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Bonus: Flames of the Phoenix Arc
Date Started: May 24, 2021


Date Finished: June 19, 2021


Setting: Minion Island, North Blue
Characters Involved:

Pheonix Fire Pirates

Isono Family


  • Tigru


  • Eternal Phoenix


This is the Fifth Arc of the One Piece: Pirates' World. Click link to read the Fourth Arc.


Chapter 24: Blade of the Phoenix

"Captain! Minion Island is in sight!" Saori announced while peering through her eyeglass.

"Finally!" Akira sighs while stretching. "Can't wait to feel the ground again!"

"Where is Rika?" Kazuki asks while scratching his head.

"She should be asleep in her room." Akira answers while walking towards the front of the ship. Kazuki turns around and walks towards the room that Rika is sleeping in. He opens the door and peeks through the cracked door.

"Rika? You awake?" Kazuki asks.

"Yeah," Rika says while rubbing her eyeballs. She was sitting up in bed with a blanket covering her lower body. Kazuki opens the door, then he fully closes it behind him.

He walks over to a nearby chair and sits.

"You ready?" Kazuki asks.

"Yeah, I believe I can pass the test this time," Rika says while yawning.

"We've arrived at the island, so get dressed. Kazuki says while getting up. He opens the door and closes it behind him. She gets up out of her bed and puts on bright red shorts. She then put on a dark blue blouse over her bra.

She puts on socks and white boots and wraps a haramaki around her waist. She slips one of her swords between the haramaki.

After suitably dressing, she opens the door and walks out onto the deck. She is flash with bright sunlight. She then stares out into the open so her eyes can adjust.

"Hurry up, Rika!" Akira demands while looking at her.

"Relax, I'm coming," Rika says while walking down the stairs. She jogs towards the three to catch up.

They hop off the ship and head down the path inside of the jungle.

"So tell me, captain, what are we doing here? Akira asks.

"We're here to test Rika's skill. We're seeing if she is worthy of wielding the blade of the phoenix." Kazuki answers.

"What exactly is the blade of the phoenix? Saori asks.

"The blade of the phoenix, or commonly known as Hi, is a legendary blade that resides here on this island. After the firstborn of the current wielder turns eighteen, the blade will teleport to this location and be placed in the ground. Only the worthy person can pull it out." Kazuki explains

"So it should be easy for her to pull it out, right?" Akira asks.

"Not exactly. There is not a guarantee that Rika can pull the sword out. The phoenix has to be compatible with its user. Also, if Rika can not pull out the sword by the age of twenty-three. That means the sword has moved on to another person that isn't Rika." Kazuki explains.

"Oh, I understand now. So that means you used to wield the sword!" Akira points out.

"Correct, back in the day, when the Phoenix Fire Pirates were in their prime, and when I was a Warlord of the Sea. They would fear the mere mention of my name. Of course, I gave up the pirate life when Rika was born." Kazuki bragged. "Anyways, we have arrived at the place."

A door was placed on the outside of the massive volcano above them. The rustling of nearby animals could be heard throughout the forest.

"I've seen this door only two times, and I'm already sick of it." Rika sighs while yawning. "Let's get this over with."

Kazuki opens the door in front of him, and the group walks in. Saori closes the door behind them. As they walk down a dark corridor. The cave was dark and was barely visible inside of it. Bats could hear a clicking echoed throughout the cave.

Kazuki pulls out his hand and turns his hand into magma. The magma produces a little bit of light.

"Follow me," Kazuki says while walking down the path of the cave. They keep walking until they make it to a pivot towards three pathways.

"We are heading down the one on the far right," Rika says while walking towards the right.

"It's actually the left." Kazuki corrects her while walking to the left. "On the right is a trapdoor that leads to a bunch of lava. In the middle, leads to a bottomless pit."

'I was testing your memory." Rika lies while walking behind the three. Saori, Kazuki, and Akira all laugh at her. They continue walking down the cave until they reach another door. Kazuki knocks on it, and the four wait.

