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Benito Snapsaw is an unusual lobster fishman, captain of the Landfall Pirates, a crew primarily comprised of unusual fishmen and merfolk, like his first mate Dorian Scrub.  His current bounty is 127,500,000 beli. He was the primary antagonist of the Windfall Pirates recruitment mission and was defeated by Cujo Durante and Sylvester Felix.


Benito has an awkward build considering he is a lobster-man, he has a muscular and large claws in place of hands.  These claws have jagged edges that make them good for fighting but not as useful for daily chores.  He has four legs and a lobster tail.  He has dark beady eyes, a pointy nose with antenae that looks like a fu manchu mustache. He often has a serious expression.  Benito wears lightish red armor with barnacles growing on it that blends in with his natural crustacean armor, this gives him a soldier like appearance.


Benito is a very tactical and carries no emotions into battle, he makes for a stern leader who wants things to run as efficiently as possible.  He keeps his crew constantly training and those who do not meet his standards are dismissed from the crew.  Benito doesn't inherently hate humans but knows they make for easy targets.

Powers and tactics

Benito possesses superhuman strength as is with all fishmen, and he is very agile on his six legs.  His most powerful weapons are his serrated claws which can shred enemies to ribbons.  There are also a dark cavity within his claws that Benito uses to hide surprise attacks such as firing cannon balls.  The Landfall Pirates primary tactics are to pillage coastal villages and cities by emerging from the waters swiftly.  They leave by destroying structures and flooding out the city, washing it into the ocean.

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