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Bounty Hunter's Tale: Mock Town Smack Down
Date Started: August 3rd, 2020

Date Finished:

Setting: Grand Line Paradise
- Important Islands

Notable Characters Involved:
- Main Character

- Pirates

- Other

This is the story of the notorious bounty hunter Sol D. Neal and his adventures on Jaya in the Grand Line.


The Pirate Town

The Grand Line was a very strange place. After traveling on it for a few months now, some things still surprised him. Right now it was the needle that was pointing definitively upwards. The next island was in the sky? That couldn't be true. However, the needle had been tilted ever since he'd left the last island. It had been a few days and the needle had drifted steadily more vertical as he sailed closer and closer.

Finally, he spotted a spot of green on the horizon. An island could be seen over the bobbing waves and a darkened slice indicated a town. It wasn't in the sky, but Neal decided that he might find more information on this island. He sailed in as the sun reached its peak.

There were pirate ships everywhere. Almost every dock had a vessel sporting a black flag. The only other boats on the water were some fishing boats and dinghies What the hell was this? How could there be so many pirates in one place without getting chased out? The Sea Dragon drifted up to the wharf and bumped lightly against the sea wall, right next to a ship with a black bull as its figurehead.

Neal stepped up on the street that jammed against the harbor. He reached back and stored his ship with his devil fruit powers. There was no telling what might happen to his ship with all these pirates about. This was dangerous territory for a bounty hunter. He'd have to lay low and simply gather the information he needed or wait until the log pose was set.

Ragtag fellows walked or danced on the streets. All of them were pirates. Neal saw a few normal-looking people scattered among the vagabonds as well, although they were few and far between. From a quick scan, nobody stood out. There had to be quite a few big names among all these faces.

"Welcome to Mock Town stranger," a man slurred as he stumbled against Neal, propping himself upon the boy's shoulder, "This is a paradise for pirates, feel free to enjoy." A red hat with a feather was perched precariously on the ma's head as he hobbled into an alleyway before slumping over in a drunken stupor. Mock Town huh? What a strange place, but it made sense that such havens existed. "This is disgusting," Neal decided as he watched the cheery criminals around him laugh, "How much pain have these villains caused." Fortunately for them, Neal wasn't here to start a fight, and he had finally recognized someone. Further along the street, a wanted face had just left a building along with his crew: "Corpse Dancer" Radley of the Radley Pirates. He was known for disabling his victims with a knife by cutting their tendons and then killing them slowly by swinging them around in a sick "dance" until they bled out. His bounty was Bsymbol.gif35,000,000. It was so tempting to simply take him out, but a show of justice in a town like this would only turn the entire place against him. He would still hunt, but he would be very patient and wait for the perfect moment.

All of a sudden, a roof exploded, drawing everyone's attention. A new wanted face appeared. "Black Cleaver" Qingyong flew into the air above the building. His signature black sword tumbled through the air with him. He had a bounty of Bsymbol.gif45,000,000, but what really drew Neal's attention was the man who climbed out of the hole in the roof.

Standing on the roof watching Qingyong fall was "Blood Rose" Thornton. Thornton was wearing a white cloak that swept behind him in the wind. His spiky hair made him instantly recognizable. His bounty of Bsymbol.gif60,000,000 was even higher than Neal's own Bsymbol.gif50,000,000. The pirate pointed towards the sky at the falling body of the man he had sent flying into the sky. In an instant, his finger seemed to stretch and stabbed straight into Qingyong's already unconscious body before reeling the mass back in towards Thornton.

"He's a devil fruit user," Neal realized as Thornton tucked the body under his arm before hopping back into the now-roofless building. This might actually be dangerous. Neal's adrenaline began pumping as his excitement rose. He decided to cool his head before he did something stupid. "A bar is the perfect place to do that," he decided as he walked into the nearest one he could find.

No Secrets Among Thieves

Conquering Mock Town

Gaining Infamy

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