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Brothers in Madness
Date Started: August 19th, 2021

Date Finished: December 8th, 2021

Setting: Grand Line Paradise: Edoneia

Notable Characters Involved:

Synopsis: The Mad Hatter and the Witch Doctor meet again! Yes! Again! Because they are brothers! Well not brothers in blood, but brothers their "family". The two set their crews to the island of Edoneia as there was a festival going on in the land with many different activities throughout the days. Though with noticing an unhappy princess, the Brothers in Madness work together to help the girl out in whatever way they can.


Brotherly Reunion

It was a smooth day in the sea as it was late morning according to the sun's position. There were giant whales and dolphins swimming by as there was a strange forestry ship was sailing along the Grand Line of Paradise. The crows nest was actually tree trunks that were climbable with branches. A hand crafted, wooden swan was the head of the ship as it gracefully sailed along. Some would confuse this ship for a garden ship as it was filled with many flowers and forestry, especially the vines growing on the sides of the ship. But one shouldn't assume that it's like that, as the ship is heavily fortified with cannons that hide in the vegetation in case it's needed.

But sitting under the shade of the trees were two figures, both of them rather tall. One was a man in a black suit, with long black hair and had a top hat on his head as he was seen laying down along the soft grass below the tree. Right next to him was a tall woman of about 9 feet, she had blond hair and wore a nice blue dress. She was seen knitting on a rocking chair as both of them were very relaxed as other crew members were doing their business.

"Here you go." Alice, the tall lady, speaks to Fedora C. John, who was lying on the ground with his hat covering his eyes.

"Oh and what did you make?" John asks as he takes his hat off of his eyes and was received a dark blue winter scarf. "Oh wow! Your knitting and sewing skills are very much improving!"

"Thanks hun!" Alice responds to her husband, as the marriage rings on their ring fingers were noticeable, "It something I bet we have been needing since those special bakeries you make for me can make me rip my clothes." She giggles.

"Yeah, that is true." John nods as suddenly a low-hanging scarf was hanging in front of John. John looks up and sees his lookout and helmsman above him on a tree branch, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

"Look at mine captain!" Tweedle Dee says waving his scarf in front of John, "It's blue like mine!"

"Mine's red!" Tweedle Dum says as he was playing with his scarf, "Mine is longer too!"

"No it's not!" Dee responds, "Mine is!"

"Nuh huh!" Dum retorts.

"Uh huh"

"Nuh huh!"

"Uh Huh!" Dee then leaps at Tweedle Dum and they end up in a cloudbowl fight as John looked up at them deadpanly.

John then stops looking at the twins and looks around the tree and see the shipwright, White Tim, walking to an area with a big wooden plank on his shoulder. "And what are you up to Tim?" John asks as Tim turns around and sees John.

"Oh I'm going to be fixing that hole still on the side." Tim responds, "After that recent night Dee was driving in the night and fell asleep, I got the majority of the hole sustained, but it still needs to be finished."

"Right...." John says rolling his eyes, remembering about the incident, "Alright I won't disturb you."

He then turns around and continues to lie down on the tree as his wife continues to knit some scarfs up. John soon started singing the Wellerman shanty and his wife soon got into singing it as well before a bunch of the crew started singing along on the peaceful day in the sea!

Meanwhile, not far from where the Mad Pirates were sailing, the Umbra Pirates were out at sea from their travels from Lactose after welcoming the latest member of the crew Phoebe! The crew was still celebrating the latest recruit of the Umbra Pirates as they danced and laughed away.

"Welcome to the Umbra Pirates Phoebe!" Embla brightly smiled hugging Phoebe.

"Awwww thank you sugar!" Phoebe smiled back giving Embla a hug.

"We finally got a chef for our crew which means we finally got someone who can make us delicious eats!" Caedmon cheered as he took another swig from his mug.

"And you'll be drinking yourself to a stupor," Gethen snickered as he hiccupped.

"Awwwwww you're no fun anymore," Caedmon slurred slightly.

"Gonna be drinking this barrel here!" Walden announced visibly drunk but with a smile on his face as he stumbled over.

"Put. The barrel. Down," Rio warned.

"Oooohhhh you're no fun anymore," Walden whined then chugged the entire barrel of beer to himself without stopping for a breath.

"Now look 'ere bitch, if anyone 'ere uses my phrase I'll throw them to a sea king," Caedmon pointed to his crew slurring.

"If you can find one," Gethen snickered until he got smacked on the back of the head by Caedmon, "What?!"

"Annnnnd he's gone," Hecate sighed.

"What do the dead dreeeeeeeeam after they diiiiiiiie," Walden sang in a slurry tone.

"This is gonna be a long while," Rio sighed as he took a sip of his mug.

Meanwhile back at the Rabbit Hole

"Hey look! There's a ship sailing by!" Tweedle Dum notices the Umbra Pirates sailing by about a mile away, the distant sight of the Umbra ship was noticeable. John looks over the deck and looks through his spyglass to look at the ship.

"Danger?" Alice asks as she was next to John.

"Can we shoot them!?" Tweedle Dee asks.

"Should we hide!?" The navigator that has the dodo zoan, Wolfgang Billy, asks.

"Now now, don't be hasty on assumptions." John responds, "It looks most likely pass-er-by's. They shouldn't do us harm unless they decide to."

"Whoever they are, I can hear them laughing like drunkards." Tim says as he was the tallest crew member and was able to hear the faraway crew.

"Awww man, I've been wanting to try out the new cannons Johnny made!" Tweedle Dee states pointing over to the cannons that were hiding under the vines and different vegetation.

"We aren't barbarians Dee...." John says deadpanly as he and Alice looked at Dee with a look.

While still drunk, Caedmon looked over when he noticed the Mad Pirates ship in the distance. He stumbled over to the side of the ship as he looked over squinting his eyes until he puked into the sea.

"Fuckin' A..." Caedmon groaned.

"Caedmon, seriously this is why you shouldn't be drinking too much," Embla sighed then looked up to see the Mad Pirates' ship in the distance.

"Ship out there, les go wook owa thewa," Caedmon slurred as he tried to get back up.

"We don't even know who they are," Embla pointed out before taking her telescope out taking a look, "hmmmmm they're looking towards us with weird but strange looks on their faces."

"Think they wanna fight us," Walden asked stumbling over.

"They don't seem to be a threat," Rio replied.

"Should we go ahead and maybe see," Phoebe questioned.

"Wouldn't hurt right," Gethen asked.

"I got no say in this," Hecate shrugged.

"To the weird shippy looking thing," Caedmon pointed with a drunk smile.

"Uhh is that ship sailing toward us?" Alice asks as she notices the Umbra ship coming toward them.

"Either it's sailing toward us or going past us by a margin." John says turning back and serves himself a cup of tea, "Hopefully they don't try to crash into us. Cause last time, that clown Jack nearly ruined a good section of the ship. Then again there are a lot of clowns in the sea even though they might not show it." He says.

"Who's the clown here?" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ask as they pick their noses.

"Nevermind..." John deadpanly responds as Alice just comforts John by rubbing his shoulder.

"Ayyyyyyyy," Caedmon waved to the Mad Pirates in a drunken stupor before puking once more over the edge of his ship.

"Should we wave," Walden asked Rio as he hiccupped.

"Nah," Rio shook his head taking a sip from his mug.

"No," Walden asked once more this time a bit more high pitched.

"Nah," Rio replied with a straight face.

"Hello! Can we help you guys with anything!" Embla asked shouting towards the Mad Pirates.

"They shouting at us?" Alice asks looking at John.

"I wouldn't know....they could be talking to the whales below them." John rolls his eyes sarcastically.

"Oh hush." Alice teases back slapping John in the back of his head.

"Uhhh no! Nothing really!" John then shouts back, "We're just trying to pass by!"

"Yeah your loud drunken laughter is ruining the tranquil air above!" Tim responds to the ship.

"Sorry! We didn't mean to disturb you in any way!" Phoebe shouted back as she waved.

"You didn't really have to apologize you know," Hecate sighed but gave a small chuckle.

Gethen looked over to the Mad Pirates squinting his eyes then his eyes widen as he pulled Caedmon pulled then smacked him across the face. "Wake up you nincompoop! Think that guy looks familiar," Gethen asked turning his head towards the crew.

Caedmon stumbled back up as he looked to the crew trying to keep himself from vomiting again then squinted his eyes. "Huh, daa guy in da hat look familiar," Caedmon slurred, "where da paper go?" Caedmon reached into his pocket the pulled out a poster that was folded in four as he opened it up looking at the bounty poster then back at the crew then did the same thing again.

" can't be," Caedmon was silent then immediately a large smile grew on his face as he used his powers throwing chain ropes towards the Rabbit Hole as he pulled himself towards the ship, "HIIIIIIII JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHN!!!!"

The chains grab the side of the ship, startling the crew for a minute. John looks at the chains and recognizes the chains himself as he looked at Alice and smiles.

"Didn't think we'd see him ever did we?" John asks Alice.

"Is that Caedmon?" Alice asks, "He seems to be drunk?"

"Lord knows what he's trying." John states as he lets the ship be pulled in.

"I thought that voice sounded familiar." Tim shakes his head and smiles.

"Prepare the cannons!" Tweedle Dee commanded Tweedle Dum as they tried to aim the cannons at the ship.

"WHAT! NOT WITHOUT MY ORDERS!!!" John butted the heads of Dee and Dum before they were able to do anything stupid.

"You should probably answer him back." Alice recommends.

"HEY CAED!" John then shouts back to Caedmon, "It's been about 2 or 3 years since you left home!"

"A-HAAAAA! It's has! Ello little brother! Long time no see!" Caedmon brightly smiled seeing as he was beginning to sober up rather quickly. Once their ship was nearly two feet away from the Rabbit Hole, Caedmon hopped over onto the Rabbit Hole hugging John.

"Wait, Caedmon, you know this guy," Embla asked with wide eyes.

"Yup, he's my younger brother, John," Caedmon smiled still hugging John, "whoa you're a beanstalk! *hic*"

"BROTHER?!?!?!" The Umbra Pirates excluding Gethen replied in unison.

"You didn't tell us you had a brother," Hecate said in a shocked tone.

"Surprised he didn't tell ya? Weird cause I grew up with him too," Gethen chuckled.

"Everyone, this is John, my little brother!" Caedmon beamed.

"A pleasure to meet y'all." John says with a smile and nod as he took his hat off and bowed, "And yes, while you were gone, I was able to ahem "alter" my previous form and become this!" He then looks at the Umbra Pirates, "I am Captain Fedora C. John of the Mad Pirates, and this is my first mate and best friend Alice!" He points over to Alice, "And even something more special...." He says pulling Alice toward him and Caedmon so John could show Caedmon the wedding rings on their hands.

"You're married?! Congrats!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!!!" Caedmon bawled his eyes out still somewhat drunk.

"No way! Congrats!" Gethen smiled.

"Thank you. Now get off of me before you ruin my suit on your hangover!" John says pushing Caedmon back.

Caedmon got up then brushed himself off as he smacked himself. "Alright, I'm fine now," Caedmon breathed, "now then, where you guys heading to?"

"Sorry about the ruckus, we were celebrating the recruitment of our latest member, Phoebe," Gethen replied.

"Hello," Phoebe waved smiling.

John tips his hat toward Phoebe before looking back towards Gethen and Caedmon, "Well, I guess that was fine. Anyway, we weren't really heading anywhere. Though we might need to make a quick stop someplace for a resupply."

"Ahh, we were doing the same too though, got a bit too tipsy from celebratory reasons," Caedmon chuckled a bit.

"Wait, I'm still confused, how are you two brothers," Embla questioned.

"I was going to ask the same thing," Hecate asked, "they barely look alike."

"One is a beanstalk, the other is half ghoul," Walden pointed out.

"I wish I had a brother like John," Phoebe gushed almost teary eyed smiling.

"Brother? I wish our captain was more level-headed like his brother," Rio scoffed.

"And this is why you should be seen and not heard," Gethen muttered then looked over to John, "he's just kidding."

"See? Told you my crew was interesting," Caedmon beamed.

John smiles as he decides to sit down on a small wooden box nearby, "It's a pretty long story of how me and Caedmon are brothers." He mentions, "But...if you guys do want to hear the story, I guess me and Caedmon can share it." He smiles.

"I can get tea and cakes awhile!" Alice states running to the kitchen.

"Uh oh," Gethen said with wide eyes.

"Why uh oh," Walden wondered.

"Alice mentioned-," Before Gethen could finish his sentence, Caedmon was smiling from ear to ear.

"CAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES!" Caedmon shouted happily.

"Forgot, he has a sweet tooth," Embla sighed, "but we wouldn't mind hearing how you two met."

"Nice." John says as pulls some chairs over for the crew to sit down, "Sit wherever you may like. Heck if you like sitting in a tree, we have one right here." He points behind him, "It's quite the ship Tim built isn't it?"

"One of my best creations yet!" Tim responds then looking down to Caedmon, "Hey Caedmon and Gethen, It's been a long time." The giant white rabbit minks smiles and nods.

"Sure has Tim, this ship looks amazing!" Gethen beamed surprisingly.

"HEEEEY TIM!" Caedmon shouted waving.

"First time I've seen Caedmon extremely happy in a long time," Embla pointed out.

"It's really touching but at the same time, kinda creepy," Walden shuddered as he took his seat.

"Least I'm not the only one to think so," Rio sighed.

"Alright I think I got the tea and cakes!" Alice says as she came with a little cart full of different cups of tea and different slices of cake, "John, we may need the table out."

"No problem." John nods before dropping marble downs onto the floor and snaps his fingers. And right before the Umbra Pirates' eyes, a whole tea party was set right before them. The large table in front and many chairs in front. This was an ability Caedmon and Gethen have never seen in John, but would quickly recognize that it's a devil fruit power.

"Tea Party anyone?" John asks as Alice came with the cart of cakes and tea.

"Whoa, that was awesome!" Gethen exclaimed.

"New Devil Fruit of yours John," Caedmon asked with astonishment.

"Indeed." John nods, "The Shippu Shippu no Mi, it allows me to place things in marbles with a touch and release them with a snap of my fingers. It's not as cool as your chain fruit but it has some of its quirks."

"That's still incredible!" Caedmon exclaimed with sparkling eyes.

"So both you and him are Devil Fruit users, nice to know," Walden said with wide eyes.

"Well then." John says sitting down and pouring a cup of tea, "Sit down everyone! And let me and Caedmon tell you the story of how the Hatter and the Doctor met."

"There Caedmon, I know these cakes and cookies are your favorite." Alice says as she put some certain cakes and cookies in front of his seat.

"Oh yes, and they still are to this day!" Caedmon smiled brightly, "thank you Alice!"

"So as mentioned you two grew up together," Rio asked, "how is that even possible?"

"Well can't say we're blood related or nothing," Caedmon admitted taking a bite of one of the cakes, "but when we found a lot of common interests and grew up with one another, we felt like actually brothers."

"Indeed, and it helped that me and mother kept ya thanks to her baking." John smiles, "Especially the cookies and brownies, I did great cakes."

"Indubitably," Caedmon smiled, "my little brother makes the best cakes EVER!"

"You're right," Phoebe gushed smiling, "each bite, melts in my mouth!"

"Delicious as alwa-" before Gethen could finish his sentence, he notice Sam the Cat nearby and his happy demeanor began to change to that of fear, "oh"

"Oh hey Sam!" Alice says picking up her big pet cat, "Wanted to be on my lap?"

"Meow....." Sam would respond as he was on Alice's lap before looking at Gethen with a look and the famous cheshire cat smile.

"Just don't have him shed all over the guests." John responds.

"Aawwww hi Sam!" Caedmon smiled, "puss-puss!"

"Caedmon, don't bring him over here," Gethen whimpered.

"Why not? He seems friendly," Caedmon shrugged.

"That smile there does NOT say friendly," Gethen shuddered.

"He's nice! You folks can pet him!" Alice states as Sam leapt off of her lap and toward the Umbra Pirates.

"C-c-can he sense my fear," Gethen whimpered.

"What's with you," Caemdon asked, "scared of an innocent kitty cat?"

"What if he claws my eyes out," Gethen asked in a worried tone.

"She just said he's nice," Phoebe reassured as she petted Sam, "see? He's friendly."

"Meow....." Sam responds as he rubs on Phoebe before moving on toward Gethen with that cheshire smile.

John and Alice look at Gethen, "Uhhh you good there?" John asks seeing Gethen's face.

Gethen's eyes widen as he began to back away from Sam. "No...NO!" Gethen whimpered, "stay back...I'm warnin' ya..."

" new," Walden commented as he took a sip of his tea.

"Quite so...but kinda entertaining," Hecate shrugged as she took a bite of her cake.

"Come on Gethen, pet the pussy," Caedmon nudged jokingly then looked to Sam, "puss-puss, here Sam, come say hi to the pup pup!"

John facepalms himself from Caedmon's comment while Alice blushes pink.

"What's a pussy?" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum respond with a confused look.

"It's.....nevermind." Tim responds to the twins, "Read it in a book if you really want to know."

"But I don't know how to read though." Dum states.

John keeps himself facepalmed, "I'm surrounded by idiots...." He mutters as Alice patted his back.

"" Gethen whined.

"Awwww hi Sam," Caedmon smiled petting Sam, "aren't you so adorable?"

Sam would walk over back to Phoebe and lay on her lap, purring over her as he lied down.

"Anyway Caedmon, How has it been for the past few years since we've seen each other?" John asks as he takes a sip of honey tea from his tea cup.

"Been sailing the seas mainly, causing havok and what not," Caedmon smiled, "but I've been well, how's life been treating you and Alice?"

"Awwwww Sam's so cute!!" Phoebe exclaimed happily petting him.

"Heh, he is kinda cute," Walden chuckled a bit petting Sam.

"Yea, yea, yea stay over there," Gethen softly growled glaring at Sam.

Sam just glares with his cheshire smile at Gethen before purring at Phoebe again and rubbing his body all over Phoebe, starting to shed some fur on Phoebe's dress.

"Aww now come on Sam." Alice says, "Sorry about him shedding, he can be quite a shedder for the tiger size he is."

"We're doing fine." John responds to Caedmon, "I try to cause not too much trouble, but I became a pirate after thinking about it between me and Alice. Especially when her parents try to get her married against her will. So we left, with her siblings, Tim, Princess Kokoro, and Hak. And then we left the Kingdom of Hearts and intend to not return again. Because the kingdom and the marines have put a bounty on my head since."

"Wow, must been a headache dealing with the Marines from time to time huh," Caedmon asked tilting his head to the side.

"It's alright, he's so adorable I can just snuggle him!" Phoebe smiled hugging Sam.

"Indeed, just recently had to take on some marine captain." John responds, "And before that I was strangely doing a moonshine run taking care of other marines in that area."

Sam was then sniffing something inside the boobs of Phoebe as the cat then tried to claw into Phoebe's boob and try to drink.

"Oh dear!" Alice responds trying to bring the cat to her.

"Oh no not another...," Phoebe whined in embarrassment.

"Well...ummm that explains a lot," Walden replied with wide eyes.

Embla stood up then punched Walden on the head creating a large bump, "And you need to get your fucking head out of the gutter you disgusting pervert!" Embla scowled.

"I'm terribly sorry." Alice responds pulling Sam to herself, "He just sometimes gets curious."

"Hey Sam." John responds snapping his fingers and having a ball of yarn appear, "Go play with this a little." He throws the ball of yarn toward Phoebe, "Now if you touch her like you did again. You get a bonk from my pole. That clear Sam?"

