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Battle of Ohara
Date Started: August 30th, 2020

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Cover Story — Viva La Resistance

Carnage and waste engulfs the battlefield as the effects of war reach the skies. Standing along the Island Cloud, Commodore Kami walked through the sea of pirate corpses as one of the renowned Bagua stood before him. "Former Rear Admiral Kujira, it's a shame you've chosen the losing side." Brimming with a newly acquired confidence, Kami stared at his opponent, who once held a rank superior to his own, with a look of certainty, "I'm going to win this fight no matter what!".

"When I heard the Hero's child was leading the resistance, I had to come and see it myself." Gazing around the battlefield, the orca-fishman snickered. "I guess the rumors are true, you really do possess that fruit." Cracking his over-sized hand, he took on a fighting stance. "Unfortunately, even with an invincible power at your disposal, I cannot let you proceed any further. Your trivial rebellion ends here!"

Sound of thunder rumbling echoed as tensions between the two increased. Even if his opponent is a Marine more decorated than himself, there was no chance Kami was going to let this imbecile stand in his way. "It was one of you who scarred her...it was one of you that killed her..." a tear rolled down his cheek. "I promise...revenge!" In that moment, lighting dispatched from his physique and into the conductive ground below, electrocuting the corpses and all those that remained along the Island Cloud.

Doding Kami's attack by leaping upwards, Dick called upon his Marine training to dash through the skies. Although he wasn't sure who Kami was referring to, his inductive skills allowed him to gather Kami had lost someone in this war. "Don't worry, you'll be with her soon!" Taking on a kiba dachi stance, Dick extended his left fist in Kami direction and chanted, "Karakusagawara Seiken!"

Miles away, the Rebels Fleet fled the scene with one of the highly desired "Cloud Dials" they've been searching for. While this may only be the first of many, the singular act of retrieving the dial counts as a victory. Having since grown following Tomoe's death, Marines, Cipher Pol agents and sky rebels alike have joined together to take on the sky empire.

Viva La Resistance

Facts and Fiction

Although the seas are known to be a place of conflict and turmoil, some don't set off to the Grand Line to bask in the blood of their enemies. History and adventure await those who are interested. Thousands of stories are scattered throughout the hundreds of islands and rarely do these narratives operate in a vacuum. Those who seek to uncover the stories and truths are known as Archeologists. Among the many who hold such a status, those of the Ohara are reputed to be the most skilled. Scholars and Archeologists alike have uncovered numerous secret about the past under the guidance of the World Government. But some secrets are meant to remain secrets.

Along the island of Inaroshi, a group of Oharan archeologists navigated through the tombs in order to locate one of the sacred Poneglyph — mysterious steles with history inscribed on them in the form of ancient letters. Although the forbidden by the state to study them, this group has started locating and studying them in secret in order to uncover more about the Void Century.

"We should be close!" Shroom chanted, as he hastily made his way around the many impediments.

"Please don't go too far ahead!" Marine Captain Passme D. Rum chanted, serving as the group's escort. Although he was aware their expeditions weren't entirely legal, Rum has developed a personal interest in the uncovering of World History. Thus, despite this being an unsanctioned quest, he has continued with the group. "There could be boobie traps, so please be careful!!!"

Shroom continued onward with little hesitation. It wasn't that he was being reckless but he knew his experience would keep him out of harms way. Leaping between one weak platform to the next, he could see a light from the distance. "Guys I think I see it!!!" Dashing towards it, Shroom couldn't contain his excitement. "What will you show me today?" Upon ruching the room, he was welcomed by the massive Poneglyph. "Its like falling in love all over again.." he muttered, staring in awe of the steles.

As the group eventually caught up to him, each of the archeologists gathered around in order to read the inscriptions edged into the nigh-indestructible stone.

"Well come on now, I wanna know what it says too!!!" Rum exclaimed, unable to read the text like those in his group. Although visibly calm, Rum had goosebumps along his arms and back as he awaited to hear the chilling words the past wished to share.

Clearing his throat, Shroom chanted aloud.

War and Peace are two sides of the same coin. One is not possible without the other. One does not desire peace without knowing war. However, war does not inherently bring about peace. The price of war is not cheap and will cause many to suffer. The Ancient Weapons, three weapons named after gods, capable of mass destruction. They were created with the purpose to bring about peace but their existence will only bring war. The location..."

"My my, it seems you guys have stumbled upon quite the treasure." Vice-Admiral Kiwashi spontaneously emerged at the scene, behind the group.

"Oh my god it's him!" several members shouted out in glee and happiness. "It's the Warrior of the Sea!" Naturally, all of the archeologists knew of the Hero of the Marines, he's an icon that continuously fills the headlines. To meet the hero in person was definitely a bucket list item for some. "Can I get your autograph!" "Can you do the line?!?" "Marry me!" they all shouted.

But Rum did not share the team's enthusiasm. Don't get it twisted, just like them, Rum is a huge fan, he joined the Marines because of Daisuke's fictional character. However, his appearance here was problematic. It seems the group had forgotten they were researching forbidden text. Was Daisuke here to arrest them? He tried to gaze over at Shroom to alert him to the situation.

But before Rum could even blink, Daisuke appeared directly in front of him. "You have been relieved of your duties." he spoke calmly, before placing his palm on Rum's shoulder, causing him to suddenly disappear. "Now, I'll give you one chance. How many Poneglyphs have you located?"

Fear ran down the spines of all those in the room. A smart bunch, they quickly realized the situation they were in. "W-what did you do to Rum!" one of the female members cried out in fear.

Spontaneously appearing in front of whimpering female archaeologist, the Vice-Admiral swiped his open palm across her face, completely decapitating her in a single slap; her head no where to be found. "I don't like to ask questions twice." he yawned, as her corpse fell to the ground.

Screams of terror echoed throughout the tombs. Death weighed heavy on their minds. "We're all gonna die!" they quickly realized they were criminals Daisuke is known for catching. Each of their fight or flight responses triggered. Some tried to go at the Vice-Admiral in order to avenge their comrades, while others attempted to escape, fearing for their own lives. Shroom couldn't do either. Falling to his knees, his mind shattered as he witnessed all he's worked for slowly start to vanish. "What have I done?" Gazing upwards, he witnessed the horrendous sight.

One by one, Daisuke targeted and executed each of the other members of the squad. Blood, screams and tears tried to break through the walls but to no avail. Was the hero always this cruel? Every other creature within the vicinity of the conflict of the massacre scattered. Could this really be heroic justice?

Shroom barely remained upright as he watched as his closest friends and family slaughtered like pigs. "N-n-n-no...stop..." he tried to cry out, but his words were drowned out by the screams of those around him. Shroom couldn't help but think, "Should I have stopped?" Should I have never started this quest?" Paralyzed with dozens of different emotions, his troubled eyes struggled to look upwards at the blonde man towering above.

"So you must be the leader then. Good. I thought I may have killed you which would have been a total drag because I still need an answer." Grabbing Shroom by the collar of his shirt with his left hand, Daisuke placed his right palm along the forehead of the archeologist. However, unlike the other who met immediate death upon meeting the Marine's palm, a paw bubble dispatched from Shroom's head and steadily grew larger. "Based on your appearance you're in no state to answer any of my questions. So I'll just do us both a favor and get them myself." With the power of his fruit, Daisuke can propel concepts and intangibles out of people's bodies, including memories. Behind Shrooms lifeless body were his recollections.

