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Burendan is the co-captain of the Grand Pirates, and is a really dangerous person to mess with. He can't be beat by most people, the only known person who can beat him is Tairaa. He is a very Powerful Devil Fruit user, And has the same bounty as Tairaa


Burendan is always seen wearing long white pants, and two shirts on, one of them being a yellow tanktop with the Grand Pirates Jolly roger on the front. The other Shirt is a black and white checkered Button up, which he leaves open to let people know he is a pirate. he only wears a coat when in areas that is really cold.


Burendan is normally very relaxed but can be on edge in an instant, he is very protective of his friends and will sacrifice himself in order to have his friends escape danger. this is shown when Burendan fought Kuma on Thriller Bark.


Burendan is from the West Blue and working at a restaurant as shipment pickup, accidentally ate the Fuku Fuku No Mi after picking up his shipment of oranges. the reason for eating the Fuku Fuku No Mi was that he was hungry after delivering his shipment to the restaurant. It was so sour, that it made him cry and run for water to get the taste out of his mouth. But 6 years later, he figured out what had happened after shaking hands with Tairaa, after just meeting with Tairaa, they had gotten in a fight with a Tenryuubito and he used Tairaa's Devil Fruit Ability against Kizaru. he will always fall asleep in the middle of battles, just to make his enemy's mad and this gained him the nickname "The Sleeper".


  • Tairaa
  • Yoshitoki

Major Battles

  • Burendan & Tairaa v.s. Kizaru
  • Burendan v.s. Kuma
  • Burendan & Tairaa v.s. Akoiji
  • Grand Pirates v.s. CPX