"Meow....." Sam responds as he leaps off of Alice again and goes to the ball of yarn toward Phoebe.

"Well that was embarrassing," Phoebe said looking down.

"Weird cat," Gethen thought staring at Sam still.

Sam goes and grabs the ball of yarn with his mouth, before going to Phoebe in a more apologetic look. The cat then drops the ball of yarn in front of Phoebe before wagging the big cat tail, waiting for Phoebe to throw it.

"Awwww it's okay," Phoebe smiled as she picked up the yarn then threw it over to him.

"Since you two are brothers, would that explain your love of hats," Hecate pointed out while having a bite of her cake.

"Well, I was the one with the top hat." John says, "Then he decided to copy me and wear that fisherman's hat of his." he teases as he looks over at Sam and Phoebe playing.

"Awwwwwwww," Embla smiled gushing over the thought.

"Jooooohn noooooooooo," Caedmon whined hiding his face with his hat.

"So where are we heading to?" Tim asks as he takes a sip of tea.

"Billy, Where are we heading to?" John then asks, looking at the dodo head navigator.

"Uhhhhhhh" Billy looks at the map and the log pose where it's pointing, "We're heading to Edoneia!"

"Alright, we'll restock and supply there." John says.

"Funny, that's where we're heading," Embla replied looking at her log pose.

"Awww kitty," Phoebe giggled.

"New land, new places to explore, just like old times," Caedmon beamed.

"Indeed." John says sipping his tea, "How long we'll be there?"

"We'll be there by the evening." Billy responds as he thinks.

"Well then." John says standing up from his chair, "You guys are welcome to do anything around the Rabbit Hole as you please. As long as it doesn't pertain to causing chaos and wrecking things." He says looking at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum who were whistling with innocence.

"That's fine, long as this puffball steer clear from me," Gethen shuddered looking at Sam.

"Sounds fine to me," Caedmon nodded with a smile.

"Who's a cutie kitty," Phoebe gushed in a baby voice, "who's a cutie baby??"

Festival and a Ball

They make it to the island of Edoneia in the evening. And there was a festival going on in the island! There was music heard, people dancing and cheering, and there were colorful lights hanged around the area. There was a ferris wheel seen in the area. The crew land on the ports that were empty as everyone was out at the fair.

"Well looks like we picked a good time to port." John says hopping off of the rabbit hole, "No one is here besides us."

As the Umbra Pirates docked on shore, Caedmon hopped off of Golgotha as he looked around sniffing the air.

"Think it'd be lively here but it's not," Caedmon pondered.

"Could you not go ahead of us!" Embla shouted as she hopped off Golgotha along with the others.

"Well it seems it's more busy over there." John responds pointing over to the direction of the festival lights and the ferris wheel and fair rides.

"ooooo a fair!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say, "I bet there is a bunch of cotton candy and popcorn there!" Dum would respond.

"We can go to the fair later." Alice responds, "But first is grocery shopping." She says as she drags John away and toward the store, "We'll be going to the grocery store and restock on supplies."

"You don't need to drag me....." John responds as he was dragged away.

"And like that Gethen, another noble warrior falls victim to the plague of love," Caedmon sighed only jokingly, "just look away."

"Might as well follow them at least," Gethen replied as he followed them along with the others.

As they were in a general store restocking on supplies. John and Alice were holding hands while Alice was driving a shopping cart through the store aisles taking anything they need for more trips. As they were walking around, they were listening for anything that can be useful around the island.

"Have you ride on that weird robot bull? It's so cool! It's like a real one!" One stranger John and Caedmon would overhear.

"Man the cotton candy is so expensive this year, but still worth to buy!" another would state.

"I heard that the cake and pie contest is so competitive this year, and they're looking for taste testers." A woman would mention.

"Hmmmm, seems all of these comments are related to the fair." John states as suddenly Alice shows him a nice dress.

"This looks nice....if only I can get one that's my size." Alice says puts it over her, which was obviously too short for her towering status.

"Cake? Pie?! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! MIIIIIIINE!!!" Caedmon shouted as he ran over to the woman, "where is it? The Sweeeeeeets???"

"Uhhhh they're at the fair you weirdo...." The woman responds with a strange glare toward him.

"I'm sorry, he's just a bit antsy when someone mentions sweets." John says going over and dragging Caedmon back, "Excuse him, he's actually a cool guy." He then drags Caedmon back, "You can't think about sweets for one second can you?"

"Ohhhhhhh, you're no fun anymore," Caedmon pouted crossing his arms.

"And there he goes," Gethen snickered.

Not too far where the Mad Pirates and Umbra Pirates were, a young little boy with black hair and blue eyes wearing a Victorian-esque outfit was seen by himself walking through the candy isle when he bumped into Embla.

"Awww hi little one, are you lost," Embla asked.

"H-hi," the little boy waved shyly.

"Awwww look John! A little boy bumped by a friend of Caed." Alice says pointing as she was looking at more dresses.

"I see that." John says shaking his head, "Wonder what's a little boy doing all by himself." He kneels down toward the kid.

The little boy looked up to John with curious blue eyes but was a bit shaken by his stature. He nearly backed away almost as if he was about to run.

"S-s-scary," the boy whimpered.

"What? What's so scary about me?" John looks at himself, "Hmmmmm. Wanna cupcake?" He snaps his fingers and a cupcake pops out of a marble. "I may be dressed in black, but I ain't no bad guy." He smiles.

"Oooooooo are you a magician mister," the little boy asked with sparkling eyes.

"Cupcake?!" Caedmon shouted from the distance as he started running towards them!

"You had to say it," Gethen sighed.

"Heh, I'm only a man with a top hat." John responds head patting the boy as he gave the cupcake to him and Caedmon would appear behind him.

"Yaaaay," the little boy smiled then took a bite of the cupcake then brightly smiled, "it's so tasty and sweet!!!"

Caedmon slumped onto the ground sobbing then curled into a fetal position. "C-cupcake," Caedmon wepted.

"Oh get off of the floor Caed!" John says pulling Caedmon up from the ground, "You're gonna get your suit dirty!"

"Hi there little one." Alice kneels down and looks down to the young boy, "Would you like some help with something?"

"I-I'm looking for something for tonight," the little boy replied shyly, "a hat!"

"Well...I don't think you'll find a hat around here in this store." Alice says looking around, she was taller than most of the shelves and was basically able to look around the store from where she was standing.

"Something special going on tonight?" John then asks.

"Mhm! There's a special ball going on and lots of people are dressing up! My big sister is going there too!" the little boy exclaimed happily.

"Interesting..." John's ears perked up in interest, "Who are all invited to this ball? And where's it at?"

"It's at the castle not far from here," the little boy smiled, "and since I'm the prince, I can invite you and all your friends to join!"

"Now why would you invite a random person to the ball?" John asks before getting gently kicked by Alice.

"We'll be happy to come!" Alice says as she then sees a dress that she loves, "ooooooo! Come with me John for a minute!" She then grabs John by the collar and takes him to the changing room for him to see her trying the dress.

"You're....choking me!" John says as he was pulled by Alice.

"Think we should do the same thing," Caedmon asked Gethen.

"I'm always prepared," Gethen replied.

"I want to look dashing for the event," Caedmon crossed his arms.

"I want to go to the ball!! I want to dress up!" Embla smiled brightly.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon said in a deadpan tone.

"Alright!" Alice says in the dressing room with John, "How does this dress look? Do I look fat?" She spins around to show her dress to John.

"Noooo you look fine Alice!" John replies, "I do love that blue dress on you always!" John then hugs Alice, whom Alice hugs back.

"Thanks hun..." Alice says, "Now get out of here! You don't need to see me when I'm changing!" She then pushes John out of the changing room.

"But I just saw you naked like two minutes ago...." John says confused as he was pushed away.

"Hmmmm maybe this one," Caedmon walked out wearing a black suit and his signature hat, "Thought Gethen?"

"Thumbs up," Gethen replied literally giving a thumbs up.

"I like this dress, it's too perfect," Embla smiled spinning around in a beautiful red dress.

"Look at me!" Phoebe exclaimed happily wearing a light orange dress.

"Phoebe, you look so adorable!!" Embla exclaimed.

"Woooooow! You all look amazing!" The little boy smiled brightly.

"Reminds me, we didn't get your name young chap, I'm Caedmon," Caedmon smiled politely.

"I'm Eulalie Tobi! Nice to meet you," Tobi smiled.

"Well, at least I can admit that Alice will forever have a nice ass." John jokes to himself as he walks over to his friends and sees everyone in different outfits, "You know we have to pay for those correct?"

"That's...true," Caedmon replied slightly looking down then looks to Embla, "you got our funds right?"

"Yea, why," Embla asked.

"We good," Caedmon smiled brightly.

"Come on John!" Alice says to John as she walks back to John, "You should try something out for the ball!"

"Oh I'm good with my suit and top hat." John responds as Alice looks down at him with puppy eyes, ".....Guess I can't say no to those pretty looks." John then kisses her and then goes to look for something.

"He may not be fun sometimes." Alice says, "But sometimes all he needs is a little nudge."

"Hehe guess so," Caedmon slightly chuckled.

"Hello? Tobi? Where are you," a young female voice called out.

"Huh? Sister!" Tobi shouted happily as he ran over to a young woman with curly blonde pigtails and regal blue dress. He gave her a hug smiling then looked up at her, "I met some new people who want to come to the ball!"

"You did now? Tobi I told you not to wander off on your own," the young woman softly scolded, "what if someone tried to take you away?"

"I'm a tough young man," Tobi replied with a proud stance.

Caedmon looked over then within an instant, his heart dropped. He gazed at the blonde woman with wide red eyes as his face flushed red. The woman looked to Caedmon with curious green eyes then gave him a polite smile.

"W-who is she," Caedmon asked himself staring at her.

John then appears in a white tuxedo with a large black bow tie on the collar and had some black leather dress shoes on as well. He then as well had black gloves and his bo staff on the side as well. He turned over to Alice.

"How do I look?" John asks.

"Dashing!" Alice responds hugging John into her bosom, and John then panics a bit.

"Gah! You're going to suffocate me!" John's muffle voice states.

The young woman looked to Caedmon then headed over to him curiously whilst holding Tobi's hand. Caedmon felt his heart pacing as his face was starting to sweat.

"Oh sugar honey ice tea! She's heading this way," Caedmon thought to himself panicking, "what's wrong with me?! Ok, ok, ok, when she heads over just act normal as you would with your crew."

"Hello," the young woman gently smiled.

*BUUUURP!* Caedmon accidentally belched in the young woman's face causing her to react with wide eyes as Tobi looked up at her then snickered as he began to laugh.

"Oh no, I-I...I'm s-sorry, I...I...oh no," Caedmon studdered hiding his face with his hat though surprisingly, a soft laughter was heard as the young woman began to laugh much to his shock. Caedmon peeked his face looking at the young woman as his eyes widen to see and hear her laughing. For some reason, it felt...nice. He didn't know why but, it felt...nice.

"No, no you're quite alright," the young woman laughed, "it was actually quite funny! I haven't laughed this hard in weeks!"

"W-weeks? R-really, what's that," Caedmon asked blushing.

"I-it's a long story," the young woman chuckled then cleared her throat trying to retain her composure, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eulalie Mylène, princess of Edoneia, and this is my little brother Tobi."

"Hello sir," Tobi smiled brightly.

"M-my n-n-name's C-C-C-Caedmon! C-C-Captain of the U-U-Umbra P-P-Pir-r-ratesss," Caedmon stuttered still a blushing mess.

John was able to get out his wife's suffocating breasts as he shakes his head, and then looks at Caedmon, "Hey Caed!" He walks over and puts his hand on Caedmon's shoulders, "You good dude?" He then tips his hat toward Mylene, "I am sorry madam, my friend here can be quite the personality to handle."

"It's quite alright," Mylène curtsied as she smiled, "I was just talking with him and he's quite the charmer."

"M-m-me?! C-charmer?!?!" Caedmon exclaimed blushing beat red.

"Master Mylene and Master Toby." A servant in a butler suit walks to the kids, "It is time we leave now. We must go to the castle and prepare for the royal ball."

"Alright, well it was nice meeting you two," Mylène smiled then looked to Tobi, "let's go Tobi."

"Awwww, can I at least get this teddy," Tobi asked presenting it to the servant.

"No Master Toby." The servant says gently taking the teddy and putting it away, "Your parents will buy a much better looking teddy than this from another country."

"But but I want the teddy, pleeeeeease," Toby asked with large blue eyes almost tearing up.

"Don't worry Toby, there'll be a better teddy there for you." The servant pats Toby's head before taking his hand, "We need to go now."

"That servant is being a jerk." John thinks, "I oughta give this kid a little treat before his leave." He then takes his hat off and then pulls a giant lollipop and gives it to Toby, "Here you go! Something for you on the way back home."

"Woooow! Thank you sir!" Toby smiled brightly, "See you at the ball!"

"You're very welcome." John smiles and tips his hat as the three would leave the scene from the pirates. John would then look at Caedmon with a glance and he'd ask, "Why did you acting like that just now?"

Caedmon didn't say a word as he continued looking on ahead towards Mylène blushing with sparkling eyes.

"Um...uh...umm...uhh...umm..umm.umm...ummm," Caedmon stuttered.

"Caedmon speak," Gethen said appearing behind him out of nowhere.

"That girl...w-why...I...I...I'm...John...what is this," Caedmon asked.

"Caed, that there is what you call: "A wanting heart" ." John responds, "Means you have a crush on her."

"Awwww ain't that cute!" Alice responds then giving Caedmon a hug to comfort him a little.

"M-me, a c-crush," Caedmon replied as his body limped still staring out in the distance.

"Caedmon is gone...," Gethen sighed.

"We're going," Caedmon quickly said, "no if, ands or buts, we're going to the ball!"

"Well we're probably gonna go anyway because I'm sure Alice wanted to go anyway." John responds to Caedmon, "Though we'll have to go under different aliases." He then thinks for a moment.

"True, what would our names be," Caedmon wondered.

"One of you be a lord, the other a servant," Gethen suggested with a smirk.

"I suggest John to be the lord." Alice would state, "It'd rather fit for him, as he'll be known as Baron von Hutmacher!"

"Hutmacher? Is that a reference to my hat?" John responds as Alice then acts cutely around John.

"Hutmacher sounds fitting," Caedmon shrugged, "now for mine..."

"Ludwig von Hildenvolken," Gethen suggested.

"Yea! I like that," Caedmon beamed.

"Well that's a mouthful to say." John deadpanly responds as Alice makes a giggle.

"We should probably head down there soon then." Alice responds, "We should buy these first before heading out."

"Right," Caedmon nodded then looked to Embla, "Embla, mind handling this please."

"Yes captain," Embla replied as she went over to pay for the outfits.

"You okay Caedmon," Gethen asked.

"I want to see her again," Caedmon said in a trance like tone.

"Well let's head out then." John says as he then walks outside as well, "It is getting pretty late too, so we'll be dancing under the moonlight in the ball."

"Ohhhh how romantic!" Alice responds with a thought.

"John! Help me...that girl...Mylie or something of that nature I want to see her again," Caedmon replied in a frantic tone grabbing him by his collar, "you gotta help me man, help a brotha' out!"

"Alright Alright! I'll help you out!" John says, "Just be patient with me! Love isn't a chemical formula or a scientific calculator you know?"

"Alright, sorry," Caedmon said looking away blushing thinking of Mylène again.

Gethen gently smirked then looked to Embla, "Now I could be wrong but I think we are witnessing the beginnings of love here," Gethen smirked.

"Awwwwwwww," Embla gushed smiling.

"S-stop iiiiiit," Caedmon whined hiding his face under his hat.

"Let's get going." John says with a facepalm.

The Royale Ball

A Few Moments Later

They make it to the royal castle of Edoneia and soon head inside the grand castle of the kingdom. They make it in front of the castle and soon see a small royal bouncer that was checking in the guests and making sure they were on the list. John, Caedmon, Alice, Phoebe, Embla, and Gethen all make it to the line and were soon right in front of the little servant.

The servant looks at the list and then sees the group approach him. Looking a little confused, he then asks: "Uhhh, May I help you?"

"I think you don't even know kindly," Caedmon spoke in a English accent, "this is Count Baron von Hutmacher! Formerly, Count Bahut!"

"Uhhhhh." The servant looks through the list of party guests, struggling to look through it.

"Where are the trumpets," Caedmon commanded looking around, "we were promised trumpets to announced the Count's arrival!" Caedmon looked to John with a look of disappointment. "I am so sorry my Grace, beat me until you are happy," Caedmon said as he bowed his head down.

"Why did Caedmon convince me to go along with this story?" John thinks as he rolls his eyes before gives a hard backhand right at Caedmon's face. John's face still looking stern.

"Ah! He's happy, and I'm not feeling too bad myself," Caedmon smiled escorting John and the others inside.

"Uhhh you're not on the list." The servant states as they were attempting to head inside.

"We're what? I'm sorry, once again," Caedmon said closing his eyes flinching a bit.

"Why......" John thinks and once again giving Caedmon an even harder backhand.

"Ah! Thank you," Caedmon replied bowing to John then looks to the servant, "Fine! We will go! You will tell your superiors why we were not able to attend your little lua, your party, whatever it is! We are leaving, in a huuuuff!"

"No NO! PLEASE!" The servant responds frantically, "Go right in! In fact! Would the Count like to hit me?" He then shows his left cheek right toward the group.

"The count hit you," Caedmon asked approaching the servant, "the arrogance of some people...I will hit you on his behalf." Caedmon then backhanded the servant so hard he ended up being slammed against the wall! "Oops..." Caedmon said to himself.

"pant pant Thank you..." The servant responds before passing out from the impact. And so the group walks away and enter the royal ball.

"That was one of the stupidest ideas you ever had." John says facepalming himself as they walked through the halls.

"I hope John didn't slap you too hard." Alice says trying to inspect Caedmon's face.

"Nah, I've had worse," Caedmon shrugged.

"Try being slashed by werewolves, vampires, and other creatures," Gethen commented.

"Caedmon is resilient," Embla added.

"Anyways, should pr-" Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed Mylène heading down stairs wearing a beautiful red dress as his heart skipped a beat once more.

"Well looks like he's in another dimension." John states looking at Caedmon, "Do your thing Caedmon, just don't be socially awkward like last time."

"Come on John! Let's dance!" Alice responds as she pulls John into the dancing area and the couple start slow dancing. Some of the people giving jealous looks between the two, especially since Alice had bigger features and was taller. Alice and John didn't care of even bother to notice as them two happily danced to the soft jazz music nearby.

Mylène noticed Caedmon then brightly smiled as she hurried over to him. "Oh! Caedmon, you've arrived," Mylène smiled, "I thought you wouldn't show up."

"I-I-I did...I didn't...wanna break my promise towards you," Caedmon blushed looking away.

"You look cute," Mylène gently smiled.

Caedmon's eyes widen as his face flushed red from Mylène's compliment. His heart began racing as his breathing was getting heavy. Mylène tilted her head to the side as she gently took a hold of his hands then looked into his eyes. "Are you okay? You're shaking," Mylène asked in a concerned tone.

Just then, his heart began to beat normally as did his breathing. For some reason, being around her, he felt...calm.

"I am now," Caedmon replied looking into her eyes.

"Look at them two." Alice says to John as they were dancing, them two were watching Caedmon and Mylene talking to each other, "That is his crush huh?"

"Indeed, and Caed is trying to find a way to socialize to her." John says as he was watching as well as they danced.

"Come back up here please Mylene." Mylene's father shouts down, "You are to be dancing with your soon to be husband!"