"That should do it." Daisuke spoke, tossing the lifeless body of Shroom aside as he approached the paw bubble. "Now let's see what ya know." Walking into the bubble, all of Shroom's memories entered Daisuke's mind, allowing him to uncover the unsolicited truth. "I see, this has been going on for years then." Prepared to report back to base, Daisuke suddenly realized what needed to be done. Snickering, instead of looking at his wrist to contact base with his personal Den Den Mushi, the Hero of the Marines reached into his pocket and withdrew a different transponder snail, a golden one. "This just keep getting better and better." Clicking the top button, Daisuke gave the command. "I'm announcing a Buster Call on the Island of Ohara!"


A loud alarm echoed from the Silver Den Den Mushi in Marine Headquarters, Marineford. "A Buster Call?" Napoleon, the retired Vice-Admiral in-charge of dispatching troops, surprisingly realized. "Daisuke what have you done?" he muttered in shock before regaining his composure and handling protocol. Dashing to the next station, Ginrisu reached the transponder snail that connected to the Vice-Admirals. "This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All Vice-Admirals within a close proximity to the island of Ohara, please announce your name and current location. Marine Headquarters has issued a Buster Call on the Island of Ohara."

In a Marine battleship sailing from the Ilusia Kingdom, Vice-Admiral Zero D. Echo can be seen sitting down after coming from a pirate-routing mission when she heard the call. "This is Zero D. Echo and I'm currently sailing away from the Ilusia Kingdom after answering a request to route troublesome pirates. Ohara isn't too far off where I am and I'll be closing in soon." said Echo. She then starts to speak up to the other Marines on the ship announcing the news.

"Listen up! Marine HQ has just issued a Buster Call on the island of Ohara! You lazy slacks better get yourselves in gear and prepare to exact justice upon it!" shouted Echo to the the Marines who quickly then did as they told and start to prepare for the upcoming Buster Call. As Echo sat back down, Echo recieves another call upon her transponder snail. Knowing who it is, she picks it up quickly. "Inari, I had a feeling you'd be calling me soon." said Echo.

As it turns out, the man named Inari is actually Marine Admiral Fermi who was currently located in Mary Geoise who is doing his usual walk around the whole area. "Then, you should have known why I called. I'm glad they finally decided to wipe out that cursed country. Those archaeologists were becoming too much of a nuisance and it was troublesome if they continued to do what they do. This is your first Buster Call so make sure you do an acceptable job. It's time to rid this world of Ohara and show the true might of the World Government!" said Fermi. "Yes sir Inari!" said Echo as the transponder snail hangs up.

On a battleship called the MFS Virginia,a ship cladded in steel armor with some diamond parts in it. Smith W. Edward,aka Vice Admiral Iceberg, was seen there on the front reading his personal holy bible and thinking to himself when suddenly the call came in.

"SIR VICE ADMIRAL ICEBERG SIR!!" A fellow marine runs towards the Vice Admiral,"What are your orders?"

"No need to be that formal Captain Armistead." Iceberg says,"I heard the call,get the other marines ready and get themselves set up on the guns and set sail for Ohara."

"YES SIR!!!" Armistead says,"What about you sir."

"Stay here and meditate on my bible,I will." Iceberg says,"And maybe think about my horses." He says as he stays there crisscrossed on the bow of Virginia with his bible on his lap."Once I know more of this situation,I will be strategizing."

"But sir! You haven't answered the call yet!" Armistead says handing out the den den mushi to Iceberg.

"This is Vice Admiral Smith W. Edward at about....where are we Captain?" Iceberg just whispers.

"Uhh,within 5 miles to Drum Island." Armistead answers.

"I am at within 5 miles to Drum." Iceberg says,"I will be coming in to Ohara shortly." Iceberg then hangs up the call and gives it back to Armistead,"Let's hope this can go quickly."

"Same here Iceberg." Armistead says,"HEY ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!!" He then shouts out onto the ship.

On one of the most beautiful ships to ever set sail in the Grand Line, a man that stands above most of his peers, his two trainees, and a mysterious man sail towards Sabaody Archipelago. The stress and anxiety can be felt through the air of the control room as marine captains Abel and Fugo make their way to train with the renown marine, Kaguya Mitsuki also known as Taketori.

“So, boys! Do you guys have any idea what makes a good marine?” The two boys pondered for a while until Abel answered. “Do what’s right in the name of justice, at least that’s my interpretation, sir”. Fugo would nod and say his own answer. “Justice can be many things, the wrong type of justice can result in even more damage then what had already been done”. Mitsuki was silent for a bit. “Both of you are correct, I suppose. It’s all up to the marine, but genuinely it’s our job to protect those who cannot protect themselves. As long as you understand these simple fundamentals, you can work off them and follow your own paths”. They both nod and say “Yes sir” in unison

At the entrance of the control room stands the man known as The Wondering One. “Excuse me sir, but would you know who crafted such a magnificent vessel. The perfectly sculpted figurehead and the detail are absolutely stunning”. Mitsuki would turn around and see the man. “Oh, Cartaphilus. You can ask the boy over there for more detail, I didn’t know them myself but they were a great couple”. Mitsuki then points at Abel who is standing beside Fugo, waving at Cartaphilus. “Yes, this vessel was created by my parents, they spent their whole lives created this ship so I try my best to take care of it”. Cartaphilus would think for a second before answering. “Would it be Adam and Eve, if that’s the case then this ship would be Adam’s Eve. Am I correct?”. Abel would be absolutely stunned that Cartaphilus would know who his parents were with just that little information. “Yes, you are correct. May I ask how you could know that, I mean they were pretty known but you got it in an instant”. Cartaphilus would walk over to Abel and put his right hand on his shoulder. “As sir Mitsuki said, they were a great couple. I am truly sorry for your losses, I met them ones while getting supplies for their ship. They told me of their two little boys but I wouldn’t think that one of them would stray towards evil”. A tear would roll down Abel’s left eye. “I didn’t think that either”

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the command that Napoleon had sent out, echoed throughout the entire ship. Mitsuki’s demeanour would completely change. “Everyone man your decks, you heard the man. Abel, Fugo, you two come with me and Cartaphilus, you better write this down”. Every man and woman on that ship would race to get the ship ready while clones of Mitsuki would sprout from the ground to help. “Alright, boys! As ordered by Napoleon, we have been summoned to a buster call. You know what this means so get ready!”. Mitsuki would scream this as he went onto the deck of the ship. Right behind him were Abel and Fugo. “Sorry sir, but aren’t this a little too high rank for us to participate in”. Abel would say while Mitsuki would turn around and look the boys right in their eyes. “You learn more experiencing then you do just hearing about it. Now, stop talking and follow me”

On an island not long away from the island of Ohara, Vice-Admiral Ken Buki was fighting against a beast known as the Dragon King. As the fight went on, a snail could be seen rushing towards Ken. Ken dashed away from the beast and took the snail in his hand and said "Yes, what is it?". The message of the upcoming buster call was heard through the Den Den Mushi and Ken’s face changed into a more serious look. "A buster call?!" said Ken as he easily sliced off the head of the so-called Dragon King, Ken was apparently holding back his true power.

