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  • KamiGuru

    Blog two of many to help people figure out how to edit and create pages. This lesson will focus on developing a Devil Fruit page. As always, feel free to copy paste the code below. (Source Editor is the way to edit)

    This'll be how it comes out.

    The Rei Rei no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate examples, making the user a . It was eaten by Sample Character.

    Usually given in bullet points. Devil Fruit naming conventions call for two syllable names followed by the no Mi or fruit. All Fruit pages should be titled in Japanese. Example: Gomu Gomu no Mi, Mera Mera no Mi, etc etc. Zoan Devil Fruit have slightly different naming conventions if they have multiple models. For Example: Tori Tori no Mi, Model: F…

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  • KamiGuru

    Yo yo yo; Kami here! Given that roleplaying is a major component of our fandom and I have several years of experience doing it, I thought I'd make a blog to help guide new users in the art of roleplaying. Keep in mind that these are simply my beliefs when it comes to roleplaying and you don't necessarily have to follow them. But hopefully my years of experience can help newbies be better for the get-go.

    Before I begin I'd like to state that I don't think I'm a great role-player; I don't even I'm a good one. However, I've been roleplaying for about six years now and I've definitely seen my writing improve throughout that timeframe. I've participated in more battle and story role-plays than I can count, organized events/arcs, and collaborated…

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  • KamiGuru

    Fanon Canon

    May 8, 2020 by KamiGuru

    the king of the pirates obtained this and everything else the

    World had to offer. And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas. “You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it! ” These words lured men to the grand line, pursuing dreams greater than they ever dared to imagine.

    This is the time known as the Great Pirate Era.}}

    Queue One Piece Opening One "We Are"

    Welcome! As you may have noticed from the title, we'll be talking about the site-wide storyline or Fanon Canon (FC). For those of you who have worked on a fan wikia before you probably recognize the term but in case you don't, it's simply our own version of the One Piece world. However, unlike many other F…

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  • KamiGuru

    Alright, so this is the first of many blogs that'll help users edit on this wikia. First Lesson will show how to format your character pages. Feel free to copy paste the code below. (Source Editor is the way to edit)

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  • Imnotfallen

    Hey, so I have been an admin on this wiki for about a few months know. I asked Young Piece which is one of the co-founders if I could "revive" or "remake" the wiki since it was pretty dead and I have done a bunch of stuff since then. I have added a new background, added a favicon, added a wordmark, added a discord, remade the top navigation, and even added important pages like a manual of style, rules, and different kinds of policies. ( I'm even working on a new front page but I'm not good at coding ) I'm the only admin that is still active and I am on the wiki daily. ( The other admins haven't done any edits for a few months ) The reason I'm saying all of this is because I would like to become a Bureaucrat so I can add a new team of admin…

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  • Therockdragon

    Drake D Mando's pov:

    I was rushing as Me and Kage fought Mihawk to keep him from hitting luffy or Akemi, and we where fighting him and I see a dude wearing a cape and his black hair in a pony tail, i think i recongize him from alabasta, he was wielding a sword and a shield, the sword had one huge eye at the bottom of the blade by the hilt and a shield with one huge eye and mulitple smaller eyes where the bolts would be on a normal shield, he was fighting doflamingo and i stop fighting mihawk and leave it up to kage to deal with him using his huge giant puppets and I block a huge string from hitting the dudes head and then me and him go to strike down doflamingo at the same time and doflamingo blocks it with a few strings that seemed to be s…

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  • Therockdragon

    Akemi's pov:

    We had left alabasta and we had gone to get our ship fixed up as Dragon got hit a lot of times and had substained some damage, So we take it to a island nearby and we meet a kid who was about 19 years old, he worked for a company called Oyan ship repair company on the back and he looks at me as i look at him. "Can we get our ship repaired we will pay well for it." I say and the dock master walks over to the ship and gets it inside.


    I was walking around and I see that kid from earlier and he looks at me and i walk over to him. "your the kid from earlier, so-" I say as he turns around and bends down and I see the mark of the sun pirates on his back. "why is there a sun pirate tatoo, on your back?" I ask him and when i sa…

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  • Therockdragon

    Akemi's pov:

    I had made a ship, i was calling it The Dragon, I then set sail for the closest isladn which was 10 miles from this island,

    time-skip 2 days later.

