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Battle of the Old: War and Conquest
Date Started: May 1st, 2021

Date Finished:

Setting: Everain

Characters Involved:


KamiGuruPhoenix Red

War and Conquest

Ceaseless water-petals dropped on the scarred wasteland as the mink stared down from the summit. Donk E. Kong had laid eyes on this barren battlefield many times throughout the decades; hell he was responsible for the island's never-ending dreary status. If it is still appropriate to even call them that, the two pirates have used this location to settle numerous calamitous feuds and the results reflected on the land. The Grand Line is filled with islands with unique climates and mind-boggling stories but the scars present on the island before Wukong told a different narrative. A narrative of strife well beyond the realms of average pirates. The gargantuan primate leapt down from the overlooking cliff, descending upon the russet sludge feeling the lands ache and tremble as he met it.

The island quivered.

And it wasn't clashing plates that caused it.

"Oi, are ye dying or something Senju?" Kong attempted to speak over the constant thumping of rain clashing against the ground. "Or are ye here because them geezers think they can end this war by sending their strongest mutt." Having declared war against the global regime, the two are no longer simply rivals battling but enemies in a large-scale conflict as the man of a thousand skills is one of the seven dogs that serve Kong's opposition. With nostalgic winds gusting along his face, Kong's tail began to twitch in excitement. Oh, how he yearns for battle, to overwhelm and demolish his opponent, the very nature of conquest.

The Monkeys roar echoed the silent plains of the ever raining landscape as the old Samurai-Ninja, walked through the wet terrain, hustling. Every memory of the damn place, replaying itself in the mind of Warlord as he took in the rain unarmed. Each spot on the ground, reminding him of the old scars he got, and the places those scars were present twitching at the sight of the Ape in front of him. Shinzui took a deep look at the Yonko, throwing away his bottle of Sake, a rare occurrence, to the fact that he acknowledged Kong as a serious fighter and he had to get it serious himself.

"Onizaru, dying is for the strong. Cowards like us leave and face another day.", Shinzui laughed as he felt the departed soul of his former captain and a friendly Giant, Redbeard tapping the shoulders of both of these warriors. "You think, those fools who sit in that smelly rundown Hillhouse baking pancakes all day for themselves and their children, would trust a crafty crow like me to engage you? I came here of my own will, fancy to see you around. Ah! The Sake I purchased today was rather bitter. I see." Shinzui replied to the Monkey King's attempts to belittle his duties as a Shichibukai. While Shinzui's presence wasn't as overwhelming as his opponent, somehow the aura around the Warlord matched the Monkeys own aura, causing tension to fill the area around them.  

This tension was not something spontaneous. Decades of history have contributed to the overwhelming pressure spreading throughout the battlefield...

The first of many...

Beautiful cherry blossoms danced in the wind of the land of samurai as mink terrorists navigated through the terrain. With newfound powers at his disposal, a young Kong ventured into swordsmen country hoping to find some semblance of a challenge with the underlying objective being to conquer the land in the name of the Red Giant. Not even two days on the island, Wukong was already a nationally wanted criminal. And yet he did not hide. Sitting aboard a cloud constructed from his own will, he awaited another arrogant fool to boldly pursue him. "I thought Redbeard said invading here would be a challenge?" he thought to himself. Little did he know, his luck was about to change...

"tsk, Chimp...." A Ninja from Wano approached the scene, "What do you want ?" the Ninja said, as he tore Kong's Wano Wanted Poster, "My name is Shinzui, If God asks, tell him, I sent you to him." Shinzui said, as he rapidly took a Kunai out of his waist pouch, "Sensei told me to finish this fight early, or else I wouldn't have any dinner." Shinzui continued, as he rapidly-paced forwards towards Kong, holding his kunai straight at the Monkey, trying to pierce his throat.

"Hoohoohaahaa! Aren't ninja supposed to be low-key and quiet? What are you new at this shit?" Kong couldn't help but snicker at this new challenger's approach. Having been challenged by honourable samurai who abide by some weird moral code, it was actually rather refreshing to see someone not vowing on their sword to kill him. Curious to see if this odd fellow was just odd or there was something more to this, Kong did not retaliate. Instead, as the ninja dashed straight towards him, Kong simply ordered his cloud to move away, starting a fun cat and mouse chase. "You're gonna have to be quicker than that if you're gonna wanna send me to that god you were talking about!"