"Men we have to go, it's important!" shouted Ken to the other marines watching the fight and followed it up with. "And leave the beast’s body, we have no time to put it on the ship"

"But we can’t just leave the corpse on the island sir?" said a member of the marines. "Do I have to say things twice now?!" shouted Ken. The marine quickly followed up with "N-no sir"

As the Vice-Admiral and his fellow marines were sailing towards Ohara, one of the marines went up to Ken and asked "So, are we gonna use it?"

"I hope so, it has taken me years to finish it" Said Ken as he turned over to a massive cannon on the main deck of the ship. "Just pray to god it works" whispered the Vice-Admiral as they sailed away from the island and towards their destination.

The sound of metal clashing against metal was heard as Vice Admiral Louise Elizabeth was blocking all the attacks his younger brother, Captain Louise Arthur was sending her way! The sparks of their blades were surrounding the air around them as a young haired Marine Commander {{Salvatore Vladimir]] Watched on.

"To slow little brother," Elizabeth says with a sly grin on her face "Don't worry though. You can count on big sis to make you plenty strong." She then proceeds to kick Arthur away and make him crash through a tree!"Oh, did i hurt you Arthie? I'm sorry."

Arthur sprung forward now with his blades coated with his haki! He charged in with both daggers! "I'm a Marine Captain! Don't call me that anymore!" He yelled not accepting his sister humiliating him! He jumped up and aimed both daggers downward!

"Now, now" Elizabeth chuckles as he side stepped and kicked Arthur again. "You shouldn't be so hasty to attack from above you know. Only do so when you know for sure it won't back fire like just now."

Suddenly the red hair commander appeared between the two. "Vice admiral it appears your Den Den Mushi is going off." He then hands over the little purple snail to Elizabeth.

"Hello? Oh? A Buster Call huh?" Elizabeth says with a much more calm, less friendly upbeat voice. "I see, i'll head right over. Thank you for the opportunity to deliver justice." She then hangs up the small snail and looks at the young Marines. "Have either of you ever been a part of a Buster Call before?" Elizabeth asks with an eerily calm voice.

In sync the two boys replied with a quick "no".

"I see, then come with me." She then picks up a unique black version of the Marine jacket with the word Justice on it. "It's the ultimate form of justice. So you two who want to be admirals need to be a part of this." The three Marines approach Elizabeth's massive battleship. "Your world is about to change seeing this."

With five Vice-Admirals answering the call to duty, Ginrisu rushed back to his original seat and began to manage the Den Den Mushi system. Bringing the five over to a single, private line, Ginrisu communicated to the compatriots. "We are now on private connection separate from the other Vice-Admirals. Please use this line and this alone to communicate amongst yourselves." Swallowing the saliva cultivating in his mouth, he continued. "I will now be patching in Fleet Admiral Heiwa where she will share some words." Feeling any more of an introduction would've been unnecessary, he muted himself but remained on the line to hear what words the moderator of justice had to say to her troops who were about to partake in mass-genocide.

"We are not defined by what we say but what we do." Fleet Admiral abruptly spoke, alerting everyone that she had finally joined. "The burden we carry as Marine Officers will never be truly appreciated or acknowledged. But we do not do this for the praise or the glory. We are peacekeepers. We are the primary defense between prosperity and anarchy. We prevent worldwide catastrophes and eliminate evil." she paused, her voice was heavy as if this wasn't something she wanted to do but knew had to be done. "Despite our intentions being both righteous and solemn, it does not make this act any easier. I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking on this burden without hesitation. Although the masses might take you for granted, I most certainly do not." she repeated herself to emphasize her gratitude. "Thank you for your service."

An uncanny silence fell onto the chat as the Fleet Admiral's words clearly carried some weight. But before long, the Chivalrous Knight broke the silence with a new, rejuvenated tone. "Vice-Admiral Kiwashi will be dispatching the subordinate ships once each of you are within nine clicks of Ohara. The island's defenses are noted to be minimal so I doubt you'll meet any serious resistance." All Vice-Admirals are debriefed on the specifics of a Buster Call so there was no need to discuss the trivialities. Thus, she pivoted to the elephant in the room. "Although there's no evidence supporting that the Wukong Pirates have anything to do with this, the fact remains the war may spill over." she paused to see if anyone had some slick comments or doubts. "Thus, we advise each of your fleets to organize a small groups to act as scouts in order to not only alert the rest of us but also protect yourselves from ambushes."

With time of the essence, Heiwa concluded with the following. "Please, make sure you comeback alive. It'd be quite unfortunate to see any of the next generation of leadership fall."

Everyone that was on Echo's ship were at silence from hearing her words but were quickly motivated after hearing the rest of the message. Echo was shaking her fist not in frustration but in motivation especially knowing how much she sides with Justice and knows that failure is indeed not an option and knows she would do anything it takes to accomplish the mission. Even if it results in casualties. "Understood ma'am! I promise we will carry out this Buster Call effectuality in the name of Justice! We will be reaching Ohara very soon!" shouted Echo was she responded to Heiwa's message. Echo then directs her messages toward the other Vice Admirals heading toward Ohara as well. "That goes for you too maggots! You lot better get there posthaste and make sure this gets carried out effectually! Failure isn't an option! Did I make myself clear?" shouted Echo in her usual, drill sergeant-like personality.

In the captain's quarters of the Adam's Eve sad vice-admiral Kaguya Mitsuki and had just listened to Echo's words. "You're not the one in command, Echo. We all know the mission, we all know the intent, and we all know our duty. Remember that, maggot!" Mitsuki let his word sink in for a second and wanted to thank Heiwa for her words. "Oh, and Heiwa thanks for the lovely message. I hope you doing well." He then directed his message towards an old friend. "Did I by any chance hear Ken Buki, how are you doing my friend. It's been a while, and how are the kids"

"How about you calm yourself there Echo, not all of us are here to listen to someone bark orders when they're still in the same rank as the rest." Elizabeth began, "Last thing i need is to hear your god awful voice talk and talk. Mitsuki relax there too, you're both equally annoying." She spoke with no threats yet each word could slit throats. Elizabeth showed her confidence yet still remaining true to her calmer nature. "Try not to screw around and get this over with, things like these have no reason to drag on any longer than they should." she spoke with her tone not changing in the slightest, yet in her heart she hid the pain of what was to come. Her faith in Justice and Peace is truly strong almost unbreakable yet, she does not enjoy or look forward to what is to come.

"You kids are always arguing with each other." Iceberg says,"To put it this way my younger Vice Admirals here, Duty then is the sublimest word in the language. You should do your duty in all things. You can never do more, you should never wish to do less. So may I remind you all kindly of doing your duty. I know me and my crew will be making sure we do our duty. Thank you Miss Heiwa for the message as a reminder also." Iceberg spoke with care for his younger ones,knowing he has to be a good example of what a marine Vice Admiral should be.

"As per usual the oldest is the wisest." Elizabeth says and looks at her younger brother. "The rest of you should take note and try to be this level of calm. We're the younger generation yet we have even younger individuals looking to us for leadership. So try to set a better example."