Mylène sadly looked down still clutching onto Caedmon's hands. He looked down at her curiously with a concerned look trying to lock eyes with her again.

"Something wrong," Caedmon asked, "who is this soon to be husband?"

"Someone my father wants me to marry..." cwas about to tear up but stopped herself from doing so, "I'm sorry but I need to go." Mylène quickly hurried back upstairs to meet with her father leaving Caedmon slightly heartbroken watching her leave.

John then feels Caedmon's emotion and then makes him and Alice stop dancing, "Hold on. Something happened over there I can tell." He and Alice start walking to Caedmon before there was a trumpet that went off and a speech was to begin.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!" A servant shouts, "The Royal King Quincy and the Royal Queen Maribel are here to make an announcement!" He then bows and moves away as the royal couple made it to the front of the grand staircase, with Mylene, Toby, and a muscular man behind her.

"Ahem, We welcome you all to this very special day!" The Royal King Quincy states to the guests below the staircase, "We all know this is the annual fair week and that this is a special week for our kingdom! Now! This is even more special as the penultimate day of this week! My beautiful daughter Mylene will be married to man from a far away kingdom we allied with recently! And his name is Flynn!" He then shows the muscular man behind him. He had shining white teeth and blond hair and rocked a white shirt and black pants. The man had very big biceps and muscles and probably was one of the strongest in the castle right now. There was some clapping in response as they didn't want to annoy the king and queen of Edoneia.

"Sheez, look at those muscles." John states looking at himself as Alice just continues to hug John awhile.

"I wanna punch him..." Caedmon growled with glowing red eyes.

"We can't wait to be officially allied with Eshaexateron Kingdom once the marriage is official!" The King responds, "And.....they'll be giving us these special delicacies from their land......TACOS!" He says as Flynn and some servants showed some tacos to the citizens.

"Oooooh Yeah!" Flynn responds as he was flexing his muscles as he held the plates of tacos.

John was seen facepalming himself, "Tacos? You idiots never had tacos?"

"A rather strange "delicacy" I guess?" Alice says confused as well, she continued to brush John's hair awhile with her hand.

Caedmon looked over to see Mylène with a depressed expression on her face. For some reason, he could sense that something was off about her but at the same time, he clenched his fist in anger.

"Captain, are you okay," Phoebe asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

"She looks...miserable," Caedmon replied.

"Look, she's getting married to someone else, you can't do anything about it," Embla sighed.

"No..." there was a pause as Caedmon looked down. He began to remember the sound of Mylène's laughter, seeing her smile, he wanted to see it more. For some reason, in his mind, he didn't want to see her upset. "I can't let her go...I won't allow this."

"Someone should stop him," Gethen replied as he started eating some of the tacos.

"We hope you continue to enjoy our royal ball as we enjoy this first day of the festival!" The king responds as he and the queen leave the ballroom and let the music continue on with the ball.

"Wanna dance with me?" Flynn asks Mylene as he flexes his muscles, "I am the most handsomedest man in this whole ball!"

"That guy needs to get his english correct." John rolls his eyes as he then looks at the skyglass above, the moon showing above the glass. "Huh, the moon is nice and out."

"Ooooh, let's go out to the balcony floor and dance there!" Alice says to John, "Please....."

"Fine...." John says with rolling his eyes and smiles as he held Alice's hand and they went over to the outside balcony floor.

"God, his English is so rancid makes me want to vomit..." Caedmon growled.

Mylène didn't say a word as she sadly nodded taking a hold of his hand. "I'm sorry Caedmon," Mylène thought to herself.

Gethen continued eating tacoes when he noticed the full moon up in the sky. His eyes widen as he started to panic.

"Shit! Fuck! Why'd it have to be tonight," Gethen panicked.

"Uhhh John, You seeing Gethen?" Alice asks making John look at Gethen.

"Huh? Hm I see." John then looks at Gethen, "Hey you ok buddy?"

"Y-yea I'm fine," Gethen panted as he continued looking up at the full moon as he continued sweating clutching onto his head.

John then noticed all of the sweat and looks at the moon as well, "You don't seem fine. Follow Alice, she'll take you outside to the balcony." John pushes Gethen over to Alice and then John walks over to Caedmon.

"I wanna punch him...I wanna punch him," Caedmon growled his eyes glowing blood red.

Gethen followed Alice to the balcony when he saw the full moon once more then fell onto his knees sweating even more breathing heavily. "N-no! Not now!!!" Gethen grunted as he felt his hands slowly turn into claws.

"Hey!" John says pulling Caedmon over to him, "We have more important business at the moment than a little crush. Gethen is having a panic attack!"

"Ohhh, this is not what I'm thinking this is." Alice says seeing Gethen's hands becoming into claws.

"S-shit!" Gethen growled as his face began to turn wolf-like, his body began to grow black fur as he growled loudly.

"I-I can't...I want her," Caedmon growled as his eyes glowed blood red growling.

"Oh my lord..." Alice would respond as she performs a hail mary as she watches Gethen transform, and pulls her cross necklace out of her dress.

"Snap out of it!" John slaps Caedmon harder than he did earlier, "You got to tell me what is wrong with Gethen!" He forced Caedmon's head over toward where Gethen was at, suddenly seeing Gethen becoming a werewolf, "Caedmon......did you not tell me something?"

"Oh fuck...," Caedmon's eyes widen from what he was witnessing, "Ummm, well about see..."

"Can'," Gethen growled as his clothes tore apart as his ears and tail appeared then howled at the full moon!

"Gethen's a werewolf," Caedmon replied with wide red eyes.

"Shit....." John says grabbing Caedmon by the collar, "Why haven't you told me earlier?!"

"T-t-the power of Christ compels you!" Alice says to Gethen as he howled at the moon, "What happened to you Gethen!?"

"Meat! Kill!!" Gethen growled as he ran through the hallway towards the ballroom.

"I didn't know how! I was afraid you would see Gethen and I as monsters or even freaks," Caedmon admitted in a frantic tone, "now put me down! I know how to stop him!"

"You two are my brothers! I don't care what you folks were or are!" John says dropping Caedmon, "Now let's take care of this situation we kinda made ourselves."

People were now screaming as the werewolf Gethen was seen causing ruckus in the ballroom. Some of the guests were seen fleeing from the ballroom as some of the king's soldiers started running toward Gethen.

"WEREWOLF!!!" A woman would scream as the royal family is seen entering the room again via the staircase.

"What the hell is this!?" The king asks he sees the ruckus and the werewolf amongst the ballroom. The king and queen's eyes extend in fear as they saw Gethen.

"FLYNN! DO SOMETHING!!!!" The king would panic over to Flynn, who was seen casually dancing with Mylene.

"Huh? OH! Don't worry my princess! The Mighty Flynn will beat this woesome foe!" Flynn responds as he then runs over to meet the werewolf as well.

"Shit! Looks like we ain't the only ones that want to take care of Gethen." John says as they were running, noticing Flynn and the royal guards running toward Gethen.

Caedmon looked to Flynn snarling with glowing red eyes as he pointed his hands towards him. "Chain Web!" Caedmon shouted, "now stay dumbass!" Suddenly, Caedmon summoned chains that were in the shape of a web at Flynn causing him to get trapped against the wall!

"What now," Phoebe asked looking around.

"Fight off whoever's in our way," Embla replied pulling out her bow and arrow.

"Caedmon," Mylène pondered looking towards him.

John then drops marbles all over the floor as some of the soldiers accidentally slipped and fell from the marbles rolling around. John would soon snap his fingers and dark smoke would pop out of the marbles, making it very hard for people to see and somewhat hard to breathe. John then does a front flip in front of Gethen, and in the same time, pull out his steel pole. John would then basically go behind Gethen and put the pole over Gethen's neck and make Gethen be thrown down by John's strength, pinning Gethen onto the ground.

"Now Cade!" John shouts to Caedmon.

Caedmon charged in using his powers to create a chain with a small dagger connected at the end as he tossed it toward Gethen holding him down. Gethen growled struggling to break free as Caedmon got on top of him.

"Gethen snap out of it! It's me Caedmon!" Caedmon shouted using his chains to hold him down.

"Must...kill...need...blood!" Gethen growled.

Caedmon immediately headbutted him causing him to shake his head a bit whimpering. Then looked up to Caedmon with wide eyes.

"Get off," Gethen growled.

"Fine fine, you're no fun anymore," Caedmon scoffed snickering.

"Can't be mad at a giant black wolf," Gethen whimpered with giant blue eyes.

"What? Now he's suddenly himself?" John was confused as he spoke as Alice was still in the balcony somewhat terrified of what she just saw, "I'll need to comfort Alice after this mess..."

"No...then again, think that went a bit too far...should go and apologize to Alice," Caedmon said petting his head as he left quickly.

"Yeah...I feel like an ass," Gethen whimpered following behind.

Mylène continued looking on ahead towards Caedmon then for some reason, she felt the urge to follow after him. She didn't know why but she wanted go after him for some reason.

"C-Caedmon," Mylène whispered as she slowly followed after them.

"Stop! You violated the law!" The chief guard shouts at the people as the group just notices that the king's soldiers were surrounding the three.

"Well shit..." John says raising his hands, "And for what law have we violated?"

"Uhhhhh, disturbing the peace that is! And that werewolf too!" The guard responds, "That werewolf needs to be beheaded near immediately!"

"What? 'Cause he's a werewolf?" John asks, "That is rubbish if you ask me sir."

"Doesn't matter what you think!" The chief responds, "Put these three in chains and take them to the mighty throne before the King!" He says as John, Caedmon, and Gethen were placed into cuffs and shackles.

"Well this is nice." John sarcastically states.

"Caedmon!" Mylène shouted as she ran towards him.

Caedmon's eyes widen as he looked up towards Mylène seeing her running towards her. "Mylène...," Caedmon replied in a hush tone slightly blushing.

"Not...what I wanted to go for to help him," Gethen said looking down.

Kingly Trial

The king was standing before his throne as the chief guard was seen entering the throne room while Gethen, Caedmon, and John were being dragged by the guards in their chains.

"Ow Ow Ow! You know we can walk?" John states to the guards, "This is a nice suit just to say."

"...Losing patience here," Caedmon thought to himself.

"I'm a bad puppy," Gethen replied looking down letting out a soft whimper.

The chief guard then bows before the king and then states, "Your Majesty, We have brought these three.....thugs, that have caused ruin to our party. Especially the werewolf sir!"

"Throw them to the floor." The king responds.

"Wait what sir?" The chief guard asks.

"Throw them to the floor." The king states.

"What?" John asks before being picked up by the guards and thrown down onto the floor, "Is this really necessary?"

"Completely unnecessary!" Caedmon shouted as he struggled to get up.

"Ow...," Gethen grunted.

"So what are your names....thugs?" King Quincy asks looking down at the three.

"The name is John sir." John replies, "Those two are Caedmon and Gethen. The werewolf is Gethen."

"You know werewolves are to be executed in this land?" The king asks.

" not exactly, I don't know the laws of this land. Hell, us people are lawless." John responds before being slapped by one of the guards,

"Really?" John gave a confused look at them.

"The man with the top hat has spirit." The king nods while the chief guard agrees.

"This is going to be a while..." Caedmon groaned.

"This is boring me," Gethen sighed.

Meanwhile, the girls (Alice, Phoebe, and Embla) were now looking for where the boys have went in the middle of this giant castle.

"Now where would my poor little John would be at?" Alice thinks as she was walking, "This was supposed to be a nice little ball date...."

"In a castle like this, who knows where they would be," Phoebe said looking around.

"Shouldn't be too hard...right," Embla asked.

"Hey girls...." The fiance of Mylene, Flynn, was seen leaning on a wall looking at the girls, "You girls need a guard to escort you?" He looked at the girls while flexing his arms.

"Oh it's that dude that Mylene is supposed to marry." Alice states turning around.

"Ummm should we trust him," Phoebe asked.

"I mean if Caedmon doesn't like him, we probably shouldn't either," Embla whispered to Phoebe, looked to Flynn then leaned back into Phoebe's ear, "plus he's kinda ewww."

"Now now let's act like true ladies and approach the gentleman." Alice says as she calmly walks over to Flynn who was flexing and kissing his muscles.

"Oh, so you've now decided to be with the Mighty Flynn?" Flynn flexes his biceps but was immediately slapped across the face by Alice's right hand.

"No thank you very much. Us women are very capable of taking care of ourselves and walking around this castle. Let us go ladies..." Alice then scurries off with her head high and looking away from Flynn.

"Let's," Embla nodded with pride as she hopped onto Flynn's back cracking it before running off after Alice.

"Bye creepazoid," Phoebe said as she stomped on Flynn then ran off after the two.

"Who the hell are these women?...." Flynn ponders himself as he was on the floor with his back cracked and his face slapped.

"So....You're trying to raid my castle?" King Quincy asks the three.

"To do what sir?" John asks, "Raid you?"

"Ugh, strike him sir! Very roughly." The king states as the guard slaps John again.

"Ow! Ok cut that out!" John states.

"Oh and throw them to the floor sir?" The chief guard asks.

"Oh yes, throw them to the floor please." The king states as the guards grab the trio and throw them onto the floor once again.

"Ok.....this is not gonna be my night is it?" John ponders as he fell.

"I wanna get out of here," Caedmon sighed.

"Ditto," Gethen whimpered.

"So....pity thugs.." The king states.

"Ok, give us some respect. My dad was a marine scientist you know?" John responds.

"A marine? Really? What was his name?" The king asks.

"Fedora G. Henry." John replies, "Ever heard of him? I'm legit looking for him actually. He was a marine scientist that worked under the lists of Megapunk."

The chief guard laughs as the king gives him a look.

"Chief, have you ever heard of that name before?" king Quincy asks.

"Uhh no sir. I believe they are joking sir. I mean, why else would you name yourself after a hat? It's as joke of a name such as Dumm Dumm Sushi or Baron Grob Dickus." The chief guard states as suddenly one of the guards laugh and the king looks at the room around him.

"What's so funny about Baron Grob Dickus?" The king asks, "I have a very important friend with that name...." More laughter was heard.

"Oh no....I can tell where this is going..." John mutters as he kept himself on the floor.

"Stay strong Gethen," Caedmon whispered to Gethen.

"I'm," Gethen whimpered.

"Silence! What is all of this insolence!" The king asks as he approached a royal guard that was trying to hold in his laughter, "I'll let you know, you'll be fighting ogres and minotaurs in the colosseum if you continue this behavior!"

"Hey! Can we go now?" John asks before getting slapped again by the guards.

"Wait till Baron Grob Dickus hears of this." King Quincy states as the guard that he was just talking to couldn't hold in his laughter anymore, "Throw him into the colosseum! I want him to be eaten by the ogre within the week!" He says as other guards take the guard away.

"What now," Caedmon asked Gethen.

"Stay low and keep quiet," Gethen whispered back.

"I will not have my very important friends be mocked by the common people!" The king states, as he then looks around the place, "....Does anyone else feel like a little...giggle....when I mention my very important friend...Baron...Grob...Dickus..."

"Time to start thinking of a way out of here..." John says looking around the room to see if there's any potential use in escaping.

"Any potential way out Gethen," Caedmon whispered.

"Hard to tell from what I can smell, kinda stinks..." Gethen whispered back.

"And what about you?" The king walks over to a soldier near a pillar, "Do you find it....risible...when I say the name.....Baron...Grob....Dickus...." Some held-in laughter was heard as the king walks right toward it, "He has a wife you know? You know what she's called?" The guards shook their heads, "She's called....Baroness....Baroness Brüste." Then all the guards fell into laughter that they couldn't contain anymore. "What is the meaning of all this?!?"

Caedmon and Gethen looked to one another shrugging then looked to John with wide eyes but curious expressions.

"Now," Caedmon asked whispered.

John manages to grab a marble and roll it onto the floor and snap his fingers as white smoke would cover the entire room, leaving the guards laughing blindly.

"What is going on?!" The king would try to see, "Seize our prisoners! Where ever they are at!"

"Let's go!" John says as he picked himself up and ran away, "We gotta find a way out of this castle!"

"Right," Caedmon nodded running behind him.

"I'm picking up a scent, something sweet...and pure," Gethen said sniffing the air.

"That's most likely Alice you're smelling." John states, "And if so, the girls are close by then!" He says as they were running.

"Hey! Stop in the name of the law!" The knights shout as they were chasing the three with their swords through the halls.

"Great, not now," Caedmon groaned, "looks like we don't have a choice."

"We fight," Gethen stated.

"We are not resorting to fighting just yet!" John says as he pulls Caedmon and Gethen into a door as the knights enter the door as well. And soon, there became a whole door scene which John, Caedmon, and Gethen would exit and enter doors as the knights attempted to follow.

"Stop!" John says to Caedmon and Gethen as they exited another door, "I feel like we're going in circles!"

"This doesn't help us!" Caedmon shouted.

"Getting irritated," Gethen growled.

" a wise man once said: Sometimes you need to look up!" John says pointing to a vent that was up on the wall, "Pull the vent grate off Caedmon and we can crawl into it, though Gethen might not be able to fit in it."

"Got it," Caedmon nodded as he summoned a chain throwing it towards the vent. Once it got stuck onto it, he tugged onto it pulling it off.

"Up we go," Gethen replied.

After getting up onto the vent and comically trying to pull Gethen's large werewolf body into the small vent, the trio start crawling down the vent to get away from the king's royal guards. The guards soon give up finding the trio and then head straight back to the throne room.

"You think they gave up?" John says as they crawled down the vent.

"Think they did," Caedmon replied.

"I'm picking up another scent," Gethen said sniffing, "something innocent, sweet but scared."

"Doesn't sound like the girls unless...," Caedmon stopped for a second as a slight blush appeared on his face.

They soon make it to the end of the vent, John then kicks the vent out and hops off of the vent first while Caedmon hopped out second, while Gethen needed assistance being pulled out of the vent. Fortunately, Alice, Phoebe, and Embla were right in front of them as the girls turned around and saw their boys on the ground.

"John!" Alice says leaping down and tightly squeezing John.

"Gah! Stop it! You're gonna choke me!" John says as he was being hugged by Alice, his arms comically flailing.

"Caedmon! Gethen!" Embla shouted towards them as she ran.

"Embla! Look, I know things we-"


"NEVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN!" Embla shouted in anger.

"Don't you think that was uncalled for," Phoebe asked.

"It was COMPLETELY called for," Embla scoffed.

"Was mostly my fault," Gethen whimpered.

"H-Hello," a soft voice echoed from behind when from down the hall was Mylène.

"Mylène..." Caedmon said to himself in a hushed tone blushing.

"We can't talk to her now Cade!" John says looking over toward a window, "We'll use this as our opportunity to escape!" John then opens the windows and looks around. Right next to him was a pole that had a line that'd take them ziplining all the way to the docks and back to their ship. John then grabs his pole and then says to Alice, "Hold on to me."

"Oh ok." Alice says squeezing John.

John then leaps onto the line as the pole rides on the lines, and John and Alice end up ziplining down the line silently.

Caedmon looked over to the sound of Mylène's voice then back over to his crew and the others. He felt his heart racing thinking of what the options were. He then shook his head as he used his powers to summon a long chain, hurling it towards Mylène wrapping her in it then pulled her towards him. Mylène's widen in shock from what was happening, she struggled to break free. Caedmon removed the chains from her as he held her tightly trying to calm her down.

"Please, let me go!" Mylène cried.

"Mylène," Caedmon said in a soft tone.

Mylène looked up then noticed it was Caedmon as her eyes widen. His eyes were soft and gentle as he looked back into her emerald green eyes.