"Looks like you be reading the wrong books, Chimp!", Shinzui responded to Kong's query, "Ninja's do wear orange and yell Dattebayo, ya know ?" Shinzui said, as he picked up the pace, becoming wind itself, "Stop running like a monkey," Shinzui yelled, as he approached just beside Kong, matching the Pirates speed on his cloud. Within moments, as if time stopped, Shinzui found himself right in front of Kong slicing the monkeys throat with his kunai, "Looks like I win, chimp..."

As Kong's head hurdled away from its decapitated body, Kong was able to get off a few last words. "What is a chimp??" he questioned before his head suddenly became a white mist that faded in the wind. From the primate's body, another head began to emerge. Pop! "As good as new! HOOHOOHAAHAA!" Fortunately, Kong has had his fruit long enough to instinctually become intangible the moment danger arrives. The ninja had speed was surprising, to say the least. "So you're one of the special ones too then?" Kong questioned, recalling what Zenko told him many years ago about the unique few blessed with abilities that transcend the norm. "But all the speed in the world won't damage me!"

Shinzui fell back, to gain distance from Wukong's counterattack, but was shocked to see his opponents head re-emerge from his body. "Are you one of those sorcerors?", Shinzui huffed, as he thought of his master teaching him about those people from the outside world who were sorcerers who could do magic, lucky for him, Shinzui was also taught how to engage such opponents. Switching his kunai for a ninjatō, Shinzui coated it with his spiritual energy, or Ryūō. Shinzui disappeared again, and this time, appeared above the Pirate, about to do a Haki-imbued downward sword slice on him.

"Oi, you already did that one? Do a different trick!" Keener to Shinzui's noteworthy speed, Kong eyes followed the ninja as he dashed above him. Preparing to allow Shinzui to phase through him again he just stared in disappointment. "Grrrr, where are the strong people at?" Kong grunted, having already lost interest in the opponent in front of him. But just as his attention began to move elsewhere, a sudden chill ran down his spine. Block It his body yelled, instinctually noticing the dangerous nature of the attack. Never one to second guess his instincts, Kong quickly extended his tail's length whilst coating it in darkness.

With Kong's tail intercepting Shinzui's blade in the nick-time, a shockwave spawned as the two clashed for the very first time. Static electricity scattered throughout the battlefield as the beautiful sakura leaves were cleared as the turbulent winds pushed against the trees, causing them to slowly uproot. Anyone with any battle instinct could sense their presence, two monsters were engaging...

Then that time...

"Oye, what is it ?" Shinzui said as he threw an empty bottle of Sake at the sea, "You are telling me, the Sake Storage area is empty?" the young ninja could be heard shouting at a Pirate apprentice, kicking off a bucket of water, meant for washing the platform. "Yes Sir, I have brought it up with the captain and we are gonna dock in the nearby kingdom, to restock our supplies, the Pirate apprentice replied, wimping, as he pointed out at the island that was waiting for the ship nearby. Kicking the boy to the side, Shinzui walked forward, only to notice his comrade in arms, and immediate senior, the Monkey King, playing cards with his flunkies while gulping down Sake. "Oye, did you just say, there was no more Sake in the ship?" Shinzui's eyes grew red as a devilish aura filled the atmosphere, scaring the Pirate apprentice and knocking him down again.

"Ah! Kong was the last one to enter the Sake Storage, as far as I recall, after which the Sake Storage was emp...." the Pirate Apprentice began trying to explain himself, only to be interrupted by Shinzui, "Hey Brat, shut the crap up," Shinzui smiled, as he looked at him, an evil smile to anyone visualizing the scene. Shinzui quickly jumped forward, knocking down the gambling table Kong was playing on and he escaped with the last bottle of Sake. Jumping off the ship, Shinzui began running on the water, towards the island, to find a good place to drink the Sake, uninterrupted.