"Bah, we don't have time for being "calm" and "wise'. We are here to exact Justice and wipe out this troublesome island! Younger generation or not, I'm going by what Inari always told me and that is to do our jobs not matter what! No offense but you privates have nothing on a Marine Admiral so forgive me if I don't take these words to heart. Anyone who has a weak will can turn your damn ships around! Speaking to you private Elizabeth! I can sense that you're against doing this but you wouldn't last in war with that kind of thinking. Someone needs to whip you back into shape missy!" shouted Echo who was clearly upset at what Elizabeth said about her earlier.

"Here she goes, the most undeserving loud mouth among the Vice Admirals. Of course I am upset, only pathetic animals like you can do this without being upset. And just like any other animal this mentality of yours will simply lead you to an early grave when hunted down by a superior force. Excuse me for being born with reason and thought, raised to believe what is good and evil unlike a woman who's only a marine because of her training and abuse from a pirate. Maybe if you were equally strong spiritually as you are with your boastful running mouth I wouldn't have to waste my breath speaking to you in this way. Why don't you try and make yourself useful and get ready for what's to come instead of talking with that filthy mouth of yours, pathetic animal."

Iceberg is facepalming himself between Elizabeth and Echo speaking,"We are among the highest ranks in the marine force,yet we don't know how to work together and let our differences aside. I beg when we are doing our duty that we don't let these differences get in the way of our mission." He then sighs then says,"How about a normal conversation huh? How are you two doing?"

Echo simply smirks being amused at what Elizabeth said to her just now. She also rolls her eyes at what Iceberg said and she simply looks forward toward her destination before speaking again. "If you got that much to say, then you better show how capable you are. My way of thinking is from Inari himself. If you don't like how I do things, then you're more than free to take it up with him. I can't promise you that he wouldn't vaporize you on the spot. And doing just peachy old man." said Echo as she uttered that last line sarcastically.

"Do you think I fear such a hateful man? When you've faced a Yonko on your own and lived maybe you can talk so tough instead of holding on to your sugar daddies coat. Until then please know your place as the un-caged animal you are, just like that over confident Admiral you adore so much."

A vein appeared on Echo's head mainly from Elizabeth disrespecting Fermi like that. She was then able to speak in a calmer but frustrated tone. "Once we wipe Ohara from existence, I'll be coming after you next. I hope you like spending the rest of your life as a statue you fifthly maggot." said Echo as her eyes suddenly turned more snake-like that was semi-hidden behind her shades.

"Oh? Did I strike a nerve batgirl? Or should I say Garden Snake? Maybe I should call you what you really are, just a tiny over confident worm? How's that? I think it suits you perfectly. After all, the oly thing lower than the dirt i stand on are worms like you." Elizabeth says with a giggle to her voice.

"Garden Snake?! You just sealed your fate you maggot! I hope you cherish the last moments of your pathetic life!" shouted Echo angrily but is soon approached by an older man that was sitting in the shadows. This man was very tall and had crimson hair with a scar over his right eye. He was named Raizo who is a member of Cipher Pol that worked closely with Echo when she was part of the organization and keeps on close contact with her. Although he does follow the same strict values, even a hardened man like him has his honor and knows when situations must be taken seriously.

"Listen Echo, I can feel your frustration but this is rather pointless to argue. We are here simply to patriciate in the Buster Call, wipe out Ohara, and be done. We have a lot of other problems once the job is done as I am sure there may be some repercussions from this. The both of you need to listen to Sir Iceberg and put aside this petty argument. Once this Buster Call and this war is done with and you two are still alive after all of this, feel free to kill each other as much you may want. Of course, I'd personally don't want that since you're both valuable assets to the Marines." said Raizo.

Echo could only grumble under her breath before her eyes go back to normal. "Fine but she better not get in my way..." said Echo.

A loud crunching sound can be heard from Mitsuki's end of the call as he bites down on an apple. "It's kinda funny to think that you two are vice-admirals. Like just think about it, such children and we are supposed to be the role models for a lot of marines. I still don't know how you guys got such a high rank but Iceberg, you earned it my man." His voice muffled with the continued munching of the apple.

"And here we go after dealing with the horrid screeches of the worm Echo, not I must deal with the disgusting sound of a pig chewing while on a call. I reached the rank at my age because unlike you who gorges yourself while talking, I get results. I put out criminals back and forth and do so while training promising Captains who if all things continue are soon to be promoted. Doing my part to create exemplary future Marine leaders. While you've done what? Finish a buffet or two?"

"Like you're any better Mitsuki you apple-munching maggot! And you just had to bring me back into this huh Elizabeth?! After this, you both are on my radar so you best have your guards up!" shouted Echo.

Raizo simply had a look of defeat on his face and facepalms. "Well, I tried. At least they're motivated to say the least..." said Raizo who sat back down.

"Ohhhh noooo, I'm so scared. I'm on her 'radar'. Oh the fear, oh the agony, how will I ever manage. Go get your green daddy if you want to make me feel 'threatened' if not, keep that bug eating mouth of yours shut, Ya filthy animal."

"Promising Captains you say. I was on my way to Sabaody Archipelago to train my own captains in Rokushiki but can you even do that. I mean, I have never seen or heard of you ever using it so I guess not. I bet you can't even use Geppo. Also Echo, please shut your mouth. The more you speak, the more I get annoyed. If you want to fight then come and meet me at Sabaody Archipelago in three days, if you can make it."

A Thousand Words

History is shaped by the victors. This undeniable fact remains constant as time travels onward and civilizations rise and fall. Those who have the power, have the ability to manipulate the narrative and thus, influence the masses. And in some cases, entire cultures and systems can become extinct. However, in other instances, sometimes the loser manages to sneak in a quick jab, leaving a piece of evidence that may provide clarity as to the reality of the past. The Oharans wish to uncover the secrets of the past that have been covered up for centuries. Although the World Government sanctioned research the deliberately prohibited research into the "Void Century", a period that many few know anything about. But you know humanity, even though you know the devil is tempting you, doesn't make the apple any less tempting.

The tidal waves crashed along the shore of small island, capable of sustaining only a small tribe worth of people. Although, what the Oharans lack in numbers they compensate for in knowledge. Centuries of history of different cultures, species and systems that all remain within the Ancient Tree. Archeologists of different age and backgrounds come to provide the tree with more sustenance. But sometimes, the less academically inclined stumble upon the island...

"And who are you, may I ask?" An old yet chiseled fellow welcomed the visitor along the dock. "This place isn't for fighting or bloodshed but dialogues and wordplay, are you sure you're in the right place." Clearly noticing this man wasn't of the most academically rigorous of backgrounds.

"Uhhh..." Already not off to the best start at defending his intelligence with his long stall. "To be honest we kind of just got lost, hahaha! But we don't mean to cause any of you all trouble. Honestly I'd like to learn more about he world, if you're up for teaching me a few things. Hahaha!"

The old man although dubious of strangers, especially those of such rough and tough background, sensed the young man was telling the truth and thus put his faith in his gut. "Alright then, you're welcome to take from the Tree of Knowledge but before thou can receive one must be willing to give." Extending his arms outward, he expected Musashi to hand him some sort of valuable knowledge he's attained thus far throughout his journey. "If you don't have anything on you, we can have someone record any knowledge you're willing to share."

