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Be Gone by the Nuke
Date Started: September 21th, 2020


Date Finished: September 29th, 2020


Setting: Marine Base
Characters Involved:

11 years ago,on a floating base in the Grand Line,there was a famous fight that would impact the course of some "crusades" that been happening on the marines back then. Gahn,the man who's been attacking and responsible for thousands of marine deaths,has ended up meeting the top dog of the force,Admiral Fermi. And this battle will end the reign of terror for Gahn,but it does take him back to his homeland,Alabasta.


The Prologue to the battle

11 Years Ago

Gahn is on his ship,planning out his next attack. He's been on the sea for days without a latest raid on a marine base for his crusade. He's there standing in front of a map,thinking of what his next attack should be.

"Damn,it's been over three days and I haven't made a raid yet on a marine base." Gahn says,"There's got to be somewhere here in the New World that the Marine Forces pay attention to." He says as he looks at maps.

"How about that famous marine floating base?" His crewmate Poe would say,"The place is heavily fortified and anchored onto the ocean. The soldiers there are numerous,and that's the only floating base they have."

"Sounds like a perfect opportunity." Gahn says,"And we shall attack them at night so they'll never expect it."

"The perfect plan." Brown John would say,"And it shall go well I hope."

"They always do." Gahn says,"Alright crew! ON TO MONITOR BASE!!!"

They then set sail for Monitor base,where they will fight the fight of a lifetime to them.

Meanwhile, inside of the unique base that floats above the sea, Admiral Fermi was seen discussing some plans with the Marines that are stationed there.

"You sure there isn't anything else to report? I heard there was some no-named pirate crew that tried to attack here a few days ago." said Fermi.

"They tried sir but they couldn't make it up here in time before we were able to shoot them down. They weren't really much of a threat." said the marine base commander.

"Be that as it may, it is disgraceful that these no-good pirates dare try to attack a base that was put forth so much effort into making. You may call this a hunch but I have a feeling something may happen tonight. I'm not sure but, either way, I'm going to remain here until tomorrow. I have something to work on in the meantime anyway." said Fermi.

"You sure about that sir? I know you're busy lately with you assisting the World Nobles and your other duties as well." said the commander.

"Don't worry. I have already made the clearance to Saint Emerald that he would allow me to assist here for tonight. In the meantime, I will be going down to the lab to see what are they working on." said Fermi as he started to walk off.

"Sounds good sir! We will continue to do our own work." said the commander.

They were getting within distance of the floating marine base known as the Monitor. The monitor was known for as the only marine base that floats directly on water and can hold thousands of marines. It has the looks of a stony fort,and is defended heavily. So the Wind Pirates have their work cut out for them,not like they've never been in that situation. Gahn has been leading the group of pirates into these types of raids. And each one would be bloodier than the last one.

"Are y'all ready?" Gahn says,"We don't want to go in unprepared."

"Yes sir!" Goldilocks says,"I want my claws pouring in just enough blood tonight!!"

"Oh there ain't no such thing as too much blood." The Giant Bork would say.

"Yet blood can make you rusty." Benny says,as he is a cyborg and gunner for the crew.

"Really? So that's why you look so old steelie." Khan says sharpening his sword,"Because you made others bleed so much you've gotten old and rusty."

"Well then let's be ready." Gahn says ignoring Khan's comment on Benny,"Because once we get with hopping distance,we're immediately taking out the guards watching over,so be ready!"

"YES SIR!!" The crew would say.


In the base, the Marines were prepared to go at their stations for the night.

"So, are the night preparations are ago?" asked the Marine commander to a random marine.

"Yes sir Commander Dartz! Everything is well in order and we are prepared for our usual evening routines!" said the Marine who was saluting.

"And how about Admiral Midorinari?" Dartz also asked.

"Sir! He is around the lower floors inspecting our labs and other weapons!" said the Marine.

"Good, good. Looks like things are going well as usual again! If I keep this job up, I'll be a Vice Admiral before I know it!" said an excited Dartz.