    I was walking in the street i towered over everyone there I was 13feet 5inches tall. suddenly 4 people surrounded me and they all had weapons it was a bunny mink, a boy with 3 eyes, a long limbed human who had 2 swords and a betafishman. the 4 of them attacked me at once and in those seconds I pulled out my fathers sword swords and into each of them while using what my dad had tought me and what I had learned while surviving on the island for 4 years to knock them out the only one left standing was the betafishman and he rushed me with 2 hook swords, he connects the 2 hooks and tries …

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  • Therockdragon

    ???'s pov:

    "We only got 4,578,420,000 berries, jane."I say to my jane as we where traveling and we needed 250,000,000 more berries to be able to settle down and raise Akemi, in the right way, not on the sea's and traveling island to island in the north blue collecting bounties for a living, we didn't want akemi to live that life, i knew what it could do to a child when their parents did that for a living and never stopped. "but what bounty would be high enough in here for 250,000,000 berries, magbar we need to go to the grandline for that kind of money." jane says to me as I nod as jane towered over me by a good 59feet i was 6ft tall and she was 65 feet tall. the ship we where sailing on was made espically for giant's and giant hybrids alon…

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  • 76qaBIXBY

    So, with so much great characters, one has to be the best. This month, user's will vote on other pages by different creators. After let's say, 5 votes are in the comments, the voting period will begin with all the suggestions being on the list. The winner will get bragging rights and a tylerelman certificate of happiness. meaning that he will not be angry at you. 

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  • 76qaBIXBY


    October 13, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    so, i realized that theres no one piece fanon wiki discord. so i created it. in the server, my names rain of the rain and to join just ask me and tell me your ID, so that you can join. here's the link

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  • 76qaBIXBY

    Devil Fruit Rules

    October 12, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    After a little thinking, i think i have an idea for what the devil fruit standards on this wiki should be. 


    • Has to not include any of the other elements
    • Either has to be body manipulation, substance generation, environment control, or changing the user's appearance. There's also the special Paramecia sub-section (it's canon by the way), and it has to be some wacky ability that can offer two completely seperate abilities, like how Katakuri can both become mochi and create mochi, and Luffy can both stretch his body and repel weak force attacks. 


    • Has to be an element that is naturally happens or just something that can be controlled that is some sort of element. So, no ability to become and create fries. 
    • Has to have some sort of …
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  • 76qaBIXBY


    September 17, 2018 by 76qaBIXBY

    So you know Cdswalkthrough, the guy who changed pages and claimed them as his own? Well, he has his own wiki now that copied our name, and characters. What will we do to combat this threat? I mean his wiki is very unpopular but still, it isn't cool to steal a wiki's name and characters. 

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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    Reviewing Logias

    October 9, 2016 by Lasaro Ginjou

    Hello everyone. As a fan of this manga I spent some of my free time imagining new devil fruits, fighting styles and more. Coming here as saw a few interesting things and starting with the Logias I would like to review the ones I feel would be worthy of a canon usage.

    Ash is indeed a smart one. Just like smoke, ash is the result of a burned substance. A valid idea.

    1. The fruit should be similar to the Suna Suna no Mi (although weaker kind of powder) but grey coloured and thinner than sand.
    2. The ash would be (not just from would, but) from any burnt substance.
    3. The water weakness is very creative althought I would make it turn to a muddy state "making it difficult to reform.
    4. This fruit's weakness to Lava and Ice would be balanced by adding the abilit…

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  • Ossyria

    The Beli Symbol

    August 10, 2016 by Ossyria
    Okay so just because I'm a bit of a stickler for perfection, could someone help me with figuring out how to put the One Piece currency symbol in text form onto my pages? I've searched several pages on the original one piece wikia but they're all links to the page about the beli so... Yea. Read more >
  • HMZ

    Ichi no Mi

    June 29, 2016 by HMZ

    Ichi no Mi or First Fruit in english, is the very first devil fruit ever known to One Piece World history. Also named Eternity and or Devil, because of it's permanent bad effect even after the death of it's owner. Ichi no Mi doesn't follow regular law of Devil Fruits because of it's prehistorical nature.