Heavily intoxicated as the kush and booze plagued his system, Kong didn't even seem to notice the terrible thieving at first, so much for instincts. Opening and closing his hands as he attempted to sip on some of his booze, Kong was bewildered when nothing met his grasp. "Ehhhhh?!?!" he let out a confused expression as his gaze finally saw no alcohol. Fluttering eyes, he next looked at the table which had been suddenly ruined. "EHHHHHH?!?!?" Kong grew louder as he grew even more confused. Pivoting his attention to the ninja dashing way, Kong's surrounding minions quickly ran away as they knew they'd be collateral if they did not.

The sound of thunder roared from the ship. "EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kong chanted in frustration, still too sloppy to come up with the words that properly expressed his befuddled state. Yet this did not stop him from pursuing his misguided subordinate. Propelling himself using his logia physique, Kong coasted above the water with blitzing speeds. Tidal waves spawned perpendicular to Kong from the sheer magnitude of his actions. Until he got his hands on the culprit nothing would get in his path, including they were quickly approaching.

Sprinting on the sea, Shinzui could feel the waves rise, as he saw behind him, "Oops, I didn't expect him to be awake. " Shinzui said as he jumped on the port of the island kingdom. "Eh! Primate !, you want Sake? Too bad, it's inside my system now? What are you gonna do ?" Shinzui taunted his fellow Pirate, before running inside the Port City, escaping the Pirates eyes.

"Mommy, what's that? a young girl tugged on her mother's shirt as she stared last at the rust-red figure hurdling towards the island.

But before her mother could even process what exactly was approaching the island at Mach speeds, Kong came crashing into the port causing carnage and mayhem beyond belief. Blood, severed appendages, debris-covered the vicinity as Kong halted without a scratch on him, surveying the area for the good-as-dead Shinzui. "I just wanna shake your hand! Lemme shake your hand!" Kong exclaimed, obviously still a little demented.

"How could you do this? What would cough cough possess you to come here and do this?" a man on the brink of death asked the primate as he gasped for air.

But his words did not break through to Kong's one-track mind.

"Oh! Dear, I might have angered him a bit too much," Shinzui said, as he weaved some hand seals, "Ninpo: Keshi no Jutsu," Shinzui yelled, as his hair grew black and long, long enough to hit the floor behind him and dig through. They would emerge from beneath Wukongs feet and wrap around him. Thanks to the Haki imbued in the hair, Wukong's Logia intangibility was out of the question to save him from this one. Meanwhile, Shinzui himself hid in the shadows, a growth in his Ninja instincts perhaps. A few hair-ends stood out, from beneath the floor and launched at Wukong's feet like needles piercing the wind itself.

As hair began to arise from the ground and attempt to ensnare the massive primate, Kong swirled his head to pinpoint that wretched ninja's location, but to no avail. Wukong was tempted to struggle and brute force his way through black hair wrapped around his body. However, his instincts have adapted greatly to his new bodies capabilities. As shown by his captain during their exchanges, sometimes technique is a far greater tool than vigour. A heavy concentration of white began to emerge from his mouth, taking the form of the primate as the ensnared version began to lose its characteristic. "Dài huàn", an adapted technique from shinobi's clone and substitution techniques, sarudō at it finest.

Emerging above the captured clone, Kong watched as his former self formed into a thick rain cloud. "I just wanna shake your hand!" Kong insisted before one billion volts came rushing from his arm to the now wet hair. Powerful currents terrorized the ground as the lightning traversed through the paths of hair attempting to make its way back to Shinzui. Those who managed to survive Kong's terrorizing arrival would not catch a break as the entire area began to crumble from the heat and electricity.

Rubber oozing out from Shinzui's Scrolls

"Oh! Looks like you are using those lightning reflex mind of yours, by now, I imagined your brain would be too cloudy for primate thoughts." Voice could be echoed from various dark corners of the city, as Shinzui spread his menacing impression of Kong's voice throughout the area, in an art known as Ventriloquism (yea, I just googled the spelling). Originally an act of stagecraft, where the performer creates an illusion that their voice is coming from elsewhere, was later adapted by Shinobi, for talking while remaining undercover in the shadows without giving out their actual physical location.