"Who is it?" A woman's voice echoes.

"It's Kazuki!" Kazuki yells out to the old woman.

"I don't know who that is." The woman says. Kazuki sighs and scratches his head.

"It's Mr. Hot-Head, mom," Kazuki whispers.

"It's what?" the woman snickers.

"Mr. Hot-Head," Kazuki yells, with an embarrassed look on his face.

"That's a name I remember! Welcome home, Kazuki and Rika!." The woman says,

Chapter 25: A Cup of Tea with the Isono Family

"Who is it?" A woman's voice echoes.

"It's Kazuki!" Kazuki yells out to the old woman.

"I don't know who that is." The woman says. Kazuki sighs and scratches his head.

"It's Mr. Hot-Head, mom," Kazuki whispers.

"It's what?" the woman snickers.

"Mr. Hot-Head," Kazuki yells, with an embarrassed look on his face.

"That's a name I remember! Welcome home, Kazuki and Rika!." The woman says, She gives big hugs to both of the two. The woman was rather old and shorter than the two. After she hugs the two, she looks at the other two gals behind them.

"Oh, seems like we have some company! Where did you find these beautiful gals at? Are you starting a harem?" The woman asks why staring her son down.

"No, mom! It's some girls Rika befriended on Farnna Island." Kazuki explains while putting his hands up.

"Haha, I know, I'm just joking. URANISHI! GET FIVE CUPS OF TEA READY!!!" The woman yells.

"Ok!" Uranishi says while running to the kitchen. Inside the room was a giant space with a kitchen.

The room had eight beds and a table nearby.

"Go ahead and sit down. Your tea is being made." The old woman says while sitting down herself.

"Tell me, Gramma Niwa, how have you been?" Rika asks.

"Oh, I have just been sitting around, waiting for my granddaughter to unlock the powers of the sword!" Niwa grunts while slamming her hand on the table.

"Relax, mother. She will pull it. I believe in her." Kazuki says with a smile on his face.

"Well, you might be right. Since it took you on your last year to get it." Niwa laughs. Kazuki's face turns red in embarrassment. He gets up from the table.

"I'm going outside to take a breather," Kazuki says while walking out the door.

"Mrs. Niwa is it true it took him five years," Saori asks.

"Absolutely." Niwa laughs. The four girls notice Uranishi walk up with the two cups of tea.

"Tea for you lovely ladies," Uranishi says in a flirtatious way. He places the cups of tea in front of Saori and Akira.

"Thanks for the tea." Akira and Saori both say.

"Say, would you like for me to show you around the island," Uranishi says while grabbing Saori's hand?

"Ooh, you're cute." Saori flirts back.

"URANISHI!!!" Niwa yells. Uranishi instantly gets up and bows towards Saori.

"Sorry!" Uranishi apologizes while running to get the other cups of tea. Kazuki opens the door and walks back into the room, and sits down. He coughs awkwardly as he waits for his cup of tea.

Uranishi places the rest of the tea in front of Rika, Niwa, and Kazuki.

"Hurry up, and enjoy the tea! We got to get this show on the road!" Niwa says with a laugh.

"What exactly will be the trials for this year?" Rika asks after sipping tea out of the cup.

"For the first trial, you will have to defeat a hundred tigerbeasts and the king of the tigerbeasts, Tigru," Niwa says with a smile.

"Tigerbeasts?" Rika says with a surprised look on her face.

"Tigerbeasts are giant tigers with giant muscles, and they are super tall and intimidating," Kazuki explains.

"And you expect me to defeat a hundred of them?" Rika says.

"Absolutely, every year, the trials get harder. To test your strength. Anyways, for the second trial, you have to climb Mt. Fenikkisu." Niwa says.

"Mt. Fenikkisu is 2,000 meters tall," Kazuki adds.

"These trials seem bogus." Saori points out.

"Not even one of the six warlords of the sea can do that," Akira adds.

