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Breath of the Wild
Date Started: July 4th, 2020

Date Finished: July 16th, 2020

Setting: Shikar; East Blue

Characters Involved:

The Mad Pirates have their first ever adventure outside of the Kingdom of Hearts. After running away from that island,they find themselves after following a map in a hunting island where a giant bear is being advertised as the hardest animal to kill. The Yin-Yang Pirates also come to the island to hunt and get the bear for money. It is a huge meetup between two potential infamous pirates in a small hunting ground island.


Before the hunt

Two pirate crews,unknown to each other,enter the island of Shikar in search of an adventure. When they enter the island they are amongst a giant crowd of people waiting. They are waiting for the hunting grounds to open. Shakir is known for being the best hunting grounds in the east blue. Hundreds of people come to big events,and a lot of people attend it."Ten Million Berries for the one that kills the Great Bear." the ranger that patrols the forests in the island said."And if you break any laws,we'll be asking you to leave or we will arrest you."

The great bear he was talking about was this bear that lives in the forest. The bear was known to be about twenty feet tall and over 30,000 pounds. It is the largest animal on the island. Yet it has been caught by hunters yet for over its twenty year history of the animal. Many hunters have not came back from their adventure trying to hunt the thing,and not many has even seen it and came back alive. Most people consider it a myth,while avid hunters still believe in the story. Despite the beliefs of the people,the island has made a lot of money with the tale of the bear and even created that ten million bounty of the creature.

And now Fedora C. John and his Mad Pirates enter the scene while in the crowd and hearing the game commissioner speaking tales of the great bear. The Mad Pirates entered the island and was behind the crowd while the commissioner was speaking.

"Can you tell us why we stopped by this island again?" asks Hearts Kokoro, the gunslinger of the crew.

"Cause I've always wanted to visit this place," responds John,"You guys remember that hunter that would come home every now and then?"

They all nod as they know the hunter that he was talking about.

"Well,he told me about this island and its history." continued John,"And since he taught me the skills of hunting,fishing,and trapping,I've been wanting to visit this place to put these skills to the test." John says with eager,"Besides,we are running out of supplies and money;so we would need this money that the commissioner is offering us."

"But trying to kill a bear?" Fitzroy K. Alice, the first mate says,"Isn't that a bit mad to do it now? I don't think we're ready for that. Remember,this is our first adventure outside of home."

"I know Alice," John said kindly,"But we need to start somewhere."

The Mad Pirates then listen in to what the Game Commissioner says.

Not too far by, a very enthusiastic Yang is excited to hear about such a creature and could only think about fighting it. He is alongside by two of his crew members of the Yin-Yang Pirates, Alabaster Crescent and Henni. Yang is floating in the air as he listened in on the bear.

"Dude! Hear that? A giant bear! You think it would be a good opponent? I wonder if it's as large as my form?" Yang said with his tail wagging excitedly. Crescent, with a deadpan look, pulls Yang down by the tail.

"We're not here to fight it for fun you dumbass. We're here to capture it and turn it in for money." said Crescent as he is clutching his sword. "OW! Said not to pull my tail Cres!" said Yang angrily at him.

Meanwhile, Henni could only think about cooking the bear of course being the cook she is. She then does her usual "thinking out in the open." "That bear, depending on it's size, could go well with a lot of eggs. Maybe grilled with the eggs being boiled and drenched in vinger..." Henni said while thinking.

"We're NOT cooking it either! Seriously, it's like you two's minds are always on "fight" and "cook"" said Crescent in an annoyed tone. He then continues to speak. "This is a commission meaning we hunt it down and turn it in! No fighting for fun or cooking it for food. We need it for the money!"

Yang simply gets back up and dusts himself off. "Heh. You may have money on your mind but I'm always eager for a fight!" he said confidently. Henni nods in agreement but still has cooking it on her mind. Crescent could only facepalm before speaking once more.

"We at least need to find it first. Fortunately, wilderness training was a hobby of mine growing up." Crescent said. Yang hops up in excitement saying "Hey! Me too Cres!"

"If you kill this creature and bring it to us,you will have to turn it in so we can cash it in. That person will be rewarded Bsymbol.gif 10,000,000 and will also be given the choice if they want to trophy it and/or if they want to take the bear." The Game Commissioner says to the crowd.

Then a ranger comes by and whispers to the Game Commissioner."Already?" the commissioner looks at his watch."Well guys,it is time to open the land to you guys,good luck and happy hunting!"

The Game Commissioner then pulls the lever that opens the gate to the giant forest behind them. Every hunter in the crowd rushes out into the forest in search of their animals. Inside the forest is a wide variety of animals besides the great bear. The forest is abundant in cougars,deer,moose,wolves,and other animals in the massive forest.

The Start of the Hunt

While the hunters were rushing to the entrance,the Mad Pirates and other hunters decided to wait till the crowd is gone. After the crowd left and they waited for an extra ten minutes,they entered the forest to go after the giant bear. They walked until they couldn't see the entrance and stopped for a moment. All of the Mad Pirates were there together,as each of them were curious about this giant bear.

"So how are we going to get this bear?" Abbott C. Hak asks John while smoking a pipe.

John quickly takes the pipe out of Hak's hands and crushes it,"First of all,NO SMOKING!!!!" John yells at Hak,"You'll have the animals see us from a mile away!"

"I don't think yelling will help either." Fitzroy R. Calie replies.

"Anyways,I have brought my potions with me." John opens his suit jacket up and reveals a lot of potions on him,each with a different purpose,"We'll have Sam help us." John says as he goes to Sam the Cat,the crew's pet. John pulls out a potion and feeds it to Sam. Sam then undergoes a transformation that gave Sam a large nose.

"Alright Sam,show us the way." John says to Sam. Sam then goes in front of the group and starts sniffing the air. The crew follows Sam while he was walking in front. Soon,Sam would jump into a tree.

"A bear living in a tree?" Hak says.

"Be patient,will you?" John responds

The cat went in there and was fighting something in the tree. Then suddenly,the cat comes back with an eagle in it's mouth. John facepalms himself in disbelief while some of the crew was laughing."Never trust a cat to do hunting." John would then say to himself.

Suddenly,Fitzroy S. Johnny,who was ahead of the others looking around,noticed some bear tracks."Hey guys,I found something!" Johnny points out the bear tracks that are in the forest.

"Where do you think it leads to?" Alice would ask.

"Right to where our prey is." John says with eager.

"How do we know though if it is the right bear?" Fitzroy H. Violet would ask.

"Only one way to find out." John would reply,"Let's follow it."

So they all follow the tracks to see where the trail would lead them.

"Looks like it's time. I shall page the others on the transponder snail to have them stay alert." said Crescent as he takes out his personalized Den Den Mushi. Henni suddenly looks around and asks an important question.

"Uhh, where is Yang-san" said Henni confused. Crescent could only facepalm as he doesn't need to look to see he is already gone.

"That dumb tiger ran off on his own again. Just follow his Electro trail he leaves behind. We need to start searching." said Crescent as he points in the direction of the electric trails. "Okie!" said a excited Henni and they start to run off toward the direction.

Somewhere close by near the ship, the other members are waiting for the orders. Finn is seen making some repairs along the side of the ship, the Zhiyuan, with Maxwell Steel barking orders toward him.

"Move it or lose it Shark Tooth" said Steel who was already in his wolf form. "SHADDUP YOU FLEA BITTEN MUTT!!!" said Finn angrily. The two will often argue at one another and, eventually, the Den Den Mushi rang. Steel, who had it, answered it. "Yo." said Steel causally.

"We got a target we're going after. Our dumbass captain ran off on his own again so we need you to just simply track him down and keep up with him until we get there." said Crescent in a rather demanding tone. Steel gets angry and said: "YOU'RE A DOG MODEL TOO!!! WHY DON'T YOU SNIFF HIM OUT!?" Steel yelled out. However, Crescent already hung up and Steel sighs knowing he has no choice but to go.

"Come on Shark Tooth. We need to go after the group before our captain does something crazy again." Steel said. Finn, who was finishing repairs, simply walked up to him and said "You mean like accidentally destroying this island like the last one?" Steel nodded and notices the others are still inside the ship. They decide they'll catch up later and they head out toward Yang's direction with Steel sniffing him out.

Meanwhile,The Mad Pirates were following the trail of the bear tracks. They've been walking about 2 miles already,and some of the crew members were getting tired.

"My feet are killing me." Alice would complain.

"I'm hungry." said Tweedle-Dee.

"No,I'm hungry." said Tweedle-Dum.

"No,I'M HUNGRY." said Tweedle-Dee.The two hedgehog minks would slap each other while they were following the trail.

John was getting frustrated that his crew was complaining,"Hey,maybe the less complaining,the quicker we can this over with." He tells the crew. He then looks up to White Tim,who was a very tall rabbit mink,"You see anything?" John would ask.

Tim looked far into the trail,but couldn't see a bear in sight."Nothing sir,just deer and other animals."

John then has an idea,"Hey,Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum,you numbskulls get your hides over here." The twins would then run to John. John would then feed them a speed pill,where the two can go fast."Tell us if you see anything major. We'll be waiting here."

The twins then salute and then run off to follow the trail while the rest have tea time.

Yang is seen running on all fours with electricity from his Electro sparking behind him. He stops once he crashes through a tree knocking it over.

"Ugh...stupid tree for getting in my way!" he said as he gets up. Yang looks around and sniffs the area. "Uh oh. I think I lost Cres and Hen-Hen...oh boy Cres is gonna let me have it again." Yang said as he takes off his hat, dusts it off, and puts it back on.

Yang appears to be in a deeper part of the forest noticing many different insects around and other animals in the distance. He looks around hoping to find the bear.

"That announcer guy said that the bear was like really huge right? Then I should be able to see it easily right?" Yang said to himself as he starts to slowly walk around the area.

Meanwhile,Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum were running and following the trail. They stopped in a shore of this lake in the island."Well,Where is this bear?" asks Tweedle dee.

"I don't know," Tweedle Dum said,"But I do know is that while we're out here looking for this animal,the rest are having tea time and enjoying themselves,I wonder if they are having cake?" Tweedle Dum thinks about cake awhile.

Suddenly,both of them see something on four legs,it had the form of a tiger,and was walking toward the lake.

"A tiger?" Tweedle Dee questioned.

"No one told us a tiger would be here." Tweedle Dum said.

The twins run off back into the forest scared of the tiger that they saw walking toward the lake. They ran back to the crew afraid.

Yang's ears perk up thinking he has heard something.

"Huh? What was that? The bear?! No...the bear would've made a MUCH bigger sound...Rah! Why is this so hard to find! Even if I can sniff it out, I don't even know what a bear smells like. Too bad Steelie isn't here is sense is much better!

Not too far off, Steel and Finn are looking for Yang still arguing with each other along the way.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ran back to the crew. The crew was having a tea party while they were waiting. And by the time they came back,the speed potion ran out and the twins stopped having super speed midway through running.

"WE SAW A TIGER!!!!" Tweedle Dee says.

"A big one too!" Tweedle Dum says.

John turns around with confusion on his face,"A tiger,we weren't told there would be tigers in this place."

"You probably confused it with a cougar." Alice tells the twins.

"It definitely looked like a tiger though." Tweedle Dum said.

"Well,maybe if we catch a tiger and a great bear," John said,"Maybe some extra cash would benefit us."

They took down their tea table and started on the hunt again. They walked to where the twins saw the "tiger".

Bear at the Lake

The Mad Pirates walked their way to the lake where the twins saw the "tiger". The lake there was massive. And the lake was surrounded by some tall grass.

"It was right there," Tweedle Dee said pointing where he saw it.

"We saw it,we swear!" Tweedle Dum said.

"Well,whatever it was,it's gone now." John replies,He then looks up to Alice and Tim,who are taller than him."You two see anything strange?"

They both shake their heads saying no.

"Well,we gotta find this bear,let's go." John replies

Suddenly,as he spoke that,a giant bear appears out of the woods and was walking towards the lake. It was a huge bear like the commissioner said,over 20 feet in length and looked super heavy. It was a large brown bear. The bear was walking toward the lake as it seems it was getting a drink.

"Is that the Great Bear that dude was talking about?" Alice whispers to John as the twins run to behind Alice for safety they thought.

"Looks like it." John replies. He then stares at Kokoro,"You brought your rifle right?"

"My rifle and my axe." She replied.

"Well,try to put a bullet hole in that thing." John orders Kokoro.

Kokoro then holds up her rifle and was aiming for the giant bear.

Yang is suddenly up in the trees and he starts looking around on the ground.

"Now where is it...I have a feeling it's close!" Yang said. He then looks down and notices the bear drinking from the water. He is caught off guard by the size of it but is quickly amazed by it.

"WHOA!!! THAT THING'S HUGE!!!" Yang yelled out. He then hops down the trees and lands on top of it wanting to actually ride it. "Let's see how strong ya are! I wonder if you can knock me off your back!?" Yang proclaimed at the large beast.

Kokoro was looking at the bear with her scope,suddenly,a tiger hops on to the giant bear. She lowers her rifle in confusion.

"What's going on?" John said.