"R-right!" He then looked back at the short young lady with jet black hair and robotic arms approached and handed him a book. "This isn't much really, it's a small journal we've been keeping a track of what we've seen." The young red haired boy took he journal and walked toward the old man. "I am Musashi Sir, it's a pleasure to meet you. If you need more from us I'm more than willing to share some more if need be."

Upon receiving the book, the old man skimmed through the pages. "Even if you go to same place, every narrative has a unique perspective that holds a whole new mindset. We appreciate you adding another leaf." Closing the book a bird swooped down and apprehended Musashi's property. "We'll return this once it's been properly recorded." the old man spoke, turning his massive body indicating that the gang of pirates were permitted entry. "My name is Bopo Mako, I'm the guardian of Ohara. Hopefully your visit is fruitful." he welcomed the crew.

The island wasn't large but it was indeed active. Dozens of owls swirled and hovered around the tree of knowledge as archeologist old and young navigated through the tiny island.

"A samurai from Wano?!?!?" A young girl no older than the beginning of her adolencency commented on Musashi's attire. "I thought it was strictly forbidden for a samurai to defect from Wano. Just my look I found one stupid enough to do it!" she joyfully cheered assessing Musashi's make-up.

"Hahaha! To be fair it was kind of a pain to leave the island. It cost us our navigator's left arm and the ship we were using to escape. We just got lucky someone nearby the island offered to help us out." Musashi said with a grin as he removed his sword from his side and handed it to the same young lady as earlier. "This is my crew The Rōshigumi Pirates. Some of us are from Wano and if there are any questions any of us are happy to answer them."

A long red haired young man walked forward, he was wearing a full slick black suit and fedora to match it. His eyes were an odd mix of gentle and aggressive as he looked around the people and island itself. "You mind if I ask, You guys got any good food around here? Between me and the Captain we kind of finished the food on the ship."

"Introduce yourself properly before speaking to new people ya red head idiot." A slim young man with two sword scabbards in his hands ordered. He was wearing much more traditional samurai robes and attire than Musashi did. Yet unlike Musashi this man exuded an serious more demanding vibe.

"R-right," The long red haired man said before thinking "I swear to god sometimes I want to kick his ass." He hen smiled, "I am Elio Alessandro, it's a pleasure to meet you all."

The young girl, who goes by the name Nico Rosa, eyes began to sparkle and mouth began to drool as more and more revelations became apparent. "Two sword-style, robotic arms, a fedora!" she couldn't contain her excitement. Realizing she's the first to come across this group of young pirates she realized she needed to capitalize on the situation. "I can provide you guys with some food but you'll have to provide me some answers." she commented, believing in the process of equivalent exchange. "Do we have a deal?"

Hearing this both Musashi and Alessandro had a small trail of drool come out of their mouths after hearing the offer. They both then nodded in agreement as neither could resist the offer.

"Looks like this girl knows these guy's natural weaknesses." The jet black haired girl adds in. "If you have any maps or something I can study I'll be more than up to tell you whatever I can."

Rosa scoffed at the question. "Do we have any maps." Rosa indicated that the group should follow her before taking them to the place to quench their hunger. Walking in the tree of knowledge, the collective was welcomed by a massive globe with all of the planet's satellites present as well. "Over 250 nations and counting. We've had plenty of navigators even from the illustrious island of Glasteria contribute to this piece." She allowed the group to sit in awe of the large display. Truly anyone who sought adventure would find such a piece mesmerizing.

Musashi's eyes widened to the massive, breathtaking view in front of him. He had spent much of his life hungry to see the world and adventure was what he's been chasing. "This place is amazing, I never thought the world to be so big! So many islands marked all over!" Musashi couldn't help but think to himself while gazing at everything.

"Would anyone mind if I go study those maps? I promise I'll tell you everything I can but I really want to look around and just...wow!"

The crew as a whole were just overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of the tree of knowledge. Each having their own reasons and their own wants, just overtaken by this sight.

But amidst of the group's admiration of the globe, a voice poised with fear and urgency grew louder and louder, catching the attention of all of those within the library. "YOU MUST EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY, PLEASE!" a middle aged man yelled, while being chased the guard who welcomed the group of pirates not too long ago.

"If you do not stop, I'll be forced to take you down by force!" Mako yelled preparing to lance at the swifty man who's managed to circumvent him thus far.

Before Mako could apprehend the man, the swift kunoichi, Ahma immediately appeared between the two with her palms opened ready to catch either of them if they were to continue. Both Alessandro and Christiaan quickly dash to wards the man's left and right side in case he were to continue to run away.

"Mako could you please lower your weapon? Like you said 'This place isn't for fighting or bloodshed but dialogues and wordplay', my crew are more than happy to keep the man here but doesn't your curious mind wonder what would drive a man to come in yelling to such a sacred place with people chasing behind him?" Musashi said as he instinctively tried to reach for his sword but remembered he handed them over earlier. "If you don't mind I'd like to know, it seems like he's rather genuine about the news."

"Musashi, I must ask you to order your men to back-off. This man is an intruder, not worthy of your protection. If you don't address them immediately I'll be required to carry on-ward." Mako exclaimed, plotting his next moves in case things do indeed turn for more aggressive terms.

Raising his hands in a frantic yet apologetic manner, Jiyuu immediately responded all whist attempting to catch his breath. "Pl-please, please wait!!" I'm not here to steal or invade..." he panted desperately, his voice echoed throughout the massive shrub. After taking a moment to catch his breath, his voice caught the entire room's attention. "Ohara is the target of a Buster Call!!!!"

Silence had taken the room as such an absurd notion couldn't be possible, right? Ohara is a nation comprised of those interested in compiling wealth, they're no threat to the World Government. Amidst of the mental disarray, the Executive Librarian Professor Heisenberg questioned the validity of the distraught young man's claim. "What evidence do you have to support your proclamation?"

Weary to reveal his ability to crowd but motivated by the gravity of the situation, Jiyuu began to explain...

As currents of different parts of Paradise converge, as do marine vessels navigating to commence the onslaught. Several of the five lead warships began to sail in parallel as they embarked to Ohara. However, before the vessels could go any further, an unexpected barrier prevented them from proceeding. None other than a marine ship, albeit much smaller than those its confronting, remained their path.

"Please, Vice-Admiral's don't do it!!!" Captain Rum cried out, speaking into the main line shared by marines within a certain proximity. "This is Captain Rum and you can't commit genocide on an entire civilization due to intellectual curiosity! The Oharans are innocent and should not slaughtered like pigs! This isn't Justice!" Unlike his peers, Rum was teleported to Marine Headquarters upon Kiwashi's rival. Upon hearing the announcement, he rushed to seas to intercept as many of the Vice-Admirals as possible. "I beg you protest the order!" Rum voiced to his fellow compatriots.