"Caedmon," Mylène asked.

"I'm sorry but I have to leave," Caedmon replied sadly, "...I may need to leave you behind, but also please take care of yourself...hope we'll meet out at sea again." Saying those words made Caedmon's heart break piece by piece.

"What are you talking about," Mylène asked in a confused tone, "I want to leave with you."

Caedmon's eyes widen from Mylène's response. "Y-you what," Caedmon asked in a surprised tone.

"I want you to take me out to sea with you," Mylène answered, "I don't care if I have to leave my life behind. I hate the idea of being in a place that doesn't make me happy and well, so far, meeting you in just that short amount of time, made me realize, I wanted something that I never had in years...freedom."

Caedmon's heart skipped hearing Mylène's answer. He was beaming as he hugged her tightly whilst Mylène hugged him back. After the two hugged, Caedmon looked deeply into her eyes tilting his head sligthy to the side giving her a soft smile.

"Shall we, princess," Caedmon asked as he offered his hand as he politely bowed.

"Yes," Mylène smiled placing her hand in his.

"Come on Caedmon, let's go!" Gethen shouted towards Caedmon as he ran off with Embla and Phoebe

"Can't keep them waiting," Caedmon said to Mylène.

"Right," Mylène nodded as she ran off with Caedmon hand-in-hand.

Suddenly, a rocket launcher went off and exploded right in front of Caedmon! Forcing Caedmon and his crew to fly out of the window and to the docks much quicker than John and Alice! The Umbra crew come crashing onto the wooden docks as the landed and John and Alice land smoothly. Unfortunately, Mylene was still seen in the castle as the royal guard and Flynn came to her.

"There you are! The Mighty Flynn saved you from those meddling pirates once again!" Flynn responds as a man was holding a rocket launcher next to him, "I was the one who saved you with this rocket launcher! Right?!" He says taking the rocket launcher from the guard and chokes him.

"...Right..." The guard replies weakly.

"Anyway....let's go have dinner now my'lady!" Flynn says as he took Mylene's arm and start to lead her to the dining hall.

"Caedmon..." Mylène looked on sadly.

"Mylène...," Caedmon said in a sad tone, his heart broken once more.

The Hatter Devises a Mad Plan!

John and Alice run over to Gethen, Caedmon, Embla, and Phoebe as both of them try to check on the crew.

"Hey! You two ok!?" John says running over to Gethen and Caedmon.

"You poor girls..." Alice says pulling them up and gently hugging them.

"I've had worst," Gethen replied.

"Mylène...," Caedmon could only utter as he looked up, completely heartbroken as he laid himself on the ground with a blank defeated expression on his face.

"Hey! You still in love with that princess?" John asks trying to talk to Caedmon, "Get up! Pull yourself together man!"

"Mylène...Mylène...," Caedmon replied on the brink of tears.

"Hey! Hey! We ain't done yet here if that makes you better!" John says trying to calm his brother down.

"Leave me to do it." Alice says as she knelt down and put Caedmon's head over her lap, "It's ok Cade, we know how you feel..."

"WHAT?!" John thinks seeing Alice put Caedmon's head on her thighs, "That's supposed to be me...." John knelt down nearly in tears himself thinking that.

"They...took my Mylè Mylène," Caedmon softly sobbed.

"It's alright Cade." Alice says patting Caedmon on the head, "I'm sure she feels the same way." She gives a little kiss on his forehead like a loving mother.

"Very funny Alice if you're trying to make me jealous..." John says looking at Alice.

"Don't worry John, you'll get plenty of love later tonight." Alice winks and smiles.

Caedmon sniffled as he slowly raised his head wiping his tears away. He then got up with a serious expression on his face as he looked to John and the others.

"John," Caedmon said to John, "I can't let that bastard marry Mylène! It's like you always say John, a hatter's gotta do what a hatter's gotta do! We've got to stop that wedding!"

John then looks down and tips his hat forward, so his eyes weren't seen, "You're right Cade. It's obvious that princess isn't happy with what her life is right now." John states, "But if you remember what that king says, that wedding ain't till the penultimate day of the week. So....we're going to need to prepare for that night." John thinks.

"Oooh makes you look edgy." Alice says looking at John with his hat tipped forward, patting John's head.

"I'm not trying...." John says shyly.

"Time to plan, and slaughter," Gethen growled.

"Yes to planning, no to slaughter," Caedmon replied.

"Well.....I'll make a plan awhile in the week. But till then, we'll need to do some stuff awhile." John states.

"Why not we have Caedmon sneak Mylene out for a night and take them to a date?" Alice says to John, "That way they get to know each other!"

"Hm, I don't see why not." John replies, "We can do that tomorrow once dark."

"Sounds good, anything," Caedmon nodded.

"I'm getting happy vibes," Gethen replied wagging his tail.

"Getting the idea this will probably be disastrous," Embla pointed out.

"But it should work right," Phoebe shrugged looking to Embla.

"Wouldn't hurt I guess," Phoebe sighed.

"Well let's get some sleep." John says looking at his pocket watch, "It's nearly midnight, and I'd like to sleep with my wife here."

"I'd like to sleep with ya as well." Alice says with a smile, "You guys are welcomed to use the guest bedrooms!"

"What! Don't say that! They have their own ships!" John shouts at the smiling Alice.

"I'm fine here," Caedmon said looking up at the window.

"And he's gone again," Gethen sighed.

"Should we grab him," Phoebe asked.

"Nah," Embla shook her head.

"No," Phoebe asked but with a concerned tone.

"Nah," Embla replied once more but this time with a more laidback tone.

The Lady and the Ghoul

The Next Morning

Alice and John were seen in their beds, sleeping together as John was lying on Alice's breasts like a large pillow. John was having a large smile as he was still asleep while Alice was sleeping as well. The rest of the crew was seen working on their morning errands as the captain and the first mate of the Rabbit Hole were still asleep.

Gethen was in his guest bed asleep now in his human form as he woke up shaking his head in a manner similar to a dog. He looked around wondering where he was as he sniffed the air. He noticed that he didn't pick up Caedmon's scent then decided to check on him. After he got dressed, he left the room, then went to see the other members including Embla and Phoebe looking back towards the castle.

"Think Caedmon's still there," Gethen asked.

"Most likely," Embla nodded, "kinda feel bad for him in a way."

"Yea...never seen him act like this before," Phoebe replied.

Alice was seen trying to get up but notices John on her breasts as she lightly giggles and pets John's hair, "Ok, get up John. We need to help Cade today with his first date!"

John gets up from Alice, his hair a mess from rolling all over the bed, "Alright...." John then gets off of the bed and starts putting clothes on. John looks out the window nearby and sees Caedmon still looking at the castle. "Man, he's been looking at that castle all night."

"He's probably asleep despite that look." Alice says straightening her hair awhile, "Let's go down and meet him soon."

"Sounds like a plan." John states as he starts putting his pants on.

Meanwhile Caedmon, who was now in his white wolf form, continued to look up at the window tirelessly as his tail wag letting out a slight whimper. He stayed up all night waiting patiently to see Mylène again. He longed to see something, anything from her. Her smile, her laugh, her soft blonde hair, her emerald green eyes; just the thought of her made his heart skip a beat as his tail thumped harder on the ground whimpering louder.

"Mylène...Mylène," Caedmon said to himself in a hushed tone.

Later, John was seen walking toward the castle to look for Caedmon, "Now where did that guy go? He couldn't have gone far." He then senses Caedmon's aura nearby with his kenbunshoku, "There is that guy, but why is he in the body shape of a wolf?" John then slowly walks toward where Caedmon was.

Caedmon's ears twitched as he looked over to John then his demeanor immediately changed as he jumped up with his rear in the air wagging his tail panting happily. Suddenly, he tackled John licking his face whimpering.

"Hi brother!" Caedmon happily bark.

"Gah! Get off of me!.....Caedmon?" John says as he was tackled but feeling the aura from Caedmon. John would then sit up and look at Caedmon as a wolf, "Let me guess, another thing you've kept a secret huh?"

"Yea...sorry," Caedmon whimpered, "I'm able to change into a wolf but unlike Gethen, I can change into a wolf day or night."

" least we're building some trust with each other." John says as he then rubs Caedmon in the neck like a pet dog, "My word, if Alice sees you in this form, she'll be all over you much like sometimes with Sam. Ha ta ta ta!" John would laugh.

"Should probably change back huh," Caedmon asked tilting his head to the side letting out a slight whimper.

"Hey. We'll be back in this area tonight." John states having Caedmon look up at him, "We're getting you ready for your date awhile! I promise you'll get to see her tonight."

"I...I will?! YES!!! YES! YES I get to see my darling!!!!" Caedmon happily barked hopping from side to side wagging his tail unable to contain his excitement.

"Ha ta ta ta! Yes you will." John says as he watches Caedmon being happy, "Now, turn back to your normal form and let's get going back for breakfast tea!" John then stands up.

"Right-o," Caedmon nodded as he transformed back into his ghoul form beaming standing up.

Back at the Rabbit Hole, the crews were seen eating breakfast with each other. There was bacon and eggs on the meal today with pancakes as well. Orange juice and milk was served as a drink besides hot coffee or tea. Sam was seen drinking a bowl of milk while staring over at Gethen.

"How is the bacon guys?" The John's cook, Patrick the walrus mink, asks, "I made sure they are extra crispy."

"They are perfect Patrick." Alice assures.

"Mmmmm, This milk is very sweet it seems!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were drinking milk.

John was seen thinking, devising the wedding-crash plan in his head, while taking bites out of his pancakes and sipping his tea.

"C-can he still sense my fear," Gethen shuddered.

"Still scared of a little pussy cat," Walden snickered taking a sip of orange juice.

"What a pussy," Rio replied taking a sip of tea with a smirk on his face, something that was a huge rarity.

"Awwww Sam's so adorable," Phoebe gushed.

"For someone who's a cow humink, you really love cats" Embla commented.

"Mylène, Mylène, get to see my Mylène," Caedmon happily sung.

"Oh yeah, John will have to take you shopping and have you find a little outfit." Alice will state.

"What! Me!? Caedmon has plenty of nice outfits I'm sure." John would reply.

"We got to get him ready for tonight." Alice says looking at John.

"Fine....." John responds.

"Mylène...," Caedmon lovingly sighed still in a lovestruck trance.

"He's gone again and hey, why do you smile like that," Gethen whimpered looking at Sam.

"Oh, Sam is always a happy cat!" Alice says turning around and then grabbing Sam and starting to pet him, "He's the most cheerful cat aren't ya?" Which Sam replies with a meow.

"Especially when it sometimes enters into our bedroom and wakes us up!" John says, "Try keeping him out some nights is a pain in the-" Alice gave him a look, "Butt..."

"I-Is it weird that as a werewolf...I have a fear of cats," Gethen asked Alice.

"I makes sense I guess." Alice was saying as she was stroking her cat, "I'm still recovering from you revealing you're a werewolf I won't lie."

"S-sorry about that...I'm still trying to get a better hold on my powers," Gethen said looking down, "and it's only been two years..."

"It's alright." John states, "Did you know you were a werewolf while you lived in the kingdom of hearts with us?"

"I had though since I ran away from home nearly a decade ago, I never got the proper training," Gethen sighed.

"Could've asked me," Walden called out.

"Huh, why's that," Gethen asked looking over to Walden.

"Because, I'm a werewolf myself," Walden replied walking over to him, "but I have ive years of experience where I have better control with my powers."

"Hmmmmm, maybe we should get a werewolf for a crewmate." Tweedle Dee states as he drank some milk.

"I don't's hard enough with two dumbasses in their sulong forms at times!" John gives some glares over at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who were just picking their noses dumbly.

"Eh, not hard to find one honestly," Walden shrugged.

"Though someone should snap Caedmon out of it before he makes a pancake statue of Mylène," Gethen pointed out.

"Mylè Mylène," Caedmon sang happily in a lovesick hypnosis.

"Alright Cade, let's go get you ready for tonight I guess." John gets up and starts dragging Caedmon away before having them go to the store for some things, "We'll be right back boys and girls."

"Have a fun time boys!" Alice says with a smile.

"Wheeeee I'mma see my lovely lovey dovey dove doooooove," Caedmon chirped.

That Evening

At the nearby castle tower that was the window of Mylene's bedroom, John, Alice, Gethen, and Walden were seen under the tower of the window. John checking on Caedmon and his looks as they were basically preparing a little date for the night.

"Alright, All you have to do is climb those vines up to her window and ask her out." John says as he was using a little brush to brush on Caedmon's clothes to make sure it's tidy. "Remember to be a gentleman and keep your hat on unless needing to be a gentleman."

"This feels like a fairy tale..." Alice says happily sighing.

"Alright, here goes," Caedmon sighed as he took in a deep breath clearing his mind. He went over to the vines, climbing them up to Mylène's room, "Mylène,,,my Mylène,,,"

When Caedmon reached Mylène's window, his heart skipped a beat seeing Mylène again. A bright smile grew on his face as he was starting to loose focus but then immediately shook his head. Caedmon cleared his throat then knocked on the glass stained window. From inside her room, Mylène was brushing her hair when she turned around noticing Caedmon outside. A slight blush appeared on her face whilst she smiled running towards the window. Mylène opened the window making sure not to knock Caedmon from the vines.

"C-Caedmon, what are you doing here," Mylène asked with wide eyes.

"M-M-Mylène, I...ummm...I missed you," Caedmon replied blushing as he looked away removing his hat, "I'm sorry..."

Mylène looked to Caedmon then a warm smile grew on her face as she placed her hand on his cheek. Her felt warm on his face. It made his heart sing a serenade as his face flushed red as he looked into her emerald green eyes.

"It's okay Caedmon," Mylène softly smiled as she gently took Caedmon's hat placing it back on his head fixing it, "I missed you too."

"R-r-really," Caedmon asked with wide wine red eyes.

"I did...and I-I'm really happy to see you," Mylène smiled.

"Oh right, Mylène what I wanted to ask you was, do y-you want to go on a d-date with m-m-me," Caedmon asked with his face flushed red.

"I thought you would never ask," Mylène happily exclaimed as she hugged Caedmon.

"Mylène...she's hugging meeee," Caedmon thought to himself blushing beat red then gave a thumbs up over to John and the others.

"I better hope he don't slip off of that vine and have himself and Mylene fall to their deaths here." John says as he smiles and gives back a thumbs up.

"I have a mattress in one of your marbles right?" Alice asks.

"Hmmm, I believe so." John states as he thought, "But we'll be taking this couple over to a little restaurant that is in the backstreets, I told it to Caedmon. Figured we don't want to get publicity if the princess is seen out with Caedmon instead of her fiance."

"Good thinking." Alice states.

"W-we should p-p-probably get going," Caedmon blushed.

Mylène's eye widen when she noticed that she was still hugging Caedmon as she gently released her grip allowing him to grip back onto the vines.

"S-sorry about that," Mylène blushed looking away.

"Y-you're alright," Caedmon studdered, "l-ladies first."

"Thank you," Mylène smiled as she carefully climbed out of the window then onto Caedmon's back causing his face to turn beat red as steam blew from his ears and nose.

"H-her b-body's up against mine!!!!!" Caedmon thought to himself blushing beat red.

"Caedmon, is everything alright," Mylène asked.

"Y-yes! Of course my sweet, let's get going shall we," Caedmon smiled, "Now hang on tightly."

Mylène wrapped her arms and legs around Caedmon's body as he climbed down from the window to the field below. Feeling her arms and legs wrapped around him was making his heart race as his breathing was getting heavy. Caedmon immediately shook his head as he reached the ground with Mylène. Once they touched ground, the two walked hand-in-hand towards John and the others exchanging smiles and small blushes.

John nods his head in greeting to Mylene as Alice lifted her skirt a little as they both bowed to the princess. "Hello Princess Mylene, I am the Mad Hatter, Fedora C. John, a friend of Caedmon." John smiles, "And this is my wife, Alice."

"A pleasure to meet you." Alice responds.

"An honour to meet you two," Mylène brightly smiled as she curtsied all whilst Caedmon gazed at her still lovestruck.

"Well, Me and Alice somewhat arranged how this date will go." John states, "We're going to attempt to try not to have you seen by the public, princess. But Alice did find a nice place that will serve as a nice date if you don't mind."

"That sounds lovely, I can't wait," Mylène warmly smiled.

"I can't wait either," Caedmon lovingly smiled as he looked to Mylène.

"Well, follow me then." John says as he tips his hat as he then walks away from the castle with his wife as they'd walk through street alleys and anywhere that avoids the public streets. "It's a little restaurant in the outskirts of town, found it through word around the streets. Serves good food I'm told despite it being backwoods."

"Shall we my dear," Caedmon asked with a warm smile.

"Yes," Mylène warmly smiled back as she walked alongside Caedmon holding his hand.

John and Alice lead Caedmon and Mylene through the backstreet alleys, passing by different cats and other dark parts of the backstreets. But soon they made it to a little restaurant called "Papi's Spaghetti and Burritos", a little neon sign signified the business as John would knock on the back door.

"Yes?" A voice would ask as a head peeped out the door.

"G'day sir! We are looking for a table of 4 to serve!" John would state then turns to Mylene and Caedmon, "It's on me, you two don't need to pay for anything."

"Thank you brother," Caedmon smiled.

"Thank you kindly," Mylène smiled brightly as she curtsied.

"So why are you knocking on my back door?" The chef asks before noticing Mylene, "Ohhhhhhh!"

"Just don't say a word." John says slapping a bunch of belly on the head chef's hand.

"That'll do." The chef says with a wink, "The name is Chef Papi! Specialty is spaghetti and burritos!"

"I don't know what gave that away..." John says deadpan while pointing at the sign.

"Would it surprise you that I've never had spaghetti nor burritos before," Mylène asked looking to Caedmon.

"Never? I can assure you both are delicious," Caedmon softly smiled taking a hold of both of Mylène's hands causing her to blush.

"Well hopefully better than those tacos that ball served yesterday." John says as the head chef opens the door and allows the four to enter the "closed" restaurant. The chef then takes them to a table and has them all seated before lighting up candles on the center of the table. Chef Papi then grabs a notebook and then asks:

"How may we serve you today?" He asks.

"Hmmmmm, I'm feeling for a nice lasagna." John states as the chef started writing it down.

"I'll take one of the large bowls of the classic spaghetti and meatballs." Alice says, "Hopefully this boy will help me eat it."

"Fine..." John says, "Is wine possible with this?"

"Indeed it is." The chef puts it on the list then.

"I'll take the spaghetti and meatballs too," Mylène replied then slightly blushed looking to Caedmon, "you don't mind sharing it with me d-do you?"

Caedmon's face turned bright red then looked away slightly covering his face as he nodded, "S-sure, I-I wouldn't mind.."

"Alrighty! Coming right up!" The chef will say as he'd run into the kitchen, "Hey Joe! Play some violin music would you?" He says to his chef partner who started playing a violin as then Chef Papi was opera singing in the kitchen and cooking. His opera singing was as professional as his cooking, it was like he trained himself in both the opera singing and cooking his customer's food.

And it wasn't long until Chef Papi was back with the giant plates of spaghetti and meatballs they ordered. The spaghetti noodles and the sauce on top while meatballs were all over the plates. The smell of the sauce and parmesan cheese surrounded the noses of the four.

"Wow.....that smells good...." John says amazed.

"It looks really good!" Alice says starting to grab her large napkin and putting it on her lap, which John does the same.

"The garlic bread and breadsticks will be here in a minute!" The chef states before running back and grabbing the breadsticks and garlic bread, "Bon Appetit!"