"Looks like that tiger just landed on the Bear and is bucking around with it." She says as the bear is trying to shake the tiger off of him.

"Well shoot it anyway," John said,"Double reward like I said."

Kokoro lifts up her rifle again and aims at the bear. The tiger was on top of the bear's head,and the bear was shaking his head furiously. She aimed for the head as it was shaking the tiger off. She then suddenly fired a bullet aimed at the bear's head.

The bullet would be deflected by the bear's tough skin. And when it hit the bear,it just made the bear more furious. Finally in a rage,the bear shakes off the tiger and the tiger flies off the bear's head and falls onto the ground. The bear then lets out a giant growl toward the Mad Pirates. The roar would force the pirates to fall to the ground as was the power of the roar. The bear would then run away,back into the forests and towards the mountains.

"Wow." Johnny said,"That was the Great Bear."

"But it deflected my bullet!" said kokoro,"It should have killed it instantly!?!"

"Maybe it has a tougher skin then we thought?" John would reply,"Anyway the bear did shake off that tiger,let's go look at the tiger."

The pirates would walk to where the tiger laid unconscious in the tall grass. They were wondering what to do.

"Should we kill it?" asks Tweedle Dee

"Can we cook it now,I'm starving." Tweedle Dum asks.

"I don't know really." John replies,"We didn't even fight the creature,it wouldn't be fair to kill it while it is unconscious."

"It doesn't look like a hundred percent tiger anyway." Tim said looking down at the body.

"What do you mean?" asks John

"Look at him,It's a tiger with human qualities,like I'm a rabbit with human qualities." Tim replies,"We should wait till he wakes up."

"Wouldn't that be madness though?" asks Alice

"No,there is only one way that it is a species like me,we'll have to wait till it wakes up to find out first?" Tim replies.

"No need to." John replies. John then pulls out his pocket watch. You could hear the clock ticking in the forest since it was so quiet. He then walks towards the Tiger and hypnotizes the tiger from the sound of the clock and John's voice. John then commands,"I command you to wake up,tiger."

Yang snaps awake and leaps backwards looking back and forth quickly.

"Huh?! What happened!? Where's the bear?! Huh? Who the heck are you people? And where's that bear?" said Yang who attention keeps shifting toward them and looking for the bear.

Finn and Steel are not too far away and notices the commotion going on.

"Aw chum... looks like he is in a pickle again." said Finn in an exasperated tone. Steel can only facepalm and says "It's pretty much his usual thing. I don't know why you're surprised..."

Yang's ears twitch hearing the two of them near by. "Ah! Finny and Steelie! You're here huh? There are these weird people around! And this one guy with this weird clock thing! They look strong" an excited Yang said.

"He is of my kind." Tim says to John,"He talks like a man like I do,we shouldn't fight him."

"Well what about those behind us?" Violet asks to John. The two men are running toward them as they were there surrounding the tiger.

"Hmmmm," John says as he puts back his pocket watch,"I don't know,but do you and Kokoro think you can handle it?" he asks Violet.

Violet smiles and pulls out her giant hammer,"We sure can. Come On Koko!" Violet says as Kokoro gets her pistol out. Violet and Kokoro then run towards the two men running at them.

John then pulled out a cookie and handed it to Alice,"You feeling a bit hungry?"

Yang watches as the two go after Finn and Steel.

"Yo Finny and Steelie! I think those guys want to fight you guys!" he yelled at them.

"Uh, no shit Sherlock!" said Steel as he yelled back at Yang. Steel turns back into his hybrid wolf form and takes out his mace preparing to fight. "I'm taking the one with the hammer fish boy!" Steel said as he charges at Violet.

"Like you can order me around Wolf Breath" said Finn. Finn gets in a fighter's stance as the Tiger-shark Fishman prepares to fight. Kokoro "If she is using pistols, I better strike from afar using my Shark Bullets!" said Finn as water seeps from his hands/fins and prepares to shoot them out.

Battle at the Lake

As Violet and Kokoro were running out to the two men. The noticed what they were doing.

"That dude turned into a wolf!?!?" Violet said,"Doesn't matter,I'll beat him with my hammer." Violet then charged right to the wolf-man with the mace and they started their fight with both their hammer and mace swinging at each other.

Kokoro was also staring at the fishman,"You don't look like much of a pretty boy,I'll oblige to pop your head off." She then pulls out her pistol and gets ready to shoot. Their battle looks like a wild west shootout in the middle of nowhere.

Meanwhile,John was handing Alice that cookie,"Why would I want to eat a cookie now?"

"You want to help me?" John says,"Eat that cookie then figure out how you can help me."

She didn't know how much to eat,so she decided to gorge the whole cookie into her mouth.

Steel starts to parry the attacks clashing evenly with Violet. "Heh, not bad but I do have the edge in this you see!" said Steel confidently.

Finn smirks after hearing Kokoro's comment. "That's fine. Humans aren't my type anyway. Now, shall we see which is better? Regular bullets, or water bullets?" said Finn as he fires off multiple water bullets from his hand.

Meanwhile during the battle, Yang suddenly appears behind John and Alice curious about their cookie. "Hey! I haven't eaten yet! Got a cookie or 100 to spare?" Yang said in a polite tone.

Violet wasn't doing much against Steel,her attacks are being parried most by Steel,"You are really good,for a wolf,I'll admit." Violet says panting from all of her swings she made,"But you won't parry this one." She lifts up her hammer and swings it straight to the ground.

Kokoro dodges each bullet Finn fires at her,but misses the last one which hits her in the shoulder,"Ouch!" she cried,"That actually hurt!" she said in astonishment,"I didn't think those would hurt."

While the battle was going on,when Yang asked about the cookie,John turns around and replies,"Those wouldn't be the normal cookies you would......" John was caught mid sentence when they both saw Alice,who was 9 feet tall,turned into a 200 ft woman,all of her clothes were ripped out of her,and she stood there all confused. She was taller than the trees that were nearby,and was definitely seen by other hunters,as you could see some nearby hunters get major nosebleeds.

"Want." John finishes his sentence to Yang,"Ah Alice" John waves his hands up toward her,"You ate one of my cookies that have my potions in them,this one is a growing potion,you weren't necessarily were to eat the whole cookie,or else the effects would be much larger and longer. But it still works. Now Alice," John then says with a commanding voice,"Take down all three of these guys."

At this rate,the four who were fighting stopped to see Alice,who was very noticeable.

Alice looks around her,she then suddenly cries with huge tears falling from her face,"I DON'T WANNA FIGHT THEM" She was crying loudly now,"I DON"T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT" her voice booming across the land.

The tears were falling on the land like it was huge raindrops,"Come on Alice," John said,"Don't be a baby!" this just made Alice even more sadder.

Tim then walks behind Yang and asks,"You want to stop those four fighting while my crew is trying to sort this out?"

"Whoa! That turned her into a giant! But my powers make me waaaay bigger than that already so I'll take a pass on the Make You Giant cookies..." said Yang as he was scratching his head. He then notices what Tim said to him. "Oh yeah! Steelie and Finny we don't need to fight anymore!" Yang yelled at them.

Finn and Steel were already stopped fighting at that point noticing the committing. "Your late on the request there captain. A giant woman just came out of the blue all of the sudden was enough to distract" said Steel after turning back to his human form. "Heh, I bet you want to go all in that female's "attractions" said Finn in a mocking matter. Steel snaps back at him saying "I'LL TURN YOU INTO SUSHI YOU STUPID SHARK!!!"

Yang simply smiles and tells Tim "They stopped! Once they start fighting with each other, then that would be the end of it."

"I see that." Tim sees Steel chasing Finn with his mace,"Now we would like some questions answered." as he would say that,rangers appear out of the forest and yell,"EVERYBODY FREEZE AND RAISE YOUR HANDS."

Everyone would raise their hands and stop fighting. There were about a crew of 7 rangers pointing guns at them."We heard and saw sightings of all of you disturbing the forest," the leading ranger points out,"We ask you to surrender yourselves and turn all or you in."

John just smirked and pulled out pocket watch,"I'll be the first sacrifice." John then walks over to the rangers."Wait! Captain!" Calie would say,but then notices the smirk on John's face.

John made it to the rangers,the rangers then asks John,"Please bring out your hands."

John doesn't do anything but stand there for a few seconds. The leading ranger asks him again. Suddenly,the rangers could hear the pocket watch ticking from John's hand,"You do not need to arrest us Mr.Ranger." John says in a hypnotic voice,"Go back and forget what happened in the last 10 minutes."

The rangers suddenly blindly did what John requested. They ran back into the forest and were going to forget what just happened. John walks back to the group with a smile,"To answer your question tiger,I hadn't gotten your name yet,but depending on the potency of my potion,she could've been a larger woman." John then pulls out a tiny bottle with a clear liquid,"This is a shrinking potion,it'll counteract with her growing potion,it should shrink her to normal size if she drinks only half the bottle. Anyone want to give it to her?" John then asks.

"Right! So my name is Thăng Long D. Yang but naturally you can call me Yang!" Yang said very enthusiastically! And those are my crewmates Finny and Steelie!"

"It's Finn and Steel." said Steel in a deadpan tone. "Heh, you should totally give the potion to her 'Steelie'" Finn said in a snarky tone. "Shut it chum brain." Steel naturally said.

"Ooh! I volunteer! I can fly after all!" said Yang and he grabbed the bottle and flies up to Alice with it." "Oh! I wonder where Cres and Henny are? I almost forgot about them."

Steel listens around. "I can hear them talking at a distance. I'll go get them" said Steel walking off for a quick second.

A talk at the lake

"The name is Fedora C. John." John then tips his hat at Yang."I'll introduce you to the crew once you give it to her."

When Yang flew up to Alice. Yang told Alice to open her mouth,which she did. And Yang opened the bottle and only poured out half of the bottle into her mouth. And once she swallowed it,the effects started. Alice was quickly shrinking back into her normal height. She was soon back into her 9 ft height. She was standing there naked when she was normal.

"It is alright my dear Alice." John says to Alice while hugging her."Good thing I have spare clothings for y'all." John says as he takes off his hat and pulls out the exact dress Alice was wearing."Go change in the forest,but do be quick." John would say to Alice.

Once Alice was back fully clothed. John then introduced his crew to Yang."Like I said,the name is Fedora C. John and this is my crew,the Mad Pirates. This is Fitzroy K. Alice." He says as he points out Alice,"And the three next to her are her younger siblings,Fitzroy R. Calie,Fitzroy S. Johnny,and Fitzroy H. Violet. Your Steel was fighting Violet here. She is our medic in the team,and a mighty fine hammer user. She's the youngest of the Fitzroy Siblings though." He then directs Yang's attention to Calie and Johnny,"They're the middle children of the Fitzroy Siblings,both being twins,Calie is our swordswoman and Johnny is our blacksmith."

Johnny tips off his top hat and greets,"How do you do?"

John then approaches to Kokoro,"Your Finny there was fighting my gunslinger,Kokoro."

"Hearts Kokoro," Kokoro introduces herself,"Should've-been-next-monarch but since my dad was dumb,he gave the crown to my younger brother, Harold." Koko said with a voice of jealousy,"I'll become a different queen then since he made that decision." Koko said with eager.

"Alright." John says with a weirded-out voice,"Anyway,we have our shipwright here,White Tim." He shows Yang the super tall rabbit that was talking to him earlier.

"We also have our scholar of plants and insects,Abbott C. Hak." John then says. Hak just gives a nod to Yang while he was smoking. John takes the pipe from Hak and breaks it and yells,"I THOUGHT I SAID NO SMOKING RIGHT NOW?!?!"

"Thought it was a good time to do one." Hak replied.

John just rolled his eyes and then introduced their cat to Yang,"This is our pet cat,Sam." The 8 ft long purple cat just meowed at Yang."And lastly we got the dummies,Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum,hey?,where are they?" John says as he can't find the twins.

Suddenly,the tall grass was being brushed violently,Tim would look down at the grass and pull up the two that were seeming to fight each other,"Found them." Tim said as he was grabbing their quills on their heads.

"OW! OW! OUR HEADS!!!" They both said,but became quickly terrified of seeing Yang,they tried to run,but with them being hold by Tim,it was a comical look by them.

"Well,at least we found those dummies." John says. He then directs himself toward Yang,"How about you introduce your crew to us and you can also ask the first questions,as we also have questions but we will let you go first."

Yang flies back down and waits for Crescent and Henni to show up. "Welcome back you two!" Yang said! "Don't give me that you bastard... leaving us behind like that..." Crescent said in a very annoyed tone. "It's tooooo hoooooot...." said Henni who was already in her second form after a recent off-screen scuffle. Yang then quickly gathers the group together to introduce themselves.

"Right! I already said my name as Yang and this is my crew the Yin-Yang Pirates! The big guy with the wolf powers is Maxwell Steel our helmsman!"

"Yo." said Steel. Yang continues on. "Next is our Tiger Shark fishman who is responsible for fixing our ship whenever it gets damaged and saving are DF users from the evil clutches of the sea! Finn!"

"My job would be easier if you stopped accidentally wrecking your own ship at times! Also hello!" said Finn who was also yelling at Yang. Yang then heads over to Crescent. "This guy here I would often like to call Mr. Deadpan! Our swordsman Cres!"