"Well, that is actually, you're wrong. I had to do this trial myself," Kazuki argues.

"For real?" The three girls say with a surprised look.

"Let me tell you, I was never the same since. But, it did make me stronger." Kazuki adds.

"Well, tea time is over. Now it's the trial time!" Niwa yells. She gets up from the chair and opens a door behind her. The room was filled to the brink with weapons such as guns and swords. In the middle, incased was the legendary sword.

"There it is. The Phoenix Blade." Rika acknowledges while walking up to it. She grabs it and takes it off the wall.

"Seems like it still hasn't accepted you yet," Kazuki states the obvious. Rika frowns at him, then looks back at the sword. She puts the sword in the scabbard on her side.

"Will we need to get weapons?" Akira asks.

"No need, the Tigerbeasts are loyal to the Phoenix. They will not attack us and are willing to comply with the rules." Niwa explains. "Alright, let's move! They are waiting for us!"

Chapter 26: Tigru of the Tigerbeasts

"It's about time you humans showed up," Tigru says, his voice boomed throughout the island. They were inside a giant temple with multiple tigerbeasts guarding the leader who sat on his throne.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Tigru," Niwa says while bowing.

"No need to bow, Niwa. But, Kazuki, you need to bow to me." Tigru demanded while staring Kazuki down.

"Do you need for me to whoop your ass again?" Kazuki threatens with a smile

"You talk big lowly human. I only let you live cause of Niwa. Tell me, Niwa, How did you make such an impertinent son?" Tigru rudely asks Niwa.

"Watch it, Tigru. That is my son you're talking about." Niwa warns.

"Sorry. But, who are these other humans?" Tigru asks while staring down Uranishi, Rika, Saori, and Akira.

"You should recognize me! I'm the one who makes the weapons for your clan." Uranishi claims.

"Oh, your that Uranishi kid," Tigru says.

"What do you mean that Uranishi kid? I was here literally here yesterday." Uranishi yelps.

"I don't remember. But, which one is your successor, Kazuki." Tigru asks.

"Clearly the one with the blue hair." Kazuki snorts. Tigru stares at Kazuki for a minute before looking at Rika.

"What's up," Rika says while waving.

"She resembles you when you were young, Niwa," Tigru says while chuckling.

"Come on, tiger thing, let get this thing going." Rika snorts.

"And just as rude as you, Kazuki." Tigru points out. Tigru looks at Saori and Akira's surprised faces. "What wrong with them two?"

"How can a tiger be so huge?" Akira asks.

"He has to be about thirty feet tall!" Saori adds.

"Well, tiger beasts can grow up to twenty-five feet, so that reaction is expected," Tigru explains.

"How is Rika expected to defeat a hundred of them?" Akira asks.

"Don't underestimate me! Let's just get this started." Rika shouts.

"As you wish! JOHHNY! PULL THE LEVER!." Tigru roars. One of the tigerbeasts runs over to a lever and pulls it. The temple begins shaking around the group and begins to fly up like an elevator.

"What the hell is going on???" Saori asks.

"Relax, girly. We are heading up into the arena." Tigru says calmly. After two minutes, the temple suddenly stops, and the door in front of the temple flies up. In front of them was a giant arena with a bunch of tigerbeasts sitting in the stands.

"Everyone, please welcome! King Tigru!!!" A tiger announcer calls out into a microphone and the large crowd of tigerbeasts cheers and roars for their king. Tigru walks forward into the arena and cracks his knuckles. Tigru grabs the microphone and taps his enormous finger on the microphone to check if it's working.

"Today, we have a fight between the next successor of the Phoenix Blade and a hundred of your fellow Tigerbeasts. If the successor defeats the Tigerbeasts, she shall face me, the king!" Tigru roars while pumping his fist.

He hands the giant mic back to the announcer and sits on his nearby throne, getting ready to watch the fight.