Battle of Monitor begins

Suddenly,there as Dartz said it,the marine behind him was attacked by a raven birdman. The birdman then basically stabbed the marine through the heart by its beak. The birdman then threw the marine into the ocean.

"ATTACK!!!" Gahn would yell to the rest of his crew.

The place quickly became a bloody mess. Bodies were being mutilated by the crews,especially Gahn's. Blood was being splattered onto the walls like it was paint.

Somehow though,Commander Dartz was surviving the mess so far.

"W-WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS?!? WHO ARE YOU BASTARDS?!?" shouted Dartz as he angrily took out his sword and points at the pirates and start to shake once he realizes who they were. "Damn, it has to be Gahn and the Wind Pirates...why the hell are you bastards here?!" said Dartz who was nervously shaking his sword trying to keep it in place.

Then a bear is suddenly mauling a marine in front of Dartz. The bear then is ripping the lungs out of the marine,and the bear was holding the lungs by its teeth. Then it saw Dartz and spitted out the lungs and transformed into Gahn. Gahn being 11' 2",towers over Dartz simply. Gahn gives the coldest stare to Dartz and then says,"I would recommend making sure this fort is afloat. A big storm is coming." Wind is then seen circulating around his fist,and the fist then punches Dartz straight in the stomach,sending Dartz through walls.

Dartz is sent through the walls and is coughing up blood after the impact. He barely has any strength to move around. "Y-You bastards w-won't get away with t-this! D-Don't forget I'M the c-commander of this base and y-you don't even know HE is here...J-Just one press of this button on t-this transponder snail and Justice w-will be served!" said Dartz as he takes out his transponder snail and presses the button on it. It then sends a signal that will soon reach Fermi's transponder snail.

"So, these are all the weapons that are available on this base? You need more! This isn't enough! Increase production by a large margin!" ordered Fermi to a Marine.

"Y-Yes sir!" said the Marine and at that moment, Fermi's den den mushi goes off. "Are you getting a response sir?"

"Indeed. It is the emergency signal from Commander Dartz's den den mushi. I simply told him to press it if anything went wrong. Something must have gone wrong..." said Fermi.

"O-Oh no!" said the Marine as he was looking at the monitor as he sees all of the Marines that were brutally slaughtered. "This is terrible! Who could have...crap!" he continued as he looked at the monitor with Gahn and his crew in it. "T-That is Gahn of the Wind Pirates! The infamous pirate that is known for slaughtering Marines! I-I guess he set his sights here!" said the nervous Marine.

Fermi can be seen angrily blowing green before speaking again. "All of them are worthless pirates at the end of the day. Unfortunately for him, he happened to be invading a base with an Admiral of the Marines around. He will not be getting away so easily..." said Fermi as he started to make his way up toward where Gahn and his crew were.

A giant sword is then seen slashing through marines as Bork,the Viking Giant,was slicing his way through.

"You whitecoats will regret making this base once we destroy it!" Bork would say in his giant voice of his.

Gouda,the most talented swordsmen of the crew,was killing people with his infamous spatula and his incredible cheese powers."Most marines only joined because they want to see a woman's bikini bottom anyway since they would become mighty famous perhaps."

"What shall we do awhile?" Harold asks as he keeps fighting with his swords.

"Go down to the prison cells and start releasing the prisoners." Gahn says,"Let's make this as much chaos as possible!"

"Yes sir!" Harold says as he and Goldilocks would run down to the prisons.

"Bork and Gouda,stay with me!" Gahn would say.

"Yes Sir!" They both say as they stay by his side.

More Marines suddenly show up in front of the Wind Pirates armed with a bunch of mini-cannons.

"THERE THEY ARE!!! Get ready to blast those despicable pirates off the base! FIRE!!!" shouted the Marines as they started to shoot from their cannons.

Meanwhile, Fermi is still making is way toward the source of the power. "Just hold them off the best you can. I'm nearly there. It's annoying that I can't just simply blast my way to the top to deal with them much more quickly but this base is as fragile as is being in the air." said Fermi who was shaking his fist in anger.