"Crescent and Mr. Deadpan? Really?" said Crescent in his usual deadpan look." Yang then finally walks over to Henni who was trying to cool herself off. And finally last but not least is our cook! She is pretty cheerful like me but is burning up now huh? Henni! Oh, you're in your second form! You got into a scuffle lately?" Yang asked Henni.

"Giant...boar...." she said while fanning herself with her wings.

"Well, this is our group! There are other members but I think they're waiting back at the ship..." said Yang as he pondered to himself.

"A Mighty fine crew you got there,Yang." John says."We are lacking a navigator and a cook at the moment. But we were able to find our way here and I was able to do some baking to counter with that,though it slows down my experiments I do." John says,"Anyway,we're greatly sorry for the mishap. We're here trying to get money,as we are also lacking that. So we're going to try to find that Great Bear which we just saw. It seems you're also going after the same objective?" John then asks.

"Yep! We're gonna catch it and fight it a lot!" said Yang and quickly followed by Henni saying "And cook it up with some eggs afterwards!"

Both Finn and Steel point to Yang and Henni with their hands in a chop motion before saying "Wrong answer you idiots!"

Crescent facepalms and answers the question. "If you mean capturing the bear for the money, then that is what we're doing. At least what half of us is supposed to be doing."

"Well,it seems we were also were hunting that bear. How about this,We don't need the bear,we need the money,how about we split the money and you guys can keep the bear once they ask if you want to keep it?" John asks Yang,"Maybe also show us Henni's cooking skills by providing us a celebratory dinner after hunting this thing."

Yang smiles liking the idea. "Of course! We just mainly want to fight it anyway!" he said.

"You want to fight it dumbass. The money is what matters but splitting it shouldn't be a problem. It is still a lot of money." Crescent said.

"Ooh! That is true! After we get the money, I can cook it up with some special omelets and other dishes on the side!" Henni said very happily.

Both Steel and Finn point toward Henni in the chopping matter again yelling at her "We're not cooking it! Get over it!"

"I do believe the commissioner did say we can take the bear and do whatever we want with it." Tim said,"So cooking won't be far out of reach."

"How would we find this animal anyway?" Alice asks,"It could be anywhere from over there to way over there."

"Good question." John says. He then walks over to where the bear was last seen. He looks at the tracks. The tracks were huge and made a firm print on the ground."The trail seems to lead towards the mountains,probably his home is up there." John says studying the bear print.

"No one goes to the mountain usually." Tim says,"I saw posters before we entered the forest that the mountains are dangerous,avalanches are common there,and it's cold up on the mountains." Tim says to John.

"We don't even have thick clothing to keep us warm." Hak says.

Frustrated by the lack of preparation he and his crew had,he turned toward Yang and asks,"I hope you guys are more prepared for that mountain hike." John then asks.

Yang smiles a bit savagely as his iris changes to that of a dragon's for a second. "Shall I burn it?!" he said pretty seriously.

"And three, two, one..." said Crescent as he knocks Yang over the top of the head with his sword. "Keep the burning urges down captain."

"Ow! Huh? What happened? Oh yeah! Climbing up the mountain! Meh, I can fly! I can fly us all up there easily!" he said in an excited tone.

"Ugh...cold places again..." Finn said under his breath. "Awww...don't worry. You skinless shark can huddle beside this warm wolf!" said Steel in a mocking tone. "I'D RATHER FREEZE TO DEATH!!!" said Finn loudly.

"Well,you can lead the way then." John says showing Yang the way.

"Awwww....I wanted to fly..." said Yang as he is being dragged off by Finn. "Some walking will do you self some service Yang." said Finn who was easily able to carry him off.

"I mean," John says,"Unless you can really turn into a dragon and fly all of us there,we would have to walk up the mountain."

"Alright!" Yang said leaping upwards. "You guys may wanna stand back and I hope you like rain!"

Yang soon starts to take on his full dragon form. His size easily dwarfs even that of Sea Kings and the weather soon starts to rain heavily due to an effect of his powers. His form accidentally knocks down a lot of trees in the area and he soon finally adjusts in the sky. His massive size can't all be seen at once but most of his body can as he looks down at everyone and extends his tail down. "Climb up!" he said in a large tone.

Crescent looks around at the damage that was done. "This is why he won't let him transform too often...causes too much of a ruckass..." Crescent said.

"I can see that." John says looking at Yang in his full dragon form in amazement."Alright everyone,let's get on the dragon now." he then commands. Everyone got on Yang. And Yang flew for the mountains.

Adventure at the Mountain

When they got up to the mountain. They notice the snow,the rocks, and the rain that Yang brought.

"You weren't kidding when you said you hoped we like rain." John says,"Alright,where do we start?"

Steel starts to look around in the area. "I'm sensing only a bunch of other animals...and crickets...and other things..." he said while pondering.

"The bear is massive. Just look for massive tracks." said Crescent who was trying to look around using Haki.

"Do you think the bear made it this far up the mountain?" Alice asks the group.

"Anything is possible with a giant bear." Johnny,Alice's brother would say.

"You got a point Johnny," John says as he looks around. All he sees is snow,rocks,and some mountain goats that are nearby. He then notices blood and a dead goat with its guts poured out.

"Hey guys." John then points out to the group the goat corpse,"Does that look like the bear's doing?"

Yang goes up to the corpse in shock. "Gasp! Cres or Steelie! Did one of you two savages did this?!" said Yang yelling at them.

"Hell no you idiot! We just got to this area for the first time!" said Steel to Yang. Crescent simply walks up to the corpse and scouts around the area.

"It could be that bear... if so it's not too far away." Crescent said.

They then hear the shaking of the mountain,a couple small boulders fell nearby the group.

"We should hurry up before we end up in an avalanche." Tim would say.

"Agreed." Alice says,"Which way should we go?"

John studied the body with Crescent,he then says,"Looks like the blood was drugged from down there." He says pointing out a blood trail that seemed to started from about 70 feet away from them."We should go up,we should be able to find him up there." He says as he gets up from the corpse."Let's go guys." John says.

They walk up the mountain till they come across some more skeletons or dead animal parts. As they got higher up the mountain,they kept finding more skeletons of animals or other dead animals. Soon,they made it up to a huge cave inside the mountain. The entrance was riddled with skeletons all over the place.

Alice asks John,"Is that where the bear lives?" She asks with fear and curiosity.

"I don't doubt it." John says.

John looks around the entrance of the cave,but sees nothing but skeletons everywhere on the floor."Anyone want to enter first?" John then asks.

"Oooohh...I only like bones when they're discarded after eating a good meal..." said Henni as she is nervously shivering. Steel looks that way and turn away. "I don't like caves in general." said Steel in a denying matter. "Scardey wolf" said Finn and the two go back to arguing with each other.

"Alright! Imma find that bear and fight it then eat it!" said Yang as he heads inside showing no fear. "If it doesn't rip you apart first." said Crescent as he entered alongside him.

"Well," John says,"As the captain,I shall partner with this captain,anyone else?" John then asks.

"I'll come." Calie says as she steps up with John.

"Same here," Alice would say. She was a bit nervous,but her curiosity overcomes her fear.

"You're going to need my size." Tim says and steps up.

"We'll bring Sam here." John says as he whistles for the purple cat to appear."Anyone else?" John asks to the rest of his crew.

The rest said they were fine and we're going to try to have some tea party or something up in the cold mountain.

"Alright then,the five of us and Sam will go inside and hopefully return with the bear." John says,"Let's go team."

The hunt in the cave

They both enter the cave,which was riddled with skeletons everywhere. The place was quiet for the most part. But as they got deeper into the cave,they could hear scratching in the distance,it was enough that it could make a shaking in the cave and an echo.

"Do you think that was him?" Alice asks John.

"Alice," John replies,"Of course it was that bear,there are no other ones out here,and stop asking dumb questions." John said.

"Sorry." Alice would say.

They soon enter into a section where they actually found the bear. The bear was scratching itself on the cave's wall. The bear doesn't notice the group at all.

"You have a plan at all Yang?" John asks. He also gives a cake to Calie and Alice,"This has the same effect that Alice had earlier. Use it when you think it is necessary."

They both nod their heads.

"So yeah,you have a plan Yang?" John asks.

Yang pounds his fists together. "Of course! We storm in and find that bear!" he said very reassuringly.

"No. We just approach it from behind and attack it from behind from afar." said Crescent as he points his long sword at the beast. "Sword beam attacks for example..." he says as he fires one at the bear.

It hits the bear and has stung the creature. The bear then turns around and looks at them. It had the look of ferocity from seeing them again,but the bear was ready. The bear immediately charges at them.

John immediately then charges at the bear. He pulls out his steel pole and runs with it. He then jumps and was toward his head. He powerslams his steel pole onto the bear's head. The bear was stunned again from the attack.

"Our attacks are only stinging him." Calie says,"We're going to need to do something with more power on him." She then fires a sword beam attack at the bear of her own. Her attack stunned it even more. And it was obvious it was swinging itself around.

"That only stunned it more." Calie says.

"Indeed, this thing is a powerful beast." Crescent said before he fires off more sword beams at it.

Yang suddenly jumps up and puts his open paw around his mouth. "Imma burn it! Burning Tiger!" said Yang and he breathes out a large burst of fire toward the bear.

"I wonder how that thing could stand to dragon breath...it's definitely formidable if it can." said Crescent as he watch the fire head toward the bear.

The fire hits the bear on its head. The bear is now looking very dizzy,but it was able to shake off the fire. The bear was looking very tired and very confused and dizzy.

"We are about to break him!" John says.

The bear then swings his giant claw and hits John. John flies across the room and hits the wall hard.

"JOHN!!!" Alice says as she runs to help John.

"I'm fine." John says,trying to get up. He then notices the large stalactite above him. "I think I got an idea." John says to the group."So far,we're mostly doing long range attacks to him. Why not me and Crescent give out some long range attacks,that would distract the bear enough. Yang,you can keep making more dragon breath and firing at him. And Calie and Alice,that Stalactite above,if you two grow with those cookies I gave you two while us three are distracting him. You two should be able to pull out that stalactite with the extra strength from growing. You both should be able to stab the bear with that stalactite. I'm also going to give Sam here a morphing shot and he'll distract the bear for me and Crescent to run up to the bear. Sounds like a plan?" John says as he gives a shot to Sam. The purple cat soon morphs into a very large Saber-Tooth tiger,nearly as large as the bear itself. The cat quickly pounces on the bear,and the bear and the Tiger now battle it out.

Crescent suddenly shifts into a larger form that resembles a larger do as he grabs onto his sword. "It's definitely one of the better ideas so far." He said preparing to run fast toward the beast.

"Nice! Cres finally using his powers! He only uses them when he's serious!" Yang said informing the others.

"Then let's go." John says as he runs towards the bear. Of course Crescent makes it faster than him. But they were both able to get to the bear without a problem as the bear was distracted by the cat. And when they both started making their attacks,the bear was just as confused when he got flanked,since now he had to take on 2 people that is on his body and a giant cat in front of him.

Yang starts breathing fire at the bear from long range. Now the bear had to deal with fire coming towards his face. This was annoying the bear more and more. He then swung his claw at the cat to stop the cat. But the cat just countered by ducking the attack and biting the bear in the neck. The sharp teeth were enough to pierce the neck. And the bear roared in pain and rose on its two feet.

Crescent and John fell when the bear went on its two's. While that was happening,Calie and Alice grew to the roof of the cave and was able to rip off the stalactite off of the top. They then pointed the stalactite at the bear,Tim would jump on the Stalactite. And when the bear went on its fours. They ran at the bear with the stalactite. The bear was about to go back on its fours until Tim jumped with his rabbit feet and kicked the bear's chin,forcing the bear to stay on its two's. Calie and Alice would then thrust the stalactite at the bear,piercing the bear with a giant hole in its underbelly. The bear let out a giant roar before its top half fell on the stalactite. The bear fell dead.

"NICE!!!!" John said,"Well done team!" John says,"You girls stay that size,we're going to need to carry this body somehow." John then lays down and relaxes for a while."What you think of it Yang?" John says as he looks at the bear,"Plenty of dinner for tonight right?"

"Hell yeah! Henni will be excited to cook this thing up! It was pretty tough but not tough enough!" Yang said in a happy tone.

"After we take it back to get the money." Crescent said before continuing. "As for carrying it back, we have a certain Fishman that can carry our ship around like a paperweight. He should be able to carry something as pitiful as a giant bear carcass."

"You're talking about that Finn guy right?" John asks,"I think he's outside anyway. The girls will carry the body till we're outside,then he can carry it. Till then,let's take this bear outside." John then finishes.

They all walk to outside of the cave where everyone else was at. They were there enjoying either a smoke or a tea party,and Finn and Steel were still arguing with each other.

"You two can drop the body there." John says to Alice and Calie. He then gives Tim the shrinking bottle to him,"Feed them half a bottle and give them these clothes." John says as he pulls out extra clothes from him. Tim then runs off and gives the two the drink,and the girls would go change inside the cave.

John then comes towards the tea party."What do you guys think?" John says as he shows off the bear.