The one hundred tigerbeasts were all in the arena waiting for Rika to come out. They all had armor and were wielding spears. The crowd was roaring in excitement.

"Now, Tigerladies and Tigermen! Please welcome the successor, Rika Isono!" The announcer calls out. Rika walks out into the arena with the phoenix blade on her side. She has her hair tied back and was ready for the battle.

A hundred tigerbeasts roars in excitement, ready to fight. Rika takes her sword out and points at the tigerbeasts, and smiles.

"Prepare to taste the flames of the phoenix!" She shouts.

Chapter 27: A Hundred Tigerbeasts? Are You Serious?!?!

"Now, Tigerladies and Tigermen! Please welcome the successor, Rika Isono!" The announcer calls out. Rika walks out into the arena with the phoenix blade on her side. She has her hair tied back and was ready for the battle.

A hundred tigerbeasts roars in excitement, ready to fight. Rika takes her sword out and points at the tigerbeasts, and smiles.

"Prepare to taste the flames of the phoenix!" She shouts as she raises the sword in the air. The tigerbeasts back down in fear, expecting the flames of the phoenix to burst from the sword.

Ten seconds pass, and the sword barely sparks an ember, all the tigerbeasts burst out in laughter at Rika. Even Tigru chuckles a little bit at her.

Kazuki palms his face and shakes his head.

"Fool! You can't just expect the sword to burst in flames. You must know its name!" Niwa yells out.

"Wait, Granny, you mean the sword has the name?" Akira asks.

"Yes, the sword has a name for every user of it," Uranishi explains.

"Mines was named Athena," Kazuki adds.

"What about you, Granny?" Saori asks.

"You don't need to know," Niwa says with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Its name was, Tawagoto." Kazuki snickers. They all burst out in laughter. Niwa's face turns bright red, and she punches Kazuki & Uranishi in their guts. They both fall to the ground, in pain.

"Ow! Mom." Kazuki grunts in pain.

"Ow!" Uranishi grunts as well.

"Bastard," Niwa says while crossing her arms.

"Damn It!" Rika says. The tigerbeasts were still laughing at her. In a rage, she slices the one near her. He grunts in pain and falls to the ground.

"It may not be in flames, but it's still a sword. Prepare to be sliced!" Rika says. She clashes her sword against the many Tigerbeasts that surround her. She slices a few down but is punched down by another.

Rika wipes the blood off her lip and rises to her feet. One of the tigerbeasts shoots a fireball out of his mouth towards her. She dodges barely and jumps back.

"What? Y'all didn't tell me they can shoot fire from their throats!?" Rika shouts in confusion.

"Well, they did receive a little power from the Eternal Phoenix," Kazuki says with a chuckle. Rika flips Kazuki off and then dodges an incoming sword attack from a tigerbeasts.

"Did she just flip me off?" Kazuki asks.

"You are being a dick," Niwa says. Saori and Akira nod in agreement.

"Well, she has to learn herself," Kazuki says.

"Look where eearning herself got her. She's getting her ass jumped." Uranishi points out. Kazuki looks over to see Rika struggling to keep the Tigerbeasts off of her. One of the tigerbeasts picks her up and toss her. They begin to throw Rika around.

One of the Tigerbeasts kicks her in the chest, sending her into a wall.

"The match is over. Call the match." Saori calls out.

"No, wait," Keeuki says.

"Rika is going to be killed," Akira argued.

"Shut your trap! For once, my son is right. Just wait." Niwa demands.

"Wait, what do you mean for once?" Kazuki says while looking at Niwa. She ignores him and stares at barely conscious Rika.

"Come on, Rika!" Niwa thinks.

"Rika! Rika! Can you hear me?" An unknown voice asks. Rika looks around. She was surrounded by fire and daeeness.

"Where the hell am I?" Rika asks while looking around. A large squawk is heard around her.

"You are definitely your father's daughter! A potty mouth just like him." An unknown voice says.