Gahn just uses his wind powers and sends the cannonballs back straight at the marines.

"If you guys want to hurt yourselves....hmph fine." Gahn says as he sees the explosions going out.

Suddenly, as the explosions cleared, Fermi himself was seen after the smoke cleared out as he looks down at the Marines that were knocked out by their own cannonfire.

"Pitiful. You guys are supposed to represent Justice and yet, you get easily taken out by the very thing that opposes that: Pirates. No matter, it seems that it's time for me to clean up this mess." said Fermi as he looks up toward the pirates but at Gahn in particular. "Wind Pirates..."

"It's an admiral!!" Bork says,"We didn't expect this!"

"This is one rather situation." Gouda says.

"You two! Get going and make more chaos." Gahn says as he stares at Fermi coldly,"I'll deal with him."

"Yes sir!" Gouda says,"Be careful sir,he may be too much for us."

Gahn was then staring at Fermi among the smoke and fire of the base going around. The storm clouds he had brought in also brought a strong storm into their vicinity.

"Storm,fire,strong wind." Gahn says as he looks around himself,"A perfect day to have chaos around,isn't it?" He asks Fermi that was a bit far from Gahn.

"More like a perfect day for pirate elimination. Gahn O. Yaphet... You have quite the name for slaughtering many Marines throughout your life. Of course, actions like that result in a permanent stay in Impel Down. Of course, you won't have that luxury with me around. Now, I will say this one time as I'm a man that values time over anything. Just give up now or I'll have to exterminate you on the spot." said Fermi as his eyes glow a fierce green in color indicating he is dead serious.

"Hmph." Gahn said smirking while looking somewhat down at Fermi. Comparing their heights,Gahn is not even a head taller than Fermi. So staring at each other evenly was something they had.

"It took you long enough to actually see me." Gahn says,"I've been waiting for big dogs like you to come and look at me. I've slain commanders,murdered captains,and even staked commodores to their deaths. A trip to Impel Down would be deserved if they can get me. And give up now? What would the point of the invasion then?" Gahn then has wind circulating across his arms,"I heard of your nuclear powers,but you probably heard of nuclear air burst,cause I'm about to make a fallout!" He then has his body circulating wind around him.

"I'm not sure if that is a sad attempt at a joke but rest assured, you wouldn't be able to even touch me. I've already gauged our strength and you are not even close to my level. If you're not going to surrender quietly..." said Fermi as his whole body starts to glow a bright green. "Then you better be ready to die then!"

"Well then I will be ready." Gahn says as his body become circulating storming winds around him,"I've never been afraid of death,so what will the difference be then."

"Hmph, at least you're not a coward then." said Fermi as he charges up a blast in a single finger. "Lets see how well you can take a hit..." he finished and then shoots off his nuclear blast toward Gahn.

Gahn vs Fermi begins

The nuclear blast flies toward Gahn as Gahn was standing. Gahn would dodge with his fast reflexes by rolling out of the way. The blast would end up hitting a part of the fort.

"Hmph,like damaging your own fort?" Gahn says,"This fort won't last long if you keep doing that." He then uses his wind powers and circulates them around his legs,"MY TURN!" He then charges as he runs and tries to give a roundhouse kick at the body of Fermi.

Fermi simply stands there and lets Gahn go by his intangible logia body. "And should I just stand here and let you do what you please? At least if this base gets destroyed by my hands, it'll be from defending it from a lowly pirate like you. It'll even be more shameful if this base fell by your hands alone. Plus, I calculate I don't need more than 30% to beat you." said Fermi as he then sends a kick of nuclear energy toward Gahn where the wave covers much more area.

"Huh?" Gahn says thinking to himself as he saw himself going through Fermi's logia body,"I forgotten his body is a logia,not a paramecia." Gahn was then knocked by the nuclear energy and thrown back onto where he was when they started. Gahn spitted out some blood and then says,"I kinda forgotten some things about you." Gahn says,"You haven't been in much news lately to remember what you've been." Gahn then sends some mini-tornadoes at Fermi to help him prepare for his next move.