Finn and Steel look over and are surprised how big it was.

"Damn! The bear was bigger than I thought!" said Steel in surprisement. Finn could only smirk at him and look at the dead bear.

"You're afraid of this thing? I hunted beings that would make this thing seem like a cute plush bear." said Finn as he walks toward it to inspect it closer.

"WHOA!!!" Henni said as she quickly heads toward the bear! "This thing is HUUUUUGE! It could feed us for years!" she shouted.

"Or one damn dragon" Crescent said looking toward Yang who is smiling back at him.

"Hey! I only eat Sea Kings if I ended up drunk somehow!" he said defensively.

John laughs a bit while giving Sam a pat on the head. The effects of the steroid that was on Sam ended and he returned to his normal,cute size."You think you can lift it?" John asks Finn,"I've been told of your strength."

Finn looks back at the bear and nods. "Of course. This thing is a paperweight compared to the many other ships I had to toss around before." said Finn as he easily lifts the bear over his shoulder with no issues.

"Hmph showoff" said Steel under his breath.

"Good,cause you're going to carry the bear to the station back at the entrance" John says,"And tear down that tea party now,we don't wanna waste anymore daylight,it's nearly dark." John says as he looks at the sky, the sun was on the east,meaning it was about to be night time.

Registering the Bear

Everyone walked back to the entrance of the forest. It was a long walk to the entrance,but they were able to make it back. They stopped back at the building where the ranger was going to say goodbye to them. But the ranger's jaw dropped when he saw the giant bear. "THEY GOT THE GREAT BEAR,THEY GOT THE BEAR!!!!" the ranger yells to his fellow rangers inside the building. Everyone else outside heard and saw it. Everyone was around the bear now. They each wanted to take a look at the bear.

"Oh yeah," John says,"Who's going to claim this kill?" John asks Yang,trying not to have the crowd around them hear them.

Yang thinks for a moment and comes up with something. "Well, we all pretty much beat it up so all of us equaility?" he suggested.

Crescent thinks to himself. "Technically, I did do the most damage to it..." Wait, all of us. Two of us were too afraid to even go in.

Steel, knowing Crescent was mentioning him angrily growls. "Shut it dog boy..." Steel said.

Crescent turns to him with a deadpan look. "Says the big bad wolf over here" he snarked back to him.

The lead ranger comes out of the crowd. He was also right next to the old ranger that was telling stories of the bear earlier."Yup,this is definitely the Great Bear." the old ranger says. He also notices the giant hole in the underbelly of the bear.

"Who's claiming this bear?" the Leading Ranger says.

"Uh,all of us." John says to the ranger.

"You all killed the bear?" the ranger says with a raised eyebrow.

"Well yeah,we all worked together on killing it." John replies.

"But who made the killing shot?" the Ranger asks.

"Uh,it was those two girls,Fitzroy R. Calie and Fitzroy K. Alice." John says pointing at the two.

The ranger then walks over to the two."You two were the ones that killed them?"

"Well yes," Calie would say,"Me and Alice here would thrust a stalactite into the beast."

"A stalactite?" the Ranger says.

"Yes,and our captain there would give us cookies that would make us giant so we could carry the stalactite and so we could kill it." Alice adds on.

"Alright" the Ranger says with a confused look on his face,he gives that same look to John."Uhh,what time was the kill?"

"It was probably about 6:00 this evening." John says.

"Alright then." the Ranger says."Since you all killed this bear,you all have the chance to get a photo of y'all in the local island newspapers and will be given the choice to keep the bear or give it to us while also given the Bsymbol.gif 10,000,000."

Yang and the others start to discuss.

"We're gonna ea--" before Yang could finish his sentence Crescent covers his mouth.

"We'll just turn it in to you folk. It'll be less of a hassle for us honestly." said Crescent.

"HEY! YOU'RE NOT THE CAPTAIN! YOU DON'T MAKE THE DECISIONS!!!" said Yang who was childishly yelling and followed by Henni saying "YEAH!!! WE GOT SO MANY OPPORTUNISTS TO DO WITH THIS!!!"

Crescent gave them both an angry stare which is pretty rare to see but common on this crew toward the two more hyperactive members. Crescent then begins to speak to explain why. "Two reasons. One, this bear may not even be safe to eat with it gone everywhere and eaten different things. Could be contaminated for all we know. And two, we can just buy meat somewhere else instead of going through the hassle of taking off it's fur, chopping it down, all that." he said.

Both Yang and Henni look defeated and said "Fine" together at the same time. Finn and Steel simply looked at each other before saying some words.

"Well, I'm glad I didn't have "eating giant bear meat" on my bucket list." said Finn. "Can a Fishman would even like to eat a bear?" Steel said not even trying to sound rude. Finn shrugs and says "Well, yeah because everyone would've eaten it and I would've been left on my own. Plus, money is better! Can get me some cool parts with it" Finn said.

John notices the argument going on while he was talking to the ranger,"You mind you give me a sec?" John says as he walks to the Yin-Yang Pirates,"What's going on?" John says,"You guys don't want a celebratory dinner?" "I mean,we can still have one without the bear,but let's at least get the bear's skin and maybe give 70% of the meat here to the people that might really want it. We still get the money,split it and celebrate." "That sound like a deal?" "Me personally,I would want to have that skin to show off to someone I know."

"Oh that's a better idea! As long we can eat!" said Yang excitingly. "And as long I get to help as well!" said Henni who is equal as excited.

Crescent shrugs a little bit before speaking. "I guess that isn't a bad idea. Better than going through all that trouble to cut it up." he said.

"Awesome!" John says,"I'll talk to the ranger about it." John says as he walks back to the ranger.

"So have you guys have made a choice?" the ranger asks John.

"Well Mr.Ranger," John says to the ranger,"We as the group that killed this bear. Will be giving 70% of this bear to the people here while the group gets the skin of the bear plus the 30% and the Bsymbol.gif 10,000,000." John says to the ranger.

"Alright." The ranger says,"We'll try our best on that. But can all of you get together for the photo?" The ranger says pointing to the photographer.

"I would like the leaders of the group to be in the front." the photographer says.

"Come on Yang,let's get a photo of ourselves in front." John says walking to Yang and talking about the photographer.

"Sure thing! Come on guys!" Yang said to his crewmates. They all huddle closer but Crescent has his back turned. "Come on Cres! You gotta take this photo!" Yang said to him.

"No thanks. I don't sit well with having my identity taken on camera." Crescent said.

"He's totally camera shy." Steel said. Crescent glares at Steel who looks the other way quickly.

"He has his photo taken on his wanted poster and has been hating it ever since. I guess he just have having his photo in general taken." Finn said.

"Ahh" John says,"Understandable,don't want to tell the marines where you at." He says with a laugh.

"Everyone gather round." the photographer says to the group. The photographer takes a photo of both crews,even gotten a shot of Crescent's back somehow in the background.

"Thank you,that will do." the photographer says.

"No problem sir." John says to the photographer.

After registration

A little while later,the rangers gave what they promised. They gave 30% of the bear to them,which was still a lot of meat,maybe about 3 months worth of meat. They also gave the skin to John. Which John had a smile on his face when he was given it. And ultimately,they gotten the Bsymbol.gif 10,000,000.

"I'm hungry John." Alice says to John now that all the excitement is over.

"Well,Aren't we having a celebratory dinner?" John says as he tips his hat off to one of the families thanking him for the meat. Also as promised,the people were given the rest of the meat."We can have the dinner at my ship,my ship is much bigger because of some of our height." John points out to himself,Alice,and especially Tim,who is over 20 feet tall."We do have a big kitchen,but I'm more of a baker than a cook. And we also lack a cook." John says to Yang.

Yang firmly beats his chest saying "Gotcha covered! Henni!"

Henni quickly appears with Finn and Steel holding the majority of her cooking tools. "You said 'Lack a cook' and I already come prepared with my stuff!"

"SHE came prepare with her stuff she says..." said Steel who was struggling to hold up the many pots and pans. Finn, meanwhile, was able to hold his share no problem but is taken aback by something.

"She must have like super senses for when her cooking skills are needed because she had us go back and get all these things in no time at all..." Finn said.

"Well then," John says,"We'll show you the kitchen inside." John leads Yang and their crew to their ship.

The Big Kitchen

Inside the Rabbit Hole,the ship of the Mad Pirates. John first shows the kitchen to Henni where she can cook the bear. The kitchen was massive,with a lot of space to cook and a working oven and other appliances.

"This used to be also my laboratory." John said,"Until Alice convinced me to make a different room for my experiments. It should be big enough to cook all the bear, even though we asked 30%,we still get a huge amount of meat. The rest of us will leave you alone while you cook." John says.

"WHOA!!! This place is MASSIVE!!! We can definitely cook all sorts of things in here!" said Henni in a very excited tone. "Darn I really need to convince Finn to fix our kitchen up but he insists the size is "good enough..." she continued in a pout on her face.

"Pouting won't change my mind." Finn said with his arms crossed.

"With that money after we split it,you guys can make your kitchen bigger." John says,"Speaking of which,everyone let's get away from Henni,she needs to concentrate on her cooking now."

A Meeting in the Lounge

John then leads everyone else to the main cabins where everyone talks at."Take a seat,guests." John says as he motions the guest pirates to sit. John then sits on a cushion next to Alice and starts splitting the money."So tell us about yourselves,like what you guys do as pirates and what are your plans" John says while still concentrating on splitting the money.

Yang raises up his paw first to explain himself. "Well, I got bored sitting around at the castle in my home country of Chau and I heard of this guy named Roger's conquests and I thought this guy knew to have fun! And that finding this "One Piece" could get me a good excuse to travel the world! I was originally going to do it as my dragon form alone but then sis had to prod me and I decided to get my own crew and adventure around the world! I'm glad I did it's a lot of fun!" Yang said has he is laughing.

Crescent picks up a drink before talking himself. "Me, I was just in it for the money but then I heard about this master craftsman that is said to be able to refine and build the strongest of the swords. I have one that was destroyed in a battle long ago and it brought shame to me for awhile. I refused to return back to my clan until I find this craftsman and repairs this sword. Only then I can return with honor." he spoke and then took a drink.

"Aye, my turn now huh?" said Finn as he relaxes back on the couch. "I always dreamed to build an entire country that rests on a ship. It's going to take a lot of time exploring around seeing how others do it but I wanted it to have a piece of each of the major places in the New World. I'm going to call it "Unity" the ship of many countries." Finn said.

"That's pretty admiral I'll admit sharkteeth." said Steel before he speaks up again. " Though, mine is a lot sappier. There was this girl that I grew up with that was taken away because of her lineage. I don't know what they're going to do with her or have done with her but I kept a hold of her vivre card and it's still in tact. For some reason, it doesn't point to where she is but it's hinted she's somewhere in the world. I won't rest until I find her and ensure she is safe." he finished.

"Well,It is only fair that I speak for mine." John says after hearing the stories."All of us in this crew except Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,had grown up together on the island of the Kingdom of Hearts,we all were equally curious about what the sea would behold. We've also,have been told of Roger and his "One Piece". So we were all equally curious. My father,who is a marine chemist,warned me to not work for them as a marine,for they will use me like they did to my dad. So I decided to become a pirate a few weeks ago,I asked my crew here if they were willing to join. Thankfully,my dear Alice here and her younger siblings said yes,my friend Hak would say yes. And wise old Tim would also say yes.

"I'm not that old." Tim said,"I'm only 24,a few years older than you."

"Anyways,I convinced Kokoro there to join once she considered herself useless to the kingdom because she wanted to be the next monarch." John would say.

"Yeah," Kokoro would continue on,"But my dad wouldn't let me and gave it to my younger brother,saying that there should be a man to watch his kingdom. When I get back to this island,I will have my vengeance upon my brother and father!" Kokoro says with determination.

"You just made yourself extra weird," John would say with a creeped out look,"Anyways,Tim here said he can also help us out,so he joined,and then after leaving our island,we found Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum in a raft that was about to sink I should say." John says trying to remember,"But yeah,all of us we're ultimately curious and been wanting to venture out to sea." He then is suddenly finished with splitting the money while he was talking,"Here is your half,and here is mine." John pushes Yang's half toward him,"We now each have Bsymbol.gif 5,000,000."

"Oh thanks!" Yang takes the money quickly and then remembers something. "We're sorta in the same boat there. Not literally of course heh. Like, my dad always wanted me to stay back in run the kingdom of Chau as well but it's sooo much work. And then I got fully turned into a Mink, long story there, but now I'm on the high seas with my sis. My dad is of course upset by this but he is happy I'm not trying to make him look bad or anything..." Yang said with a bit of sadness in his voice but then cheers back up. "But I have my crew now and I'm happy where I'm at!"

"Very nice." John says,"I'm also happy cause I have my crew here also which is also my family away from home." John says with happiness. John then goes quiet for a moment thinking."I wonder what adventures we will have?" John asks,"Obviously this was our first adventure,and we don't know where to go next."

"We should look for a cook John," Tim says,"Or else we're going to be stuck eating your pot pies." Tim says with a wise look.

"True." John says,"What are you guy's future plans?"

