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Brothers in the Land of Confusion
Date Started: December28th, 2021

Date Finished: th, 2022

Setting: Grand Line The Isle of Lodrung

Notable Characters Involved:

Synopsis: As there is a war going on in the World, there are two good looking hatters having some fun as they end up in the land of confusion known as the Isle of Lodrung. But watch it, there have been marines watching them....


Behold the Land of Confusion!

It was a nice day for the seas as the Golgatha and the Rabbit Hole were seen travelling together to their next adventure. It was seen on the Rabbit Hole that there was a large party going on in the top deck. It was mainly for the Umbra Pirates celebrating the new crewmate who is now Caedmon's girlfriend, Eulalie Mylène! The Mad Pirates captain John was willing to have the party on his ship. Which now it was a large tea party filled with cakes and cookies celebrating Mylene's coming.

"More BBQ on the way!!" The Mad Pirates' chef, Burbridge Patrick, states as he was running to the feast with more plates of bbq meat.

"Ooooooo...." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were drooling at the sight of the cook's bbq ribs.

"Easy now..." John says to the twins, "No drooling on the table."

"Here is more tea." Alice says as she puts some more plates of tea on the table as Alice's sister Calie was seen helping bring out more sweets onto the table such as cakes and cookies.

"Welcome to the Umbra Pirates Mylène!" Embla brightly smiled.

"Happy to have ya aboard," Walden smiled taking a bite of chocolate cake.

"I'm so elated to have you be part of our crew and more importantly, my life," Caedmon commented as he looked lovingly into Mylène's eyes.

"As am I Caedmon," Mylène softly smiled.

"Oh no...I see him looking at me," Gethen panicked, "keep the cat away from me..."

"Meow...." Sam the cat was just smiling and staring at Gethen while the happiness was going on.

"It is such a joyous time ain't it?" The Mad Pirate's scholar, Hak, says to John as he was smoking a hookah.

"Indeed it is my old friend." John says as he sat down on a chair nearby Hak. Alice sits down as well next to John and forces John to nuzzle next to her as she pulls John to her. John rolls his eyes but lets himself be in Alice's embrace. He looks over and sees the dodo navigator, Billy, who was comically chocking on a rib bone due to his own absurdity. Seeing Billy, it made him think of the next location they were going.

"Hey Billy!" John would say, "What's this island we're going to?"

"choking cough Not now..." Billy the dodo navigator says as he was still choking on a rib bone, "I need help....coughs and wheezes"

"Oh bother..." John shakes his head while facepalming, "Someone help the man or dodo out."

"I'll get him," Walden replied getting up then walked over to Billy giving him the Heimlich Manuever.

"I think I may have a way to help Gethen's fear of cats," Caedmon thought.

"What would that be darling," Mylène asked.

"I...ummm uhhh it's something that would be recreational but mainly medical for his condition...," Caedmon replied blushing then pulled out a rolled blunt, "I'm sorry for this, hope this isn't too much."

"It's fine, you're helping your friend," Mylène softly smiled then kissed Caedmon's cheek.

Steam puffed from Caedmon's ears and nose from Mylène's kiss as he went over to Gethen then hands him the blunt he had tucked away. "Here take this," Caedmon offered, "trust me, you'll thank me later."

"Ummm alright, just because I can't turn down a nicely rolled Doobie," Gethen nodded as he lights up the blunt, takes a hit, coughs then his eyes slightly closed as he smiled in a calming manner as he looked over to Sam, "hey kitty, aren't you so adorable?"

"0_0" Alice and John's expression say everything as they see Gethen turn from a frightened boy to a calm dude. John just shakes his head a bit after processing it.

"'s a hell of a drug somedays." John says shaking his head as he was then bonked on the head by Alice.

"Watch your tongue boy." Alice says calmly but a bit stern to her husband.

"Hack!" Billy coughs up a bit after being unchoked by Walden, "Thank you good sir. May I reward you with some medicine? May clear up any headache or make you as youthful as a little boy!" He says as he was holding a bottle to Walden.

"Don't listen to him..." Tim the Giant white rabbit mink says, "The dodo is actually giving you a bottle of alcohol."

"85% Alcohol to be exact." John responds after fixing his hat, "He made that elixir in my lab as if he was in a still!" He says staring at the dodo, "Didn't even say please to use my lab."

"Uhhh, sorry?" Billy says with a childish look on his face.

"I'm good, thanks," Walden replied shaking his head.

Gethen went over to Sam then started stroking his back smiling warmly then placed him on his lap childishly smiling. "Haaaairy baby! Hairy baaaby," Gethen smiled petting Sam.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon commented watching with wonder and astonishment.

"Well I'll be," Mylène replied with wide sparkling green eyes.

"A monkey's uncle." John then says to fill in Mylene's words, "Anyway, where are we heading to Billy?"

"The Isle of Lodrung." Billy responds, "I don't know anything about the island besides the direction so don't ask me the questions."

"Alright." John says shrugging.

"Huh, new island, kinda makes me curious," Phoebe commented.

"Wouldn't hurt to see what's there," Caedmon suggested.

"Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fuuuuur," Gethen sang to Sam petting him.

John was watching Gethen pet Sam, "Iiiii don't know if I should be concerned or intrigued by his mood altering with cannabis."

"Somedays it's better to not ask questions." Alice says patting John's head, "So when are we gonna get to the island Billy?"

"Uhhh could be about 3 hours or 30 minutes..." Billy responds thinking, "Depending how fast we go."

"So should I steer faster?" Tweedle Dee asks.

"NOOO!" John, Alice, and Tim would shout at the hedgehog.

"Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr puuuuurr," Gethen sang to Sam.

"This is too entertaining to watch," Walden snickered, "God, I can't help but laugh at that idiot!"

"Hey, come on, at least it's helping him tolerate Sam," Caedmon pointed out shrugging.

"But in reality, you'll need to come up with a medicine to help him with his phobia," Embla said.

"I know, I know," Caedmon sighed.

It wasn't long till they were able to see the layout of the Isle of Lodrung. They saw a large land with grass, woods, mountains and all other types of terrain. They saw a large castle that rose higher than the trees, signifying a large kingdom that most likely rules the island itself. There were sandy and rocky shores as they saw coming toward the island.

"Well that's the isle of Lodrung." Billy responds.

"That looks like a bigger island than Edoneia." John states as he looks.

"It's so...pretty." Alice says as she stares at the island.

"It does, and...I feel giddy," Mylène smiled with sparkling eyes.

"She's so fricking cute!!" Caedmon thought to himself blushing looking over to Mylène.

"Wonder who lives on the island," Embla pondered gazing ahead.

"You reckon they might have some nice folk there," Phoebe asked.

"Hopefully." Tim replies as he looks at the island himself.

"Wonder what we'll see in there." Alice wonders before noticing a big castle, "Ooooh! Maybe we'll see knights in armor! Wouldn't that be cool John?"

"Yes, that'd be cool..." John says, "If they don't try to arrest us for being pirates."

"Oh don't be so pessimistic John." Alice says as she picks up John and stares at him.

"Hey! Put me down!" John responds before looking back at Alice and sighing, "Sigh....ok Alice....Heh it feels nice to not hurt my neck while looking at you." He teases.

"John!" Alice then says as she then drops him on the floor.

"They're so adorable aren't they Caed," Mylène asked looking to Caedmon with a gentle smile.

"Y-yes," Caedmon nodding with a small blush on his face, "Caed?!"

"Awwww ain't they just adorable," Phoebe gushed.

"Yea yea young love seen it," Walden replied turning his back away.

"Jealous much," Rio asked.

"You're one to talk," Walden snapped, "when's the last time you ever had a girl talk to you?"

"Disclosure," Rio replied with a slight blush on his face looking away.

"Can I bring the kitty with meeeeee," Gethen asked with a gleeful smile.

"Uhh, we'd prefer if you don't." John says as he thought, "We should be getting ashore soon.....How long do you reckon the adventure will be?"

"Could be over a week if we try to trek this island and explore for its adventurous opportunities." Tim says as he looks at the island.

"I can prepare the adventure pack!" Tweedle Dum says.

"Hey I'll do it!" Tweedle Dee says as he and Dum started running and arguing who would pack the adventure pack.

"Oh dear...." John says, "Well as long as they can pack the necessities without me watching them." He then looks over to his crew, "Who all is planning to go besides them two idiots?"

"Of course I'm going." Alice says.

"I'll join." Tim says, "This island has a certain interest in me." He says looking over at the island.

"You know what? It's been a while since I was on an adventure." The cook of the crew says, "I'll join in!"

"Count us in!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum saying at the same time as they had the supplies.

"I don't know if I should be concerned for them two going...." John says.

"They'll be alright." Alice responds rubbing John's back.

"Well besides myself, who else will be coming along," Caedmon asked looking to his crew.

"Well I'll be joining of course," Mylene smiled as she kissed Caedmon's cheek causing him to blushing beat red.

"I'll be joining too," Walden offered.

"Same too, to check the fleabag in check," Rio remarked.

"Got a problem asshole," Walden snarled.

"Got a problem prick," Rio asked with a slight smirk.

"Knock it off your idiots!" Embla snapped, "it's obvious I'll be joining."

"Fine, I'll join...until then Sammy Samwich!" Gethen smiled snuggling his face on Sam's face.

" know what? Nevermind." John says as he saw Gethen, but turns around.

Soon, the Golgatha and the Rabbit Hole land on the shores of Lodrung and the adventurers were to go out of their ships. It was seen that Tim dropped the anchor as Patrick laid out the ramp to walk down to get onto the shore. John and Alice would walk together on the ramp, hand to hand, as the others would follow them. Tim follows John and Alice; While Patrick follows Tim, with all of his cooking supplies, and was whistling a young adventuring song. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were seen at the back of the group as Tweedle Dee was walking, and Tweedle Dum was carrying all of the supplies on his poor back.

"Why can't we share the load?" Tweedle Dum asks Dee as he was struggling to carry the supplies, his thin legs literally shaking as he walked.

"Because I am going to be riding a horse my good sir!" Tweedle Dee says as he was carrring a hobby horse, "It's gonna be a long trip, and my loyal steed shall carry me through it!"

"I am starting to have second thoughts already..." John says looking at the twins as Alice was patting his head.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one," Caedmon sighed looking over to Walden and Rio.

"You're a dick," Walden snapped.

"Don't touch me filthy fleabag!" Rio barked back.

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Embla shouted grabbing their heads slamming into one another.

"Yes ma'am, we're sorry," Walden and Rio replied bowing down to her.

"Yup, I'm regretting this," Caedmon sighed.

"It will all be fine!" Patrick says as he pulled Caedmon and John in with a fatherly like hug, "This will be a happy adventuring-camping trip! And we'll enjoy it like a family!"

"Gasp Thanks Patrick...." John says as he was gasping for air from the tight hug as Alice was giggling from the sight.

"Many thanks," Caedmon gasped struggling.

"This is gonna be an adventure we shan't easily forget," Gethen commented.

"Where should we go first then people?" Alice asks as she looked at the directions.

"There is a small castle I see over through these forests." Tim comments as he points toward the trees, "Shouldn't be too long of a walk."

"Well then we'll go to that castle and say hello to these fellow people." John says as he released himself of the Walrus's tight grip. He then fixes up his hat and then takes the hand of Alice, "Let's go boys, through this land."

"Sounds good to me, this way Mylène," Caedmon gently smiled taking a hold of Mylène's hand.

"Coming Caed," Mylène smiled back.

"Think we can trust anyone here," Rio asked looking around.

"Ooooh! Coconuts!" Tweedle Dum says, as he was carrying the supplies on his back, when he found coconuts lying on the ground, "Look Dee! I found coconuts!"

"Good, now you're going to use them as the sound of my horse trampling along!" Tweedle Dee says as he was riding on his hobby horse as Tweedle Dum started clapping the coconuts to make the sound as they entered the forest of Lodrung.

"What are those two doing...." John says looking back seeing Tweedle Dum play with the coconuts.

"They're just having fun." Alice says moving John's head back to the forward position.

"hum hum hum..." Patrick was humming a happy song as his pots and pans were clanging on his backpack, "Wonder what I should make for lunch for this bunch..." He starts pondering.

"The more I'm hearing two coconuts banging, the more I'm thinking of a horse following us than two hedgehog minks," Walden cynically remarked.

"At least it's keeping them occupied in a way," Embla sighed.

"In a way makes me imagine we're on a quest," Caedmon shrugged while holding Mylene's hand.

"I wonder what quest we'd be on..." Alice innocently ponders.

"I'd prefer this being a vacation." John says as they continued walking.

Soon as they went through the forest of the isle of Lodrung. They come across one of the first castled villages that are popular in the island. It was a squared castle made of the common stone, and was higher than the trees that were around the area.

"Hey Look!" Alice says as she points at it, "A castle!"

"A rather traditional one I'll say." Tim states.

"Wonder what fresh meats they sell." Patrick ponders.

"It's only a castle guys." John says, "We had those things but bigger at home."

"Think we should ask someone who lives there," Embla asked.

"Wonder who lives there," Gethen pondered.

"Probably someone of royalty, I wouldn't be too surprised honestly," Mylene shrugged innocently.

"I've seen better," Walden scoffed.

"Let's go to the castle!" Tweedle Dee says, "They can show us the way!" He says as he runs to the castle with his hobby horse. With Tweedle Dum following as he plays the coconuts.

"Wait.....what way?" John says as he then sees the minks go to the castle, "Hey! Come back here!"

"Oh dear." Alice says, "Seems they're off again."

"Better keep them in our sights." Tim says, "Last time we let them out of their sight, they were lost in a forest for a good while before we found them."

"This is going to be a hell of an adventure," Caedmon commented.

"Tell me something I don't know," Rio sighed to himself.

"Seeing that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are heading towards the castle, got no other choice but to follow them at this point," Mylene pointed out.

The two mink twins go over to the castle with Tweedle Dum playing the coconuts and Tweedle Dee riding the hobby horse. Unbeknownst to them, there was a guard on watch duty who saw them coming. He suddenly sees the twins and points his crossbow at the twins before shouting, "Halt! Who goes there!"

The twins stop in their tracks in comical fashion, as Tweedle Dum nearly landed on Tweedle Dee. Tweedle Dee looks up and sees the guard and then speaks, "It is I! Tweedle Dee! The King of Dinkle-Berg! I am looking for knights who are willing to join my cause to find the way!"

"What is he doing....." John says as they ran to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

"And who are those behind you?" The guard then asks pointing his crossbow at the rest.

"Oh! Those are our friends who know the way!" Tweedle Dum says.

"Tim, cover their mouths before they say anything else." John says as Tim grabs Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and covers their mouths.

"I think...the damage might have been done," Caedmon remarked.

"Why not get leashes for them," Gethen thought to himself.

"What now? The two minks already blabbed about themselves," Walden stated.

"We are truly sorry for disturbing you folks." John shouts up at the guard, "We had just came across this island and were curious of what it holds after sailing for many miles."

"Where did you get those coconuts?!" The guard would randomly ask, referring to Tweedle Dum having the coconuts in his hand.

"Uhhh, we found them on the shores of your island?" John replies.

"Bully!" The guard retorts.

"What do you mean!? Haven't you stepped out of the castle and looked that there are coconuts in your land?" John asks.

"This is a temperate forest, not a tropical forest." The guard responds, "There is no way you should've found coconuts on this island!"

"But we did!" John retorts as Alice slowly came behind him to calm him down.

"Easy now hun..." Alice says brushing John's hair.

"This is going to be a headache already," Rio sighed to himself.

"Can't argue with you on that," Walden shrugged.

"But how did they find them in the first place is my question," Caedmon wondered.

"What if the coconuts came here like the swallows or the wild geese when they chase for warmer weather?" Patrick ponders along with Caedmon.

"Are you suggesting that coconuts migrated here?" The guard then asks.

"Well they could've been carried.." John responds, "Crap now I'm getting myself into this mess."

"Carried?" the guard says, "A swallow carrying a coconut?"

"Well it can carry it by the husk." John replies.

"It's not about how he carries it." The guard states, "It's about the weight ratios! A five pound swallow could not carry a one pound coconut! It's about physics!"

