he flew off in the direction of the Marine ships.

Seeing so many soldiers loose their lives the Warmth left Senkaku's eyes being replaced with a cold intensity using his future sight he allowed his body to move on instinct as he began to move through the forces of the Frost giants "Singularity Eclipse" he said pulling the space around several frost giants their bodies being pulled into the point and crushed, "Rankyaku Bakuhatsu" He would say launching into several frost giants creating 8 foot wide fireball blasts through them and using the force of his explosions to launch himself into the next frost giant.

“That one is dangerous, but where do you think your going!” Thrym said reaching for Tosei to grab and toss him towards the sea.

"Shit!" Tosei said to himself as he turned his attention to Thyrm then charged at him with his talons coated in haki, "Thunderbird Double Slash!"

Thrym would willingly take the attack in order to get a grasp on Tosei, attempting to toss him towards the sea with a bloody hand.

Noticing he was heading towards the sea, Tosei managed to maintain his stance as he stopped himself from falling with a flap of his wings. "Persistent aren't we," Tosei growled.

"FEEL MY MIGHT MARINES!" Thrym would yell as he looked over to Sakold almost at the shore with the Cyro Squadron right behind him.

"Almost there!" Sakold would yell as he neared the shore, swinging to remove marine foot soldiers from his path.

"Keep firing artillery!" Slade would shout as the 12 cannons on shore were continuing to fire at the frost giants. Slade sees Sakold taking down some of his own STARZ soldiers and replies by firing his laser vision at the giant!

"Damn it! Stay out the way!" Sakold would say ducking into a roll as he managed to avoid the laser beam soaring his way. "Frost Style: Lance Storm!" He would yell as she created a lance and tossed it, the lance splitting into multiple lances and it inched closer to Slade, becoming a total of 5 lances.

Slade activates his observation haki to see all 5 lances come at him. He would leap around,swishing and spinning around to avoid the lances that land right behind him. "Soru." He then runs toward Sakold and then Geppos up into the air,"Soru Kick!" He then gives a quick kick at Sakold right in the chin!

Sakold would move his left arm to block Slade's kick, utilizing his tough frost giant skin to try his best to tank the attack. "I almost felt that! What is your name soldier?!" Sakold said before he swung his right fist, attempting to knock Slade to the ground.

"Seven Six Slade...." Slade answers as he slides as he lands onto his feet,"Leader of S.T.A.R.Z and soldier of the marines!" He then fires out grenades from his rifle as there was a underbarrel grenade launcher. Three grenades would fly up to the body of Sakold.

Sakold would fall back as the grenades explode against his body, leaving burnt marks across his chest. "Cute, but it'll take more than fireworks to blow me up." Sakold replied as he caressed his chest, leaving a new layer of ice armor where he touched. "Now remove yourself from my path!" He yelled as he created a new lance and tossed it towards Slade.

"Soru" Slade dodges the lance and gets some distance away from Sakold,"Tosei and Senkaku are busy making sure the ships are intact,I must make sure I keep this line uphold!" He then geppos up again to the giant and activates armament haki,"Soru Kick!" He kicks Sakold in the chest as he fired his rifle at the head of the frost giant as well.

"Black Frost Style: Blinking Cold!" Sakold would yell as he stumbled back from the kick to the chest, before he hardened his eyelids and blinked releasing a powering wave of busoshoku emission, dispersing the rifles fire. He would grin before blinking again and releasing another stunning wave of haki, this time with the intent to crush Slade.

"Soru..." Slade dodges as he activated it on time thanks to his observation haki and moves to the side and suddenly fires a laser beam from his eyes! The laser would hit Sakold in the already wounded chest of the frost giant and melt through the ice armor and hit Sakold!

”AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!” Sakold groaned in pain as he fell backwards from the hot pain in his chest, being Slade’s beam. “Damn it…Get up Sakold! GET UP!” He would think to himself, ashamed that he had not calculated this outcome and laid on his back in pain.

“COMMANDER!” The Cyro Squadron yelled in fear of their captain’s health.

