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Beverly is an executive in Adrian Faust’s New World Trading Co and a devil fruit user. After being trapped for a hundred years by the power of the Okuri Okuri no Mi, Faust released her for the purposes of destroying the Windfall Pirates.


With the power of the Okuri Okuri no Mi her youth was preserved for a hundred, so she still appears to be a young woman. She dresses like a witch and has a very creepy appearance to her with her pointed hat, crimson dress, and long nails. She carries her weapon of choice, an enchanted broom, with her at all times.


Beverly is just as devious as her employer and is unquestioningly loyal to Faust unlike some of the other executives. She amuses herself by pranking others and making their lives miserable. She is also a charlatan, she convinces others that her power is witchcraft as opposed to tricks and devil fruit powers. She has upset many people who would like to see her burned at the stake.

Powers & Abilities

Beverly ate a yet unknown paramecia type devil fruit which she traded for from Faust. It gives her the power to control inanimate objects and bestow new powers on them as though it were enchanted. She has enchanted every article of her clothing making her much stronger, faster, and agile than she appears. Her most powerful item is her broom which has been granted the power of flight. She also possess the ability to control another person’s weapon forcing it to attack its controller.

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