Chapter 28: Eternal Phoenix

"Rika! Rika! Can you hear me?" An unknown feminine voice asks. Rika looks around to see fire and darkness.

"Where the hell am I?" Rika asks while looking around. Rika heareea large squawk but couldn't pinpoint the direction.

"You are your father's daughter! A potty mouth just like him." An unknown voice says.

"Who are you?" Rika asks.

"You know who I am. Just think." The voice says.

"If I knew who you are. I wouldn't be asking who you are." Rika points out.

"You know, but you must hurry! Figure out my name before you die from these tigerbeasts." The voice says.

"Let's fieesh her off, boys." One of the tigerbeasts says. They all hold their hands forward and charge up their fireballs.

"She's going to be killed!" Akira says while running towards the arena. Kazuki grabs her hand, trying to stop her. She uses her soap to try to clean off his power. But, his grip stays strong. Tears roll down Akira's face.

The tigerbeasts shoot fireballs towards Rika, and a large explosion goes off.

eeOOOOO!" Akira and Saori yell. Saori kicks Kazuki's leg, and he loses grip on Akira. They both run into the arena to check on Akira. Akira clears the smoke with her soap. Everyone gasps to see an alive Rika, with the Phoenix Blade in the air burning with intense flames. Rika had a focused and intimidating look on her face.

"Sorahi! Burn your flames!" Rika yells. Kazuki grins and claps his hands.

"Sorahi, eh," Niwa sees with a smile. Rika slashes her sword, and a wave of flames knocks down all of the Tigerbeasts. There were only three Tigerbeasts left. Two of them ran away in fear of the legendary sword. The other was larger than the other two boldly stood up to Rika.

He rushes at Rika with a fist of flames, he attempts to strike her, but she slices his gut. He stands for a minute before falling to the ground.

"Now that I have Soraheesn my side. Expect to be defeated!" Rika declares. Tigru rises from his throne and smiles. He begins to clap his hands, and the rest of the tigerbeasts do the same.

"Why are you clapping? You need to get ready for our fight." Rika repeated.

"There is no need for that," Kazuki says with his arm around Rika.

"You've had completed your task of unlocking the legendary powers of the Eternal Phoenix." Tigru declares.

"Good job, Riees" Akira shouts while jumping up and down.

"Congratulations!" Saori says while patting Rika on the shoulder.

"Man, I was kind of hoping that you got beat up a little bit." Uranishi jokes.

"Keep talking, and I'll chop your lips off," Rika warned.

"Woah, relax, I was joking." Uranishi pleaded while putting his hands up.

"I knew you could do it!" Niwa yells while grabbing Rika's hands and jumping up and down.

"Tell me, Tigru? Have you goeesn stronger over the years>" Kazuki asks while looking up at him.

"Most definitely still stronger than you!" Tigru boasts while crossing his arms.

"Wanna test that?" Kazuki asks with a smile.

"Not today. Last time we fought, we destroyed an island." Tigru denies.

"Yeah, your right." Kazuki laughs.

"Well, my men got a whole bunch of Schoow. My cook made a whole bunch go around for everyone." Tigru announced. "Johnny! Bring in the meat! Rodney! Brees in the tables."

Johnny and Rodney leave for a few minutes. Johnny comes back with a large amount of cooked Schoow, and Rodney comes back with two large tables.

A kid tigerbeasts brought in a small table for the humans, The tigerbeasts with chef hats on. They pass out the meat for everyone to eat.

"Dig in!" Tigru roars while chomping into a piece of Schoow.

Chapter 29: Departure! Kazuki's Reveal!

"Rika! Rika! Wake up!" Uranishi shouts while shaking Rika.

Rika slowly opens her eyes to see Uranishi over her.

"What do you want, kid?" Rika asks while gesturing for him to move back and give her space.

"Your only six months older than me." Uranishi corrects. "Anyways, good afternoon!"

"What are you talking about?" Rika asks while looking around. "Hold up, how the hell did we get on the ship?"