"You don't need to tell me that!" John says, "I'm a scientist! Not a doctor! I mean...I am a doctor, but not that kind of doctor!"

"There there..." Alice says now rubbing John's shoulders, "We don't need you having headaches now."

"So now we're having an argument over coconuts," Caedmon sighed.

"Can we please just get this over with," Embla shouted in impatience.

"Someone already lost her patience besides John it would seem," Gethen remarked as he took a hit from his cigarette.

"In order for a swallow to maintain its air/speed velocity!" The guard says, "A swallow needs to beat it's wings...." He goes on and on talking about the physics of it.

"Hey! What I tell you about that I know physics!" John says as he was then suddenly lifted and pulled into Alice's chest, muffling his voice effectively.

"I'm sorry sir!" Alice shouts then, "But my poor husbando here ain't interested in your talk!"

"You know, it could be a bigger swallow!" Another guard suddenly speaks, and the two guards started debating into the swallow carrying a coconut.

"So what should we do while they discuss about coconuts?" Tim asks.

"Calm down poor John.." Alice says as she rubbed the head of John while he was in her chest.

"Hey look asshole, tell us where we are or I'll beat the living shit outta ya!" Walden barked.

"Walden not now," Caedmon warned.

"Walden makes a point," Rio stated, "if we continue on with this charade it's going to lead us nowhere."

"First time I've seen you and Walden actually agree on something that doesn't involve being in combat," Embla pointed out.

"You know...." Patrick says, "Maybe we can check if the gate is unlocked? Instead of standing around here and looking like a bunch of strangers."

"I like that idea Patrick." Tim nods.

"Indeed! Then we can see what's inside!" Alice says as she was still rubbing John as he was starting to get calm, "Feel better now hun?"

".....Yes...." John says with a satisfying face.

"I prefer that idea more than just sitting here," Gethen commented.

"Interesting...maybe I should try that with you one day when you're upset Caed," Mylene asked curiously.

Caedmon blushed beat red from Mylene's question he was about to faint. "Ummmm uhhhh well I ummmm uhhhh," Caedmon stuttered then looked over to John, "John, what do I do?"

John wasn't listening as he was he was looking up at Alice with a smile and his calm state as Alice was petting him.

"Come on, let's go to the gate." Alice then says taking the hand of John and leading him to the gate of the castle.

"Oh right!" John says shaking his head after being released from the chest of Alice.

"Hey Let go of us!" Tweedle Dee was saying as Tim was dragging both the hedgehog mink twins.

"You are staying in my grasp." Tim responds.

"Come on Caedy we should catch up to them!" Mylene exclaimed excitedly as she tugged Caedmon along with her causing him to comically float in the air as he was blushing profusely.

"C-C-Caedy!?" Caedmon breathed hysterically.

"Think it was ever a good idea to bring your lady love with you," Gethen asked cocking an eyebrow.

“B-B-Bubba bobba hob-hobba-hobba wah- wah," Caedmon babbled incoherently.

"I won't even ask what he's trying to say at this point," Embla replied shaking her head catching up with the others.

"He's your captain, at least ours can still speak fluently in love." Tim responds to Embla as they go to the gate. Tim walks up to the gate and simply opens it, "Huh, seems they keep this unlocked?"

"Not a very wise choice of them." John says, "But we ain't gonna question it."

"Let's head inside!" Patrick states, "I want to see if they have a good ham I can buy!"

"We want to know the way!" The hedgehog twins respond.

"You'll find the way, one day." Alice says headpatting the two.

"Who keeps a castle unlocked during the day," Walden questioned.

"Someone who wants their home invaded easily it would seem," Rio commented.

"Kinda not wise if you ask me," Caedmon remarked.

"Let's just head in." John says as he enters the castle and sees the normal castle village living inside it. There were a lot of people out and about, the smell of animals as they were walking around. The market was busy in the midmorning of the day. There was a man with a wheelbarrel walking around in front of a group of monks chanting some music.

"Bring your dead here! Come on! Bring your dead here!" The man shouted as he rang a bell as he walked by houses.

"What in the," Caedmon replied in a curious tone.

"Well that's something you don't see everyday," Walden commented.

"What dead are they talking about," Mylene asked.

They ask as suddenly some people brought out dead people from their house and lay them on the wheelbarrow. The monks behind the wheelchair chanting as people dropped the dead into the wheelbarrow.

"Well...that's unfortunate." Alice says as she does a hail mary.

"Rather unsanitary..." John looks with disgust, "But one way how to put dead away."

"So do they massively bury them?" Patrick wonders, "And why did they die?"

"Mass illness?" Tim asks, "Your guess is good as mine."

"Wonder if any are still alive," Gethen wondered.

"Probably but are waiting for their time to die," Rio commented.

Caedmon suddenly felt his stomach growl smelling the stench of dead bodies as he slowly began to drool, "Want...meat....," Caedmon growled with his his eye glowing red.

John turns his head and notices his brother's hunger, and "politely" kicks the guy in the shins with his black combat boots! "We are guests on this island Cade! Don't ruin it."

"FUCK!" Caedmon screamed out clinging onto his shin hopping in place.

"Ooo," Mylene gasped innocently blushing covering her mouth.

"Watch your mouth!" Alice says suddenly slapping Caedmon in the back of the head.

"Ouch...." John says looking at the mark Alice left on Caedmon's head, "I wonder if you forgot to not swear around Alice Cade." He kinda smirks.

" slipped," Caedmon replied teary eyed.

"It's okay Caedy, you didn't mean it," Mylene replied stroking his hair placing his head on her chest.

"Feels nice...smells...nice," Caedmon spoke in a soft tone almost being lulled to sleep.

"I'm sorry." Alice says wrapping her arms around both Mylene and Caedmon, "But you know not to swear around me."

"-_-" John looks at Alice as she was hugging both Mylene and Caedmon.

"What? You get plenty of hugs from me." Alice says.

"Wanna hug from me?" Patrick asks.

"Or us!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ask.

"NO!!!" John then shouts comically.

"Alright then, let's move on ahead!" Caedmon shouted in an overly confident tone.

"IT TOOK ONLY THAT TO MAKE HIM HAPPY AGAIN?!" The Umbra Pirates excluding Mylene exclaimed in shock.

"Hey, where did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum go?" Alice then asks.

"Why? They were just....." John says turning around to see them gone, "Here....."

Suddenly, they'd notice the twins following the monks, in the weird black hoods, chanting the songs of the monks and banging their heads along on the piece of wood they had.

"Do I want to know," Embla asked watching the twins following the monks.

"I probably won't even ask," Gethen replied taking a smoke from his cigarette.

"Some things are better left unsaid I guess," Caedmon shrugged.

"sigh......" John says looking at them, "No wonder why I usually have them stay on the ship."

"There there..." Alice says, "But I usually don't remember the monks of churches banging their heads to a wooden block?"

"Maybe it's one of those weird branches of Christianity?" Tim says.

"An awefully strange branch..." Patrick says.

"Well what should we do anyway?" John asks looking at the group, "We're here in one of their villages now."

"Wonder how they're still function with the amount of brain damage they go through," Walden sneered.

"Being people who are considered holy, not as much," Rio commented.

"Make a point there," Walden snickered as him and Rio bumped fists much to the Umbra Pirates suprised.

"Anyways, think we should ask someone here where we are and go from there," Caedmon suggested.

"That's an idea but the question is who do we go to," Embla asked.

"There has to be someone friendly around here," Mylene wondered looking around.

John watches as some man places an old man into the wheelbarrow, but the old man wasn't quite dead yet.

"Uhhh sir!" John says to the man driving the wheelbarrow, "That man isn't quite dead yet." He says as the man pulls out a hatchet and cleanly chops the old man's head off, "Nevermind....."

"Sheez, you really had to ruin it for him." Tim says.

"Hey! I didn't know he was just going to chop the man's head off!" John retorts to Tim. "This place is nuts! Banging each others heads with blocks of wood, and no one giving a care about life by just throwing them into a wheelbarrow and chopping their heads off if they're not dead yet!" John says as Alice, once again, pulls him toward her.

"Something tells me I'll be doing this quite a lot today." Alice says patting John's head.

"Quite likely," Caedmon nodded.

"I feel bad for John he would have to face this," Mylene replied in a sad tone.

"Don't worry to much, it's only the beginning," Rio commented.

"Come on, don't be negative," Embla sighed.

"Can't handle the truth," Rio asked.

"Why not we just turn around and see what other castles have around here?" John asks, "You know? I wouldn't be against that."

"But what about the salted meat?" Patrick asks as he was at a vendor.

"And what about them?" Tim then asks pointing at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

John swiftly grabs the twin hedgehog minks and drags them, "We're going someplace else..."

"But we wanted to follow their way!" Tweedle Dee says.

"I loved their way of the board!" Tweedle Dum says bashing his head against the wooden board.

"Or the way to mundane stupidity," Walden remarked cynically.

"Hm? Looks like there's a trial happening over there," Caedmon pointed out.

"Think we should check it out," Mylene asked looking to Caedmon.

"Wouldn't hurt to," Rio replied walking ahead with a straight face.

"WITCH!!!!" A townsperson shout as he was dragging a woman in a ragged dress. Soon, a crowd of townspeople aroused and picked up pitchforks and torches as they dragged a poor woman into the center of the town square. "WE HAVE A WITCH IN OUR HANDS!!!!" "BURN HER!!!! BURN HER!!!"

"What in the name of blazes...." John says pinching his head, "Do I even dare asking?"

"Seems they found a witch." Alice says.

"Witches? Like they are legit a witch?" Patrick asks, "How blubberish!"

"Not like you have blubber." Tim retorts with a smile as Patrick gave a look.

"Classic witch hunt," Walden shrugged.

"Glad it ain't us," Gethen commented.

"Should ask where we are at least from someone here," Caedmon suggested.

"That's probably a good idea." John says nodding as he looked around and sees a farmer running to the Witch Hunt. But John quickly pulls the man to the side, "Excuse me sir, but where are we in this island?"

"Oh this is The Isle of Lodrung." The farmer says, "You're in the town of Smann." He says as he runs off to the witch hunt.

"Well that settles some uncertainties." Alice says.

"Smann....Does that mean smoked ham?" Patrick asks.

"Can you think of anything else besides meat?" John asks.

"Of course, How about oysters?" Patrick then asks as John facepalms himself.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon commented, "where should we head to now?"

"Still interested in the witch hunt over there," Walden remarked.

"You really want to see someone get persecuted don't you," Rio asked with a sigh.

"Hey, wouldn't you," Walden shrugged.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Rio shook his head once pinching his eyebrows.

"Well, if all y'all are interested in watching a witch hunt...." John says, "sigh I guess so."

"Ooo! A duck meat vendor!" Patrick randomly runs off to a butcher and buys some duck.

"Or go buy random food I guess works too." John comments.

"Let's go to the witch hunt!!" Tweedle Dee shouts as he and Tweedle Dum run to the crowd, with the two also randomly grabbing pitchforks and torches as well.

"Oh dear lord...." John himself pinches his eyebrows as Alice pats him in the back.

"Let's go after them before they get lost." Alice states.

"Part of me wants to use my chains to stop them," Caedmon suggested.

"Do that and you'll be the witch in this town," Walden replied in a deadpan tone.

"Make a point, but would be able to stop them at least," Caedmon shrugged.

"Just don't" Embla warned.

"But....aren't male witches "warlocks"?" John asks as Alice took John's hand and drags him.

"Let's just go to this witch trial." Alice says as they started walking toward the witch hunt group.

"Same." Tim says as he then thinks, "Wait, you think they'll think of us minks as "heresy" now that this witch trial is a thing?"

"Oh great...." John responds facepalming, "I didn't think of that."

"Long as we blend in they won't think any of it," Gethen said taking a hit from his cigarette before putting it out.

"Makes a point, though makes me feel bad who they're persecuting," Mylene frowned.

"Is no one gonna stop the red roly polys from getting into trouble again," Walden asked.

"Oh shit! That's right!" John says holding onto his hat and running toward the witch hunt comically.

"Come back here with your foul mouth!!" Alice says holding up her dress as she ran after John.

"Oh dear..." Tim says, "Them two are a heck of a couple." He smiles, "Come on Patrick."

"Oh alright!" Patrick says as he had a bag of oysters and duck, "I found these oysters for 75% off!" He says eating the oysters like chips out of the bag as they walked over to the witch hunt.

"Might as well," Caedmon shrugged as he took a hold of Mylene's hand then started to run, "let's go darling!"

"Y-yes Caedy," Mylene blushed as she smiled running alongside him.

"Wait up you two!" Walden called out running after them with Embla following behind.

"We're not running," Rio and Gethen replied in unison as they calmly walked towards the witch hunt.

Brothers Watching a Witch Trial

The group goes toward the witch trial as it was beginning, the group taking the so called witch over to a knight that was seen minding his own business as the mob brought the woman over to him.

"We found a witch!" A townsperson says, "Can we burn her?"

"I don't know, can you?" The Knight retorts, "Besides, what makes her think she's a witch."

"Because she looks like one!" The person says as he throws the "witch" over to the knight. It obviously looked ridiculous, she had a fake carrot nose over her actual one as the woman wore her normal outfit.

"That's just a woman with a carrot nose..." John says deadpanly as Alice was seen slapping John right in the back of his head! Forcing John into the ground comically. "Ok, I might have deserved that..."

"One yes you did and second, this isn't a witch to begin with," Caedmon pointed out.

"Caedmon, don't bring attention to yourself," Embla warned.

"Caedy," Mylene asked in a worried tone.

"No, I won't let this happen," Caedmon replied with glowing red eyes as a tugging urge began to take over again.

John stands right back up and sees Caedmon again, "Not now Cade." John then takes his hat off and pulls out a whole cake and gives it to Caedmon, "Feed on that instead of flesh will you?" It was a very well done chocolate cake with white icing on it. Strange how a hatter has things under his hat somedays.

"Cake!" Caedmon happily exclaimed kicking his legs about, "chocolate too!!"

"Now I know one way to make Caedy happy," Mylene giggled to herself.

"Hmmm," Caedmon blushed looking to Mylene his face turning red.

Back to the witch trial, the knight did not seem to look amused as he saw the ridiculous outfit of the so called "witch". He gives a look to the crowd and shows his unamusement.

"Well...we might've done the nose." The one townsperson says.

"The hat too! That's my favorite funnel!" Another townsperson responds.

"You dress her up?" The knight asks.

"Noooooo...." the crowd says shaking their head before nodding, "Yes...."

"What makes you think she is a witch?" The knight then asks.

"Well she turned me into a salamander!" One townsperson says.

"Well you would've looked prettier if you stayed like that." The knight retorts shutting the one townsperson up.

"At least this man has some common sense in his head." John comments about the knight, as he was trying to look for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with Caedmon next to him eating the chocolate cake.

"I think I see them over there," Caedmon pointed to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum while eating the chocolate cake.

"Someone stop them," Gethen said in a deadpan tone.

"Uh Alice?" John says as Alice heads over to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

"I'll take care of it." Alice states as she was walking over to the twins.

"BURN HER! SEND HER TO HELL!!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were shouting with pitchforks and torches in their hands, joining among the mob as Alice suddenly grabbed the back of their collars and picked them up easily. The twins gave a sheepish smile of innocence as Alice shook her head and took them back to the group.

"One less headache to deal with." John states.

"That was easy," Gethen replied.

"Hope no one noticed Alice or else they'd be after us," Walden replied cynically.

"Don't say stuff like that!" Embla shouted punching the top of Walden's head.

"I WAS ONLY KIDDING YOU IDIOT!" Walden barked back.

As they spoke, the knight does glance up a bit and does notice Alice. Alice is a nine foot tall woman carrying two rambunctious minks in her hands. The knight gives an eyebrow and a mental note as the crowd doesn't notice as they are so keen on the witch trial, that the quite "elephant in the room" is ignorable for now.

"There are ways of telling on how to identify a witch." The knight then says, as the crowd was chanting "how?" then, "Tell me, what do you do with witches?"

"BURN THEM!!!" The crowd responds.