Echo merely adjusts her shades in disappointment after hearing his pleas. "Even if we wanted to stop this, we cannot. The Buster Call gets issued, and we carry out the orders. Nothing more, nothing less. Those fools should've think twice before researching things that could lead to the end of the world. So no, we cannot carry out this order and I know some maggots here may second-guess themselves but they better think again. Justice doesn't discriminate, you better remember that private. And if you try to stop us, rest assured I won't hold anything back." said Echo with a very serious tone in her voice.

Elizabeth looks down solemnly before taking hold if the den den Mushi, "I'm sorry Captain Rum but these orders cannot be ignored or disobeyed." She began, "If we the Marines have found out what they've been up to, then the Yonko are not too far behind. Better we eliminate this possible threat between them and Ohara here and now. You're still young and have probably never even met those Emperors yourself, but they should not have the chance to gain critical information." Her voice became much mores serious, "as much as I truly hate pointless death...if one island must be erased for the sake of hundreds of islands all over the world, then it is sadly a price needed to be paid." She then set the snail down and looked at Arthur, "if the need comes, please handle him brother."

Arthur bowed down to Elizabeth, "of course my Vice Admiral, anything you say."

"Rum you bastard, you know what will happen if you go against orders. Especially those from Kiwashi!" says Mitsuki and looks over at Cartaphilus. "I'll recommend you to step down and surrender, It's not too late. If not, I will make sure to let your family known of your sacrifices and I will take you down myself. I hope I made myself clear." he says and sets the den den mushi down.

Cartaphilus walks over to Mitsuki and says, "You regret it, don't you. This is not your first time, I can feel the passion in your words and the slight tremor in your voice." Mitsuki sits down and looks at Cartaphilus. "I did what I did for justice, I did it so my kids could live a life in peace and prosperity. And I'll happily do it again."

Iceberg was silent for a moment,thinking,but then answers,"Mr.Rum,I am genuinely sorry,but orders are orders. Ever since my son has become a pirate,I have been looking at what's right and wrong. And let me tell you something,just because you're on another side,it doesn't mean you're wrong. But the way I view it is that,if we don't destroy this,we'll be having history repeat itself by a global disaster because of an island had vast knowledge that other islands didn't have. So in order to protect the world from another disaster, we shall do it in the name of Justice, cause true justice doesn't happen to us, it happens for the next generation."

Rum had hoped one, at least one of the Vice-Admirals would answer his plea. One would see that they are not abiding to justice but rather allowing injustice. That sacrificing the lives of any civilians, those the Marines are sworn to protect, is never worth it. That a nation is nothing without its people. But it seemed once you reach a certain rank in the Marines, you become a blind follower to the code of Absolute Justice. "Vice-Admirals, I joined the Marines to protect those who can't protect themselves. Just as you guys have made it abundantly clear you will carry out your order no matter what, I must follow what I believe no matter the cost.

Leaving the command center of the ship, Rum made his way to the deck of the ship where the Vice-Admirals could see his declaration. "I will not allow you to proceed any further!" he yelled, his voice somehow managing to make the distance. "If you want to pass you'll have to kill me!" his face took a determined look. Settling into a well-balanced stance, Rum awaited his challengers. Despite the considerable discrepancy in rank, he knew any time gained here could be time the Oharans have to escape. "I'll see you guys soon..."

"Hmph...what a fool...If he is willing to lay down his life in this foolish quest, then so be it." said Echo with a look of annoyance on her face as Raizo stands back up upon hearing what Rum had to say.

"No. All of us are the fools. Every single one of us. We each have our own brand of Justice we follow by. Of course there will be those that won't agree with another's view of Justice. Rum is just going by what he feels right and I'm not going to call him "foolish" for what he wants to believe. He may be still a fool that is willing to put himself in the line of fire like that but I respect what he stands by. I may be in Cipher Pol and not truly afflicted with the Marines themselves so I don't really have a full say in this, but I'm just giving you what I feel about it." said Raizo.

"Dammit Raizo, the point is that the Buster Call must be carried out and if this fool of a Marine thinks he can stop it, he is dead wrong. I never expected any compassion from a cold-blooded assassin like you." said Echo.

Raizo sighs heavily before speaking again. "Of course I know the Buster Call cannot be stopped once it is initiated. And trying to stop it head on is just asking for a death wish. However, I'm just letting you know that there are those that will suffer for this and you shouldn't call someone a fool for doing their job of protecting and innocents. That is all." said Raizo as he sat back down.

Echo was at silence for a few moments before speaking again. "Like I said before, Justice doesn't discriminate." said Echo before addressing the other Vice Admirals. "Listen up, if any of you have any sense to stop this guy, well then we shall do so. Those that don't have the will may fall back but rest assured there will be consequences for doing so."

Elizabeth grabbed the string that holds her weird to her side and tightens it before walking towards the front of her ship. "Arthur, you'll be coming along with me. Vladimir make sure we don't like any speed, " she then grabs the den den mushi the vice admirals were using "if you're headed to take in Rum, remember that he'd a criminal now, a traitor. But even traitors deserve to be met with justice so at least try to arrest him before the need to kill him."

Both Arthur and Elizabeth used geppo to leave their ships and head towards Rum!

Iceberg sighed and then says,"Well,shall we fight together as admirals or what?" He says as he pulls out his mighty hammer. He taps it along the ground."Listen Rum,we know your form of Justice dissents with our form of justice,but if you're going to be in the way of your superiors. You shall be killed,but with justice,so we'll arrest you and give you a fair chance like young Elizabeth is telling us." He then turns over to Armistead,"Stay here,if you want to be one of us these days,you must know what we go through."

"Yes sir." Armistead says as he's somewhat uneasy on how to feel about the VA's fighting Rum.

Mitsuki wasn't going to be the last leaving his ship and engaging with Rum, quickly walking over to the edge and using geppo to jump off while looking back. "Abel and Fugo stay here, I wouldn't want my two prime boys to get all hurt." He says while smiling and turning around, speeding up. His goal was to get to Rum first, using his devil fruit to pin him down before the other vice-admirals could do any significant damage to the man or his pride.

Thinking to himself, "I pray to whoever is on top listening that this man will make it out alive. He's a good man and doesn't deserve the punishment that he's about to get." Mitsuki then speeds up again as he sees his fellow marines making their way towards Rum.

"I won't go down without a fight!" Rum proud fully chanted as two vice-admirals and one subordinate rushed out with blitzing speed. A tactical fighter at heart, Rum knew there wasn't really any sustainable options given the number of opponents and the difference in power. However, winning isn't the objective. Deter and occupy, give the Oharans a chance to escape. "Initiating Phase One!" he thought to himself, as his powers revealed themselves to the opponent.

Below the sky dancing marines and massive ships, seaweed began to fester and grow within the abyss. Despite his rank, Rum wasn't just some weak marine captain. Although not as potent as the infamous Yonko's ability, Rum's power has often seen comparison to the former. With all pre-existing plants at his call and his background in botany due to growing up in Boin Archipelago, Rum has dozens of tricks of his sleeve. The seaweed rose to oceans crest, causing the sea to hold a dark green color for miles; a feat that was only achieved due to his preparations before the battle. Soon enough the thick constantly growing marsh would latch onto the marine vessels. The propellers, engines, and other crucial parts would soon be engrossed in green if they didn't do something about it.

