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Bloody Monkey
Date Started: May 24th, 2020

Date Finished:

Setting: New Word; Titan

Characters Involved:



Emperors Clash

The cruel sun beat down, it's one malevolent eye unblinking, and the sky was it's co-conspirator with not even a wisp of cloud to soften the harsh rays. Everything in the God-forsaken place is either wicked and warped or blasted and burned. Whatever life once wandered or grew here no longer remained. Now, it's a wasteland of nothing but bones, dust and nihility; the Devil's Playground. Such a location only holds one merit these days, hosting legendary duels between warrior titans. However today, the wasteland will host a duel that'll shake the island to its very core. Two pirate emperors, rivals, have agreed to exchange blows once more to test extent of their abilities; hoping this time it'll end with a victor rather than a draw.

Thousands of meters above the battlefield, a massive primate descended from the viridescent sky with nothing but his staff and pipe in hand. "What I'd give to be a cloud... just floating along, going wherever the breeze takes me." he thought to himself, rocketing downward like a shooting star. Despite his introspection, Wukong was most certainly motivated for the bout; it wasn't just his pride on the line but his title too; along with one-hundred million berri and a sky island as well. Naturally, the Strongest Creature gambled on himself to wipe the floor against his decade-old rival.

With the gap between the mink and the caliche decreasing, Wukong extended his tail downward to brace for the collision. Although the rate in which he descended would've generally left a massive crater in his wake, upon touching down on the wasteland there was but a sound upon his arrival; leaving no scare on the battlefield, not that anyone would've notice. Taking another hit from his pipe, Wukong retracted his staff and twirled it on his hand; his eyes pierced into the distance as he surveyed the area.

"You always been one for grand entrances, I see that part of you has yet to Die Kong." A deep and grueling voice called out as a Hulking figure seemed to spontaneously form from a thick red cloud of mist. Seemingly appearing from nowhere the hulking figure's foot his the ground softly which, despite its soft landing still managed to shatter the earth beneath the figure. A massive blood-Red braided beard was the first and most prominent feature of the figure to be shown to the world, with the rest of the body appearing shortly after.

Rumalar Zelgius, the man feared as Bloodbeard peered towards his fellow emperor and long time rival who stood across from him, towering over him greatly, without an ounce of fear etched within his golden eyes. "Your as tall as always." he murmured as he made his way towards Wukong, each step he took shattered the earth beneath his feet.

The Worlds Strongest Man stood just a few feet away from the World's Strongest Creature, hoping to once and for all end this seemingly eternal duel they held between for decades. Of course, Bloodbeard valued himself to be the victor of this bout as he was determined to finally end the ever-present draw that carried on between them for decades since their days as Apprentices of the Thunder-Beast Pirates.

"This battle will end in the same way it's looking up to me!" although his expression was still rather empty, Wukong muttered those words passionately. The could've gone on to talk for hours, telling stories, talkin' shit, but it'd just be delaying the inevitable. This wasn't two pirates reminiscing over their glory days. No these are the glory days and Wukong planned on enjoying his prime as the undisputed strongest creature, as his name already suggests.

With his staff still rotating along his left hand, Wukong abruptly stopped its spiral, adjusting his grip to the lower half of his weapon. Obviously the Wukong Pirates' captain wasn't wield a shoddy stick. His signature weapon, Ruyi Bang, was crafted by some of the greatest blacksmiths alive and then enhanced by the most brilliant minds in all of the white-seas. It's an invaluable treasure and Wukong utilized it like a season master.

Finally planting his feet along the ground, the caliche beneath shattered, struggling to hold the weight of the titanic beast that is Wukong. Albeit, monkey mink did appear as if he was aloof beast titan who relied solely on his raw abilities to overwhelm opponents. But his actions would disprove such a gravely inaccurate sentiment. His stance was balanced, equally distributed even though one foot was slightly ahead of the other. He cocked his left appendage back before swing the staff upwards with incredible force in the direction of his former cremate and now rival Yonko. With malicious intent, the force in which he swung his Ruyi Bang carried the hots winds of the wasteland along with it. Yet despite the gale trying to hinder the attack's speed, the staff firmly carried onward.

But visuals alone wouldn't testify to the gravity of the attack. Naturally, Wukong had coated himself and his weapon in a thick layer of haki that served as an exoskeleton, amplifying both his offensive and defensive prowess. If challenged, Kong would exert his own will onto battlefield bring about unholy amount damage to the immediate area. But obviously, he knew his opponent wouldn't falter. This was a duel between emperors, not some rookie pirate who had enough balls to challenge the strongest creature. He was certain Bloodbeard would contest it. And thus, his face remained stoic, repose as the all mighty attack hurled in his opponent's direction.