"And what else can you burn besides witches?" Knight then asks.

"More witches!!" One shouts before being hit in the back of the head, "Uhhh wood?"

"Good! So why do witches burn?" The knight asks.

"Don't tell me they're made of wood....." John was muttering with pinched fingers.

"I'm slightly confused," Caedmon replied as he licked what remained of the chocolate cake, "but is it because they're made of wood?"

"Too easy" Gethen said in a deadpan tone.

"...Cuz they're made of wood??" A townsperson asks as if confused.

"Good!!" The knight says as John was in the background flailing his arms in frustration, "So how do we know if she's made of wood?" The knight then asks.

"Build a bridge out of her!" one comments.

"You can do that with stone." The knight says.

"Throw her into the pond to see if she floats!" Another townsperson shouts as the mob was about ready to do so.

"Don't other things float on water as well?" The knight asks, "Such as???"

"Well that can be a lot of things..." John says, "Shoes, my hat theoretically, leaves, pond scum...." John then was slowly going down a list muttering to himself.

"Um John, you're muttering again," Caedmon said nudging John.

"Oh right sorry." John says stopping himself as if out of a daze.

"An apple? blankets? bananas?" The townspeople were listing off of stuff as well as Alice suddenly perks up.

"A Duck! Ducks float! And are oh so cute doing it!!!" Alice speaks with confidence and was saying innocently as John was glaring deadpanly up at her until she realized she had the whole crowd's attention at them now, "Oh, was I to be quiet John?"

"Yeah....." He responds as he lowers his hat to have the brim be below his eyes.

"This can't be good," Caedmon replied with wide eyes.

"We're screwed," Gethen and Walden replied in unison.

The knight looks over and sees the whole group now and especially notices Patrick and Tim, who are minks (besides Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) that were noticeable in the bunch. The knight gives a look before saying:

"You are actually right my young lady." The knight says.

"So...if she weighs like a duck..." A townsperson says, "She's made of wood....which means....A WITCH!!!!" The crowd would then roar as they were finally excited to figure out the trick to identifying if this woman was a witch or not.

"We'll use the scale outside of town." The knight says as he walked and passes by, "I'll be meeting with you folks after this."

"Aw great." John says.

"Will we be framed for being witches?" Alice asks.

"I hope not...." John responds.

"Well I don't think they can." Alice says, "I was a nun.."

"Any ideas now," Caedmon asked.

"Don't look at me, not my fault," Rio replied in a deadpan tone.

"Watch it," Embla growled smacking Rio on the back of his head.

The group watches as the mob takes the alleged witch over to the town scale that was near a creek. They place the woman on one end of a scale while placing a duck on the other side of the balance. They then release the balance scales and watch as the balance shifts back and forth. It then slowly, but surely balances as it shows the woman is indeed the same weight as a duck.

"Well I'll be damned..." The woman says, "They caught me." She was then taken by the mob and dragged to a nearby hanging tree to be hung and burned.

"........" John was deadpan, "How......"

"Sometimes it's best to not ask John." Alice says patting his head.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon commented.

"This world is starting to get on my nerves," Walden sighed rolling his eyes.

The knight was then seen walking over to the group and then was speaking, " folks new or something?"

"We're tourists yes." John says, "Just we were wanting to explore this new land and came across this."

"Well I'd recommend you don't stay in a town for too long." The knight says, "Especially how these people can get antsy if they don't find a witch."

"...Wait a minute..." One of the townspeople says now noticing the group of John and Caedmon, the fact that Alice is a 9 foot tall woman and there are minks among them, "How are you so tall? And how do those animals look like people."

"Don't say I didn't warn you." The knight says before scurrying off before the mob comes toward the group.

"Hey now, we can settle gentlemen." John says trying to calm down the mob crowd now interested in burning that group.

"Did you turn people into a walrus, a rabbit, and hedgehogs?" Another person asks, "And is that tall girl a witch?"

"A WITCH!!!" The mob shouts.

"I ain't a witch!!" Alice then defends herself, "I'm a nun! Well was one!"

"I don't think that'll help our case my dear." John responds.

"Think we should run," Gethen suggested.

"That won't be a good idea," Rio commented with a sigh.

"We'll need a distraction," Caedmon said as he looked around.

"If you're a woman of the lord...." A townsperson says, "Pray for fire to be bestowed!"

"Oh...uhh...." Alice was thinking as she looks down as John and notices that look on John of "I have an idea.". Alice then closes her eyes and got in a stance of prayer, "Oh lord, these people are blinded by their greed of hunting witches...please cleanse them with your holy fire and bless us with escape from these blinded heathens!" She then says.


A large fire was suddenly ablaze right in between the mob and the group. John, unnoticeably, threw marbles on the ground that contained fire. And when Alice finished her prayer, John snapped his fingers and let the fire loose.

"Holy!!!" A townsperson shouts, "They are of God!"

"Run!" John says as he starts running straight for the exit of the town, as Alice picked up her dress and runs as well with Patrick, Tim, and the hedgehog twins as well.

"Tally-ho!" Caedmon shouted as he ran behind John and the others.

"That's one fiery exit," Rio commented.

"Dude, only I make the joke..." Walden replied in a deadpan tone then a small chuckle escaped his mouth, "but I'll let it slide since heh, it made me chuckle a bit."

"Well where are we running to is the question?" Tim then asks.

"Anywhere that doesn't have witch-hungry hunters!" John responds, "The forest sounds as inviting as ever right now."

"We'll follow you John." Alice says as she was behind John.

"Captain knows the way!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say, "We should follow him!"

"Anywhere is fine long is it's not back there," Caedmon said.

"I like the woods," Gethen replied, "my hunting grounds."

"Let's go to the woods then!" John says as he rushes through the gate and right back into the fields before seeing the forest ahead of them, "Man, their forest seems so thick in trees."

"Well it's a forest after all." Tim says.

"Well thanks for the obvious buddy." John retorts.

"What time is it?" Alice asks as she looks up at the sun, they'd notice it's like early to mid afternoon and is past lunch time. It slowly is noticeable as all of them were hungry, "I'm hungry John."

"Oh I can tell." John says, "So am I....."

"Think there's any animals here to hunt," Gethen asked looking around.

"Wouldn't mind helping with that," Walden replied.

"Is all of this really necessary," Caedmon asked in a slight annoyed tone.

"Now I believe there are more civil ways of finding food." John says.

"I have oysters!" Patrick says carrying the bag of oysters from earlier, "And I have this duck I bought!"

"I'm sure we need to cook them Patrick." John says, "Not everyone can eat stuff raw like that Patrick."

"Oh what am I thinking." Patrick says as he rolls up his sleeves and puts out his hands on the ground, "You folks hungry? Then get ready for a Fish Fillet Feast!" He shouts as he fires a whole bunch of cooked fish fillets right at the ground, the aroma and sight of these foods make people hungry on the instant.

"You're a genius Patrick." John says looking at the fish fillets on the ground, "Forget every comment I had in my head about you."

"John?" Alice asks.

"No no I'm fine." John responds smiling.

"Well at least we can eat something." Tim now says.

"FOOD!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum shout seeing the sight of the cooked fish fillets.

"Droooooool," Gethen said trying not to drool.

"Hunger...consumes me," Caedmon replied with sparkling eyes.

"GET IN MAH BELLY!" Walden shouted.

"DON'T HOG ALL OF IT YOU DUMBASS!" Embla shouted banging her fist on top of Walden's head.

"There is plenty for everyone." Patrick says, "I literally made a pile of it."

"We'll probably be needing at least another pile knowing we have some hungry people here." John comments as he grabs a few and starts eating them.

"Thank you Patrick!" Alice says as she ate the fish fillets.

"A carrot is good enough for me." Tim says as he was eating a carrot that came from the ground.

"Mmmmmm!" The twin hedgehog minks were devouring their little pile of Fish fillets they selected.

"If y'all want some barbeque sauce, I always bring some with me!" Patrick says as he pulls out a bottle of barbeque sauce, "Or any other condiments that I also carry!"

"Thank you Patrick!" Caedmon brightly smiled as he started eating a couple of the fish filets.

"I like some barbeque sauce over here," Walden waved as he ate the fish filets.

"Same here," Rio replied as he took a bite.

"We do thank you Patrick." Alice says with a smile as she ate the fish filets.

"It is no problem my dear." Patrick says, "I am happy just feeding you folks."

"Indeed, thank you." John states, "Now that we are mostly on full stomachs, we'll venture further into the woods here and see what else is around here."

"This fog seems a bit unsettling if you ask me." Tim states as there was a fog over them as they were sitting in the middle of the forest.

"It's just some fog passing by, we'll be fine." John states.

"You think so? It's starting to get thick," Caedmon pointed out.

"It's getting thick to the point I can't see my hands nor the filets," Walden groaned a bit.

"Come to think of it, where is all this fog coming from," Embla asked looking around.

"I don't know." John wonders, "But we should perhaps finish our lunch quick." He says as he started finish his fish fillets quickly.

"True, don't want that mob coming after us while we're eating." Alice says.

"I believe we've lost them long ago." John states.

"Less talk, more eat," Caedmon said scarfing down the fish fillets.

"Don't tell me that order twice," Gethen replied eating the fillets quickly.

"Not too quickly, don't want anyone to puke," Mylène spoke.

"At least I got manners." John says to himself as he finished eating and wiped before standing, "I'm ready."

"Ready when you are hun." Alice states standing as well, "I can see the forest more clearly thanks to my...height."

"Oh but I am the size of some of these trees Alice." Tim says, "I can help navigate."

"Thanks for the reminder.." John says sarcastically as he then sees Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum having their heads inside a burrow, "What are you two doing?"

"Just looking down." Tweedle Dee says muffled in the dirt.

"...Nevermind." John rolls his eyes.

"I can help to with getting us out too," Caedmon said.

"Same here, our senses of smell and sight are handy," Gethen replied.

"Same here," Walden responded as he looked around then noticed a figure in the distance, "hm?"

"We should get going..." John says as he continues on through the fog of the forest, as the rest of his group follows the Mad Hatter.

"He knows the way! Follow him!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say as they followed John.

"I'm guessing you folks are sensing something?" Alice asks looking down at Walden as they're walking.

"There's someone over there, hard to make out who they are," Walden pointed out.

"Doesn't look like someone outside of a human, that's one thing," Caedmon commented.

"Think we should trust them," Gethen asked.

Brothers and the Mid-Knight

The group travels on through the fog and soon comes across a small wooden bridge that goes across a small creek. It was seen guarded by a dwarven knight in black shining armor. The dwarven knight was seen just standing there, gazing at the forest and watching out for trespassers of the bridge. The group comes travelling and approaches the dwarven knight.

"Interesting..." John says noticing the knight.

"It's a dwarf!" Alice states, "Aww he looks so small!"

"He looks like he's busy guarding that bridge." Tim states.

"I wonder why he'd guard a bridge so small." Patrick wonders.

"He's just standing there...." Tweedle Dee says watching the gaze of the dwarven knight.

"....MENACINGLY!" Tweedle Dum finishes Dee's sentence.

"If he looks so menacing then why isn't he taunting us," Walden asked.

"True, though would be stupid if someone were to charge in and attack or try and talk to them," Embla commented.

"I wouldn't want to," Mylene shook her head in a scared manner gripping Caedmon's arm tightly. This of course made Caedmon blush profusely as his legs began to shake.

"Rookie..." John shakes his head noticing Caedmon blushing, "I guess I'll approach this knight."

"Be careful John." Alice says holding onto John for a second.

"Don't worry." John says pulling Alice's hand off of him, "I don't think the guy is that bad." He then walks over to the dwarven knight and speaks, "Hey sir, we were wondering who you are and if you are willing to talk to us."

The knight just stood there quietly, not answering John's suggestion.

"Want tea? cakes? I'm sure you're hungry with nothing much in this forest." John states, "I'm sure you dwarves sure like some extra food in your bellies huh? Ha ta ta ta." He then jokes.

Still, the knight stood his ground quietly.

John gives back an exaggerated shrug, "You're about as boring as those guards at the Heart Kingdom castle."

"Tell me about it." Alice says as she was observing, "At least they had the cool fuzzy hats." She sighs.

"Someone should get his attention," Gethen suggested.

"I'll fix that," Walden replied with a rock in hand ready to toss it at the knight.

"NO! WE ARE NOT DOING THAT!" Caedmon shouted.

If the guard noticed Walden's taunt, he made no gesture reacting towards it. John sighs as he then did wave to the knight and tried to get the guard's attention in other ways.

"sigh You're a sad, strange little man. And you have my pity." John says, "Farewell now, come on guys, let's cross this bridge."

"None Shall Pass." The Dwarven knights speak.

"Oh that got his attention." John says, "Why not? This is like the only bridge to cross this creek. I mean practically Alice could cross this with a simple step already but that's besides the point."

"I am the mid knight..." The Dwarven Knight speaks, "And I move for no man."

"Told ya we should've chucked a rock at him," Walden pointed out with a shrug, "but noooooooo."

"Don't," Caedmon growled.

"How can we move you," Gethen asked.

"I said I move for no man." The Mid Knight responds, "So you ain't crossing this bridge."

"Oh really?" John asks, "Tell me then where there are other ways to cross this creek." The dwarven knight stood quiet after asking that, "Listen, if you don't help me cross this creek. I'll find a way into the creek myself." He then moves toward the creek until his abdomen was touched by the tip of the sword held by the knight.

"Then you shall....die!" The dwarven knight says.

"You know? I think you wanted this." John states, "...But so be it." He snaps his fingers as a thick smoke appeared, and John disappeared before the knight's eyes.

"Come back you coward!" The Mid Knight shouts, "I haven't had a fight in four years! I'm itching to put my blade through something!"

"You see that?" John asks as he was suddenly besides Alice, "I told you something was up with the dwarf."

"You said nothing of that sort John." Alice responds, "But it is unfortunate..."

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon commented, "could've used my chains to swing him away from the bridge."

"What good will that do," Walden asked in a deadpan tone.

"Think that would only anger the knight even further," Mylene pointed out.

"Ok.....Any bright ideas from anyone?" John asks.

"Throw coconuts at him!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum suggest as they were sitting under a coconut tree that was growing in the middle of the temperate forest.

"Uhh how about no?" John asks, "And how the ever living he----heck are coconuts growing in the middle of this forest?!?!"

"Throw meat at him?" Patrick wonders.

"I suggestion is overwhelm him." Tim says.

"Overwhelm him with hugs!" Alice then says with an aura of hearts and pink around her.

"....You're too innocent my dear Alice." John shakes his head, can't help but smile from Alice's comment.

"Hugs sound nice," Caedmon sighed happily only to be hugged by Mylene causing his knees to get weak, "dreams come true!"

"I'm getting impatient here," Walden growled hurling his arm back, "I'm tossing the rock." Without warning, Walden tossed the rock at the knight striking him in the head!

"That...wasn't well thought out," Gethen remarked with slightly wide eyes.

As the rock bounces off of the metal knight helmet, the mighty sword of the dwarven knight comes out of its scabbard and swings at the rock! The rock was struck like a baseball from a bat and it flew as fast as a fastball right toward the group!

"Yipe!" John shouts as he ducks from the rock flying back. "Hey Caed, maybe some teamup?"

"Aye," Caedmon nodded as he summoned a couple of chains propelling them deflecting the rocks away!

"Didn't think that'd piss him off," Walden shrugged.

"Any OTHER ideas," Embla asked pinching her eyebrows together.

"Just me and Caedmon going in, that's it." John says as he pulls out his steel pole and leaps acrobatically over and slams the pole right at the sword to combat.

"Oh you came back!" The Mid Knight says, "Prepare to die!" He then swings the sword at John as he was deflecting the attacks with the staff.

"Help me here Cade!" John shouts back.

"On it!" Caedmon called out as he leapt into the air then summoned another chain from his hand gripping onto it, "Chain Whip!" With the flick of his hand he whipped the chain down towards the Mid Knight aiming at him!

"Whack!" The chain hits the armor of the Mid Knight! The Mid Knight stumbles a little bit back, but he regains his posture and then swings right back at the duo of brothers.