Unaware of the abilities his opponents approaching him possess, Rum couldn't take the chance to confront the Vice-Admirals head on. As the gap between them drastically shrunk, the Marine Captain withdrew several of his seeds and crushed them, causing smoke to encase his immediate vicinity, masking his position. From the mist, gargantuan venus flytraps emerged with their jaws prepared to devour the targets. Vines and roots shot out in quick succession, hoping to apprehend the trio who dared to approach the command center of the veggie assault.

"Hmph. Those maggots trying to take all of the fun for themselves huh? And that traitor has the nerve to plant his stupid seeds huh? How pitiful!" said Echo as she stand up toward the end of her ship preparing to fly off.

"So, you're going to fight as well I assume?" said Raizo who was still in his seated position not looking in Echo's direction.

"Hmph, of course. That traitor Rum thinks he could slow down Justice without any consequences. This will be over as soon as I can stare him dead in his eyes!" said Echo as she then shifted into her hybrid Basilisk form where the already tall Bat Humink toward over everyone and can easily be seen from her ship. She was as big as the mythical beast even in her hybrid from and she prepares to take of. "But first, I'll melt all of this shitty plants to nothing!" said Echo as she took off flying toward the large venus flytraps flying above the three. "Don't get in my way you maggots! These stupid vines are all mine!" shouted Echo as she breathe out a green fire breath that acted as corrosive venom that landed on the plants.

"Arthur, you heard the worm. She wants to take care of the plants." Elizabeth began as she and her brother were on their way towards Rum's ship. Keep up behind me." She ordered as she took one swift kick to increase her speed and get a lead ahead of the her brother. "Ittō-ryū: Sutorētosentā (一刀流: ストレートセンター)!" She then drew her sword swiftly sending a large slice of air slicing the Venus flytrap from top to bottom. "Now!" Just as she ordered both of them kicked with both feet at the same time to jet themselves past the wall of flytraps! "These seem like the ones that Dante used to use back in the day. Hmph, starting to make me feel old." She thought to herself.

"They're way too confident in their abilities, I have seen many captains strong enough to beat the likes of most vice-admirals. I wouldn't be shocked if he's one of those." Mitsuki thought to himself as he approached the Venus flytraps. As he kicked one leg after the other, he weaved his hands together in preparation to use his devil fruit. "Hana Bunshin no Jutsu (ハナ分身の術)" He says as two identical clones of himself sprout from thin air. The two clones pull out their blades and use Rankyaku to slice the flytraps in half while the real Mitsuki uses Tekkai to harden his body. The two clones grab the real Mitsuki's feet and push him towards Rum while the real Mitsuki uses Kami-e to swiftly make his way towards Rum.

"A corrosive fruit and the Hana Hana no Mi..." Rum thought to himself, well versed in the different type of Devil Fruits as he helped the Ohara develop an encyclopedia. Every piece of information he could gather could help further delay the Vice-Admirals' march towards genocide. "Three targets approaching with unquestionable skill in Rokushiki. A swift challenge will be necessary for further sustainability. Initiating tactic White blow."

As the two Vice-Admirals sliced through the plants with relative ease, a white mist reminiscent to the smoke that cloaked Rum's movements earlier dispersed into the air, creating a haze throughout the battlefield. Unbeknownst to his opponents, this mist is actually pheromone released by one of the unique venus flytraps of the Boin Archipelago. Inhaling the gas will subdue a target, leading to extreme droopiness and paralysis. Immune to the effects due to prolonged exposure, Rum used the haze to his tactical advantage. "Now regrow!" Utilizing his fruit's ability, he caused the bisected plants to regrow and attack the nearby targets once more.

Hiding within the mist, Rum continued his strategic advances. "Even if he can produce a limitless supply of that corrosive it should take some time and control to clear all seaweed from the ships and ocean given the amount. Unless he wishes to damage the ships, he'll have to specifically target the plants, which should keep them occupied." Rum assessed, crushing two more balls in his hand. "Now, let's move onto phase 4."

Iceberg watched Elizabeth,Echo,and Mitsuki take on Rum at the moment. He then looks over at Armistead and says,"Stay back and watch closely. I'll be taking in the action now."

"Yes sir." He says as he steps back toward where Raizo was at.

Iceberg then starts walking toward the mist. He looks at the mist and then says,"A tactical distraction...interesting." He then has his hands glow icy as he freezes the mist around him,"I don't think this just any type of mist or smoke whatever it is." He then freezes more of the mist so the other admirals don't breathe it.

"Keep going my friends." Iceberg says,"I'll be supporting from the rear,and if needed I'll jump into the front."

"Arthur, go ahead and keep on." Elizabeth playfully ordered to her younger brother. She then reached into her pocket for her den den mushi before suddenly Vlad passed right by her.

"Sorry Vice Admiral! But this looks too cool to not be a part of." The young red haired captain announced as he continued on using his geppo but is significantly slower, his body looking more stone like and carrying what appears to be a red suit if armor.

Then as the mist began to approach her she gripped her blade. "Ah to be so young and filled with spunk." She though to herself as she noticed the most was beginning to freeze thanks to iceberg. For the most getting near her she released swipes if compressed air to disperse it. "Not that tough of plants, that idiot pirate uses deadlier versions of it." She then brought her attention to the ship Arthur was about to board, with Vlad not too far behind. "I guess we have some time to kill, let's see what these youngins can do"

"Iceberg coming in with the clutch, like always." Mitsuki thinks to himself as some of the mist turns into ice and creates a gateway for Mitsuki to proceed further. "Saku Senshi (咲く戦士)" He screams as a giant version of himself sprout from one of the venus flytraps, grabbing on to the real Mitsuki and throws him at a fast paste towards Rum. Using a combination of Geppo and Kami-e to avoid some flytraps while also trying to slice a few up.

"Damn it!" Rum cried out, with each Vice-Admiral seemingly having some fruit or extraordinary power, he couldn't keep them from progressing. Displaying masterful skill, Mitsuki broke through, his blurred figure within eyesight now testifying to his close proximity. "Midori Boshi: Impact Dragon!!!" Launching the red star in Mitsuki's direction, it exploded; reminiscent to the Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf, the grass that took the shape of a dragon, however, given Rum devil fruit powers, it nearly quadrupled in size. Even if the dragon's nose doesn't meet its target, it'll still release the shockwave, several time larger than originally designed to. "Seaweed!" he cried out, allowing the ocean's plant to encloak his body in order to protect him from the devastating explosion.


"Hmph. He is quite persistent isn't he? Giant exploding shockwave? That be child's play maggot! "Tekkai: Go! Hebi no tsubasa!" shouted Echo as she wraps herself in her large, basilisk wings and soon hardens her entire body using the strongest form of Tekkai. Despite the large explosion, this move should be enough to block the massive blast thanks to the combination her own mastery of the Rokushiki and her mythical basilisk form. "As I have said, child's play!"

"Not giving up, huh." Mitsuki thought as the explosion hit him head-on. Using tekkai and Geppo he hardened his body and kicked his legs backward to cancel out the shockwave. "Tajū Hana Bunshin no Jutsu (多重ハナ分身の術)" He says as fifty clones of himself sprout from his own body and out of the smoke left by the explosion. "This should be enough." He thought as the fifty clones and himself rushed through the smoke and heading right towards Rum. "Hopefully I can get to him before the other Vice-Admirals."

