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Abilities and Powers


In an excellent example of the phrase "blood will tell", Celestia inherits the best parts of both of her parents. She is an extremely powerful pirate despite being extraordinarily young, as the founder and captain of the infamous Blue Rose Pirates who are on par with her father's Straw Hat Pirates at its peak 15 years ago. Her absurd abilities and natural talent had grown enough to allow her to perform an impossible feat done only by her father once before at the wee age of nearly six: breaking into the impregnable sea fortress of Impel Down and escaping alive and unscathed but extremely tired even after fighting her way through both the Chief Warden and Vice Warden.

Celestia also possesses a considerable silver tongue which she exercises to keep the order in her father's massive congregation. She was appointed as the Third Division Commander as a testament to this skill despite not having her own pirate crew at the time. By the time she was born, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet had grown to ludicrous sizes, boasting 20 separate pirate crews and at least 18,000 members total from each of the crews and the fleet had grown to 24 and 21,000 by the time she began taking on the job of keeping order. After becoming the Third Division Commander, she formed the Blue Rose Pirates, adding a 25th pirate crew and six new members.

Physical Abilities


Celestia is below average in terms of height and weight when compared to most other females her same age. Nevertheless, she had genetically inherited the incredible strength and tenacity of her father as well as her mother's own superhuman strength. Her training regimens with her parents also included lessons from Sanji in his self-invented Black Leg Style. As such, her kicks are far stronger than her own mother's who is widely known to be Amazon Lily's greatest warrior. Her kicks are so incredibly powerful that she was able to break both of Magellan's horns with one swipe in her duel with the Vice Warden of Impel Down when she broke into the prison.

After being captured by the Stormbreaker Pirates and having eaten the Devil Fruit kept in their treasure room, her parents added a new item to her training menu. Once, her father had been captured and imprisoned and kept under the permanent influence of Seastone in the form of handcuffs. He used this as a training method to strengthen himself in his weakened state and this is exactly the type of training he put Celestia under after discovering that she had become a Devil Fruit user. The new Spartan training menu helped to develop Celestia's physical strength enough to the point that she was able to punch down a one-meter-wide tree that had grown for two centuries in one hit despite being severely weakened by the Seastone.

Speed and Agility

Celestia possesses tremendous innate reserves of speed and agility. She also possesses absurdly fast reaction times. She was capable of fighting toe to toe with the Chief Warden and the Vice Warden when they teamed up to bring her in. Despite being outnumbered, she was able to use her extreme speed and agility to dodge all of their attacks coupled with her mastery over Haki to escape from their clutches unscathed. Her speed is such that in her regular training sessions with her father, who commands a level of Observation Haki that allows him to peer into the future, she is capable of outstripping the speed of his predictions and was able to land a few solid hits against him. (This can also certainly be attributed to Luffy going easy on his daughter as from an outsider's perspective, especially to Hancock, Luffy is an extremely doting father despite being able to respect Celestia's independence.)

She is able to keep up in training duels with the top three fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe. Her speed is especially true when fighting Jinbe as due to being a Fish-Man, he possesses superhuman speed, surpassing that of humans. The fact that Celestia can keep up in her training matches with Jinbe goes to show the results of the grueling training her parents put her through. Celestia's speed is such that she can easily blitz past most other fish-men, defeating them in one blow as shown during her rounds through Fish-Men Island, the first territory that her father obtained under his name after claiming that it was his once he challenged Big Mom for the first time, where she put down multiple dangerous figures that had plans to disturb the peace of the island ever since it was put under Luffy's protection.

Durability and Endurance

Partly due to genetics and partly due to training, Celestia can take ungodly amounts of physical abuse but still remain conscious. She always pushed herself to the absolute limit in her training sessions with her parents, even when she was only four years of age. As such, she inevitably built up a resistance to most physical abuse much like her father before her. The best example of her inexhaustible durability and endurance is against Marshall D. Allison whom she famously dueled against on the artificial island of Endymion for fourteen hours despite the latter possessing the same dual Devil Fruit nature of her father, utilizing the Dark-Dark Fruit and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit. In that fight, Celestia was able to take multiple head-on hits from the quake bubbles of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit but remain on her two legs. This could be attributed to her superior Haki but it cannot be denied that she possesses monstrous durability.