"Make it as unfair as you like it!" The dwarven knight says, "I can't be defeated."

"We'll see about that sir!" John says as he combated the swings of the sword with his pole. The two swinging their main weapons at a decent pace, meanwhile Alice and the others was seen watching from behind the tree.

"Be careful John..." Alice thinks, as behind her was Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum acting as like cheerleaders for John.

"Go kick his butt John!" Tweedle Dee says as he and Dum had pom poms and were shaking them.

"I got him here." John says to Caedmon, "Fight him from afar, so he can't concentrate on either of us."

"Got it," Caedmon nodded as he leapt back to keep his distance while keeping his chains in hand.

John was seen ducking and clashing back and forth with the knight. Seemed like it was an even match between the Mid Knight and the Mad Hatter when it came to clashing metal on metal. Then quickly, John snaps his fingers and lets a deep smoke rise from his marbles, leaving the knight blinded for a minute. John then swung his pole hard at the head of the enemy as the steel helmet rang like a bell! The knight was comically dazed as stars were seen around his head.

"Think that did it," Caedmon asked looking at the Mid Knight.

"Should make our move now," Gethen remarked.

"Aren't we gonna rip his arms off or something?" Tweedle Dee asks.

"Let's burn him like the witches!" Dum responds suddenly having the torches out instead of the pom poms.

"Ugh you idiots..." Tim was lifting the twins up before they got into action with their ideas.

"Think we should make a getaway before he snaps back into reality," Caedmon suggested looking at the Mid Knight.

"How much time do we got," Walden asked.

"Maybe five minutes," Mylene assumed carefully examined.

"Not even five minutes..." John says rolling his eyes, "That was to stun him." He says as the knight came back into reality.

"That was one good clean hit boy..." The Mid Knight says, "But I ain't a coward! Face me!!" He then starts swinging his longsword once again at John, the clashing now continuing.

"Does this guy give," Walden asked looking at the knight.

"Apparently not," Caedmon commented as he swung his chains at the knight once more landing a clean hit!

The knight steps back after getting struck the chains and then attempts to run toward Caedmon, but John was keeping him distracted as John swung at the knight's knees and smacked his pole right at the armor!

"You folks sure are pesky." The knight comments as he looked back at John.

"Think I got an idea," Caedmon said as he pulled out his walking stick unsheathing it then attached it to one of his chains then swung it towards the knight cutting his right arm off!

"AGHH!" The Mid Knight's right arm falls down as blood gushes. John smiling as they thought they had the victory, but the dwarf picks up the longsword with his left arm and starts swinging back still.

"Damn, you're resilient." John says as he leapt back then fights back.

"Should I go for the other arm," Caedmon asked.

"Kill it," Gethen ordered pointing his pistol at the Knight.

"He's a dwarf..." John says, "There should be no need to..." He says as the dwarf leaps and recklessly swings his sword as it strikes John's hat. The hat falls on the ground as John's eyes gave a look.

"I'm gonna kill him." John say as clicks a button on the pole and the ends go aflame and the battle continues between the two.

Alice slowly walks over and picks up John's hat and cleans it up, "Nothing some little sewing can't do." She says inspecting the damage of the hat.

"Guess John has this handle perhaps," Caedmon shrugged as he blinked.

"Think he's going a bit...ummmm off," Mylene asked without sounding hurtful.

John stepped back and forth as he was clashing with the one armed dwarf knight now. John then suddenly stepped on the toe of the dwarf and knocks the claymore off of the dwarf's hand. John grabs it and slashes it right through the left arm of the weapon!!

"Ahh!" John smiles as he was happy he got his revenge, "Don't be trying to ruin my hat you stupid dwarf!" He then sheathes his pole on his back before walking back to the crew.

"Why must we hurt the poor dwarf?" Alice then asks, "He's not even half your size John."

"He somehow took my hat of with his sword." John says as he took his hat back, "But he should be done now."

"I wouldn't think so," Walden remarked as he pointed to the knight.

"This can't be good," Embla said with wide eyes.

"What?" John asks as he was then kicked right in the shin by the dwarven knight.

"Come fight me!" The Mid Knight says as he was hoping around like a rabbit.

"Ow!!!" John hops around after getting kicked in the shin, "But I just sliced your arms off!"

"No you didn't!" The dwarf says.

"Then what's that?!?!" John points to the arms on the ground.

"'Tis a flesh wound." The dwarf says, "Come fight me you coward! Chicken! Chicken!!!"

John then had a boiling head of steam as he was about to lash out, "I'LL KILL YOU UNTIL YOUR HEAD IS OFF!! He says as he was about to beat up the Mid Knight until Alice just grabbed him and hugs him tightly.

"Now now, no need to lash out like that..." Alice says softly as she brushed John's black hair while hugging the angered mad hatter.

"Can I maul him," Gethen asked in a blunt tone.

"No there will be no mauling!" Caedmon growled before slamming his chains onto the ground!

"I can maul him," Walden offered raising his hand.

Immediately, Mylene sliced the knight's legs off at blinding speed not only surprising Gethen and Walden but also Caedmon who was in awe blushing flush red.

"Think that'll do it yes," Mylene asked looking back to Caedmon and the others with a serious look in her eyes.

"...Alright, We'll call it a draw!" The dwarven knight says looking around at the bloody mess that was his own.

"Ok...Is he done!" John asks as he was still stuck from Alice's bearhug.

"He ain't worth our time I believe." Tim would then say.

"Yeah let's get out of here!" Tweedle Dee says.

"Before he bites out ankles!" Tweedle Dum adds.

"Not likely in his state," Caedmon commented.

"He'll die alone," Gethen remarked coldly.

"Or something could save him." Alice says as she releases John from her grasp, "We don't want to leave him here..."

"What do you mean??? The dwarf tried to kill us!" John says to his wife.

"Now don't be raising your voice on me." Alice boops her finger on John's nose, "Hey Tim, can you throw the man to that village we were at earlier?"

"Uhhhhh." The giant white rabbit mink looks down at the dwarven body, "Sure...." He picks up the Mid Knight and throws him into the skies which would arc him to land right within the village's walls!

"...Don't you think that was a bit overkill?" John then asks.

"And 10 seconds ago you were wanting to leave him dead." Alice responds.

"Well that's one problem gone," Caedmon commented.

"Off we go then," Mylene nodded as she went over to Caedmon wrapping her arms around his arm causing him to melt in her grasp.

"Let's go John." Alice then takes John's hand and drags him on the ground through the small bridge. The rest of the group follows the two.

"How comes John and Caedmon are being dragged by their girls?" Tweedle Dee asks Patrick.

"Welp, let's say the boys are tired and the girls help them on their toes." Patrick responds.

"But John ain't on his toes." Tweedle Dum responds, "He's being dragged with his legs on the ground!"

"facepalm It was an expression Dum." Tim says, "Let's go."

"To be young again," Gethen sighed.

"You're not that old you dumbass," Embla sighed in annoyance.

Brothers and the Knights of Vi

The group were still in the forests and still walking around. They found that this forest was large and expansive as the continued exploring. Soon, it was evening and was about time to camp.

"yawn...." Alice left a long yawn, "John...I'm tired and we've been walking all day."

"Have we found the way yet?" Tweedle Dum asks.

"No...We haven't found the way yet." Tweedle Dee answers.

"Maybe it is a good time to start camping." Tim says looking at the evening sun go down.

"hmmmm." John looks at the pretty coloration of sunset as well, "I suppose you're right." He then sits on a log, "We can camp for the night."

"Awesome! I'll get the place set up!" Patrick says as he drops his backpack and actually sets up a camping ground site, tents and all.

"...Thought you only had pots and pans but I won't judge." John says watching the walrus mink set up.

"I could use a rest," Caedmon replied as he stretched himself out.

"Well who would keep on look out," Embla asked.

"No," Gethen and Walden answered in unison.


"We're sorry ma'am," the two apologized bowing to her.

"That's more like it," Embla scoffed as she blew on her fist.

"Make sure there's a tent for me and John!" Alice says to Patrick.

"Don't worry, there'll be private tents for the couples." Patrick assures.

"I hope this is a big tent..." John says, "Or I'm gonna be snuggled up against Alice the whole time."

"Oh but that's what you always are!" Alice says as she hugs John and pampers him, "And you like it! You won't admit it!"

John just rolls his eyes and smiles.

"I can help on guard duty." Tim says, "I like sleeping by the trees anyway."

"Sounds good to me," Walden said as he yawned a bit.

"Stay vigilant," Gethen ordered as he lighted up a cigarette.

"Yay! Our own private tent, isn't that exciting Caedy," Mylène asked Caedmon with a bright smile.

"P-p-private...meaning...she and I will be..." before Caedmon could finish his sentence, he suddenly passed out.

"It means you two will have a tent together." Patrick says to Caedmon as he passed out, "Unless you wish to not share with-"

"-I think that won't be necessary." John says, "They're perfect with sleeping in the tent together."

"Just don't be getting frisky in the tent tonight." Alice says speaking in a motherlike tone again, "Sex before marriage I say."

"...That wasn't needed but ok." John says shrugging his shoulders.

"What's sex?" Tweedle Dum asks as Tweedle Dee wondered and Tim comically facepalmed himself.

"...Nevermind...." John rolls his eyes.

"Come on Caedy, to bed we go," Mylene smiled as she picked Caedmon up princess style then carried him to their tent before kissing his cheek.

"I love my gold haired princess," Caedmon lovingly smiled stroking some of her hair away from her eyes.

"And I love my top hatted prince," Mylene giggled giving him an eskimo kiss with Caedmon giving her one back.

"Awwwww." Alice says, "They're cute aren't they??" Alice asks John.

"Of course, it's funny seeing older brother like that." John responds as he gives a yawn, "Hey Patrick, have any food to eat before we sleep in the tents?"

"Of course! I was gonna roast hot dogs over this fire!" Patrick says as there was a sudden fire pit before them and he had a stake for roasting hot dogs. "We got buns of course!"

"Oooo hot dogs!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say as their mouth watered.

"Hotdogs sound nice, what about you darling," Caedmon asked looking to Mylene.

"What's," Mylene asked tilting her head to the side.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum turn around slowly to look at Mylene, "You...don't know what hot dogs are??" Tweedle Dee asks.

"We must show her the way of hot dogs!" Tweedle Dum says.

"Oh dear.." John facepalms.

"Can't blame ya, growing up in royalty leaves you left out in the culture of commoners." Alice responds, being of royalty herself, "It's until you go and walk with commoners you won't understand." She says hugging her husband.

"Right, or be a pretty looking girl talking to a bullied short man." John responds with a smile.

"Oh you ain't so short anymore John." Alice gives John her own eskimo kiss.

"Well consider this being the first of you stepping out of your life of royalty," Caedmon smiled brightly.

"I'm so happy!" Mylene brightly smiled in return then kisses Caedmon's cheek, "thank you dear!"

"I can melt in your arms right now...," Caedmon lovingly sighed as he held Mylene in his arms.

"Let's enjoy some hot dogs before bed." John says as he took a hot dog and placed it by the fire as Alice did the same. Alice lays her head on John's shoulder as the hot dog cooks. John looks at the fire and also watches as the sun comes down, and then ponders.

"Who's all a werewolf again?" John asks Caedmon, "Gethen is?"

"Gethen and Walden are werewolves," Caedmon remarked as he took a hotdog placing it in the fire then helped Mylene with her which she shyly blushed.

"Ok, and they're guarding." John says looking to Tim.

"Aye, I will watch the two in case they get antsy." Tim responds.

"Uhhhhh, do you need any crosses or anything?" Alice says still uncomfortable about the werewolves.

John smiles, "You being a big girl and scared of things makes me smile, it's cute."

"Why??" Alice says hugging John tightly like a teddy bear.

"Awwwwww aren't they adorable," Mylene asked smiling.

"They truly do," Caedmon warmly smiled as he fixed Mylene's hotdog then gave it to her, "there you are, now the moment of truth."

Mylene curiously looked at the hotdog then slowly took it into her mouth as she took a bite. Then her eyes lit up as she brightly smiled. "It's delicious!" Mylene beamed.

"Happy you're enjoying it," Caedmon softly smiled letting out a soft chuckle before Mylene kissed his cheek causing his face to turn tomato red.

"Now which couple is cuter?" Patrick asks Tim as he was loving the atmosphere both couples brought.

"They're both respectively cute." Tim says, "But we should probably have our sleep in soon."

"True." John says eating another hotdog as Alice laid by him at the fire. John then brushes Alice's hair awhile by the fire. "We eat, then we sleep for the morning to rise."

"Sounds like a....yawn... plan." Alice says with a yawn and a smile.

"Caedy, I'm feeling sleepy, mind if you let me sleep like this," Mylene asked as she placed her head on his shoulder as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Caedmon blushed hard with the weight of Mylene's head resting on his shoulder. He softly smiled as he gently stroked some of her hair away from her face then softly kisses her head.

"Sleep well, my gold princess," Caedmon softly smiled lovingly.

"We better take the sleep to the tents." John says as he then looks over to his wife, "Come on Alice, time to get into the tents." He then realizes Alice went asleep, "...Looks like I'm carrying her once again." John then picks her up, her weight almost toppling John, "Holy...have a Good Night my brother." He nods before slowly taking Alice to the tents.

"Night brother," Caedmon waved then gently picked Mylene up carrying her to their tent as he looked down at her lovingly. Seeing the lovely golden haired princess in his arms sleeping was comforting to him, his heart skipped a beat when she snuggled her face against his chest. He was feeling weak to the point of nearly falling onto his knees but managed to hold it together and went into their tent, tucked Mylene in then tucked himself him as he gently pulled Mylene up to his chest as he slowly drifted off to sleep.


"Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock..." Tim was watching his big clock he had that made a loud clocking noise if the area was quiet enough. The moon was out, and Tim, Gethen, and Walden were on guard as the rest were asleep in the tents. Alice was seen sleeping while cuddling John in their tent. Patrick was sound asleep while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were asleep together in their tent. Tim was trying not to fall asleep as they were guarding.

"So, you folks used to being werewolves?" Tim asks, "You folks born with or bitten with the condition?"

"Nah, born with it," Walden replied, "my mom's a werewolf, my dad a human."

"Full werewolf for myself," Gethen replied.

"Oh I see..." Tim says as he yawns for a moment and closes his eyes to rest while guarding.

Twas now the middle of the night, and nothing has passed under this dense fog. The guards that were to be on watch fell asleep due to the uneventful night and rested by the trees.

Suddenly, the sight of tall, slender figures in the background were seen walking toward the tents and the group as they were innocently asleep...or well were.

"Get off of me Dum!" Tweedle Dee was seen awake pushing Tweedle Dum, "I need to go out and take a piss."

"Lead the way captain..." Tweedle Dum responds talking in his dreams, "You know the way..."

"Arrgh, you're never helpful." Dee says as he suddenly hears the ruffling of footsteps walking, "Hey Dum Dum!! Wake up!"

"Uggh what Dee?? You're ruining my beauty sleep.." Dum responds.

"Do you hear that?!?" Dee asks Dum as they listened to outside of their tent, hearing footsteps coming their way.

"Uhh what do we do??" Tweedle Dum asks as he and Dee were now quivering in fear comically. The twins now hugged each other as a silhouette approached their tent.

The silhouette opens the hedgehog mink's tent and reveals this long, slender, pale body of knight armor. Yellow eyes glowed from the knight helmet as it stared at the minks. The thing then, as if extended itself, got closer to the twins and said, "VI!"

The hedgehog minks became comically pale white and passed out on the spot.

Amidst, the werewolves of Gethen and Walden would smell the familiar, strong scent of a scent that can only be compared if pancakes were drenched in bleach instead of maple syrup. It's a scent that is familiar to werewolves, their archnemeses, vampires....

"Ugh that stench," Walden growled.

"Bloodsuckers...," Gethen scowled.

Soon, as the werewolves awaked, they were welcomed by an army of about 24 long, slender, vampiric knights that loomed over the tents. To them, it looked like the vampires were about to attack the tents and whoever lived in there.

"We gotta warn the others," Gethen growled.