"Of course not. I don't just show off and speak of my powers like some fool. These powers are used to exact Justice upon pirates like you. Most of them fall to just one blast but I can tell you are going to be one of the more stubborn ones." said Fermi as he started to walk toward the tornadoes and allowed them to pass through him. "I've traveled to many places and even a tornado that was as big as a damn giant barely fazes me. You better try more than that. Of course, I can tell you're not a logia as well since my powers easily hit you."

"Of course I'm not!" Gahn says,"I'm a mythical zoan! Allow me to show you my zoan form!" He says as he turns into a giant bear and charges at Fermi with his four claws on the ground,"I'll maul you till you're nothing but atoms like you would say." He says as he pounces on Fermi.

"Rare than a Logia Mythical Zoan huh? Rarer, but not stronger. Also, you're not smart attacking the equivalent of a nuclear reactor head on." said Fermi as turn his body into a bright green color. "Fission!" shouted Fermi as he made himself erupt in a nuclear blast as Gahn pounced on him.

"AAAHH!!" Gahn says as he falls back and feels the nuclear flames all over him,"This is painful!!! But it won't stop me from trying to blow you to the seas!!!" He says as he unleashes a large wind surge that equals to hurricane winds. He threw the winds at Fermi. As the winds were flying to Fermi,parts of the base were getting torn apart from the strong winds,marines flew across the base and landed in either the sea or were killed by the impact of hitting the wall.

Fermi simply transforms into his element in order to evade the attacks and floats in midair witnessing the damage that is done to the base. "You do not seem to listen do you? And now you're destroying even more of this base! What is destroyed can always be rebuilt! That is a certainly!" said Fermi as he charges a nuclear ball in one hand and it grows bigger and bigger in size. "You may have good control over your powers, but they pale in comparison to mind. Gamma Bomb!" shouted Fermi as he sent the ball of nuclear energy toward Gahn knowing it could wreck more of the base in the process.

"AAAHHH" Gahn says as he gets hit by the Gamma Bomb attack. He was getting even more beaten up in the process,"Dammit,hadn't even gave him a touch,and I gotten hit by every shot he gave." He was on the ground laying down on the base as it was getting even more destroyed."I can't stop now. Even if I lose,which It looks like I might be,I just want to land one hit on him,just enough of a hit to consider me a threat." He thinks to himself."If I can get him to fire another attack at me,and maybe if I repel it with my wind,I can hit it back at him." Gahn is then seen getting up,"IT'S GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN A BOMB TO STOP ME YOU GREEN CAT!!!"

"Fox actually and you sure about that? I'm not the one on the ground looking like a rug. But if you insist on trying to prod me, then you will face consequences!" said Fermi as he fired off another gamma beam toward Gahn.

Gahn then tries to use all his might to push the gamma beam back at Fermi. He summoned up a lot of wind,the most he ever summoned before,and then blew it back right at Fermi!! The wind and the gamma colliding left a large airburst itself before the gamma went back. The base was basically ready to be sunk if not for the bubbles under the fort keeping it float.

Fermi simply allows himself to be hit by his own blast and, as the smoke clears, he comes out of it unscathed. Though his outfit was torn from the powerful wind. "As a refresher for you, I ate the Ganma Ganma no Mi and became a Nuclear Human. As such, any and all nuclear attacks have no effect on me. That includes my own attacks." said Fermi as he adjusts his shades. "Though that is quite the windstorm you have there. You nearly wrecked this whole base..."

"DAMMIT!!" Gahn thinks,"How am I to beat him? Wait! Of Course! Use haki! I've been trained in haki decently,though my devil fruit power is what I rely on mostly. I would have to give him the hardest hit he's felt!" He then rises himself up to Fermi's level thanks to his wind powers,"Lemme see if I can pull him in." He says as he creates wind that is pulling Fermi with great strength.

"Hmph, this is all? Fine, I'll let you pull me in but you better be ready to suffer for it!" said Fermi as he lit his fist with gamma energy preparing to punch Gahn as soon he gets in closer.