Yang and the rest of the crew members look at each other for a moment and then Yang himself asks "You mean like after we find the One Piece or our adventure comes to an end like that stuff?"

"I mean,you won't find the One Piece immediately." John says with a chuckle,"What are you guys going to do till you find it?"

"Well, we're going to keep having adventures of course! Sailing across the different islands is a lot of fun!" said Yang very enthusiastically.

"Except that stupid island with the raining frogs. They were everywhere..." Steel said with a bit of unease in his mouth.

"You're right...and they kept crowding around me...like what the hell kind of island rains frogs?!" said Finn who was still shocked by that.

"So raining frogs is more surprising than a talking shark, an elf-boy that can transform into a wolf, and a talking tiger that can transform into a damned dragon?" Crescent said very sternly. The rest of the crew members just look at each other in bewilderment.

"I mean,you guys seem to have a more colorful group that way." Alice says,"All we have is us humans,a giant rabbit,and two small minks."

"That's true." John says,"But that one human is a master chemist." John says about himself,"If y'all are curious,I can show you some of my chemistry skills."

"Haven't they already seen it with those cookies?" Tim asks.

"That's only scratching the surface." John says.

"A chemist huh? Sounds cool! Like those Make You Giant Cookies you made" Yang said.

"You can already turn into a massive dragon and are already over 10 feet tall. You don't need anything like that." Crescent sternly said.

"Aah,yes,one of my favorite potions i made yet." John says,"That potion was a better version of the one my dad made similarly for the marines. But remember that potion that I shot onto our cat Sam earlier when we were fighting the beast?" John then asks.

"Oh yeah! I remember! That cat transformed into a much bigger one that was the same size at that bear!" Yang said. He then continued saying "Wait you have a potion that'll do that to me?"

"Please don't'" pleaded Steel. "This guy is already terrifying if he gets ahold of too much to drink..."

"I don't get THAT scary!" said Yang.

"Well,I was thinking about giving you guys this potion." John then pulls out a vial and pushes it across the table to Yang,"That potion increases the muscle mass of whoever drinks it." John says,"You guys can have it,but it only lasts for about ten to fifteen minutes. So use it when most needed." John then warns.

"Ooh...Muscle mass?" said Yang but Steel quickly cut him off.

"Don't even think about it. You tend to casually knock down trees without thinking. Last thing you need is to look like some jacked up body builder." said Steel.

"Maybe I could use that to help me out more?" said Finn to himself.

"HELL NO! YOU RECENTLY CARRIED A GIGANTIC BEAR WITH ONE ARM!!!" said Steel at the top of his lungs.

Crescent thinks to himself while imagining himself with a lot of muscles. "Bah. Even still, it can be useful in a pinch you never know." said Crescent.

"Well then it's decided! I'll hang onto it in case I or someone else needs to use it! Thanks!" Yang said as he grabs the bottle.

"No problem." John says,"Just make sure you're alive to tell me what it was like to use it after using it."

"Uh John," Alice then says to John,"Maybe you can give them one of your den den mushis you use with those crazy experiments you do to them."

"It's not some crazy experiments," John points out,"It's science at its best."

"But I don't like what you do to those poor things." Alice says,"Besides,maybe if they want more potions,maybe they can contact you." Alice then asks."Please John?"

John sighs then thinks about it for a second,"Fine,but it's because you asked,if it was anyone else,I would be yelling at their heads." John then walks off to get a den den mushi.

"We thank you for coming by," Alice then says to the Yang Pirates,"Do you guys have any stories you can tell us? I love hearing stories."

Yang pondered for a bit. "Man, stories huh? We have lots to tell but one story about the island where the frogs were raining, we thought a very rare and valuable treasure was going to be there but it turned out to be a dud..." Yang said with depression at the end of that sentence.

Finn decided to speak up who was a lot more successful on the island. "There may have not been any treasure but there was plenty of super though Osage trees that have the strongest wood around. Can keep our ship nice and fixed for years!" Finn said happily.

"Screw that, what has it, The Big Toad or something like that?" Steel said while shaking.

"Long story short, it was a, well, big toad that was in charge of the island and it kept giving us misleading information. And yes, when I say that, it could actually talk. That island was weird to say the least..." Crescent said in his usual monotone voice.

"A giant talking toad?" Alice says,"Doesn't that sound like a bit too much nonsense?" Alice says with curiosity.

Crescent points to both Yang and Finn. "The giant talking tiger and sharkman isn't more surprising?" he said sternly.

"Or a giant talking rabbit?" Tim then asks Alice.

"Well,if you put it that way," Alice says blushing,"I guess it wouldn't be any surprising. To be honest,I was only told of these things in stories,and I only thought they were false until now. You see,my parents were very protective of me. The only way I could've joined this crew John made was if me and my siblings ran away. Sure it wasn't easy trying to run away being about nine feet tall,but we were able to set sail. To be honest,I didn't expect fighting to be in our adventures,just some nice peaceful exploring that's all." Alice would then say.

"I'll admit, I was hoping for just a smooth non-fighting adventure myself! But then I got into some trouble with the Marines and realized how much fun fighting is and, well, I enjoy it now alongside of adventure!" Yang said happily.

"Bustin' in heads and stealing treasure is an M.O. for a pirate and I sure as hell enjoy it!" said Finn.

"You get stronger with each foe you face. It's only natural to get into as much fights as possible." said Steel as he poilishes his weapons.

"I agree. I have vastly improved my ways with the sword during my many years as a swordsman." said Crescent.

"I should learn how to fight." Alice says,"When we first met,I didn't know how to react. I don't know how to use a gun,or slice with a sword. Yet,John has been so gracious and loving to me and I don't know why."

"Heh, I bet it's love itself..." Steel replied.

"Quiet you. That's their business not ours." Crescent told him.

"I wonder if there is a potion that could change your gender..." said Yang to himself.

"Why the hell you want to do that?!" said Finn.

"Because I think being a girl would be a good change of pace!" said Yang excitingly.

"You're one weird tiger guy..." said Finn with a disapproving look on his face.

"I'm back." John says,after grabbing a den den mushi,"While you guys were talking,I found my one experiment that went missing,my invisible den den mushi,I uhhh accidentally stepped on it and killed the thing. So I had to go to the stalls to clean up the mess." John said,"But I did hear about swapping genders?" John says,"It so convenient that I have one right here." John then pulls out another vial and places it on the table,"That one I haven't tested it at all,hadn't found a willing test subject. And I don't want to test it on dear Alice here. A man's debts need to be paid by men as I always say if you know what I mean." John says as he chuckles,"Anyway,I wouldn't know how long the thing lasts,maybe 5 minutes,maybe an hour,maybe for an eternity."

Yang eagerly grabs the bottle in looks at it in awe. "Ooh! I can have a go at it!" he said excitedly. Steel angrily speaks up upon hearing this.

"Why the hell are you so bent on turning into a girl?! You heard the guy said it could last forever!" Steel said.

"Because my sis keeps saying how 'superior" girls are to men and I always wanted to see what she meant about it!" Yang said with a little pout upon mentioning his sister Yin.

"What the hell man! That's not a good reason to turn your whole gender what could be forever! It's stupid as hell!" Steel keeps shouting.

"So? What's the big deal if I was a girl forever? I'll still be me!" Yang protested.

Steel falls face-first on the ground flabbergasted by Yang's answer. Finn speaks up to ease the bit.

"Listen, this is Yang we're talking about. He makes a decision and he won't change it. Plus, I'm sure it won't last forever." Finn said. Steel gets himself up and looks over at Crescent hoping for his opinion.

"Man, woman, it matters not to me. Like the Fishman said, he'll still be our captain even if he is the opposite gender." Crescent calmly said. Steel finally looks defeated before saying "Am I the only sane one here? I really hope it isn't permanent because having a dude that's now a girl walking around 24/7 with, ahem, 'lady features' will be weird as well."

"Sooooo....could I Just drink this now?" Yang said to John.

"Go ahead,knock yourself out." John says with a grin,"Hopefully there's no side effects like that at all."

Tim saw the look on John's face,"You are one crazy scientist."

Yang eagerly drinks the potion that ends up transforming him into a female version of himself. Of course the notable changes are longer hair, change in voice, and of course the inclusion of a larger chest.

"Oooh...this feels different! I feel lighter below and heavier above!" said Yang in a pitch of voice definitely higher from his.

"GAH! This is just too weird!" said Steel as he quickly turns around.

"Heh, Wolf boy doesn't want to admit he suddenly likes Yang as a girl because of the you know what's." said Finn as he chuckled.

"I WILL TURN YOU INTO FRIED CALIMARY!!!" said Steel angrily not knowing what he said is the wrong term.

Crescent simply looks at Yang and bluntly said "This is just Yang with breasts. I don't see much of a difference."

"Ow! How rude of you Cres!" said Yang who is pouting again.

"It worked!" John said with wide eyes and a huge grin on his face,"Tell me what does it feel?" John then is like zipping around looking at Yang in different angles,"Wide curvature,flowing long hair, decreased fat,lips look fuller, and of course" John says as he quickly unzips Yang's pants for a second,"Blech! Didn't need to see that." John says as he quickly zips it back up.

"I can't tell if this is your science mode or boner mode." Tim says watching John confused.

"How about we say it's both." Hak says as he's watching and smoking his longpipe.

"You can't defeat science." John says with a grin hasting back to the couch,"Now tell me,how does it feel?"

Steel overhears what Tim said and replies in a deadpan tone "Probably the most true statement I've heard so far..."

"I like it! I like it a lot!" Yang said excitedly. To him it's mainly just a different appearance rather than the additions he has naturally.

"Humans are so weird sometimes... With their crazy experiments and inventions" Finn said with a facepalm.

"Says the fishman that once build a speedboat out of recycled bottles" Crescent said.

John was then laughing and then said,"I'm glad you like it Yang. As a man,you look quite stunning." John says,"But not as stunning as dear Alice,who was always a beautiful girl." John says as he kisses Alice's hand.

"John, Do you love me?" Alice just blurts out after John kissed her hand.

John immediately jumps and blushes and then says,"No....I uhh am.....just a gentleman towards ladies." John then says with a grin.

"Oooh! Do I sense love in the air for you two?" said Yang teasingly.

"Dammit Yang shut it with that nonsense before I hit you....um..." said Steel before he actually stops himself.

"What is it? Tigress got your tongue?" said Finn in a mocking matter.

"Shut it Chum Breath. It's just, normally I smack Yang in the back of the head for being stupid but...he's a girl right now..."

"So?" said Finn as being a fishman doesn't really concern him with gender outside his species.

"So! I do have a code against hitting women. I mean, not 100% but it just feels wrong to smack him, uh, her, HIM right now..." said Steel.

"Yay! I got protection from Steel's hitting! I hope this is permanent now!" said Yang happily.

"What did I do to deserve this...?" said Steel in a depressing tone.

Crescent simply facepalms at all of this craziness. "Dumbassess my crew is..." he said to himself.

"Don't worry Crescent," Hak says,"It only gets dumber and dumber." Hak says as he smokes his pipe,"Wanna smoke?" Hak asks as he lends out an extra pipe,"Warning,this ain't your normal tobacco."

Tim was focused on John's reaction,"You might as well admit it. It's been obvious you've been in love with her." Tim would calmly say.

"I uhhh wasn't ready." John says as he takes off his hat,pulling back his long black hair,"And I didn't think she was ready." John says referring to Alice,"We only begun the journey of being pirates,and I didn't expect admitting my love so short."

"Life doesn't need to be dramatic John," Hak says,"We all have our due time here on earth,so live your life."

"I uhhh do.....love you." John says with a sheepish look toward Alice.

"Oh John, I love you too." Alice then says as she hugs John. With the height difference,with John being shorter than Alice,John was in between her chest as she hugged him tightly. John then released a happy smile onto his face with a tear coming down. He then hugs Alice as she is hugging her.

"Yay! Love! Lets have a reception party!" said Yang cheerfully.

"There not getting married you idiot!" said Steel and Finn as they point to Yang with a chopping motion.

Crescent thinks to himself saying "Love. Such an odd human emotion..."

"Hey Crescent," Hak then gets Crescent's attention,"You want a smoke?" Hak asks as he has another longpipe on his hand.

Crescent looks over at him and notices the longpipe. He only takes a few seconds to answer.

"Sure. It's something to distract me from what's going on here." he said while taking the longpipe.

"I shall warn you though,this ain't normal tobacco here." Hak says as he pours some tobacco on the pipe and lights it up for Crescent.

"Not a normal tobacco huh? What is it may I ask? Either way, I can handle it." he said while taking the smoke anyway.

"It's hookah," Hak says,"Cannabis and Tobacco mixed." He says while piping one,"You can put opium in it but I don't cuz I don't like having drugs."

"I see. It's an interesting flavor. Not bad." said Crescent. He does remember smoking at other times during his village but tries not to bring it up and instead breathes out a puff of smoke.

"Hey guys." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum now enter the lounge."We were supposed to tell dinner is soon ready but...." They suddenly notice Yang as a female now. They zipped to behind the couch in fear,"BIG GIANT TIGER GIRL!!!" Tweedle Dee screams as he saw it.

"Is that the other tiger's sister?" Tweedle Dum asks.