"Don't have to tell me twice," Walden snarled as he charged towards one of the knights!

Tim wakes up as Walden snarls and attacked one of the vampiric knights. Tim stands straight up and holds on to his head before shouting.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!" Tim shouting as crows flew out of the trees as he spoke.

John's eyes instantly awake as he leaps out of the tent, shirtless and in his pajama pants. He had his pole in hand and sees the vampire knight attacking. Alice slowly wakes up and sees the vampires and was going to scream until John puts his hand on her mouth.

"I just got up and don't need you to scream at my ear...." John says calmly to Alice, "Start doing nun things while I take care of this." He says leaping up and attacking one of the knights as well!

Alice just pulls out her cross that she has in her little satchel and holds it out to the vampires to keep them away while speaking in pig latin against the vampires.

Caedmon immediately woke up shirtless and in his shorts with glowing red eyes as he transformed into a white wolf, luckily while Mylene was slowly waking up he rushed out to help Gethen and the others. Mylene rubbed her eyes a bit yawning then her eyes widen looking around.

"Caedmon? Caedmon where are you," Mylene asked in a worried tone.

Now the battle in the woods ensued as the pirates took on the vampires in the middle of the night! The werewolves scratching the vampires, Tim attacking with his electro, John with his pole staff, and Caedmon as a wolf.

"Ugh....what's that noise?" Patrick says waking up and looking outside to see the commotion, "Oh goodness!" He says getting up and putting his apron on besides his boxers. He prepares to fire meat from his hands to attack the vampires.

"We ought to find the leader of this troupe." John says as he looked around, and saw a vampire taller than the others. The vampires themselves were about 9 feet tall, while the bigger one was about 12 feet. John looks over to Caedmon, who's a wolf still, "Wanna lend a paw and help me take the big one?" He asks as he races over to the vampire leader.

Caedmon grunted in response as he growled at the vampire leader charging towards them letting out a loud howl.

"W-what was that," Mylene asked shaking a bit.

The vampire leader sees the two captains and starts swinging his giant longsword at them! John takes to the trees and leaps in acrobatic style to attack the knight's helmet! The vampire knight's head pulls back as he got smacked by the Mad Hatter's pole!

Caedmon charged at the vampire leader as he bit down on his neck snarling. His eyes began to glow red as he dug his fangs into his skin growling!

As Caedmon showed an incredible leap and biting on the neck of the vampire, the vampire knight leader falls onto one knee. John then uses the opportunity to hit the knight, once again, right in the head! The vampire's head goes right into the ground! John then grabs the helmet of the knight and turns it so the face is looking at him. John then points his polearm back at the head of the vampire before the vampire suddenly shouts:

"Truce! Please! Don't hurt us!!" The vampire knight leader pleads.

"Then you better give a bloody good reason why I shouldn't beat your face in right now!" John responds.

"C-Cuz Ww-w-we were looking for shrubberies!" The vampire knight responds, "We thought you folks would have some!"

"....Shrubberies?" John says looking deadpan at the leader, "You attacked us...for bloody shrubberies!"

Caedmon released his grip from the vampire leader's neck then transformed back into his ghoul form wiping his mouth off of any blood. "If finding shrubberies, when why here?!" Caedmon shouted in rage.

"Because we usually take them from others in the forest if they have them!" The vampire responds frantically.

"Ok...first" John asks as he walks over to a stump and as he put his hand over his head.

"I am Sir Seymour!" The vampire knight responds with a glee, "And this is my crew...the knights of...VI!!"

"VI! VI! VI! VI!" The other vampiric knights repeat as they also hopped around.

"Uhhhh can they like get away from the tents John?" Alice asks as she still held a cross toward the vampires.

"...Move them away from the tents." John orders Seymour.

"Oh you guys can leave them alone! They're friendly!" Seymour the vampire knight leader says to his men, who were muttering "VI!" still.

"Friendly as long as you listen to us." John replies.

"Now, what do you want with us," Caedmon asked with glowing red eyes.

"I mean...we were here for shrubberies..." Seymour responds, " guys do get the look of some serious adventurers! Maybe you could help the Knights of Vi out!" He says as the other knights then shout "Vi!" once again.

"...Sure..." John responds, "We could do with some sort of mission on this island besides wondering around this place."

"Well....we want to say our fellow queen has gone missing...." Seymour says, "The love of all of the Knights of Vi's lives...her pretty red hair...her voice...her voluptuous body..."

"Ok I get your point." John says pausing Seymour, "You want us to help you find your queen?"

"Yes, bring back the Queen of Vi!" Seymour responds as he and the other knights hopped around and stared at the crews.

" getting weird," Caedmon commented, "guess we don't have much of a choice."

" see..." Seymour the vampire knight says, "Our queen, was kidnapped, while we were...sleeping."

"Actually, I'm curios." Alice then pipes up, "How do vampires sleep?"

"Either we hang upside down or sleep in coffins." Seymour responds turning around to Alice, "Your choice usually."

"Continue." John says.

"Anyway, one night we awake from our sleep through the day. And we see our Queen's coffin gone!" Seymour says, "It was like as if the gods carried her out themselves."

"Interesting..." John says as he leans back a moment and thinks.

"Indubitably," Caedmon nodded then sighed to himself as he turned around heading to his tent to get changed, "let's go rescue the queen."

"But is still midnight." John says with a moan, "Let's at least sleep the rest of this night, or at least try to. Without disturbances...." He says looking at the vampire knights of Vi.

"Right! Right! We're sorry about that!" Seymour responds, "But we are the knights of...Vi!" He says as he and the others repeat the word "Vi!"

"This is gonna be one of those adventures..." John mutters.

"Oh come over John." Alice says as she was carrying her blanket on the tent, "We can finish the night together!"

"Let's get this over with," Caedmon groaned to himself after getting dressed leaving the tent with Mylene.

"It's too early..." Mylene whined a bit.

"I'm sorry darling but we don't have much a choice," Caedmon apologized holding her hands, "and if you're too tired, I can carry you while you sleep."

"Thank you Caedy," Mylene softly smiled, "M-may I?"

Caedmon knelt down as he allowed Mylene to hop onto his back as he carried her on his back then walked over to Alice and John. "So, whenever you two are ready," Caedmon said.

John looks at Alice and then sighs, "Fine...but I'm taking a long nap after this." He goes into his tent to change from his pajamas.

"I'll get dressed." Alice follows John.

"Hey, anyone seen Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?" Patrick asks as Tim then walks over to the twins' tent and sees their pale white bodies out asleep.

"Well seems like they were asleep the whole time." Tim responds.

"We do thank you for helping save our queen!" Seymour says as he and the knights of Vi nod in agreement.

"Yep, off we go," Caedmon said as he walked ahead carrying a sleepy Mylene.

"Adventure awaits," Gethen replied following behind.

"Yaaaaaay," Walden replied with cynical enthusiam.

"Ugh, why wake me up to this," Embla whined waking up.

"Alright, let's find where this princess is at." John says as he was in his famous outfit as well as Alice was in her dress.

"Where do we perhaps start?" Alice asks the vampires as she kept her cross necklace exposed in front of the vampires to ensure her protection.

"Follow us to our sleeping chambers!" Seymour says as he and the knights of Vi lead the way.

"Let's go pirates." John says to his crew as well as Caedmon's as they walk with the Knights of Vi.

"Now these sleeping to tell us what they are exactly," Caedmon asked curiously.

" Caedy," Mylene softly snored in her sleep causing Caedmon to blush.

"It was literally the cave we live in to hide away from the sun." Seymour says as they were walking, "We have coffins for beds; But one night once we awaken, our Queen's coffin was gone!"

"Interesting." John looks down as they walked, tired and annoyed still he couldn't get anymore sleep.

Alice looks down to John, "Want a ride?"

"No, I'm fine." John says just to sound manly. Alice looking through that, picks up John like a little child and carries him like a baby, with his head on Alice's shoulders. "Should've known you were gonna do that..." He says lying his head on Alice's shoulders.

"I'll take care of you my little John." Alice says with a smile.

Seymour and the knights of Vi reacted the cute scenes of both couples with comical tears coming out of their helmet eyes, "These couples are so cute!"

"They're always cute," Gethen commented.

"Coffins for beds...I would not mind taking up one to sleep in," Caedmon pondered to himself.

"You mad?" John turns to look at Caedmon, "Anyway..." he says lying his head on Alice's shoulders.

"Ok, here's the cave." Seymour says as they enter the cave, "And not long this is our chambers." He says showing the assortment of coffins that were there. All made of wood, the soft cushion inside each coffin. There were marks that showed where the missing coffin was formerly at. "Feel free to investigate whatever you need to investigate."

"yawn...sure thing..." John yawns as he was about to fall asleep on Alice.

"Simple enough, can have Gethen and Walden see anything around here to pick up anything," Caedmon suggested as he gently lifted Mylene up on his back feeling her slip a bit.

"I'll take the left half, you get right," Walden told Gethen as he began to look around.

"Aye," Gethen replied following behind.

"There anything we should be looking for Dearie?" Alice asks John.

"Oh....tracks, footprints, anything that signifies someone or something being here to be responsible of lifting the coffin out of here." John responds.

"Ok." Alice says as she walked around with John to search for anything of that sort.

Walden began to search the left half of the area sniffing the air trying to pick up anything then looked over to Gethen. "Pick up anything," Walden asked.

"Nothing yet," Gethen replied sniffing the air.

Alice looks down at where the coffin was at, " folks haven't seen the amount of small tracks here?" She points down to the amount of small feet tracks that were seen all over the place. Also, Walden and Gethen would pick up on a smell only comparable to the smell of pennies.

"Hm? Weird, I'm picking up on something." Gethen said sniffing the air once more.

"Same here...," Walden commented.

"Alright..this mystery is eating my sleep. Drop me Alice." John says as he drops himself from Alice's grasp and looks down at the tracks, "That's a lot of small people..."

"Small people?" Seymour asks, "What small people??"

"Well your thieves must've been some small humanoid creatures who were able to pick up the princess's coffin." John says, " follow these tracks as there are so much."

"Long as it would lead us somewhere," Gethen commented following the foot prints.

"Wonder who they belong to," Caedmon wondered curiously.

"I'll say to follow the tracks." John states as he looks at the tracks and tries to watching them, "I ain't a wolf, but our friends can sniff out the tracks."

"Scent's getting stronger from that direction over there," Gethen pointed out.

"Getting the same thing," Walden replied, "the hell are they coming from?"

"Well lead the way boys." Alice says, "Let's go find the fellow princess!"

"Someone seems determined." John states, "Then again it's Alice." he smiles, "Let's go folks."

"Almost found the culprit," Gethen called out to the others as he began to pick up the pace until he noticed something that captured his attention, "found something...looks like the footsteps end here."

Soon, Gethen and Walden lead the crew outside of the cave and to another cave that was about a few acres away. The cave's lip was larger as it was against a mountain, but the tracks led to it.

"So the small tracks went to another cave?" John says.

"Could be tiny vampires jealous and stealing the princess." Tim jokes.

"Very funny." John rolls his eyes.

"I'm assuming the path continues on right?" Alice asks Gethen as she walks over and rubbed Gethen's head like a dog's. Alice was trying to get more comfortable with the werewolves.

"Looks it, we'll have to advance forward, luckily Walden and I have their scents etched into our minds to know where we're going," Gethen replied.

"Shouldn't be too hard, long as no one gets lost," Walden remarked.

"No need to get snarky," Caedmon sternly snapped as he gently helped Mylene up a bit as she was slipping a bit from his back as she continued sleeping.

"Well folks, the clock is ticking...." John says as he looks at his pocket watch, "Let us go find the princess in that cave!"

Brothers in the Labyrinth

The likes of Alice, John, Tim, Caedmon, Gethen, Embla, and Walden travel down into the cave, following the scent of pennies and the small tracks that go down the cave. They soon notice they're travelling down a downward slope, and it gets colder and darker as they progress.

"John...It's getting chilly." Alice says with a little shiver.

"Well it's the midnight and we're going down a cave, it's going to be cold my dear." John says, "Here, have a nice hot snack." He snaps his fingers and hands Alice a warm chocolate chip cookie as she takes a bit of it. She smiles as they continue going down the cave.

Soon, the group with their torches and night vision for some, come across a sign that reads: "Do Not Enter the Labyrinth!" And it was written poorly as if some children tried to write it. As John moves his torch around, he can see drawings that showed little green men dancing and singing and killing men. The drawings as well looked like as if children drew them. And they can now correlate the drawings they see, the footprints, and the smell they have.

"Goblins...." John says thinking back to tales, "Or Gremlins, some like to call them that."

"I thought Goblins don't exist?" Alice questions.

"The Grand Line holds us many possibilities Alice." John responds, "At this point I ain't surprised of what the island has." He says studying the drawings.

"Goblins or whatever they are, might as well follow them," Walden shrugged as he entered the labyrinth.

"Walden wait don't you think we should at least...ugh nevermind," Caedmon sighed then proceeded forward, "let's move ahead."

"Sigh... Always that one guy to jump into the unknown." John says shaking his head, "If I'm aware, a labyrinth is basically a giant maze. So......"

"We don't want to end up stuck in there and not know where we're at." Alice finishes.

"Exactly my dear Alice." John states, "So...What do we suggest?"

"Crumbs!" Alice says, "Cake crumbs!"

"-_-" John gives a look back to her wife, "Think I'm going to waste a bakery of mine for a trail?"

"Yes! For your wife please!" Alice says with her big eyes staring at John like a large puppy.

John sighs and smiles, "Alright." he snaps his fingers and from a marble comes a cake, "Here Caed." He throws Caedmon the cake, "Take pieces of it as we travel and throw it on the ground. Do. Not. Eat. It. Understand?" He looks at Caedmon knowing Caedmon loves sweets.

"Lovely idea but, problem is, I'm carrying my darling on my back as she's sleeping," Caedmon replied as he simultaneously tried to carry both Mylene and the cake.

"I'll do the cake dropping, long as you don't cry every time I pluck a piece," Embla commented taking the cake as she ripped a piece off.

"N-no, I'm quite fine," Caedmon replied wincing a bit trying not to cry.

"Well then lets get going into the labyrinth." John says, "Follow Walden, or his scent Gethen. And lead us the way."

"Aye," Walden saluted as he lead the way sniffing.

"One cake piece, two cake pieces, three cake pieces, four," Embla giggled in a chirpy tone while looking at Caedmon with a twisted grin picking off pieces of cake tossing it on the ground.

"You little bi-" Caedmon stopped himself knowing to watch his tongue around Alice then gritted his teeth smiling painfully, "you bitter sweet trickster..."

"Just doing my duty captain," Embla teasingly smiled as she continued on leaving cake crumbs on the ground much to Caedmon's sadness.

The group travel through the labyrinth, leaving bread crumbs in their trail as Gethen and Walden led the group through the smell of pennies. They soon come across a sound of a woman shrieking and shouting with some sounds of laughter.

"Stop it!" The sounds of a feminine voice is heard as it was soon followed by some laughter and the sound of the woman shrieking.

"Well that must be the princess." John says listening in.

"Let's get her! She sounds like she's in danger!" Alice says as she soon starts running for the center of the labyrinth.

"It came from over there!" Walden pointed out as he shouted running in the direction of where the shouts were coming from.

"Slow down!" Gethen called out to Walden.

The group runs to the center of the labyrinth and are welcomed to the sight of a tall, red haired girl that had a nun outfit and a silver tiara on her head. She had a white shoulderless top and slit black skirt dress with leggings and gold heels. She seemed to have been on a throne-like seat while she was being toppled on by a horde of goblins that were on top of her! It seems as if the goblins were trying to tickle her.

"Stop it!" The Princess says with a shout and laughter crying out of her.

John and his group look with confusion on their faces as they watch the event unfold.

"Should we interfere?" Tim asks.

"I have no clue." John answers.

" genuinely confused right now," Walden said in a confused tone.

"What in bloody heck is this," Gethen asked with wide eyes.

"Ummm I don't know," Caedmon stuttered in confusion.

"This island keeps confusing me....." John utters as he looked at the scene in front of him, "Anyone want to list my pain for the day?"