"Ok,time to do it,I might be allowing myself to get hit by his attack,but I want to give him a mark." Gahn thinks,Gahn then coats his right arm in haki. He also creates wind within the arm also,to increase the damage if it hits. And as Fermi gets close enough to punch Gahn. Gahn delivers the right arm blow right into the abdomen,while also getting hit in the process. Both Fermi and Gahn repel away from each other from the synchronized punch.

Fermi lands backwards in the air and can be seen grasping at the spot he was hit at and notices a bruise at the same spot. He was shocked to actually get damaged but knows it's just a bruise. "Hmph, seems like you actually got a good hit on me. Impressive, but how much can you hold up?" said Fermi as he tilts his shades while looking at Gahn who was also hit by his gamma-powered punch.

Gahn went down onto the ground again. He was seen this time coughing up blood from the punch."I've holded up pretty well." He says as he spits out a good amount of blood,"I can still stand!" Gahn says as he stands up,he is looking really frail and weakened from the loss of blood,"As long I stand,I'll fight." He then gets in a fighting stance,"Come at me bitch!" He says taunting Fermi.

"Hmph, if only you were this hard working and stubborn to kill as a Marine, maybe you would've done better in your life. Yet, right now, all you can do is hurl insults. It's a shame honestly but at least for a known Marine killer, you went down fighting." said Fermi who sighs heavily.

"You bet your ass I will." Gahn says as he then transforms into his bear form. In his bear form,he charges right at Fermi. He then places wind in each of his limbs and also coats it with haki. With a large roar,Gahn deals Fermi a punch at the man's face with the wind and haki.

Fermi is moved backwards from the attack that knocks off his glasses. Fermi looks annoyed as he kicks Gahn back down with a gamma infused kick. "Bears are stubborn creatures to fall but I always considered foxes the surprior predators especially in war..." said Fermi as he looked around the base crumbling. "Hmph, this place seems to be out of my hands to save after all. At least you will die in the remains of this place..."

At this rate,Gahn had fainted after Fermi's kick,as Gahn had lost too much blood to count. He was laid there like he was dead. Fermi then sees a marine running toward him.

"SIR!!! One of the main generators blown,and water is quickly rushing throughout the base. We also lost the rest of the Wind Pirates." The Marine then sees the limp body of Gahn,"You've taken out the bastard?"

"Of course, he was nothing but a lowly pirate at the end of the day anyway. And that is unfortunate as this was the only floating base in the world. No matter, he will die alongside the very base he tried to destroy himself. Let us go, I doubt he will even be of trouble anymore. I have my own battleship on the prow so make sure to round up any Marines that are still alive. Time is of the essence here so I'm making it clear to be quick about it." said Fermi as he started to walk off.

"YES SIR!!!" The Marine says,"Also,Commander Dartz has been taken to the battleship for medical repair sir." He then runs off to get the rest of the marines that are in the base still alive.

"Good. At least Dartz puts his work into it so he'll be useful." said Fermi as he then looks toward Gahn's body as he makes a salute in a mocking manner. "Rest in peace you damned bear. I'll make sure to alert the forest you came from that they lost one of their children or whatever they refer to you." said Fermi as he walks onto the battleship to board it and prepares to depart until the marine comes back.

Ain't Gone Yet

As the base was sinking,and Fermi and the rest of the marines left. Another ship came onto the scene. A woman and a crew behind her were looking for Gahn's body.

"Where is Gahn?" the woman would say,"What the hell have you done to yourself?"

"I don't see Gahn anywhere." A falcon birdman would say.

"He can be anywhere within this nasty wreck." A giant Longhorn mink would say.

"I think this might be the time to administer last rites to him." A priest would say.

"Not yet ya old priesty." A muscular pirate crewmate would say,"He's right there." the buccaneer would then point at Gahn,who was floating on top of a piece of wall.

"Can you get him Wilson please?" the woman would say to the Falcon birdman.

"Yes captain." Wilson says as he flies over and grabs Gahn. He then takes Gahn back to their ship,where the rest of the crew looked at the limp body of Gahn.