    Ichi no Mi -according to legend- was eaten by Ariel Eve (japanese: Ibu Arieru), a prehistoric era giant fishman (or fishwoman? or mermaid princess?). Because of this fruit, it is said, that eve became a permanent surface dweller, unable to swim or return to the ocean. The fruit changed her tail into a pair of legs. While bearing child of her beloved fishman husband, she -acompanied by her husband- is the first to learn how to live in the su…

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  • KingDC100

    If i were to make a RP page would anyone join, and if so what would you like the setting to be. Majority would win.

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  • Shamankingaursu


    January 10, 2016 by Shamankingaursu
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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    Two Blogs in a row. Because I can. :P

    Okay. A simple question again. Why are there so many devil fruits that have more or less than two syllables? Shouldn't they be just two?

    Thanks again.

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  • Lasaro Ginjou

    First of all apologies if anyone has posted something similar. I am in no way stealing anyones idea.

    This is more of a question. Why are there so many D.s in here? I get that this is fanon but wouldn't it be cool to do it in a way that could, in some dreamy situation, become part of the actual series? 


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  • UltimateGohen

    Hiroshi Takahashi is a person who cames form 200 years of the future(now 193 years,cause the other 7 years passed away)

    Note - His real truth name will be revealed on the Marineford Arc 


    • Hiroshi's father - ???
    • Hiroshi's mother - ???
    • Hiroshi's (adoptive) brother - Kuzan Aokiji
    • Hiroshi's sister - ???
    • Hiroshi's grandfather - ???
    • Hiroshi's grandmother - ???
    • Hiroshi's greatgrandfahter - ???
    • Hiroshi's greatgrandmother - ???
    • Hiroshi's greatgreatgrandfather - ???
    • Hiroshi's greatgreatgrandmother - ???
    • Hiroshi's uncles - ???
    • Hiroshi's aunts - ???
    • Hiroshi's cousins - ???
    • Hiroshi's father-in-law - ???
    • Hiroshi's mother-in-law - ???
    • Hiroshi's brother-in-law - ???
    • Hiroshi's sister-in-law - ???

    Crew - Straw Hats(current)

    Devil Fruits: 

    • Gomu Gomu no Mi 
    • Magu Magu no Mi
    • Hi…

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  • Ransac16

    Hello! One Piece Cruise is a roleplay forum dedicated to an AU (Alternate Universe) of One Piece! The setting takes place in a world where all characters except Gol D. Roger and Vegapunk never existed, opening up numerous opportunities (and devil fruits!). You could become a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, an Admiral of the Navy, or even one of the four Yonko/Emperors of the New World! Travel the world! Face the challenges of the Grand Line! Find and eat a devil fruit! Punch out a Celestial Dragon! Maybe even form your own revolution! The possibilities are endless!

    Members have an optional plot line they can follow if they so choose. Newly crowned Yonko/Emperor Jarod Krieg has thrown the world into chaos, boldly attacking Marineford…

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  • Rukiryo

    Well.... Yeah..

    October 18, 2014 by Rukiryo

    Hi there friends of old >_> I just stopped by to link you to a guy who has been copying from a few wiki... This one is one of them..,_Model:_Thunderbird

    This is only one of the many things he has copied from different wikia :I

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  • Rocket.knight.777

    So, hi there. I'm a long way from from even wanting to start the possible One Piece fic I've been thinking up for a while, but I wanted to ask you guys what you'd think about the following in regards to a group of pirates who would start their adventure either after the Enies Lobby incident, or during the two year time skip.

    1) If the captain of this crew who all had Devil Fruit powers could control water

    2) If a crew member was a member of the Shandia tribe who banished himself from Skypiea to try and become stronger so to fight God Eneru.

    3) If Lil from the Accino Family became a crew member for a yet unknown reason.

    You're answers to these questions could help me in how I approach the coming fic. Let me know what you think.

    UPDATE: Here are …

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  • Rukiryo

    What the heck is up?