"Woooooow," Mylène exclaimed with sparkling emerald eyes.

"She's so beautiful when she smiles...I'd do anything to keep that pure smile," Caedmon thought to himself smiling warmly.

"Well let's eat!" John says as he was about to eat until Alice slapped his hands from the food.

"We need to say grace John." Alice states booping John's nose.

"Fine....." John replies in surrender.

"Might as well dear," Caedmon gently smiled.

"Alright," Mylène smiled softly.

"Her heart!" Caedmon thought.

John then bows his head and then speaks: "The eyes of all wait upon Thee, O Lord, and Thou givest them their meat in due season; Thou openest Thine hand and satisfied the desire of every living thing. Our Father... Lord God, Heavenly Father, bless us and these Thy gifts which we receive from Thy bountiful goodness, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen."

"Amen!" Alice then says as she kisses John in the forehead, "Thank you for speaking grace hun."

"You're welcome." John says nodding and then starts to eat.

"I can't wait to try," Mylène brightly smiled as she took her fork then started to eat, her eyes light up, "it's delicious!"

"She's too beautiful," Caedmon thought to himself smiling as he ate as well.

"Look at them two." Alice says as she started eating and was speaking to John, "They are a perfect match."

"Indeed." John says before putting a forkful of spaghetti and meatballs into his mouth, "Now watch it when they get the same noodle." He then states.

While Caedmon and Mylène were enjoying their meal happily, both were smiling brightly at one another, unbeknownst that they both were eating the same noodle. Slowly they continued to eat closer to each other's faces until their lips met with one another. The two opened their eyes blushing beat red noticing they were now kissing each other. Mylène shyly looked way with Caedmon doing the same but was blushing beat red.

"Her lips...they're so soft...," Caedmon thought to himself blushing.

"His lips...they're so soft," Mylène thought smiling to herself blushing.

"Well look at that, they went up to the next step on the first date." John teases.

"Very funny." Alice says to John, "How about you kiss me John?"

"Hey! I'm all for that!" John responds as him and Alice have their lips touch and they get a kiss.

"Y-you have s-soft lips," Caedmon replied blushing.

"You do t-too," Mylène blushed looking down a bit twiddling her fingers, without warning, Caedmon kissed Mylène on the lips once more causing her to blush beat red but she slowly closed her eyes as she returned the kiss.

John and Alice finished kissing and saw Caedmon and Mylene, "Awwww look at those two." Alice says putting her head on John's shoulder.

"Kinda like a proud little brother, I am." John states putting his head together with Alice's.

After Caedmon and Mylène kissed they looked into each others' eyes lovingly then blushed looking away. Their hearts synchronized with one another along with their breathing as their thoughts were racing.

"So cute," they thought in unison.

"Alright, let's not do much lovey stuff until we're done eating here." John says as he took a forkful of spaghetti and meatballs.

"Hmmmm, your breath smelled of garlic from that kiss." Alice teases John.

"That is cause I just ate garlic bread!" John replies trying to speak with the mouthful, then he swallows his food, "Oh excuse me for doing that."

Alice giggles and then puts her arm around John's shoulder's, "Oh John! How cute you can quite be!" She then pulls John's head into her big boobs.

"H-Hey! I'm trying to eat!" John states as she pulled John into her chest.

"Hehe, they're such a cute couple," Caedmon chuckled.

"They truly do," Mylène softly giggled, "also, you have a bit of sauce on your lips."

"Where," Caedmon asked looking at her with curious eyes then without warning, Mylène kissed his lips causing him to blush beat red.

"There, it's gone now," Mylène blushed a bit.

"Y-you k-k-kissed me again..." Caedmon blushed beat red hiding his face.

"Well if there was any sauce, it's not there anymore!" Alice chuckles while letting John eat normally again.

"I am just enjoying this spaghetti and meatballs!" John states, "Patrick always makes the meatballs delicious but this spaghetti is superior to his noodles."

"Well, he is a meat cook after all." Alice responds.

"Touche." John responds after taking a bite out of garlic bread.

"This spaghetti is absolutely delicious! We don't usually have food like this back home," Mylène brightly smiled.

"You don't," Caedmon asked curiously, "what do you usually have?"

"It's too much to explain, probably bore you with my life," Mylène blushed flicking her hand gently up and down.

"I can listen to your stories of your life for years if you'd like," Caedmon passionately said as he took a hold of Mylène's hands looking deeply into her emerald green eyes.

"It probably ain't much different from being with a family of nobles." Alice states as she ate, "Not World Nobles but my family are nobles that "royally advise" the king of the Kingdom of Hearts."

"Yeah.....they didn't like me." John states, "In fact they tried doing the same thing to Alice that's going on with you Miss Mylene. Being forced to marry some random prince from another island."

"Fortunately we got away before that happened." Alice states, "Though then John is now framed as my kidnapper and I apparently have Stockholm syndrome?"

"Yeah that was a weird article to read from the newspaper." John replies as he continued to eat.

"I'm sorry to hear about that," Mylène frowned a bit.

"Still, Mylène if you wish, you can still come out to sea with me, see the world, be happy," Caedmon gently smiled.

"I do but then I don't know how my family would feel...or my little brother Tobi," Mylène said looking down sadly.

"Tobi is your little brother right?" John asks, "He's a cute looking feller but he's too young to be involved in piracy."

"He is right, fortunately my siblings joined with me in piracy." Alice states, "But they were old enough to be involved. Toby looks too young."

"Just saying, I am devising a plan to get you out of here." John says to Mylene, "Not just for Caedmon but for you Miss Mylene, I can tell you aren't happy where you are and I want to help you out."

"Plus fellow princesses should help another princess." Alice says with a smile to Mylene.

"Yes, he is." Mylène nodded, "As sad as I hate to leave Tobi behind...I'm happy to meet people who are kind-hearted and understand me."

"This plan of John's will work, he's a genius," Caedmon reassured Mylène with a smile.

"Well I hope I am in the midst of the idiots I sometimes deal with." John bluntly remarks.

"Now that ain't necessarily nice John." Alice replies to John.

"Trust me I ain't mentioning you on that my dear Alice." John responds, "Just try being a captain somedays, especially with Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, and a dodo navigator to deal with." He then switches the subject, "I'd understand why leaving Toby will be a concern of yours, but trust me we have 2 days to figure the whole thing out."

"What can I do to help," Mylène asked, "if there's anything let me know."

"Well we don't want anything to happen to you, especially me," Caedmon replied looking into her eyes.

"For now I recommend you keep acting like you've got your interested in this Flynn." John responds, "The plan is to crash the wedding in the night it occurs. I'm betting the castle will be hard to breach but I do have a plan to breach it."

"Hmmmmm, something makes me think I'm reading your mind on something." Alice states thinking.

"Well that's just you being a wife." John comments, "Which I love." He then gives a sweet kiss to Alice.

"I wouldn't mind Mylène being my wife one day," Caedmon muttered to himself blushing.

"What was that," Mylène asked tilting her head to the side.

"N-nothing my sweet," Caedmon blushed beat red.

John gives like a deadpan look to Caedmon before stating, "But yeah, I know it's unfortunate you have to deal with him. He seems like a douche if you ask me. But if you can hold on till during the wedding, that'll be perfect."

"Alright...I can try to," Mylène to herself.

"Hey, hey don't worry before you know it, this will all be over," Caedmon reassured Mylène with a warm smile placing his hand on top of hers.

John then looks at a clock nearby and notices the empty plates before them, "Well, how about we leave then?" John stands up but was pushed down by Alice with her replying:

"How about dessert John?" Alice gives John an innocent look, "I'm sure we'd like some dessert."

".....Fine..." John sits back down and calls back on the chef, "Hey! Anything special for dessert at all?"

"We have some Croquembouches that need finished made!" Chef Papi responds.

"Alright we can take that." John states, "Never heard of it but sounds interesting."

"Indeed, I wonder if it's good." Alice ponders.

"Oh! I've had it before, it's a very delicious French pastry dessert," Mylène happily exclaimed.

"Pastry," Caedmon replied with starry eyes.

"Well you sure did bring Cade's attention." John smiles, "He loves anything that is a sweet."

"Alright here it is!" Chef Papi says bringing a large plate of croquembouches, the pastry rose to nearly the ceiling with how much was on the plate.

"My word...didn't know it was that much." John states.

"Oh dear, that is a lot of dessert." Alice responds looking at the massive amount of croquembouches.

"Yep, it's official, I'm dead," Caedmon smiled with starry eyes.

"Teehee, no but I hope you all enjoy," Mylène brightly smiled.

"I'll take one at a time." John says as he picked one up and ate a little ball of it, "Holy Moly Eight Balls of Fur!!! That is delicious!"

"It really is!!!" Alice says taking a few bites out of the croquembouches.

"Hmmm I wonder," Caedmon picked one up then takes a bite, his eyes sparkled as his face blushed, "Oh my sugar blossoms!! I...just took a step into Heaven..."

"Teehee, he's so adorable," Mylène giggled to himself as she took a bite herself.

"Glad there is this much then." John says, "I may eat plenty more till at least Caedmon starts gorging!"

"Now now, be nice to your brother." Alice states as she takes another bite, "I hope you two have enjoyed this."

"We are," the two would brightly smile only to look to one another blushing before looking away.

"What are the plans for after this?" Alice asks John.

"Well.....We'll need to take Princess Mylene home soon as it may be striking midnight soon." John says looking at his pocketwatch, "We got an hour till then."

"I wish this night didn't have to end...," Mylène sighed sadly.

"Me too but don't worry, I promise, I'll come back for you," Caedmon said as he looked into her emerald eyes blushing a bit, his heart was slighty racing as his breathing was pacing.

"Alright, enough of staring at each other into the abyss." John states, "You guys already kissed like twice and Lord knows what happens if more arrive."

"Would you folks happen to carry the leftovers home?" the Chef would ask.

"Uhhh I don't think you can fit that in a bag...." John states pointing to the croquembouches until the chef took it and somehow was able to place it all in a traveling bag, "Nevermind then?" He says as Alice giggles.

"Thank you so much Mr. Papi!" Alice says to the chef.

"Oui You are very welcome!" The Chef responds.

"Thank you so much Mr. Papi," Caedmon and Mylène brightly smiled.

"Grazie! Grazie!" Chef Papi states, "You all have a magnifico night!"

"Here's a tip." John places a couple thousand extra belly to the chef, "Don't spend it all in one place you know?" John then tips his hat and then they exit.

"Thank you again," the couple smiled as they leave.

The couples now leave the restaurant of Papi's and enter back into the alley. It was nice and quiet besides the distant cat making noises on top of a trash can.

"So what are we doing now?" Alice asks as they exited.

"Well, I think maybe we should take Princess Mylene home." John says dusting his hat and putting it on.

"Oooo I just remembered! I think there's a beautiful bridge in the park nearby!" Alice says, "It'd be so romantic to see it just once." She looks at her husband, "Please...."

"sigh...What do you two think?" John asks Caedmon and Mylene.

"That sounds lovely, you darling," Caedmon asked looking to Mylène giving her a loving smile.

"I'd love to," Mylène warmly smiled back.

"Well....we'll have to be under cover because if we get caught, we're going to be in deep crap." John states as he looks through the long alleyway.

"John, it's cold." Alice says as she was wrapping her arms from the chilly breeze.

"Here." John snaps his fingers and out of a marble a large feminine jacket for Alice, and gives it to Alice.

"W-what was that he just did," Mylène asked with sparkling eyes smiling.

"A talent magic trick my little brother is quite known for," Caedmon smiled.

"Indeed." John responds then gives a kiss to his wife, "Let's make this trip brief shall we?" He then holds the hand of Alice and walks through the alleyway to the park.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Caedmon smiled following behind John and Alice.

"Perfect," Mylène smiled as well.

The four make it quietly to the park in the middle of the night. They walk together in the brisk cold and walk to the little stone bridge in the center of the park. The moon was right in front of them as it shined the dark blue water that was calmly travelling under the bridge. The wind breeze making it a little chilly of course. But with the moonlight reflecting from the water, it was a beautiful sight.

"What did I tell you?" Alice says, "I told you it looked romantic."

John only smiles and responds, "Of course, you are always dear Alice."

"Oh wow, Caedmon, the view it looks so beautiful," Mylène brightly smiled with sparkling emerald eyes.

Caedmon looked over to Mylène with a loving smile on his face admiring the golden blonde haired princess. She was truly a sight to behold looking at her eyes glistening under the moonlight, his face blushed a hint of red as he lovingly sighed.

"Yea," Caedmon replied lovingly smiled, "beautiful."

Mylène blushed when Caedmon called her "beautiful" she looked into his wine red eyes shyly as he looked back into her emerald green eyes. The two locked eyes then slowly leaned in for a gentle kiss.

John and Alice look at Caedmon and Mylene and smile. Then they look at each other and kiss each other for a nice long kiss. Alice would look down at John with loving blue eyes as John lied his head onto her breast. The four of them enjoying the tranquility of the scene.

"Mylène, there's something I want to tell you," Caedmon said looking away blushing.

"What is it," Mylène asked looking to him.

"Ummm well, the moment I first saw you, I...I was immediately enamored by your eyes, your smile," Caedmon replied blushing not knowing he was letting his emotions out, "Mylène I want to say that I lo-"

"We should get going." John says grabbing Caedmon's shoulders as John was looking at his pocket watch, "We need to take Princess Mylene before the guards start looking for her."

"Oh...right, we should...probably get going now," Caedmon sighed looking down.

"Alright," Mylène sighed looking down as well.

John sees the lovebirds look down and replies with a smile, "Hey, this ain't the ending! Mylene will be in your arms in due time Caedmon. You just need to be patient right now." He pats Caedmon in the shoulder.

"You're right," Caedmon smiled then looked to Mylène clutching her hand tightly, "we should take you back to your castle, princess."

"Of course, dear," Mylène warmly smiled.

"Good. Let's head out then." John says tipping his hat and again taking Alice's hand as they quietly walk back to the castle.

They make it back to the castle tower about 15 minutes after midnight. They were back at the tower that Caedmon climbed earlier to get to Mylene's bedroom. Now John is having Caedmon take Mylene back up to her bedroom.

"Alright, you know what to do Cade." John says to Caedmon.

"Right," Caedmon nodded as she led Mylène up to her window back into her bedroom. Mylène looked down sadly knowing her time with Caedmon was coming to a close then Caedmon placed his hand on hers looking into her eyes.

"Mylène, I'll be back for you soon," Caedmon said then kissed her cheek, "I promise."

"I'll wait for you," Mylène softly smiled as she kissed his forehead, "good night dear."

"Night my l-l-love," Caedmon studdered blushing beat red over his reply only making Mylène blush beat red as she smiled to herself. Caedmon carefully leapt down as he hummed to himself joyfully heading back over to John and the others.

"Looks like someone is happy." Alice says with a little giggle.

"Indeed, but now our time is up." John says with smile as he closed his pocket watch and placed it back into his pocket, "We need to go back and go to sleep."

"My darling Mylène, my golden love," Caedmon lovingly chirped.

"Caedmon's in lovey dovey world," Gethen replied.

"Oh there you are Gethen." Alice says looking at Gethen in his werewolf form, "We were wondering where you and Walden went."

"They probably went training or something." John responds noticing Gethen's sudden appearance.

"Yup, so far Gethen's making some progress," Walden replied who was in his werewolf form.

"I feel like a new man," Gethen smiled wagging his tail.

"Glad to hear from you Gethen," Caedmon brightly smiled.

"That's very good." John says, "At least you can have Alice more comfortable around you at night then."

"I'm still getting used to it." Alice says, "My nun teachers told me werewolves are heathens of the night, but I don't really think that's the case here." She says as she headpats Gethen.

"Headpats nice," Gethen smiled wagging his tail.

"Alright, easy there bub," Walden chuckled.

"Think we should head back now, got a lot to plan tomorrow," Caedmon said.

"Indeed." John says as he starts walking, "We got a big day to plan for."

"The sooner we get the lovers together, the better they say." Alice replies as she follows suit.

"Yay" Caedmon brightly smiled.

"Is it tomorrow yet," Gethen asked in a deadpan tone.

"Not quite, but we must go to sleep for the night." John says as they sneak away in the night and prepare for the next day.

Planning and Gladiating

It was the morning of the day, the seas were smooth as the sun was just rising from the ocean. John was seen up earlier than usual as he and Caedmon were in John's lab, planning out the "Wedding Crash". Alice comes walking in with cups of coffee for the boys as she just got up herself.

"Morning boys." Alice says as she was still in her nightgown, bringing the cups of coffee to Caedmon and John. She lowers herself and kisses John as John was seen planning hard, "You weren't in bed this morning......kinda wanted you there...."

"I am sorry my dear Alice, but sex can always wait." John bluntly states as he was planning, "Right now this Operation needs to be ready by tomorrow!"

"Morning," Caedmon yawned as he took a sip of coffee, "wait, it's time?"

"It's time," Gethen replied sipping his coffee.

"Alright! It's the plan for Operation: Wedding Crash!" John says as he slams his pen down, "I think I got most of it complete!"

"That sounds good." Alice says as she moves her hair and brushes it.

"I'm all ears," Gethen said waiting with a calm deadpan face.

"What's the plan, the sooner the better," Caedmon spoke.

"All I'm going to say, is that I'm going to need like a whole bakery's worth of ingredients!" John states, "And a lot of late night chemistry tonight!

"Sounds like this may be a "Big" plan." Alice states as she hears John's idea.

"How big are we talking," Caedmon asked cocking an eyebrow.

"Bigger than all of our bounties combined," Gethen replied, "bigger than-" before he could say anything he noticed Sam behind him as he jumped whimpering.

"Aw goddammit Sam! You're ain't supposed to be in the lab at all!" John says to the big cat that just gave back a smile.

"Language John." Alice would slap John's hand before walking over to Sam and pick him up, "Now now Sam, you know you ain't supposed to be here." Alice would give her cat a hug before taking him back out of the lab.

"Phew, I thought I was gonna die," Gethen breathed a sigh of relief.

"You really need to conquer your fear in cats man," Caedmon replied.

"Indeed, we'll need to fix that later." John says putting it in his notes, "But we'll have to go shopping again soon."

"We need to get breakfast first hun." Alice states as she comes back, "We're not going out without a proper breakfast."

"Fine......" John replies sighing.

"Breakfast does sound nice," Caedmon smiled.

"Food, please" Gethen replied.

"Well let's go for breakfast then, and then we'll start shopping for sweet ingredients." John states, "We'll be making a bunch of sweets tonight Caedmon!"


"You said his weakness word, how could you," Gethen sighed shaking his head.

Later, John, Caedmon, Alice, Gethen, and Phoebe were seen walking through the market area of the island of Edoneia. Despite there being a large fair going on with flocks of people over at the fair getting rides, there were still as many people at the market today as there would be on a normal day.

"Place looks awfully busy." Alice says as they were walking, "Everything looks filled up with people ordering." She says as she was able to tower over the crowd (being 9 feet tall) and was able to see that every market stall was busy.

"We'll be needing plenty of flour, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, baking soda, baking powder...." John was listing through his large list of ingredients as he will be making requests of large proportions of these ingredients.

"I'll get the sugar," Caedmon gleefully smiled.

"Butter for me," Phoebe smiled raising her hand.

"Flour," Gethen replied.

"Well just saying I'm going to be ordering large proportions of this stuff." John states as they were walking, "We'll be taking like a good bakery's worth of ingredients!"

"Tis a shame since we'll be taking a bunch of ingredients." Alice says.