A sudden burst sounded across various locations in the village, which was initially considered the result of Kong's lightning barrage but was the result of popping off three scrolls that were unleashed by the Wano Shinobi. Gum like substance oozed out of the scrolls in large quantities, making their way to Kong, from three different directions. The Gum, stuck on to any building, humans, animals, or vehicles present in the area but that the same time, also moved forward like a mudslide tsunami. Shinzui appeared on top of a building, a long distance away from Wukong, "When given a choice, for the question, which body part would you choose to fight within a duel, people normally choose, hands to grab on to weapons, or legs to kick, or mouth to bite. But I am different, I choose hair, why you ask? they are wonderful, they regrow, limbs, mouth, any body part, once gone, gone for good. but that is not what happens with hair." Shinzui monologued, his voice, echoing across the lands.

It is revealed that Shinzui cut his hair down, after spreading the hair in various locations of the town, causing Wukong's lightning to travel in various locations, to hide his trail.

Descending back to the floor, Kong's anger seemed to subside somewhat as a confident grin emerged. Much like the first time they clashed, Kong felt a rush of adrenaline; excitement filled his heart slowly tearing away at the toxins in his body. "Oi, ninja-man, it's been a minute since I've given you a proper beat down, hasn't it?" Kong questioned, not really expecting an answer.

As the two pirates stared each other down, they paid no mind to the mayhem they caused around them. Within two minutes of their arrival, they had taken out the largest port the kingdom had to offer; leaving death and destruction in their wake. And the worst part about it was they were only getting started...

Then that time...

"Are ye dumb, stupid or dumb?" Kong exclaimed, furious by the claim Shinzui was making. "Do you really think those blue and white fucks have the capabilities to stop us?" Not only was Kong confident in his own strength but he held the titan that he has yet to beat in the battle to even greater regard. "I plan to stay with the crew until I can beat Beardred and ain't nobody gonna beat him before me, so what's the point of even talking about." As the two S-ranks discussed their plans for the future, they descended upon the island filled with life and sun. Their mission, to conquer, by any means necessary.

Shinzui kicked a stone that was just beneath his feet, the stone hit a nearby rock formation, collapsing it, causing a small tremor to shake the island. "I should be asking this question to you Monkey Boy," Shinzui yelled back, "Are you dumb? Do you really only care about fighting?" Shinzui questioned Kong's priorities. While Shinzui was strong in his own right, Shinzui was much more of a strategist of the crew who always calculated a lot of things before jumping in to face consequences. "I don't really give two shits about those Justice-seekers either Kong. I know what you are planning, you are gonna send us straight to war against the World Government, that is your only goal. Defeating RedBeard is just an excuse for you. Fighting the World Government now isn't the best gamble you can win? Especially not when those two are planning something. " Shinzui tried to talk sense to his fellow Pirate, but he might have irked him a bit with his tone.

"Hoohoohaahaaa!" Kong couldn't help but laugh at Shinzui's assessment. "Does that bother you? The fact that I can live without some driving goal or motive?" This wasn't the first time someone had pleaded to Kong, advise him to change his current way of life and become passionate about something other than quenching his immediate desires. "See that's your problem ninja-man. Not everyone has some crazy mission to fulfil their lifelong ambition. Warring against the government isn't my plan as much as it is to hit this pipe." The primate emphasized his point by inhaling the fumes. "If it happens then so be it, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing." Glimpsing over at Shinzui as he spoke, Kong could tell his actions upset his fellow S-rank, which made him only want to bother Shinzui some more. "Oi, if it bothers you so much then do something about it. Show me what the power of ambitions and goals can do." Kong egged Shinzui on, hoping he'd become bother enough to act; his mind and body craved a good fight.

"Ambitions? Goal? I am a man who lives in the present, I do not care what the future holds for me. Yet, I do know what needs to be done, and what you are currently doing is wrong!" Shinzui said as he unsheathed his sword. "If I need to cut your throat to stop this nonsense, so be it."

Kong's tail slammed into the ground as Shinzui declaration fueled his raging fighting spirit. "Big words coming from such a little man." Such a well-delivered line wasn't something he came upon his own but rather taken from the duo's illustrious captain but it didn't make it any less true as Kong towered over the ninja. Closing the gap between the two of them, Kong approached Shinzui despite him already having withdrawn a weapon. "If you're gonna pull out your weapon, better be prepared to use it," Kong spoke, intentionally trying to erupt some conflict. "Or are worried you won't be able to cut me like before?"