"Is he still alive?" A jaguar mink girl would ask.

"He's barely breathing by the looks of it." a colt mink would say.

"He's lost a lot of blood is what it is." A titan sized giant would say,"He looks paler than usual even from up here I can tell."

"Well Father." the woman would say to the priest,"Could you fix him up Father Ali?"

"I can with my herbs and some extra blood packages." Ali would say,"He's lucky we've got him before he fell into the water." Ali would then look up at the sky,"God's favor was upon him."

"Well not yet until he gets medical attention." The colt says,"Let's go fix him."

"Ok." Father Ali would then say as he takes Gahn's body to his med bay.

A Few hours later

Gahn is then awake in a bed. He was a room only filled by the candlelight next to him on a lampstand. Also next to him,was his wife Sorte,lying there asleep.

"Sorte..." Gahn says as he looks over at his wife's face,"Am I dead?" He says looking at himself.

Sorte waking up,sees Gahn then says,"No,your not." Sorte then hugs Gahn,"You're safe at my ship. We found you on some wreckage of the fort you were attacking."

"I was fighting the Admiral Fermi." Gahn says,"Which I must've passed out somewhere then,I don't remember when."

"You fighting an admiral?" Sorte asks,"You've fought a giant from the dragon storm pirates,the elios,and many other opponents,and you tried to take down an admiral? And I thought the Elios were a hassle."

"Well they're a whole different ball game." Gahn says laying back down,"Though this battle has had me thinking."

"What?" Sorte asks.

"That we should go back home to Alabasta." Gahn says,"We've been pirates for a few years now,and I think I have proved enough that I can lead the resistance against the World Nobles." He then looks over to Sorte,"In a few months,we'll become rulers of Alabasta,and our children will be the heirs to the kingdom."

"I hope you're right." Sorte says,"I don't want to be living in the hell of the seas as it is known."

Gahn then gives a smirk then says,"You're hair smells good." Gahn then caresses his wife's cheek then kisses her,"Let's go back to sleep,I need to rest up still."

"Ok my spikey haired husband." Sorte says laying down back to their bed.

The Wind Comes back

1 Year Later

Fermi is seen on his personalized battleship that was being power purely by his nuclear energy. He was seeing pacing around the ship as he was looking around the darkened skies. "Hmph. Skies suddenly got dark. This often hints at a bad omen." said Fermi to himself. Suddenly, Fermi gets a response on his personalized den den mushi that definitely seemed like an urgent call. He picks it up in a hurry. "This is Admiral Midorinari, what is the problem?" said Fermi.

"T-This is bad sir! Really bad! Gahn of the Wind Pirates has taken the World Nobles of Alabasta hostage! T-They are threatening to kill them as we speak sir!" shouted the frantic Marine.

Fermi's face can then been seen utterly fuming from what he heard. Indeed as his whole body was smoking mainly from the effects of his devil fruit powers but tries to keep his composure to not burn up his own ship in the process. "I know this day was going to be dire but DAMN I didn't predict it was this bad! One, I thought that damn bear was dead along with his stupid crew! And two, how DARE he lay a hand on the World Nobles?! This is unforgivable! I'm going to make sure he dies by my hands today and I'm going to make sure to vaporize his stupid hide this time! FORWARD TO ALABASTA!!" shouted Fermi as the Marines part of the ship frantically and quickly put the ship in course toward Alabasta.

At Alabasta,Gahn was seen in the royal palace of Alabasta in a room with the World noble family. The World Nobles were tied up on the poles of the Palace. And Gahn was looking over to them and was smirking.

"You all have 48 hours till I feast on y'all." Gahn says,"That's if the marines care about you so much."

"Why would you do something like this Yaphet?" The World Noble king says,"You're father served me. If you asked,I could've gave you much fortune and fame."

Gahn spits on the noble then says,"Lord Ramses,you treated your soldiers like shit,in fact,you've treated everyone here on this island like shit. So it would only be fair that I treat you like shit. Besides,you tell me that now because I got y'all on columns of the room."