"Tosei! Get going while you still can! Me and STARZ got your backs!" Slade says to Tosei as he loaded up his rifle and fires at some oncoming frost giants,"HOLD THE LINE STILL MEN!!!" He then commands the battery again to fire off 12 more cannon shots at the frost giants.

Senkaku scanned the area spotting the injured Sakold and launched towards his cryo unit "Hoka Shigan" he said firing fire blasts from his fingers towards the heads of the Cryo unit.

"Damn it Kotori!" An injured Sakold yelled before coughing up blood as he struggled to get up, managing to jump in front of the fire blast heading towards the Cyro Squadron, successfully protecting them, but melting down to 9'6 as he had shrunk in size drastically. This would weaken his strength, but little did Kotori know the smaller the frost giant, the more dangerous they are hand-to-hand combat wise. Unfortunately in Sakold's case, it didn't look like he would be able to continue.

"Finally" Thought Senkaku "Soru" he said almost instantly appeared before "Shigan Kizetsu" he jabbed his finger prepared to stun and capture the final frost giant prince.

"Understood!" Tosei nodded as he flew back over in the direction of the Marine ships.

"Go Senkaku! I'll cover you!" Slade says as he fires a laser beam at the surrounding frost giants that were nearby Senkaku.

Suddenly a huge shadow surrounded Senkaku, King Thrym stood before his son and Senkaku prepared to take his life. "Black Frost Style: Casket of Winter!" he would grunt before swinging his axe covered in haki amoered ice, not even touching Senkaku as the emission alone held the power to send him flying. The entire battlefield shook and large fissure veins splitting the dismantled land even further. "BE GONE!" Thrym roared as his attack echoed through the entire island.

"Shit" thought Senkaku as the Haki emission hit him forcing him to cover his entire body in Haki to stop the Frost Giant's attack from killing him as he was flung back through the battlefield by the force of the King's Haki before using Gepo to steady himself mid air.

"Slade get out of there" Senkaku yelled at his colleague warning him of the danger of the King.

"A good soldier never leaves a man behind!" Slade says as he hops right next to Senkaku and fires a laser at King Thrym,"ARTILLERY!" He shouts as the 12 cannons on the shore and the 36 on his remaining ship were now focused on Thyrm. Slade's laser and the 48 cannons now fire right at the giant king!

Senkaku steadied himself from the force of what had just struck him "Mission is to capture the prince we need to draw the king away" he instructed "we'll draw him away from his men disable him then capture him and the battle is ours, we've fought harder foes"

"Black Frost Style: Continent Splitting Force!" Thrym yelled before swinging his axe horizontally to release an enormous horizontal slash that would hold the power to cut through each of the 48 cannon balls and laser beam heading towards him, once again showing his true power to the marines. "Get up my son, the fight is not yet over." Thrym said as he grabbed Sakold's left arm and threw him over his left shoulder, and began to run towards the Frost Giants base of operations.

"Not so face your highness." Milan said as she suddenly appeared before the King, with a decisive kick to the right side of his face via a large psionic wave foot construct, coated in her black and grey outlined haki. The impact of the kick would knock Thrym to a single knee, as he still had a good grip on Sakold.

"Spore Dream!" Saito yelled as he appeared on on top of Thrym's head releasing spores that would stick to his thick blue skin.

Thrym would begin to see sand all around him, as he opened his eyes now in a terribly hot desert. "What the hell is this sorcery!" He would yell as he looked around, Sakold no where to be found as he lowered his arm from carrying posture, dropping the real Sakold back in real life. "WHERE ARE YOU SAKOLD!!!!" He would yell in fear and frustration.

"I guess you marines need a little help from Cipher Pol Agents huh? Hey you lot carry this giant to our ship" Milan said as she mocked the struggling marines before looking towards soldiers and ordering them to do her bidding.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but what giant do you speak of?" A marine soldier would say as he looked up at Milan.