"We're not "taking", we're just "buying" them off of their hands." John replies as they walked through the market to the baker's stand.

"Oooooo so much sugar, endless wonderland of sweetness," Caedmon smiled gleefully.

"Flour, mission success," Gethen replied as he grabbed the needed amount of flour.

"Hmmmmm now the best amount of butter here..." Phoebe wondered, "hmmmmm there's got to be a good one..."

Suddenly the whole crowd disappeared from the group as then a group of royal guards show up and surround the group!

"There they are!" The chef from last night was with the guards, pointing at John and Caedmon, "They were the ones that kidnapped the princess last night! That man in the ugly hat even bribed me!"

"But you took my money!" John shouts back, "Now you're turning on my back! Can't trust anyone these days...."

"Oh dear...." Alice says looking as they were surrounded.

"Awww now that's not very nice," Caedmon said crossing his arms, "We're just some innocent customers."

"Well...yes." The chief guard states, "But you two are accused of getting away from the king and robbing his daughter! You two are to die by the colosseum!" He says as guards surrounded and started to arrest the two. The knights kicking both of them onto the ground with their knees on the pirate's backs.

"Easy! Easy! Ever heard of police brutality?!" John says as he was kicked in the head being handcuffed, "No? Ok I'm just going crazy then!"

"This is blasphemy! I demand a warrant!" Caedmon shouted.

"I'm a good boy," Gethen replied with a straight face being dragged away.

"But I didn't even do anything!" Phoebe cried.

"Oh don't worry miss." A guard tips his cap at the lady, "We don't arrest ladies, just the bad boys."

"Does our arrest include that dude?" Another guard asks the chief guard, pointing to Gethen.

"Uhhhhh, no...." The chief guard responds, "We were only ordered to arrest the man in the weird hat and the old looking young man."

"What?! Old?! I'll have you know! I'm 20 years old!" Caedmon shouted.

"I live to see another day," Gethen replied.

"Well that's a relief," Phoebe sighed.

"My hat ain't that weird!" John replies shouting as him and Caedmon were taken into a jailhouse wagon pulled by two horses.

"Silence! You two are going to be sent straight to the colosseum to be killed by the gladiators!" The chief guard states, "With the king and queen witnessing the action! And Princess Mylene and her fiance Flynn will be spectating as well."

"Welp, at least she gets to see you one more time." John says sarcastically before going into a planning mode inside the jailhouse wagon.

Caedmon's eyes widen as something within began to claw at him. The thought of Mylène being with Flynn, his heart began to race but at the same time he let out a low guttural growl. "Mylè MINE," Caedmon thought to himself as his eyes glowed red.

"Easy now." John bluntly states to Caedmon, grabbing his shoulders, "You're gonna make yourself look like an animal acting like that."

Caedmon shook his head as he took a deep breath. Once calm he maintained his scowl knowing what he had to do. "Fine," Caedmon muttered.

"Let's just let this roll." John says, "Besides, I know this ain't the last of us." He nudges Gethen in the chest, "They think we're gonna die in a colosseum full of gladiators, but they've never known the strength of us brothers!"

"You're right," Caedmon nodded as a smirk formed on his face as his eyes flashed bright red.

"I believe we should follow that paddy wagon." Alice says as she watches John and Caedmon, "I don't want to let my poor John be taken from me!" She then goes off chasing the wagon in a "ladylike" manner.

"Wait for me!" Phoebe shouted running after Alice.

"Leave no wolf left behind," Gethen replied running after them.

John and Caedmon were taken to a colosseum that was located behind the kingdom castle. The paddy wagon stopping at the entrance of the colosseum. John and Caedmon were thrown out of it as guards picked them up and escorted them to the arena where they'll be fighting.

"Do we get any armour or anything?" John asks as they were being escorted.

"Nope, you fight with your bare hands." The chief guard states, "Everyone else will be able to kill you with anything."

"Not like I needed anything extra." John responds sarcastically.

"Eh, I've faced worse," Caedmon shrugged.

John and Caedmon were escorted through the halls rather swiftly as they enter the battle arena of the colosseum. The place was filled with people as though this was a fight that has been told of for weeks. Above, in front of Caedmon and John, was the mighty throne of the king and queen of Edoneia. Mylene was seen not too far from her parents but was with Flynn as he was smiling, letting his blond hair unfurl with the wind. Also in front of John and Caedmon, on the same ground as them, was a whole army of gladiators, waiting to get their hands on them two.

"Welcome! Welcome to the next gladiator spectre! Here! We'll watch 2 men die from these bold gladiators as one attempted to assassinate the king and the other to take his lovely daughter!" The announcer spoke through a den den speaker.

"Hey! That story ain't even half true!!" John shouts hearing the comment about the attempted assassination of the king, which is indeed a lie.

"Well he kinda made a point about Mylène," Caedmon shrugged.

"You ain't supposed to side with them!" John turns his head comically at his brother.

"Oh by the way gladiators! The ones who kill the two will be free and be one of the highest regarded knights in the kingdom! So Have at them!" The announcer says before a bell rings and the gladiators start walking toward the duo.

"Oh hey now! Hang on for a minute...." John says slowly backing up before a giant barrel of beer and a table full of cups. "We don't need to do this you know..."

Caedmon looked over at the barrel then a huge smirk grew on his face as he snuck away. "I've got an idea," Caedmon thought to himself smirking.

John then watches Caedmon sneak away and was wondering what Caedmon was doing. But soon, like actual brothers, John understood what Caedmon was doing and decided to help out. John then grabs a mug of beer and points it at the gladiators, "Can't we settle this over a pint?!" He says as the gladiators get closer and closer, "No??? Alright then...." John then chugs the pint of beer himself, "COME ON!" He wacks the spigot out of the barrel and broke the barrel! Beer started gushing out and raining on the gladiators! The gladiators started slipping around as John then pulls out his polestaff and swinging it at people to get out of the way!

Caedmon was seen on top of a barrel of beer stumbling a bit keeping his balance until he noticed Mylène looking over to her blushing. Mylène looked to Caedmon with a small blush on her face but immediately hid it as she gave him a small smile. Caedmon was beaming as without noticing he began walking forward causing the barrel to move forward squashing the gladiators in front of him.

"Smmmashing!" Caedmon cackled hysterically.

"Now is not the time for your puns Cade!" John says as he leaps over a few guards and kick some of the guards with basic techniques from Shinigami. John then leaps into the air and lands back down, clotheslining two gladiators that came at him.

Caedmon hopped off of the barrel then ran over to where John was, watching him with a huge smile on his face.

"Get them brother!" Caedmon cheered.

"Get over here brother and help me!" John shouts at Caedmon as John kicks a gladiator and stuns him into the ground, knocking the gladiator out!

Strangely, with all of the ass-kicking the brothers started against the gladiators, the crowd started rooting for the dynamic duo as they both delivered a show. The king and queen and other knights were facepalming themselves as the civilians were rooting for John and Caedmon.

"Give them the chair!" A spectator would shout at the two.

"Here!" John throws Caedmon a chair as a gladiator was chasing Caedmon with an axe.

Caedmon caught the chair then as the gladiator came towards him he said, "Ello sir, why not take a seat?" Immediately he slammed the chair on the gladiator's head!

The crowd roared as the gladiator fell to the ground from the chair slamming into his head. Awhile, John was seen performing a hurracarrana on a gladiator and make the dude fall on top of a table. The gladiator was lying on the table as John was seen climbing a giant barrel nearby and looking down at the table.

"I don't know why I am doing this...." John says as he then leaps off of the barrels and splashes down on top of the gladiator, breaking the table in two!

"Oi! John! Tag me! Tag me!" Caedmon called out.

John sees Caedmon yelling out to him, but two gladiators that were charging for him. John then grabs his pole and leaps over the two like a pole vaulting olympian! And as John landed, John clapped hands with Caedmon as he left the area to take care of guards behind Caedmon.

Using his powers, Caedmon summoned two chains from his hands smirking as he swung them towards the gladiators. "Chain whip!" Caedmon shouted as he slammed the chains at the gladiators striking them onto the ground!

The crowd was roaring as Caedmon and John made a tag team move on the gladiators. John looks around and sees the crowd cheering for them, "Not gonna lie brother, I am quite enjoying this." He says with a smile before turning around and drop-kicking a gladiator down.

"You and me both brother," Caedmon smiled back as he back punched an approaching gladiator.

The crowd cheers as the two have a compilation of both of them smacking down Gladiators that were thrown at them. Every time gladiators attempted to kill them, they ended up lying on the ground knocked out. Soon there was a pile of gladiators as John and Caedmon came to the center of the arena, knowing they defeated everyone.

"Heh! Looks like nothing stops the Brothers of Madness is there?" John says to Caedmon.

"Yup!" Caedmon proudly proclaimed with a smile.

Suddenly, the King of Edoneia raises a finger and waves it as a single to knights around the arena to pull out their crossbows, all of them pointing at Caedmon and John!

"Looks like you were able to take out all of our gladiators." The king sneers, "Nicely done...looks like I'll have to eliminate them as well with you with a single order!"

"Oh this ain't fair!" John says, "We could've been freed! But noooo someone always has to break the promise on me!" John then immediately starts thinking of a backup plan right then and there.

"A promise is a promise good sir," Caedmon nodded in agreement.

"Well....we can't exactly have some pirates get out of here without a reward from the government!" The king states, "The money on you's heads is quite hefty."

" know why we have those bounties?" John then asks as he drops some marbles, "It's cause we're like magicians!" He then snaps his fingers as smoke comes out and covers the entire arena. No one was able to see anyone or anything in front of them. "Cade! Get us out of here with your chains!"

"On it!" Caedmon nodded as he summoned a chain rope with a grappling hook attached then tossed it towards an exit pulling them towards safety.

"Jolly Good Show Brother." John says as they landed on some shrubbery nearby, "What a way to get out of an arena like that."

"Well it was either that or we'd run like a bunch of mad men," Caedmon chuckled.

"Oh but you're always mad brother!" John chuckles and playfully pushes Caedmon as he teased.

"As are you brother," Caedmon cackled as he playfully pushed John.

"There you boys are." Alice says as she finds both John and Caedmon out of the shrubbery, "We were looking for you two." Phoebe and Gethen were behind her.

"Yo hun! Did you perhaps see the butt whoopin we gave to those gladiators in there?" John asks Alice.

"I did, and you boys did good." Alice smiles and gives a head rub to her husband.

"Hi Caedmon, you okay," Phoebe asked going over to him.

"Yea, I've been through worse," Caedmon smiled.

"You live to see another day," Gethen gave a small smile.

"Welp....just saying. I think there'll be even more security tomorrow night at the wedding." John points out as he brushed himself off and picked up his hat, "I'm already thinking on a backup plan."

"Always having a backup aren't ya honey?" Alice responds, "Should we have a nice outfit for the wedding tomorrow?"

"Oh no my Dear Alice, we're going to be crashing this wedding to the ground in style." John responds as he planned.

"I will get my Mylène back," Caedmon replied as his eyes glowed red, his bloodlust starting to emerge once more.

"Caedmon, breathe," Gethen said shaking him.

"I don't know if something like that will work," Phoebe said in a worried tone.

"This helps with the healing process," Gethen answered as he continued shaking Caedmon.

Caedmon immediately punched Gethen in the face growling as he fixed his hat. "I'm...Calm," Caedmon growled.

"He's calm," Gethen replied with a thumbs up while on the ground.

"Alllllllright?" John says as he gives a confused look, "Anyway, remember about grabbing large amounts of ingredients?"

"Yeah why?" Alice asks.

"Cause scratch that, we're going to take over a whole bakery!" John responds, "Hey Caedmon, would you know the Muffin Man shop per chance?"

Caedmon looked over to John with a gleeful smile. "I do, can head there right now!" Caedmon nodded excitedly as he immediately transformed into a white wolf then ran in the direction of where the Muffin Man's shop was located.

"Uhhh John? Did he??" Alice asks as John held Alice's hand.

"Yeah, he did turn himself into a white wolf." John responds, "Don't worry this is new to me too."

"Brother-in-law, you have a lot to explain later." Alice responds as she and John follow Caedmon to the Muffin Man's shop.

"Alright it should be down...that way!" Caedmon exclaimed excitedly as he panted running as he caught the scent of the smell of muffins flooding into his mind.

"Runaway pooch," Gethen said chasing after Caedmon.

"Wait for meeeeeeee!" Phoebe whined.

Caedmon and the others make it to the bakery and they knock on the door, which a baker opens and states, "Sorry, we don't open this week because of-"

"We're taking your bakery for the night if you don't mind." John then states.

"Wha? Who says so?!" The baker asks.

"Pretty pretty please with a big ol' cherry on top," Phoebe pleaded with large eyes.

"Please sir," Gethen asked.

Caedmon could only whimper as he looked up at the baker with large red eyes.

"Uhhh this is my bakery, so no!" The baker says as suddenly a tick tocking noise is getting louder and louder in his ears.

"Ohhhhh really?" John asks hypnotically as he took out his pocket watch, "From now till the next night, you will leave this bakery and let us use it for the time being. You understand baker?" He asks in his thick, hypnotic voice as the baker's eyes were basically purple and black from the hypnotism.

"Yes......." The baker says as he leaves the bakery, giving the keys to John as he left.

"Impressive skills as always!" Alice says impressed.

"Yaaaay!" Caedmon exclaimed happily hopping from side to side wagging his tail.

"Victory," Gethen said lifting his arms in the air in victory.

"So what's the next plan," Phoebe asked.

"Well, we start baking!" John responds, "Phoebe, Alice I'm sure you both can be helpful while Cade and I make the main batches of cakes. Gethen, make sure you guard the bakery in case of visitors come by."

Phoebe happily smiled as she gave a salute, "Yes sir!"

"I won't let anyone down," Gethen nodded as he went outside.

"Oh boy! Can't wait!" Caedmon barked happily then returned back into his ghoul form.

"Let's get some aprons on and help the boys." Alice says, "Also Caedmon was talking about your "special milk"?"

"Oh no...." John says before pushing Caedmon into the kitchen, "I know where this is going, so we're going to start baking brother."

"Awwww, you're no fun anymore," Caedmon pouted crossing his arms.

"Yaaay! Can't wait to help out!" Phoebe happily exclaimed.

Holding Out for A Ghoul and a Hatter

The Next Evening

The group spends all day and night baking as John was seen experimenting on his formulas. Alice and Phoebe helped out wherever they could while Gethen guarded the bakery like a loyal guard. Now, the group had a whole bunch of cakes and cookies in a pile.

"That was a lot of baking." John says wiping his hands with a rag, "But it's well worth it."

"Mannnn the smell..." Alice says smelling the cakes, "You outdone yourself again John!"

"They all look so delicious, I can barely stop myself from drooling," Caedmon drooled staring at the cakes and cookies.

"They all look amazing!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"No need to thank me yet." John says as he goes toward his mini-laboratory he set up, "We're going to put my growth serum in a few of those sweets." He then walks back to the cakes with the serum, "Go get Gethen for me, perhaps call on Walden with the den den to get here too."

"I'm on it," Caedmon saluted as he ran out to get Gethen, "Gethen, our time has come."

"Yay, I'm tired of standing around doing nothing all day," Gethen replied stretching.

"Oh yea, we'll need Walden here too," Caedmon remembered.

"Got this," Gethen nodded as he stepped forward then took a deep breath then blew into his fingers but there was no sound.

"Uhhhhh you know...we could've used the den den mushi," Caedmon said.

"Just wait," Gethen replied looking around.

Suddenly the sound of running was heard up ahead as Walden came charging towards them then landing before them smirking at them.

"Sup guys, whaddaya need," Walden asked.

"John's in need of you, let's head in," Caedmon answered as he walked inside the bakery with Gethen.

"Right on," Walden nodded following behind.

"Alright, time to save Princess Mylene." John states, "We're going to be giving the castle a full frontal assault during the wedding!"

"A full frontal assault? How is that possible may I ask?" Alice asks.

"These sweets." John bluntly responds, "Alice, Walden, Gethen. When the night rises, I need you three to eat these cookies and be giants for an hour or two. You three will destroy the castle while me and Caedmon will enter the castle and take it from the inside out!"

"Awwwww but I wanna have some toooo," Caedmon whined.

"Hey, what's more important? Sweets or your lady love," Walden asked.

"My Mylèneeeeeee," Caedmon whimpered then formed a stern face, "let's do this!"

"He's a trooper," Gethen replied.

"Your mind is a back n forth mind." John facepalms, "Like a child somedays.."

"Now Now John, Be nice to your brother." Alice says in a motherly tone.

"Fine...." John rolls his eyes and smiles.

"Eeeeeeee," Caedmon squealed smiling happily dancing around, "Mylène, Mylène, Gonna get me Mylène."

"Happy man, happy bo-" Before Gethen could finish his sentence, Walden smacked the back of Gethen's head scowling.

"Not in front of a lady," Walden scowled.

"I am ashamed," Gethen replied looking down.

"Alright, we'll wait when it is the evening." John says looking at his clock, "We have an hour. So anything you need before this mission should be collected now."

"All I need is you John." Alice remarks hugging her husband.

"Very funny." John responds.

"I'm good for now," Caedmon replied.

"We wait," Gethen said.

"Nah I'm good for now," Walden shrugged.

"I gotta pee," Phoebe said raising her hand.

"Go then," Caedmon sighed to himself as Phoebe ran to the bathroom.

"Well, besides her. I think we're ready to roll." John says as he watches his watch.

1 Hour Later

The night is out, and Gethen and Walden are now werewolves. Alice was seen petting Gethen while John was watching his clock studiously.

"A Good Boy you are...." Alice says rubbing Gethen's head.

"Good boy I am," Gethen panting stomping his foot.

"Focus Geth," Walden huffed.

"Aaaaand," Caedmon asked.

"Our time is up." John says making his pocket watch click and placed back into his suit jacket. He then gets off of the barstool he sat, "Let's do this."

"Let's go save Mylene!" Alice says.

"For Mylène!" Caedmon shouted.

"Let's do this!" Walden smirked.

"For Mylène," Gethen barked.

"Go grab a sweet you three and eat it." John says as he opens the door, "Caedmon, time we make our way out and toward the castle my brother." John then leaves.

"Right," Caedmon nodded.

"Aye," Walden saluted.

"On it," Gethen replied eating a pastery.

The wedding of Mylene and Flynn was in the beginning stages. Before the official ceremony, there was music that people were seen dancing to in formal fashion while others spoke and drink before. Flynn was seen in his black tuxedo, sharing tacos to some of the people. The king and queen were sitting on thrones that were outside, supervising the wedding. King Quincy was seen eating a bunch of tacos as he grew a love for the food.

"Where's our daughter Maribel?" The King asks as he takes a bite off of a taco.

"She should be coming Quincy." The Queen responds waiting for her daughter.

Just then, Mylene appeared wearing a beautifully elegant white dress but her face did not show any sign of joy. She couldn't get Caedmon out of her mind however she didn't want to through with the wedding with Flynn by any means.

"Caedmon...," Mylène thought to herself sighing.

"Oh there you are my daughter." Quincy says eating a taco, "You ready to marry the Dashing Flynn and give me a lifetime supply of these tacos?"

"Are you alright my dear?" Mylene's mother would ask, "You seem off. Like you're mind is on something else."

"Just focus on right now! Everything else will come later." Her dad would respond.

"I'm fine, just...nervous," Mylène replied but in reality she was not happy about getting married to Flynn.

"It'll be fine." Her mother would reply, "You always will be this nervous before a wedding."