"You'll regret this." Ramses yells at Gahn.

"No,I don't think I will." Gahn says,"Besides,I'll be usurping the position of King once I eat you in 48 hours. Or you might be alive after they give me this kingdom and I'm a Warlord."

"They'll never do it!" Ramses yells.

"At this point I would kill you by then easily,but I'll enjoy you suffer for now,knowing you'll be dead soon." Gahn says as he goes lays down on the noble's bed and then takes a nap there,"I'll be enjoying this bed awhile."

One Hour Later

The battleship that was carrying Fermi and his men on finally arrive at Alabasta. However, before the ship could properly dock, Fermi himself already leaps off of the ship and started to slowly but quickly make his way toward the palace.

"S-Sir! We haven't properly docked yet! W-Wouldn't want to wait for us?" said one of the Marines on board.

"No you idiots! When one of the most noble people on the planet is being held hostage, I don't have any damn time to wait! Besides, it's just a stupid pirate that only left me a small bruise and shattered glasses. Taking him out by myself will be child's play..." said Fermi as he continued marching toward the palace.

As Fermi was walking toward the palace. Gahn was asleep on the bed of the Nobles until one of his soldiers of the rebellion came in to tell Gahn some tragic news.

"SIR!!! I have terrible news!" The messenger would say to Gahn.

"What is it?" Gahn says,"We have mostly obliterated the marines and the soldiers protecting this palace,they couldn't have brought reinforcements that easily."

"It isn't that." the messenger says,"It's your wife,Sorte....She was killed during the battle."

"WHAT!!!!" Gahn says as he was shocked by the news. He then recomposed himself and then asks,"How?"

"There were marines that had seastone bullets and soldiers with swords pointed with seastone." the man says,"The sword made of seastone pierced Sorte,weakening her,plus the location of the wound made her lose too much blood."

"This is their fault." Gahn says with a fury in his eyes now."If it wasn't for their weak ruling,I wouldn't have to had done this battle. Where are those marines?"

"They're held prisoner right now." the man answers with nervousness.

"Bring them to me." Gahn says,"I will like to show the marines not to fuck with me or my family."

Gahn then goes back to the den den mushi where he made the call to the marines,"Hey you marine dogs,remember I said 48 hours,FORGET IT!!! Y'ALL HAVE 5 MINUTES BEFORE I START FEASTING ON THE NOBLES!!!"

Fermi overhears Gahn's message and his eyes soon start to turn a darker green. "Oh NO YOU DON'T!!!" shouted Fermi as he turned his entire lower body into nuclear energy and rockets off toward the palace blasting away the door that was in his way. "Alright Gahn you damn pirate! Come out here so that I can thoroughly and surely kill you this time!!!" shouted Fermi.

Gahn then walks out of the room where he holds the nobles justice and then says,"Ahh Yes,Admiral Fermi. Long Time No See." He then is standing in front of the door of the room."I should've expected you were going to answer first,you're the Noble's little pet of course. And of course you're in time for a snack,would you like something to eat?"

"Of course except what will be on the menu is fried bear, gamma style!" said Fermi was his fist grows bright green in power. "You dare do something so asine!? I can kill you with this 50% powered blast if you don't let go of the Nobles right now!" shouted Fermi.

"Sir,uhh,is this a bad time?" A soldier says noticing Gahn and Fermi standing in front of each other.

"No no." Gahn says,"You have those marines?"

"Yes sir." He answers.

"Bring them in now." Gahn says. He then turns over to Fermi,"I know you would say that we're just dirty pirates,but let me tell you something. If you were a pirate,and your wife was killed by a marine,what would you do?"

He then points over to the marines that were in chains,four scared looking marines. But one of the marines suddenly got courage to say,"FERMI!!! You're here to save us from this Urine bastard!!"

"It would be Ursine you marine mutt!!" Gahn answers.

