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Belial Eldritch (also goes by his epithet 'Amir Alzalam) is the Captain of the Ghoul Pirates. He is one of the Four Yonko ruling over the New World. He is also the father of Belial Kali and Belial Merle.

Hailing from the Belial family that once ruled in Ghuloase, an island inhabited by ghouls, Eldritch quickly garnered the epithet as the "Ghoul Reaper" for building a massive army of ghouls over the years for his own personal gain.


Eldritch is a tall man(nearly 15ft) with long black hair that reaches to his lower back which sticks out, red eyes and pale skin. His main attire consists of red garbs that he wears around his waist, he also wears lots of jewelry, and has feather markings beneath his eyes. He is also barefoot.