"There there." Alice pats John on the head.

"!" The princess says as she tried not to laugh while tickling.

"Come on! Get the next feather! We got to convince her to be our queen!" One of the goblins speak as a line of goblins come with more feathers.

"???" John was now even more confused, "They're using feathers and tickling her? To convince her to be their queen?"

"Anyone wanna volunteer as tribute," Gethen asked.

"Might as well," Caedmon replied as he stepped forward, "down there, stop whatever you're doing now because this is freaking us out."

"Why? It ain't any hooman's beeswax!" One goblin says to Caedmon while holding a feather.

"Mmmmm, beeswax sounds about good now!" Another goblin says randomly.

"We'll get honey later Grozz!" Another goblin shouts out as he was prepared to tickle the princess some more.

"Can't be helped," Caedmon sighed as he summoned a chain from under his sleeve then wrapped it around one of the goblins pulling them towards him, "now I don't want to show my dark side..."

"Hey Hey hey!" The goblin speaks, "Listen, we don't mess with hoomans. We just prank them with little tricks beside rob them from time to time."

"We just want a queen!" Another goblin says, "There are no girls in our clan, and we want a queen to be with us!"

"Or else we don't have worth..." A third goblin speaks.

"Why a queen?" Alice asks.

"Cause who doesn't want a beautiful queen?" The one goblin asks, "And no other pretty girl was present in the woods. So we took the lady of vampires."

"But she's a Princess to the Knights of Vi." John responds, "It'd be wrong to steal a girl from another's wouldn't it."

"Hmmmmm, that'd be correct logic wouldn't it..." The goblins started thinking.

"If I help you find another pretty girl to be the new queen, will you let the Princess go," Caedmon asked with glowing red eyes, the tone in his voice full of intimidation.

"Hey! He got red eyes! Thinks he can intimidate us!" A goblin says.

"I doubt you can find a pretty girl who would be a willing queen." As an elder goblin starts walking with a cane like stick that had the form of a shepherd's hook almost. He wore a blue robe that was more cleaner than the tattered brown robes of the regular goblins. "Reality is young goblins, we are green and ugly."

"You mean....." The one goblin speaks with tears filling his eyes, "We...won't get....a queen?" He sniffles before he and other goblins just comically cry out in the thought. "WHY......"

"Klanrazz speaks truth though...." Another goblin somberly speaks.

"Hmmm.." John thinks, "Looks like this finer goblin is their current chief or elder."

"Awwww.." Alice was looking down at the tiny goblins and saw their faces crying, feeling sympathetic for the little green goblins. She knelts down and offers a small tissue to the goblins, "Here."

The goblins blow on the tissue till their green mucusy snot was on it comically.

"Keep it." Alice says as they offered it back.

"I'm sure there's someone pretty that would happy to be your queen and I won't rest until then," Caedmon promised knowing what he just said he was going to regret every second of it.

"T-T-Thank you...." The goblins now had a smile on their faces looking at the now sympathetic Caedmon.

"I....beg your pardon, but I still don't quite understand why you need a queen?" John says looking at the goblins.

"Cause queens are beautiful, not us!" Goblins says, "We want a good looking individual to represent us! Our old queen died and she was a pretty goblin."

"So it's trying to cover the tradition of it being a woman correct?" John then asks.

"Yup!" The goblins answer.

"You know.....women aren't just good looking." Alice says, "I mean of course we have our qualities, but there has to be some attraction from the male that attracts a female."

"The tall blonde speaks truth." The old goblin says to the young goblins.

"So....We can pick a dude to represent us? Instead of a queen...A king?" A goblin asks.

"Exactly...." John says pointing at the goblin.

The goblins then look among themselves, "We goblins are ugly, but we like all of you! Be our king and queens!!"

"Oh no!" John says, "I can handle two dumbasses currently....." Looks back at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum sleeping right on the rocks of the labyrinth.

The goblin heads shift over to Caedmon, looking at the rather good looking Witch Doctor that is besides the Mad Hatter.

"Hm? Something wrong," Caedmon asked in a curious tone.

"Why have a queen....When you can be our king???" The goblins say looking at Caedmon with their wide eyes, "PLEEEEASE!!!!"

"Your decision man." John peers over, "But they do sure be desperate for a chief or something."

"I can't break a promise I've already made," Caedmon admitted then looked to the goblins with an inviting smile, "I'd be honored to be your king."

"YAYYYYYY!!!" The goblins cheered as they then pulled the princess out of the throne and suddenly place Caedmon into the throne themselves. Even though one goblin wasn't strong, a bunch of them together were quickly able to lift Caedmon to the throne. The goblins soon dress Caedmon in toothy necklaces and similar jewelry to represent him as their king. The goblins start bowing before their now Goblin King. "What is your first order our King?" They ask.

"Ha! Caedmon the Goblin King." John says with a chuckle.

"For my first order, we shall head back to the Knight of Vi and return their princess as the king as spoken," Caedmon commanded in a aristocratic like tone yet calming.

Mylene slowly opened her eyes then looked up to see Caedmon next to her in an attire that made her rather curious.

"Caedmon, what are you wearing," Mylene asked curiously.

Caedmon's eyes widen as he looked to Mylene blushing then chuckled a bit trying to remain level-headed.

"Well darling, I've recently became the goblin king," Caedmon replied with a nervous chuckle.

"Goblin...king," Mylene questioned in a puzzled tone.

"Our King!" The group of goblins now look at the throne that Caedmon sat at. From here, it looks as if this small army of Goblins were of several hundred. The large eyes staring at Caedmon and the group. "We will do what you say!"

"That's....a lot of goblins...." John notes.

"How do you fit them all in one ship." Alice adds.

"I'll find a way, but for now, to the Knight of Vi," Caedmon shouted in a regal tone standing up.

"Is it weird that seeing Caedmon being all king like is making me....feel things," Mylene asked shyly blushing as she shuffled her legs back and forth.

"Well, we got a lot of new crew members," Walden commented, "anyone know how many?"

"Can smell up to somewhere in the hundreds," Gethen answered.

"You're going to need a bigger boat Caedmon." John states.

"A Boat?!?" The Goblins ask, "We going to live in the sea?"

"Well yeah we're pirates." John responds for Caedmon, "Or at least labelled as a pirate."

"A life at sea would be better than us wondering in the forests." The clan goblin leader says, "We'll be happy to serve the Goblin King's life in sea." He bows, "My name is Klanrazz, and I will be your advisor for the goblins if you may permit."

"You have my permission," Caedmon bowed in response then looked over to John, "and yes, would need a larger ship, or a shipwright that could expand the ship perhaps."

"Someone get the princess," Gethen replied.

"I'm on it," Walden answered as he picked her up princess style with a calm yet blank expression on his face.

"Let go of me!" The princess kicks Walden right in the face before lowering herself, "I ain't no damsel." She huffs before walking on her heels.

"Damn...." John says looking at Walden before the princess, "Forgive us, but we were "hired" by your knights to find you."

"Of course, they can't function without me taking charge." The princess says, "Forgive me, my name is Hesperia. The Queen of Vi."

"Nice dress." Alice says looking at Hesperia's dress, "It's like a nun outfit."

"Well it's because it was." Hesperia answers, "I was a nun that fell into sin and paid for it as a handsome vampire bit me. To say the least, I killed him and wanted to kill myself in the forest. Before finding these guys that needed refuge after being persecuted by humans. I saved them and the knights claimed me as their princess, or queen whatever they claimed me as."

"Queen or princess, if she wasn't none of those, let alone a male I'd rip her to shreds,' Walden growled.

"Walden, don't," Caedmon warned before looking to Hesperia, "sorry about my friend here, shall we escort you back to your faithful knights?"

"Hmph, faithful is a way to put it I guess." Hesperia says, "Sure. You folks don't seem bad." She then looks at Walden, "Sorry...but I have grown a natural mistrust for people...especially werewolves..."

"He's not bad...or werewolves at all." Alice says walking to Gethen, "I'm a nun myself, and like these two at least. Like Gethen here!" She says petting Gethen and rubbing him, "He's a good boy!"

"He's a dude, not a dog." John says to Alice with a deadpan look.

"Am always a good boy," Gethen remarked.

"Anyways, we should head out," Caedmon said as he lead the way holding Mylene's hand who followed alongside him looking at the goblins curiously.

"oooooo, that our Goblin Queen???" The goblins then see Caedmon holding Mylene's hand, "ALL HAIL THE KING! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!" The goblins shout.

"Sounds like they're gonna be a handful." John says while Alice giggled a bit.

"Awwww aren't you all so adorable!" Mylene brightly smiled with a giggle.

Caedmon couldn't help but blush over the adorable interaction between Mylene and the goblins it was enough to cause his heart to skip a beat.

"Yea...she's your queen," Caedmon replied as he lovingly smiled at Mylene as he gripped onto her hand tightly before kissing her cheek, "but in my heart, she is the queen of my heart."

"Awwww Caedy," Mylene warmly smiled as she kissed his cheek back causing Caedmon's face to turn cherry red.

"Alright now...we can get nice and warm inside the body later." John says about to drag Caedmon comically, "Let's go see the Knights of Vi."

"TO THE KNIGHTS!" The goblins shout as they follow Caedmon and Mylene in formation as Klanrazz stood near Caedmon.

"Hmm, picked an interesting king, have we." Klanrazz nods.

"Indubitably," Caedmon commented as he was being dragged away.

Brothers Back In the Night

John, Alice, Caedmon, Mylene and the rest were seen walking back to the other cave of the nights of Vi; As they were sitting by their coffins. Hesperia was seen in the front, walking toward her group of knights as they all looked giddy as they jumped for joy shouting:

"Our Queen!" The knights of Vi shout and ran toward their girl.

"My boys.." Hesperia sighed as the knights ran to her for a large group hug, like a family of vampires.

"WAAHHH!!!" The goblins were crying emotionally from the sight of happiness, "WE'RE SOWWY KNIGHTS OF VI!!!"

"Ow....." John says having to hold his ears for a moment, "For small fellows, you all are loud."

"At least they feel sorry." Alice says.

"Not gonna lie, they'd make nice alarms," Walden joked with a snicker.

"Watch it," Caedmon glared at Walden.

"Is sleep rewarded now," Gethen asked.

"WAHHH WE FORGIVE YOU GOBLINS!!!" The comical scene of the knights crying out of their helmets and the goblins crying and hugging each other while Hesperia and the others were looking deadpan between the armies.

"This is my army....." Hesperia says.

"My ears are dying...." John states.

"Awww, ain't it so wholesome!" Alice says with a smile.

"It truly is," Mylene replied with a warm smile.

"And now that we have reunited the princess with her knights, for my next order, we sleep," Caedmon said before falling onto the ground exhausted ready to pass out.

The goblins follow Caedmon's order and immediately drop and fall asleep with their captain, bubbles coming out the noses of some while others were snoring. Funny enough, the knights of Vi unintentionally follow the order as well. Hesperia was seen slapping the back of her groups' heads to wake them up.

"Listen to me dumbasses! Not him!" Hesperia shouts at the group.

"Well at least we know the goblins will be loyal to Caedmon I guess." John says.

"What if I were to fall asleep on top of you right now?" Alice suddenly asks John.

".....Not right now..." John responds shaking his head.

"Mylene...zzzz...mine...mine," Caedmon snored reaching up grabbing the air in his sleep.

Mylene giggled as she laid herself down next to Caedmon snuggling against him as she laid her head on his chest then slowly fell asleep. "My Caedmon," Mylene softly snored.

"My...Mylene," Caedmon sleepily replied in his sleep holding Mylene to his chest in his sleep.

"Maybe we should sleep captain?" Tim suggests, "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are asleep with them." He points at the twin hedgehogs that fell asleep from the command.

"I rather not sleep on the cave floor..." John states.

"There are some comfortable coffins we have." Hesperia says pointing to them.

"I mean...." John responds.

"Come on John! Let's see if we can fit ourselves in a coffin together!" Alice says dragging John on the ground to a coffin near.

"What am I doing...." John mutters as he gets dragged.

"I've always wanted to sleep in a coffin," Gethen admitted as he hopped in then laid himself down, "nighty night."

"I've slept in far weirder places, this is nothing new," Walden admitted as he got into one of the coffins then passed out asleep while the other crew members were passed out asleep along with Caedmon and Mylene.

"We ain't even supposed to sleep right now." Hesperia states as she sat on her coffin, "For us, the Night is day and the Day is night. But somehow that man got the knights to follow his order."

"I'm sure that was unintentional madam." John responds as Alice proceeded to pick him up into a coffin.

"Oh well...." Hesperia sighs, "Nothing much else to do as a vampire. Or a Queen of Darkness."

"Zzzzz...Mylene...zzzz," Caedmon snored.

"Caedy," Mylene softly snored smiling in her sleep.

"You folks go to sleep." Hesperia says waving off Alice and John, "I'll keep myself busy while secrets are being made there right blondie?" She asks Alice.

"Right Princess." Alice says pulling John into the coffin, "Come on John, let's sleep..." dragging him into the coffin and slowly closing it on them.

"Welp, can't do much. Might as well enjoy it." John shrugs as he smiles a bit and enters the coffin.

"Young couples...always frisky they are.." Hesperia shakes her head, "I am busy enough watching multiple vampire boys..." She then sits on a throne for herself and just watches over.

"Zzzz....Mylene...zzzz" Caedmon snored.

"Zzzz....Caedmon...zzzz," Mylene softly snored.

The Brothers and The Killer Squirrel of Lodrung

The sun rises and the pirates slowly awake in the morning with the goblins and vampires. The goblins were slowly yawning and waking up as vampires arose too. John and Alice slowly crept out of their coffin they slept in together.

"Mannnn, no wonder the dead do rest in peace..." John says yawning and rubbing his head.

"Don't be talking about the dead like that." Alice states pushing John back into the coffin.

"I just woke up...." John responds as he comically laid on the coffin with his feet dangling in the air.

"AHHHHH!" The vampiric knights of Vi screamed as some were in the sunlit area of the cave, the sunlight was burning them and basically melting their skin.

"YOU IDIOTS!" Hesperia shouted at her knights, "That's why we sleep in the day! And in coffins!"

"Ugh this was NOT that alarm I wanted to wake up to," Caedmon groaned as he clutched his head then looked to the knights with slight annoyance, "Oi, get back inside before you burn yourselves to ash! Be getting out of the coffins in a bit anyways."

"AHHHH!" The Knights of Vi shriek as Hesperia would soon comically grab all of the ears of them and pull them back into the darkness of the cave.

"Stupid Knights...." Hesperia grumbles as she pulled them and then got back on her throne.

"Like a mother to kids." Alice says with a giggle.

"Ugh pipe down...someone turn the alarm off," Walden groaned opening up the coffin.

"Sleep well Walden," Mylene asked looking over to Walden.

"I was having a pleasant dream that I don't wish to explain until they happened," Walden growled looking to the Knights of Vi.

"Come on Walden, how pleasant was this dream of yours," Walden asked with a chuckle while holding Mylene to his chest.

"If I told ya, ummmm well...," Walden hopped out of the coffin then walked over to Caedmon then whispered his dream into Caedmon's ear. Caedmon's expression changed from a smug smile to a normal calm smile then his eyes widen as his eyes blushed beat red.

"NO," Caedmon gasped.

"Eeeeeyup," Walden nodded with a shrug.

"I'm hungry..." Alice says rubbing her stomach as she jumped out of the coffin.

"Hold on.." John says before getting out of the coffin himself and cleaning off his top hat, "What would you like for breakfast hon?"

"Hmmmm, something sweet!" Alice answers.

"Alright, figured you wouldn't be the only one to think of that either." John says as he cracks his fingers before throwing marbles at people. He then snaps and the marbles show cream-filled donuts in the hands of each person.

Alice's eyes turn to stars, "THANK YOU JOHN!"

"CREAM-FILLED DONUUUUUUUUUTS!!" Caedmon screamed with glee as his eyes shined before taking a bite then sunk back into the coffin in a heavenly bliss.

"Looks like our captain will be out of commission for a while," Walden commented as he took a bite of his donut.