"That one." She replied as a smaller giant dropped onto the ground suddenly, creating a loud thud. Milan had her held in a sphere of her wave constructs, transporting her from the castle.

"The princess, we captured while you lot battled the army and his forces, shall be escorted to the CP4 ship at once." Milan demanded, as a group of soldiers struggled, yet picked up the body of Eisenheart Grisia, the fourth child and only princess of Jotunheim and began hauling the unconscious giant to Milan and Saito's ship.

"Shall we begin then, Senkaku, Slade?" Milan asked.

"that prince's squad seems to be retreating, what are the forces around the castle?" Senkaku questioned the Cipher pol agents his eyes not moving from Sakold and King Thrymm.

"When we entered the village, there was only woman and children, no immediate threats...." Milan said as she began explaining how she and Saito entered the Frost Giant Village.

(Flashback Start)

"You're slow Idioto." Milan said insulting her fellow agent, as she waited patiently for him to reach the top of the trench. "It appears like the majority of their forces were the ones that almost trampled us. The village looks unguarded." She said handing a pair binoculars over to him.

Looking into the binoculars, Saito would be amazed at the huge structures that would tower even the largest of humans. "Impressive beings they are, I see no fire so I assume they eat raw meat." He would say.

"That's probably because fresh prey still has a sufficient amount of heat to satisfy their taste palettes, but that isn't important. Tell me what you see, idioto." Milan said adding onto his observation before scolding him to get back to work.

"The coast looks clear. I'd say at most 3-5 soldiers to probably guard the queen and the village as I'd doubt they'd suspect anyone to get past their defensive line." Saito reported.

"Let's move in then." She said as she reached out her hand for her binoculars back.

"Let's." Saito responded in approval as he handed her binoculars back, in which Milan would store them in her coat.

The two would begin Sky Walking towards the village, Milan refracting all visible wavelengths from both bodies rendering them Invisible."Disillusionment Charm!"

"These buildings are incredible huge." Saito said in amazement, as he felt on the cold almost stone like giant wooden door. "These buildings are constructed incredibly. It seems they use a combination of wood, ice and stone to forge everything on this Island." He continued to observed amazed.

"Disillusionment Void!" Milan said as the two were no longer invisible. "We're not here to sight-see, but since it's likely that the chief will want a report on how these beings operate, I'll allow you to continue observing for a while longer." Milan said in reluctant approval of Saito's actions.

"I was going to do so anyways, mother." Saito said mocking Milan for her strict and scolding nature.

"Let's keep moving before we get noticed." Milan said, before the too both vanished.

On a nearby roof, further into the village they further inspected the Frost Giants way of life, keeping jotun-aurochs in a stable, giant stone tubs for bathing and such. Milan wouldn't admit it but she was fascinated by the architecture of the Giants as well, as the duo continued to jump from rooftop to rooftop.

"It seems like that's the main castle, and boy is it HUGEEEEE." Saito complimented. "I wonder if they have a sewage system, they seem intelligent and skilled enough to have built one."

"You truly are a blatant idiot." Milan said shaking her head in disgust and disappointment. "Let's scale it."

The two would begin to Sky Walk, reaching a top terrace on the castle, using both their combined strength to push open the giant wooden door.

"It appears to be a room for a child, seeing as the bedding arrangements are smaller than what we've seen on our way here." Saito would say, closely observing the large, yet mostly empty room.

"Shush. Do you hear that?" Milan would say, putting a finger over Saito's mouth to silence him. "Someone's storing, and it's coming from the bed in front of us." She explained as she adjusted her hand around his chin to turn his head in the direction of the storing.

"This one will be easier to capture since it's sleep, so let's move in." Milan said as they both vanished and appeared at the end of the smaller but large bed. Milan would boost Saito to the top before using Sky Walk to reach the top of the bed herself. "Looks like a female child." She guessed.

"So I was right, Bsymbol.gif100,000,000 please!" Saito said as he held his hand out for money.

"Get over yourself and focus on the objective at hand!" Milan said hitting Saito across the back of his head.