    April 14, 2014 by Rukiryo

    Alright, I have seen two incidents of this and I am just wondering, whats up with making a devil fruit on this wikia, and linking it to a sonic character from the sonic fanon wikia? Is there a rule against that? Can Sonic characters even consume devil fruits from a completely different verse? That's to me like saying Luffy went super sayian....

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  • 44fireking

    " It's snowing! It's snowing!"

    Ever since Emily was young she was fascinated by the powdery snow falling from the sky. The cold never bothered her. Emily was so excited. With snow falling down she could do so many exciting things. She could build a snowman, a snow fort, even going sledding down a hill. But what Emily really wanted to do was play outside with her friends. Emily ran into Momo's room and jumped on top of Momo's bed.

    " What is it, Emily?" Momo giggled from how hyperactive Emily was.

    " Wake up. Wake up. It's snowing. Let's go outside and play," Emily said.

    " Go back to sleep, Emily," Momo smiled.

    Emily laid on Momo's back. She played on Momo trying to make a snow angel. Momo smiled at how silly Emily acted.

    " I can't sleep. The sky i…

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  • 44fireking

    Twenty years had passed since the Straw Hat pirates disbanded. In the desert plains of Alabasta, a land full of exotic desert creatures and nefarious grave robbers. In this desert land there lived a queen. Queen Vivi, thirty-eight years old. Once she was known as Princess Vivi until the passing of her father, yet his good honored name was remembered in the Halls of Alabasta: Cobra Nefertari.

    Since the years that passed her kingdom was on the brink of war. War. Clans, armies, and cults have been battling her for sorority. The rattling could still be heard outside. Her foot soldiers forbid Queen Vivi from leaving the outside, despite her objections. Vivi was going to fight for her people. Despite being a princess, Vivi never demanded …

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  • 44fireking

    Back in the restaurant Miya was watching all the injured people: Lucy, Faust, Kamiko, Margret, and Mutsu. Shi was doing his best to care for Nathan's crew. Miya spent her time near Mutsu. Mutsu, who was now conscious, smiled at Miya.

    " How are you doing, sis? Haven't seen you in years. You sure have gotten beautiful. How much do those breasts weigh now?"

    Miya grabbed Mutsu's hand. She squeezed his arm and twisted it. The white haired swordsman was already in so much pain that he howled.

    " Ow! Goddammit!"

    " Sorry," Miyu said. But Miyu wasn't really sorry. Mutsu had it coming the way he talked to her. Miyu then wrapped bandages around his right arm. " You seem better, Mutsu. When we were together you were always crying. I have thought you…

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  • 44fireking

    Momo's chest was on fire. His long legs ached. He'd been flying through the rooftops for almost as long as any human could manage.

    Open water. He must find open water-the only thing better than finding the open water was to get Hansel inside of it. There was only one possible route to safety: if he could lodged his pipe deep in Hansel's back; if he pushed him down on solid water, he would drown.

    " I hate fishmen! I hate fishmen!" Hansel sang at the top of his frilly voice jumping on top of buildings, a tune which gaffled Momo-to talk incessantly without a purpose, usually about inane or pointless topics; to banter.

    " Get back here and fight me like a man, you coward!" Momo shouted.

    " No, no, no, no, no!"

    Momo was close to Hansel. His kind…

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  • 44fireking

    The pink haired Marine ran furiously towards Jen. When she was near Jen she slashed her kukri knives at him. There was nothing Jen could do to defend himself. The pink haired Marine was too fast for him. Jen raised his arms over his face. The last thing he wanted to protect was his face.

    Jen was never severed. The pink haired Marine's kukri's never touched him. When he opened his eyes Faust's katana was connected with the Marine's kukri. Both their attacks were converged. Faust was glaring into the pink haired Marine's eyes as she growled back at him.

    " F-Faust?"

    Faust was fast. Almost as fast as the Marine. They both engaged in sword play. Faust's instincts took over. He ducked under the pink haired Marine's kukri and slashed his kat…

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  • 44fireking

    Daniel checked every sword shop in town, but there was none there that sparked his interest. Daniel just roamed the streets of LogueTown looking around.

    " My father told me he was here to witness the execution of Golden Rogers the King of the Pirates. He told me never pleased him more then to see that pirate cry, but all he did was smile the entire time. Maybe it was seeing people suffer is why my dad was a Marine."