"He's a sugar addict." Gethen remarked.

"I've known that for a long time." John says, "I can remember me and my mother feeding this guy a bunch of sweets any given time of day."

"Oh yes...the times we've lived in the Kingdom of Hearts." Alice says, "Such were times different." She says as she ate her donut.

"Indeed my dear Alice..." John responds as he starts to eat his donut.

"Think he'll be awake anytime soon," Mylene asked poking his cheek.

"Give him a few," Gethen reassured.

"MOOOOORE!!!" Caedmon shouted as he continued eating his donut happily giggling.

John shakes his head and smiles as he peeps open the coffin Caedmon was lying in before throwing a handful of marbles into the coffin. He snaps his fingers and the marbles show off more donuts for Caedmon to eat, "There you go brother." he shuts the coffin and lightly taps on it.

"YAAAAAAAAAY! Yay yay yay yay yay!" Caedmon cheered as he started devouring the donuts happily humming.

"So cute," Mylene giggled to herself.

"What is the plan John?" Alice asks as she wondered.

"Well, we do have to thank Hesperia for her hospitality." John says tipping his hat to Hesperia.

"Oh it's alright, It was good to have different company." Hesperia says.

"Think we should be heading out soon," Gethen asked looking to Caedmon who was still immersed with an abundance of donuts.

"Hell if I know brother I'm in a sugar coma," Caedmon replied in a manner that made him sound almost slurred.

"Yup, that's enough sugar for this idiot," Embla sighed to herself in annoyance.

"This'll sober him up." John says snapping his fingers and suddenly having a glass of lemon juice in his hand. He opens the casket and feeds the lemon juice to Caedmon.

As Caedmon drank the lemon juice, his face began to pucker from the sourness as he sprang from the coffin.

"Bloody! Sour!" Caedmon shouted.

"There, that ought to take care of him for the day." John says as he throws the lemon away and suddenly pulls a coffee pot from his hat and pours it on a cup. "Anyway, We should most likely get through this forest and explore everything else before night strikes again."

"I would agree with that." Alice replies.

"Y-yea," Caedmon groaned in disgust, "hate sour things."

"Sorry about that Caedy," Mylene apologized hugging him.

"It's alright darling, I needed that," Caedmon admitted kissing her head.

"Need or want coffee?" John asks with a coffee pot still in his hand, "I do have tea also."

"I'll take the tea hun." Alice responds.

"Can we all have coffwee?" The Goblins ask looking up at John.

"I don't feel like having goblins following us with a caffeine rush..." John looks deadpan at them.

"Think tea would be tolerable for them," Caedmon replied looking at the goblins, "wouldn't hurt them. I, on the other hand, would like some coffee please."

"Tea for me please, caffeine makes me anxious," Mylene said.

"Alright alright, what do I look like? A barista?" John says as he pours cups for the people interested in a drink, "Here you all go; Coffee and tea for those who ordered it."

"Thanks hun." Alice pats John's head and drinks it.

"Many thanks," Caedmon smiled as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Thank you kindly," Mylene warmly smiled as she took a sip of her tea.

"Well, let's figure out what we should do today." John says as he sat down and drank, he looks over and sees the goblins slurping their drinks. John just gives a deadpan look as he watches.

"Let's go up to the mountains." Alice says, "Those mountains look nice for a hike."

"I like that idea." Tim nods as he sipped on his coffee.

"We're ready captain!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say while comically wearing boy scout uniforms and saluting to John.

"Mountains are nice," Gethen commented, "get to run around a lot."

"Same here, need to stretch my legs out a bit," Walden replied stretching himself out.

"Would be nice to head up there, though, wouldn't we need to take precaution before heading up there," Embla suggested.

"We'll be fine, anyone gets in our way, we'll take them down," Caedmon replied with a confident smile.

"Yup, he's hopeless," Embla sighed to herself with a facepalm.

"I'd be careful folks." Hesperia comments as she yawned on her throne, "The Killer Squirrel of Lodrung lives in the cave below the big mountain."

"The...Killer Squirrel?" John asks confused.

"KILLER SQUIRREL!!!!" The goblins and the Knights of Vi both shout out and comically run around in panic mode.

"These idiots..." Hesperia deadpanly looks at the knights.

"What's scary about a squirrel," Caedmon questioned.

"I'll believe it when I see it," Gethen retorted.

"Well...nevermind you folks can figure that out." Hesperia states.

"Alllright." John says, "This island confuses me more and more...."

"We thank you for your hospitality Hesperia." Alice says, "If you need any help, let us know. You are a good person. And us nuns, or former sisters, should keep in touch."

"Indeed Alice." Hesperia smiles as she gives Alice a paper slip, "Here, like you said, we should keep in touch..sister." Hesperia nods as Alice looks and it was Hesperia's den den number.

"Thanks." Alice smiles.

"Onward to adventure!" Caedmon exclaimed happily pointing forward with enthusiam.

"He's really taking his role as a king a little too seriously," Embla sighed in embarrassment.

"Let him have his fun," Mylene giggled patting Embla's head.

"We shove out," Gethen replied as he followed behind Caedmon and the goblins.

"AYE AYE Captain!" The goblins salute and smile as they follow Caedmon.

"Bye Bye!!!!" The Knights of Vi wave goodbye to the crews and army, "We'll miss you!!!"

"I won't." John says as they exit the cave as he then got comically slapped by Alice.

"Don't be rude." Alice retorts as she waved her finger at John.

"Bye now," Mylene smiled waving to the Knights of Vi before curtsying to them.

"Hasta," Walden replied waving to them without looking at them following behind his crew.

The Mad Pirates, the Umbra Pirates, and the army of Goblins walk through the forest and started toward the mountain. They were excited in continuing their adventure, but were curious as well what the vampire knights of Vi said about a killer squirrel.

"OH A HIKING WE WILL GO!! A HIKING WE WILL GO! HI! HO! A DARIO!! A HIKING WE WILL GO!!!" The Goblins and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum would shout and sing happily as they walked.

"Well they seem to be in a happy mood." Alice says as John looked at them deadpanly.

"There's something about enjoying nature in peace and quiet..." John mutters as they walk.

"I can silence them if you want me to," Gethen offered raising his hand.

"Do that and I'll be the last thing you see," Caedmon replied with a cheerful smile before it turned into a malicious one causing Gethen to shudder.

They soon then suddenly come across a cave side that was a barrier between them and the mountain trail they wished to cross. They suddenly see a bunch of skeletons all over the place on the stone and forest as they walked toward the cave.

"The hell is this..." John says looking at these skeletons.

"Looks like as if bears or lions live in the area." Alice comments.

"B-b-b-b-but...w-w-what if...i-i-i-it's....t-t-the...Killer Squirrel?...." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum would say before them and the goblins would chaotically scream in unison.

"-_-" John would look deadpan at the comical mess of chaos.

"Think you're overreacting just a little too much," Embla questioned.

"She makes a point, we don't even know what this killer squirrel looks like," Caedmon pointed out.

"Hm? I hear something from the cave over there," Walden replied looking towards the cave.

They look toward the cave, and they'd hear a large growl as the hedgehog twin minks and the goblins comically hide behind their captains. There were stomping heard as it got closer and closer to the crew. Soon, revealed a small squirrel that was nibbling on an acorn. It was just a regular, fluffy, gray squirrel that was innocently looking at the crew as it was eating its acorn.

"That's....the killer squirrel of Lodrung?" John asks.

"Awww, it looks cute!" Alice says with comically large eyes and glitter.

Gethen sniffed the air noticing something was off about the squirrel but then a smirk grew on his lips as he looked over to Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum then painted warm pleasant smile on his face.

"Hey you two, why don't you give the squirrel this lovely acorn and give it some pets, I'm sure it'll love you if you do that," Gethen smiled brightly handing them an acorn each.

"Oh? Sure!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum look at each other before walking over toward the squirrel, "It's just a squirrel..." They kept repeating to themselves as they got closer and closer to the squirrel. "Good Squirrel...Good Squirrel..." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum slowly have their hand down on the squirrel before their hands would eventually pat the tiny squirrel's head.

"Good Squirrel!" Tweedle Dee would say while Tweedle Dum would jump for joy.

"Well, that may ease a lot of our concerns." John says.

"Phew...." The goblins wipe sweat off of their foreheads.

"Well, at least this should make our job easier," Caedmon remarked.

"Ummmm," Walden commented.

"Wait for it," Gethen spoke putting his index finger up.

On cue, the Squirrel would suddenly show feral red eyes and would hop onto the top of Tweedle Dee's head and start biting him!

"AHHHH!!!!" Tweedle Dee would shout as the Killer Squirrel would start biting into the hedgehog mink's head.

"Damn!" John says instantly pulling out his bow staff, "Hold on Dee!" John runs in to attack the squirrel, "Can't believe I'm doing this..."

"Ok, why did you even let them do this," Caedmon asked Gethen in an annoyed tone.

"Pure entertainment," Gethen replied with a smug smile.

SMACK! Mylene smacked Gethen upside the head with a scowl on her face. "That wasn't nice!" Mylene snapped.

"S-sorry ma'am," Gethen whimpered.

"I'd smack but it's not my business." Alice says shaking her head.

John runs over and attempts to smack the squirrel off of Dee's head as it then tries to attack John! Biting John's steel pole as it climbed around his pole.

"Gah!" John would swing his pole around and try to beat the thing off, "Get. Off. Of. My. Damn. Pole!" He says as he kept swinging the pole around to beat the squirrel.

"We'll help!" The Goblins say taking out their tiny knives and screaming to attack the killer squirrel of Lodrung, "For the King's friend!!!" they shout as they ran.

"Gethen, do you have any shame for the things you start," Caedmon asked with annoyance in his voice.

"I question that everyday yet it was never answered," Gethen shrugged.

The goblins try to assist Captain John but the attempts were futile as the squirrel would then attack and bite into some of the goblins! Blood spluring everywhere as the squirrel tried biting!

"AHHH!!!" The Goblins would shout.

"RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!" John would shout as he, the twins, and the goblins would run away from the killer squirrel's den. John would run up to his wife and pant. "That squirrel...sure is feisty..."

"I can tell." Alice says patting John's head.

"He bit me in the head....owie...." Tweedle Dee says pointing to a bleeding spot on the top of his head.

"He bit a bunch of us!" Some of the goblins say to Caedmon.

"Well, that didn't go as planned," Caedmon sighed.

"Only because a certain someone decided to let two innocent creatures face a danger squirrel," Mylène replied with scowl before she hugged the hedgehog twins comforting them.

"So what now," Walden asked.

"Another decoy," Gethen answered.

"No! We're not doing that again," Caedmon snapped at Gethen, "unless we lure it away from the cave, question is, how?"

"Smoke marbles?" John asks, "I know I might have a marble that can help us. Depends."

"Have one that has a grenade?" Tim asks.

"No unfortunately." John answers.

"Maybe we can lure it the old fashion way, with nuts." Alice says.

"Can work, who here has nuts," Caedmon asked looking around.

"I got them but not what you're thinking," Walden replied

BOP! "Not. that. kind. you idiot!" Embla growled in annoyance.

"Hey goblins, do you all carry nuts?" John asks looking at the little green goblins.

"We don't." The goblins shake their heads.

"Dammit." John mutters before turning around and getting slapped by Alice, "Should've seen that coming."

"What other options are available," Caedmon asked until he saw Walden walking over to the squirrel, "Walden get back here!"

"Hey, sup," Walden said to the squirrel appearing calm as he sat himself down appearing calm but unfazed.

The squirrel looks over to Walden and slowly gets closer to Walden. It started sniffing Walden as it got curious.

"How the?" John asks, "He was so casual about it."

"Too easy." Alice says, "Walden has an idea in his mind."

"Sorry if any of my friends stressed ya out or anything but ain't here for that," Walden spoke, "wanna maul me, fine, but here to make peace or at least pass through."

The squirrel looks at Walden and gives him some more sniffs before reaching a decision. It'd leap at Walden's cheek and bite right at him!

"So you have chosen death," Walden smirked with a growl before grabbing the squirrel nearly choking it, "death it is!"

"That went about as well as expected," Caedmon replied in a sarcastic tone.

"We're doomed," Gethen sighed.

"Yikes, I never thought of Walden as that bloodthirsty." Alice says.

"Well, better dead than a nuisance later I guess." John responds.

The squirrel tries to fight with more bites on Walden's hand before dying right in Walden's hands.

"That's right, die you little punk," Walden growled before dropping the corpse onto the ground then looked over to Caedmon, John and the others, "we good."

"That man is one crazy wolf," Caedmon replied with wide eyes, "luckily I carry a serum for rabies in case he might get infected." Caedmon went over to Walden injecting the syringe into Walden's arm.

"Thanks boss," Walden sighed before cracking his neck.

"And everyone calls me the idiot," Caedmon groaned rolling his eyes.

"That's a smart move there doc." John says as he dusts himself off, "Better give some to your goblins and to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum."

"I'm on it," Caedmon nodded as he headed back over and administered the shots to the goblins and the hedgehogs twins, "that should do it."

"My hero," Mylene smiled hugging him before kissing his cheek.

"Yeltsy-bye and hibberty poo," Caedmon babbled incoherently blushing profusely, "kick em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo!" Like that, Caedmon passed out in Mylene's arm giggling with his face tomato red.

"Alright, besides the "nutty" drama." John snarks, "We ready to continue?"

"Of course love." Alice answers, "Let's get up this mountain."

"Yeah!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum answer with their boy scout uniforms.

"At least the path is clear for us." Tim says.

"Onward we go," Caedmon replied in a lovestruck tone.

"What he said," Gethen pointed out.

Brothers and the Troll in the Bridge

The crews were walking up the mountain trail as the sun beaten down on them, it was a different environment compared to the forest that given them a cool shade as they walked. This mountain had no trees, just rocks, and the local mountain goat on the side.

"Ooooh think we can bring that goat with us?" Tweedle Dum asks.

"No. We already have enough pets in the ship." John answers.

"But, we only have one?" Tweedle Dee comments.

"Sam, you two, and a bunch of other minks." John says, "We could have a zoo if we wanted one."

"Now now, be nice to your crewmates." Alice says looking down at John, "Now, what if I wanted to have a pet dog?"

"sigh...guess I couldn't say no." John says with a slight smile as they continued walking up the mountain.

"Goats are nice," Caedmon sighed in a happy bliss, "specially ones that are so tiny."

"Awwww me too," Mylène brightly smiled.

"Where have you been all my life," Caedmon asked looking into Mylène's eyes.

"You're making me blush," Mylène whined a bit hiding her face a bit.

"Good," Caedmon giggled as he kissed her cheek while hugging her causing his blonde love to giggle as she held onto him.

"What type of dog should we get John?" Alice asks, "A golden retriever? A beagle? A cute bloodhound? A rottweiler?"

"Maybe we shouldn't be considering a dog or puppy right now." John says.

"But what if we get one?" Alice then asks.

"Well we'll pick one when we get there." John then states as they continued walking.

"Hm? Anyone notice that eerie fog up ahead," Embla pointed out.

"Not only that but, someone nearby," Walden noticed.

"Huh?" John questions as they soon come across a bridge that'd connect a cliff that was very deep into the mountain. It was a long and roped bridge with wooden planks. It swung with the wind as they watched from the side.

"That's a deep cliff...." Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum says.

"That's a scary bridge..." Alice says not liking the swinging bridge.

"And that's a troll!" The goblins say pointing to the troll not far from the bridge.

"Great...." John says with sarcasm.

"Old troll guarding the bridge," Gethen pointed out.

"Well, think they'd help us get to where we need to go," Caedmon asked.

"Should we trust him," Mylene asked wrapping her arms around his, "he looks creepy."

"Might be right darling but what choice do we have," Caedmon reassured as he pat Mylene's hands gently with a warm smile giving her a sense of ease looking into his soft wine red eyes.

" should we approach this?" John asks Caedmon as suddenly Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum would run up toward the troll to talk to it.

"Hi! We're Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!" The Hedgehog twin minks say to the old troll.

"Nevermind..." John says.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Gethen sighed to himself.

"Might as well follow them," Caedmon replied giving himself a facepalm.