"Fine fine. Spore Dream!" Saito said as he released spores to place the young sleeping frost giants under an illusion that would be amplified two times in strength. as when the victim is unconscious or dreaming the illusion is stronger. "Since she's sleeping the illusion will appear in her dreams and be amplified since she's already in a false reality, that being her dream. It'll make it hard to detect the difference between her dream and the illusion, so it'll be extremely easy to move her out of the castle back to our ship." Saito explained.

"PRINCESS GRISIA!" A frost giant guard yelled out before throwing an large net made of wood onto Milan and Saito.

"Rankakyu: Disillusioned Feather!" Milan yelled as she spun preforming a spinning heel kick, releasing an invisible tempest kick which would sever the large net into thin threads. "Don't interfere giant, we're taking the princess with or without your permission." Milan said before backflipping and refracting the wavelengths from herself, saito and the princess making them invisible. "Giant Psy Slash!" She said before crossing her arms and swiping them diagonally, releasing two giant psionic construct slashes. As the slashes neared the giant they would cleanly decapitate his head from his soldiers, proving Milan's patience had ran out in that quick instance. "Let's go before more show up." Milan said as she landed on a psionic platform, Saito appearing next to her. "You cover me while I focus to get us out of here." She ordered as she created a sphere around the princess lifting her and carrying her, as the sphere would follow her platform as she flew them out the wooden doors they had entered in.

(Flashback End)

"And now we're here." Milan said as she finished debriefing Senkaku, now sitting in a lotus position(sorry madam it's too good not to use) and rubbing her feet.

"Interesting." Slade says with his arms crossed,not 100 percent caring about how the mission was done,but as long it was done and it was done correctly, "So what are the current orders again?"

"Get the third prince onto Tosei's ship and head towards Marineford, this battle will be over once we defeat the remaining soldiers and the king here." Milan said as she rotated to face Slade. "Continue your assault on the remaining frost troops and end this war."

"Yes ma'am." Slade salutes before ordering to STARZ,"WE'RE NOT DONE YET BOYS!!! KEEP ADVANCING!!!" This gave another morale boost to the boys,who continued laying the smackethdown on the frost giants with the guns and cannons that were firing continuously at the frost giants.

"Ugggghhhhh." Thrym would groan as he suddenly started to raise his left arm.

"MY KINGGGG!" A frost giant soldier yelled in agony, before being killed by canonfire.




Frost giant soldiers would continue to yell out as Thrym's left arm would now be fully extended in the air.

"What the hell is going on, Saito?" Milan said jumping down from the top of Thrym's head.

"He's hearing their cries for help and it's helping him realize what's feel, but how much damage and how long he's been in it, it's highly unlikely for him to break out of it." Saito responded as he began releasing more spores to create a stronger illusion.




More frost giants would continue yell, as blood curdling screams would echo across the field. Thrym would yell out in agony and frustration before closing his fist, and when he opened it there would be a dagger made of ice resting in it. "YoUr.... TrIcKs CAN'T HOLD MEEEEEE!" Thrym yelled with slurred speech before thrusting the dagger into his left thigh, blood the same color as his crimson eyes began soaring down his leg and onto the snow and ice. He opened his eyes as he stared directly at Saito, slowly rising to stand on both feet. "GIANTS OF JOTUNHEIM!!!!! OUR FIGHT IS NOT YET OVER !!!!!!!FIGHT UNTIL YOU CAN NO LONGER!!!!" He said as he snatched the dagger from his thigh, and froze the blood dripping from it, extending the length of the dagger as he began running towards Saito with the intent to kill, thrusting his blade towards the stomach of the CP4 agent, who was paralyzed from fear.

Swiftly, Tosei flew in grabbing Saito pulling him out of the way of the Frost Giant's attack. "What were you thinking of sitting there?!" Tosei shouted.

"I-I-I-I." Saito would stutter, as he was too shaken to speak. For the first time in his life he had felt the true fear of death, continuing to stutter before passing out.