Not a fool, Rum could see the direction the battle was heading. Despite his attacks, the Vice-Admirals have managed to evade, shrug or simply avoid his most powerful attacks. If it was just one or two then maybe but four of the five who are leading the Buster Call is too much for him. Memories of his friends dawned into his mind. "Shroom, I couldn't save em, I'm sorry." A tear rolled down his eye as the harsh reality sunk in. Nearly ready to accept his fate, the words of his belated friend emerged inside. "The pursuit of knowledge shouldn't be a crime. Lack of knowledge leads to fear and oppression. That's why I do this. Not cause I wanna uncover some long lost truth but to help other understand each other and maybe make the world a better place."

A determined look emerged on Rum's face as the hoard of Mitsuki clones surrounded him. "The Dream of Shroom will live on! Ohara will live on!" he exclaimed. Tapping the left of his chest with his thumb, Rum smirked. "El Amor..." From his body, the last pop green activated. Fueled by his devil fruit, hundreds of thick roots emerged from Rum physique. Similar to the seaweed from earlier, it grew and festered at an alarming rate. However, what made this technique lethal was not size or rate of coverage but rather its will to survive. All plants are dependent on the resources of its surrounding. With Rum seemingly executed from his own attack, it sought new source of energy to sink its roots into. The sea, the marines nearby, those within the ship, they'd all be targeted as the tree sought energy to continue living. Unless it is contained, the roots will continue to grow with each passing moment.

"I bought as much time as I could but I'm not sure it was enough..." Rum thought, his last thoughts of regret and wonder.

Iceberg then stomps his foot on the ground as the roots kept growing. And very soon,the ground was covered in ice,slowing down the growth of the roots. He then draws out his heavy hammer and leaps into the air and slams the hammer into multiple roots,and with some ice on the end of the hammer,the hammer went through like a knife through soft butter.

"You were probably a good marine Rum." Iceberg says,"It is very unfortunate that your justice isn't viewed similarly to the others above us."

"Tch..." exclaimed Echo as she started to slash down at the roots after coating her blades in her own venom to cut through them easily and burn them up in the process. "What a fool. Had he had more conventions toward our end goal, he wouldn't have ended up dead. It's a same that I wasn't the one to bring him down but at least that annoyance is dealt with." said Echo nonchalantly.

Raizo, meanwhile, sees what has transpired and has a different opinion on this. He simply lowers his head before speaking. "Rest in peace. At least you died believing in your own Justice."

Vlad, Arthur and Elizabeth looked at the sight, the sacrifice of his own life for a cause, a purpose. "Despite you trying to atop the marine's 'ultimate form if Justice ', we offer you our prayers." Elizabeth spoke as she and the two captains working under her places their hands in prayer positions and closed their eyes, lamenting the loss of their fellow Marines. "While I do not know your reasons, you truly loved and protected your ideals, for that, we three ask you to take these prayers, may they guide you and help you reach the next world."

And in sync all three simply said "Amen" and returned to their ship.

As Mitsuki sliced through the roots together with his clones, he couldn't stop but to think. "It truly is a shame. I wasn't able to dunk nor fight the man head-on. He was strong. I wish him the best of wherever he may be but GOD DAMM THESE ROOTS ARE ANNOYING!!!" He then looked over at the other vice-admirals and then at Fugo, Abel, and Cartaphilus who all saw the fight. "Dying for what you believe in is the greatest death a man could ever want. Believing in a strong sense of justice is what I was taught myself. In any case, Rum might have been right all this time." He thought as he was still trying to cut some of the roots that Rum had summoned.

...."And now they're on their way here. Please we've wasted enough time as is, we gotta evacuate as quickly as possible!" Jiyuu pleaded, panting like a dog as he rushed through the story.

"So wait, are you saying Rum is dead but is still able to communicate with you?!?!" Despite all the info provided, Rosa's natural inquisitive self focused on the validity of the statement. If he couldn't prove that his perspective on the story was really provided by the Marine Captain, then why should they have any reason to trust him.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." The undetectable spirit of Rum relay to Jiyuu. As his vessel disclosed the message to them, Rum recalled the quote originating from their first expedition, serving as the motto of dedicated archeologists of Ohara.

"So you possess a Devil Fruit that allows you to communicate with the dead? Are there limits to who you can talk to? Can you spawn any person who has ever lived?!?" Rosa nagged on Jiyuu, losing sight of the issue at hand.

Heisenberg immediately took the floor as he finally completed his internal decision tree. "Our friend Jiyuu here has proven himself to be someone who we can trust. Therefore, we shall evacuate the island immediately. Gather only the key scripts and make your way to the back dock. Your material possessions can be replaced, your lives cannot!" his voice echoed throughout the library. And with that solemn order, a pragmatic evacuation sequence began. Given the island's small population - less than 100 inhabitants - as well as their dedication to studying and mentally bettering themselves, they were well prepared for an evacuation process, although they never anticipated they'd have to use it against Marines.

With all the arrayed commotion happening in the background, Heisenberg pointed at Jiyuu and Musashi to approach him. "Lads, I need a word with you."

Musashi took in all the information presented to him by Jiyuu and couldn't shake the feeling of unease. The sensation that the World Government would simply erase, no destroy an island, kill all of their inhabitants, who could do something like that? " we'll help them. "" he thought to himself. He then walked over towards Heisenberg at his request.

Heisenberg awaited for the two to converge onto him in order to relay his message. Despite the difference in age between Jiyuu and Musashi, they both seem young and inexperienced - they are at the valley of their journeys and couldn't nor shouldn't risk their lives on those they just met. He spoke bluntly. "Do not throw away your lives trying to save us. Make your escape now and share our story." Although those around them could hear Heisenberg's words, they did not let them distract them from the evacuation. "Good and Evil. As pirates, you must know already. No person, group, or organization can be completely good. The World Government and the Marines don't singly embody Good. And pirates do not only embody malice. Remember this and keep living."

Jiyuu heard the words of the island's Executive Librarian. In all honestly, there was nothing really keep him here. He promised to alert the civilians of Ohara of the buster call and that'd be it. No fighting, no conflict. Besides, what could he do. "You know, I used to live life like that. For myself, I mean...It's quite lonely...So now, I live for others! The living, the dead, I'll set out to help other achieve their goals. I can't promise I'll be much help but I'll stay and do whatever it takes to make sure you guys live to see another day!!!" A tear rolled down Jiyuu's left eye.

"Thanks kid..." Rum silently commented on jiyuu's bravery.

With Jiyuu's spiel cementing his plans, both the librarian and newly fledged pirate turned to Musashi to see what he'd do.

Musashi smiled as he looked forward, "Truth is, you're right we shouldn't risk our lives as our journey is still rather and on the uprising." Musashi then slammed his fist into an open palm, "but this isn't something I can ignore and I won't turn my back on people who have been nothing but kind to us. Our ship may not be able to hold much or many but everyone that reach it is more than welcome!" Musashi exclaimed with pride and power to his voice. "We'll do what we can, we're pirates after all, we have to stick it to the Marines whenever we can anyways. So count on us!"

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