"Just go out with Flynn and do a quick dance before the ceremony." The King replies as he continues eating the tacos. Flynn was seen walking toward Mylene, flexing his muscles before speaking, "Wanna dance with your fiance?"

"I guess," Mylène sighed trying to hiding her sadness.

Flynn would take Mylene to the middle of the dance patio as they danced outside along with the others that danced alongside a lake and music was being played.

Meanwhile, the front gate of the castle was being guarded by a few men. Most of the soldiers have left for the night or to party at the wedding. There was that one guard that was, of course, sleeping on the job, lying on a chair as he was snoring a bubble out of his nose. As suddenly, a violent quake could been felt at the front gate. The quake would get more severe as the source of the quakes get closer and closer. The man wakes up and sees three giant figures walking down toward the front gate of the castle. It was Alice, Gethen, and Walden as giants! Gethen's and Walden's fur were glistening with the moonlight as Alice's body was covered by some strange clouds that surrounded her bare body. On the shoulders of Alice was John and Caedmon. The guard's eyes would widen as he was surprised by the scene of the giants walking toward them.

"Of course it's during my shift!" The scared guard says frantically, "I gotta get the alarms on!"

"Ha ta ta ta! Let us charge my friends!" John says pointing toward the castle.

"Will do my captain and husband!" Alice's voice booms.

"Yes sir!" Walden's voice boomed.

"Aye aye!" Gethen's voice boomed despite it still sounding deadpan.

"Tally-ho!" Caedmon shouted in glee.

The guard pulls the alarm and any guards they were able to muster made it to the gate entrance. The guards pull out their bows and crossbows and aimed it at the giants. They then fired a volley of arrows at the three!

"Ow! They sting!" Alice says as some of the arrows hit her giant body.

"Ignore them! And start wrecking that gate!" John says to the giants.

"This is nothing to me!" Walden bellowed as he swatted at the guards kicking at the gate.

"Move it you ants!" Gethen bellowed swatting the guards from sight.

"Keep it at them!" Caedmon cheered happily.

Guards were flying as the giants smacked them out of the way, the gate didn't have much to give as it did indeed explode into smoke and ashes.

"Punch the wall Alice!" John then orders.

"No problem! Giant Alice: Punch!" Alice punches right through the wall! Guards flying as she then grabbed the wall and tore it in two!

"Damn, Alice's strength is massive as a giant!" John says with amazement. Meanwhile there were guards that exploded in nosebleeds looking at Alice's massive body. "Hey!!!! No dirty thoughts about my wife!" He shouts at them.

"I got this!" Gethen replied as he kicked the guards staring at Alice!

"Situation handled, what's next," Walden asked looking to the captains.

"Well, you three can continue havoc in the castle walls." John says as he leaps down from Alice in acrobatic fashion, "Me and Caedmon will be taking care of the wedding crashing! Let's go brother!" He then runs through the halls, attacking guards with his pole staff and molly-whopping the guards with it.

"Sounds fun! I'll play monster giant awhile then!" Alice responds.

"Aye!" Gethen and Walden replied.

"Let's do this!" Caedmon shouted as he ran after John summoning chains slamming then guards onto the ground!

A wave of guards were blocking the entrance to the wedding. They are prepared to halt the charge Caedmon and John are having. John and Caedmon stop in front of the wave of guards in front to see that the only thing between Caedmon and Mylene were those guards and doors.

"Stop!! You violated the law!!" The head guard states.

"We probably violated too many laws at this point." John replies, "So I don't think another law broken would matter." John then drops marbles and snaps his fingers as fire explodes out of the marbles, burning a few of the wave of guards.

"Chain whip!" Caedmon shouted as he spun around swinging the chains around sending the guards flying.

The guards try to combat the duo, but they soon learn that the duo is a bit much for the simple wave of guards the provide. Little by little, the guards fall down to the power and skill displayed by the brothers. John throwing surprises of marbles as well as showing martial arts skills. Caedmon using his chains to swing at the guards. All the guards fell but the chief guard was up, and he was charging at the two.

"I'll kill you both!" The guard says before being swung toward Caedmon's direction as John roundhouse kicked him in the face!

"Take this!" Caedmon shouted as he slammed a punch on another guard behind him.

The chief guard falls to the ground and collapses as John was seeing walking past him. John then pulls out his watch as he looks at the time.

"Tik Tok, looks like lady luck has ran out of stock." John speaks in a hypnotic poetic voice, "Only thing between us and them is this door my friend." He says to Caedmon.

"No time to waste, my beloved is behind that door waiting for me," Caedmon replied in a lovesick tone.

"And waste we will not." John nods as he then slams the door open to reveal themselves before the wedding ceremony. Mylene and Flynn were in the middle already with a priest in the center of them. And there were the audience watching until the duo came in and basically halted the group.

"Awww great! I thought the guards took care of you two!" King Quincy shouts to the brothers.

"Let's say that when one has a goal, we make it both our goals." John responds, "And brothers having goals are unstoppable!"

The moment Caedmon saw Mylène in her wedding dress, his eyes widen and was in complete awe. She looked beautiful!

"Mylène..." Caedmon said in a hushed tone blushing.

"Caedmon," Mylène replied with wide green eyes in surprise but deep down she was elated to see Caedmon again.

"Uggh! You two have been trying to take my Mylene for the past week!" Flynn shouts to the two, "Well you two ain't gonna! And I'll make sure of it!" He then leaps into the middle of the ceremony and makes a strong fighting pose, "Come at me! You Chumps!"

"Lemme take care of him." John assures to Caedmon, "Go get your love brother."

"On it," Caedmon nodded as he dashed over to Mylène with determined eyes.

John was seen walking toward Flynn as the hat was thrown to a hatrack. John then takes the jacket off to keep only the buttoned shirt. John then continues to unbutton and unfurl the sleeves as he prepares to fight Flynn. "Hey there ya political fiance. Seems a shame one has to live for political gain huh?"

"What are you talking about!? I love Mylene with my life!" Flynn shouts back.

"Really? She clearly doesn't love you!" John responds, "She's obviously being used by her father as terms of getting....tacos?" John gives a confused eyebrow to the king.

"Hey! They are good tacos!" The king defends himself with the queen facepalming.

"You just admitted it....." John deadpanly responds.

Caedmon continued charging towards Mylène with determined eyes as the two looked to one another with love and hope to in one's embrace again.

"Mylène," Caedmon thought.

"Caedmon," Mylène smiled tearing up wanting to jump into his arms.

"Y-You pirates are nothing but liars!" Flynn shouts to the Mad Hatter, his skin getting red with boiling madness.

"And you scumbags are nothing more than blind to your own lies and denial." John retorts, "Honestly no wonder why so many becomes pirates. There's a good amount of "decent people" that are quite actually assholes and idiots. And you for sure are on that list."

"RRRRGH! THAT'S IT! IMMA SEND YOU TO THE MOON!!!" Flynn says running right toward the Mad Hatter with a angry fist. John rolls his eyes before moving to the side, leaving Flynn looking like a fool as he falls into a stone statue and breaking it.

"You know I ain't always wrong when I say I'm surrounded by idiots right?" John asks with a smile.

Out of the blue, Mylène ran towards Caedmon with tear-filled emerald green eyes as she smiled. Caedmon held his arms out towards Mylène as she jumped into his arms holding him tightly crying onto his chest as he held her close swinging her around.

"Caedmon," Mylène wept tears of joy holding him close.

"Mylène, it's okay now, the nightmare is over," Caedmon replied in a hushed comforting tone that calmed Mylène down almost immediately as she looked up into Caedmon's wine red eyes as he softly smiled at her carrying her princess style, "still enchanting as the day we first met."

"As are you," Mylène softly smiled back as she kissed Caedmon's cheek causing his face to turn bright red as steam puffed from his ears and nose trying to keep his mind focused.

John then looks at his watch as Flynn was seen pulling a stone cup statue out of his head. John shakes his head as he walked over as soon as the statue was thrown off of Flynn's head.

"You know? You're really wasting my time. And time is precious dear." He smiles, "Have a good night." He then picks up Flynn easily and knees the jerk in the abdomen before punching the dude in the face, instant lights out for the showoff muscles with a big jaw.

"Looks like our time is up." John smiles as he closes his pocket watch and walks away.

"Shall we my darling," Caedmon asked looking deeply into Mylène's eyes.

"Yes, let's go," Mylène nodded smiling as Caedmon ran to John catching up to him whilst carrying Mylène in his arms.

"Don't you two be leaving without my permission!" The king states, "Come back Mylene! We'll find a husband that you will actually enjoy!"

"Too late King." John responds, "Your daughter has found her own love." He again looks at his watch, "And like I said earlier, our time is up." He smiles, "Ohhhhhhh Alice......"

As suddenly the ground shook over as, standing in front of the wedding, Alice shows up as a giant and smiles looking down at her husband and friends. Men in the area, especially the king, explode in nosebleeds seeing the body of Alice in complete detail with the aesthetic of clouds over her.

"Pffft, perverted men." Alice scoffs.

"HEY! NO ONE BE LOOKING AT MY WIFE!!!!" John comically explodes in anger to the ones who had the nosebleeds, "You people will pay!!!"

"Cade, hold my husband before he falls in his anger." Alice giggles before placing the three on her shoulders.

"Will do," Caedmon nodded placing Mylène down then used his powers to summon chains to wrap them around John to calm him down, "calm down brother."

"Me??? Calm me down?" John glares at Caedmon, "Ohhh the irony."

Alice giggles before saying, "I think that's our cue to go." Alice then turns around and walks away from the castle, "Might want to collect giant Walden and Gethen too."

"I forgot those furries are giant too." John responds.

"You know we can hear you right," Walden replied catching up to the four.

"Furry lives matter," Gethen replied.

"Gethen, why are there some days where people make me question my existence?" John casually asks unwrapping the chains off of him.

"He makes me question why he's part of the crew in general," Walden commented.

"Hey now, he's vital to the crew whether you like it or not, just like as vital as my darling Mylène," Caedmon lovingly smiled holding her hands looking into her eyes.

"Awwww Caedmon," Mylène smiled back resting her head on his shoulder causing him to blush.

"I don't know about you guys, but we should perhaps go back so I can sleep." John responds.

"John is right." Alice responds, "Let us go." She says as she then leads the way back to the ports while in the middle of the night.

"Sounds good to us," Caedmon nodded.

"I'm exhausted," Gethen remarked.

"You and me both," Walden yawned as he scratched behind his head due to a force of habit, "sorry about that."

"It's alright. Let's just go." John responds, "I'll need to grab those vials to reverse your giant forms anyway."

"Right then, while being a giant is nice, kinda miss my old size," Walden admitted.

"I can be a giant all day. I annoy John with it." Alice says using her finger to poke John.

"Alright! Let's just go already!" John states.

Finishing What Has Started in Love

The Next Morning

John and his crew were awake in the morning, having the normal tea party breakfast and having a little extra to celebrate the rescue of Mylene and the welcoming of her to Caedmon's crew.

"And thanks to my baking last night, we have plenty of cakes and cookies to eat to celebrate!" John responds.

"It'll take us all day to eat it." Tim states looking at the pile, "Even for a giant rabbit mink like me!"

"I'll enjoy every cake from my husband." Alice says as she was casually brushing John's hair.

"Ok, that's enough brushing for the morning." John says grabbing it and brushing it himself.

"I'm so happy to be part of the crew," Mylène brightly smiled.

"We're more than happy to have you in our crew," Caedmon warmly smiled taking a hold of her hand then he remembered something he needed to do as he got up, kissed Mylène's hand before gently stroking her hair, "I'll be back my dear."

Caedmon went over to John patting his shoulder before whispering into his ear, "I have some unfinished business to take care of."

"Huh, What kind of unfinished business?" John asks as he then just sighs and answering, "Alright. But make it snappy! Don't want to have your Mylene alone with the royal guard still looking for her."

"No worries, but at the same time, maybe check in on Tobi while Alice looks after my darling," Caedmon asked before he jumped off deck then transformed into a white wolf running off ahead.

"Oh ok." John states as he tips his hat, "Wonder where is that little boy anyway."

While in his wolf form, Caedmon rushed through sniffing the air in hopes to catch Flynn's scent. All the while, Tobi was sitting by a tree with his stuffed bear happily playing with it humming merrily.

"Wonder where sissy is," Tobi wondered.

"Found him," Caedmon growled as he picked up Flynn's scent as he ran in the direction of where he was located.

Ladies First

Alice was seen sitting down and enjoying some morning sewing as she was making another dress of hers after ruining her last dress. She was softly humming to herself in happiness as she was forming this new dress that looked exactly like the others she makes.

Mylène was happily exploring the ship when she noticed Alice sewing as she knocked on the door. "Hello? Am I interrupting something," Mylène asked.

"Oh no. I'm just doing some sewing." Alice responds as she grabbed a cookie from a plate and continued sewing, "Please come in."

As Mylène stepped inside, in the background, Gethen noticed Sam staring at him as he gulped shaking. "Get away from me you little shit," Gethen shuddered.

"What are you sewing," Mylène asked watching Alice curiously.

"Oh just another dress of mine." Alice responds, "I ruined my one dress last night, yeah being a giant does that. But I enjoy sewing, it's a fun skill!"

"Oh! I love sewing! My mother and I use to sew together when I was a small child," Mylène replied lamenting on the memory.

"Oh that's nice! It's a skill my mother taught me as well." Alice says as she took her plate of cookies and handed the plate to Mylene, "Want a few?" She smiles, "Honey John made it! He's the best baker I've met!"

"Oh, yes please!" Mylène happily exclaimed as she took a cookie then took a bite. After taking a bite, her eyes sparkle as she blushed smiling. "They're so delicious!" Mylène chimed.

"I know right!?!?" Alice responds, "My man ain't necessarily as talkative or kind as some think, but he is a nice man by heart." She nibbles into her cookie, "You just got to look through that "Man in Black" as I heard some people hear of him. But man is his cookies good!"

"I've only known Caedmon for a short amount of time and feels like I've known him for longer," Mylène commented blushing to herself as a loving smile formed on her face.

"It sometimes will be like that Mylene. I have known John since we were both seven." Alice states as she continued smiling, "He was down on the dumps, so I became his little, or well giant, sunshine." She smiles, "Not often a woman towers her man I'll tell ya. But it's cute when the man wants his head on your lap." She giggles.

"It's just something about Caedmon that...makes me happy whenever I'm around him," Mylène stated blushing, "and...just looking into his eyes, he's...well..."

"Get that smiling freak away from me!!!" Gethen screamed backing away whimpering from Sam.

"Oh dear, looks like Gethen has seen Sam again." Alice giggles with covering her mouth. Sam was seen getting closer to Gethen as Alice continued giggling and sewing.

" me," Gethen whimpered backing away.

"Ummm ever wondered why Gethen is scared of Sam," Mylène wondered.

"It's not just Sam, it's cats in general." Alice says, "Trust me, there was a day when he was at the Kingdom of Hearts with John and I, and he'd nearly have a heart attack after he met a bunch of cats in a garden that was near my home." She says with a giggle, "Quite a scene he made."

"Poor thing," Mylène replied, "Sam's friendly though and Gethen's too scared. Kinda reminds me of my little brother Tobi and his fear of spiders."

"Awwww poor kid." Alice says, "I won't lie, I was afraid of John for a bit because he was once so small that I was afraid I'd crush him one day." She'd giggle, "I still do but I know he wouldn't be as hurt now."

"Awwww," Mylène gently smiled then for a second she thought about Caedmon and began to wonder if there was anything about him she needed to worry about. A small blush appeared on her face the more she thought about then until she shook her head blushing profusely.

"You two will be fine." Alice smiles and says, "You two have me and John's blessing." She assures.

"Thank you," Mylène smiled back warmly.

A Hatter and A Boy

John was seen walking around on the stone road to the city with his signature hat on and his pole in half so it'd look like a metal walking stick as he walked by. John was going on a walk for his own peace and quiet and noticed that the carnival was still going on as he saw the big tents still going on. Balloons flying in the air as little children were shouting with glee as they were having fun playing games and riding on rides. John smiles a bit as the carnival reminded him of the Heartfest, a festival that took place at his homeland. John remembers when he and Alice would go to the fair and have loads of fun, eating cotton candy, riding on the ferris wheel, and just having a fun time together as they watched fireworks together.

"I should take Alice out to this Carnival tonight before we leave." John says as he sighs and sees the carnival, "Probably should be careful though, there could be people still looking for me from last night." He then ponders something, "I wonder where that little boy is at." Him referencing to Mylene's little brother Toby from the other day.

Toby was wandering around with his teddy bear looking around worryingly on the verge of tears. "Mummy...Daddy...," Toby whimpered.

John turns around and notices Toby once he heard the little boy's tears. He smiles as he then walks to Toby and his teddy bear as he talks to him, "Hey buddy, What are you doing alone? Looking for your sister?"

"I miss sissy," Toby sobbed, "She promised we would go to the carnival together today but she never showed...s-she doesn't love me..."

"Poor kid, he probably doesn't know where his sister is at all." John says patting the back of Toby while he thought. Then an idea came over him. John picks up Toby into a piggyback ride and smiles, "How about we go to the carnival together? I'm sure you've been in this carnival multiple times, you can show me around!"

Toby wiped his tears away as he brightly smiled hugging onto John. "Yes! Let's go!" Toby happily exclaimed.

"Where to first my boy?" John asks Toby as they headed into the carnival which was filled with many tricks and rides to participate in.

"Hmmmmmmm," Toby thought for a second then noticed a game tent that had a giant teddy bear, "FLUFFY!!"

John looks over and sees the game tent itself that had the giant teddy bear. It was a balloon and dart game where you had to hit certain balloons to win. John looks at the teddy bear and remembers how much Toby wanted it but was rejected from having it. He then looks at Toby who was still on his shoulders and asks, "You want me to win that for you?"

"Yes please!" Toby nodded beaming.

John then walks over to the game tent and pays the fee to play the game. He notices that he has 4 darts, and has about 100 balloons to pop from! And in sporadic arrangements, there were 4 gold balloons that can be popped out of the 100. It seems that in order to win the grand prize, which is the giant teddy bear, the four gold balloons needed to be popped.

"I'll try to win this for ya kid." John states to Toby.

"Yaaay! You can do it!" Toby happily cheered.

John looks and stares at the balloons as he attempts to shoot the gold balloons. The first gold balloon was in the center of the board while the rest were in the center of three corners. John positions his arms and gets ready to throw the first one, he looks through the dart and right at the golden balloon. John calculates, in his head, how he needs to throw the dart to get it precise to hit the balloons. John then throws the dart and it flies through the air and hits the first gold balloon of four!

"Yaaaaay!" Toby happily cheered.

John smiles seeing Toby cheering as he then throws the next two darts where they are to go as they hit the next two gold balloons. The gold balloons pop and then it was the one left. The last one was on the top right corner in the center, if John hits that balloon he earns the giant teddy for Toby.

"One more left! You can do it!!" Toby cheered.

John then calculates the last one and throws it and has it hit the last gold balloon! All four gold balloons were popped! And the giant gold teddy was his!

"Here you go sir." The man says giving John the monstrous teddy bear, "Good throwing kid."

"Thanks." John states as he picks up the giant teddy, it definitely had some weight to it as it was so big and stuffed. But it did feel fluffy for the person holding it. He turns around and gives it to the small boy Toby, "Here you go buddy!"

Toby slightly stumbled over a bit holding onto his new companion hugging it. "Thank you Big brother John," Toby brightly smiled then shook his new friend excitedly, "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!"