Yang looks over at the two and is suddenly amazed by their presence. "HEDGEHOGS!!! I wanna see if their quills are as sharp as I've heard!" said Yang as she suddenly starts to chase after the hedgehogs.

"You just noticed them NOW?!" said Steel who was dumbfounded.

They saw Yang stand up and come towards them. They both then run towards Alice thinking she would protect them. Tweedle Dee hides behind Alice's legs. While Tweedle Dum runs up to Alice's arms,where she looks like she's cradling Tweedle Dum between her breasts."Please protect us Alice from that monster." Tweedle Dum asks Alice.

Alice only laughs and then stands up to walk to Yang,"Not only are their quills sharp,but they're also fluffy and soft." Alice says,"Here feel him."

"No! I don't want to be touched by that monster!" Tweedle Dum says scared.

Yang pets him on the head. "Heh heh it's fluffy and spiky at the same! Much like Steels personality!" Yang innocently said.

"Oh ha ha! I bet Chum Breath over here told you that one!" said Steel while gritting his teeth.

Finn just looks back and forth and shrugs. "Probably. Though I would say more of extremely rugged and stupid." he said snarkly.

"Well screw you too!" said Steel as he snapped back with that remark.

"N-N-N-N-N-N-NO!" Tweedle Dum says as he is being petted by Yang."I don't want to feel....your...soft.." Tweedle Dum says as he is stuck in between both Alice's and Yang's breasts. He's feeling like he's in heaven when he got stuck in between.

"TWEEDLE DUM!!!" Tweedle Dee yells at Tweedle Dum,"We were supposed to be telling them that dinner is ready,not to be petted in between two girl's breasts."

"WHOO FINALLY!!!" said by Steel who purposly shouted at the top of his lungs to break out the awkwardness in his eyes.

"Yeesh. Were you born with volume control Wolf Boy?" said Finn who was rubbing his head in pain.

"Yay! Finally time to eat! I could eat a whole ton!" Yang said while thinking of the bear meat.

"I wonder what your Henni made." John says,"Let's go everyone. Tim,ring the dinner bell for the rest and have them meet at the dining room." John says to Tim,who just goes and rings the bell.

Dinner Time

Everyone makes it to the dining room and were waiting for dinner to be served.

"I wonder what Henni made." John says,"It smells mighty good."

Henni is quickly bringing the bunch of the food out and gives them out to everyone.

"There we go! I made some grilled bear meat with a side of clintro and parsley and to top it off a bunch of steamed eggs covered with gingenge and other spices!" she said while proud of her cooking.

"Thanks Henni! It looks delicious as always!" said Yang happily.

Henni blinks for a couple of seconds before realizing Yang is a girl now. "EEEK!!! WHY IS YANG A GIRL?!!" she screamed pretty loudly.

"Long story. Just....a long story. I'm pretty sure it's temporary so don't get used to it. Please don't" said Steel.

"So, how's it like having breasts?" Henni said to Yang. "A bit heavy but cool!" Yang replied.

"AND SHE IS ALREADY USED TO IT!!!" said Steel yelling.

"Relax. I don't know why you're so bent out of shape about this. We got this delicious food in front of us. Lets just focus on that!" said Finn who was ready to eat.

"Fine..." said Steel still murmuring about things.

John was laughing when he heard steel yelling,"Sorry Ms.Henni,but Yang was willing to drink one of my chemicals which can swap your gender,either for a little while,or for an eternity. But it does look like the effects are soon reversing,as you can see,her hair is getting shorter a little bit,and so are her breasts. If I reckoned,Yang will be like that for maybe another fifteen minutes I reckoned." John says studying."That potion nearly lasted for an hour it seems."

"Whoa! Yeah I can definitely see it happening! They're getting so small now!" Yang said as his voice is started to return to normal as well.

"T-That somehow looks even weirder than before..." said Steel with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well,uh,fortunately,or unfortunately,I have uhh...." John says trying to hide something.

"Spit it out." Tim says,"You have more don't you?"

"Uhhh maybe an extra gallon worth of it." John then says.

Steel slowly looks toward John with a crazed look. "More....women....potion?"

Finn is already holding him back. "Ease up you'll thank me with you have less bruises" he said.

"Like I say,there's no such thing as too much science." John says sheepishly.

"But an extra gallon worth of it?" Tim says,"That's a bit too much if you ask me. How many vials would that fill up?"

"Uh let's see," John does some calculations in his head,"378 and a half vials,and that's a vial lasts about an hour. About 16 days worth of liquid."

"Whoa! That's a lot of lady medicine!" said Yang excitingly.

"Don't ever say that phrase again." Steel said while facepalming.

Finn then starts to think out loud. "I wonder Tobias will appreciate this guy since he's got a love for science as well." After saying that, all of the crew look at each other and all say:

"Hell no."

"Who's Tobias?" Alice asks them.

"He's our crew's doctor and a scientist! Annnnd....uh...." Yang said before he stopped himself oddly and scratches his head oddly.

"Allow me." said Steel stepping in. "He's a crazy made scientist who is super obsessed with experimenting on every little thing and he can be a REAL jerk sometimes. Okay, all the damn time! I wonder even why he let him in but he did save our assess before..." said Steel.

"Ahh,yeah,I ain't a super jerk, but I can be a jerk if I want to be." John says.

"Yeah,but the question is,what will we do with all of that potion?" Tim asks John,"We can't just give it to Yang here."

"I'm sure Yang would like some more won't ya?" John asks.

"Of course!" Yang excitingly said but is pulled back by Steel.

"Look, I'm not going to disobey the captain's orders but you need a restraint from that! I'm going to keep all of those locked up in my special trunk so you won't go mad with it..." said Steel in a stern matter.

"GAH! STEELIE NOT FAIR!!!" said Yang loudly.

Steel huffs a bit before saying "If you were a girl, that scream would've been so high-pitched it shatter my ear drums..."

"Tell you what,we'll give you 57 vials of the 378 for free. The rest,you're going to pay for." John says,"Then we could sell the rest at the next island we head to."

"How are we going to sell this potion?" Tim asks.

"We can say they're like some medicine that makes you more attractive." John says,"I won't be necessarily lying by that. And we can make a ton of money from it."

"I mean,we don't have much choice." Tim says,"But be careful who you sell it to,we might not get happy customers."

"Don't worry Tim,you always worry." John says,"Anyways,does that sound like a plan?"

"Sounds good!" said Yang very eagarly. "Let me buy the rest no-" before he could finish his sentence Steel carries him back with his hand over his mouth.

"The 57 is good enough for now! Save your money why don't you?!" said Steel fighting with the struggling Yang.

"Good then," John says,"Steel can follow me to my lab and I'll give him the 57 vials. Then after dinner we can discuss where we can go to sell these." John says as he cuts up his dinner. He eats some of it and the remarks,"This is very good Henni,thank you very much." John says eating the meat with the steamed eggs like it was mash potatoes.

Henni bows in gratitude. "Thanks! I always try my best!"

"Hey Steelie you going to finish that meat? Thanks!" Yang quickly takes it before Steel can answer.

"YOU DIDN'T EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE TO REPLY!!!" said Steel who grabbed onto Yang.

"Electro!" Yang suddenly emites Electro through his body which causes Steel to fall downwards in a stunned state. "Sorry Steelie but my food!"

"D-Damn you...when I-I get un-s-shocked, I'm going to k-kick your a-ass..." said Steel who was down on the ground.

Finn laughs hard before saying "Quite the 'shocking' development!"

"Y-Your n-next Chum B-Breath..." said Steel still in shock and pain.

John laughs at seeing Steel on the floor and him insulting his own crew members,"You guys are certainly the funny ones at sea here." John says as he eats his food.

After Dinner at the lounge

After eating dinner,they all meet again at the lounge. John led Steel to his lab and gave him a suitcase filled with the 57 vials of the potion. They then walked back to the lounge to talk some more.

"Be careful with the case there Steel. We don't want the vials to be broken in there." John says as he sits down next to Alice. They all sat there for a while until John comes up with,"Alright,what should we do next?" John asks.

"Gets some sleep,it's pretty late." Tim replies.

"No,what should we do tomorrow?" John remarks back.

"Why not we go on another adventure with the Yang Pirates?" Alice asks.

"You guys up for another adventure together?" John asks Yang.

"Hell yeah! I'm always up for adventure!" Yang said happily.

"I had enough of gigantic bears and female Yangs for one day. Hopefully this new adventure will be much different." Steel said while holding the suitcase.

"Aye. Better get some shut eye and see what awaits us! I could use some different type of material as well." said Finn who was yawning.

"Early chicken gets the worm!" Henni said happy to be going to bed soon.

"Then let's get back to the ship then. I'm sure the other crew members are waiting. I hope that dumbass doctor didn't blow things up again..." said Crescent who looked a little annoyed hoping that won't be the case.

"Alright! That's decided then! And maybe we can find a cool sniper for our crew!" said Yang after pounding his fists together.

"I guess all of us are tired right now." John looks around."Why not we all get some sleep then we'll talk in the morning. Have a good night everybody." John says.

In the Morning

In the morning,John wakes up from the couch he was sitting on last night. Tim was right there with a cup of coffee next to him."Want some coffee,John?" Tim asks.

"Sure." John says,"I would like some tea later on though." John would then take the coffee Tim offered,"Did I pass out after everyone left?" John asks.

"Yeah,even Alice did too." Tim said with a chuckle,"If ya don't notice,she's on the floor now." Tim says pointing at her. Alice was asleep on the floor still.

"Should we wake her up?" John says,"I don't want Yang to come in here making it look like a weird scene just happened here."

As on cue, the door comes flying open with Yang and his returning crew back.

"MORNING PEEPS!!!" Yang said shouthly.

"Does the term 'self restraint' exist in your world captain?" said Steel in a snarky tone. He continues as he looks on at what's happening. "Enough of that, what the hell is going on here?"

"I wouldn't know. Humans do weird things at times." said Finn who had his arms crossed.

"Maybe they ate too much last night? My food was super good if I do say so myself!" said Henni proudly.

Yang with an evil smirk says "Maybe they--" he is suddenly cut off by Steel. "Just...don't say what I know you're going to say..."

"No No,It ain't what it seems here." John says."Me and Alice passed out when you guys left for your ship."

"What's going on?" Alice says as she's trying to wake up. She woke up by the shout of Yang and him flying the door open.

"Nothing," John says,"Just Yang opening the door to sortof wake us up." John then sees the extra den den mushi on the table nearby."I almost forgot to give you that.We're going to need to communicate to each other when we're on our different ships for when we get to our next adventure." John says as he hands Yang the den den mushi.

"Thanks!" Yang takes the den den mushi and puts it safely in his pocket.

"So where are we heading to by the way? There are several places that we can go." asked Steel.

"Preferably a much bigger place. We're running low on supplies as well." said Finn.

"Yeah! Yangy ate up all of the food for today!" Henni said with an angry pout.

"Yikes,I haven't even had breakfast yet." John says as he takes a sip of coffee from his cup."Tim,make sure Alice gets some coffee." Tim then leaves off to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee to give to Alice.

"I don't know really where we should go next. We're both running out of supplies,except meat of course." John chuckles,"But yeah,I don't know where I should sell my potions and what adventures we can have. Have you guys heard of any?"

"How about Gresia?" suggested Yang.

"The island with the crazy old with marriage problems? Hell no!" said Steel.

"Then Albakurty!" said Yang.

"The upside down island? Pass." said Finn.

"Alright! Fobria!" said Yang once again.

"That...is an island infested with insects...I hate insects..." said Henni.

"Come on guys! You always shoot down my ideas!" said Yang with a pout. "Maybe if you stopped picking hazardous ones, we wouldn't." said Steel.

Crescent takes a deep sigh before replying with an idea. "We need supplies dumbassess. And a change in scenery for once. I suggest Alabasta or at least one of the islands near it. It's not too far away and we can get our stuff and go." he said sternly.

"Yeah! And maybe we could get our sniper too!" said Yang excited.

"Won't we need a log pose to get there?" Tim asks as he hands a cup of coffee to Alice.

"What's a log pose?" John asks.

"A compass that can lead us anywhere in the grand line." Tim said,"My father used to have one but lost it years ago."

"Well,I know for sure that we don't have one of those." John says,"And what the heck is the grand line?"

"The grand line is a place in the center of the world that crosses the red line. It can only be navigated by log poses. And there are two halves to the Grand Line. The first half is Paradise,and the other half is the New World. We sure as hell ain't ready for the New World. But Alabasta is at Paradise,which we're fine then but we don't have a log pose to get there." Tim says.

"Do you guys have a log pose to there?" John asks Yang.

Yang quickly takes out one. "Yep! We sure do!" said Yang.

"Wait a sec, you came all this way without a log post nor not knowing what the Grand Line is?" said Steel who was genuinely confused.

"We had a map to here from someone that would come to our homeland a bunch of times. He was a hunter. He gave us maps of great hunting spots. Which this island was one of them." John explained to Steel,"I only heard stories of what I guess would be the Grand Line,but my kingdom would shut them down as myths. And my dad was forced to never talk about his line of work he was in besides showing me his experiments." John further explains,"It seems a log pose would be necessary if we're going to other islands besides the ones our friend gave us."