    " Excuse me, I have a proposition for ya."

    Daniel turned to the face of the person calling to him. He was what seemed to be an old man; old man with black sideburns. He was short, not midget size but just a inches shorter than Daniel, wore a black yutaka with a red crane on it.

    " What do you want, old man?"

    " Just a little for…

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  • 44fireking

    A whole day passed since the battle on the ferry-Razi, Daniel, Momo, and Jen were all one step closer to achiving their was running around frantically for any piece of food he could find. The silver haired skytopian, Jane, lay snuggled up next to the railing. Before running Razi was amused to see her this way-she was once punching, kicking, or otherwise slicing everything. Razi turned his head to see Daniel sitting, his back against the mast of the ship, arms folded. At first glance the son of Captain Smoker looked as though he was awake, but as Razi listened closely, he could hear the man's slow, rhythmic breathing. Momo was sitting by the railing sewing while singing a funny little tune:

    "Sew, sew, sew. All will be mended, all wil…

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  • 44fireking

    Daniel and Momo were finally able to get out of bed. However, they still didn't have the strength to move on their own. Lucas's doctor had to carry them to her ship while they had their arms around his head.

    " This is so humiliating," Daniel grunted while he moved with the doctor. " I'm a swordsman. How degrading is this?"

    " It could be worse," Momo grunted while he was being carried with Daniel.

    " How?"

    " At least it's a stranger carrying us. If Razi saw us this weak, he'd never let it go."

    " Okay, here we are," the doctor said as he dropped Daniel and Momo on the sand of the beach. " I'd like to carry you further, but you boys seem like you need to keep your pride. So I'll just give you this." The doctor threw a walking stick at Daniel…

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  • 44fireking

    Umbrage watched the battle on the top of the trees. His body blended in with the shadows. Because he was using his Devil Fruit powers to control the shadows around him, Umbrage couldn't be seen below while the whole forest was ignited with lights. Umbrage felt a small beat in his heart as he felt his sword fall and hit a target.

    " It seems that's the end of my little nuisance," Umbrage said to himself. " Now that the little twerp is out of the way I can finally proceed to the next stage—"

    " Yeah!" Razi shouted below.

    " W-what? How can this be?"

    Jumping out from below came Razi. He launched into the air like a rocket and soared above the trees and into the sky. Umbrage, even though he was surprised seeing Razi come out from below, he st…

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  • 44fireking

    It was a bright and pleasant for Momo as he woke up in his new home. Momo felt relaxed, refreshed, stretched his arms out and smiled.

    " Ah, it's good to be alive," young Momo said while he was bathed in sunlight. " The only thing that's missing is some breakfast. Oh, I know, I'll go have some breakfast."

    " Good morning," Emily said. She was standing by the door to Momo's room. " Did you have nice dreams, sleepyhead? Maybe some about me?"

    " Huh? How long have you been standing there, Emily?"

    " Just long enough to admire your sleeping face. By the way, you sure snore loud."

    " Huh? I don't snore."

    " Oh really?" Emily took out her very own pink Den Mushi snail. She slapped the back of the Den Mushi as it gaped its mouth open. " Zzzzzzzzzzz." "…

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  • 44fireking

    " I've had it up too my kiester with Razi!" Daniel shouted out loud. " I've only know the bugger for one day, and already he's almost gotten me killed on multiple occasions! Now he strands me here while he and that traitorous fishman Momo go scampering off!"


    " Daniel, we must separate," Razi smiled as he, Daniel and Momo ran into the forest of the island with Razi and Jen carrying an injured Lucas with her arm cut off with them.

    " Huh? What for? Why would you want to disband us when there's people trying to kill us?"

    " I just have a feeling. And when I have a feeling about something, it's best I follow it." Razi then removed his bandana and wrapped it around his mouth. Mimicking a ninja, he then made hand signs with his arms…

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  • 44fireking

    The captain of the cargo and his trusted crewmate with white hair were heading back to the port of Cocoyasi Village where they first set sail. After nearly having his supplies pillaged by pirates, the captain needed to return to report it to the Marines.