"Well, you passed out from tiredness, and we had to carry you to the ship," Uranishi explains. He sits down in a nearby chair.

"So wait, you're telling me. We aren't on minion island anymore?"


"Hold up. Why are you on the ship?" Rika asks while eyeing him.

"Yeah, me and Gramma Niwa are going to be sailing with y'all for a while. Speaking of, Kazuki wanted to explain to you about your future. He wants you to go to him."

"Ok, now get out so I can get dressed," Rika ordered. Uranishi leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

After Rika Get's Dressed

Rika walks out onto the ship deck and looks around to see Saori and Rika training together. Akira looks over and sees Rika. She drops her stick, and runs towards Rika, and gives her a big hug.

"Hey, Rika!" Akira yells while giving her a big hug.

"Hi, Akira," Rika responds. "Ok, you can let go of me now." Akira lets go of her, and Saori gives her a hug as well.

"Kazuki wants to talk to you," Saori informs Rika.

"I've heard. Where is Kazuki?" Rika asks.

"He's in the kitchen with Mrs. Niwa." Akira answers. Rika walks towards the kitchen door and opens it. Inside, Niwa was cooking, and Kazuki was sipping some tea.

"Oh, good afternoon, princess," Kazuki says while e sips some of his tea and places it on the table.

"You wanted me?" Rika asks while sitting in a nearby chair.

"I did. I wanted to talk about your future." Kazuki says.

"What do you mean?" Rika asks.

"Well, it is time for me to let the chick out of the nest. I will be announcing the official disbandment of the Phoenix Fire Pirates." Kazuki says with a sigh.

"Let the chick out the nest? Come on, Kazuki, you can do better." Niwa pointed out.

"What else was I supposed to say?" Kazuki asks.

"I don't know. But you can do better." Niwa says.

"Anyways, the fire of the phoenix fire pirates have long burned out. The golden days for this pirate group were long over. As for you, Akira, and Saori, y'all fire has just lit. You will be joining a new pirate crew."

"What pirate crew?" Rika asks.

"Well, an old friend of mine has two sons that live on Meteor Island. He says they both want to become pirates and are going to eventually be starting their crew. I thought it would be best that you grow with one of them."

"So, basically what your saying is we are sailing towards Meteor Island so we can join their crew." Rika sums it up.

"Exactly! However, we are going to make it interesting," Kazuki says with a grin.


"I'm going to pretend to be this bad father that hates his daughter. We are going to pretend like we are trying to take over the island. With that, you can choose who you want to accompany on their pirate journey. " Kazuki explains. "You up for it?" They sit in silence for five minutes. Rika grins and breaks the silence.

"Of course, I want to become stronger, and to do that, I have to find somebody to grow with. I'll play along." Rika says with a grin.

'You took that better than I expected." Kazuki admitted.

"So, tell me, what are their names?" Rika asks. '

"The older one is named Kazu Ōtahara, the younger one is named Shinya." Kazuki answers.

"Noted. Shinya and Kazu. Do the girls already know about this?" Rika asks.

"Yep, I already explained it to them, and they are ready for it."

"But, what about you? Where will you be going? Also, they probably will recognize you since you have a bounty of one-hundred five million."

"They probably will but it doesn't matter, and me, your grandma, and Uranishi will be heading to Fish-Man Island. There is where you will sail with one of the boys to find the secret about your mother." Kazuki says dreadfully.

"M-M-My mom?" Rika says.

"I can't tell you any more! You will learn when you get there." Kazuki says.

"B-But you have to tell me!" Rika yells.

"RIKA! RIKA! RIKA!" Kazuki says, but his voice was not his. It was Shinya's.

Rika wakes with sweat dripping down her forehead. She looks towards her and sees Shinya.

"Are you alright? You were sweating and sleep talking." Shinya asks.

"Y-Y-Yeah, I'm alright." Rika lies.

"Also, Daichi has been poisoned!" Shinya says dreadfully.


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