"Me, a pirate?! Don't say such idiotic things! Never put those two words in the same sentence! It's not my fault you and your wife lived your lives as pirates and she has been killed by the Marines for the sake of Justice. If you didn't became a pirate, she will be alive. The blood is on your hands you dammed fool. Now, release those Marines before I get even angrier and I really don't want to accidentally vaporize this whole country!" said Fermi who still had his gamma-powered fist toward Gahn.

"Ahh,but you wouldn't vaporize this whole country,then a noble wouldn't have a home,and you would've killed a noble if you did. That would make You the pirate. And nobles are not expendable,but marines....." Gahn says as he grabs the head of the marine from the marine's hair and literally pulls out the Marine's head and spine out of his body,"MARINES ARE EXPENDABLE ACCORDING TO YOU BASTARDS!!!!"

Blood was dripping everywhere from Gahn's bare handed pull of the head and skull. The marine's head and spine was there being hung on Gahn's hands.

A bunch of veins appear on Fermi's face as his body glows a deep green as the intense head can be felt from across the room. "You...damned....bastard...you're not going to get away with this you hear me?! Let go of the World Nobles right now and I will make your death AS QUICK AND PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE!!!" shouted Fermi as he gritted his teeth.

"You can go grab the World Nobles awhile I EAT THESE DOGS!!" Gahn says as he turns into a bear and starts mauling into each one. To one marine,he stabs the marine in the chest and then rips the marine in half! To the next one,he mauls him and then rips the heart out with his own teeth. And to the last one,he rips the whole skeleton out of the marine body and eats the rest of his body in a few seconds.


Fermi has a visual look of disgust on his face not only from how he is killing off the Marines but also his demands and threatening of the World Nobles.

"You're fucking insane. There is nothing to it. Just a stupid, insignificant pirate trying to get his way in life by hurting the innocents. How disgusting of a lazy, good-for nothing pirate that deserves to die by my hands." Fermi then takes a deep sigh. "But you got the World Nobles hostage and their deaths is something I absolutely cannot allow. You want the Warlord position? You want to rule over this land. Fine! But only after the World Nobles are safely transferred to me first." said Fermi.

"Just TAKE THEM!" Gahn says allowing Fermi,"I DON'T WANT THEM IN MY SIGHT!"

Ramses,still being chain tied to the column,sees Fermi and yells,"FERMI!! My good friend,did you beat up that bastard? Will I keep my beautiful home? And is he dead,cause I want to spit on him."

"Not this time unfortunately sir. He was threatening your life and his distasteful dismemberment of the Marines over there was too much to risk you getting harmed in any way. It's shameful on my part but I had no choice but to heed his demands. It did meant giving over your country to him and giving him a Warlord position because that's the only way that he could even lead a World Government associated island." said Fermi after cooling back down his powers.

"Well he'll know when he's dead,I'll be spitting on his body at his funeral." Ramses replies as Fermi rescues him.

As they walk out toward the palace,Gahn then walks over to Fermi and says,"Oh yeah,in about a day or so,there'll be a package to Marineford that'll have the marines in them. I thought it would be nice if I gave back the bodies and you can give them proper respects...that's if you can rearrange their parts."

"One of these days, I will kill you but not before making each and every one of your damned crewmates are slowly picked off while you watch. Do NOT tempt me you damned bear. I'll be making sure asscoiates of mine keep tabs on you in case you step out of line and if they suddenly don't report back to me, I will hunt you done and kill you where you stand. You already got a taste of near death by my hands and that wasn't even me at close to full power." said Fermi as he turned around to leave the palace.

"Well,looks like someone doesn't like me." Gahn says as he stands where he was."Well....I should go bury my wife."

"But sir,shall we celebrate our victory?" A soldier says.

"No,we must mourn the death of my wife." Gahn says,"I've won but at what cost?"

"You've won for the country,you're wife was happy to die for her country." Gouda would say as he enters the palace,"And even happier we won for your country."

"You're right." Gahn says,"But let's go.Let's go bury Sorte."

"Yes sir." Gouda says.

And there they go,walking away from the scene. Gahn in his little cape and spiky hair,Gouda in his samurai armor and spatula. Their capes flapping to the dusty wind as they walk away in sorrow and happiness.

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