    The captain could only smoke a pipe and sit in a lawn chair as the boat skirred through the ocean. The captains' first mate then appeared behind his captain with a treatise in his hands. The captain however didn't do anything but smoke; he knew the first mate was behind him.

    " Captain, I have to report."

    " What seems to be the problem?"

    " I looked in the cargo and found three crates missing."

    "Are you sure?"

    "I'm positive, captain. Also, Flinch doesn't seem to be anywhere on this ship."

    " I…

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  • 44fireking

    Razi wearily opened his eyes to broad daylight. Razi was poisoned, dizzy, but his vision returned after a few short seconds. As his vision returned, Razi saw dozens of pirates hard at work. Some were loading cargo, others were wrapping rope around the cargo and pulling on it tightly, and some just mopped the floor with a broom or mop.

    " Wow," Razi thought outloud awing the pirates sturdy work. " I hope one day I'll have as many people working on my crew."

    " Captain Lucas!" One of the pirates shouted. " Captain Lucas is coming! Everyone, be on your guard!"

    All the pirates at work stopped what they were doing and moved to the railings of their ship. They then saluted the sandy blonde girl Razi met on the merchants' ship as she walked st…

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  • 44fireking

    Pirates boarded the ship Razi and Momo were being paid to protect. The pirates all had an assortment of weapons: swords, axes, whips, guns, bo staffs, and even some used slingshots. The pirates were big in numbers, but the number of people protecting the ship was immense.

    The pirates and the people onboard got into a clash. The pirates and the sailors weapons collided and sparks were rubbed off. Then the pirates and the sailors swash buckled their weapons. While most sailors were fighting, three pirates intended on sneaking to the cargo hold as they tip-toed quietly towards it. However, they bumped into Momo as he cracked his brawny, scaly knuckles!

    " Who wants some? I've got a knuckle sandwich for each of you!"

    " Ahhhhhh!" All three p…

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  • 44fireking

    Daniel, Momo and Razi were all escaping from an angry group of chef's with butcher knives waved angrily in the air. Daniel couldn't believe his luck. He hardly had anything at the restaurant, Razi was the one who ate everything in sight, but he seemed to be the one who was getting blamed for Razi.

    " By the way, your sake sucked!" Daniel yelled at the group of angry chefs. " It tasted like cat-litter and was way too small for 200 beli!"

    " Not to mention the lack of customer cordial in there," Momo said. " I went to funeral homes that were more positive then the people there." Momo flapped the skin of his face and made a wrinkled face of an old man. Momo then stretched both his index and ring fingers out to look like he was smoking. " I…

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  • 44fireking

    azi and Shinomori were both unnerving and staring into each other's eyes. Razi didn't move a muscle, Shinomori didn't move a muscle, both Razi and Shinomori were on mutual terms. Razi however was wiggling his glove with the sea-stones on it, and Shinomori was licking his lips as acid burned his chin hair.

    " There has to be some way for me to get past him," Shinomori thought as he continued licking, burning his chin hair. " I could always try to spray him with acid, but so far that shows to be completely useless. I could also try outrunning him and spraying him, but I say our agility are well enough the same."

    " My patience is growing thin," Razi growled in his wolf hybrid form. " Either you make a move, or I'll make mine. "

    " Who knew…

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  • 44fireking

    Razi had never ran so far in his life—never wanted to run as long as he had—his devotion of catching the animal who stole his Nakama Momo's money was strong. After running for five minutes, Razi found the only to be a snake.

    The snake slithered far, long. Razi thought he'd never be able to catch up with the snake in less than two hours, the given time his Nakama Daniel gave him, but corned it in an alleyway. Razi could still see the animal was holding the pouch in its mouth and rattled its tail.

    " You're not a rattle snake, Mr. Snake," said Razi as he approached the snake. The snake seemed to be tropical; maybe it was even an eel, where it has slimy dark blue scales and was 4 feet long. " I know a snake like you can't be poisonous. B…

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  • 44fireking

    Momo was in the fight of his life—a battle between two different fishman who both knew fishman karate—Momo couldn't have been more excited for battle. The stingray fishman swayed his arms side by side to show off his two dorsal fins formed on his arms.