"God damn it Saito, this isn't the time to be falling unconscious!" Milan would think to herself as she would suddenly have to dodge as Thrym now targeted her with a thrust of his blade. "Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin, Soru!" She would say as she utilized her mastery over rokushiki techniques to combine them and make her body slimmer before vanishing at an even higher speed than a normal Soru via the lighter composure Kami-e provided. "Let's kill this bastard already!" Milan yelled as she appeared several meters away from Thrym.

"Let's wrap this up" Senkaku announced before using Soru toward Thrymm "Rokuogan Akatsuki" he said as he created a fireball towards one of the Thrymm's legs engulfing it in a massive ball of thermal energy that had enough power to melt off Thrym's entire right leg, leaving it as a stub.

"AAAGGGGHGGGGGHHH!!!!!" Thrym yelled in agony as his fell to his side, right leg completely gone leaving a stub in it's place. The power was so great that Thrym didn't even begin to bleed as he wound was carelmalized, his cells utterly destroyed.

Senkaku would look drained as his veins were visible throughout his body. Using such a powerful technique had rendered him incapacitated as he fell face first towards the ground, unconscious and deprived of his strength.

"No time for this, need to get out of here now!" Tosei thought to himself as he flew off with Saito back to the Marine ship, "Of all times to pass out, why now?!"

"Impressive, he's not only taken down the king but himself. Soldiers escort this fool to his ship, he's done." Milan barked pointing towards marine soldiers idling away. "Wait, give me his den den mushi." She demanded as the soldiers halted, and one sprinted over to her handing Senkaku den den mushi after digging in a few of his pockets. "Slade, Beiner, we are going to end this here now." Milan said as her eyes lit up with a grey hue, and she began to survey her environment via Kenbunshoku Haki. "There has been a lot of unnecessary bloodshed, and I'm afraid it won't stop unti-" She would stop suddenly as she began to see something different than emotions or intent. Milan had began to see a small glimpse into the future, something she had never witnessed before as he heart began beating rapidly like a drum.

"I don't know what just happened to me, but there is a huge threat incoming." She continued as the images disappeared and the view of the gruesome battlefield returned.

Out of the great cannon smoke,flew a giant jotun eagle with a frost giant on the back of the eagle. And a fleet of jotun eagles behind the leading eagle appear out of the smoke as well. One by one the air army of the jotun eagles then suddenly drop these giants rocks of ice on the marines as the ice took out many marines behind Slade,Tosei,and Milan.

Suddenly,the frost giant on the jotun eagle leaps off of the jotun eagle and crashes down in an icy smoke! He stood up from his landing kneel to reveal himself being a whopping 35 meters tall,weighing in at over 5.6 pounds. The sounds of drums lurking right behind the giant until a whole organized army of frost giants appeared. The sounds of drums now pounding like the cannons themselves! The Great General of Jotunheim has arrived....General Falk E. Iceberg.


"Well shit..." Slade states as he saw the whole new towering reinforcements,reloading his rifle for the incoming battle.

Chapter 4: Reinforcements Arrive! General Iceberg Debuts!

"Encircle!" Iceberg shouts as he has frost giants set up a perimeter around the King Thyrm, making it harder for the marines to capture Thyrm,"Don't worry King! EAGLES!!" He then shouts as the jotun eagles fly toward Tosei's ship and start dropping the ice blocks toward the ship.

"Wake up Senkaku!" Slade says having Sen on his shoulders from recently picking him up,"Now is not the time to have battle fatigue maggot!"

"You've got to be kidding me," Tosei groaned as he transformed into his full beast then used his powers to deflect some of the ice blocks heading towards him.

"Tosei get out of here now, we can't risk the the princes becoming an opposing force once again. Sakold and Yoren were difficult enough to deal with on their own, with Senkaku and Saito down we wouldn't be able to handle them all at once. Plus the reinforcements they were hiding..." Milan said speaking to Tosei through Senkaku's den den mushi. "I'll cover you, so set sail asap." She continued before sprinting towards a nearby frost giant, climbing and using him as a platform to project herself into the sky. "Disillusionment Charm!" She yelled as she pointed both of her palms towards Tosei's fleet of 3, refracting all visible wavelengths from them. The three ships and everything on them would slowly vanish as they were rendered invisible.