Her durability and endurance also allows her the ability to fight well even under the influence of Seastone which severely weakens her as a Devil Fruit user. One noteworthy instance of this is during the Glass Fog Incident in which she was captured and locked away. While it took her no less than sixteen intermittent hours of wrangling, she was able to break apart the chains that held her Seastone handcuffs together before escaping from her jail cell and fighting her way through the prison. She was able to do this for seven hours (she had chosen a day where the most powerful jailers that kept the prison in check were out on a different operation) until she finally made it to the surface where she found her crewmates in the Blue Rose Pirates who had launched a rescue operation for their captain.

She is also naturally resistant to poisons and most other adverse substances, a trait that she inherited from her father who had performed the impossible and survived being dosed with, by all measures, an incurable amount of poisons during his fight against Magellan. This was shown when she fought against Magellan herself with most of the venomous Vice Warden's attacks easily shrugged off by the girl, despite her being barely six years old at the time. However, strangely, her body has a weak tolerance for alcohol and there have been multiple instances where she got intoxicated simply from taking in the scent of wine.

Black Leg Style

Main Article: Black Leg Style

Personally tutored by the inventor of the style, Celestia is extraordinarily proficient in the use of this fighting style despite not exactly having the same motivations as the inventor in terms of using it. In Celestia's mind, if it can expand her arsenal in how to protect herself, she will put her everything into learning it. The speed at which she learned how to use it was such that by the time she was twelve, Sanji stated that she possessed the same skill level he did back when he reunited with the rest of the Straw Hats after his two years of rigorous training in the Kamabakka Kingdom. Of course, being the teacher and being far older than she was, Sanji was still the unreachable pinnacle that Celestia strives daily to reach.

Like her mentor, she is capable of extended-period handstands in order to give her legs more room to move. However, she still prefers to fight with the sword and as such, is actually more capable than her mentor at one-handed handstands as she combines her peerless swordsmanship with her sharp kicks. It is with a combination of her peerless swordsmanship and her proficiency in the Black Leg Style that she was able to duel Marshall D. Allison on equal terms for as long as she did. While she was not yet a proficient user of the fighting style, her versatility and her quick wits more than made up for it in her break-in of Impel Down. Celestia is also capable of performing the "Sky Walk" at the age of twelve further increasing her combat arsenal as she can now include aerial combos using either her feet or her sword. (By extension, she is also capable of "Blue Walk", however, she is unable to maintain high speeds because of the effects of seawater.)

Diable Jambe

Main Article: Diable Jambe

Celestia's form of Diable Jambe is slightly different from her mentor's as it actually is based off of her father's technique, "Red Hawk", in which in his Gear Second form, he delivers a fiery Armament Haki-infused punch. In either case, Celestia is able to ignite her legs in much the same manner as her mentor by rapidly spinning in place. However, as stated previously, she must first encase her legs with Armament Haki before they would actually burst into flame. She is also capable of igniting her legs via sheer willpower as she thinks back to her powerless state when captured by the Stormbreaker Pirates, swearing to never be that helpless again.

Like her mentor, she is resistant to the fire generated by this technique, however, this is actually thanks to both her Devil Fruit powers which turns her into a crystal-based human as well as her exceptionally strong Armament Haki.


Celestia is personally mentored by the one known as the "World's Strongest Swordsman", having inherited that title from Dracule Mihawk, Roronoa Zoro. Like her experience with Sanji and his personal fighting style, Zoro found that Celestia was also an unparalleled genius in the way of the sword. Her skill level is such that at the age of six, after receiving her first bounty of Bsymbol.gif95,000,000, she was able to fight toe to toe with the Four Emperor, Trafalgar Law, during one of her sparring sessions with the pirate who is on begrudgingly good terms with Celestia's father (of course, she was unable to land a good proper hit but Law agreed that her talent exceeds any expectations that one could have).