Shinzui smiled, despite being in a rage against the big monkey, despite being towered in height and mass by the Big Monkey, there was a certain presence surrounding the Wano Ninja that made him equally stand out in the area he was in. His smile was mysterious, for nothing in the current space and time would devote such a reaction from the man devoted to the Shadows. "I don't speak what I don't follow Big Boy, besides swords get sharper with age," Shinzui replied to Kong in a rather Shinzui manner, as he held the grip of his sword tightly running towards Kong. "As I said, if I need to cut your throat to stop this nonsense, so be it."

A strategic man would wait for his opponent to make the first move and counter appropriately. Be that as it may, Kong is neither a strategist nor a man. Revved up and eager to exchange blows, Kong did not await for Shinzui to draw his sword entirely. Emulating his opponent's stance, Kong crafted his own blade made of iron clouds and fortified it using his own ambition. Beyond its iron composition, Kong's makeshift weapon let out a loud cry like birds chirping; heat oozed from the blade as lightning roared within. Unsheathing his blade with surprising dexterity and swiftness, Kong swung his sword directly at the ninja who stood before, using the length of the blade to start low at the bottom of the ninja's torso across his chest.

Still rushing towards the Giant Monkey, Shiznui closed his eyes to negate all the extra visual information, focusing only on the aura of his enemy and his attacks. Because of the monkeys' bad habit, Shinzui wasn't worried too much, since he knew most of Wukong's attack patterns at their basic level, even if Wukong improvise a lot. This was something, that was born from their constant clashes in the past. Well, this also meant his opponent too knew of his mannerisms and here was an example of how Wukong managed to one-up him, by creating an attack at his defenceless spot.

The S-Rank of War, let go of his weapon, to swiftly move his arms around to the side where the attack came from, causing him to drop his sword. Dropping a weapon, during a fight was a death wish and a lost cause, however, Shinzui had a counter plan. He imbued his arm with his own ambition and an aura around his arms allowed him to create a sword made from his aura. He held his sword to block against Wukong's strike, which just passed right through him. as he then disappeared, revealing itself to be his afterimage. The Real Shinzui showed himself up above in the sky above his position in the ground, probably, reaching there with a high-speed jump. He was currently at the height of Wukong's face, if not a bit higher. Shinzui swung his sword, sending forth a slice of aura towards Wukong.

Throughout the years of relentless battles, Kong has developed a sixth sense of dangers and threats. His instinct has always been supernaturally accurate but the battle has lead to improvement. One trait, in particular, he's developed is detecting whether an attack would bypass his invulnerability. Unlike other arrogant logia who go years without realizing there's an effective means to bypass tier defences, Kong has always been abundantly aware of its existence and thus has unintentionally developed this ability as a result.

And through this ability, Kong could gauge that the slash directed at him was of no real threat. Allowing the attack to hit him straight on, his invulnerability handled the rest as the body bisected into two before reforming with relative ease. "Oi! Why did that attack have no Haki?!?!" Kong muttered, seemingly upset by Shinzui's display of sloth. His voice took a deeper tone as anger replaced excitement. "Stupid ninja, stupid stupid!" he chanted as a surge of conqueror's spirits scattered throughout the entirety of the island.

Miles away within Everain's capital, people began to drop like flies. "Wh- What's going on?" one of the few remaining people within the entire nation exclaimed in complete disbelief, rushing from person to person to try and get a grasp of the situation. What's going on? Why were people passing out? Why was he the person last standing? But just as he thought he had seen the most bizarre thing in the world, his mind was blown yet again as he gazed up to the skies. "Holy..."

"Dì 72 huà: Zunesha " Standing at nearly one hundred meters, Kong had transformed into what appeared to be the take of his hometown: Zunesha. Although he maintained his bipedal outlook, Kong's monkey-like characteristics were substituted a trunk, horns and floppy ears as he emulated the giant elephant's massive characteristics. Clouds began to ooze from mouth and trunk causing a storm to brew above the once beautiful island. "Shinzui!!!" Kong yelled, with the power of thunder amplifying the sounds of his proclamation. A calamity like no other began to form: torrential showers, cataclysmic tornadoes and constant beams of piercing lightning rained down on the island and the roar blew out and destroyed the majority of the citizens even remotely close. Kong wasn't letting Shinzui back down from this challenge.