"Indeed. Maps aren't bad but they are only useful for so much. A log post is essential for long travels. Especially toward different islands far out from here. I definitely recommend picking up some at Alabasta. And make sure you give it to someone who will navigate." replied Steel.

"Aye...glad Keyes came around or we will be still stuck on that island with the moving trees..." said Finn to himself.

"We have plans to find a navigator there and a cook. Hopefully our navigator has some log poses on him. If not,I guess we'll buy some." John says,"But with us without one,you guys will take the lead to get there,we'll follow you guys and hopefully protect you guys from the rear in case anyone tries to attack us." John then states.

"Why would anyone want to attack us?" Alice asks.

"Cuz we're pirates,it's every man for himself in the waters unless you have allied crews with you." Tim explains.

"Exactly." John says to confirm what Tim said."Sounds like a plan Yang?" John asks Yang about his plan.

"That sounds like a good idea! Our crew is super strong so we can help out if needed!" said Yang.

"That is a better strategy than just heading there alone. I heard Alabasta has been a lot tighter with laws with pirates lately." said Crescent.

"Aye. And I'll be on the lookout in the waters in case of underwater attacks." said Finn.

"And, of course, I'll be steering us the whole way!" said Steel.

"Yay! Another trip!" said a excited Henni.

"It's decided! You guys could even meet my other crew members! They're fun to hang with! Well, Hearty can be a bit 'eager' to do science but he's a good guy!" said Yang.

"Good is putting it TOO high..." said Steel.

"Me and Alice can hop along on your ship then to meet the crew while Tim basically helps steering the ship." John says,"If I'm not around,I usually put my trust in him."

"Don't worry," Tim says,"Most of the crew here are idiots besides Alice's siblings."

"Sounds good then." John says,"That settles the plan,and we can talk over there of some plans together in Alabasta. Would you have any breakfast there at any chance,cuz when you came in,me and Alice just got up?"

"Oh Henni!" said Yang who motions to Henni who already left for their ship. "COOKING TIME!!!" she said as she quickly ran away.

"Annnnnd there she goes. She's always eager to cook huh?" said Steel.

"Of course. It is a chef's passion!" said Finn.

"I just hope she doesn't go overboard with the eggs again..." said Crescent who lets out a sigh.

"Alright the plans are in place! We can goooo!" said Yang.

"Alright then." John says,"Tim,you're in charge now while me and Alice are on their ship."

"Ok then." Tim says while going straight to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,who found some cupcakes in the fridge,"GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF THE FRIDGE AND GET TO POSITION NUMBSKULLS!" Tim yells at them. The two bolted out of the kitchen and went to their positions at the steering wheel and the crow's nest.

"Lead the way Yang." John says to Yang.

Yang's Ship

"Alright! Thiiis way!" Yang said as he started to lead everyone toward the ship. It didn't take too long of a trip and they finally make it to a very large ship that looks similar to a battleship in size but also has a China temple-themed building on top appearing to act as a small house. "This is our ship! The Zhiyuan! Finny did such a good job modeling it after my home back on Chau!" said Yang.

"Awey, indeed. It took me weeks to make it by myself. but it was well worth the wait I'll say." Finn said as he was obviously proud of his work.

A tall man cold be seen standing at the mast of the ship with his eyes closed.

"The ship looks nothing like ours," Alice says,"Our ship is just huge because of our heights. Maybe Tim can remake the ship to personalize it to be our own." Alice then says to John.

"Maybe after we resupply ourselves at Alabasta,Alice." John replies. John notices the tall man standing at the Mast."Who's that dude up there at the mast?" John asks Yang.

Yang looks up to see someone he of course recognizes. "Oh, that's Hookie! Our archaeologist! Hey Hookie!" yelled out Yang as he waves up to Hooke who in turn looks down on them.

"He must be watching the winds again as usual." said Steel as he also looks up at Hooke.

Hooke eventually speaks up knowing about the situation. "So, Alabasta it is then correct?" he said from afar.

"At least Hooke is always one person that we don't have to always tell about our next plans. He always just somehow knows." said Steel scratching his head still wondering how Hooke could hear from afar.

"Interesting," John says,"An archaeologist,Hak is an Entomologist and a botanist,which is useful for us knowing what plants we can eat or what bugs won't try to kill us."

"What's for breakfast?" Alice then asks,"I'm hungry,and I quickly grabbed this cookie from the fridge."

"Where did you get that cookie in the fridge?" John asks.

"I don't know." Alice said,"I was too tired to notice where I got it from in the fridge."

"Be careful when eating it," John says,"It might be one of my baked experiments."

"Henni should be whipping up something egg-related knowing her." said Finn who was thinking about her other variety of egg dishes.

Suddenly, a large explosion is seen from inside the ship where the door comes flying off.

"Ugh...dammit Hearts is at it again? I just fixed that door the other day too..." said Finn in a depressed tone. The man who was responsible for the explosion soon comes out of the entrance with a vial in his hand and raises up in the air.

"Aw-hawhawhaw! It is finally done! The " Keeps You Forever Young" vial has been completed by the master doctor and scientist, Dr. Tobias Hearts!" said the man boastfully.


"Bah...fools like you won't understand the thrill of a successful experiment!" said Hearts who was in his own world at this point.

Hooke looks down at Hearts and sighs. "Keeps You Forever Young?" That sounds like an impossibility." said Hooke.

"NOTHING is impossible for the Ultimate Scientist!" said Hearts who is proud of himself.

"Don't call yourself the ultimate until you know it works." John then says to Hearts. He then tips his hat off saying,"John C. Fedora at your service. I am also a chemist,but one that makes sure my experiments work. Just ask your captain here of some of the vials he gotten." John says referring to Yang drinking John's genderswap potion.

"Oh yeah Hearty! Johnny here made me a girl for like an hour!" Yang said in an excited tone.

Hearts simply fixes his glasses looking pretty serious. "A genderswap potion? Hah! That's a kiddy level potion! Trash is what that is! My potions are revolutionary! They'll change the world! You're just a tiny speck of water in the ocean that makes up my genius!" Hearts said boastfully.

"Careful of this guy. He's....kinda loon..." said Steel.

"If you wonder why he is even part of our crew, his potions are stupid for the most part. However, the "doctor" part of him is reliable as he cured what was thought to be an incurable disease that Henni." said Crescent.

"The 'scientist part' though, yeah, not as well. He made a potion that was supposed to let a Devil Fruit user swim but not only that didn't work, it caused the user to sink to the water twice as fast somehow. Good thing I was able to save Yang from the depths with my skills." said Finn.

"Oh yeah...it felt like I had a bunch of bricks..." said Yang.

John laughed from the story and Alice had a little giggle from it,"A genderswap potion can be just as revolutionary of itself if you make it to be." John then says."I have made potions that make you invisible,stronger,taller,better vision etcetera etcetera. And the thing is is that they all work." John then goes boasting to Hearts."Maybe Alice here would like to demonstrate her with that cookie on her hand?"

"John," Alice said,"I think this is just another cookie that you made for extra." Alice said referring to John stockpiling the fridge with baked goods.

"Well yeah." John said,"But can you please do it anyway. Wait,before you do that,is this ship capable of holding a giant?" John then asks Finn.

Hearts simply fixes his glasses again and says "Hah! Still trash potions!"

Finn gives a confident smile. "This ship is strong enough to hold at least 10 of 'em! I made sure the majority the ship is made of a very strong wood that does not break easily. Not even to cannon fire. Though, of course the door wasn't made of that stuff apparently..." Finn said.

"Plus, Yang here likes to go dragon on his drunken rampages so he had it built to sustain that. And trust me, Yang dwarfs even giants with his Dragon form especially when he shifts into a larger form." said Steel worrying.

"Darn it! I told you I didn't know it was alcohol!" said Yang defensively.

"It did. You were just too impatient to check the other side of the bottle." said Crescent.

"Very good then." John replies."I will show you what true science means when it comes to it working." He then faces towards Alice,"Mind if you eat that cookie now?"

Alice then eats the cookie. She stood there in the middle of the ship eating the cookie bit by bit. After eating the whole thing,she suddenly was growing to enormous proportions. She grew taller than where Hooke was at the mast. She was so enormous in size,she was sitting on the ship with her legs splashing the water.

"I told you it was probably one of my experiments Alice." John then says.

"Well I didn't know!" Alice boomed back at John,"How long does the potion last John?"

"I think a cookie is about 15 minutes Alice." John says,"If you drank a vial of it,that would be for about an hour or two."

On John's ship,the Rabbit Hole,Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum saw Alice become huge on Yang's ship. They both had gigantic nosebleeds and were flying all over the ship with their nosebleeds. It was until Tim came in and beaten both of them up and told them to get back to work.

He then stares at Hearts,"A human that can turn into a giant is astronomical." John then says,"A man can talk to giants as their owns size,and this is useful in battle situations,you can stomp the enemy,tear them up by your fingers etcetera etcetera."

He then goes to Finn asking,"You mind she stays in that position till the potion wears out?"

Hearts looks extremely shocked after witnessing all of that.

"I-I-INCONCEIVABLE!!! This must be a Devil Fruit power at work to make it seem she grew with that potion! Yeah! That's it! Nothing can get past my brilliant mind!" said Hearts who keeps trying to reassure himself.

"Yeah...sure..." said Steel rolling his eyes.

"Well, that's on the captain's orders. And I'm sure he'll be fine with that." said Finn who was already looking up at Yang who was hovering beside Alice.

"Yep! Fine with me! Wow you're like a giant now!" said Yang. "Imma take a women potion again!"


"Interesting developments have occurred in our absence." said Hooke to himself.

John tries to be humble at Hearts by saying,"It was only the works of some mushrooms my kingdom had,some special sugar my dad made back in the day,and some of my mother's great cookie recipes." John said,"Boy do I miss my mom's baked cookies."

"Your mother was a great baker John." Alice said,"That's why she's the King's baker at home."

"That you are right my dear Alice." John replies. He then heard Yang talk about the genderswap potion,"Speaking of that potion,what and where did you guys put that?"

"I had it put it in my room for safe keeping." Steel said as he was leaning against the side of the ship.

"Hey! Give me a bottle! Captain's orders" said Yang in a playful demanding tone.

"Dude you know how weird that will be if you're strutting around showing off your lady parts to Keyes and Deva?" Steel said to Yang.

"They won't care! They will probably enjoy another girl around!" Yang said trying to defend the topic.

"Mushrooms huh? Special sugar....quite quite!" said Hearts to himself as he writes down notes with an evil smile on his face.

"May I inform you that special sugar was only made by my dad,who is a marine chemist. But since I'm his son,he'll supply me some once in a while. And those mushrooms I have he also gives me cuz these mushrooms come from an island far away from here." John informs Hearts.

"Could it be possible that the mushrooms come from the New World?" Alice asks John.

"Possibly," John said,"My dad never specify where he gotten it,nor do I think did he ever wanted to talk about it."

"Why?" Alice asked.

"Well,for one,the Kingdom told him to not tell the kid or citizens of his adventures. And two,he always had a strange look on his face whenever he was referring to the island. Like he was scared of it." John explained.

John then motions to Yang to come at him,"Show me your office Yang,so we can discuss our plans there. Hopefully awhile,Henni can serve us some breakfast,I am hungry."

"So am I." Alice said,"I don't know though how you guys could feed me."

As on cue, Henni pops out with Devi and Keyes beside here.

"Breakfast's reeeeady!" said Henni before she looks up at Alice. "WHOA! SHE'S GIANT AGAIN!!!"

Devi starts quaking before stopping herself. "Yeee?! That's one big chick!" Devi said who was perched on Keyes' shoulder.

"Greeeeeat, so we left you guys with finding some bear and you bring home a giant?" Keyes said while looking at Steel.

"W-Why are you looking at me when you say that?!" said Steel.

John laughs as he overhears them talk about Alice,"Don't worry,my dear Alice here had just drank one of my chemicals. And this is the effect of her drinking them. Let her go for about 15 minutes and she'll be her normal height." John says."Have you made some breakfast for us Miss Henni?" John then asks.

"Is it big enough to fill me up at the moment?" Alice then asks.

"W-well I course I made you both breakfast but I didn't expect one of you to be gigantic! I'll have to go make more portions!" said Henni as she dashed back off to the back.

"Just give her a few minutes. She's a pretty quick cook I'll admit." said Keyes who was flipping a large coin. "And...yep. She'll get lucky and won't have any mess ups." said Keyes.

"Well that's good I guess." John says,"But meanwhile,me and Yang will talk of our plans in Alabasta. The rest of you guys can talk with Alice,I'm sure she would be liked to talked to." John then tells Keyes and others,"But you Hearts don't think about touching her,or else I swear to God I'll beat ya with my pole." John says pointing to his back that is holding his long steel pipe."Or maybe you'll have a little amnesia," John then pulls out his pocket-watch."Let's go Yang." John says.

"Heh. Don't flatter yourself. I'm not interested in your lesser experiments. Plus, you wouldn't think to mess with a guy with my powers!" said Hearts as he fixes his glasses evilly.