"That should be enough cover to safely get you away from this Island." Milan said as she landed awkwardly, rolling onto her back. "Shit that hurt." She said as she slowly rose to her feet and dusted the snow and ice off herself, looking towards the incoming giants. "This wasn't supposed to become an all-out war, the scolding we'll get remarkable." She complained, before wiping some blood from her face resulting from her landing.

Senkaku's eyes snapped open as he crouched up and grasped his breast pocket feeling his book in it's right place he looked around seeing the new forces that had arrived. "Status report" he asked Slade while searching for his den den mushi.

While in his beast form, Tosei noticed Milan then flew back to one of the ships as they were getting ready to leave. "I'm on it, I owe you," Tosei said to Milan as he transformed back into his human form ready to set sail.

"Well looks like the General of Jotunheim has come." Slade states to Senkaku,"And this forefront battle might not be an easy one for us."

"Where the hell did those ships go?" Iceberg shouts as he sees over to the seas,"Looks like they might've disappeared. Doesn't Matter! MIGHTY EAGLES FLY!!!" He orders more jotun eagles to fly over to the invisible ships and hope to drop the large ice chunks on their ships.

"We've got what we came for hold the beach and give the ships time to leave, when we get the signal from Tosei retreat" Senkaku ordered before taking Slade's den den mushi "Infantry maintain fire on the new force, Power users bring down those eagles". "Slade make sure they don't gain any ground" he said before getting to his feet and using Gepo to launch towards the Eagles.

Milan would notice Senkaku had recovered from his battle fatigue and was sky walking towards the enormous birds. “What the hell is that fool thinking…He’s going to get himself killed.” She thought to herself as she began to think of the possible ways to take down those giant birds. “Those birds will have the advantage in the air due to their siz- uuuggghhh.” She’d groan as her thought process would be interrupted by a throbbing feeling, almost like a heartbeat in her temple. “What is this…Senkaku isn’t going to be very successful with those birds, they’ll just flutter their wings and send a huge current of wind towards him.. and the ice boulders will destroy the farthest right of the ships freeing, prince Sakold” She’d think to herself as she could see another short mental image, just seconds into the future. Grabbing the den den mushi she swiped from Saitō Milan would say “Senkaku, if you can hear retreat asap, those birds are going to send air currents your’s too dangerous at that height! Handle the ice boulders first!" She pleaded.

Senkaku's mind began to show him glimpses of the future as he approached the eagles showing him the dropping boulders hitting the boat and freeing one of the Ice Giant Princes. Acting on his premonintion he broke off from pursuing the eagles and dived towards the boulders if he wasnt so fatigued he could have removed those boulders with ease but his fatigue was weighing on him. In an attempt to prevent them from hitting the boat he fired his beams at the ones he knew would hit the boat as he dived the bboulders got ever closer to the boat when they were more meters away from their target he was able to pull the pieces into his pocket dimensions preventing them from doing any damage. As he landed on the deck he instructed the nearest marine to hand him a den den mushi "Boulders are dealt with,take care of those eagles" he said before collapsing to one knee.

"Good now get back to the battlefield and Tosei get out of here immediately!" Milan yelled as she tucked away her den den mushi.

"Take this government dog!" A frost giant said as appeared before Milan he lifted his leg to stomp her.

Milan would turn her body sharply towards the giant as she raised her hand to defend herself, "Compression (圧縮 Asshuku, literally meaning "Compression")!" Milan said calmly, as a force field appeared around the frost giants leg. The force field would shrink continuously to completely flatten the foot of the giant, leaving his leg in a decapitated state. The giant would fall onto his back writhing in pain.