John smiles looking at Toby as the smile from Toby gave John a reminder of a little himself when he was young. "Ha ta ta ta ta! I bet it is! Come on, let's find a hat for you!" He takes Toby's little hand and takes him throughout the fair.

"Yes! A hat for me and my new friend please!" Toby brightly beamed.

Hunting in Anger

Flynn was seen walking through town, with his bags, and trying to head to the port. He knew that his time here has failed knowing that Mylene had left him for Caedmon. He was madder than a hornet over all of this, but continued to march on and try to leave the island of Edoneia for his homeland.

"Pfft, fucking pirates." Flynn mutters, "They took my would've been wife! When I see their faces, I'll kill them!"

Caedmon, who was still in his wolf form caught Flynn scent as he let out a growl. "Found him." Before he approached Flynn, Caedmon transformed back into his ghoul form as he approached Flynn with a friendly smile on his face "Ello there," Caedmon spoke.

Flynn turns around and sees the familiar face of the one who has robbed his ex-fiance, "YOU!?!?! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't break your backbone in two right now!" He shouts in front of Caedmon's face.

"Now now is that anyway to speak to a stranger," Caedmon asked in a polite but calm tone.

"Oh you think you're a smart-ass huh!?!?" Flynn shouts still in front of Caedmon, "You got 5 seconds before I decide to put my hands on your head and smush it!"

"Five seconds you say," Caedmon asked as his eyes began to glow red letting his ghoul side out as he let out a unsettling growl at Flynn, "Wanna bet?"

"Oh you wanna go right here! Right now!!" Flynn then puts up his fists for a fight, "Bring it on!!!!"

"You know it's not wise to cause a commotion when there's citizens around here," Caedmon commented his eyes still glowing red.

"Well then where do you recommend we fight???" Flynn asks angrily, resisting to fight Caedmon right there.

"Follow me then but I suggest calmly," Caedmon replied as he proceeded forward then immediately ran ahead.

"Pfffft....FINE!!!" Flynn angrily follows Caedmon away from the town, with his luggage left behind as well.

As Caedmon continued running, he felt that same tugging feeling that he felt earlier from his interaction with Flynn. He had an urge that was clawing through the surface, clawing for freedom. He wanted...meat.

"Keep running...prey," Caedmon thought to himself with a malicious smirk on his face.

Soon they make it into some forest area that was far from the interactions of the civilians. There was nothing but the owls that were still awake and the creatures of the forest around them.

"Sooooo, you ready to fight now?" Flynn asks, "Cause I can't wait to break you in half!"

Caedmon stopped for a second as he started growling. His eyes turned blood red as his true self was about to come out. Then a small chuckle escaped his mouth, then he turned to Flynn with drool dripping from his mouth.

"I've got you right where I want you...prey," Caedmon growled as he slowly approached him, his claws retracted from his hands.

"The hell? What is wrong with you?" Flynn says looking at Caedmon, "You suddenly start acting like an animal. You weirdo!"

"There's nothing wrong with me," Caedmon snarled, " would make a perfect meal...prey..." Caedmon continued walking towards Flynn growling ready to pounce.

"Alright! You're just being a weirdo!" Flynn says as he winds up, "Lemme show you how fighting is really done!" He says as he throws a right hook right at Caedmon!

Caedmon ducked with a sinister smile on his face, " You couldn't hit a man with a hat."

"Oh come on now!" Flynn says as he then brings his other fist over and tries to hit Caedmon.

Caedmon dodges his punch once more before wrapping himself around Flynn snarling as his left hand equipped with his sharp claws sunk into his neck. "Now squirm prey," Caedmon hissed.

"Gah!" Flynn says as the claws dug into his neck, "Let go of me!" He says as he bends on his knees and attempts to punch Caedmon in the abdomen many times.

"Think that's enough to stop me?!" Caedmon laughs psychotically as he slowly transformed into a wolf then took a bite into his neck!

"AGH!!!!" Flynn screams as blood flies out of his neck in violent fashion. He then forces himself on his knees from the bite, "T-The hell is with you!?!?"

"Yes, YEEEEEES! KEEP SCREAMING! No one can hear you," Caedmon snarled, "say your last prayers as this is your last moment of life you have since now you're about to die!"

"AGGHHHHH!" Flynn screams and curdles in his blood as he was slowly fading away into his eternal darkness. Where a vision of a Monstrous Ghoul overcame him and was soon surrounded by ghouls around him that feasted on his soul. Down into the abyss of the ghoul's victims forever.

Caedmon began to tear into his prey snarling and growling as blood decorated his skin and clothes as a demented smiled formed on his face while maniacally laughing. He shredded into his torso removing every last entrail and organ devouring them in front of Flynn. Once the organs were devoured, all the was left was his heart that was still beating. Caedmon reached for it then looked into his eyes with a twisted smile, “It was nice while it last,” Caedmon lamented with a shrug as he wrapped his fingers around Flynn’s heart, “though, I will have to end things here.” Just like that, Caedmon ripped Flynn’s heart out, drinking his blood before devouring it and the rest of his remains.

Love and Ghouls

John and Toby were seen walking out of the carnival as the sunset was coming out. Both of them boys had a fun day together at the park. John was piggyback riding Toby the way back to the Rabbit Hole as Toby had cotton candy in his hand.

"Enjoyed your day at the carnival?" John asks as they walked back to the ship.

"Mhm, I had lots of fun!" Toby smiled brightly.

"Hello there young men, nice day we're having aren't we," a voice asked approaching the two.

John turns around as he recognizes the voice to be Flynn's, "Grrreat....." he turns around deadpanly, "What do you want now?"

"Come no, is that anyway to talk to your own big brother," Caedmon asked with a pouty face as Flynn.

"0_0" John looks at Caedmon, "Ok! You're just being weird now." He then takes Toby off of his shoulders, he then dashes and delivers a heel kick to the face of Flynn that was actually Caedmon.

"Owwwwwwww, John stop! It's me Caedmon!" Caedmon shouted.

"What......????" John was confused, "Caedmon? Why are you dressed as that jerk?"

"It's not that buuut," before Caedmon finished his sentence, he transformed himself back into his ghoul self letting out a sigh of relief before rubbing his face, "ugh who knew being an asshole would get you kicked in the jaw.."

John facepalms himself, "Even I could've told you that." He then dusts his shoulder off, "Now you oughta apologize to poor Toby! Scaring the willies out of the poor boy. Anyway, I'm heading back to the ship so this boy can see his sister. Mind coming with me before you have anymore shenanigans?"

"Sure," Caedmon nodded then turned his attention to Toy with a look of sorrow on his face, "I'm sorry I scared you like that little Toby, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"

Toby was a bit shaken but smiled as he hugged Caedmon, "I forgive you."

"Alright, now that is over. We are going over to the ship." John says as he takes Toby's hand, "Let's go Toby, and Caedmon, don't be doing any stupid tricks....."

"Aye aye," Caedmon nodded which caused Toby to giggle.

John, Caedmon, and Toby make it back to the Rabbit Hole. Alice and Mylene were seen together having fun, while Gethen was being tortured by the presence of Sam, and the rest of crews were doing their own thing.

"Hey Honey! I'm home!" John says as he enters, "And I brought Caedmon back, along with your little brother Mylene." he states.

"Love, you here,"Caedmon asked.

"We're in the back," Mylene replied.

Alice then turns up, "Oh hey guys!" She walks over and kisses her husband before seeing Toby, "Awwww, you must be Toby from earlier!" She then turns around to shout at Mylene, "Your brother is here!"

"I just said that 5 seconds ago..." John said.

"Sis! I missed you!" Toby cried out as he ran over to her giving her a hug.

"I missed you too Toby," Mylene replied hugging him back gently stroking his hair.

"It's officially John, our babies will be smart, strong and beautiful," Caedmon proclaimed looking at Mylene and Toby hugging one another while blushing with a loving smile on his face.

"I don't know what you're trying to mean by that." John says as he was a bit confused, "Will your kids do the same tricks you can do?"

"Quite honestly John, however they turn out, I'll be loving the hell outta them," Caedmon confessed.

John then looks at his pocketwatch to see the time, as it was about time for dinner. He then puts his pocketwatch away, "It's about time for dinner, let's see if Patrick has dinner ready."

"I'm sure he does have it ready." Alice responds, "Him and Phoebe have been working on it together." She looks over toward the direction where John was staring, which was toward Mylene and Toby. "Looks like their last moments together huh?" She looks back to her husband.

"It'll have to." John bluntly states, "Can't let a child as young as him be a pirate. Let this dinner be another bonding moment for the kid."

"Toby reminds you of yourself." Alice says hugging her husband.

".....yeah..." John responds as he watched Mylene and Toby.

"I'll feel bad for Toby," Caedmon admitted.

"Dinner's ready!" Patrick then shouts as a bell would ring for dinner. "It's a steak dinner with cheesy mash potatoes!"

"Speaking of." John states, "Let's go to dinner." He says as he took Alice by the arm and escorted her to the dining room of the Rabbit Hole.

"Alright then," Caedmon nodded then walked over to Mylene and Toby, "darling, shall we head to dinner?"

"Of course," Mylene smiled softly then looked to Toby, "let's go Toby."

"Kay!" Toby brightly smiled as he headed to the dining room with Mylene and Caedmon with him in the middle giggling.

Evening Edoneia

2 Hours Later

Dinner was over, and the evening was kicking in. John was looking at his pocketwatch while sitting down and enjoying the sunset with Alice.

"I can do this all day...." Alice says as she was cuddling John with her head on top of John's hat, squishing it.

"I know, which is why we can't now." John says, "It's soon time to go."

"Go? But where to next?" Alice asks."

"Anywhere where the stars take us Alice, wherever the log pose takes us, wherever our fate takes us..." John responds. "But the real question is...Is my brother ready? Or his girlfriend?"

"G-girlfriend," Caedmon asked blushing beat red.

"I love that title," Mylène giggled as she kissed Caedmon's cheek.

"We're both ready," Caedmon swooned then focused back Mylène, "think we should say goodbye to Toby first?"

"We should," Mylène nodded.

"There a caretaker that you folks trust?" John asks Mylene, "Or will he just stay with his parents in the castle?"

"Luckily there is, we have Beth who can take in Toby," Mylène replied nodded.

"Who's Beth?" Alice asks, "She a friend of yours on the island?"

"A friend of my mother, yes," Mylène nodded.

"Oooo I love Auntie Beth!" Toby beamed.

"Well....." John says looking at Caedmon and Mylene, and then down at Toby, "....Make sure you say him goodbyes and send him home."

"Alright," Caedmon nodded, "lead the way little one."

"Righty!" Toby beamed as he took ahold of Caedmon and Mylène's hands.

John watches as he sees Toby leave with Caedmon and Mylene from the ship. John keeps a smile on his face as he watches the innocent little boy walk away cheerfully. He knew he gave the kid happy memories today, and he smiled seeing the little boy smile from ear to ear. John tries to keep himself from losing it until Alice was behind him.

"It's alright..." Alice says brushing John's hair, "We'll see him again..."

"He's just a little boy..." John says as Alice turns him around and sinks him into her for a hug. Alice quieting down her husband as he cried happy tears for the boy.

Heading to where Auntie Beth was, Caedmon couldn't help but softly smile looking to Toby who was brightly smiling then looked over to Mylène as a small blush appeared on his face.

"She's so beautiful...," Caedmon thought, "I wonder what our children would look like...if we had a girl, who would she look like her or me? But if a son, would he take after me or her? Or both? Either way, our babies will be perfect."

"Caedmon are you okay," Mylène asked looking over to Caedmon.

"Hm? Oh! Y-yes I'm fine," Caedmon blurted out blushing beat red.

"Big brother Caedmon's face is turning red," Toby giggled.

"N-nooo it's not," Caedmon blushed hiding his face with his hat.

Mylène giggled as she gazed at Caedmon blushing with a loving smile. "Cute," Mylène softly giggled.

"We're here! I see Auntie Beth's home!" Toby exclaimed happily.

Auntie Beth was outside, gardening the flowers alongside the house before the sun fell into the horizon. It was a little cottage that she lived in, away from the castle but close enough where it wasn't a far walk. Beth turns around and sees them coming.

"Hey Toby!" Beth waves and then sees Mylene, "Hi Mylene!" She was a woman in her upper forties but still had a nice beauty in her.

"Hi Auntie Beth," Mylène brightly smiled waving back.

Caedmon was a bit hesitant looking to Auntie Beth feeling nervous but Mylène looked to Caedmon with a gentle smile placing her hand on his cheek calming him.

"It's alright, she's friendly," Mylène encouraged gently.

"Auntie Beth!" Toby exclaimed happily as the three head over to her.

"I was wondering if you folks were ok after last night." Auntie Beth states, "It was supposed to be a normal wedding...until that whole ruckus happened."

"It's all fine now," Mylène smiled then looked to Caedmon, "things have settled and I'm happy now."

"You seem happier." Beth responds, "Don't tell your father, but I couldn't stand your "fiance" and neither could you I saw." She then sighs, "So who is this guy next to you?" She points over, "Your knight in shining armor?"

"My name is Caedmon ma'am, it's a pleasure to meet you," Caedmon politely bowed.

"A pleasure to meet you Caedmon." Beth says with her bow, "So how may I help you two....and Toby." She leans down and smiles at Toby, "I'm sure you want my carrot cake!"

"Carrot...cake," Caedmon asked with wide eyes.

"You okay darling," Mylène asked.

"D-d-d-d-darling?!" Caedmon replied blushing beat red hiding his face with his hat.

"Awwwwww big brother Caedmon's blushing." Toby giggled.

"My my..." Beth says with a chuckle, "Would Caedmon like a slice? You all can come in for some." She says offering to head inside her cottage.

"Yes please, ma'am," Caedmon nodded smiling then turned to Mylène, "can we dear?"

"Sure," Mylène nodded.

"Yaaaay!" Toby beamed.

A little while later, a couple full bellies and empty plates of Carrot cake. Beth was washing dishes after all the cake Toby and Caedmon ate together besides Beth and Mylene.

"My my, both of you sure are growing boys." Beth chuckles.

"Awwww shucks," Caedmon blushed hiding his face.

"Too cute," Mylène giggled.

Beth sits down with a cup of tea as she ruffles young Toby's hair, "Well I'm sure you two must get going. It's getting late now." She looks out the window, "I'll take care of Toby, don't worry." She smiles.

"Thank you once again Auntie Beth," Mylène smiled then got up and gave Toby a hug, "good-bye Toby, be a good boy for Auntie Beth and I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too sissy," Toby replied hugging Mylène back. Mylène looked to Caedmon gesturing him over to come and give Toby one last hug before they leave. Caedmon went over and hugged the siblings tightly giving each a kiss on their heads.

"I'll miss you big brother Caedmon," Toby sniffled.

"Hey hey, I'll come and visit you again one day," Caedmon comforted Toby holding him close, "I promise, but promise me that you will be a strong prince, okay?"

"I-I promise," Toby nodded giving a confident smile with tears filling his eyes which Caedmon wiped away.

"Don't worry Toby...." Beth would hug Toby, "You'll get to see them again."

"Okay," Toby nodded as he went over to Auntie Beth.

"Thank you again Ms. Beth," Caedmon smiled as he politely bowed.

"Good-bye to you both," Mylène smiled as well waving to the both of them as she headed out along with Caedmon.

Caedmon and Mylene walk back to the port where John and Alice were waiting for them. John and Alice were in the rabbit hole, with John hugging Alice as he was in between the bosom of Alice. Alice was smiling as she was petting her husband's hair as he was crying away his tears for Toby. Alice looks up and sees Mylene and Caedmon coming.

"Your brother is coming." Alice says looking down to John.

John suddenly hops out of his crying state, gets out of Alice's bosom, straightens himself up, and awaits for Mylene and Caedmon, "Hey Cade, did Toby have a safe trip there?"

"He did, we sent him and his aunt kind regards," Caedmon replied nodding.

"We're ready to head out now," Mylène smiled as she looked to Caedmon with a loving smile which Caedmon looked back to Mylène with a warm smile.

"That is good." John says, "I believe we have everything ready right dear?" He asks Alice.

"Oh I believe so as well." Alice responds, "Can't wait to hit the sea again!"

"You guys gonna follow along with us or do you folks want to do your own adventure?" John then asks Caedmon and Mylene.

"What do you think darling, up for joining in on another adventure with with John and his crew," Caedmon asked Mylène looking to her.

Mylène blushed as she softly smiling nodding, "Yes, I'm up for it!"

"Then it's settled," Caedmon brightly smiled, "be following along!"

"Well then...." John says, "TIM!!!! Release the anchor! Tweedle Dee! Start steering! BILLY!" He then yells at the dodo navigator, "Where are we heading according to the log pose?"

"Uh uh uh!" Billy was trying to catch the log pose he was using, "T-t-t-the isle of lodrung sir!"

"Then let's sail.....for the...Isle....of Lodrung." John says in a dramatic tone.

"Don't mind John in his suddenly pirate drama." Alice giggles, "Get your ship sailing, we'll be waiting." She smiles.

"Right-o," Caedmon nodded with a smile, "let's get going darling."

"Let's," Mylène smiled warmly.

"You might wanna hold onto me for this one," Caedmon advised Mylène.

Confused, Mylène nodded then wrapped her arms around Caedmon's waist causing him to blush beat red as puffed smoke from his ears and nose. Then using his powers he summoned a chain with a claw hook, swung it a couple of times then threw it towards the Golgotha until it got stuck on the side. Caedmon held onto Mylène as subconsciously he started to sniff some of her hair which caused him to softly growl a bit as he buried his face into her golden blonde hair.

"Caedmon, is everything alright," Mylène asked looking up at Caedmon.

"Hmmm? Oh! Y-yes darling, everything's fine, hang on tight," Caedmon replied as he jumped into the air then swung him and Mylène towards their ship until the two were flung into the air and landed on Embla and Waldon unexpectedly.

"Hey look Caedmon's back," Hecate commented taking a puff from her pipe.

"With his unexpecting landings as usually," Rio sighed to himself as he sat in lotus position drinking his tea.

"Hi Caedmon, we missed you," Phoebe brightly smiled.

"I remember his lady friend, Mylène was it," Gethen mentioned looking to Mylène.

"Hi everyone, first, sorry for the landing, and second, you remember Mylène," Caedmon spoke as he got up off of Embla then looked to Mylène with a loving smile.

"So our captain now has a girlfriend," Waldon snickered.

"THAT STILL DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO LAND ON ME YOU DUMBASS!" Embla shouted as she punched the top of Caedmon's head.

"OWWWWWWWWW! I said I was sorry!" Caedmon shouted back.

"Now now, let's not kill each other here," Phoebe replied calming Caedmon and Embla down, "what matters is our captain is back, right sugar?"

"You're right...sorry for how our captain is, he can be a bit...childish," Embla said giving Mylène a friendly smile.

"Weird...he didn't seem to act childish to me," Mylène replied tilting her head to the side.

"She's hopeless..." Embla sighed thinking to herself.

"Anyways, Gethen get the ship ready! We're following alongside John and the others! To Lodrung!" Caedmon announced throwing his fists into the air filled with excitement.

"Now THAT'S the captain we know and love," Embla smiled.

"He bounces back quickly, it's typical of him," Hecate softly giggled.

"Anywhere is fine, long as I get to kick their asses," Waldon commented.

"Calm down wolfie," Rio remarked as he sipped his tea.

"Wanna run that by me again," Waldon snarled.

"Stop it you two! I'm up for it so let's go!" Embla shouted happily.

"Same here!" Phoebe happily smiled.