"Hello...." The old troll would say to the twins, "I am assuming you and your folks want to cross the bridge..."

"We believe so yes." Tweedle Dee says.

"Well then...each of you have to solve 3 riddles to cross the bridge..." The troll states.

"Why am I not surprised..." John says as he leaned on Alice as she played with John's hair.

"Hmmm anyone wanna go first," Caedmon asked his crew.

"Hard pass," Embla obliged.

"No," Gethen replied bluntly.

"Fine, I'll go," Walden sighed then walked over to the troll.

"Stop! To enter through the Bridge of Death! You must answer 3 riddles!" The troll suddenly speaks, "What! Is your name?"

"Wait...Bridge of death?" John questions.

"Prince Luc E. Walden of Hollenöase," Walden replied with a blank expression.

" your quest?" The troll then asks.

"You guys know he said Bridge of Death right?" John keeps on questioning.

"Shhh it's getting good," Caedmon shushed John watching Walden with intense eyes.

"My quest is to become the king of Hollenöase," Walden answered.

" your favorite color?" The troll finally asks.

"Blood Red," Walden answered with a straight face.

"Alright you may pass!" The troll says leaving Walden to walk through the bridge.

"Huh?" John says, "Ain't that a bit too easy?"

"Maybe...too easy," Caedmon replied in a suspicious tone.

"HEY! I made it over!" Walden shouted over to Caedmon and the others.

"We can see that!" John shouts back, "Now who's going next...."

"I AM!" Tweedle Dee says as he sped over to the troll.

"Stop!" The troll says, "To get through the bridge, you got to answer me questions three."

"Go on, I'm not afraid!" Tweedle Dee says.

"Of course this idiot will..." John facepalms.

" your name?" The troll asks.

"Tweedle Dee of the Mad Pirates!" Tweedle Dee says.

" your quest?"

"To serve Captain John the best I can be!"

"What..Is the capital of Alaska?"

"Waii..what?" Tweedle Dee asks before the troll presses a button and forces the hedgehog mink to catapult off of the cliff!

"DEE!" John says, "You...."

"Did he just..." Alice says.

"Well there's that mystery solved," Caedmon said with wide eyes.

"Next," Gethen asked looking to his crew and John's crew.

"I'll go!" Tweedle Dum says running over, "I'll rescue my brother next!"

"Stop!" The troll says, "To go through the bridge, you must answer these questions three..."

"Oh ok!" Dum says.

"Worse idea..." John states.

" your name?"

"Tweedle Dum of the Mad Pirates!" Tweedle Dum says.

" your quest?"

"To serve and protect Captain Fedora C. John to the fullest!" Dum answers.

"At least the twins are loyal." Alice looks to John.

"Yeah...they're dumb but loyal." The Mad Hatter nods.

" your favorite color?"

"Blue!" Dum says before being catapulted into the cliff just like his brother.

"CRAP!" John says leaping comically, "Someone better figure out if they're alive or not!"

"And we lost another," Embla sighed.

"Time I go," Gethen said as he walked towards the troll, "was nice knowing people."

"Stop!" The troll says, "To cross the bridge, you must answer these questions three."

"Shoot," Gethen replied unenthusiastic.

" your name?" The troll asks first.

"Gethen," Gethen answered.

" your quest?" The troll asks next.

"To reunite again with my younger brother Jasper," Gethen answered his voice nearly breaking remembering his younger brother when they were kids.

"What....Is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" The troll asks finally.

"Ugh...seriously, it's eleven meters per second," Gethen groaned in annoyance.

"Aright...You shall pass." The troll says allowing Gethen to go through.

"How...did he know that?" John asks.

"He's smart, when he wants to be," Caedmon replied.

"Next," Gethen waved over to Caedmon and the others with Walden as he high-fived him.

John turns over to Caedmon, "Rock Paper Scissors? Coin toss?"

"Let the ladies go." Alice says, "Let's go Mylene." She says lifting her skirt a little to avoid the dirt and walking toward the bridge.

"Coming," Mylene replied catching up to Alice.

"Hey wait for me!" Embla called out following behind Alice.

"We have such brave hearted women don't we," Caedmon said with admiration in his voice looking at Mylene.

"Indeed we do." John nods looking at the ladies walking right up toward the troll.

"Stop! Whoever wants to cross needs to answer me questions three!" The troll says.

"You go first Mylene." Alice says.

"I'll go first," Mylene answered, feeling hesitant at first but approached with a brave face.

" your name?" The troll asks.

"Eulalie Mylene, former princess of Edoneia," Mylene answered.

" your quest?" The troll asks then.

"To become stronger and assist in accomplishing Caedmon's dream," Mylene answered.

" your favorite color?" The troll asks finally.

"While many would think my favorite color is pink, my actual favorite color is gold," Mylene confessed with a giggle.

"That's it. You may pass." The troll says to Mylene.

"Go on ahead Mylene." Alice says, "Me and the others will be on the other side soon."

"There you go Caedmon, now you know what flowers to give her." John says nudging Caedmon.

"W-well I know what kind of flowers she loves, just not what exact color was all," Caedmon answered flustered as his face turned red.

"Alright, bye bye see you," Mylene smiled as she waves to them.

Alice then suddenly approaches the troll, knowing the expectations before her.

" your name?" The troll asks.

"My name is Alice."

" your quest?"

"...To unite the world religions with love!" Alice answers, "And to serve my husband as a good wife!"

"Interesting..." John says, "I thought she was just gonna say something related to me..."

" the best flavor of tea?" The troll finally asks.

"That. Is an opinionated question." Alice asks, "What is your favorite flavor of tea?"

"Uhhhh, I don't know that one actually." The troll asks as the catapult actually sends the troll into the cliff itself!

"Woah!" John says watching the scene, "Alice just outquestioned the troll!"

"You did it Alice!" Embla cheered happily.

"Onward we go!" Caedmon happily announced pointing to the other side of the bridge.

"Uhhhh what about Tweedle Dee and Dum," Embla asked.

"You're right, can't leave without the munchkins," Caedmon admitted.

"Yeah..." John says looking down the cliff, "Anyone have an idea what to do?"

"A giant net?" Tim says.

" I would carry that with my marbles." John states.

"There's got to be a way." Alice replies.

"The first question is, where are they," Embla asked looking around.

"Uhh, down there?" John says pointing down the cliff, "Lord knows how far they went down."

"CAPTAIN!!!" Tweedle Dee was suddenly heard shouting, "Down here!!!" He says as he was holding on to a branch that was stuck to the cliff, with Tweedle Dum holding onto Dee's leg.

"Oh Thank God!" Alice says, "They're alive!"

"Help Us!!" Tweedle Dum says.

"We can't hold on long!" Dee states.

"Got an idea," Caedmon remembered as he used his powers to summon a chain with a hook attached to it then placed it on the cliffside holding onto it before throwing it down to the hedgehog mink twins, "Here, grab onto this you two and climb up!"

"Ok!" Tweedle Dee says as he leaps off of the branch and grabs the chains just barely, "Got it!"

"Alright everyone, get behind me and pull!" Caedmon ordered as he started to pull on the chain hoisting the hedgehog twins up!

John, Alice, and Tim would hook on to the chain would start pulling to get their crewmates out.

"These chains are heavy!" Alice says.

"Can't you change the dimensions and sizes of these chains?" John asks.

"Should be able to, let see," Caedmon took a deep breath closing his eyes as he began to chain the size of the chains making them lighter and easier to pull the hedgehog minks up, "That worked, now pull!"

"There we go!" John says as he and his group were able to easily pull Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum up onto the cliff.

"Phew..." Tweedle Dee says.

"We're alive!" Tweedle Dum states excitedly.

"Good to see you folks alive!" Alice says picking up and hugging the twins by her large chest. The twins having heart eyes as they were able to have the privilege. John's face was in shock as he saw them.

"That's only meant for me..." John mutters.

"Now now, let's get across the bridge and you'll have plenty of boobie hugs from Alice when we cross," Caedmon smiled patting John's back.

"It should've been me..." John mutters as Caedmon patted John's back.

"I guess we shall cross the bridge." Tim says looking over the bridge.

"Indeed." Alice says, "And we probably should get back to our ships. It is past second breakfast." Alice states, "Which means John should've made his cakes by then."

"I'll get to baking when we get back home." John responds, "Let's...just cross this bridge first." He says as he starts walking the bridge.

"Tally-ho then," Caedmon replied as he headed forwards across the bridge then ran into Mylene's arms giggling, "Mylene!"

"Hi Caedmon!"Mylene brightly smiled.

"I missed yoooooou!" Caedmon pouted.

"Awwwww I missed you too," Mylene softly smiled then kissed his cheek causing his face to turn red and his body to limp like a rag doll whilst he happily hummed.

"Alright now, I think we had enough lovey dovey moments today..." John says as he finished crossing the bridge.

"Aw come on John, you can't be killing the mood now." Alice says as Dee and Dum were walking behind Alice.

"I just want to go back to the ship and relax.." John states, "I wanna play the piano, have some tea, and be back on my bed."

"I think John has had about enough of this island." Tim says.

"I have exactly!" John responds, "How much nonsense in here has been....nuts!"

"Seems about right," Caedmon nodded as he finally came to, "time to head back before John has a mental breakdown."

"No one wants that," Gethen grimaced.

"What happens when John has a mental breakdown," Mylene asked looking to Caedmon with curious emerald green eyes.

"Yooooou...don't want to know for the good of mankind my darling," Caedmon replied shaking his head before kissing the back of her hands.

"Alright..." John says with a sigh, "Someone tell me which way is our ship?"

"That is a good question." Alice asks, "Anyone a navigator here?"

"We got a map!" Dee and Dum says as they held a map, "But we can't seem to read it..."

"Of course you two can't..." John states deadpanly.

"Here, let me see the map," Embla replied as she took the map from the hedgehog mink twins as she read it carefully then looked up for a brief second, "ah, alright, I know where we need to go and happily enough, I know a shortcut from where we're standing."

"We're saved," Gethen deadpanly cheered.

"Yay!!" Tweedle Dee and Dum shout happily after Gethen made his comment.

"Good..." John says, "Now take me home to peace..."

"Aw John." Alice pats John on the head.

"Alright, so there's a path just up ahead that will take us back to where our ships are docked," Embla instructed, "this way."

"Sweet!" John says, "Let's go crew! Homey Paradise is only a walk away!!"

"Yay!!" The twins say as they follow and Alice follows as well as Tim.

"Leave it to Embla to lead us out," Caedmon proudly smiled as he walked ahead of Embla marching proudly.

"YOU DUMBASS! I'M THE ONE LEADING SO YOU'RE FOLLOWING THIS BITCH! GOT IT?" Embla barked at Caedmon before running after him catching up to him in a rage.

"OI! WAIT UP!" Walden shouted running after them with the rest of the crew chasing after them comedically screaming.

Brothers Arrested!


In the area towards the path the pirates are following, it is seen of some certain marines present...

Off the shores of the island stood a towering woman with long dark purple-blue hair tied in a ponytail, sky blue eyes wearing glasses sitting in a position that would be unsuitable for a woman but to her she didn't seem to care. This woman would be Vice Admiral Danuja Katsu. She hopped off of the ship landing on the shore as she transformed into her hybrid chameleon form blending herself into one of the rookies' ships waiting for her to strike.

"YA-HO! We're here!" Caedmon exclaimed happily.

"You're lucky...that I...was to you!" Embla shouted at Caedmon panting before falling onto her knees.

"What a nice workout," Gethen replied stretching himself out.

"Thank...GOD!!" John says with thankfullness as they were on the shores of the island with the ships in front of them.

"I can't wait to see the crew again!" Alice says.

"Can't wait to sleep!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum state.

"Can't wait to get back to reading my book." Tim says.

Katsu's eyes changed matching to that of a chameleon as she noticed the Mad and Umbra Pirates arrived. She silently unsheathed her sword waiting for her right time to strike as she carefully watched them.

"Can you make me a bunch of cakes for me," Caedmon asked John with large red eyes, "pretty pleeeeease?"

"I want cannolis," Gethen remarked.

"Cinnamon rolls sound nice," Walden drooled with a smile.

"Crumpets will do for me," Embla and Mylene replied with a giggle.

"Heh, looks like you need to start opening a bakery soon." Alice giggles with John in front of her.

"Might as well..." John sighs before then smiling, "Besides, cooking is a nice way of de-stressing myself. Alright! I'll take the orders then!"

Suddenly, Katsu unleashed her tongue towards Caedmon wrapping it around his waist knocking him onto the ground while still maintaining her camoflagued appearance, then did the same thing to John slamming him onto the ground!

"What in the!" Caedmon exclaimed.

"We're not alone," Gethen growled looking around.

"Huh? Oh!!" John says with initial confusion then realization as he was suddenly pulled back by the tongue, and slammed onto the ground as well.

"EEK!" Alice screams seeing her husband get suspended by a tongue that seemed out of nowhere.

"Sorry bastards but you're coming with me," Katsu replied as she wrapped her tongue around Caedmon and John before swiftly ascending up the side of ship.

"Stop here!" Embla shouted.

"Unhand our captain!" Gethen growled aiming his pistol shooting a few rounds each one Katsu was able to deflect with her sword back at the crews!

"Well looks like we're in a tongue twister." John sarcastically comments as he and Caedmon were stuck.

"This isn't really a good time for jokes John," Caedmon replied struggling to break free.

"Keep struggling, but you ain't getting out," Katsu replied as she slammed the captains on the ground before swinging them onto the Marines' ship into a vacant cage locking it immediately once inside!

"ooof!" John says as he was thrown into the cage by marines, "Damn lizard girl."

"John!" Alice shouts over toward the marine ship, "What can we do?!?!"

"Caedmon!!!" Mylene cried out as her eyes turned a sharp emerald green struggling to chase after the giant chameleon Marine but was held back by Gethen and Walden.

"Maybe if I just," Caedmon thought as he tried to summon his chains to break free but it was no use as he noticed himself getting weak as he was breathing was labored, "dammit, no use..."

"Try try again bastards," Katsu snided looking at the brothers with an intimidating stare.

"Damn, she did catch us like it was nothing." John says, "Surprised my kenbunshoku haki didn't show anything." He looks at the cage itself, "And this cage is made out of something special..."

"Whatever this cage is made out of...I can't use my powers for some reason," Caedmon replied weakly as he slumped over.

"Liking your new home," Katsu asked peering over to them, "sucks to be ya huh?"

"You know? It was worse when you had us in your tongue for a minute." John comments as he sits on a cage, "It breaks my pride that I was licked by a random woman that wasn't mine!"

"Is this what being licked feels like," Caedmon asked with wide but confused wine red eyes.

John looks back and Caedmon and quickly taps his brother's head, "You got a lot to learn as a husband, err well boyfriend." He then looks back out of the cage, looking calm, "GET US OUT!!!!" He abruptly shouts.

Katsu slammed her fist onto the top of the cell causing it to shake. "Shuddap! Giving me a headache just listening to ya," Katsu shouted.

"Oi! Don't yell at my brother like that," Caedmon shouted in a groggy tone.

"Listen lizard girl! I haven't got quite your name yet! But that island has been driving me crazy! My crew usually drives me crazy, the good crazy usually, but that island wasn't good crazy! It was just crazy! And now some marine is crazy to arrest us! Now I am going crazy!!!!" John suddenly shouts.

"Oh dear...looks like John forgot to take the cannabis." Tim says watching.

"We have to do something!" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum say

"We can't...we're not powerful enough...." Alice says depressingly with her head down.

"We're doomed," Gethen replied in a deadpan tone.

"REALLY?! THAT'S ALL YOU GOTTA SAY?!" Embla shouted shaking Gethen violently.

"STOP IT EMBLA," Mylene snapped tearing up, "this won't get Caedmon or John back."

"So...what now," Walden asked.

"The best we can do is probably plot." Tim says, "Or perhaps get some help..."

"Welp, looks like there's no escape out of this one." John says calming down and sitting down next to Caedmon, "Hmmm, Alice ain't here, which then gives me the right to say.....FUCK YOU!!!" He shouts at Katsu.