"Oi! Monkey, Why would I need Haki to beat you ?" Shinzui teased Kong, as he fell back on a mountain top that overlooked the Capital. While it looked like Wukong was serious, Shinzui maintained his calmness to try to get ahead of his opposition. Shinzui and Wukong were opposites, yet they understood each other better than they actually understood themselves.

As if the storms around the island weren't enough to deter the normal governing of the island, Shinzui let out his aura across the island, filled with his serious killing intent. "Shinzui: Wano Guardian Mode,", Aura began gathering around Shinzui in a form of a giant humanoid, which towered above the surrounding mountains, giving Kong a run for his height, well at least in his usual self. The Giant Humanoid surrounding Shinzui had Tengu like facial features and wore armour typical to those of Samurai from Wano. It wielded a Giant sword made from Shinzui Aura, that instantly cut through the surrounding mountains, with just a wave of his arms. Shinzui simply took a rest on a jewel embedded on the Humanoid Avatar's forehead.

"You aren't the only one who learnt a few new tricks Kong".

Before the titanic beasts could even clash, the island, its people and everything else in-between had already succumbed. Within just a few years these pirates have grown exponentially and the chaos they caused without even commencing their duel was evidence enough to reflect that...

A finally that time...

As Elbaf's sentential battles continued on Kong felt a certain uneasiness in his stomach. It was familiar yet he couldn't exactly but his thumb on what it was. Be that as it may, he couldn't simply let this uneasiness remain unchecked, not while he had money on Barbara winning it all. Rising from his seat, Wukong began to follow the trail in which the feeling originated, telling his troops to remain attentive as he'd be back soon enough. As Kong ventured in that direction, a messenger suddenly crossed paths with him offering some insight into Yang's situation. "Seems the winds of the past are pushing against the present," Wukong muttered as he continued to follow this uneasiness with a potential suspect in mind.

Having drunk at least a Giants Pint of Elbaf's finest Sake, Shinzui was just about to go watch the tournament unfolding itself, or rather he had a business a pretty terrible one. But he wouldn't have it his way, not today. Just as he stepped out of the only normal-sized bar in town. He was welcomed by the foot of a Giant Warrior. Immediately, sensing who it was, that it was none other than his old crew-mate. He jumped to the roof of the building, quickly enough to at the height of the Giants Chest, with a considerable distance maintained between the two. "Hello there Partner, what brings a Pirate here to Giants Haven, didn't the times you caused havoc whilst on the Ship of Red-Beard, satisfy your hunger-Saru?" Shinzui was the first to bring up the conversation while mocking Wukong's old accent.

Wukong rolled his eyes upon seeing his comrade. "What are you doing here, ninja boy?" Things had changed since the last time they interacted, the two were no longer horsemen apart of Redbeard's infamous crew. "Fortunately, my business has nothing to do with you anymore, so why don't you scram before this becomes something it shouldn't." Hitting his pipe, the white haze began to emerge from his mouth as he awaited his old companion's response.

Shinzui smiled, as he heard the monkey's words after a long time, "I decide what whether the business as something to do with me or not, as much as I want to, I'd rather not stick my tongue out in this Giants Paradise." Shinzui spoke, holding the grip of a kunai hidden in his waist, "I am once again asking you. Not tired of your pirate life?"

Wukong once again rolled his eyes as Shinzui tried to control the conversation with his verbal finesse. With his interest more geared towards the semi-finals that soon to occur, Wukong let out a deep sigh. "Aren't you tired of faking like you're not one?" Wukong replied before turning around. "I don't have the time nor the interest in playing your games War. Do what ya want but interfere with the tourney and I'll do what I should've done years ago." Wukong commented, recalling the time he dreamt of killing the other Horsemen due to their disinterest in falling under his banner.

"War? I have dropped that name to the sea along with my former captain's body...Uchihahahaha" Shinzui revealed, "Look, I am a Ninja of Wano, don't bother to categorize me in the same category as you, Giant Monkey. I am a Shinobi from the Country of Wano. What you couldn't do years ago do you think you can do it now ?"