"Alright! Let's set sail guys!!!" said Yang as he and the others prepare to sail off with Steel taking the helm as usual. Finn uses his strength to unhook the anchor while Keyes takes the log post and heads up to the mast. Henni also rushes back out giving a large potion to Alice and a portion for John to eat. Crescent lays down on a couch close by while Hooke meditates.

Meanwhile, Devi flies up to Alice. "Keeh! You're so big!" the strange bird said to her.

In the meantime

What's next?

John and Yang were talking to each other after a fine breakfast Henni made,"Thank you Miss Henni for the breakfast." John then directs his attention towards Yang,"What do you think we can do over at Alabasta Yang?" He asks,"And before that,you mind if you could help me with some errands over at Alabasta?"

"Well, lots of stuff of course! I heard there was a giant desert there and such but the desert doesn't bother me. I'll probably just fly around using my powers especially since I always summon rain for some reason! And sure! I don't mind helping out!" said Yang.

"Well,before we get in any crazy adventures. God forbid it be another giant bear." John says with a chuckle,"I want to buy an engagement ring for Alice." John says,"I want to propose to her. Me and Alice have known each other since we were children. And we've showed our love for each other. And the fact that Alice said yes to coming with me meant so much besides her coming for her own self,but her wanting to come with me meant much more. And I think she joined with me because of me. I want to spend my adventures with her,it's that simple. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me." John says.

"I also would like to sell my extra genderswap potions at Alabasta. That way my crew can get extra cash. But I'm going to need some "examples" of what my work can do. Like have Steel next to me and we'll tell them that they'll look attractive as Steel is." John also says.

"Awwww that's really nice! Glad you're gonna settle down! I'll be serious with you I never thought of commitment either. My dad was always on and on about me and Yin wanting to get married to keep the royal family going and such but we just want to have fun now! I'm still super young after all! Though I am fully a Mink now, I still have some interests in human women but I'm attracted to the adventure now. Heh, if someone likes me, then that's great!" Yang says as he leans backwards.

"A sister?" John asked,"Never told me you had a sister?" John then says.

"Oh yeah! She is sorta kinda my adopted sister. Well, our dad adopted us because he was actually a king that never had like a queen and he wanted heirs and all that. That's why he is so bent in us getting married.... But yeah! Yin is her name! And yep! Yin-Yang is our name together! She was gonna join my crew but she was all like "No YOU join MY crew" and we were rivals since! She is off with her own crew and everything. I think she goes by the Yin Pirates or something like that...she kept changing names because I took Yin-Yang!" Yang explained.

"Ahh,nice." John then says,"Would you have an idea where she's at?"

"Hmm....I believe she is somewhere in the New World but she did say she was going somewhere called Sabaody..." Yang said to John.

"Hmm,an interesting place by the sound of it." John says,"So yeah,I'm going to need some help finding a nice ring for Alice. And I'll need some of your boys like Steel to help me with my selling of my potions." John then says.

"You got it! Hear that Steel?" said Yang who was yelling to Steel who was busy steering the ship.

"Selling off any of those womanizing potions so Yang has less of them? Sure thing!" said Steel.

"HEEEY!" said Yang defensively. He then thinks for a moment. "Wonder what places will sell rings..."

"Good question," John says,"And how much would they cost? I saw on a paper for one costing nearly Bsymbol.gif 22,000,000! Even with our reward,I'll never be able to pay that!"

"Maybe we could find some money laying around?" said Yang with a smile.

"You dumbass. It's better to just find some stuff to sell. Or make use of Keyes' powers here in a way." said Crescent.

"W-What? I just met these guys! I don't feel right just using my powers like that so suddenly. " said Keyes.

"I could probably sell those vials for a pretty high price,though what type of powers does she have?" John asks.

"Oh yeah! Almost forgot about selling those potions!" said Yang.

"It was literally the reason why I'll be going with him to do that..." said Steel.

"Well, if that's the case we don't need to get into the full details of my powers." said Keyes who continued to watch the sky. "Clear weather from here on out today. Good."

"Then that settles it." John says,"I'll sell those potions and then hopefully I can buy her an engagement ring. Thank you Yang and your crew. I hope we will have more fun adventures even after this one though we will have to go our ways eventually." John says as he holds out his hand for a handshake.

Yang smiles brightly. "Anytime!" Yang says as he shakes John's hand.

We go back to Devi, who flew up to Alice. "Keeh! You're so big!" the strange bird said to her.

"And you're a talking bird." Alice said,"At this rate,I shouldn't be surprised. I met yesterday a talking shark and a talking tiger." Alice said referring to Finn and Yang,"So who are you?" she then asks.

"Doing pretty well lately. And oh I'm only a talking bird thanks to my Devil Fruit powers! They're pretty awesome I know to have make me talk!" said Deva who is proud of herself.

"That's pretty cool!" Alice says,"The only thing special about me at the moment is that I'm huge." Alice says with a giggle.

"Hey! Being big can be pretty awesome as well! I wonder how the natural giants feel living that way all the time...I need a giant on our crew!"

"No." said Steel who was able to snark out that comment while steering.

"Your feathers look very cool." Alice then says to Deva,"I would like to have some for a dress I can maybe wear."

"Oh sure! These feathers are pretty rare so it'll definitely be awesome for you to show them off! Give me a sec I can produce more in my other form."

Deva suddenly shifts into her humoniod Harpy form and has a lot more feathers shown on her wings and starts to shake some out. "There ya go! I can keep regrowing these easily so it's no problem to take a lot." she said.

A whole pile of feathers fall into Alice's giant hands."Thank you," Alice says,"But I don't know how to make a dress yet,but I've been learning. You also look very beautiful as a human" Alice then says. She notices Hooke who is still on the mast."Are you that person we saw earlier?"

"Heh heh thanks for the compliment!" said Deva.

Meanwhile, Hooke who was still staring off into the sea then notices Alice talking to him. He then turns his head toward her. "Indeed. I am Draycen Hooke, an archaeologist. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." said Hooke before he went back to staring at the sea.

"Yeeeah....Hooke here is a good example of a man of few words. But you see he's definitely one of the more level headed members of the crew." Deva said.

"Nice." Alice said,"Which ones in this crew are not level headed besides Yang I noticed. I did meet that Hearts but John doesn't seem to like him for some reason."

"I'll give ya a run down of the crew overall! Yang, while pretty goofy and immature at times, he is a good leader/captain! And don't make him angry! He is scary when he is and it's pretty rare when he is. He's already scary as a tiger but as someone who can transform into a gigantic dragon? Yeah...not a good time heh... Crescent is another level headed one. He can be blunt at what he says, but overall he is always calm and reserved. A guy like him is needed! Steel can be this but his temper always gets the best of him. Finn loves to tease him but as the oldest member of our crew, Finn is also pretty reserved. Same with Keyes as well who is pretty much like a female Crescent. Hearts is fucking insane and Henni is too hyperactive." explained Deva.

"I can see that a bit." Alice says,"Then what are you....I didn't even get your name yet?" Alice then asks.

"Oops! Sorry 'bout that! My name is Devi and I'm, normally, a special type of bird called a Thunderbird. I can't actually shoot electricity like crazy but I can store up static electricity thanks to Yang teaching me with his Electro. And, if you're curious why I'm humanoid, I ate a Zoan Devil Fruit. Human model Harpy! This cool fruit allows me to fight alongside the others and, more importantly, help me with my musical skills better!" Devi explained.

"That's really cool." Alice then says,"I wonder what a devil fruit is like?" Alice asks as suddenly she shrinks a little,"Well,I wonder if they wear out like John's potions?"

"Oh no! Devil Fruit powers, depending on what they are I guess, last a lifetime as in until you die! Like, if you ate a Devil Fruit that allowed you to turn big at will, you will be like that forever. No need to worry about drinking positions that'll ever were out. Devil Fruits are amazing but they take away your ability to swim. Like, if you so much go into water, you'll instantly be restrained by the water and proceed to drown. I don't need to worry much about swimming because I am a bird first and foremost. Yang knows better but when he accidentally gets drunk and turns into a dragon and lands in the water, he somehow lasts enough for Finn to drag him out of there...man that was a pain in the ass.. But yeah when you eat a DF, you pretty much gain super powers! And most of them are good like Yang's and Crescents but some of them suck ass like this one guy that allowed him to turn his body parts into tennis rackets." explained Devi.

"Oh really,I didn't know that." Alice says as she slowly shrinks back into her normal height,"I guess I'm back to normal now. I am a tall girl to be honest." Alice says referring to her 9 foot height,"I enjoyed being tall for some reason to be honest,wonder if John has more." Alice then realizes she doesn't have clothes,"I should probably find something suitable to wear,John is busy talking to Yang and I don't know if he has another dress under his hat,don't ask me why."

"His hat has hammerspace?" said Devi who tilted her head.

Suddenly, another loud explosion can be heard down below.

"Oh boy...he's at it again..." said Devi who face/feather palms.

"Who's at it?" Alice asks.

"Ahahahahaha! I've done it! I've perfected a much better version of the gigantic potion! Using some artificial mushrooms enhanced by my powers, I created a marvelous specimen capable of making you a giant forever! Making all of the scientists in the world bow before me! They will be like 'Oh Dr. Tobias Hearts! You are so great and masterful! Please rule over us! We'll call you by "Ultimate Scientist" all the time!' I'm so amazing I scare even myself!" Hearts said holding a large potion over his it.

"Hearts making another one of his failure potions..." Deva said.

"Really, you're ripping off another guy's idea?" said Finn.

"BE SILENCE!!! That fool John dare challenge my brilliance so he will have no choice but to sample my greatest work! Then he will too bow to me and call me "Ultimate Scientist!"" said Hearts boastfully. "Or..." he points over to Alice. "YOU! You seem to love being big hm? Maybe you'll can sample my lovely piece of work!" said Hearts to Alice.

"Do NOT drink that." said Deva.

Alice was about to take the potion from Heart's hands until John then jumps at Hearts and nearly breaks Heart's hand with his pipe,"Don't you ever tempt my dear Alice,you fucking asshole!" he then picks up the vial from the ground that hearts was holding, he then grabs a microscope out of his hat and studies the chemicals under it,"You're setting yourself up for failure Hearts,no wonder you guys keep having explosions,he keeps using unstable molecules. He's lucky he hasn't blown up the whole ship because of them." John then directs himself at Alice and gives her an identical dress to what she had earlier,"Here,wear this for now. And maybe we can get some more giant potions for you."

Alice then says,"Ok John,but please watch your language John,be a gentleman." She says as she walks towards Deva and asks,"You think your wings are long enough to cover me while I'm changing?"

Meanwhile,John was staring at Hearts who was on the ground,"Go help yourself by getting an actual education Hearts. I may be a bit of a mad scientist myself,but I at least take precautions. And if it isn't for Yang being a good friend,I might be here wanting to kill you."

"OWOWOWOW! How DARE you lecture me! And how dare you break my hand of the person that will change this world! You'll paaaaaay!" said Hearts as he runs off into the back to fix his hand.

Finn and even Keyes are both laughing hard. "Hah! I told that bastard not to mess around with people all the time!" said Finn. "He's a moron. Like of the highest degree." said Keyes.

"Sure thing! My wings are definitely big enough to cover this ground. There are no pervs here fortunately but still need that privacy!" said Devi as she outstretched her large wings.

"Thank you." Alice says to Deva. She quickly changes into her usual attire and gets out of the feathers."It was nice getting to know you,I like you already." Alice says giving a hug to Deva.

Meanwhile,John walked back to Yang,"Sorry I broke your dude's hand. But I didn't know where all that anger came from me." John said wondering about what he did.

Yang sighs which is pretty rare as he is showing parts of his serious side. "It's no trouble. I mean, he can go overboard about his inventions and breaking his hand is actually the least bad thing he has done. He was nearly blown up, mauled to death, shot to death, even executed by a small island's king because of his actions. People say "why keep him around" but I think he just hides behind this evil scientist side. He's an amazing doctor so I really don't understand why he is acting this way. He just joined our crew not too long ago so i do still have much to learn about him personally. And we all have our angry sides we have to show! You guys probably will never see it because you're so nice to us and all!" said Yang.

"I guess we all have an angry side to us." John says pondering about it,"But the real question is how do you deal with it?" John then asks.

"I usually just try to think about happy thoughts but I always just often talk about it to a friend that'll understand! Like what you're doing now!" he said with a smile.

"Thank you Yang." John says,"I understand you have far more experience that I do. Now let's direct ourselves towards other topics." John then jokes to Yang about maybe John could've hypnotized the bear and they could've killed it then.

Meanwhile,Alice and Deva were talking to each other some more about stuff,"You look even prettier in human form. Would you like to talk about this over some tea,let's go to the kitchen and make some."

"Sure thing!" said Yang.

"Ooh, I never had tea before honestly. Sounds like an awesome plan!" Deva said will showing Alice the way to the kitchen.

And so Alice and Deva have some tea during their discussions. Yang and John have a fun time chatting alongside. Steel and Finn do their normal arguments. Everyone is doing their normal thing. John's ship is following Yang's ship on to Alabasta. Where their next adventure awaits both crews.

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