"Wouldn't have to tell me twice," Tosei muttered as he flew back towards the Marines ships making sure to be as far from the battle as possible. Once he was far from Jotunheim, Tosei saw one of the Marine ships that had the frost giants already in their cells onboard. Soon as he landed, he turned back looking at the battle behind him then turned back towards sea as he managed to make his escape.

"My Brothers! Come join us in the bloodbath of our enemies,as together we are stronger!!" He inspires the troops as he and the frost giants charge right at the marines. Their giant spears and swords going through countless marines into a massive bloodbath. Screams of more marines falling into the ground into a bloody mess. Slade was becoming heavily upset looking around him and looked to Milan.

"I know it might be risky,but I need to retreat the group to the end of this beach,regroup this whole army,and give what we have left to those giants." Slade sternly states to Milan.

"I agree, at this stage of the war you need to focus on saving as many troops lives as you can. We got what we came for." Milan said as she began to walk towards her ship with soldiers following her. "It would be wise to evacuate, the continuation will only be further bloodshed." She stopped and spoke, before continuing her retreat. "One of you idiots go fetch Saitou." She demanded as she waved her wave.

Sensing the fear and death of the marines under his command Senkaku tried to raise himself "your not done, there's been enough casualties for one day" he said to himself quietly before shakily standing and preparing himself to launch towards the beach "Geppo Rocketto" he said creating a massive sonic boom that launched him towards the beach.

Flying over the water Senkaku could feel the strain "Your an idiot, you shouldn't have pushed yourself so hard, there were easier ways to deal with that king, but no you were sloppy" he thought to himself as if he were charging himself with a crime.

Arriving at the beach Senkaku could feel himself slipping. In an attempt to power himself up he activated his Semei Kikan his blood began to flow faster and adrenaline began to take over. Using his new found Strength Senkaku began opening portals to his pocket dimension the height of a doorway but long enough for the marine forces to fit inside "get into the portal" he ordered the marines.

Two frost giants would lift out a giant block of ice, and turn towards Senkaku and his portal. "AHHHH!" They would shout in struggle as they tossed the large ice block towards Senkaku and his soldiers.

"Damm giants and their ice" Senkaku thought as he saw the boulder coming his way in this state he couldn't destroy it and his pocket dimension was being used to ferry the marines to safety so he fired a large beam of space at the boulder slowing its momentum and causing it to fall short of it's target missing his troops.

"Get in there you soldiers!" Slade states as he turns and continues shooting as he watched the marines enter the portal. "Sen,you better not do anything stupid with them inside that portal." He then states as he fires more laser beams at the frost giants,hoping to melt off their skin if not have the laser fire right through them.

"Milan-san, here is agent Saitō like you requested." A marine soldier said as he and another soldier carried the unconscious Saitō onto the CP4 ship.

"Good, take him to his chambers. Once that's complete begin to prep the ship for sailing, we're getting out of here as soon as time permits." Milan said as she turned back to face the battlefield. She would reach into her left coat pocket, revealing the transponder snail she took from Senkaku.





"Pick up Slade, we have things to discuss.." Milan thought to herself as she patiently awaited him to answer the other line.

”General, not the best timing but better late than never huh..” King Thrym groaned, before attempting to get onto his single foot.

"Sorry my lord, I was settling this bar fight I answered IceIceIce!" Iceberg chuckled as he grabbed Thrym and raised him up, "But now it's time to jackhammer some folks." He then picks up an ice spear and throws it at the evacuating marines, "Spear" He throws it with speed and tries to throw it at the portal.

"No you won't you son of a bitch!" Slade then fires his laser beam at the spear, making it split in two and land right next to the portal, "'Damn these flying icicles and rocks are making me use my energy. If these keep continuing, I might pass out from exhaustion." He then feels his den den going off and decides to roll out of combat and lie in the snow to answer the call, "Whoever is calling me! It better be damn good!"


"Slade you need to get your soldiers off this Island, there's no point in remaining here any longer." Milan advised as Slade answered his Den Den Mushi.

"The Forces are almost evacuated, Slade get in so i can close the portal and get out of here" Senkaku yelled.