Unlike her mentor, however, Celestia shows no interest in wielding multiple swords, having a firm conviction that she needs nothing but the one blade. Zoro even comments that Celestia's skill in the Ittoryu surpasses his, as his specialty is Santoryu and while he is certainly no slacker in the other styles to the point that he is lauded as a master, he cannot hope to match a girl who has unchangingly set her sights on mastering the one blade. Her skill with the sword is one of the main reasons for her epithet of Princess-Knight of the Blue Rose with this epithet also reflecting her status as a "princess" of pirates, the daughter of the Pirate King.


As stated previously, Celestia refuses to learn how to use multiple swords as she wants to polish the one blade to the absolute limit. The most extreme example of her mastery in the sword is shown in her raid of New Marineford and her battle with the Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki. She was not only able to deal a fatal wound on the extremely powerful Logia user but she was able to slice straight through the Seastone ramparts of the fortress, cleanly bisecting it and the island it stands on. While this can be attributed to the Meito she wields and her extraordinarily refined Armament Haki, it is still a feat that shocked the world.

Kuronagi Jigen-ryu

Main Article: Kuronagi Jigen-ryu


There is but one instance where Celestia broke her personal creed and utilized more than one sword. However, as it was a purely spiritual application, her crewmates don't necessarily count this as breaking her self-rule. In her battle with Charlotte Linlin, Celestia was able to exude an exceedingly evil aura, calling out her innate spiritual projection ability, to give herself two more arms in which each arm held a blade. Similar to her mentor, despite this form being purely spiritual, her attack power increases threefold and she was able to kill the Four Emperor after a long 17-hour battle. Her technique is given the name of Kiki Santoryu: Asura - Hanmen, seeing as she only obtains two extra arms compared to the four arms her mentor's Kiki Kyutoryu: Asura could create; the fact that she can only undergo a half-transformation may also be seen as Celestia subconsciously stopping herself from creating more.

Celestia's Sword

Despite being trained by the multiple-sword-wielding Zoro, Celestia only owns one sword, the Amatsumikaboshi, one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito. It was among the treasures found on Laugh Tale. It was originally supposed to be used by Zoro but he decided against it due to having three already good swords at his side and instead gave the blade to Celestia who immediately bonded with the sword.

Devil Fruit


Celestia is among the very small number of people in the world who can use all three types of Haki. Most notably, she is trained in its use by her father, Luffy, who in turn, was trained by the former First Mate of the Roger Pirates, Silvers Rayleigh, and her mother whose mastery over Haki allowed her to be easily accepted as the replacement of Blackbeard in the Four Emperors. It took her no less than 16 months of training to fully master the basics of Haki usage after her parents' discovery of Celestia's possessing of Conqueror's Haki.

Haoshoku Haki

Celestia is in the possession of Conqueror's Haki, an exceedingly rare type of Haki whose users are said to have the qualities of a king. This power was latent within her and it was first used unintentionally during Celestia's capture by the Stormbreaker Pirates, knocking out everyone except for its captain and first mate. Following her successful escape, her parents trained her in the usage of this Haki along with the other two types. After having mastered the use of Conqueror's Haki, she used it expertly but sparingly.

After having mastered the use of Conqueror's Haki, she used it multiple times during her break-in of Impel Down, knocking out Marines and prisoners alike. She even made the likes of the warden and vice warden shiver in place before they slowly got used to it. She again used it in her friendly confrontation and talk with Donquixote Doflamingo, their respective Conqueror's Haki clashing against each other and rippling throughout Level 6.


The most extreme example of the potency of her Conqueror's Haki is during her confrontation with Big Mom in which the enraged Celestia emanated such immense levels of Conqueror's Haki that she was able to actively intimidate the Four Emperor to the point that she trembled in her shoes despite Big Mom employing her own exceptionally potent Conqueror's Haki. She was also able to "kill" Prometheus with her Haki as it was merely a split-off portion of Big Mom. Her anger also fueled her newfound spiritual projection ability to its limits, allowing her to perform the Kiki Santoryu: Asura - Hanmen technique which she used to kill her.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Busoshoku Haki

Miscellaneous Abilities

Voice of All Things

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