The red-ape suddenly stopped as heard Shinzui's words questioning his might. While Shinzui may have abandoned his name along with an appreciation for their captain, Wukong has succeeded him. Not only has he become the World's Strongest Creature like his precursor but also he's about to claim the World's Greatest Military as well. He personally carries no shame in being a subordinate to Redbeard and the fact that Shinzui did was laughable. "Is that a challenge?" Wukong's inner gambling side started to kick in. "You couldn't keep up with me then, what would make you think you could now?" he turned, as his blood started to boil.

Shinzui jumped backwards in response to Wukongs war-cry. "What indeed? Who knows? It would depend on whether you can actually strike me and create a ruckus? Would you dare to do that? Especially today?" He replied, patiently, waiting for the Monkey to climb the wrong tree (make a wrong move).

Wukong wasn't one to second guess himself. The opinions of sheep mattered not to a lion, or in this case monkey. In actuality, if Shinzui was determined to sabotage or ruin the festivities of this event, it would naturally fall on the primate to put the threat to rest. The clouds that carried over during Wukong's original appearance of Elbaf began to metastasized and rumble above. "I guess you were never a pirate. Formalities are customs taught and upheld by the weak. I have no time for such silly things." If Shinzui insisted on making this a big deal, Wukong would certainly address it.

"You are wrong," Shinzui rebuked, "Formalities are customs upheld by the strong, which is why only the minority upheld those standards. Unfortunately, Shinobi and Pirates do not partake in such nonsense" he would add. Playfully, to irritate the Guest of the Day, Shinzui surrounded himself in a purplish aura around his body, growing wings of aura on his back, the future Warlord flew around Wukong like an annoying fly. It was an accurate comparison to how mere mortals looked to Wukong and how he treated them, but this fly was out there to take blood.

In comparison to their previous duels, Kong was by no means as eager or hungry for conflict. It had been years since the two had seen each other and it wasn't like they ended on positive terms; not that either of these two factors mattered. In reality, Kong has found more pleasures than simple conflict at this point. Gambling, wagers and watching others duel has become his primary method of enjoyment since few would dare fight him nowadays. Though the idea did plague his mind, was the ninja still comparable, or has he become fodder like the rest.

"Fine..." Kong sighed, emphasizing his unusual lack of interest. From his back, bubbles or balls of clouds began to form. Ultra-dense with his element, each was capable of levelling the entire city with ease. "I'll give you a head start..." he paused for a moment then abruptly yelled, "Start!" with tremendous speed the orbs pierced through the skies and targeted Shinzui. Empowered by will and given life, these orbs were capable of tracking the ninja if he were to dash through the skies. Slowly levitating himself, Kong prepared to follow Shinzui wherever he went.

"Same old tricks," Shinzui commented as the orbs of cloud came at him to drain his life, Shinzui flew away from the orb of cloud, the future Warlord would speed up, in this small cat and mouse chase as usual. Changing his course upwards towards the sky only to see the orb of cloud homing in on him. "Wow, so the Circus taught the monkey new tricks eh ?" Shinzui added while escaping from the homing cloud. After a few seconds of the chase, Shinzui found himself in strange lands, for before long, he found himself above the skies of Elbaf in what would later be known as Tian, the future throne of the Monkey King. "Same here, I have been taught something beautiful as well," Shinzui stopped, facing the cloud coming at him. Shinzui took out his katana and slashed continuously as the cloud orb, destroying it, "Raidō: Raikiri".

Ascending into clouds, Kong watched as Shinzui dismantled the new parlor tricks; one of the many new abilities he's picked up since the two had last clashed. Although he had seen the sword swung in such a manner before, he couldn't exactly recall where. But it didn't matter, even if Shinzui was more proficient with the blade, it wasn't like he'd be able to cut him actually cut him. But then, the idea of Shinzui actually injuring him cause his blood to boil. Excitement had finally return. "Oi ninja. You think that sword of your's can finally cut me." he petitioned, his tail twitching with excitement just as in the days of old. "Say, if you manage to cut me, I give you an island in my domain!" Raising his arms upwards and outwards, he visually showed how the skies were soon to become his domain. "What do you think? Not too shabby huh?"