"Falling back now!" Slade then clicks off of his den den and runs for the portal. Ice flying at him as he dodged and ran towards the portal, "Soru" He activates and gets into the portal with his men.

"Alright forces evacuated lets bounce" Senkaku said closing the portal and fully immersing the marine forces in what could only be an inverse reflection of the real world, the visual stimuli became too much for some marine as they hurled. "Please hold onto the glacier it should have it's own gravitional pull but still hold on" Senkaku announced as the glacier started moving towards the Ships.

“What the hell?” Thrym yelled in confusion. “They must be retreating to their ships! Bombard the ships general!” He projected into the ear of the general.

"Aye Aye! MIGHTY JOTUN EAGLES FLY!!!!" General Iceberg would shout as a whole flock of Jotun Eagles would fly across their heads and head to the marine ships with giant ice rocks on their talons. The jotun eagles would drop the ice rocks right on them. There was also a second wave of Jotun Eagles that would divebomb the ships and take out any marine soldiers on the ship. Marines were screaming from the ships as the eagles attacked them.

"Someone get me an Addrenaline shot" Senkaku ordered, A marine medic stepped forward as Sen took the needle he was holding and jabbed it into himself a wave of adrenaline shot through his body. "Slade have you and any marine with a laser rifle cover me i'm going to open a portal right beneath the ships ill need you to make sure none of those damm eagles get through".

"This portal....." Slade was trying to take in the view he's having before then hearing his name, "Uhhh yes Senkaku!" He then gets behind Senkaku and points his laser rifle at the jotun eagles and shot at anyone that got near the area.

Scanning the area around the ships for any marines who had fallen overboard Senkaku opened a portal beneath each of the Ships being attacked with laser fire blasting out of it providing cover fire against the aerial forces. Senkaku strained as each of the portals raised enveloping the ships and all surrounding marines into the Pocket dimension removing them from combat.

After completing his objective Senkaku moved the glacier he was standing on towards each of the ships and ordering "Search for Survivors" as the marines departed.

"Get moving men!" Slade orders to drop from the glacier and onto the ships to pull out any marine in there, "! company be the search party, 1 company carry the dead, 1 company taking the wounded, 1 company leading the survived! No One Gets Left Behind!"

After returning the ships to their respective ships Senkaku moved his personal forces to his flagship giving the order to "Assume Stratergy shaded barrage, make sure those eagles dont reach the Prisoners" As he gave the order each of his Marines approached the Side of the Ship as his cannons faced towards where the eagle are "Fire" Senkaku yelled as his Guns lit up the pocket dimension before being pulled into the main dimension meters from the eagles.

Meanwhile, Tosei and his ship as he looked back at the island before him then turned his attention back out to sea. He knew that now he was away from the island with what they were after he was sure things were going to go according to plan. He looked over to the caged frost giants as he walked towards the front of the ship.

"Won't be long," Tosei thought to himself, "the sooner we arrive at Marineford, the better."

The three brothers became restless, as all three of the began to groan in agony. It wouldn’t be too long until they woke up.

Tosei looked over to the brothers noticing that they were waking up. He went over to them with a blank but calm expression on his face. "Ah, it would appear you've woken up," Tosei spoke, "no need to worry, we should be at our destination soon so if I were you, I wouldn't make too much noise and remain quiet."

"Grrr! W-Who are you! Why are we chained up!" Yelled Youren.

"They're marines who captured us for their own evil purposes, elder brother." Sakold explained, turning to face his eldest brother.

"What the hell? I was just on Jotunheim!!" Hifgram yelled out.

"B-Brother Hifgram! Your still alive? I thought you had been brutally flattened by a Jotun-Mammoth!?!?" Youren responded.

"No that's terrible Youren! What's with you and these horrible thoughts!"

"By the gods, could you two focus on the task at hand?" Sakold yelled, scolding his older brothers.

"Right right. So again who the yell are you!" Youren yelled at the silver haired man, towering above them.