    " Make sure you don't die on me, Momo," Daniel laughed as he sat on the ground. "I want a fishman Nakama on my crew."

    " I thought it was Razi's crew?"

    " It'll be mine when he loses our bet. And I plan to make some changes with it."

    " Whatever. Any captain is fine by me as long as he's a good captain." Momo rotated his metal pipe around in circles, glared at the stingray fishman, then stopped spinning it and pointed the tip at him. " Now watch me Daniel as I prove my loyalty to you and to …

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  • 44fireking

    Daniel and Razi and Razi's new Nakama Momo were close to having a heat stroke, and were drenched with sweat while they both were lying on the ground. Razi however was immune to the feet and just gazed off at the wondrous ocean, then looked back at his Nakamas lying down.

    " I wonder what's wrong with them?" Razi thought. Razi turned his attention back to the ocean and smiled. " It sure is taking a while to reach the port. I wonder if we'll ever find an island."

    " Razi…" Daniel groaned from the head circulating through his body. " I-I need…water."

    " Water?" Momo smirked despite also suffering from a heat stroke. "There's water everywhere you turn, you big dummy. Why don't you two just go swimming?"

    " Can't swim," Both Razi and Daniel said…

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  • 44fireking

    Razi and Daniel were at the seas of Syrup Village. Daniel was expecting Razi to have a fancy crew and a luxurious ship, because he had just agreed to join Razi's pirate crew, but only found a small raft made of logs tied together with elastic bands.

    " This ship looks a little…crappy," Daniel thought out loud while staring at Razi's ship. Daniel than felt someone pat him on his back he could only assume was Razi.

    " Yeah, she's in bad shape, but she can at least get us to the next island."

    "How many people are you talking about when you mean 'us'? Exactly how many people are on your pirate crew?"

    " Well…there's me….there's you…there's…me."

    " WHAT?! You mean it's only you and me? That's not a pirate crew!"

    " But I couldn't say would you like …

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  • 44fireking


    Monkey D. Luffy and all eight of his pirate crew were executed. Not a single member survived the wrath of the most prestigious pirate in the world. Luffy bravely defeated the pirate, but lost his life as both him and the prestigious pirate sank to the bottom of the ocean.

    In his dying words…he said this:

    " Looks like...I'm dead. Hee-hee! I may of failed, but I hope the next pirates can do a better job at being King of the Pirates.


    Daybreak was now—and it came only once in a day—Danial stared at a beautiful, multicolored, brilliant sunset in the sky. Daniel wasn't like anyone he's ever met. He was tall, 5'7, had spiky white hair, maroon blue eyes, and clean white teeth. He was wearing green jeans with a black zip up shir…

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  • DawnBerlitzFan

    Who do you think Luffy will end up with and who do you hope he ends up with? (Hint: Definitely not Robin.) I hope Luffy ends up with Vivi, Nami's okay too. Sadly, he's probably going to end up with Hancock who is a disgrace towards the show. She keeps on chasing Luffy which really irritates me. They don't even have any chemistry. At least LuffyXVivi have more chemistry, same with LuffyXNami. I hope Vivi and Nami kill Hancock and one of them ends up with Luffy.

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  • 4fireking

    Fletcher's Biography

    February 24, 2013 by 4fireking

    Male, around the age of seventeen and average height, he has soft baby-like skin, brown eyes, his hair was clean shaven though not bald, lean yet somewhat muscular, wore a brown over coat that hugged his body well, along with some black big pocket shorts with loose belts hang from them, barefooted.

    He is very brave

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  • 4fireking

     Animalistic Pirates
    Main Ship: The Green Gale
    Total Bounty 165,000,00
    Origin: East Cost Blue

    Fletcher G. Perkman






    Avalon Blair


    Victor L. Grim 

    Maria L. Grim 

    Lucita Redford


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  • Zeon1

    New RP

    October 6, 2012 by Zeon1

    Hey, I'm a noob. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

    However, I'm really into RPs, so I started my own, to connect all of the characters to one basic universe (since they are, unless it's AU).

    So, is what I've done against the rules? If so, forgive me. If it isn't, well, please join. I LOVE ONE PIECE.

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