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Bounty Hunter's Tale: From the West Blue
Date Started: June 1st, 2020

Date Finished:

Setting: West Blue
- Important Islands

Notable Characters Involved:
- Main Character

- Pirates

- Marines

- Other

This is the story of the notorious bounty hunter "Quickdraw" D. Neal and his adventures before he entered the Grand Line.



The whole island was burning. It was going perfectly, except for the fact that Yama hadn't been able to find it yet. He knew that the treasure was here, on this West Blue ghost island, but the residents would not tell him anything. It had taken him and his crew a whole month to find the island since it somehow moved, and he would not allow himself to believe that he had wasted his precious time.

"Captain, would you be willing to let me eat that devil fruit we captured?" asked the pirate Gilford to his superior. All he received in reply was a glare that caused him to quickly scuttle off. He had been asking for the fruit for almost a month now. He knew that if he could gain devil fruit powers, then he might be strong enough to get a bounty higher than the captain's bounty. In his mind, he believed that he could usurp his boss if he also had powers. However, Corinthus Yama was not a pirate to be trifled with and had to be handled cautiously. Even now, the chief of the island they had invaded was whimpering at the feet of the mighty pirate captain.

"Please, I beg of you. There is nothing here. We are a poor island. I beg you. Please leave us alone," the old man cried. All he received for his efforts was a kick to the stomach. "Find it, you imbeciles! Find the hidden treasure!" yelled Yama. He would not leave empty-handed. If there was no treasure to be found, he'd just loot the village instead. Unbeknownst to the pirate, a small group had taken shelter in the shadow of his ship. This small group contained a handful of fighting men and one small 10-year-old child. They huddled around a long object wrapped in a dark cloth to hide it from enemy eyes.

"We can't all hide. It will be found. Give it to Neal," decided the chief's wife. The small package was given to the 10-year-old and he was told to hide. A small entourage broke off with the child and snuck onto the ship. They reached the hold and opened a barrel. The small boy squeezed inside with the wrapped object. He would need food, so the people searched the hold. They found some dried meat in a crate and a strange red, cube-shaped fruit that had been locked in a chest. These items were taken to the child and all were sealed within the barrel. The fighters left, praying for the child's safety as they returned to fight for their village. The child would not emerge for many days until the fighting was over.

Three days later...

He was hungry, but he had to conserve his food. he had no idea how long he would be trapped in the barrel. Although, the fruit would probably perish first so he should eat it quickly. When he took a bite, it tasted horrible. "Maybe it was already spoiled," he thought to himself. He ate it anyway because spoiled food is still food. It left a bitter taste in his mouth and did nothing more, or so he thought.

Five days later...

There is not a sound to be heard on the island. Everything lay dead or dying. The fighting had taken only eight days, but it had left devastation and many bodies in its wake. "There's nothing here captain. These fools have cost us enough. Let's just take their loot and leave," said one of the Wild Boar Pirates under Yama's command. "Very well. We set sail immediately!" he announced, "We've wasted enough time on this stupid island." As the pirate ship prepared to embark, a small shadow slipped out from under it clutching a dark package. This shadow searched the island for any survivors, but there were none to be found. He sat on the beach, with the water turning red, and cried out a river. Neal held the package close to his chest for many hours and let loose.

After many hours, he suddenly stopped. A new determination came into his eyes. A spark, of something red-hot and angry: revenge. One day, when he was stronger, he'd make those who hurt others suffer miserably. He unwrapped the object and beheld a great dark blade sealed within. The powerful weapon, Taiyō, was not a child's toy, but he would train with it for many years in order to bring his justice to the world.

Two days later...

"WHERE IS IT!!!" shrieked Yama. The pirate who had found the empty chest quivered in the face of his angry captain. The devil fruit that had been sealed in the hold was missing. He had been going to sell it for millions, but now it was missing. None of the islanders could have stolen it since they were all dead. One of his crew must have stolen it during the ruckus, and he knew just who would have done it. "Get me Gilford. I need to set an example." The frightened crew member rushed to do as he was told. After that day, the pirate Gilford was no longer a member of the Wild Boar Pirates as they sailed towards the Grand Line.

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